sometimes i have to remind myself that these are the actual kinds of looks they give each other

Dating Darkiplier

A big, bubbling boisterous thank you for 1,400 lovelies! I’m so glad despite the slight difficulty keeping up. Again, I am grand that you are all so patient with the fact that questions are turned off until I catch up. I’m almost there, I do so pinky promise.

In response to your patience and good word, I decided to give a little treat. There’s quite a stir going around on what would occur should myself and Anti and whatnot be in a relationship with a human. I thought it would be nice to supply a few fantasies here and there, so wanted to create a rendition of my own. I will put “WARNING” signs next to anything that may possibly detail a NSFW environment for anyone still innocently minded.

Keep in mind, this simulation is based off the idea that I’m in a physical entity form and is able to express any emotion I desire. HOWEVER, being more familiar with darker emotions, I tend to act like a jerk despite being capable of happiness.

Dating Darkiplier

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- Gifts are never random for someone like Dark. Each gift is purposeful and drowning with intent, always given at the right moment and exactly when you need it the most. 

- Each gift is tailored specifically to your taste. If you mention one day that your favorite color is purple, your next gift received will be with purple flowers and your favorite candies.

- However, said gifts are not acts of kindness. These gifts are given for some form of benefit for Dark himself, whether that be for his own pride, or for a reaction in you that he had wanted to obtain. He will never give a gift simply because you want one.

- In fact, the more obvious you make it that you’re expecting something from him, the less likely you’ll get anything.


- Dark is a naturally traditional and old-fashioned type man. His dates are classical and remind you of older, simpler times that your grandparents used to talk about.

- It begins at a dinner, every time, but almost never in the same location.

- At each date, you are lavished, Dark never seems to have an issue regarding money, or if he does, he doesn’t seem to care. At each show, you are given front row seats. At each diner, you are fed food until your belly is sore. At each concert, you are there in the crowd dancing, while he watches on the side.

- Dark will never take you anywhere night-clubbish or dancing oriented unless it’s what you truly want. He doesn’t like dancing foolishly. He’s more of a ball type of man.

- Each date generally ends in conversation. Simmering down from activity, you can normally be found outside under starlight. Dark seems to have some sort of attraction to the shadows and nightfall.

Jealousy(mild warning)

- Dark becomes jealous rather easily. Almost agonizingly easy.

- Even the slightest hint that you are enjoying yourself with another man will set him off into a certain possessive mode, but it won’t be shown in public.

- Even when he is enraged, he remains stunningly calm while in public. But there are certain ticks that you learn to notice when he gets angry. He falls eerily quiet. Parts of him will randomly twitch, a finger or a brow. He’s stand aside from the conversation, almost avoiding the confrontation.

- But when you two are alone, you had best be prepared for when he unleashes his frustrations on you. How DARE you allow him to look at you that way. How DARE you smile at him as you did. Those smiles are reserved for DARK ONLY.

- He will proceed to remind you just who it is you belong to.


- When Dark is deep in thought, which is typically almost all the time, you will see him biting onto his bottom lip. He’ll frown as if he’s puzzled, but if you attempt to snap him back out of his daze, the frown will disappear and he’ll look at you confused.

- Dark runs his hands through his hair all. The. Time. The expert, sensual way he does it sometimes drives you wild without explanation. He will always keep it parted to the left.

- Dark has a habit of coming up behind you completely silent. He doesn’t do it intentionally to scare you, he simply tends to forget that he is hard to hear when he approaches and simply enjoys watching you.


- The second you give any indication that you are ticklish, may the odds be ever in your favor. 

- For some reason, Dark finds it absolutely hilarious to see you blush. He gets a real thrill from the red tones climbing up your cheeks.

- Because of this, he’ll do everything he can to blatantly tease you in public. He’ll force you to refer to him as “Daddy” or “Sir” while in a shopping mart or in a restaurant. He’ll touch your thigh or your waist as you pass just enough so you know it was intentional.

- Don’t ever attempt to play wrestle with him unless you anticipate horribly losing and “paying the price” for your attack.

- He hates getting dirty, so if you dare make a mess on him, he’ll double the amount on you. No, triple.

Not so playful

- Dark is surprisingly a naturally patient man. It takes quite a bit to set him off in actual anger, but very little to get him mildly frustrated.

- When he does get set off, little can be done to stop him.

- He’s a violent sort of angry, he’ll bash into walls with his fists, leaving horribly large holes. He’s smash plates against tables and bloody his hands from doing so. He’ll break everything within the house, but he refuses to touch you.

