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Lucy and Her Half-Siblings

BREAKING NEWS: Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan rewrites the men’s free skate world record of Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan


yuzuru beats yuzuru??? WHAT A SCANDAL

lmao no but seriously, i had to force myself to relax before he began his free. i noticed that he didnt waste any time and he was out there immediately. (screw off, late deduction)

i was clenching my fists for every jump- 4Lo, 4S, 3F, all clean. my nerves spiked all the way up during the dramatic crescendo before the dratted prodigal son, 4S-3T. like holy shit, i almost threw off my laptop when he landed it (PERFECTLY!). perfect execution of 4T, 3A-2T, 3A-half Lo-3S. axels were stellar like always. after 3lz i was most certainly sure that it was going to be a new world record.

i cant remember what exactly my reactions were last night but im pretty sure all i did was scream incoherently at the screen. (i may have let out a particularly loud warcry after the 4S combo…)

so yeah after the kiss and cry (he was holding back his tears of joy. me too, and maybe a whole lot of other fans as well), i realized how he just overcame the point gap and pulled himself from a dire 5th place to 1st place- with a new world record, mind you. like wow, can you believe him? big sis @yuzuruspoohsan said YES OF COURSE. i mean, what else are we supposed to do as his fans?

simply…wow. i have so much respect for him. 

and if that wasnt enough, max ambesi along with other fans pointed out the underscoring that happened to yuzuru. in the words of @fuckyeahdearlybeloved“the most underscored world record ever”. seriously, those +1 and +0 were RIDICULOUS. dude was robbed. judge no. 5, who hurt you? im not even going into detail how unjustly scored the others were, because that might be a little petty (no matter how frustrating)

*sighs* well the game’s not completely over yet- there’s still the world team trophy in japan to be held at April 20. last chance for yuzu to redeem his SP and who knows, maybe 3 new world records? lmao no pressure at all.

no matter what happens, my confidence and admiration in yuzuru transcends all the setbacks and disappointments.

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

4/23/2017 Edit - Wanted to clarify that I was picturing 10-RANKAI’s before the massacre version of kid Sasuke while I wrote up the dialogue. I also tagged this as the kid Sasuke moves in with kid Naruto before Team 7 AU.

AU where kid Sasuke makes friends with kid Naruto after the massacre because it’s really lonely.

H-hey, do you you want to play with me?

Uh. S-sure, what do you want to to play?

Um- how ‘bout ninjas?

Yeah! Ninjas are strong! I want to be strong.

Hey, me too!

Awesome, let’s get strong together!

Okay! Come with me!

So, what do we do?

Let’s practice shuriken!

(Kids shouting when they get excited lol)

Hey it’s getting dark, don’t you need to go home?

There’s- no one at home anymore.

What happened?

They died. My brother- he killed them.

That’s terrible! Who takes care of you?


That’s like me! Well- except I never knew my parents and the old man checks up on me sometimes.

Old man?

They call him Hokage, I just call him old man though.

The Hokage checks up on you? He lets you call him old man?

Sometimes, he’s really busy. Hey, want to come over?

Is that ok?

Yeah! No one is at my house either. That way we don’t have to be alone!

I- I don’t want to be alone. Let me get my stuff.


Hey, let’s go then, come with me.

Oh! Yeah, ok!

Got it!

Do you think that’s everything?

Maybe. Can I stay longer?

Yeah, I don’t see what not. We can play every day!

Yeah! Ok, that’s everything! You take this.


Yeah, we need to eat vegetables!

You sure?

Yeah, my mom said so! We don’t want to be short forever.

I don’t have a mom so ok, I’ll trust your mom too.

It’s scary when it gets dark.

Yeah, let’s be quiet so they don’t catch us.

Is this your house?

Yeah, I have the whole place to myself.

I don’t like my house anymore. It’s too big.

Yeah, it was really big. You can stay here with me.


