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How about the RFA and their first fight with MC?

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Gotcha! I hope you enjoy em!


- Picking up studying and maintaining his LOLOL life was becoming increasingly difficult each day

-You always tried your best to support him, though! Unfortunately, it was starting to have a few downsides

-Sometimes you’d get roped into playing his game for him during an event, or having to help him study even though you were busy with your own

-Helping him study wasn’t too bad; it was just LOLOL at the most part. You’d never played an MMORPG before him. They looked way too difficult, and your assumptions were right! His guild had helped you, almost babied you at first, with the events. But this one was a big one-time event?

- Of course, you managed to screw it up. You only had a bit of practice as you were busy with your own schedule

-Annnd that is what led to your first argument.

-”What? How could you mess this up? The temple was such a low level!”

-He just wouldn’t stop yelling and fussing at you. Before long the shame ate you up too much, and you just outright started sobbing right there. Becoming a blubbering mess trying to explain that you just weren’t good enough at this game yet.

-As soon as you started crying, Yoosung stopped his yelling. He just stood there at first, in a bit of shock, and then carefully wrapped his arms around you- Fully hugging you tight when you leaned into him.

-He let you cry for a bit, him nearly tearing up as well, as he realized he was being a little too harsh on you. (Good job Yoosung)

-After a good bit, he pulled away so he could look you in the face and apologize. Nothing half-assed either! 

-You too had a long talk, full of hand holding, hugs, and small kisses. He was going to stop pressuring you so much with his game. And, well, he really should take a break on it if it was making the both of you stressed now, instead of just him. The weekends were always there to play!


- “What do you mean it’s not cute?”

-Zen looked confused at your worried over the drawing in his hand. His fan-letters were nothing new, but the increase in them after you two had started dating publicly were a little concerning.

-Especially with this one showing a high-leveled drawing of him and the fan from the letter. It was truly a great picture! But the fact that they were in a kissing embrace, and that it was sent to him, made you worry about how much these letters were disclosing.

-Especially after a few you had witnessed were shaming you.

- “It’s just something that happens when you get famous! You’ll understand, babe.”

- Instant frown, and Zen realized he maybe shouldn’t call you a pet name at this moment.

- “Can you at least stop shoving it in my face, or would you rather be with the girl in the picture that badly?” Oops.

- Shock was all over his face, and even though you were glaring, you felt immediately disgusted with yourself for being so petty. But, damnit! He started shoving those love letters in your face always!

- Pretty soon, one thing led to another and you guys landed in your first argument. Then everything started coming out- The jealously, the smoking, him kissing other girls on stage. You felt so petty, but in your anger you let everything off of your chest. And so did he.

- After the both of you cooling off for a bit, and you crying, you slowly made your way to the rooftop he was on. You didn’t know if he was cooled off yet, but you called out his name anyway. When he glanced at you, and offered a small smile, you immediately started spilling out apologies. And he did too, hugging you and countering all of your apologies with his own.

-Afterwards, you two calmly discussed some things the both of you were worried/jealous about, and made sure to have healthy discussions about it in the future rather than exploding on each other. 

-(He also promised to have a talk on his blog about the more NFSW letters)


-It was hard to stay mad at her for too long. Both of you were adults! You would even argue she was moreso of an adult than you were.

-But it seemed you were more adult than her in some aspects

-Like the fact she was literally running herself ragged with the coffee shop.

-You could tell her small cold had gotten worse due to how hard she would work and refuse to rest- Or to even close the shop early.

-Add that to the fact she refused to hire teens with no job experience, too worried that they wouldn’t be able to handle it, and you had the both of you exhausted before the shop was even closed.

-Knowing she wouldn’t listen to you much about her health- “I’m fine, I promise.”- You decided to ask Jumin for some help. Just a little- Because he knew her work persona much better than you did.

-After a few bad, horrible, suggestions from Jumin on how to get her to rest, you finally took matters into your own hands

-You hired one of the teens that had been rejected.

-He was great at his interview! Very passionate and already knew a bit of needed info about coffee shops.

-But when Jaehee saw him in a uniform, she took you to the back office for a discussion. 

-”Mc, do you not trust my opinion??”

“I do, but not when it’s biased and makes no sense!”

