sometimes i just hate tumblr

In reality I probably prefer they/them pronouns but I’m not ready to get rid of she/her completely, kind of because I’m used to them, but especially because everyone who knows me in real life uses she/her all the time and probably always will.

Hi, just popping by to say can we not shame people for liking or not liking tracks from the album, it’s not very nice to make people feel bad about it

I wish everyone bashing the Hannibloom sex scene would at least acknowledge that it was nicely shot and edited, quite tastefully done. I thought it was so cool and artsy. Even all the reviews I read that mention it only talk about how ‘disgusting’ it was. Sigh.

While, you know, Hannibal touching Will was amazing and perfectly fine, because that isn’t a twisted relationship at all, right.

I just don’t get this immense hatred towards Hannibloom coming from absolutely everywhere.

I’m sure I’m gonna get plenty of hate for this but it needs to be said

Stop hating heterosexual and cis people for their identities??? Who fucking cares if you’ve been bullied by different straight people in the past. Not all of them are like that. Not all of them are assholes. Two of my best friends in the world are both straight and cis. Fuck off with your bullshit that they deserve it. You’re stooping to your old bullies’ level by hating these people?? I hope you know that? Are you fucking proud? If you’re thinking about sending one of my straight buds some hate. Stop. Fucking reconsider your life. Turn off your computer. Maybe even redirect your issues to me since I’m the one that made this post. Whatever. Point is:

Stop hating straight and cis people.

Stop hating straight and cis people.

Stop hating straight and cis people.


Sometimes I hate Tumblr mobile because I’m just scrolling through the Eremin tag and all of a sudden it crashes.

Do you not care for my needs, Tumblr mobile?

Just a rant (soap)

I really hate Tumblr sometimes. And no, I don’t mean the site mechanics or the staff. I mean the people. And I don’t mean hate-senders, either.

No, this rant is at the roleplayers this time for this god damn elitist mentality we’ve grown, and our stupid attention spans.

People see roleplayers who are popular, or fancy, or selective, or whatever other bullshit that makes us even slightly intimidating and refuse to talk to us. No asks, compliments, questions, reblogs, nothing. Because we’re “elite”. Because we’re “senpai”. You turn us into little glass figurines to be stuck on a pedestal. You admire us, but you don’t do anything with us. We work hard on our characters. We pour our life in to them. We pour our soul into them. Some of us spend months, even years creating these characters, characters that we want people to talk to and ask questions, and maybe even fight. And you do what? You fucking ignore them all because you’re “scared”. Because you MADE this artificial pedestal that you stuck us on as an EXCUSE FOR IGNORING US!


We put our blood, sweat, and tears into these things just to get ignored! DO YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE DELETE THEIR BLOGS?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOUR LACK OF ATTENTION DOES TO US? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I’VE THOUGHT OF ERASING EVERYTHING, AND THE ONLY REASON I DON’T IS BECAUSE I’M A GOD DAMN HOARDER?! WE ARE CREATORS! WE WANT OUR THINGS TO BE SEEN, TO GET ATTENTION! I’ve seen so many roleplayers erase everything because people paid them no mind. I’ve had my friend break down in tears because their hard work went completely ignored.

So if you follow a roleplayer that reblogs prompts or asks for asks but send them nothing? You either unfollow them, or you MAN UP AND SEND THEM SOME ASKS SO THEY DON’T GIVE UP AND THINK THEIR WORK IS FOR NOTHING! IF YOU DON’T DO ONE OF THOSE, THEN YOU’RE A FILTHY COWARD!

And what sucks more than that is that THAT ISN’T EVEN THE ENTIRE PROBLEM!

No, not only do we have this bullshit artificial pedestal mindset, but we have the WORST attention spans. A stupid short drawing of crack will get infinitely more notes than a gorgeous one. A small thread starter that’s just crack will get more attention than a more thought-out one. Drabbles? Barely even looked at. No one pays attention to the things that people put time in to. No. They want the shit that takes 2 seconds to do. And that tells us that our work means NOTHING to you.

THIS is why I send people asks. This is why I look at their drabbles, talk about them. Why I try and talk and interact with little blogs and new blogs. Because I don’t want them to feel like their hard work is wasted. I don’t want them to feel like their efforts don’t matter. I don’t want them to feel ignored like me.

Think about that.

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It's true? Japan really say America human name? I want to see the strip, please!

EDIT: Someone has pointed out that the television announcer could have said it.

I linked it in on the previous post about this, but if you’re on mobile and couldn’t see it it’s this one: