sometimes i just get rlly inspired and want to write things like this idk

sometimes you fall down in life and it sucks!!!!!! like it’s actually terrible but… hey. u gotta get back up champ bc u r a STAR. in other words, i have fallen down recently and this is how i plan on getting back up. bc i am a star.

starting easy

  • clean your room bc outer peace brings inner peace
  • clean yourself bc outer peace brings inner peace and this means removing your makeup washing your face brushing your teeth combing your hair wearing nice-smelling clothes
  • drink a glass of water because hydration. important.
  • play a happy song like rlly whatever u want that makes u happy and want to dance
  • i know this might sound hard but like u got this i believe in u

moving on

  • ok this is hard part but u still got this love
  • think about everything that is wrong literally like EVERYTHING but maybe not everything bc maybe it will stress you out but maybe writing it will be cathartic whatever works for u
  • find solutions for those problems
    • i know i make it sound super easy and i know it’s actually really hard but usually u know what the solution is just something is holding u back
    • so rlly decide that that is the solution
    • tell urself, “this is how i am going to fix this”
  • to make this very hard and difficult step, please be nice to yourself by listening to cool tunes and rocking eyeliner
  • it rlly helps
  • organising your thoughts is also useful bc organisation
    • i have heard a bullet journal is rlly gr8 for this because like u get to plan ur days but also write random crap that’s not actually random crap but instead very good crap like “how to cheer up when sad” it’s all there in one notebook !!! radical eh

the step where you get back up

  • set urself up for success by sleeping early and waking up early bc sleep is like soooOo important u have no idea
  • exercise bc endorphins and all that good stuff and drink water and eat yo vegetables
  • do the shit that u planned to do in the previous step even if it’s hard i know it’s hard life is hard but u r hardier u r a star

stay on track

  • k so a lot of ppl r like “discipline > motivation” which i 100% agree but like motivation is also nice
  • have someone believe in u/someone u can talk to and be ur ray of sunshine like this is rlly helpful
  • find a purpose for whatever u want to do like what is ur reason for going through the shitty path of life and choosing this hard decision
  • typical motivational quotes like idk about u but i fall for those every single time
  • pep talk urself and fake enthusiasm even if u don’t want to like isn’t it radical how the only person holding u back is u

forgive yourself

  • ur life will go on track and then back off again!!! bc u r a human and humans make mistakes
  • don’t u get all mopey on urself and be like “i have ruined my life” like stop being so dramatic tough love ik but like U R ALIVE AND THAT MEANS U GTA KEEP KICKIN AT SMTHING
  • u can mope for a bit and when u do mope mope ur heart out like cry and use tissues and whatever u need but like limit ur moping period bc u need to move on
  • bad things will happen to u bc life and no matter how much ppl want to help u only u can rlly help urself
  • ur life ur decisions. forgive urself and start over again (refer to beginning of this post)

fun little reminders

  • u have the most beautiful smile
  • my inbox is always open if u need a pep talk and i will always fight ur negativity with my jaw-dropping, amazing, radiant positivity
  • u! r! a! star!!!!11!11!!1111!!!!!!!!3
  • cake makes everything better
  • leonardo dicaprio is still single
  • i love u unless ur mean don’t be mean plS
  • <3

some info abt the twice members ~~

- nayeon: ‘95 & oldest member!! she doesn’t look it right? she was/is rlly popular among korean & international fans even since before sixteen bcause she’s a fun/cheery person & a cute squirtle. always smiling & can be sortof loud lol, makes the others laugh/feel better. rlly whenever someone is upset she’s the first to hug & comfort them.. has a box of letters fans sent her that she goes through to read & gain strength. rlly comfortable on stage & fun to watch  !! she didn’t tell her parents before she auditioned at jyp & they were against it at first after she got in

- jungyeon: member in charge of chicness. ‘96 line.. the mom of the group. skateboards (not rlly confirmed there’s jst a short clip of her on a skateboard lol). her sister said she usually doesn’t show her emotions. charisma!! (also fell over while running pretending 2 be an ostrich, got back up and continued) honestly she can be rlly energetic & fun despite being labelled as the cool girl. role model is jessie j for her vocals & stage presence . likes having a  rlly busy lifestyle. also she did this lol 

- sana: ‘96 & part of japan line! she’s from Osaka~ actually all of japan line is lol. she was streetcasted while shopping. sweetest softest squirrel. the member w the most aegyo. has a rlly cute feminine voice. likes spicy food the most.. they were asked to show their star-like qualities & she did this (at the end of the vid she tells jyp that the veggies weren’t organic & asks if that was ok lol..) when they had a variety camp episode she was labelled the black hole of the group. rlly likes ariana grande

 - momo: ‘96 also part of japan line..self proclaimed peach (yes the fruit,  “momo” means peach in japanese~  said her family are all peaches. v cute).. scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters.. all members agreed that she’s the best dancer (jihyo said she has 10 yrs of dance experience) & that she practices the most/hardest.. all the jyp trainers chose her as the most hardworking & dedicated member.. regular training schedule is 12 am - 10 pm sometimes until 12 pm (??how). when she was unexpectedly brought back into the group after being eliminated she cried so hard that she couldn’t speak v well + was shaking so much . this is so important for her pls lov momo.. also watch these: dancing, a 22 sec vid of her & mina killing everyone , covering 2pm’s my house (grey tank top), a rlly important performance