-Arguments for a long time. So long that the new hire ended up managing the cafe while the two of you bickered, and even though he wasn’t fully trained, he did a great job.

-When Jaehee huffed out of the back office, realizing how much time had passed, and saw how well he did. Well. She did start to feel a bit silly.

-Once the two of you calmed down through-out the day while working, you two walked home and talked the whole time in a much more civil and calm manner. You apologizing for going behind her back, and her apologizing for her stubbornness.

-of course you watched a Zen dvd when the two of you got home ya nerds


-The two of you lasted so long without an argument. So long!! But eventually, every couple has one.

-It wasn’t about work, or Elizabeth 3rd, or even you spending his money. In fact, it was about the lack of you spending his money. Even sometimes refusing gifts he bought you because they were so expensive and a bit unnecessary.

-You weren’t used to spending so much money. You grew up sometimes having to rely on neighbors for food, or grandparents. Not spending over 100 on one meal like the two of you did daily.

-Today, you rejected another one of his gifts. You never were harsh about it, just politely saying he didn’t have to and you were fine without it. 

-Slowly, he put the necklace back in the box. “Mc, are you wanting to continue our relationship?”

-You’ve never had your heart nearly rip out of your chest so fast. 


-He went on to explain. He was worried about this since you never accepted his gifts anymore, that he was a bit stressed about it now.

-You tried explaining how you just didn’t like spending money so uselessly, so excessively, but he kept interrupting you saying that money wasn’t an issue.

-”Damnit, Jumin! I’m saying it is an issue! Not all of us like throwing our money like some pompous rich asshole!”

-Well. You didn’t mean that he was an asshole, but he certainly took it that way. And you couldn’t really blame him.

-He just. Left. Picked up Elizabeth 3rd and excused himself to the bedroom to work.

-Oh god did the two of you just break up?

-He stayed in there for hours. You cried, got angry at yourself, cried again. Once you had finally calmed down, you saw Elizabeth 3rd trotting down the hall to join you on the couch.

-Thankful for some outside comfort, you shyly petted her while glancing up at Jumin.

-He looked very stressed and tired, but he sat down beside you anyway.

-Immediately you explained your reasoning in a better way, and he listened. You apologized many times for the indirect insult, trying to explain you weren’t trying to pull a Zen on him, and he stopped you.

-”I..Actually called Zen for a bit of advice.”

-Oh my god.

-After him explaining his side of things as well- His worries of you constantly rejecting his gifts meaning you were rejecting him- and how Zen explained a few things, you two slowly started cuddling on the couch.

-After a long discussion, you decided to learn to accept some expensive gifts, and he learned not to try to buy you something every single day.


-The two of you were bound to have an argument eventually.

-He was sweet and funny most of the time, but every now and then he’d slip into a very depressed mood. Especially if it was caused by another one of Saeran’s meltdowns.

-He was quick to blame himself for everything, and if you tried to cheer him up he’d actually lash out at you at times.

-Tonight wasn’t that different. It was just a matter of him lashing out and you losing your last straw. After a few bouts of yelling, you announced he could sleep by his damn self if he was going to continue pushing you away.

-The fact that he actually agreed made you even more pissed off.

-Though when you went to the spare bedroom, you ended up crying your eyes out. It really hurt that he kept pushing you away.

-After distracting yourself (Aka, funny videos and talking to Jaehee and Yoosung about the argument), you eventually fell asleep.

-In the morning, however, you woke up to find him cuddled up next to you- Holding you tight to his chest.

-(you nearly hit him because you werent expecting him in the morning)

-After scaring you a bit on accident, he calmly apologized. Trying his best to explain how he didn’t realize how badly his attitude was messing with the relationship, and how sleeping alone helped him notice.

-After a few stubborn hugs, you forgave him, and apologized for having a short temper as well.

-In the future, he always tried his best to never let it escalate to that nature again.

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Don't forget 3.Oct

Hello Fullmetal Alchemist fandom. I’m sure you’re all partying your pants off because October 3rd is FMA day but I would like to share a story with you if I may.

