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Boyfriend!Wonho x Reader 

  • loves giving you all of the love and affection no matter who is around. he is not shy about pda at all
  • Want a kiss? The boys are gagging because he’s already given you 30. Want a hug? You haven’t left his arms since you walked in so you don’t even have the chance to want one. 
  • Watching a movie with the boys? You aren’t even facing the TV, you’re straddling Hoseok’s lap with your head buried in his neck. You both are sleeping.
  • No one is mad about it tho. The never-ending affection may be disgusting but it is also Adorable
  • When I imagine Hoseok’s girlfriend, I always imagine someone who is really cuddly and affectionate. And shy. Someone that he can gently tease and praise and make blush.
  • He isn’t afraid to show everyone how much he loves you. He can be  a clingy and possessive boyfriend. He gets jealous easily
  • not because he doesn’t trust you, its just because he’s afraid of losing you. He’s a lil insecure.
  • He doesn’t act on it that much tho. He usuually just sits and stews in his jealousy until you crawl into his lap and give him a kiss on the neck and snuggle into his chest. He’s fine after that happens. He makes it a point to never tell you about it but you still know.
  • (which is why you get so snuggly with him sometimes) He just needs to be reminded that you love him the mostest 
  • Has a huge temper, but he also hates arguing with you. If he’s upset with you he will distance himself from you, just to get his head clear before talking about it. He doesn’t want to take anything out on you because he’s a romantic at heart.
  • On the chance that you guys do actually argue, in the end it will be you comforting him because he feels horrible. He loves you too much tbh poor bby
  • i dont see a relationship with him lasting if his mom doesn’t absolutely love you. She’s important to him, and her approval means the world to him
  • He tends to go through life seeking out the approval of the ones he loves. He wants to please everyone and he leaves himself at the bottom of the list. He never really considers his own happiness.
  • So you’ll have to become good at reading him in order to prevent this from happening.
  • Loves loves loves spending time with you. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, but he prefers staying in with you and cuddling or eating. something super domestic lol
  • Speaking of cuddling, he’s a Master. 
  • He prefers being the big spoon, but he would love to be the little spoon too because sometimes this lil softie needs to be held.
  • while cuddling he would play with you hair or absent-mindedly draw shapes on your tummy or thighs
  • would also talk about his day and talk about how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. Sappy stuff bc he’s a sap
  • I feel like he would really like holding a chubby person, but thats just me and my bias speaking lol
  • he would like how snuggly and warm you are,and how there is more of you to hold.
  • sex with wonho,,, oh boy,,,,
  • now, i say that he has a daddy kink or some kind of caregiver kink, but if you were to not be comfy with that he would be okay with it. 
  • As I said in my daddy!Wonho post, i feel like he would be more concerned with the taking care of you aspect instead of the punishing aspect anyway. You don’t have to call him daddy or master for him to be able to take care of you.
  • I think his appeal to the daddy kink or any other kind of caregiver kink is the fact that it makes you reliant on him, maybe not in all aspects of your life, but just in the bedroom.
  • he needs to feel wanted and needed by you. He loves to make sure that he is taking good care of you and that you are feeling great and loved
  • he definitely does not want to take your independence away. He would just like you to give up control every once and a while because he knows that that alone can make you feel more relaxed
  • Kinks aside, this boy is a giver at heart. 
  • oh, you had a bad day? well sit down and spread your legs bc he will eat you out until you don’t remember it at all
  • You’re on your period? well let him just wrap you up in his arms and spoon you before slyly slipping his hand in your pants and giving you an orgasm (ORGASMS HELP WITH CRAMPS BC OF THE RELEASE OF HORMONES AND ENDORPHINS OR SOME SHIT)
  • If the fact that you’re bleeding makes you uncomfy, he’ll do it in the shower.. But he really doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to mind it. He isn’t doing it bc he thinks its kinky, he’s doing it bc he feels like you need it. 
  • ultimate bf right there^
  • he likes face to face positions. if he’s going to take you from behind it’s probably in front of a mirror bc he likes to watch your reactions. 
  • he’s also a sucker for eye contact bc it makes him feel closer to you (such a romantic bby)
  • Body worship is a thing that happens all of the time. He can’t help but to constantly tell you how much he adores you and your body. He also loves receiving it too
  • literal king of aftercare. Hoseok will always make sure that you are in absolutely no pain whatsoever. 
  • he smells good. Don’t know what makes me think this but he smells wonderful
  • a firm believer in minimal clothing worn in the privacy of your home. He never wears a shirt
  • Now whether that is because he just doesn’t want to or if he just likes the attention that he gets from you because of it he will never tell you
  • he loves when you touch him in a non sexual way? Like when yall are just chillin and standing in your kitchen talking he loves when you randomly put your hands on his chest and just rub him with a lil smile on your face
  • He also loves touching you on your back or sides. He likes to feel how warm you are 
  • all in all he’s a very touchy boyfriend and he just wants to give you all of the love and affection.
  • Whoever ends up with him is very lucky and they better treat him riGHT

