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Replacements for Ableist Language - OCD

A recent ask made me realize that I should probably have some kind of series to help educate writers about ableist slurs / offensive uses of words relating to mental illness, and offer replacements to use for writers.

Note -  It is ScriptShrink’s official opinion that anyone who has been the target of the ableist language used here is fully and 100% able to reclaim it if they so choose.

This was going to be a single post, but it started getting huge so I’m splitting it up. First up is…


Wait, Shrink, you might say. Why is “OCD” in a series about ableist language? Obviously it’s not a slur, right? True, it’s not a slur, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sometimes used in an ableist, demeaning way.

What it literally means:

It’s an acronym for “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.”

When you should use this word / phrase:

When you’re referring to the disorder itself and / or people who actually have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When you should not use this word / phrase:

When you’re referring to people, behaviors, or things that are not related to the actual disorder.

Why you shouldn’t use this word / phrase:

OCD has a lot of symptoms that are often debilitating to the people who have it, and by associating this disorder with casual, non-clinical level symptoms (such as simply preferring being organized or being focused on details), you make it harder for people who actually have OCD to make their struggles heard and understood.

Examples of how to this word / phrase appropriately:

“She’s been diagnosed with OCD - she washes her hands for hours a day.”

“I have OCD. I have disturbing, intrusive thoughts and do compulsive behaviors in response to them.”

“In the DSM-5, OCD is in the same category as Hoarding disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder, Trichotillomania, and Excoriation disorder.”

Examples of how not to use this word / phrase:

“You actually fold your underwear? You’re so OCD.”

“I’m so OCD about brushing my teeth twice a day.”

What to use instead:

NOTE - I am not saying that any of these words are synonymous with OCD, or that people with OCD necessarily have these qualities. These are just alternatives that can help people describe what they really meant before they chose to use “OCD.”

All of these words have different meanings and connotations. Don’t just pick a word off this list at random - look it up and see if it’s the right one for what you really mean.

Detailed / Detail-oriented
Nitpicky / Nitpicker

So that’s it for the first part! What ableist language or slurs would you like to see me cover in this series next?

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karkat replaces all the silverware in his and daves hive with bamboo cutlery when he realizes that dave will sometimes flinch at ppl getting forks and knives and shit out of the silverware drawer and when dave asks about it karkat is just like “IT’S ECO FRIENDLY, DAVE!” but dave knows the real reason and is actually super relieved to have one less source of anxiety

sometimes it ticks me off when people deduce klance as this ‘i fucking hate you but you’re hot so’ trope because!! That’s not what klance is about!! Sure they argued and threw fits a lot in the first episode but besides that they barely fought post ep 5, instead it’s replaced with friendly/teasing banter and. This is the klance I want to see.

Klance where they start from the bottom- from keith barely knowing who lance is, lance being upset, arguing, bonding, playful bickering, having fun, enjoying, crushing, loving. 

Klance where they started from a mere ‘you suck keith’ 'same @ you’ to 'you’re not so bad keith’ 'we’re not so bad after all’ and finally to 'let’s do this together.’ 'don’t leave me.’. Klance where they start off being completely out of sync to being totally in sync, being able to work perfectly without words. Klance where lance is finally able to see Keith as someone on an equal ground as him, being more infatuated with him as they go on more battles together. Keith finding lance annoying at first till he saw more of him- seeing his weaknesses and strengths, his feelings slowly blossoming. 

I need a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ klance trope.

Close Every Door, part five

Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 5,607

Warnings – Angst, Kidnapping, Torture (sometimes graphic), brief mention of rape - not graphic

A/N – This is the final part to the story.  There will be an epilogue soon!  And I can’t post this story without publically thanking my dear friend, @nothin-after-79.  I was super stuck, and I don’t know what I would have done without Jamie’s help and fabulous ideas! Thanks babe!!!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback on this series!  It makes me so happy to get your comments! As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged!  Please let me know what you thought!

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There was still some part in the back of your mind that was warning you that V could still be behind this.  That somehow, he could have gotten better shifters that were more able to portray the warmth of the boys than Lawrence was.  That he’d somehow been able to get their scents right.  There was a hesitation there that you hated, but you couldn’t make it go away.

Time passed in silence. Sam and Dean were content to simply sit at your bedside and hold your hand, their eyes almost constantly ranking over your form as if to reassure themselves that you were in fact there with them.  Cas alternated between sitting in another chair at the foot of the bed and pacing, occasionally leaving the room only to return a few minutes later and shake his head at the boys.  Though he had been very helpful in getting you your favorite pair of pajamas to wear. As soon as he heard your thoughts about wanting them, they were suddenly on you.

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Gonna be archiving this blog sometime this week. I’ve got the new one up, yet it needs work and a replacement for the temporary url I’m using. I’ll post it here before I make the move officially, though until then I’ll be quietly working on it tonight and tomorrow.

This’ll allow me to start fresh without dropping everything but also allow me to fix my mess of the tags on this blog. Any ships and threads and the like I have out and open I will track down and carry over to the new blog, however. So, please don’t worry too much about that!

