sometimes i just cry over your face

peter parker is a Clingy boyfriend

hi i know there are 4000 of these and i already wrote one but i need to scream about clingy!peter so here it is folks enjoy this long ass post lmfao!

  • cuddling is intense because that boy will cling to you like a goddamn koala
  • omg his favorite is when you’re laying down and he’s resting his head on your chest and you’re playing with his hair all softly
  • he doesn’t even care that you’re totally messing it up because it feels so good
  • this boy is deadass like a little kitten
  • he will lean into your touch subconsciously like if u put your hand on the side of his face while you’re cleaning him up after his spiderly duties

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i wish it were easy to describe what depression feels like. i wish i could explain why i do things like lay in the dark under a blanket it. it’s too hot under the blanket but too cold outside of it. i don’t do anything about it. netflix is prompting me to press the “i’m still here” button but i haven’t worked up the energy to do it. it’s kind of ironic because sometimes with depression it feels like you’re not here or there or anywhere at all. sometimes you lay under a blanket where it’s too hot with tears running down your face. you’re not crying though, you don’t know why you’ve got tears. you’re tired, you’re bored. you’ve got your phone in your hand but refreshing the same apps over and over isn’t enough to distract you. you want to do something to get out of your head but nothing will help. you’ll still be bored. you’ll still be depressed. you just want to close your eyes and go to sleep forever. i wish it were easy to explain why i feel like this but it’s not. any explanation of what i do or how i feel is never as easy as it seems. i’m not laying in the dark doing nothing and listening to my ears ring because i want to. i want to do other things. i want to get up. fuck, i just want to have the willpower enough to watch the next episode but i don’t. i just… don’t.

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You stared out of the window from your bed, laying under the sheets and watching as the sun rises. For a dismal day it was going to be sunny, apart of you wished it would rain for the weather to convey your emotions.

The pattering of paws pulled you from the window to the doorway. Mongo, your white German shepherd, stood with his tail wagging. You smiled as he slowly walked over to your side of the bed, you slowly petted his head. Fingers weaving in his soft but corse fur. You watched as he slowly and with difficulty jumped onto the bed. His joints were achy, stiff and in pain, yet he still insisted jumping on the bed and going for walks.

You watched as he slotted himself between you and Sebastian, his cold nose pressing against your bare forearm. You had gotten Mongo eleven years ago, you did everything together; eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, go for walks and even watch TV together. Yet, you have to continue without him.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Sebastian’s voice pulled you back to Earth. Your crying had woken him up, “we talked about this. He’s in pain and it’s for the best.”

You nodded watching as Sebastian scratched Mongo’s neck. “It still hurts.” He nods lightly, “when I got him, I didn’t think of this day. He’s my family, Seb. My best friend, my child, and now I got to carry on without him.” You cry wiping the tears with the comforter. “He’s been there through everything; every break up, when I got fired, when I got the job, he was there when I met you. How am I meant to start over? I’m not ready for this.” You cried harder gaining the attention of Mongo, who sat up and began licking at your hands that covered your face.

You spent most of the morning in Sebastian’s arms as you cried and hugging Mongo tightly.

On the way to the vets, Sebastian stops at Mongo favourite park, helping him out before leading you to your usual bench; the bench Sebastian tripped over Mongo and ultimately meeting you.

You watched as Mongo walked to the grass field, instead of running around and chasing squirrels or playing with the other dogs, he sat down. He watched the joggers jog past, he wagged his tail as kids got friendly or people walked past, he didn’t move from the spot in the middle of the field. You frowned as you looked at him, his slow demise would have been obvious to everyone, except you.

You felt like a bad owner for keeping him in pain. A few months ago he would have been chasing squirrels and joggers, playing with other dogs and playing fetch. Now he’s opting for watching instead of playing.

“I’ve been a good owner to him… haven’t I?” You turn to Sebastian, eyes wide and glassy, you looked so vulnerable and broken.

Seb nods. “The best. He loves you, I think more than I do, which would be impossible but not with him. You’ve done the best you could, he’s old, Y/N; medicines were just prolonging the inevitable.”

You both turn back to Mongo who is slowly walking back over to you. The sun shining on his white fur making him look heavenly, his pink tongue dangling out of his mouth. He gently rests his head on Sebs knee, a silent request to leave now.

You hold back any tears. “He’s ready.”

The car ride to the vets is silent. The waiting room is torture, you sit and watch other owners with their pets, knowing they’d be leaving with them. Sebastian lightly scratched behind Mongo’s left ear, smiling as Mongo places a paw on his knee and then the other, he hugs around Mongo’s neck lightly chuckling at the big oaf. He whispers something to Mongo, causing Mongo to let out a strained ‘woof’. Tina, your vet, calls you in and gives you a hug.

She tells you the procedure as Sebastian lifts Mongo onto the table, instantly laying down and resting his head on his paws, yawning as he did so. The explanation falls on deaf ears as you stroke Mongo, smiling as he wags his tail with little strength; almost as if he knows this is his last moments to do so.