Yeah! No one tells me what to do. So we can live here together. I mean, if you are ok with that.

I’m ok with that. You’d really let me?


Thanks! Uh.


Thanks Naruto.

Hey that’s right, what your name?

Sasuke. I’m Sasuke Uchiha.

Nice to meetcha, Sasuke Uchiha. I’m Naruto Uzumaki.

Can we be friends?

I never had a friend before.

Then you can be my best friend!

You want me to be your best friend? Wow. That’s- yeah! Are you my best friend too?

Yeah! If you want me to be I mean.

Yeah! Sa- what was your name again?


What’s my name?


Wow, you’re good with names. I’ll keep practicing. Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!

I’m hungry.

Yeah, me too. Let’s make ramen.


Do we really have to eat vegetables?

You said you trust my mom.

I did, yeah ok, I’ll eat it. I better get taller when I grow up or I’m blaming you.

No worries, we will definitely get taller! My mom never lies.

Sounds good. Was your mom pretty?

Yeah! She was the prettiest!

I wonder if my mom was pretty?

Hmm. She must be. People used to tell me I looked more like my mom than my dad. If you look like your mom, then she was pretty too.

No one ever mentioned my parents.

Maybe your dad was pretty too?

You think so?

It’s possible. Maybe you have two pretty parents. Hmm…Yeah, my mom was the pretty one.

What’s wrong with your dad?

I don’t know what was wrong, but he wasn’t pretty like mom. Actually, he was kind of mean, he made me feel bad but I know he loved me too.

That's​ really lucky they loved you.

Yeah, I miss them.

I miss my parents too but I don’t know if they miss me.

They definitely miss you. Every parent misses their kid. Maybe they are dead too?

I think so. Why else wouldn’t they be around right?

Right! They definitely loved you, every parent loves their kid!

Thanks Sasuke.

Hey, you remembered my name!

I practiced remember!

— The older years.

Hey, Naruto.


Why did you kiss me?

Oh shi- You were awake?!

What do you mean I was awake? Of course I was awake stupid.

I- I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have-

Wait, did you kiss me when I was asleep? When did you do that?

When we went camping last time. It only happened once, I swear! When were you talking about?

When we were kids! You took advantage of me when I was asleep? Wtf was wrong with you.

I don’t know, I’m sorry! I liked you ok?!

No, not ok, you don’t kiss people when they are asleep. That's​ fucking creepy you idiot!

I’m sorry! Hey! Stop that- What?

You still haven’t answered my question.

It was an accident! Some kid pushed me and I fell over.

Wha- why didn’t anyone tell me that?

Wait, you thought I did it on purpose the whole time?

I thought you had a crush on me like all the other kids!

Well, I didn’t! …At least not before.

Why did you chase after me?

I already told you bastard.

No, did you like me when you came after me?

Of course I liked you, why would I chase after you forever and be willing to die with you if I didn’t?

You moron.


I liked you.

T-that, makes me really happy! I liked you too.

Do you still like me now?

Yeah… I’m going to keep liking you Sasuke.

…Thanks Naruto.

So…we good?

I guess. Hey Naruto?


I like you too.

Thanks Sasuke. It would suck if this was one-sided.

Yeah. Want to get ramen?

Of course! When does Naruto Uzumaki ever turn down ramen?

I don’t know, have you?

I don’t think so. At least none that I can remember.


Hey. I just thought of something.


Is this a date?

Do you want it to be?

Yeah. I’ve never been on a date before.

Me neither.

So this will be our first date, huh?


We had our first kiss before our first date. Moved kinda fast, didn’t we?

Out of context, maybe.

Better late than never.


Thanks for asking me out.

You’re welcome. And…thanks for saying yes.

Of course. Who could say no to the great Sasuke Uchiha?

I would.

Damn, you’re tough. Can’t even meet your own standards.

I’m not my type.

But I am, yeah!

…Now you’re just bragging.