- He’ll leave the mangled disaster behind and run somewhere in seclusion to calm down to make sure nothing happens to you during his rage.

- If for some reason you refuse to allow him to leave, be prepared for mental torment. Spitting words of his spiteful anger will fall upon you. He’ll insult everything he knows about you. He’ll leave you a jumbled, pitiful mess of emotions until he’s okay enough to apologize.

- He’s not afraid, however, of hurting others. If confrontation does happen to find him, usually over you, he’ll be the first to finish it. As a Figment, he’s rather unnaturally strong.


- Sickness is inevitable, and Dark knows this. When you become sick, he’s not one to baby you over it.

- He’ll offer soups and other nutritious foods to keep you healthy during your healing, but he will not prune you or whimper at the loss of a few days together. His focus will be on regaining your strength.

- Sometimes, if you are stuck in one place, he will bring in his cello and play a few soothing renditions to help you get to sleep if you’re too ill to do so on your own.

- However, he’s also conscious of his own health. He will sleep in a separate room until you are for certain better.


-  Pet names: lovely, honey, darling

- Words of farewell: Until we cross again, tootles, sleep with nightmares of me

- “Set off” Words: Excuse me?… Mind repeating that? …What did you say to        me?…   Come here. Now.  

- Favorite swear word: Dammit


- Dark is a kinky bastard. His Persuasion Room is used for far more than he ever lets on. The tools within can be used both for pain and for pleasure, and he can’t seem to get enough of either.

- Dark is a good looking Figment, and he seems to very well know that. He likes to use his body again you and weaken your fighting spirit. Slowly stripping, allowing you to see the defined slopes of his abdomen, the bulges of his arms, and his bulges somewhere else,  but never allowing you to join, is a favorite torture of his.

- He has a strict no touching policy. On no account are you ever allowed to touch his bare skin. You’re not sure you even know what it feels like. To ensure that such a policy is enforced, your wrists are normally bound behind your back the moment you enter said room.

- He knows his voice does things to you that you cannot describe. Leaning over your shoulder to let his hot breath whisper dirty things into your ear is also a tranquilizer to your meaningless struggles.

- In bed, or Persuasion Room, Dark is stunningly patient. Despite being a predatory and savage animal, he will allow his prey to take their time adjusting and preparing themselves physically and mentally.

- He’s called sadistic for a reason. Enough said.

- Even though in physical form he can feel pleasure and pain, he prefers dealing it out.

- He has a 7 time policy. You are not allowed to leave the room until you have reached ecstasy 7 times.

2D☆STAR Vol.6 - B-PROJECT Private Uncensored Special

B-Project, who while going through movie appearances, live concerts, in the middle of 6 consecutive new song releases, and always going through the pressure of work, talked about their private lives! Driving, drinking, and even their bedrooms!? We’ll reveal what they talked about! There’s no doubt that you’ll be knocked out from the difference in the smiles you see on TV ❤

Please consider supporting by buying the magazine!

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Opposites. (Daryl Dixon)

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After being grazed by Andrea’s bad shot, Daryl was fixed up and sent into his tent to rest. When everyone had gone to finish their chores, and after I finished mine, I brought Daryl a plate of dinner. He was lying with his back to the tent entrance, his back exposed and I could see the tattoo on his skin. When he heard the fly unzip he glanced over his shoulder, aiming his crossbow at me and I motioned to the plate, putting a hand up in surrender.

“Easy now. I wasn’t the one who shot you.” Daryl put down his weapon and glanced at the plate. “Does it still hurt?” I asked as I placed his food down and sat next to him.

“Nah,” he murmured. His body shifted so he was facing me now and sitting up. “Andrea’s a real bad shot, huh?”

I couldn’t suppress the smile forming on my face. “She’ll get better with practice. You’d just better be thankful it wasn’t anyone else taking that shot.”

“Ain’t nothing worth living for anymore.” Daryl muttered as he reached for his plate. My chest stung a little at his words. “How is she?”

“Still shaken up. Who wouldn’t be after almost taking you out? What were you doing out there anyway?” I asked curiously, watching him eat with satisfaction considering I rarely saw him eat anymore ever since Sophia went missing.

Daryl chewed slowly, shrugging nonchalantly. “Got lost.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“A skilled tracker like yourself?” I teased.

This time he rolled his eyes while he cleaned his plate and after he set it back down his eyes met mine. He was smirking slightly and I raised an eyebrow questioningly. “When you thought I got shot, were you worried?”