hi everyone !!! :D it’s ya girl amy!! i’ve told myself So many times this year i was gonna make some form of follow forever each time i reach a milestone but this time it’s 1. the end of the year!! goodbye 2017 thank god 2. it’s just about my one year anniversary on this blog!! WOW i can’t believe it’s been a whole year and 3. i’m extremely close to a big goal i never thought i’d hit on any blog let alone this blog when i first created it!! so here i am to tell you all how much i love u and appreciate you!! 

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Title: Cherish Those Who Care
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: A story in which reader is insecure about her lack of toughness because she’s surrounded by badass warriors 24/7 and danny boi convinces her otherwise.

Danny knocked softly on your apartment door, looking around the empty hallway as he waited for your replay. His foot tapping on the ground to try and help relieve the minor anxiety he had built up over the last couple of days.

You hadn’t been returning his calls or answering his texts. It had been days since you stopped by his office to say hello like you always did when you found time to.

At first, Danny reasoned that you were just busy with your work. He knew you loved what you did, and sometimes you just got caught up with it all.

But then a week almost passed, and he couldn’t help but worry.

“Oh, Danny,” He was so focused on his thoughts that he didn’t realize you had already answered the door. “What are you doing here?”

Danny tugged on his tie and smiled nervously. “Hey, you’re alright.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Nothing, it’s just,” He said, trying to put together words. “You haven’t been around much lately.”

“Oh, yeah, about that.” You said, looking up at him. “Come on in.”

Danny nodded and came inside, noticing that you had already disappeared into another room. “(Y/n)?”

“Hmm? I’m in here.” Your voice came from the kitchem, when he followed you were pouring something into a mug. “In here.”


“No, chocolate milk,” You said, placing a brown bottle back into the fridge. “I don’t really like coffee.”

Danny found himself smiling fondly at you as he took a seat at one of the kitchen stools. “You know, that’s pretty cute.”

You were about to smile back when your face turned more serious and you pushed the mug away. “About that,” You said, taking a breif pause. “Am I too soft?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I just mean, I’m not really the fighting kind of person like Colleen or Claire. I’m not a very intimidating being either.”

Danny’s brows knitted together as he looked at you. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, it’s just, ” You said, your fingers preoccupying themselves by tracing the grain of your counter. “Maybe you should spend less time with me. There’s nothing I can offer you in terms of taking down the Hand or fulfilling your destiny. You should focus more on that.”

“You don’t want to see me anymore?” Danny asked, his voice becoming sad and quiet.

“No! It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.” You told him, suddenly feeling very shy. “And it’s not me.”

Danny was quiet for a moment, a conflicted expression on his face before he turned to look at you.

“When I was in the monastery, the monks there taught me how to read people. Not just their body language or expression, but how to tell what kind of person they are. They said it would help me choose my enemies and my allies.”

Your brows furrowed. “Allies? Bit of a stiff word to call your friends.”

Danny laughed softly, his head slightly shaking. “The monks were pretty ‘stiff’ people, certain emotions or pleasures were considered distractions, and distractions became weaknesses.”

You nodded, you didn’t fully understand the entire thing, but then again, you really didn’t have to.

You looked up at him. “So, am I an ‘ally’ or an enemy?”

Danny smiled, his gazed locked with yours. “When I first saw you, I noticed your eyes right off.”

You felt the corner of your mouth turn upward into a smile while you gave him a curious expression. “Did you?”

He nodded. “They were gentle eyes, kind eyes,” Danny answered before looking down at his hands. “It was a bit hard to look away if I’m being honest.”

You scoffed, leaning backward into your chair. “You’re just saying that.”

“No, really,” Danny said, placing his hand on top of yours. “I was met with all sorts of bizarre looks that day, a lot of uncaring people who just ignored my presence.”

He paused, looking at you to make sure you were listening to what he was saying.

“But you,” He took your hand, his thumb softly brushed against the back of it. “You were the first person to smile at me, genuinely smile. You talked to me, and you listened to what I had to say. There wasn’t a moment where I thought you were judging me, it was just pure kindness of another person. And it meant the world to me.”

You sighed, regardless of feeling humbled by his thoughts, your insecurities were still lingering in the back of your head. “But maybe I’m too soft. Maybe if I was more ‘tough’ I’d actually be more useful to you.”