“You’re a good boy, Mongo.” You kneel down, kissing his face and continue to remind him of that, even after he’s gone. Sebastian gently takes a hold of you, stroking your hair as Tina leaves you for a few minutes.

“Why aren’t you crying?” You cry into his chest, Sebastian sighs and smiles.

“Because I promised Mongo that I’d be strong for you, he doesn’t need me crying over him too, you’re feeling more than enough for the both of us.” Sebastian deals with the paper work for you, cremation papers and even offers to pick up his ashes tomorrow when they’ll be ready.

The drive home was silent except for your small sniffs and cries. You still wondered why Sebastian hadn’t cried, not that you expected him to but he adored Mongo, Mongo absolutely adored Sebastian back.


“Sebastian?” You frown as you walk into the bedroom that night. He’s sat on the floor, head in his hands and holding the red leash, he looks up and his eyes are glassy with tears and cheeks red. “Oh, Sebby.” You sit beside him, wrapping your arms around him.

“I accidentally filled up his dog dish,” he mutters between sobs into your neck. “He always comes to the sound of food, I was so confused.”

You hold him in silence, running your fingers through his hair. “He adored you, Sebastian. It’s okay to cry, I’m here, it’s okay.” You hold back your own, sitting in his lap now, trying to calm down your boyfriend.

Sebastian had finally calmed down enough to get into bed. “Sometimes, I think, he meant for me to trip over him. It sounds stupid but… I think, he knew or something. I’m gonna miss him,” he sighed gently.

“What did you say to Mongo?” You asked you laid side by side, facing one another, you were also both still crying and not wanting to sleep.

“Just guy things,” Sebastian shrugged and you chuckled. “I told him I loved him too. Realised I haven’t been saying it to him this past week, I was spending my time trying to be strong for you, I forgot to emote to him that I loved him. Didn’t want him to go without me saying that,” you started to cry again. “This is why I whispered it to him.” He chuckled, pulling you to him and kissing your forehead.

(Okay. I’m so sorry. I had to get this off of me, I’ve been a mess and crying all day. I had to put my nana dog down, Rhino (I know laugh. He’s an English Bulldog.), he was six and my mum tried to but she couldn’t. It was the worst experience ever. I never want to do that again. Again, I’m sorry.- Rosalie)

Maybe you’re like me tonight

Maybe you’re scrolling through tumblr to numb the storm that’s raging in your heart and wasting time until you can fall asleep

Maybe you’re laying on your bedroom floor in surrounded by your tears and consumed by your fears

Maybe you’re crying in the shower for the tenth time this week because you can’t face your family or your roommates or your husband or your wife or your boyfriend or girlfriend or yourself with tears streaming down your face

Maybe you’re crying over the same stupid boy for the millionth time and hating him because he’s made it so very clear he’s happy with someone else

Maybe you’re crying because everyone else is married or has a boyfriend or has their life together

Maybe you’re thinking of just ending it all

Maybe the thought of not having to face another day seems like the best option of them all 

Maybe you believe in Jesus like I do

But maybe sometimes you question Him and you question yourself and you question your beliefs and you question your faith and you question every. single. thing. that comes into your mind.

Maybe the darkness of depression won today and the light of Jesus wasn’t shining as bright as it has before.

Or maybe you’re spending the evening surrounded by your closest friends and laughing until your stomach hurts or drinking the night away

But maybe, just maybe, deep down you feel it too. 

Tonight I cried in front of my mom for the first time in a very, very long time. You see, she struggles with depression too. And I’ve just recently found the strength to talk to my doctor and my boss and my best friends about the darkness that is depression and how it’s overtaken my life lately. But I haven’t told her. I can’t tell her. I can’t let her down. I can’t let her feel like she’s failed anymore than she already feels she has.
She held me and I cried and I shook and I got mascara all over her shirt. Bless her soul. 

She picked my head up and she said to me,
“You are strong. You are beautiful. You are smart.”
“Everything will be alright. And I don’t know what that looks like.”
“There’s more to life than boyfriends and babies.”

So through my teary, teary eyes let me pick your head up, even for just a moment.

YOU are strong. YOU are beautiful. YOU are smart.
I don’t know what alright looks like for you, but I know it will be all right. 

Let me pick your head up through a computer screen and typed letters and a very long post. Let me pick your head up because I know heads can get so heavy when they’re filled with sadness and darkness and racing thoughts and brokenness. 

I wish I could give you a reason to stay here on earth for just one more day, but I’m honestly struggling to find one for myself tonight. I do know, that whoever you are, where ever you are, you have worth. And I do too. And maybe tomorrow will be brighter. Or maybe we’ll cry ourselves to sleep again. Let’s hold on, together, for whatever reason, for one more day.

every time neil gets himself injured on the court, and refuses to go to abby about it because he doesnt like showing people his scars even though shes already seen him and he gets so much shit from andrew about it how stupid do you have to be to hit yourself in the face with your own racket? but then andrew just brings him into the locker room and begrudgingly fixes him up without any more comments. and he sometimes runs his fingers over neils scars, because he sees them as something different, he sees them as beautiful. he’d never admit it, but neil knows. he knows that he sees them as part of neil, and he loves the whole of him, even the things neil sees as ugly.