 - jihyo: ‘97 jyp’s child basically , she trained at jyp for 10 yrs, rlly funny & down to earth, good at math, trot skills, singing skills in general, when her weight was mentioned negatively, for the next week’s performance she sang “all about that bass”.. also she’s the leader !! she said that since she was a trainee ever since she was a kid she missed out on a lot like being w friends after school but she doesn’t regret it. out of all kinds of music, she likes listening to emotional ballads the most. when she was a kid she loved nichkhun & cried when she met him aw~ 

 - mina: ‘97, japan line .. soft spoken & rlly sweet. studied ballet for 11+ yrs..! (she stopped pursuing ballet for this) when she went to korea she couldn’t speak korean, the rest of japan line (momo & sana) helped her w it a lot since they had already been there 2 yrs together.. japan line is actually rlly close. also she loves ketchup (the ketchup brand heinz is her fav). likes 2pm. said that to relieve stress she lays down, listens to music & cries ;~; chose chaeyoung as the member she would want to date if she were a boy because she’s cool & sexy lol loves high school musical (the movies) & said she doesn’t know how many times she’s rewatched them . here’s her doing a dance cover to exo’s growl (blue shirt). gain complimented mina after watching this  & basically said she took notes from her lol

 - dahyun: '98 , ummm the first thing i think of is her trademarked eagle dance (she said she thinks that’s part of why she got into jyp), rlly goofy & another fan fave. a cutie crybaby w a lot of emotions. said that even tho she’s a fun person she likes quietness too & thinks deeply. chose sana as the member she would want to date if she were a boy. after san e saw this dance he said she looked pure & healthy & that she would be good for a milk cf

- chaeyoung: 99’ writes her own raps, she wasn’t assigned the rapper position, she said she just tried it out & felt like it suited her. rlllllly likes justin bieber.. here’s a compilation of her rapping (tbh wow..) !! also likes wearing red lipstick & drawing.  she’s in general rlly cool idk

- tzuyu: '99 maknae!!! her name is pronounced sortof like “chewy”.. unexpectedly hilarious. loves bread/it’s her fav food.. she’s from taiwan !! she didn’t know korean when she went to korea & said she felt left out a lot because she couldn’t understand the others, but that was inspiration to learn quicker. likes hyorin from sistar. wants to be known for more than just her looks, likes compliments abt her improvements & talent more than her visuals. even tho she’s the youngest she’s so natural on stage & full of charisma~ ((also during a performance her monitor pack came loose & she didn’t get flustered or stop dancing at all, she grabbed it and danced while holding it for the rest of the performance. it comes loose about a min into this video & u can see just her facial expression changes, she handled it so well))

some writing tips i use

first start w sitting down and preparing yourself tbh that’s important unless you type standing up and if you think you’ll be there a while grab a snack or a drink to keep your brain fueled!!

set up your surroundings so it getting you into the mood like i like writing with the lights off and snuggled in bed so the lights are off and i’m under the covers, maybe sometimes even light a candle bc it’s always nice to have a good smelling room for me.

if music helps get you in the mood like it does for me then try putting in headphones if you can so it blocks out any distractions. and try to find music that would fit the mood of what you’re trying to write, like don’t try writing like angst with really happy music, like i’ve got playlists and artists to listen to for each different genre i write and it really helps inspire me.

try and set a goal in your brain like of the word cap you want to have like ‘i want ____ words written before i stop’ and even if it’s a small amount like 200 words it’s still a push in the right direction you know!! goals help me a lot, like i usually aim to write 500 a session and it generally works. sometimes you go over your cap bc you got inspired and that’s always good too!! like i remember the cap i wanted to reach was like 300 words and i wrote 1500 for my most recent request.

don’t be afraid to take breaks too. writing can be really fucking hard sometimes so don’t be afraid to take a breather if you think you’re getting overwhelmed. step away from what you’re writing and take a deep breath and don’t get stressed abt how many requests you have if you’re doing those, or ‘what if they don’t like it’ bc it takes the fun out of writing. like if i’m gettin overwhelmed i just play some video games, find smth that relaxes you so you can chill and gather yourself, then head back to work if you feel like you want to

don’t go around thinking that if smth is short it’s not good bc i’ve read some long ass fics that were absolute bullshit and drabbles that were wonderful. length is not the biGGEST CONCERN WHEN YOU’RE WRITING IN SHORT

and like?? organisation helps me a i keep a list of story ideas and requests i need to do and when i finish them, i delete them off the list ( it feels rlly good when i do that tbh i feel accomplished )

if you don’t think it’s good, or that it’s boring or predictable, remember that you’ve read over this stuff a million times. it may be boring to you but to somebody who’s never read it before may be on the edge of their seat and eating it up.

i know it’s terrifying to post stuff like tbh when i post my writing on my writing blog i die a little inside because i’m terrified it’s not good enough and i’m half tempted to just delete the thing and start over. but try to suck up your fear and press post because i guarantee there’s going to be at least one person who’ll enjoy it. and don’t get discouraged by a small amount of notes okay?? i’m sure that your writing is lovely, don’t let the lack of notes freak you out. just keep posting i promise you’re doing well

if anybody wants to send me stuff to check out, i’m so ready for that. i love reading stuff and helping people, i’m super nice with critiquing too so don’t stress about that.