“In my opinion,” Danny said, his tone nothing but sincere. “It takes a great deal of courage to be soft and kind in a world that is so cruel.”

You felt his grip on your hand tighten for a moment. “And it’s a trait that is rare to find in people.”


He held up in his finger, letting you know that now wasn’t the time for you to argue with him. “So, if you think that you have to be more ‘tough’ to make a difference, I can assure you that you don’t. And I wouldn’t want you to be any other way, because without it, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.”

You smiled. “I’m sure you would’ve managed without me.”

“I don’t think so,” Danny tilted his head so your eyes would remain on him. “I think I would’ve suffered a lot worse without you. Are you understanding what I’m saying?”

You nodded, having a feeling that words would have betrayed you.

Danny released your hand and opened his arms to you, still sensing your doubt. “Come here.”

You looked at him and slowly went into his arms, holding onto him tightly. “You never answered my question.”


“Am I a friend or an enemy.”

Danny lowered his head and kisses the top of yours. “You mean so much more to me than just a friend.”

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(requested by   @toriar1019 )

word count : 3 884
summary :  Kai fights the siren’s mind control because of his feelings for Reader.
* gif by phantom-evil

A week. That’s how long Y/N and her friends tried everything to open the Vault at the Armoury to get back Kai and Damon. None of them was prepared to find the Vault completely empty , none of them could figure out how they got out. Y/N had thought the anguish she had felt during that time was too much but what came next broke her completely. Three months went by before there was even a hint about what Damon and Kai might be up to. Things only got worse from there.
Being separated had always been hard , but this time it was different. Kai wasn’t on some trip for a few days somewhere. There wasn’t a way to find them with a locator spell or anything. It took Y/N and her friends month to track them down and eventually find them at an abandoned slaughter house after a victim was found.
Stefan and Y/N had gone there and had tried to get them back the same second they found them , but things hadn’t gone according to plan. Seeing Kai had been enough to put the pieces of her heart together again and shatter it completely right after specially after hearing Kai say ‘I don’t love you and I never have. Go before I rip your throat out.’ Those words echoed in her mind and they cut deeper than any knife ever could , even though she knew he hadn’t meant a syllable. Kai’s eyes had betrayed him , the way he had held onto her hand for a few seconds before pushing her away - he had done it on purpose to get her to leave. Y/N never gave up hope and seeing him only made her more determined to get him back , no matter what she had to do or who she’d have to go through to make it happen.