James x Reader / Little bird...

James get’s jealous and you get irritable, love prevails! *queue fireworks and celebratory flock of bald eagles*

“Oi, Padfoot, quit chatting up my bird! You’ve ‘ad enough time with her, lemme at my girl, why don’t you?” Sirius sighs pointedly at James and sidles in front of you protectively, “Shove off, horn-head. She’s still mad at you.”

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A Dangerous Game (Jamilton)

AN: this is short and mostly just for me because I really wanted to do a Jamilton one. I’m really tired so it’s probably really bad, but so is the rest of my writing. 

Request: Anonymous- (For the angst prompts) 8 with Jamilton? (You do ships, right?😂)
     8. “Everyday, I need you more and everyday, you push me further away.”

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Word count: 1,328


Alexander woke up to laughter coming from the living room. He had told Thomas to wake him because he had work to do, but now it was almost ten and he had lost a few good hours worth of work. Despite this, Alex stayed in bed for a few more minutes before dragging himself out to the living room. Thomas was sitting on the floor with Philip laying between his legs. The baby squealed when Thomas tickled his stomach.

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I’m not crying (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  How about where Reader’s eyes will sometimes get watery for no reason, you know the feeling eyes stinging slight and you blink which causes your eyes to get watery like you’ll cry, but for Reader, this causes a tear or two to slip a lot of the times when this happens and Damian catches them when some tears slip now they have to explain to Damian that they aren’t sad and this happens on a regular basis.
Summary: Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
Word count: 464
Warning(s): Fluff

You had just put on all your makeup and you were running to the Wayne enterprise building to meet up with your boyfriend Damian, you were already practically late. The wind outside, and the fact that you had to hold your eyes open for an extended period of time to do your makeup had made the teary eye appear once again, but you didn’t want to stop to deal with it.

You were trying to get rid of your tears, taking some of the water away with your tissue, so you wouldn’t have a wet stripe running down your cheek and for some time it actually worked. 

Hi, Dami,” You said, slipping your arms around his waist, he tenses for a moment before turning around,”Beloved,” He smiles, kissing you, before you two walk hand in hand toward the park.

Ice cream?” He asks, in front of a small local ice cream shop, you smile and nod. As he goes inside, you sit on the bench in front, trying to dry your eye again.

He brought you a cone of your absolute favorite ice cream before intertwining your fingers once more and making your way to the park finally.

You were in the middle of the park, when you blinked, and a small stream of water slid down your cheek. “Dammit,” You say, trying to pat it dry. Damian looking at you quickly turned your head with his fingers, gently. “Beloved, what’s wrong? Did i say something? Did something happen?” He asks, his green eyes full of undeniable concern. You look at him confused, before realizing what made this appear.

Ohh, Dami, I’m not crying,” You chuckle, causing him to scrunch his eyebrow, “But you are,” He gestures at the water on your face. “Oh no, It happens all the time, don’t worry about it,” You say, laying a soft kiss on his lips, but it still didn’t seem to convince him.

My eyes just get all watery sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’m crying.” You smile, he seems to think for a moment, before smiling brightly. “And here I was, thinking I had made some horrible  mistake that will make me lose you, beloved” He says, kissing the wet spot on your cheek, your foundation rubbing off on him slightly.

As he pull out, there was just a splotch of makeup on his chin, lips and nose, causing you to laugh. “What is is?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow with an amused smile. “My makeup’s all over you,” You tell him, smashing his face with your hands, trying to rub it all off, his face making all kinds of weird faces that makes you laugh even harder.

Well I’m glad my face amuses you, beloved,” He smiles, before taking your hand and continuing the walk.


With love,

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Could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting an MC who puts them self down alot through jokes and is in general used to being ignored thank you!

I relate to this all too well. I didn’t expect this to get so long, I hope you enjoy..


  • Every time you would make a joke about yourself, he would get upset and tell you to not say those kind of things. Sometimes though, he would sort of laugh along with you and call you cute.
  • You would always convince him that every time you did that, you were joking. He would just frown and nod his head before pecking your cheek.
  • When you guys were out in public together, you…or he was often swarmed by fans, meaning you were forced away from him.
  • He apologizes for it and says that he’ll make sure he doesn’t lose you next time, and you just smile.
  • Whenever you guys were out with people they would always pay more attention to him that you.
  • You kept telling yourself that it was okay, you were used to being treated this way…
  • But it just began to build up inside you, then one night you found yourself crying in your guy’s shared bedroom.
  • Zen walks in and immediately stops what he’s doing and goes over to console you.
  • You told him how insignificant you felt and how much you didn’t like yourself. That you envied him and how people noticed him so much, and that you were just a nobody. It made his heart sink.
  • “Jagiya, hearing you say that makes my heart break. Someone like you doesn’t deserve to feel that way. You’re so beautiful and admirable to those around you, I wish you could see that yourself.”
  • “Let me help you. You already had my full attention, but now I’m going to hold onto you tighter than before. You’re my girl, you deserve to feel nothing but love and appreciation.”


