sometimes i just feel like crap

Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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Idk where this stereotype of lesbians being mean comes from (it’s probably mysoginistic) but it’s so ridiculous. Lesbians are so nice and loving. Lesbians are some of the most supportive and loyal people I’ve ever met. If you feel like a lesbian is being mean to you, you were probably being a dick in the first place, because lesbians have had enough of your crap. I love every single lesbian y'all are beautiful and pure whether your butch, gnc, femme, woc, mentally ill, and esp trans lesbians. I just really love lesbians

(Also terfs can fuck right off this post ain’t for you)

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What does Jarchie do when they arent fighting or eating food?

man!! i feel like they do the most mundane crap?? like sometimes jughead will come round to archie’s and end up staying for days at a time just because he’s so at comfortable and at peace there?? and jughead likes to pretend that hes above stereotypical cliches and stuff, but hes secretly a sucker for them?? and archie teases him to no end about it??

- jughead not so secretly loves holding hands with archie but he always acts as if he’s too cool for it, and is always like ‘i dont get why we need to hold hands all the time? its so impractical? i can never get anything done?’ but when archie asks if he wants him to stop hes like ‘why would i ever want to do that?’

- also??? just them cuddling and watching tv?? and jughead feeling the need to add a running commentary to literally everything that’s happening lmao

- okay and them planning another road trip to make up for the one they missed, and literally counting down the days and marking off where they plan to stop on a huge map that’s pinned to archie’s wall?? and taking a disgusting amount of photos of one another while they’re on the road.

- archie watching the football game, and jughead watching archie watch the game, bc he has like no interest in sports, but finds how excitable archie gets confusingly adorable.

- archie playing jughead his songs and getting all flustered when jughead compliments them (and even more so when he catches him cluelessly humming it a couple of days later)??

Being an extrovert is not all sunshine and rainbows

like the internet makes it out to be.

Being an extrovert means that whenever I am alone, I feel like crap. I feel so lonely that it is extremely hard to be productive. All I can focus on is the crappy feeling.

Sometimes, if I must be alone, watching TV makes me forget the crappy feeling, that is until the credits music plays and I feel a sinking dread at the realization of how alone I am.

Feeling lonely can make me feel guilty and/or inadequate for no apparent reason.

When I’m with people, the crappy feeling instantly goes away. Even if I’m just in a cafe doing homework instead of my room at home. I feel ambitious and productive again.

This does not mean that I don’t need any time to myself. But I would prefer my time to myself to be me alone in my room with someone else in the next room.

Introverts get their energy from being alone.

Extroverts get their energy from being with people. And as an extrovert, I drain from being alone. And it sucks.

Thank you for listening to this rant.

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The whole "putting more vital story into books" is just,, bad, especially for people like me who live in freaking Narnia and have no access to these kind of things (and money :I), this crap just bugs me a lot because I feel like I'm missing out. I get that they cannot put everything in the game, but come on, there are a lot of foreign fans who just can't get it or when we want to order from other countries the shipping sometimes costs more than the product itself

Good point! It’s like they’re almost begging for things to be downloaded…less than legally. Especially considering that even the digital options sometimes are region-locked (not sure if this is the case with Dark Horse or Amazon).

i keep seeing comments/tags/post lately about how fic authors should always try to respond to comments to show love and appreciation to their fans, and i just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all those authors who can’t do that, whether due to other commitments, limited time online, or any number of mental or physical reasons that make it hard to reply. and i fucking hate this ‘it only takes two minutes’ and ‘it isn’t hard to reply to reviews’ mentality. you don’t have a clue HOW fucking difficult it can be for some people.

the great fandom secret is that no one is actually entitled to your time - and as much as we writers thrive on feedback and appreciation, please also remember to look after yourself, and put yourself first ♥

No one seems to understand that when I’m feeling lonely that I’ll run away to be alone. It seems to completely contradict itself, but to me…it makes complete sense. Like I can’t even describe to you how it makes sense…It just does.
—  Sarah James
I sometimes wished someone would chase me though

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My family is always telling me i need to lose weight. It makes me severely depressed hecause no matter what i cant do it. They make me feel like crap because of my weight all the time and i just. I cant do anything. Diets dont work. I like to exercise but sometimes i cant do that. They attribute any pain i ever feel to my weight and its too much. Im sorry i needed to vent to someone who would understand. You dont even have to post this you can delete it.