Kai couldnt believe what his life had been turned into the past few months. He had spent years trying to be better and learn to control his blood thirst after he turned , had a girl who loved him enough to risk her own life more than once just to save him and just when he was about to get everything he ever wanted he got himself into this mess. All of this had ruined helping people for him. Worst part of it all was that no matter how much he fought , there was no way out. Kai was stuck with Sybil and his least favourite person on this planet who had tried more than once to kill him. It had been months since Kai had been with Y/N and he had wanted to go back for her so many times but knew if Sybil found out about her , his girl would end up dead or worse. He couldnt let that happen.
    “What is he doing?” asked the siren.
Damon glanced at him. Kai was sitting not too far away from them with some paper in his hands , reading or more like pretending to read so he doesn’t have to think about the things he had done in order to keep Sybil distracted and keep his girl safe. Y/N – he suppressed a smile , just her name was enough to make him happy but he couldn’t let it show. He closed his eyes and he could see her smile , even hear her voice sometimes.
    “Catching up on current events.” said Kai indifferently. “The mysterious disappearances are drawing too much attention. Think you can cut back on red meat a bit ?”
Sybil rolled her eyes. “I spent a better part of a thousand years trapped in a Vault. So no , and who are you to tell me what to do ?”
Kai sighed. He was getting tired of being an evil minion , finding her ‘evil people’ to eat , not to mention how fighting the siren’s mind control was getting harder each day. However he was doing better than Damon , who was flying on full cruise control. His least favourite Salvatore didn’t even remember who Elena was now , thats how much Sybil had messed with his head. Kai would rather die than have his memories of Y/N twisted or replaced with new versions.
    “No one , apparently.” he said with a smirk. “I’m going out to grab a snack. Blood bags just dont do it for me as you well know.”
    “Fine , but dont go too far.” said the siren. “There is a housewife living in the house next door , bet she is delicious.”
    “Thanks for the offer, but I prefer my blood a little younger.” said Kai walking past them. “I’m going to look for a cheerleader at the high school or some confused teen at a bar. Oh or a sorority girl. Who knows what I’d find.”
After all those months they were finally close by Mystic Falls. About two weeks ago when he had briefly seen Y/N for the last time , it had been so hard fighting the urge to pull her into his arms , suffocate her with kisses and never let go of her again. The look in her eyes , how they had lit up when she saw him - it was all seared into his mind. In that moment he had felt happy again but then came the look of hurt when he had said all those horrible things to push her away for her own safety. Y/N was stubborn as hell , more determined than ever - it had been his only option to get her to go. Kai had never been more afraid of his feelings for the brave human girl than in this moment. Even after the merge with Luke , he hadnt been that shaken of everything he was feeling. Just the thought of her getting hurt in any way was enough to send him in a really dark place. There was no life for him without her and he was sure if she died , he’d die with her.
Sybil kept digging in his mind and he knew at some point she’d uncover Y/N’s existence. There was only one thing left he could do to protect her , as painful as it might be for the both of them. After all this mess was over he’d go and find her , move away with her, start a new. Kai walked into town , knowing her daily routine hoping nothing had changed and she’d still be going to work at the Grill. He stood a few hundred metres away waiting for her and just like always at the exact same time every Tuesday - there she was. More beautiful than ever with a look of determination on her face. A gust of wind blew out of nowhere (or more like Kai manipulated the weather) and she turned towards him. The look on her face changed between shock , surprise , caution , surprise and love – sticking to the last one. Her eyes widened and she ran towards him not even paying attention to traffic or cars or anything or anyone else in general.
    “Kai!” said Y/N running directly into his arms. “H-how are you here ? Why are you here?”
Kai pulled her towards him , tighter than ever and smiled at her. He could see in her eyes she knows something was wrong with him. Did he really look as broken on the outside as he felt on the inside? he wondered. His hands cupped her face and he kissed her gently for a few seconds. The young heretic couldn’t believe after everything he had said , Y/N had ran towards him like that instead of going the other way , how she hadn’t yelled at him or slapped him or anything.
    “I’m sorry Y/N … I should’ve never gone to that Vault.” said Kai softly, his voice filled with sadness and regret. “I am sorry for what I said to you a few days ago too. We had ears on us –”
    “I knew you didn’t mean it.” she smiled widely at him , not willing to let go off him or move more than half an inch away. “Whats going on Kai ?”
Y/N gazed into his eyes - he looked different - broken , crushed. The way he had pulled her towards him , as if letting go of her would mean his death both scared her and made her happy. Whatever was happening it was probably worse than she had thought.
    “I … I literally cannot say.” he sighed. Y/N looked at him with a puzzled expression.”No , I mean it – whenever I try to say out loud whats going on it comes out all giberish.”
    “Doesn’t matter , as long as you are here. Come on , lets go home —”
    “I cant.” said Kai. “I want to , more than anything but I — cant. You need to leave town. Now.“ he said with a serious look. “Go home , pack up your things and leave. It’s not safe for you here.”
    “Leave ?! No. Not without you.” protested Y/N.
    “I – the siren keeps digging inside my memories , trying to find what I am holding on to.” said Kai , cupping her face. “There is no way to stop her. Her neck gets snapped and she comes back to life 5 seconds later. If something happens to you -”
    “- I’ll die if something happens to you.” she said pressing her lips onto his. Kai pulled her towards him , kissing her as if its the last time he’d ever kiss her.
    “For once in your life, do as I say.” he demanded. “Don’t make me compell you to forget all about me.”
Y/N took a step away from him. Kai wouldn’t compell her , he wouldn’t go that far. Never. Though this desperate look in his eyes made her feel nervous. She understood he wanted to protect her , like always but he wouldn’t cross that line.
    “You wouldn’t…”
    “We both know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you. Even if it means losing you.”
Tears had started gathering in her eyelids just thinking how just when she finally got him back , he wants her to go away.  No way. There was another way to get him to go with her , because there is no version of her life without him — and that way was walking towards them in that moment.
    “Okay – I’ll leave.” she sighed in defeat.
Kai looked at her with a mix of surprise and heartbreak in his eyes clearly not expecting her to give in that easily and dreading losing her again.
    “But you are coming with me.” she finished , seeing Stefan behind Kai , holding a vervain syringe. A few moments later Kai dropped unconscious. “Thanks for that Stef.”
    “Yeah. Don’t mention it.” replied the Salvatore, holding Kai’s body. “I suggest you two get out of town. Alaric is working on finding out what that instrument is and how it helps us kill the siren. As soon as we figure it out , our lives would go back to normal or as normal as they were before all this.”
    “What is normal anyways?” she wondered.
With Stefan’s help she got Kai onto the backseat of her car. Y/N put the keys in the ignition and drove off as fast as she could not giving a damn about the speeding limits or red lights or anything. Her eyes kept darting between the road and the review mirror , looking at Kai on the back seat. Everything was fine until they passed old Miller Road and he started to wake up screaming in pain , holding his head in his hands.
    “Y/N… stop the car.” he groaned rolling around the backseat.
    “No. We — we are leaving. There has to be a way to get you away from her and out of her control.”
    “I - I can’t l-leave.” he groaned and reached his hand stopping the car with magic.
Y/N hit the gas pedal again , tried the ignition but none of it worked - the car had stopped in the middle of the road. A groan of frustration left her lips. What had the siren did to him ? Kai got out of the car and started walking back into town. Quickly she unbuckled her seat belt and ran after him , catching up in a few metres. Seeing him in pain broke her heart , even more noticing the tears in his eyes. He kept rubbing his forehead , groaning in pain. Y/N placed her hands on his shoulders making him look at her.
    “Kai , whats happening ? Tell me.”
    “I am too far away from her. She is p-pulling me back.” said Kai taking another step towards town. “Get in the car and go before she finds you -”
    “You are stronger than this Kai. You can fight it –”
    “I’ve been fighting it for months now … ”
    “Don’t stop. I will help you. We’ll find a way to break the link , I promise.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “You can’t help me Y/N. I know you love me and want to help but - ”
    “Well , well , well…” said a young woman with short brown hair and brown eyes , standing a few steps away from them. “I was wondering how you keep resisting my control. Pity this girl didn’t listen when you told her to leave. Damon , if you may –”
Damon grabbed Y/N before Kai had had time time to react , holding her in a tight grip ready to snap her neck at a moments notice. Kai tried to get to her but the siren hummed some tune and he stopped in his tracks , visibly struggling to get to his girl.
    “Now , Kai.” said the siren taking a step towards the young heretic who was trying hard to fight her influence and move. “If you don’t want anything awful to befall your girlfriend –”
    “Fiance.” he corrected quietly.
    “– then you are going to do exactly as I say. Both you and Damon are quite resourceful when it comes to picking victims but I think you’ll be a lot more committed when there is nothing holding you back. So , I am giving you a choice.”
Y/N watched Kai stare at the ground , refusing to meet the siren’s eyes. His hands were shaking and she knew that look very well. Under any other circumstance at this point , whoever had gotten in his way would have had their throat ripped out or their head would’ve rolled on the ground. It was a look Y/N hadn’t seen in almost 4 years and made her blood freeze. Her fiance was angry , hurt and scared and whenever one of those emotions took over things always ended badly. Y/N didn’t care what would happen to her , but she worried about what the siren wants Kai to do.
    “What kind of a choice?” he asked.
    “Shut off your humanity and come with me or watch your fiance die.” said the siren , pausing for a moment. “You know what – maybe I will make it more interesting and make you kill her. Imagine this - having to live with the guilt of killing the one person who you love more than anything.”
    “Don’t — don’t do this to him.” pleaded Y/N , stepping on Damon’s foot with force in an attempt to get free. The vampire growled in her ear. “Let me go Damon or I swear … I’ll get to that coffin and burn Elena’s body myself.”
    “Elena ? Who’s – who’s Elena?” asked Damon.
Y/N gulped. If the siren could erase Elena’s existence from Damon’s mind then what could she have done to Kai ?
Sybil laughed. “I see why you love her. Maybe if she was a supernatural I would’ve taken her with us. ” she paused for a moment. “I still can , find a way to taint her soul and kill her , making sure she’ll end up in Hell.” she thought out loud with an amused look. “So , what’s it going to be - are you coming with me or does your pretty girl gets to die ?”
    “No.” said Kai.
    “It’s really not a choice , honey. Turn it off.
    “No.“ repeated Kai.
    “We’ll have to do this the hard way then.” sighed Sybil and grabbed his head , closing her eyes. Kai could feel her digging in his mind , trying to find something else against him. He tried hard not to think about any of the moments he and Y/N had shared so the siren can’t modify them like she did to Damon’s memories of Elena but seeing his girl struggle to get free from the vampire’s grasp pulled one of the memories to the surface of his mind.

