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I recently went interrailing round Europe and here are some of the pages from my Travel journal 🙂


“my gender is a triangle”; 3am gender journals/comics… if my work resonates with you i encourage you to take some time to reflect/create your own work relating to your identity that expresses your own experiences and feelings in your own particular way.  this is my gender.  think about yours.
~~good vibes y’all~~

12/20/2016 addendum: my longwinded, liberal artsy, sociologically conscious, and purposefully didactic response to criticisms on this post can be found here.


Creek in Review: An Abridged Timeline of Craig + Tweek interactions (implied or otherwise)

So it’s been awhile since I made a Creek-related post and I thought it would be fun to document the their interactions that have occurred over the years. The dates at the top are indicated the premiere date of the episode that contains the moment (according to wiki). Not every moment is included (like the binocular scene in Marjorine and the different scenes in the SOT) but most of the notable instances have gotten their own little gif.

Anyhow! Take a look at the life span of Creek…it’s what? 15 years old now? That’s a pretty long time for a pairing that in reality, hardly exists in canon. It’s really benefited off of the multi-generational nature of its fanbase, as older fans have created a strong foundation for newer and younger fans to build off of and draw inspiration from. It’s a really neat phenomena when you think about it. Also interesting is the amount of time that passed between Tweek vs. Craig and their next interaction (they were also around each other in season 6 in the LOTR episode but that’s the earliest date I can recall…someone can totally correct me on this if I’m wrong). Recently, Creek interactions have become more frequent though arguably less significant, their meaning riding mostly on what is implied rather than what is confirmed. HOWEVER, I’ve always liked that about this pairing because you get just enough information to capture the spirit of the pairing while also enabling you to create your own personal interpretation of it. One thing we can be somewhat sure of is, that as of season 17 Craig and Tweek are friends. They like to play Minecraft together and like the same gaming system. Yeah, this is all technically in fourth grade (who knows what could happen in future years) but the fact that they went from some petty fighting to throwing the football around together and sitting next to each other at Stan’s party implies that some sort of significant friendship has been established. That these minute moments have continued all these years afterwards is  also just <3.

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With Year 12 just around the corner, leadership roles are being put out there for us to consider and I’m still debating about which role to apply for… a few of my friends are suggesting I go big and apply for College Co-Captain but that’s so much responsibility? Like? Ah? I want to, don’t get me wrong, I’m just get super nervous when it comes to talking in front of large crowds and the role is basically talking in front of large crowds 24/7 (well, not really, but you get the idea). Ah well, whatever goes down (*cough* it does down down baby cough*) is what I’ll have to live with, I guess.
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“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.

Benefits of Journaling

I am a huge fan of journaling. Actually, I have hundreds of notebooks, and I’ve been keeping a diary since I was in first grade. (It’s incredibly embarrassing, though.) I’m going to do a mini-series about journaling for Wellness Wednesday since this is a subject I’m pretty knowledgeable about. Today it will be the benefits of journaling.

  • Journaling improves handwriting. The more you practice something, the better you get.
  • Journaling aids memory. Because journaling requires conscious thought, and as you journal you want to choose your words very carefully (since it takes so long to write things out), it engraves memories into your mind more firmly. I have noticed that if the event is written about in my diary, I remember it.
  • Journaling is meditative. There are many types of journaling (discussed next week), but the traditional type of journaling – the act of writing down your thoughts – is incredibly relaxing. It’s similar to listing everything you need to do on a piece of paper. It frees your mind and organizes your ideas.
  • Journals can store memories. I love to pull down the myriad of old notebooks I have from the shelf and flip through them. It also provides me a unique perspective on how I’ve grown through the years.
  • Journaling practices self-discipline. In this busy world, setting aside time to sit down and write is a deliberate discipline. it also increases focus.
  • Journals are nonjudgemental. One of the most freeing things about paper is that it is a safe place for you to spill all of you pent-up thoughts and be yourself. Sometimes I even journal with the express purpose of trashing that journal. It gives you permission to say anything.
  • Journaling leads to self-discovery. Reading over the thoughts of your mind allows you to evaluate yourself, your values, and the way you process the world.
  • Journaling records your story. Not only do journals improve your storytelling skills, but it allows you to preserve your own unique story.
  • Journals have no rules. Do anything you want.

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05.09.17 // 2:42 PM

Sometimes I sketch and journal to take a break from studying med.

Summer’s almost here! Just one more day of exams then I can focus more on art and triathlon. I hope everyone’s doing great! ✨


9/10/2017 ~ 11:13 PM [ 16 & 17/100 peachy days of productivity ]

Today was my first day back to school! I’m already missing the holidays honestly so I just did some math homework tonight.  I can certainly see a future with lots of work… I’m not gonna let that overwhelm me though.

It! will! be! okay! Recently I visited Eckersley’s Art & Craft to look at some Tombow brush pens and I picked up three. I’m really loving the colours as well since they’re so nice and pretty and I didn’t have a light blue marker until now. I really enjoyed just wandering around the store and trying markers bless. ft. this weeks’ bujo spread with Jimin and Serendipity as the theme!
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Ideal Social Interaction

I’m sitting in a comfortable room with 2-3 other people, who are having a friendly conversation about something modestly interesting. The pace of the conversation is fast enough that there are never any awkward gaps, but slow enough that I can jump in whenever I want. When I don’t have anything to say, the others keep conversing in a way that casually acknowledges me as part of the conversation without demanding that I work to sustain it. I have a laptop or smartphone to stare at, but I’m mostly just focused on what people are saying. 

Sometimes I like to hold on to things, and not speak of or post them, and just keep that memory pure and filled with warmth and safely tucked away inside my heart, like my own little ray of sunshine 💓

I stopped knowing what to think about myself the day that you told me that I was the only thing on your mind. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever had a real opinion on myself before you. I existed, and that was sort of all there was. I just didn’t have to wonder if this part of me was good enough or if that part of me was pretty enough or if that last part of me was smart enough when I’d been convinced that no one ever noticed me.
—  🖤