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Honestly you're so nice with us and I hate that ppl take advance on that, like anon she does a lot of things for us, also damn sometimes they ask for something you reblogged like 5 minutes ago!isn't that hard scroll through tumblr ;/

I really don’t do much, just my love for Hollstein, Natasha and Elise keeps this blog going (:  But thank you!! <333

cat combo!!! sometimes i don’t think my followers know just how much i love these two but they’re one of my otps so ಥ_ಥ

as always, the pictures/transparents are from transparentalia and heta–transparents and google searching their respective names

please reblog/link if you are using for your blog, it’s fine if it’s for something like phone backgrounds! request something if you can!

A question for you... 🌸

Hey! First of all, I hope you’re having a great day!
I used to use this blog only for reblogging tøp things, and sometimes other random stuff. I still do that, but way less.
I was wondering if you would maybe like it if I share more things from my private life? I do that a little now too, but also like pictures and maybe some other random posts? I thought it would be fun to let this become more of a personal blog, that way maybe we can become even closer!
Just let me know what you think. If you think that’s dumb, then I won’t do it obviously.

Lots of love!

Luna 🌸💕

hm… when folks reblog my animal people art… and they tag it with “I’m not into furries but I like this” or “I don’t like furries but this is okay” it’s kinda confusing??? It’s not necessarily bad or anything, it just sounds like they’re being defensive and saving themselves from some kinda ridicule… this happens almost every time I post any of my animal characters, sometimes several times! I mean, I look at most of my animal people as just wierd cartoons, just a silly genre of character design… especially since my designs can be really dramatic or over the top… so yeah, it’s strange. Do these people use the same tags when reblogging a picture of Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Gumball, Mordecai, Rigby or Jake the Dog??? It’s just kinda odd. What’s up with that, guys?

What I don’t understand about this picture is why people feel like it’s newsworthy. We know they’re in Palm Springs together. That much was obvious from the beginning. This picture doesn’t tell us anything we don’t know, it’s just invasive and creepy as hell, and if you don’t think it is, kindly unfollow me, because I don’t want people without shipping boundaries reblogging from this blog. Thank.

Connor Franta’s Attractive face everybody 😂😂❤️😄

Please give credit if using this picture on a different social media ❤️

You don’t have to read this unless you know the Joe Sugg’s Announcement:

So I heard some arguments about Joe’s Big Announcement… 😭😭 Guys Your missing the point here!! I’m probably the only girl (Reblog if your excited about the book) who is excited for Joe’s Book❤️ I probably think that Joe didn’t know that the pictures was a big thing. I thought it was okay (I thought he would be always on Social Media just like all of us, but not too much). I saw some Youtubers that were shipped with there Best friends (For Ex, Troyler, Phan, Tronnor and the lists keep going on) and it was alright..

Sometimes I think we’re over pushing ourselves with shipping other people. I think that we should just take it easy. I mean I saw some people that we’re shipped and they might of lost there friendship and stuff. Fangirls & Fanboys should be careful of who to ship and not shipping to hard.

Sorry of my Grammer or Spelling isn’t the best but I hope you guys understand and remember,

Don’t ship too hard or something might go wrong.

PS. I know I made a full essay but oh well…

PPS. Please don’t hate me 😭 I love Joe, He’s my favourite Youtuber of time ❤️


Because it’s relevant to my opinion, I will say the following: I’m black, and have been (mostly) vegan for 5 years. I occasionally eat eggs from my neighbor’s chickens but only because I know they’re treated well. Yes, I guess that makes me sound like one of those vegans, but I don’t really care.

I’m not going to submit this with my tumblr, since it’s not a serious blog - it’s mostly funny text posts I reblog and pretty pictures, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions about social justice, I just need a break sometimes, you know?

I realize this may lead to people thinking I’m a white person posing as black since I’m on anon but I’m not about to express some wildly racist opinion that people couldn’t conceive of a nonwhite person holding… I don’t think. And it’s not like putting my tumblr would give anyone proof I’m black. I haven’t posted any pictures of myself.

The Actual Opinion

A while back, I remember seeing a post from twitter from some militant vegan that said something like “Black lives matter… more than chicken and cow lives, apparently”. I can see why this made people angry. It did for me too. But what also made me angry was the caption: “They sure do!”

Again, I do not support this person’s derailing. And I can see why people wanted to say that. It’s insulting to have people bring up veganism when we’re fighting against police brutality and racism. However, I’m not arrogant enough to think I’m worth more than an animal as a human being, regardless of my race. On that note, that doesn’t mean I’m worth less, either. Don’t misinterpret my words - I think I’m equal to a cow, pig, or any other animal.

There was also several posts about how if the police shot a dog instead of a black kid, white people would be rioting. I think this is a fair observation, and it’s justified to be angry that white people care more about dogs than other human beings.

But then, there was some commentary that rubbed me the wrong way, almost devaluing the dogs’ lives, and it bothered me. We do not need to decrease a dog’s worth in order for us to get the respect we deserve. We are not superior.

tl;dr, since that opinion is really long

As a black person, while I absolutely do support the fight against racism and for us to be treated equal (I do not want to be the “black friend” of any racist white vegans), I don’t like how other black people feel the need to assert their importance over animals, rather than respecting them and trying to fight for their equality by focusing on people.

And no, white people aren’t more important than animals either, and it bothers me just as much when they do it, if not more (at least the anger from black people stems from feeling devalued over just feeling superior). That part isn’t about race.

Sometimes the Topp Dogg tag gets pretty clogged up. Whether it’s random dog pictures or 5 text posts in a row of people asking for “more [insert 10 different groups] blogs to follow”, it can get a little annoying when you’re just looking for some gifs and edits to reblog. So, from now on I think it would be a good idea for all graphic/gif makers in the fandom to start tagging their graphics, edits and gifsets with #toppklassedits. This way there will be a nice clean tag with only this kind of content and you won’t have to scroll through 10 posts of the same twitter update just to get to a gif.