     "Interesting.“ muttered the siren , slipping into one of his memories. "I have to say - that must be one of your best works. Taking your entire family down with you. It’s one of the reasons Cade wanted you. Now why is this memory so important to you—”
Kai stood by the entrance , watching himself walking through the wedding disaster struggling because of the werewolf bite. Bonnie showed up a few moments later but he wasn’t paying attention to that , the other him was dealing with that. He was watching out one of the windows , knowing any moment now he’d see Y/N heading towards the barn. Her dress was covered with blood and her hair was messier than ever. Bonnie flew across the room towards one of the walls and Damon showed up shortly after. Kai sat at the podium , playing with a rose in his hands while talking with the vampire. A few moments later Damon left and Kai saw himself looking around with confusion in his eyes. Then he heard it - the sound of one of Alaric’s compressed air weapons. He turned in the direction of the sound seeing Y/N and then Damon laying on the ground with a piece of wood plunged in his back.
    “What ? No 'thank you'for saving your life ?” she said blowing a strand of hair out of her face. Y/N reached for his hand , instead Kai pulled her into his arms for a few seconds. “Lets go before he wakes up.”
    “One moment … ” said Kai  , biting his wrist and rushing to Bonnie’s side. “Don’t you ever forget this Bon Bon.You didn’t really think I’d let you die did you ?”
Y/N grabbed his hand and both of them run out of the barn. Somehow she was running faster than him and he had a hard time catching up with her. A few moments later he stopped abruptly making her stop too.
     "Why would you save me ?“
    "Because — you are
not this monster. You are good and – I can’t let the person I love die. ”
    “What ?” he asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.
    “I love you Kai. You are my future and you can push me away all you want but even if you don’t let yourself see it or feel in general — ” she said softy , placing her palm on his cheek. “ — I know that you see the same. It’s in your eyes — ”
Kai pulled her into his embrace , holding her tighter than ever unable to believe that after all the things he had done , including a few hours ago there was someone still believing in him , carrying about him and loving him.
    “I love you too Y/N.” he said smiling resting his forehead on hers.