I came across FMA in April of 2006 & I never imagined the impact the series would have on my life. I’m not even sure what sparked my interest in it. I just know that at that time I was extremely depressed & on the verge of making a third suicide attempt. I was 18 years old & living in an apartment alone. My dad came to visit me one day & my mom said that when he got home he started crying because all I did was sit in my chair like an empty shell of a person. Maybe I was drawn to FMA because it was a distraction at the time.
I do know that episode 8 marked a turning point.
“When I was certain he was going to kill me, my mind went blank, and I didn’t have any hope anymore. And the only thing I could do was scream my lungs out. I felt so helpless, I couldn’t even bring myself to believe someone might save me. Then you showed up, Al. And I realized that if we don’t take care of each other, then no one else will. So I’ll do anything in my power to get our bodies back, even if it means being the military’s lapdog. And we’ll just have to hope our powers are good enough to help us rise above our own limits. Cause we’re not gods. We’re humans. Tiny, insignificant humans who couldn’t even save a little girl.”
I don’t really understand why this quote changed me but it did. It was like suddenly all the storm clouds in my mind were clearing away & I could see a future that didn’t include ending my own life at some point in the near future.

My dad took notice of this & mentioned to me that he thought FMA looked interesting from the adult swim promos for it so we started watching episodes together. Or we would talk on the phone immediately after an episode aired to discuss what happened in the episode. While tinkering with some random objects in my parents garage one day I said something about some metal objects kind of looking like the buckle on one of Ed’s shirts & my dad took the pieces into his workshop & came out sometime later with the buckle that looked just like the one Ed would wear.
I decided I wanted to try to make an automail arm for cosplay & my dad wanted to help me build it. We were both so excited talking together about plans to start making it.

But then my dad got sick. Or rather, found out he was sick & had been for awhile. My daddy served in the Vietnam War. He was a medic. He would go out onto the battlefield & retrieve injured soldiers & treat them & hopefully save their lives. During the Vietnam War a herbicide called Agent Orange was sprayed aerially to destroy the vegetation the enemy used for food & cover. The side effects of the chemicals used in Agent Orange were not known until later though.

In short: The Agent Orange my daddy was exposed to had resulted in him developing bone cancer. The cancer had spread throughout his body & caused him to be in a lot of pain. But my daddy & I would still watch Fullmetal Alchemist together whenever we could. By this time I had bought the DVDs & I would take them along with my portable DVD player when I went to visit my dad when he was hospitalized & we would watch an episode or two together. I was still going through with our plans to construct the automail arm & my dad would help as much as he could in his weakened physical state. When I was ready to start painting parts of the automail I tried various methods of sanding on sample squares of the plastic & would take them to show my dad so he could tell me which one was the best so I knew to use that sanding method on the real thing.

Over these six months as my dad’s health deteriorated I realized FMA had instilled something very important in me: a logical view on death. That everything that lives has to die at some point. Nothing can live forever, everything must adhere to the cycle.

I was excited for October 3rd 2006. It was FMA day & I was looking forward to spending the day watching the anime & reading the manga even moreso than I was already doing on a daily basis. But that was before my mom called me on the evening of October 2nd saying I should go over to her house because daddy probably wasn’t going to survive the night. At this point my dad was in hospice care so he could be comfortable at home in his final days.

The night of October 2nd and morning of October 3rd were absolutely awful. The family had gathered at my mom’s house. Myself, my mom, my sister & her husband & 2 kids. We were all just in an agonizing limbo. Taking turns sitting with my dad & talking to him. But knowing that death was going to come but not knowing exactly when. At one point I went into the room by myself to talk to my dad. He was unable to speak; though earlier he had spoken his last coherent words to my mom telling her that he loved her, but I was told he could hear anything we said to him. I made sure my last words to my dad were “I love you daddy”.

A few more hours of agonizing limbo. I had started watching an FMA episode to try to distract myself temporarily. But then at 2:46am my sister came out of the room & said “Ellen, he’s gone.”
I hugged my family & then called the on-call number for my therapist office. The machine system was confusing but about 15 minutes later my therapist called my cell phone to check on me. I wasn’t crying. The death wasn’t sudden. I was able to tell my daddy goodbye. I did know I didn’t want to see his body as they took it away & my therapist thought that was fine since I already had the closure I needed.