  • Similar to Zen, when you made jokes about yourself like that, he would get upset.
  • But like, he would get really sad too and begin to doubt himself.
  • Do I make her feel that way? Is it me?
  • Sometimes you try to talk to him while he’s playing LOLOL, and he just mutters things in response, not really paying much attention.
  • But you’re used to this kind of treatment, it’s how it’s been almost your whole life.
  • He notices your feeling down one day, and asks you what’s wrong.
  • You explain to him how you wish you were different and that you weren’t happy with yourself. Also, how you felt as if people were always pushing you to the side…
  • “H-Hey! That’s not true! Please don’t say that…” He pouted and pulled you into an embrace.
  • “I love you just the way you are, I wouldn’t change you even if the world depended on it! I know I can get caught up in LOL sometimes, but I would give all of that up if it meant that you could be happy.”


  • She would have a puzzled look on her face and let out an awkward laugh whenever you said that you hated yourself or something.
  • “Well, I don’t hate you if that means anything…”
  • Baehee would always have something sweet in return to say to you.
  • She was always so attentive of you, so you wouldn’t really feel ignored by her except when she was so invested in her work, she just forgot about everything else.
  • It made you sigh, and when you tried to pull her away she would just wave you off and tell you to go eat or get some rest.
  • One morning, she caught you looking in the mirror at yourself and you just looked so dead…and unhappy.
  • “You know…you could do so much better than me Jaehee-“
  • She cupped your face and made you look at her before you could even finish.
  • “You’re already the best I ever had. Do you have any idea how much I admire you? Please stop saying such mean things about yourself when you’re so amazing. You’re gorgeous inside and out. You’ll get through this step by step, and I’ll be there with you, holding your hand.”


  • He wouldn’t get it.
  • Why would you say such rude things towards yourself?
  • He would always frown when you said something hateful about you, but you always added on a small “just kidding” at the end.
  • Now Jumin may not have the best humor, but he knows a joke when he hears one and you aren’t kidding.
  • Since he is a bigtime CEO, he obviously has to travel a lot.
  • You recognized this and told yourself that it’s fine, you’re used to being alone. Besides, you have Elizabeth, right? It’s not like Jumin will be gone all the time…
  • Well, he isn’t gone all the time, but he’s gone MOST of the time.
  • It just gets to the point where you cry because you feel so isolated.
  • You find someone like him and you still aren’t happy.
  • Sometimes you feel like a burden because while he’s away on a trip or at work, he only ever calls to check up on you.
  • One night he comes home and sees you sobbing quietly to yourself, Elizabeth purring in your lap to comfort you.
  • He drops his briefcase and settles down beside you.
  • “Do you really love me? Or do you just feel pity for me…”
  • “You’re gone all the time. I’m used to being mistreated like this, but it’s beginning to become too much…”
  • It takes Jumin a minute to process and put things together as he stares at you. You’re still looking down at your lap, but you could feel his gaze burning into you.
  • “Darling, you opened me up to a whole side to myself that I had been hiding from for so long. You showed me that–sorryElizabethiknowyou’rerighthere —that a cat isn’t going to cure my loneliness and make me happy with myself. You did that. You made me the happiest I’ve ever been in a long time. Now I believe it’s my turn to help you find a new side of you, because, I can’t believe you don’t recognize this, but you are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered in my life.”


  • Oh boy.
  • You guys would crack jokes full of self-hatred with each other 24/7.
  • Both of you knew deep down inside that the other one meant it, but you couldn’t really bring yourselves to say anything…
  • It would get seriously bad when Seven was going through that “I’m dangerous. Stay away.” And “Don’t bother me, I’m working.” “Leave me alone, I’m busy.” “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet so I can focus?” Bullshit.
  • Seriously, he was so blunt about it to the point where you just felt like absolute shit.
  • After he told you to “Leave him the fuck alone.” For probably the fourth time that day, you just broke down right in front of him.
  • You were seriously trying so hard for the both of you guys, well, for him at least.
  • You wanted him to stop feeling like he was this dangerous monster you needed to avoid. You were in love with him.
  • Seeing you cry, made him feel like a total asshole.
  • “Shit…MC, I’m sorry…”
  • “It’s fine, Saeyoung. I get why you want to push me away. I…I would too.”
  • “No, MC, hush. I know I can be so cold sometimes, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. But I honestly feel so alive and genuinely happy when I’m with you, I don’t have to fake it.”
  • “If you think you’re a bother to me, believe me you’re not. It feels nice to have someone around that gives an actual shit about me, and encourages me to better myself without using a taser. I love you MC, you make me want to love myself. You should too. Let’s get better together.”

Minor Trio below the cut!!

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Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react
I’m Here. - S.M x Reader

So I’m considering writing some fanfictions/preferences again…but this time it’s with an entirely different subject matter. All of my writings will be strictly based on teen wolf from now on. 

**this idea has been in my mind for a few days, so i figured i’d try and see what people think.

Warnings: slightly depressing/triggering. fluffy ending, bc why not w/ scotty?