Hey, you’re my type too! I can’t imagine you with blond hair and blue eyes.

I don’t want to imagine you with black hair and black eyes. You know it’s not just looks right?

Of course not. We’re soulmates, like, literally. You’re just lucky my brand of awesome comes in this sexy package too.

Do you hear yourself talk?

I didn’t say you weren’t hot too. Don’t worry, Sasuke, I think you’re smoking.


What, how could you ever think you were less than hot? People fall over themselves for you.

It wasn’t important and I never told them to.

Which probably made you cooler. Sasuke was too cool for school. That’s why you ran away right?

Shut up.

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So we know your skelebros nicknames for their s/o. But what's your nicknames for the skellebros? Like do you use Red and Boss and Syrup and Cringe?

Isn’t… Isn’t Cringe Skeletorific’s name? Is one of the skellies named Cringe now?

UT!Sans: Just Sans. But I had a dream where I called him Blue boy and for some reason that keeps coming back to me every time I write.

UT!Papyrus: Papyrus or Papy. Maybe Cinnamon bun every now and then. 

US!Sans: Blue or Blueberry. 

US!Papyrus: Honey, ‘Pyrus or just Papyrus.

UF!Sans: Red or Smol angry bean.

UF!Papyrus: I do refer to him as Boss sometimes but it’s not something I like using. I usually just call him Papyrus. Or The Edgelord™

SF!Sans: Sans, sometimes Rass or Black short for Rassberry and Blackberry. Also Edgelord. 

SF!Papyrus: Syrup, ‘Pyrus or Papyrus. Sometimes String or String beans  because I imagine him as really tall and lanky.

  • Radio: 🎶 Save a horse ride a cowboy 🎶
  • Hanzo: *squints eyes and looks at McCree*
  • McCree: Well a cowboy's more comfortable than a horse! *nervous continues to drink milkshake*
The Charmed Life

Happy Valentine’s Day @simons-left-mole! This is my present for @snowbazvalentines.

My fanfiction is multi-chaptered, so this post only has Chapter 1. I’ll tag you in each of the chapters!

Enjoy <3

chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7   chapter 8  chapter 9

Chapter One


It’s hard, being in love with Simon Snow.

I suppose it’s always been hard. It’s easier now than it was before, when all he did was hate me and everyone else just assumed I hated him.

But it’s hard. It’s hard, loving someone who spends so much time sitting quietly and staring. Sometimes, late at night, he’ll talk about it. How there’s this emptiness in his chest where the magic used to be. How sometimes when he breathes in, he doesn’t know if he has the strength to breathe out again. He talks about how, ever since he was 11, he’s never really known where he stopped and the magic started.

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Does Oliver have a nickname/pet name for Spencer?

Oliver: I mean…I guess? I mainly just call him swears to be honest~ 

Or the usual babe, baby, sugar…whatever I feel like~ If I come up with something that I think will make him flustered then I’ll make sure to call him that a lot - especially in public~ 

I sometimes call him my prince or princess - just because he’s pretty heh~

It’s mainly just Spence or asshole though~

Hiccup is downright terrible at naming things

If all I knew was that he had two dragons named named Toothless and Sharpshot…

Originally posted by bagginshield

Originally posted by movedtonobuchikaginoza

…I’d think that I knew for sure which was which. Those poor, confused people meeting him for the first time.

Astrid, please never let him name your children.

TBH I sometimes just want to call them Toothless and Windwalker, in that order.


some really sketchy medicscout that i was requested to do. rlly enjoyed drawing them. i just. imagine medic being so gentle with scout sometimes. calling him sweet little nicknames. tellling him good morning softly as he presses a gentle kiss to his forehead. can u tell i like this ship a lot? first time really draw ing medic too so i hope i did a good job.

I just realized the other day I NEVER SCANNED THIS??  Anyway here are some scribbles I did a while back for the upcoming chapters of Live Free–a bit spoileriffic but not bad enough that I’d keep it from y’all.