In the days after my dad’s death it was rare for people to see me cry. This was the first time anyone close to me had died & even I wasn’t sure how I would handle it. When people asked me about it I would just say that everything that lives has to die at some point. I cried, just not around other people. My mom was concerned about this & feared I was bottling everything up & one day everything would erupt but both my therapist & physiatrist told her that I was simply taking a logical approach to death.

I also became more determined than ever to finish building the automail arm I had started with my dad. I didn’t care if I never wore it for a cosplay or to a convention but I HAD to finish it. And I did finally finish it about a month later.

At my dad’s funeral my FMA pocket watch with “Don’t forget 3.Oct.10” on the inside was passed around & I explained the significance of the date in the series to everyone. Everyone thought the October 3rd thing was a bit eerie. That one specific date.

I am aware that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood exist but I cannot bring myself to watch it. The series in general brings back so many emotions and memories of my dad that holding back tears is impossible. I also know the manga series has ended but I refuse to read it. The series can’t end for me. I feel like if I finish the series it would put an extra finality on my dad’s death that I cannot go through. But why should I? There’s no rule that requires me to finish a series.

The association of Fullmetal Alchemist with my dad isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m glad I could share one last thing with my daddy.
And I can guarantee that I will never forget October 3rd.

Unfufilled Ships

A/N: Hey guys, so this one’s a bit personal. Believe it or not, it’s actually a situation that I’m in and it’s a really weird situation to be in. I hope you guys like this one, also, thank you so much for 236 followers

Prompt: You and Dan used to be in a ship together, and you found yourself falling for Dan. But then people started to ship him with one of your best friends.

Genre: kinda sad i think

Word Count: 1424 words

Your P.O.V

A few weeks ago, my friends were basically shouting in my ear to ask Dan out. You know, Dan? Dan Howell? Danisnotonfire. YouTube sensation, has about 5 million subscribers, known for being awkward. Yeah him. Anyways, Dan and I go way back, not actually, we met at the beginning of this year and my friends automatically shipped us together. Cool right? No. Not for me. As time went on the ship became weaker. And as the ship became weaker, I started to develop feelings for him. And these feelings just became stronger and stronger. I think i started to realize these feelings when the ship became weaker because of the fact that nobody was shoving the thought of us being together down my throat.

And now….. he’s shipped with someone else. And that someone else is actually one of my best friend’s, Olive. I mean, I shouldn’t have a problem with it right? It’s just a stupid little ship right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The fans are in on #Dalive. But that doesn’t give me the right to be jealous. What does give me the right to be jealous is when everybody talks about how cute they would be together and how they have to do everything together and how one of them has to grow some balls and muster up the courage to ask the other one out. And it seems that, that’s all they talk about, and its all they talk about around me.

And now, it feels like Olive might actually have a shot with Dan. Don’t get me wrong, i’d be happy for her if she did, but at the same time i’d feel so broken. When #Dalive became a thing, i always said to myself that if Olive had feelings for him, then i would back off, and now that i think about it, it doesn’t seem fair on me.

As i lay in bed, wallowing in my self pity, i hear my phone blasting ‘Girls’ by The 1975, notifying me of an incoming phone call. I look at the caller I.D to see that it’s one of my good friends, Jess.

“Hey Jess!” I say with fake enthusiasm

“Hey (y/n)! So, Olive and I were wondering if you wanted to come and watch a movie tonight? We really want you to come!” I contemplate it for a few seconds, and just as I was about to say yes, Jess quickly adds to her sentence. “Dan’s gonna be there…” and like that my mind had been changed. I’d rather save myself the embarrassment and heartbreak thank you very much.

“I uh, I can’t. I have no money till Tuesday.” I lied. I really didn’t want be there. How are they even getting Dan to go and hang out with them anyways? He hardly ever says yes when I ask him if he wants to come over and do something, he always says something along the lines of ‘but then I’d have to leave the house and I’m not prepared for that, but we can watch movies here if you like?’ I always end up saying no anyways and just sit there and do nothing.

“Are you sure? I can pay for you, you always buy me stuff. Please? I really don’t want to be a third wheel around them.” Jess sounded so desperate i almost said yes. But i didn’t

“Sorry Jess, but I can’t let you do that. I’ll see you sometime soon.”

“That’s okay, I’ll see if Ronnie can come. See ya (y/n)!” Jess says and then hangs up.