     "Ohhh , I see.“ said Sybil , twisting his memory and replacing Y/N’s face with hers.
Kai looked at her with a small smile on his face , tucking in a lock of hair behind her ear.  Sybil smiled at him innocently and leaned in to kiss him.
    "Nice try. You are
not her and I am not as weak as Damon.” said Kai , snapping her neck in a few moments later. 

Sybil opened her eyes , clenching her jaw. The siren hadn’t expected the young heretic to be that strong. Damon had resisted her but she had been stronger , this was new.
    “Well , that was unexpected. Shall we try this again ?”
    “You can try all you want Sybil.” said Kai with a smirk. “I’m not Damon and I am not the monster you want me to be. I’m not this person anymore.”
    “Ahh that’s right.” said the siren smiling wickedly. “Because you love this fragile human girl and your feelings for her are stronger than your blood lust. Shame , she would’ve looked beautiful in a wedding gown. Damon — how would you feel about a snack?”
Damon grinned , purple black veins flashing under his eyes and his fangs sank in Y/N’s neck. The girl screamed , dug her nails in Damon’s hands kicked and tried everything to get free but it was useless. Kai took a step towards them but Sybil hummed another tune forcing him to watch as the life drained from the girl he loved. The only person who ever gave him a real chance even before the merge was dying and he couldn’t even move his finger.
    “Let her go.” said Kai. “I’ll — I’ll do what you ask just let her go.”
    “Kai , don’t. You are stron-ger than you think. Fight – it.” said Y/N struggling to speak.
Kai looked into her eyes , her lips forming four words 'I believe in you’.  He struggled , feeling Sybil trying to sneak into his mind again and get him to let go , but it didn’t matter - all he could hear and see was Y/N. His eyes closed for a moment and he found the strength to flick his wrist snapping Damon’s neck , raising his other hand pulling out Sybil’s heart out of her chest with magic. The moment the siren dropped on the ground his mind cleared and he ran towards his girl , biting his wrist bringing it to her lips.
    “Don’t you dare die Y/N.” said Kai smiling nervously. “Not now …. not ever.”
Y/N wrapped her fingers around his wrist feeling his warm blood trickle down her throat. A sigh left Kai’s lips and he caressed her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her eyes opened and she pulled herself up unitl he wrapped his strong arms around her.
    “You did it.” she smiled widely at him.
    “Only because of you. ” he said softly. “Though that wont last for long unless your buddies figure out a way to hold her down. Until then –”
    “– get in the car with me and we drive as far and fast away as we can.” she finished with a hopeful expression on her face.
Kai smiled widely at her. “Pick a destination , sweetheart.”


                             remember my thanksgiving list? this one is gonna be worse. yes you read right, im attempting this and i hope whoever sees this has a nice day and happy holidays.
star tr.ek in more ways than i care to admit has shaped my life so to write paul and get back into the fandom felt like a fresh breeze while simultaneously it felt like coming home and i’m incredibly happy to be here again with such cool and kind folks like you all.
                            basically, because german’s celebrate christmas on the 24th and we open our presents the same evening this might come as a pre-present to some of you but whatever. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, guys, under the cut is a long ass list from me to you to express just how grateful i am for you all to be here. i tried my best to include as many people as i could but of course, i sadly don’t have the capacity to find kind words for all of my beauty followers but please be aware - and i might repeat myself but it doesn’t make it less true - i love you all and im thankful you’re here with me.