Also, I kind of love the idea of Harley and Red in the same place–like a super dysfunctional, untenable Mike-Chuck dynamic, complete with screaming!  Honestly part of me really wants a world where Red still totally hates the Burners but they still sometimes call him, much to his disgust??  I dunno it’s just really funny to me.

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Do you have a name for your Wheatley? Everyone with a cool Wheatley ends up giving a little nickname to theirs to differentiate from the other ones.

HA it’s like you think I have a cool wheatley. Hmmm sometimes I just call him Lee. (ley) Besides that I haven’t really called him anything else besides Wheatley. Maybe I should give him an name? Wouldn’t know what to name him tho.

you know what else i thought about? *kinda spoilers*

what if adrien, being the shy, never-had-a-real-friend-before person he is, never worked up the courage to apologize to marinette, so she thinks hes still terrible and won’t believe that he could be a good person?

she’d be passive aggressive about it, never too much hate talk. just the occasional snub. (she actually thinks he’s kinda hot, but won’t admit it)

then she stands up to chloe in class and adrien sees her. The real her, not the one that snubs him because he was too shy to apologize.

he begins to crush on marinette after a while of watching her in her element. he admires her and wishes he could be like her, bold and confident. (i just like her a little bit plagg, its not like im in love with her… ok im in love with her)

marinette does eventually forgive adrien. nino finally manages to convince a blushing adrien to tell her what actually happened(after figuring out that he has a crush), and marinette, being the forgiving person she is, warms up to him.

(nino is the ULTIMATE wingman)

(insert umbrella scene with marinette giving adrien the umbrella in forgiveness)

he opens up a bit more to his friends, eventually becoming an endearing playful flirt (when the gorilla and nathalie aren’t around)

but he’s still shy about it. he cant let himself go as adrien, people expect too much of him. but every once in a while he’ll crack a pun or casually flirt jokingly (but its not really a joke when it comes to marinette)

(marinette assumes it is)

(he and alya are always having flirting competitions, but its just platonic, since he KNOWS that alya and nino have secret feelings for each other)

in the moments where adrien and marinette interact, he’s a lovestruck kitten while shes oblivious.

he’ll complement her drawings and she’ll smile, then say that she loves his modeling work and he’s bright red as he grins back a response (”i really love your… face” “my face?” “did i say your face i meant your drawings of faces haha”)

meanwhile marinette is slowly falling for chat during their brief times together on patrol or fighting akumas(in canon she did say that if adrien wasn’t around she’d give chat a chance)

shes occasionally awkward around chat, but she tries her best to not let it get in the way of fighting akumas

he’s just so… chatlike. hes even more of a flirt than adrien and hes just adorable and WHY IS HE ALWAYS SHIELDING ME OH MY GOSH HE COULD GET HURT (but then she would get to kiss him better)

she does flirt a little bit with him, sometimes, just a little. (”i wouldnt call winking boldly after calling him handsome boy not flirting” “i thought we dropped the subject tikki” “ooh so you like him” “STAHP”)

this is the crush-switch au we’ve all been dreaming of.

Fallen Angel-Andy Biersack Imagine

Originally posted by valery-sykes

As you stood in line for the venue, the line not moving along, not that it much mattered to you. You had charged your phone to it’s full percentage before you came to watch your favorite band play. You had also put on some war paint, similar to Andy’s. You had put stitches onto the right side of your lips, and did the eye paint, to where Andy would have been proud. You had also brought your ear buds, so that you wouldn’t be doing nothing while you were standing in line.

You had managed to get one of the top ten positions in line, because of you coming early. You had your ear buds already placed into your ears, listening to Love isn’t Always Fair, as you waited for the venue to open its doors. You quietly sang along, while the other people around you had been chatting with their friends, both physically, and through calls on their phones. The song ended, while you fixed your (h/c) that you had teased, and sprayed streaks of (f/c) into it, through temporary hair color. Knives and Pens came on, and you smiled. It had always been your favorite song, besides Fallen Angels.