I decide to scroll through tumblr for a little bit when my phone chimes, indicating that I have a text message, from Dan? My heart beats a little bit faster seeing his name on my screen.

From: Dan
To: (y/n)
Hey (y/n), Are you coming to watch a movie at the cinema tonight?

I was about to change my mind once again and say yes, because by the looks of that text, he might’ve wanted me to be there, but then I remembered, he’s my friend and probably just wants to know if I’m gonna be there or not

From: (Y/n)
To: Dan
Hey Dan, no I’m not. I have no money until Tuesday. Jess offered to pay, but nah, I can’t.

From: Dan
To: (Y/n)
Damn, I guess I’ll see you sometime soon then.

I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to show up, but then, If i went, it would seem and feel like everyone was dangling Dan in front of me, and there would be nothing i could do about it.

A few days later, I get a mysterious knock on my door. I groan and walk down stairs to the front door, to see Dan standing there, looking nervous

“Hey Dan, you okay?” I ask, concerned. He just looks around his surroundings and basically pushes himself into the apartment.

“I have to tell you something” He blurts out, saying his words faster than he usually would. I give him a look that basically says ‘come on then, tell me!’ He looks down at the ground nervously. My hearts beating faster with every second that’s passing. “Oh god, this is so hard for me to say.”

“Dan! Just say it already!” I yell, growing impatient and curious

“Okay! Okay, I like Olive, a lot. I like her more than a friend, and I don’t know what I should do. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in while, and its driving me crazy.” And like that, it felt like the world stopped and my heart shattered like glass. I feel like an idiot for ever thinking that I would ever have a shot with him.

“You like Olive? I KNEW IT!” I try and play it off like a friend that’s actually really happy for him. And I am, I am happy for him, I just, I’m heartbroken at the same time.

“Has it been that obvious?” He questions. No, it actually hasn’t. “Can you like, give me some advice or something? I don’t know what to do.”

“Here is what you do, Daniel. You tell her. Chances are she likes you back. And if she doesn’t, i have tubs of ice cream and a stack of DVD’s to help.” The ice cream and DVD’s are my personal pick-me-up food. It hasn’t helped, but it is a good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream and watch a lot of DVDs

“You’re right. I’ll give her a call right now.”

“Don’t call her! You have to tell her to her face! DO YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GIRLS?!”

“No, that’s why i came to you. You’re one of my best friends and i know you wouldn’t have acted weird when I told you I like Olive.” And now I know what kind of friend I am to him. I’m that friend that he will come to looking for advice, when he’s having trouble with girls. And when a girl breaks up with him, he’s gonna cry on my shoulder. I’m simply just his best friend, and that’s all I’ll ever be.

“Go over to her flat and tell her. If you don’t then I will. And i don’t think she’d be happy about that.” I smirk at Dan. He smiles and nods his head, bringing me into a huge intoxicating hug, whispering ‘thank-you’ over again in my ear.

And when he leaves, I sit down on the floor and think. I can’t cry, all I can do is think about how happy he looked when I said Olive will most probably like him back, which I know she does. I think about how happy they’re gonna be together.

If I really like him, or even love him, I want him to be happy right? Even if it’s not with me…. And i don’t know if I will ever be okay with it, but right now, I can at least accept it.


(I wrote this in 2011. Mortifying events still occur. They’re part of being a writer.)

You never know how events will turn out. Sometimes 1000 people come, and sometimes no one does. There’s a book called Mortification in which published authors share book event stories that were, well, mortifying. Everyone has them. They are often painful at the time, but become great stories to share with other authors and laugh about later. They are valiant battle scars, like rejections.

Feel free to laugh at my pain, and know that I don’t share to complain. I know how lucky I am to be published at all and have the opportunity to have a book signing no one comes to!

Seven years ago, my very first out-of-my-homestate book event. I went to a regional trade show where booksellers from surrounding states came to learn about the latest releases. There was an evening signing, where my publisher supplied boxes of the goose girl to give away. Yes, that’s right, GIVE AWAY, and they were hardcovers, not even ARCs. Hopefully the booksellers would read this book and then want to order it for their store! Some booksellers came to my table and requested a copy. “Who do you want me to sign this to?” I asked. “Just a signature,” they said. The experienced novelist to my right whispered to me, “When they want a signature only, it means they’re going to resell it.” I didn’t know if that was true, but I became very aware that 90% of them wanted signature only. Long before the hour-long signing was over, my line was over. I smiled cordially but was really panicking. My first book! My baby! And I can’t even GIVE it away!