Words: too many.

You’d been feeling like this for a very long time. Lost, Trapped, Isolated… but in all honesty, all you’ve ever wanted was a companion.

One of those kinds of people who’d spend hours with you, car rides, movie nights, the whole nine. You were nearing the end of your final year in high school, but even with a class full of students, and your small group of friends, you’ve never felt more alone.

“Hey? Did you hear what I said?” a soft voice asks, bringing you out of your thoughts.

You looked up and saw those brown eyes that you’ve grown to love. 


“What?” you asked softly, raising your head from your arms to look up at the boy.

“I said, I was thinking that all of us should take a trip, you know, camping? We’ve been so stressed with finals and everything, why not get away for the weekend?” He smiled softly at you, listening to the slight uptick in your heartbeat, knowing of your fear with the woods. “You know, I’ll keep you safe. I’ll always keep you safe, doll.” 

You shook your head, a slight chuckle leaving you as you’d realized he’d been monitoring your chemosignals. A lot more than normal, you mentally noted.

“What time am I to show up at your house, McCall?”

“Be there tomorrow morning, around 9? The others will be ‘round by 11.” he smirked. 

–The Next Day–

“McCall?! It’s freezing out here, I know you can hear me! GET YOUR ASS TO THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW BEFORE I K-” your outburst is cut off by the sound of Melissa opening the door.

“You alright, love?” she asks, smirking at the blush rising to your cheeks.

“I-I I’m… here to.. see Scott. Is he in his room?” you look up, scratching at your arm anxiously.

Melissa just nods, stepping to the side to let you in, walking towards the kitchen as you quietly close the door behind you.

You being to feel slightly nervous, remembering that the rest of the pack wouldn’t be around until 11.


You’ll be alone with him for a while.

The whole pack knew of your growing crush on Scott, and they always continued to tease you about it.

Nobody had actually flat out told Scott about the crush, but they’d figure that he would hear the rise in your heartbeat every time he was around you.

Hey, look who’s here, Y/N! It’s Scott! Hey, buddy. Nice of you to arrive!” Stiles remarked, smirking as your face began to turn red.

“A little hot in here, Y/N? OH! Hey, Scott.” Malia smirks, frowning slightly as you cover your face, hot tears starting to fall down your cheeks.

You’d run off before anyone could question a thing.

You shake your head, walking upstairs towards his room before he would come down to question your sudden delay, knowing that you were already here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

“Scott? Can… C-Can I come in?” you whisper, lightly hitting your knuckles against the wooden door to his bedroom.

“You already know the answer to that, doll.” he replies, a smirk on his face as he hears the uptick in your heartbeat at the petname.

You slowly walk inside, perching yourself on the edge of his bed, watching as he throws articles of clothing into the suitcase beside you.

“What did you bring?” he asks, turning to face you for a second, smirking as the pair of boxers he chucks nearly misses your face by a fraction of an inch.

“J-Just.. you know, clothes.” you mentally smack yourself for answering with such a dumb statement.

“I’d certainly hope so.” he laughs, turning around and walking towards you, zippering the suitcase with ease.

“Now, listen. You’ve been nervous the entire time you’ve been sitting here. Don’t lie to me, doll. What’s on your mind?” he whispers, tilting your chin up so you have to look at him. 

“I-I… um… just.. don’t want to go to the woods, s’all. It reminds me of…” you cut yourself off, tears filling your eyes.

He shakes his head, pulling you into a warm hug.

“I promised I’d protect you. You’ll be okay. Now, c’mon, Stiles is here, let’s load our things into the Jeep. Lydia and the others will meet us at the campsite.”

The entire ride there, you were silent. Staring out the window, alone in the backseat of the Jeep. You could feel someone’s eyes on you, but you chose to ignore them. You were too lost in your thoughts to care. 

Soon after, it was finally time to get the things out of the back, and walk towards the campground.

“I’ve got everything here! We can pair up in sets of two. That way, all of us can comfortably sleep in the tents.” Liam said, laughing as you struggled to get the poles together.

Eventually, you were ready to sleep. The pack had spent a few hours telling scary stories, to which Stiles nearly landed in Malia’s lap from fright. 

But then, they had started to tease you when you’d gone close to Scott for warmth.

“You okay there, Y/N? Scotty can protect you from the big bad wolves!” Liam laughed, the rest of the pack joining him.

“Yeah, you want to go in the tent? We can take turns guarding it!” Malia joked.

You forced a smile, but inside you were fighting to keep the tears back. You knew they were joking, but sometimes, it still hurt.

Scott, noticing the change in your mood, looked down at you.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing slightly.

“I-I’m… going to go to bed. Goodnight, guys.” you said, slowly walking towards the tent.

About an hour later someone had begun to unzip the tent. You tensed up, still awake.

“it’s just me, it’s okay.” Scott murmured, slowly laying down beside you.

“H-Hey.” you whispered, trying to hide the tear stains on your cheeks.