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i can’t believe 2017 is finally ending! it was a rough year for me… a lot of drama i my life offline but since i made this blog i’ve never been so happy and surrounded by amazing people that i can call it my friends.

so as this year comes to an end (god fucking bless) i decided to highlight some people i met this year, they are all amazing people that deserve your follow and your love. (also sit down and grab a snack because this is gonna be a long ass post)

@pastelbyeler​: sarah omfg, i still remember how nervous and anxious i was to send you my byeler playlist, that was one of the best decisions i made because now im happy to say i have you as my friend. you’re such a stronger person and im proud of you in every way possible. bitch you’re fucking crazy sometimes but hell i am too, thats why we’re telepathicc.. crazy together right? even tho i met you not too long ago i feel like we know each other for years, you’ve been there when things got shitty and when things were good, my #1 Elas stan, i love you so much hoe you cant even imagine…i cant wait to finally meet you and bring our “teen hippis” to life. i love you zakk/stanah/bike/sam.

@remushlupin​: hey my debbie spaghetti, im glad i met you because my day now is a whole ass mess with you in it (a good ass mess i must say), you’re such a beautiful person inside and out and one of the strongest i’ve ever met, you went thru so much shit and still manage to put a stupid smile on your face and face the day like nothing happened. you’re amazing and im happy that all started with a portuguese ask lmao. i love you and i hope the next years do you some good, and brings you all the light in the world, because you deserve it. you’re perfect the way you are and never be sorry to be you, i love you just like that!

@supportingstanuris: tamara you little bitch you’re such a mess, i love it! i feel like you’re a (annoying) little sister to me and ill protect you no matter what. i love and miss our 2 hour discord calls but at least i have your presence everyday in the swamp squad discord… you’re such a beautiful person, dont let anyone tell you otherwise, you have an amazing fucked up sense of humour, a big ass heart and i hope you keep being you, that person we all love and appreciate. i hope this new year brings you a lot of peace, hope, love, and all the good things in the world, because you deserve it all that and even more! ily so much lil sis.

@tinybyers: tiddy! since the first day i met you all i could feel was tenderness towards you, to me you’re such a soft person idek how to properly explain it, but all i see coming for you is light and great energy. you’re beautiful, bold, charismatic, a shady bitch (in the best way possible), a princess that saves herself in the end of the story. even tho we dont really talk in private, your presence to me is really important and you’re a great friend that i adore and cherish. i hope that 2017 takes to grave all the insecurity, the sadness, the rough shit that may have had surrounded you and 2018 brings you happiness, and all that is good in the world! i love you teddy, dont ever change!

@smallbyers: clari, you’re such a goddess i was shooketh and i saw your face for the first time, dont hide yourself from us binch you’re beautiful! you’re so talented and have a patience of a saint, your quiet, shy demeanor scared me at first because i thought you hated me ngl, but as time went by and i got to know you i realized it was just your way of being you, and i love you for that! thank you for putting up with my lazyness and my sad after snow ball headcanons (i know deep down you love those). you’re a really special ray of sunshine and i hope this year you get all the goals you desire, plus a lot of happiness. ily binch.

swamp squad: 
you all are so talented, creative and fucked up but you guys manage to put a smile on my face everyday, and also bring me to tears (happy tears, because you hoes make me laugh so damn hard) im so proud of each and every one of you, i hope 2018 will be a good year for yall and that all your dreams come true!

@harringrovesucks @elevens-angels @hxrringtons @stansbill @sleepyrichie @beeprich @sleepymikewheeler @call-me-eds @jo-kingh @hawkinsgf @oh-what-fools @retrodenbrough @heterophobicrichietoizer @richiesbat @gczebos @stonedzier

heterophobic squad:
if it wasnt for yall i wouldnt even be on this blog, hell id probably not even be here at all! we’ve been thru so much shit together that only brought us closer. you guys were the first litte shits i met in this hellhole but you guys are my little shits, im so proud and i love each and every one of you. i hope the gay gods give yall an amazing 2018 full of happiness and gayness.

@ryedapple @softbutchbev @80sbyeler @softkasplon @kaspbyers @lesbian-arcee @heterophobicbarbaraholland @heterophobicdart @itwasthefirstdayofkindergarten @willsgay @modern-cryptid @softhenclair @hawkinsbyeler

some people i love:
heyo, even tho we dont talk much (my fault because im stupid) i hope the new years do you guys some good and that we get to know each other better! ilyall and thanks for being here thru all my shitposting.