I will not delete a message like this. A message that comes from the heart.
You know what? Your family is wrong. Period.
They might be doing that out of misled love, but it is still something incredibly hurtful, damaging and plain wrong.
I hope that behavior stops soon. Or that you can find the way to live in your own terms soon.
I love you. I’d hug you if I could. You are beautiful and valid. You are good. You are right. You don’t need to be “fixed” or “corrected.” You are perfectly fine just as you are.
Remember it please.
-Mod Guillermo

B.A.P Asking You Out on A Date


Yongguk: “Let’s go on a date, y/n. Anywhere is fine… as long as I’m with you.” /kinda embarrassed by what he just said/

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Himchan: “I know you like me, and guess what? I like you too! So let’s go out sometime. And by sometime I mean, like, tomorrow. I know you can’t reject that offer, babe.”

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Jongup: “Are you doing something tomorrow? No? Then there’s a movie I want to see with you! Let’s not bring anyone else… Just the two of us, okay?”

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Zelo: “I want to go to the amusement park with you! Come on, let’s just have fun together!… Maybe I could get a kiss too.” /cheeky af/


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Daehyun: “I like you a lot, y/n, and I would love if you could give me a chance and see the romantic side of me. Even though it might be selfish, I also hope you could return my feelings soon.” /super formal, but still ends up playfully blowing a kiss/

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Youngjae: “Y/n, would you like to go on a date with me? I swear you won’t regret it.” /shy and unsure/ 


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1. It’s Friday and I was hoping to feel good but..I’m just not. I have zero energy and I just feel like crap. (Very disappointing)

2. When my ex was over last night picking that pie up we chatted a while and sometimes he confuses me.
For instance, while showing me pictures of what the inside of his new house will look like he says “do you like it?” And I said “yeah, I love it. It’s gonna look really good.” And he says “well that’s all that matters..I want you to like it.” ..ok?
Or “you’ll have to come over this summer you and A, and come swimming.”…but then he’ll say “I know you have a boyfriend, so I try to respect that. I try not to call or message you so much. But, I would if you didn’t.” I dunno..I think that if I didn’t have a boyfriend…he would try to get back with me.

3. I hope I’m feeling good enough to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together.

4. Some days I just need more love. I’m needy, I can’t help it. I try not to be, but it’s just who I am.

5. My sister and brother in law are coming over idea what we’re doing for dinner. We’ll see.

Happy Friday. Hope yours is going better than mine. 💜

Hey you guys!

I just love how supportive we are of each other; the snez people are the same way. They’re like our cousin or something. Sickness is definitely sexual for them; I feel like they’d have a harder time of it if found out. Since it’s sexual, they apparently have to deal with crap like pedophilia cropping up sometimes, and from what I’ve seen, they’ve definitively and quickly shut that shit down every time.
We’re normalizing whump for ourselves; by spreading awareness help normalize a practice that’s for some idiotic reason considered taboo.

Tl;dr: let’s give the snez side of tumblr some love.

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Stucky #14 :)

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

One of the worst parts of all this medical crap was not being allowed to see Steve right away when an emergency hit. It made Bucky feel more anxious, uncertain for the things to come his and Steve’s way. Sometimes, said emergencies were actually nothing, while other times, like this one it seems, they were serious shit that will keep him awake for a week or two, or months to come. The boy just shrugged and sat down in the waiting area, moving his feet rythmically with his thinking.

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This picture pretty much explains it all..

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away from everything in your life? Humans, whether you love them or not, crap weather, your job, whether you’re succeeding or not.
It all gets a little too much at times - and I am definitely feeling the pull of many different energies on the planet at the moment.

Trying to decide what you want to do in your life takes time. I realised this a while ago, but I’m still in the process. And things can all be going great, but sometimes you stop. And you actually wonder ‘is this right for me, right now?’.

Right now, I feel like I need to find my independence. I need to learn to not depend on anyone but my self. I need to friend myself. Love myself. Listen to myself and take care of myself. It’s so important and it’s like a guessing game with a baby - you don’t know what’s going to make it feel better. so you try everything and anything, some things work and some don’t.
I feel like the next thing that I need to try is to gain independence like I said - and what I’d love to do is throw myself in the deep end of just go. Pick somewhere and go … travel and see the planet I call home. Meet new people, experience things I never have before, make memories and tune into my soul.

As a musician I find it hard to shut off from social media because it’s such a huge part of being an independent artist. you have to be 10 people in 1, knowing how to market yourself online and in person, you have to always be in touch with your audience and contacts who can help further you. You must always be writing music and putting something new out there whether it be a song, a picture, a video or even a status.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain buzz you get off keeping up with the hype. You feel a sense of achievement and like you’ve done something (even if it is something so small) to better your chances at being noticed or someone else buying your music.
But for a while now I’ve wanted to just switch off. Switch everything social media/internet related off and just focus on ME and what I need. What my soul truly desires.