“Y/N.. you’ve been crying. Please, talk to me? What is it? You’ve been acting off all day.” he said, turning you over gently so you were facing eachother.

“I-I’m just embarrassed, upset… I-I don’t know.” you sighed, looking up at him.

“I-I like you. A lot. A-And they keep teasing me for it. And I hate it. I know you don’t like me like that, but it just…sucks. I thought you’d leave, a-and then you started becoming a little distant so I t-thought you’d just drop me as a f-friend..” you confess, whimpering when you felt him stiffen beside you.

“You do like me, then? I just thought Stiles was busting my balls… but hey, don’t cry, doll.” he says, wiping your tears gently.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t cry. I-I like you too, and like I said before. I’ll keep you safe, I’m here now, i’ll protect you..” you rolled over and he slowly pulled your back to his chest, muttering apologies for how you felt in your ear.

He held you for the rest of the night, keeping you warm and safe, hands intertwined and soft breathing against your neck.

“Sleep well, doll. I’ll see you in the morning.” he whispered.

And then, you were out like a light.


This sucked but I haven’t written anything in a while. So let me know what you think and/or request anything you want in my ask box and I can write it up for you. xx

SasuSaku Month Day 9 - On Opposite Sides


Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: On a cold winter evening, Sasuke steals a kiss from his traveling companion, Sakura. As he drifts to sleep, fresh thoughts of his lover’s lips, he is unexpectedly sharing a pot of tea with his family and Madara Uchiha.

A/N: So I managed to squeeze this one out in two sessions .-. It’s not sexually graphic at all this time around! (Surprising, I know) I tried to keep it applicable to the current canon. It’s set during the Blank period with our lovely couple traversing the world. I had a lot of fun writing this one, particularly the conversation among the dead Uchiha and Sasuke. I remember reading a fanfic before that had him talking with his extended family about Sakura, which I think was written by @kuriquinn but i’m not sure. (I really love your writing if you ever see this! :D ) So enjoy some non-smutty, cutesy SasuSaku!

The evenings had been getting chillier by the day. Winter was approaching quickly, and they had no plans on returning to the Leaf within the next few months. Sasuke had just finished up their campfire, while Sakura returned with a small catch of fish. Their days were spent in the wilderness. It had only been a few weeks since they were sent out by Kakashi on their current mission. In that small amount of time they had managed to build a very strong relationship. Sasuke was reluctant to title their relationship, and I’m content with that. He had noticed Sakura was opening up to him more and more these days. When they first set foot outside of the village together, she seemed very hesitant to delve deeper into her own past, but especially his. He could sense she was holding back information, without evoking a dojutsu to verify his suspicions.

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He's close to his girlfriend’s baby sister/brother (Vixx)

Baby meaning like 8 or younger.

Y/S/N: your sister’s name

Y/B/N: your brother’s name

N: -your baby sister would end up in his lap when you put her there and wouldn’t move the whole time he was over. She would hold him even when he was trying to go somewhere in the house until she fell asleep and he could put her in her crib- “she’s so cute you know? I love how clingy she is”

Originally posted by mydearestleo

Hongbin: -he would sometimes come over in a bad mood and the little 4 year old would climb onto his lap and cup his face and the two of them would talk and be cute together until he was complete smiles- “thank you for cheering me Y/S/N, I really needed it”

Originally posted by hongbins-wife

Leo: -he would come over and bound very well with the 3 year old who loved the attention that he gave her. She would even tell him she loved him and everything and it would make him blush- “I love you too princess”

Originally posted by leoismylion

Ken: -sometimes you would call him when your brother was crying and wouldn’t stop just so he could come over and cheer him up. As soon as Jaehwan was over your brother would be cheering up more and more- “Y/B/N what is wrong?Did you miss me?”

Originally posted by shit-vixx-say

Ravi: -he would go as far as buy twinning outfits for the two of them. He would be super happy with you brother and even ask him to call him big brother Ravi something like that- “Y/N don’t me and Y/B/N look super cute when we twin”

Originally posted by t-ouma

Hyuk: -you would be minding your own business when he and your brother were hanging out until you started hearing your name followed by laughter and then glance over giving them a look- “nothing to worry about babe. Just manly bonding over you”

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Michael Latta- Cuddle Confessions

Originally posted by sport-land

Requested by the lovely anon who asked “ yoooo can u maybe do a michael latta one where you’re best friends and u end up cuddling after a bad day or something and he ends up telling u he loves you?? i’m the biggest sucker for cuddly latts lmao ” 

Honestly I feel you man, I’m the biggest sucker for cuddly anything. 