@steveandhisbats @stnbrough @royalwolfhard @guhzibows @spikedbat @bitchinbyeler @bisexual-joycebyers @clericspaladin @stranger-daydreams @tozbraks @bimikes 

i probably forgot some amazing people, but thats because im a dumbass… but thats it! i love you all and thanks for saving my 2017 and blessing my 2018! happy new years everyone! x

Imagine : “We arent together anymore, remember ?”

One month. One month since the break up and you were still hurt, Stiles was too but you believed he wasn’t. 

You always thought that bad things would less hurt with the time but this time it was something else. It was your relationship with Stiles. Time wouldnt help and you didnt know what to do.

Sometimes, you had panic attack. You used to be stressed a lot with the pack’s stuff and school so you were used to be stressed, who is not stressed these days ? But now it was so much more. The panic attacks were violent and it always came out of nowhere. Sometimes, it was happening during the night, waking you up, completely breathless. And nobody knew it except your mom and your best friend, Lydia.

Since she knew, she tried to make you leave the house a little bit more. “You can meet a new guy so you could change your mind” She said, but you werent ready to meet anyone yet, even if it was just for «fun».

Not like Stiles.

You werent sure if he was seeing someone new but you were sure of something, a lot of girls were around him. And the girl who ruined everything was still stuck around him, and it was killing you because she was the reason of your break up and Stiles didnt seem to mind. 

At least, thats what you thought.

And here you are, today, in class, not able to move after the professor’s speech.
He put you and Stiles together for a work, as if god was against you. It was already hard to be in the same class as him. And not to mention you were seeing him after school when the pack would do a meeting.

“Maybe it’s a good thing.” Lydia said “You guys seriously need to talk and you know it.” 

You said nothing, first because it was useless. Why would you want or even need to talk to him when you both knew the truth. The girl was hitting on him and they got close, there’s nothing else to say. Second, if you tried to speak, you would burst out in tears. Then it was the end of the day and you wanted one thing, be at home in your bed. 

But like you said earlier, god is against you. You felt a hand taking your arm gently and you had an idea of who it was, and sadly you were right. You turned around and met this beautiful brown eyes, the ones you used to get lost in. 

“Hum… Guess we will spend a lot of time together then..” You couldnt help but cut him off. “We already are. With the pack and stuff like that.” 

He looked at you and he seemed to be hurt by what you said but you werent sure. He couldnt be this sad, after all, he was the one who broke your heart. 

“Stuff..” He repeated but more for himself. “Thats what we are for you ? Some kind of stuff ?” He said angrily. You opened your mouth and closed it. You werent expecting him to react like that. 

 So he still care about us ? 

“Of course I dont !” You paused. “You really want to talk about it now ?”

He sighed and shrugged. “I don’t know.. I mean, we have to talk and since we have to work together, I thought we could do it after school. If it’s alright with you ?”

You simply shrugged and walked to your car, Stiles following you. What could you say ? You wanted to hate him but you couldn’t help it, you loved him.

It was silent between the both of you in the car but you finally made it to your house.

“We have only less than one hour to work today.” You said, trying to sound normal but you didn’t know if you were happy to spend one hour with him or not.

“Oh.. Can I know why ?”

You bit your lip, not really knowing how he would react. You sighed and spoke while preparing your stuff to work.

“Nothing much. Just.. something planned.”

You looked at him and he was raising an eyebrow, clearly waiting for more. “And ?”

“Why do you care anyway ?” You said angrily. “You clearly don’t need me. For anything.”

“You’re wr-”

“Oh no Stiles.” You cut him off. “You’re the wrong one. You can’t blame me for thinking that you don’t love me and need me like I do. You can’t fucking blame me for what I’m thinking or feeling because all of this is your fault okay ?” The words were coming by themselves and you couldn’t stop. “At first, I was thinking that it was my fault if you left. That something was wrong with me so you cheated on me !”

“ (Y/N) .. I-”

“No. This is my time. Now I know it wasn’t my fault. And you know what ? I’m seeing someone today. I have.. It’s kind of a date. You see ?” You laughed. “You’re not the only one who can have fun.”

He shook his head, he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to. “No..” he whispered. “We need to talk. You.. You can’t have a date.”

“Why not ? You had one month to do that and you want to do this today ? It’s not going to work.”

“I love you. You need to believe it.” He said confident, looking straight at you. “I want you to trust me again. I know It seems like I cheated but-”

“Don’t say it. Don’t say it wasn’t your fault. Don’t say you love me because it’s not true.”

“Yes it is ! And I’m not letting you go with some dick !”

You laughed. Maybe it was nervous or maybe it was just his reaction.

“I do what the fuck I want Stiles. We aren’t together anymore, remember ? So If I want to go on a date, I will.”

Of course, you already knew the date wouldn’t go that far because you were still into Stiles. But you would never tell him.