Turning to meditation, yoga, exercise and asking people for help has been a struggle - which I never thought it could be a tough shift in life, but it has. I find it hard to keep up with all of the above, yet with a heart beat I’ll catch up on a new program or check instagram.
And I’ve needed to ask myself, why not me? Why not look after me and what I truly need?

It’s hard to even get this out because I feel like I’m not making any sense. But to write this all down gives me a feeling of relief almost.

After a close friend recently jetting off on travels to South East Asia and many other wonderful places - it’s really given me the push to want to travel. And it’s something I’m planning on doing very soon, whether that be alone or with specific people that are close to me.

As well as this page being a place for my music, I don’t want to deprive myself of not expressing how I feel. This is me and I am human. I want to communicate with people and hear their stories and relate to others in hope that it can maybe help me also! There’s nothing better than feeling understood and having a feeling of togetherness.

Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks for reading - and if you have any similar experiences of anything I’ve mentioned above, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Woo, because I really love waking up to a really negative review on my story. Sometimes I don’t even want to write after seeing some like this.

I take it kinda personal which sucks but as (usually) confident as i am in my writing, there are days like this where I think wow i really am a bad writer.

Idk part of me thinks people need to be less judgmental and just wait for a reason certain characters are acting a certain way but nope some really just make up their mind there and then of “you’ve written these characters completely wrong” when no actually i haven’t. I’m basing a story after the original fucking series. The characters are going to be slightly different. With new situations comes changes in personality.

But, hey, what could I possibly know right?

After all, i don’t know how to write well at all.

Maybe that update will come a little later today. Not really feeling it now.

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Just because you haven't been writing as much doesn't mean that I'd unfollow you. That just mean we all wait till you feel like you can. We all feel this crap sometimes but we all bounce back. You're a person not a machine. You need time to feel better. That's not a crime

thank you love 💜that makes me feel much better

| Yuuram Kiss Arc |
3rd: Kiss on the lips (cute) / Yuuri x Wolfram 
·今日からマ王! / Kyou Kara Maou·


Oh no, of course I didn’t make a mistake with Yuuri xD I wanted to draw him just that way xD why did I do that? well, ‘cause I can? dah
At first I was skeptical about Yuuri being “part of the relationship” I mean, Wolfram is always the one who works so hard on their own ship, right? I feel bad for him sometimes, because he really loves Yuuri (and don’t come on here telling me that Wolfram is abusive with yuuri, ok??? or it’s just obsessed with him or some crap like that! ‘cause that’s bullshit, man! >> he’s so loyal with his majesty and his country too!! his love for Yuri burns with the intensity of a thousand suns!!! ok???? loooool ) but Yuuri, gosh I love Yuuri, is my favorite character but sometimes I just want to… sdcshgj Just!!! sdvdjcbshcbjh ¿WHY? scgdscbdhcbdk just love wolfram back, you good-looking dork! sabgicb Dx Ok C: ok, at first I thought that, BUT with the drama-cds I understood that… yeah He has some feelings for Wolfram!! (no strong feelings at the moment but feelings after all) xahsfxahgxvhag

I’m the sketcher-san here so I drew him LOVES WOLFRAM BACK AS IT MUST BE! (and yeah I drew him looking manlier 'cause i wanted! 'cause I could! but more importantly, 'cause I can! lol) shashd

I think it’s not the cutest kiss but yeah BOOK-CHAN IS THERE, TOO!

I’m on a week long mental health vacation from work, and after a few days of not drawing and feeling like crap, the first thing to come out of me is a thirty minute doodle of Ruby Rhod. This felt good. I have no idea why I drew it, but it felt good to do so. 

Apart from the black and white, I only used one color in this piece, just on a bunch of different layer modes. 

When you’re an artist you always hit times when drawing isn’t fun anymore. I think breaks are good. Sometimes necessary. So long as you don’t wallow in it too long. Momentum is important. 

Sam would be one who doesn’t really cuddle in bed. He likes lying back to back with his bed partner, legs slightly tangled together, sometimes an arm slung over your waist with a thumb rubbing circles over your hip. You wake up some mornings using his shoulder as a pillow as he rubs yours.

Dean is a cuddler. The dude-bro crap disappears pretty quick and while it may start with you under his arm, it ends with him snuggling his head under your chin to rest his nose against your neck. If you roll away, he follows sliding an arm around you to pull you closer to him.

Cas likes cuddling best when it’s your head on his chest, one of your arms wrapped round his waist, one of his around yours so he can lightly stroke your back and play with your hair as you sleep, as he does not. It also leaves his other hand free to have a book in it and some nights he reads you to sleep, your fingers tracing his neck to feel the vibrations, and sometimes he wakes you with a poem.