Warnings: sad moments/ in depth detailing of dim, sad environments

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Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 2

Originally posted by wooyoung

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (Part 2/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence
Word Count: 3,818 
Part 1 Part 3

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i. somehow in this moment we have switched places

i am mother, you are child

on the sofa folded into yourself

like the dumplings you press into being, like you are trying to make yourself small

and suddenly you are not

immortal anymore.

ii. and when you sleep

i can’t help but see the stubborn creases

at the corner of your eyes you are forever trying to erase

the stray white hairs poking through the darker ones,

you still refuse to dye your hair like the

other mothers already do. instead

you pull them out like stubborn weeds-

they don’t belong there

you are still young

thirty-five and thirty-five and thirty-five

no matter how many september seventh’s


iii. names

you are

mother when i am frustrated with you, mom

when i am around friends, mommy

when i cry over boys.

iv. please don’t ever leave (me)

how you

throw yourself around as if you’re replaceable when you’re not,

how you hurtle around

as if you’re unbreakable when you’re not,

how you scratch absentmindedly at

mosquito bites until you


v. i am a selfish hypocrite

i grab your wrist to stop you

and have to let go-

you are thinner than i remembered

be more careful for god’s sake.

vi. our souls sing to different keys

you tell me to sit with my legs closed

i sit with my legs spread open and dare anything to happen,

you worry about me and i wish you wouldn’t because

i will always

make it out okay.

vii. and the cosmos

i was your earth you were my sun,

so bright i thought you were perfection but you were just

burning yourself up for me 

like i was your everything.

i am not your everything.

viii. on love

sometimes love becomes worry becomes suffocation becomes i can’t breathe anymore


i love you.

ix. how much i cried and how much you cried

it was

good for us it was good for us now we are


but it is a

good sort of off-beat like we are about to careen into better things.

one day,

i will return and visit with my

children and buy you a private

jet like i always promised i would.

x. i dreamt you died and your body was on display under the buffet table

i woke up sobbing and i didn’t want to stop.

xi. and us

all i want is

to be dissolved into how you smell like

home and warmth and chanel no. 2,

just the sound of your voice makes me cry sometimes,

the world has worn down the planes of your face but i swear 

i won’t break.

xii. near sighted with a prescription of -5.25 (and astigmatism)

i get so caught up

in now and this and me,

my stomach aches folding itself over with guilt

i’m sorry that i forget.

xiii. despite everything i have ever said you will always be my hero

gather now up and press it between the pages of a book

my palms are up and open to the sky-

protect her,

protect us,

protect this.

Haechan as a boyfriend pt. 2
  • soooo here we are once more 
  • with a part 2 for my beautiful sunshine ult bias
  • well one of the three 
  • Haechannnnn 💛
  • lets get right into it!
  • okay so continuing from the first part
  • Once you two got further in the relationship
  • that’s when he’d get really serious about you
  • It’s not that he wasn’t at first 
  • It’s just that he was scared to get played
  • He’s pretty damn sensitive under the roasting, mischievous act 
  • And so he’d just be kinda scared
  • Once he fell though 
  • He fell hard
  • He’d get even sappier & sweeter 
  • It’d be so obvious that he was head over heels for you 
  • You’d realize that he was real serious when your anniversary rolled around 
  • And this boy had got you two a puppy
  • To love & protect together 
  • Pretty much he wouldn’t rush at first 
  • But the wait would be worth it 
  • He’d probably have a few magnets on your refrigerator that were pictures of you two also 
  • Cause like I said before in the first part 
  • If he wasn’t gifting you roses & other cute things
  • He’d give you keychains & magnets
  • Those cute little pictures would be right next to the cute love notes & ugly hybrid animal drawings he stuck on your fridge 
  • Sometimes baby could get insecure though
  • That’s when he’d need your love & support the most 
  • He’d look to be held & coddled, as well as reassured - even if just for a while 
  • He’d be your sweet loving boy 
  • I can also see little dude here getting serious enough for promise rings 
  • That’d be a while into the relationship though
  • Like a year & a half 
  • But it’d be worth it 
  • He’d be all blushy & giggly while giving it to you
  • And once you accepted it 
  • He’d kiss you all over your face 
  • & he might even lowkey cry a bit 
  • Cause you’re his angel & you’re serious about him too
  • Oh and he highkey calls you ‘jagi’ 24/7
  • My heart can’t take anymore 
  • Gonna stop here 
  • Support my baby Haechan!!!!!!!!
  • Bye 
#18 Dating EXO would include series: Tao's edition

-Him asking you if he could join you in the shower every single day, and you denying him every damn time he asks, but he’d still join you any way and you can’t do nothing about it because he would start whining.
-Him trying to out sass you, throwing bratty remarks every now and then, but failing miserably.
-He’d take you out shopping a lot, but you’d be in the store for like 2 minutes trying to choose a dress, he’d wonder off to the men section and leave you alone.
-“Babe you look so good but i look much better”
-He’d buy you clothes and purses on every occasion.
-Fighting over who eats the last cupcake.
-Him being a little brat when he doesn’t get his way.
-Sometimes when you guys are fighting you would let him win, or else he won’t shut up for the rest of the day.
-During movie night he wouldn’t let you pick a movie, because he knows you would pick a horror movie just to laugh at him.
-Like seriously, he’d scream every like second, he’d hide his face behind your shoulder, and cry everytime someone dies, and will probably cling to you like a Kuala when it’s time to sleep. Now that is amusing.
-At times he would be so damn emotional, and he’d rant a lot too on the most random things.
-He’ll be a cutie pie, he’s such a tiny princess although he has the ability to wushu everyone’s ass to the moon, he still needs protection.
-His favorite movie will probably be mean girls.
-He loves showing you off in public, and he wants everyone’s eyes to be on you two, most importantly he would love to let people know that you are his and no one else’s.
-But if a guy approached you and started to flirt, or even just talked to you, he would stare at him until he feels uncomfortable and leave, and then he’d pretend as if nothing happens.
-When hate gets too much he would want you to cuddle him up and support him and assure him that everything will be fine.
-Sex would be a bit to the vanilla side, he’d spice it up every now and then with cuffs and stuff.
-But sex with him would be great, and he'e make sure you are enjoying it, would probably make you climax several times if he was feeling generous.
-He wouldn’t be a big fan of him going down on you, but it’d happen on special occasions or when he wants to show you how much he loves you, though a blow job would be highly appreciated.
-He’s gonna be a bratty princess at times and sometimes you will have to act as an oppa in this relationship, but he would love you with all of his heart, he would take you to meet his parents when things get serious and he would show you off infront of the world.