Suddenly, the security guard went and pushed open the venue doors, causing some of the craziest of the fans to scream out in happiness. You smiled again, and went in with the crowd, to watch the band you adored so much. The stage was set up already, the microphones standing tall, and wiring set and taped to the floor, and C.C’s drums standing ready for the performance to begin. The people around you cheered the usual chant of ‘Black Veil Brides! Black Veil Brides! Black Veil Brides!’ and you started in, raising your fist to the chant. The chant got louder, as C.C ran onto the stage, and positioned himself at the drums with a large smile on his face.

You smile grew as Jake, walked out, Jinxx following him and them both positioning themselves at opposite ends of the stage. Ashley walked out after them, winking at some of the female fans, causing the girls to blush and swoon, and for Ashley’s confident smirk to grow. Suddenly, your favorite member of the band ran out onto the stage, and plucked the microphone from its stand. “Hello Motherfuckers!! How’s My bvb army today??!” Andy shouted into the mic, causing the crowd to erupt in shouts and such from the fans. “Good. Good.. Well tonight, we’re going to start off with a song that’s very dear to me. Youth and Whiskey!!” He yelled out, and the fans went wild with their screaming and shouting towards the guitarists and the drummer as they started off the beat of the song.

*Small Timeskip to where Andy’s going to be starting the last song c:*

Andy took a breath, and picked up his water bottle to take a drink, then spoke back into the microphone. You had watched the whole performance, and you couldn’t wipe the smile of your face. Your hair was still in its original hairstyle from earlier, while your war paint was slightly smudged, but was still looking the best you had ever done. “I want to sing the final song with a fan, and I think I have the fan in mind!” Andy shouted, the fans beginning their screams and shouts, hoping for themselves to be the one Andy had his mind set on. You didn’t think he would have his mind set on you, so you weren’t one of the ones screaming and shouting.

“I want the girl, with the pretty (h/c) hair, with (f/c) streaks in it.” He called out, and your head immediately perked up, looking up to see Andy’s grey blue eyes looking straight into your (h/c) ones. You smiled, while the other fans looked to you, some with looks of jealousy, others with looks of happiness for you. You had a look of surprise and happiness on your face, when the guards blocking the stage moved aside to let you up, and Andy took your hand. Once you were on the stage, Ashley walked over and handed you a spare Microphone to sing into, or speak. When he stepped away, he gave you a wink before turning back to the crowd of fangirls screaming for his attention.

“So, What’s your name, beautiful?” Andy questioned, speaking into the mic he held in his hand. You pulled the mic you held up to your lips and replied, “(y/n).” Andy smiled towards you, causing you to feel like it was just him and you in the world. “That’s a beautiful name, (y/n). So, Do you know the song, Fallen Angels?” You smiled, and gave a light laugh, which caused Andy’s smile to grow larger. “Of course. Who doesn’t?” You replied. “Well aren’t you sweet. I want you to help me sing the final song, Okay?” Andy said, coming closer ad wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You smiled, this was a dream come true, and nodded.

“Okay, My precious Bvb Army!!  (y/n) Is gonna help me sing this final song to finish the night!! Let her hear it!!” He roared into the mic, causing the crowd to erupt into an uproar. “This next song is called, Fallen Angels.” He said into the mic, while the band started up the music, and you pulled the mic to your lips and began to sing.. 

