sometimes i just cry because



 sometimes i cry because graduation in haikyuu doesnt just mean goodbye suga, asahi and daichi its also goodbye kiyoko, goodbye matsukawa, goodbye hanamaki, goodbye ushijima,  goodbye kai, goodbye oikawa, goodbye konoha, goodbye IWA-CHAN, gOODbye yaku,  gOODBYE BOKUTO, GOODBYE KUROO GOODBYE GOODBYE EVERYTHING JUST FUCKING GOODBYE 


sometimes I just look at bts and cry, because the thought of them being adored by millions of people and being so successful makes me feel like a proud mom (or like a proud little sister I guess because i’m younger than all of them lol)

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I know this boy and he's soft and and sweet (and THICC👌👌👌) and he likes to snuggle and hold hands and sometimes when I think about him I cry a little because.......... Hes just so pure I love him I love boys


if you’re ever feeling sad or confused, sit (or lay down) in the dark with at least one window open so you can see the night. focus on yourself and try to reach an inner calm. cry if you need to; it’s therapy. take this time to think.

for me, (this might work for some, others not) i sit on my bed with my knees pulled up to my chest and look out the window at around midnight and just think. sometimes i cry just because of all the pent up emotions, and sometimes i just let my mind run blank, as a form of meditation. remember, it’s different for everybody.

not being able to sleep, especially when your body is practically begging to, is probably one of the most frustrating things. not being able to keep your eyes closed even though you’re dead tired, tossing and turning every few minutes because you can’t find a comfortable position, staring at the wall and ceiling for what feels like forever until you finally get so fed up that you get out of bed for a while until you’re ready to try again… and again… and again. it gets to be too much sometimes, you know? sometimes it makes me want to scream and cry because i just want to fall asleep so that i can escape my head for a while.

Hey so I know I get sad a lot and I make it worse by reminiscing on bad things from the past and listening to music that reminds me of all that shit so if one of you dudes or whatever could send me “you are loved” by defiance ohio next time I’m being a dramatic ass that would be real rad cos my self pittying ass wont do it alone