Hey guys, so apparently I’m not gonna have my laptop for a few days bc I’ve been paranoid about my charger sometimes not charging and I wanted to just replace it before warranty was up and they had to take the whole computer ??? They’re saying three to four days so probably no?? Replies (unless they’re like text threads or something cause the chat is easy to edit) but I will be around on mobile so!!! Hit me up on ims or skype (i will probably post it again) so!!

🎉🐶💕 actualdogvines' first birthday 💕🐶🎉

so today is officially one year since i started this blog and i really can’t believe that within one year, it has grown to where it is now. with nearly 160,000 followers and slightly over 7,000 posts, all i can really say is thank you. thank you for your constant support, amazing comments, fantastic contributions, sweet messages, and for everything else in between. 

you have all been so amazing and you have made my 2015 so wonderful. it still feels like one big dream sometimes! nothing can replace the feeling of knowing how many people appreciate this, and so i just want to make sure that you all know how much i appreciate you.

many hugs and belly rubs, 

 ADV, Randy, and Theo 🐾❤️

🙈🙈 okay so I’ve been going back and forth with myself about posting this because I felt so ashamed of my before pics. I don’t even recognize that girl on the left and sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if all of this is real and I’m really that girl on the right. I’ve been through so much during my 25 years of life from abuse, a miscarriage, to mental health issues. I used to self harm for a while then I stopped and replaced it with eating my feelings. I always said I’d start eating better and exercising every new year but I’d do it for a week or two then quit. Last July I reached out to my coach because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and I was tired of being sick and tired. I signed up to be a coach and I started the 21 day fix and it was so tough for me. My nutrition wasn’t always the best and I was going from a couch potato to intense exercise but I kept with it. I did two rounds and then used the containers even after the 21 days and I lost over 30 pounds. I became so much stronger physically and mentally and my goals of being fit and healthy don’t seem unattainable anymore. Anyway I’m saying all this to say don’t ever give up on your dreams even if you fail. This journey isn’t easy at all there are still days I think can I really do this or is any of this worth it but no matter what I’m not giving up! I hope that I can inspire and help others the way my coach and my team has inspired and helped me ❤️

here’s a wee bit of honesty;

so, I’m a middle school teacher and also a track & field head coach. with school coming to an end and track season in full swing I have completely fallen off track. I haven’t been to the gym since march. some days I don’t get home until 9pm and have a shit dinner because I need to shower and get to bed before I have to wake up at 5am the next day. I’ve been replacing my gym sessions with occasional running and home workouts, but sometimes I’m too drained to do them. I’ve been no where near perfect lately.

I guess my whole point in this post is to say, yea I’ve been sucking lately, yea I look like crap in result of that, but it’s never to late to start again and turn things around! starting today, I’m going to make it count. I’m going to put ME first. and it’s going to be great, so watch out.

He wants to fight to keep art class in their school because he knows how talented Maya is, and how much it makes her happy. Whenever they’re in class together, he can always see her eyes sparkle as she works on a painting, a permanent smile sitting on her face. (Sometimes, the smile does fade, but it’s only replaced with a look of determination as she quickly works to finish her piece.)

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Fat Mermaid 2 (Fishy Friend):

Dragon Arum/Corpse Lily:

Fat Mermaid 4 (Bounty of the sea):

Fat Mermaid 5 (Pregnant and Loving It):

Them’s Fightin’ Birds #1 (American Goldfinch):

Them’s Fightin’ Birds #2 (Cardinal):

It’s A Trap:


My computer’s motherboard died and I had to have it replaced.  That’s $300 I couldn’t really spare.

My laptop has broken again.  It has crossed me for the last time and I am going to replace it completely.

So I’m selling a bunch of 4″x4″ drawings done on smooth bristol art paper with Micron pens.  All archival-quality.

Fat Mermaids 4 and 5 were penciled by my gf, pinkrocksugar!

This batch is the $40 batch.  Everything’s $40.  Obviously.

Here’s another post with the $20-$30 ones.

EMAIL ME at if you want to nab one or more.  

I WILL EDIT THIS POST TO REFLECT WHICH ONES HAVE BEEN SOLD AS FAST AS I CAN, but I’m only human and sometimes I have to go pee or visit my dad or something.

Tell me the names of the drawings you want (I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, above) and I’ll email you to let you know if they’re available, and how much that’ll be all together with postage. They’ll go out in flat, stiff cardboard photo mailers, shouldn’t cost too much.

First come, first served.

USA preferred, but I will ship overseas if you’re willing to pay the ludicrous postal fees.

I know some of you are tired of hearing about it but John and I just moved. Just like most people who move, we’re having a tiny bit of difficulty replacing the things we had to toss that couldn’t fit in our car. We started an [Amazon wish list] for friends and family who might want to help us get back on our feet. They aren’t extravagant things– most of the items are under $15 and three are under $5– It just doesn’t make financial sense for us to spend $10 of gas money we can use to find jobs on something as trivial as a razor (no matter how prickly our underarms can be)

If you can’t spare anything that is totally okay! (I mean, who would we be to talk, it’s not like we have extra money just lying around) But if you are eager to help and only have a dollar or a quarter to toss in our hat we also have a paypal at Everything sent to our paypal will be put towards one or more of our several overdue bills, not towards the knick-knacks from the wish list, but every little bit can stack up and help us keep John’s phone on for the month

Thank you for reading this whole thing, we hope you have a wonderful day!