What did we learn? At book conferences, booksellers get lots of free books. They have to haul/ship them all home. It’s nothing personal, but they just can’t take them all.

Six years ago I am invited to speak at a large conference in another state. I arrive at the venue: an auditorium that seats 2000 people. Exactly 15 people come, most of whom are from my publisher, the rest are conference attendees I met and begged to come in case no one did. I give my talk. I want to die.

What did we learn? To take pictures! My only regret is not taking a photo of that huge room with thousands of empty seats and those few people in the two front rows smiling awkwardly. That would have been such a funny keepsake.

Five years ago, I fly to a far away state to do school visits. At the first school, no one seems to be expecting me or have any idea who I am. Eventually they put me in the library with a class of about 20 middle schoolers, who are mildly happy to be out of class and supremely uninterested in the random adult in front of them. The librarian introduces me, “Here’s Sharon Hall. She writes books.” He then goes over to the couch where he reads a magazine during my presentation. A few teachers on break gather nearby, speaking so loudly I have to ask them to please keep it down because the kids couldn’t hear me. Not that they really wanted to.

What did we learn? You don’t really matter, not that much.

Four years ago, I go on book tour. My publisher hires a car to take me from one city to another, where I am to do a presentation and signing at a bookstore. The car must be expensive. I am already feeling guilty. I hope I sell enough books to make it worth it for them! I arrive. There’s a picture of me on a poster in the window. I enter. There are no chairs set up for a talk. The embarrassed bookseller explains no one has come. She puts me in a chair by the door, where I sit for an hour as customers enter and try not to make eye contact with the leprotic author at the door. One woman comes to me to ask where the DVDs of Curious George are. I’m sorry, I don’t know. She sees the sign, realizes I’m a visiting author, and feeling sorry for me, sits in a chair facing me and talks to me about Curious George for 20 minutes. She doesn’t buy a book.

What did we learn? Well, this example was just one of many. 99% of authors have many such stories to tell. 

Three years ago, a holiday book signing at a local bookstore. In comes, oh let’s call him Alfred. “Alfred!” I cry, giving him a hug. He was a dear friend of mine and my husband’s in high school and I hadn’t seen him since. We exchange info. What am I doing? Mothering mostly, and I write books. He’s a middle school teacher and in fact has come to the store expressly to purchase a graphic novel good for middle schoolers. What luck! I normally am shy to promote my own books, but clearly he’ll be delighted with Rapunzel’s Revenge, a graphic novel perfect for middle schoolers, written by two old friends. He looks it over. He puts it back on the shelf. He doesn’t buy it.

What did we learn? Remember those fantasies about how one day you would show everyone you weren’t really a loser after all? They never come true.

Two years ago, a specialty bookstores invites me and Dean as well as another author to speak at an event. There’s a nice crowd of about 70 in the auditorium. The other author speaks first. We sit in the audience so we can see his slide show. He’s a cool author and we’re so pleased to be a part of it! We’re peers with this great, accomplished artist. Cool! But apparently he didn’t know anything about us, because at the end of the talk, he says, “And now I think we’re going upstairs to the gallery for a gallery talk.” He leaves. The audience stands up and follows him. Dean and I sit there, stunned. The organizer gapes, unsure what to do. I know what I’d like to do–RUN AWAY! But one girl and her father remain in the audience, apparently the only ones in the crowd who had expressly come for me and Dean. So we remain and give our presentation to two people. After a few minutes, three more people shuffle in. One of them later accuses me of stealing one of my book ideas from him, although I have never met him in my life.

What did we learn? I’m not sure, but whatever lesson I was supposed to have learned long ago I apparently didn’t, since such things keep happening.

This was just a random sampling of the common humiliations authors experience. What makes them hard is this expectation. Someone set up an event believing that I could make a go of it, and yet I couldn’t. I feel like I failed the bookstore, the school, my publisher, the organizer. But hey, surely I’m beautifully humbled by now, right? Yay! I am Miss Humility!

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