Scream, shout
Scream, shout,
We are the fallen angels

We are the in between, cast down as sons of war
Struck to the earth like lightning, on this world we’re torn
We won’t cause the pain, of living out their law
Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed

We’re bored to death in heaven
And all alone in hell
We only want to be ourselves

We scream (we scream), we shout (we shout)
We are the fallen angels
We scream (we scream), we shout
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh

To those who sing alone, no need to feel the sorrow,
We scream (We scream) we shout whoa,
We are the fallen angels

Follow the mourning star, a light when darkness fell
The passion left unholy, now you find yourself,
We have nowhere to go, no one to wish us well,
A cry to find our home, our stories they will tell

We’re bored to death in heaven
And all alone in hell
We only want to be ourselves

We scream (we scream), we shout (we shout)
We are the fallen angels
We scream (we scream)
We shout, whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh,

To those who sing alone, no need to feel the sorrow,
We scream (we scream) we shout whoa,
We are the fallen angels!!“

Once the song was finished, Andy, who had taken your hand once the finishing verses were sung, raised both of your hands up into a victory pose. You smiled, while Andy let out a breathless laugh. He pulled the mic up to his lips. "Goodnight, My Bvb Army!!” He cried out, and then, the band started to move off of the stage, and to the back where their tour bus was. You were expecting him to let your hand go once the song ended, but he smiled, and got closer and wrapped his other arm around your waist.

He turned to you once you were backstage, you weren’t exactly sure of why he took you backstage. The other boys had already loaded onto the bus, and they were probably waiting on Andy. “Hey, You sang great! Here’s my number.. Call me sometime.” Andy smiled, and gave you a kiss on the forehead, then your cheek.. Then on your lips. Then suddenly, he was gone, but in your hand you held a slip of paper in your hand, that read, Andy~ Call Me!! with a number below. You smiled and looked up, to see him loading onto the bus, when he turned around, waved, and loaded onto the bus. “I might just have to call him sometime..” You smiled

You decide the rest~

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I think he’d feel bad if he saw everything I’ve gone through. Like the first five days where I couldn’t eat or sleep and pushed everyone away. Or if he saw everytime I start to get happy. I cut it quick because of him. Or if he knew I still cry over him. Sometimes I wonder if he ever regrets it. I feel like he does. I mean he was horrible to me and I still regret being the one who broke up with him. I was good to him. At least I thought. Maybe I wasn’t and that’s why it was so easy for him to just drop me. I don’t know but I wonder how much I cross his mind, or if I even do at all. Sometimes I just want to chat or text or call him and just see how he’s doing and if he’s still pursuing all the dreams he wanted. He would always think he couldn’t manage them, but I tried really hard, and he started to believe in himself more and I just want to know all that. And like how is his animals and if ever feels bad for hurting me or does he think he didn’t
do anything.
—  Journal entry
blurb about riding jacks thigh? idk thats super weird if you don’t wanna write it lol

AN Okay, I don’t know what the anon meant by riding his thigh, and they have not got back to me to reiterate, so I’m just gonna go with what I think they meant. Conversation is between you and Jack and such. Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, guys. I was tired as hell. I won’t write tomorrow cuz I’m spending the night at a friend’s. Also I’m going camping this upcoming weekend, so I won’t be able to write then. Unless I write from my phone, and I have cell service. Which I doubt, but one can try, right? Thank you so much for all your support, and if you want to see where your imagine stands right now in regards to where it is, I made a link (computer - on Tumblr) of all the requests that I have got. So we should be good there. Thank you so much for everything guys, I hope you enjoy it xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

It was Friday night, and my friends left me out again. They loved to go to bars to hit on guys and dance with random people. When I do it with them, they say I do it wrong and usually “forget” to invite me. It’s not my fault I like to make dirty jokes all the time and really terrible puns. I guess that makes me a buzzkill.

There’s one person who doesn’t mind my constant joking, and that’s Jack. Jack is a really great friend, and what I mean by that is we’re essentially fuck buddies. We’re both single and we both have needs. So when Alex introduced us, it was like bam, new friendship.

Just one night we were hanging out on the couch. Jack would tell me he was alone and I’d tell him the same thing. He gave me a look, and I gave him the same one back. He suggested we’d be fuck buddies so we’d both satisfy ourselves and agree to stop once someone found another.

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