anonymous asked:

Would it be ok to request a comfort thing? I have been having awful mood swings due to stress (my mother had surgery to day and I have been her only caretaker), I am at a bit of a breaking point where I just wanna cry. Could you do Zenyatta or Hanzo comforting the reader who has just reached their limit? Thank you

All Will Be Well

Originally posted by crystalldragon

A/N: It is always okay to request comfort fics! I’m very sorry you’re feeling down and stressed. I hope you enjoy and feel free to request more if you’d like to. <3(`▽´)

A little something short and sweet.

The stress had begun taking its toll, Zenyatta noted. The smile he loved faded into fake pleasantries while going about your day. He’d remembered you’d told him about your situation. The little rest you got and complications that could come with it. Zenyatta was understanding and supportive where he could be, a constant rock to lean on and ear to listen. But as of late, you were off on your own. Off to where duty called and your presence was needed more and more.

He knocked on the door to your room before presenting himself. His eyes scanned he room before he noticed you laying down. A bump tucked away into your comforter.  He floats over, sitting on the edge of your bed before you with ease.

“My love, what is wrong?” He asks, a hand placing itself on your shoulder. Its gentle and reassuring as he looks down and over to your face. His voice is concerned as he lifts his hand to move away the stray hairs that fall over your face. You shake your head, eyes heavy and unfocused.

“Nothing, Zen.” You assure with small smile, pulling the sheets higher. “I’m fine.” He tilts his head a bit sadden to see you in distress.

“Dearest, I can sense you are not at ease.” He says, his mechanical hand leaving your head to cup your cheek. “I do not want to pry but I wish to help.”

You frown, lips quivering as you dig yourself further into your sheets and away from his touch. Eventually, you come out of your shell. Lifting the sheets to invite him to lay with you. Zenyatta silently lifts himself up, placing his orbs on the your nightstand before moving back to the bed. He curls around you. Arms wrapped at your waist and fingers tangles with yours. Its silent save for the soft hum of his machinery sounding from behind you.

“It’s just…” You huff slightly, words caught at your throat unwilling to come out. Zenyatta feels the way your emotions run through your body, the tension in your shoulders . You release a rippled sigh, tears escaping your eyes. “I’m so tired, Zenyatta.” You profess, the invisible weight on your shoulder pushing them down. “So fucking tired.” He leans his head on yours as his thumb drags smooth circles over your palm. He lets you speak while he listens intently. Tears stream down your face falling vertically before being soaked into your pillow. “It’s so much stress. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t!”

“It is alright to cry.” He assures before placing a phantom kiss at the top of your head. “Sometimes it’s what you need to do in order to feel better.” He adds. “Rest, my flower. There is nothing gained from pushing yourself too hard. It is alright to take short breaks so you don’t overwhelm yourself.” His voice is soft and soothing. “Rest and come back to it with a clear head and calm mind.”

You whimper, the last of your tears shedding away. “But…but what if I can’t rest. What if I need to be on this frequently?”

His body conforms to you, cautious on how he leans in with his mechanical parts. “Then take a break. For the sake of yourself and your well-being. Do something you love, no matter how small.” He hugs you firmly. “Just something for you. Something that will make you happy.”

You let go of his hand to wipe away the wetness of your tears. He remains silent, listening to the huffs of your crying settle down with time. “I like…when you hold me like this.”

He chuckles. “Then I will hold you until you must pry me off.” He announces, tightening his hug to certify his statement. You laugh while leaning closer to him. His body isn’t the most comfortable but it’s his and you love him nonetheless.

“Thank you, Zenyatta.” You lift his hand with yours to place a chaste kiss on his knuckles.

The omnic beams happiness. “Anytime, dearest.”

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I need this for an Undyne x Reader. How would UT Undyne react to their S/O explaining timelines and their S/O confessing that they remember all of them? Including timelines where Undyne kills the S/O

Oh SHIT BOY NOW YOU DONE DID IT–anyway I haven’t formally written heck all for you guys so please let me make it up to you by giving you this– - M.M.

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