My cheeks warmed up slightly and I pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Um,” I picked up his plate and stood up, messing with my t-shirt nervously. “Do you want anything else?”

“An answer.” Daryl persisted.

“Of course I was worried. I thought you had died. You’re a valuable member of this group. Daryl.” I said, not completely bluffing. Daryl scoffed and shook his head.

“You know that ain’t the type of answer I want.”

“Get some rest, Daryl. Let me, or anyone else, know if you need anything.” I added quickly. Daryl smirked again and nodded before I headed out. My face still felt hot as I was washing off his plate in the sink inside the Greene’s kitchen.

Daryl and I didn’t exactly get along at the beginning of everything. He was impulsive and angry while I thought things through and kept a cool head. We were polar opposites and we butted heads a lot. Lately, the banter between us had somehow become more playful, flirty even, and it concerned me. It’s not that I didn’t think Daryl wasn’t attractive, I was just scared of how things would end or what would happen to the group if we were to get involved and then break up. Now more than ever our group needed stability. I couldn’t imagine getting caught up in a relationship only for one of us to die tomorrow.

I won’t deny it hurt me a little when Daryl said there wasn’t anything worth living for anymore. I had hoped he would try to live for me, I know I would for him. What was I saying? God, the guy gets shot and all these hidden feelings decide to rise up inside me like some schoolgirl crush.

Daryl continued to seek me out after our conversation. He’d ask me to go on runs with him or join him on a search for Sophia. We talked a lot, mainly about our pasts, or at least mine. It was something normal to talk about now a days. What had been and what we had been.

“A teacher?” Daryl questioned, studying the ground. “With little kids?”

I smiled. “Yes, Daryl, with children. Eight year olds, more specifically.”

“Did you always want to be a teacher?” he asked.

“Yeah, it felt like the only thing I was good at, and I liked it.” Daryl nodded and I could tell he was thinking of more questions to ask, so I stopped him. “What about you? You haven’t told me much about your life. I know about Merle. What about Daryl?”

Daryl shrugged. “Ain’t much to know. I was just some redneck. Still am.”

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t also have a life. Like the rest of us. What did you do before this?” Daryl stayed quiet, so I pressed on. “Did you have a girlfriend?” Daryl scoffed and looked at me incredulously over his shoulder. “What? I had a boyfriend. He was a bartender.”

“What was he like?” Daryl asked. I rolled my eyes deciding he wasn’t going to answer any personal questions. No matter how hard I tried.

“Quiet. He was kind, smart, he liked little kids but he kept that hidden with the rest of his soft side. He was tall and tough, but he was gentle and he had a lot of love to give out. I felt safe with him.” I thought more about my boyfriend and felt my heart ache with longing. I missed him. Daryl gave me a sympathetic look and I shrugged. “He died heroically. Like I always thought he would. He was protecting Jacqui and I, actually.”

“I’m sorry.” Daryl said after a moment.

“You remind me of him sometimes. You’re both reserved, but you care. Even if you don’t let on as much as others.” Daryl and I stared at each other and then he smiled.

“I don’t mind being like him. He sounds like a nice guy.”

“Yeah?” I grinned.

“Yeah,” Daryl smirked a little before continuing on the track he had found. “We got the same taste in women.” My cheeks burned brightly and I smiled to myself as I followed after him. Moments like these with Daryl were more than enough until we were ready for something more serious. Something greater than ourselves.

Requested: Daryl and Reader are opposites and have a love-hate relationship in which they dislike each other at the beginning of the outbreak but soon become closer after he is thought to be shot by Andrea. Man, this was a throwback. I miss the old seasons when all my babies were alive and well. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

All My Days I’ll Know Your Face

Summary: When a new kid starts at Phil’s school, Phil certainly doesn’t expect him to be everything he ever could have hoped for in a friend and more. Can he convince him to let go of the past and audition for the school musical? And what about those feelings that somehow seem to pop up when he least expects them?

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Fluff, High school AU

Extra tags: Getting together, strangers to friends to lovers

Warnings: Bullying, homophobia mention, some swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Inspired by Dan and Phil’s recent comments, “I really think that 14-year-old Dan and 14-year-old Phil would have gotten along quite well.” “I think they’d have been friends”, as well as my recent Glee rewatch and obsession with theatrekid!Dan. Big thanks to Kirsten (cafephan) for encouraging me to write this, as it probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I hope you enjoy!!

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High School Bad Boy!Wonwoo

A/N: I’ve had this plot in my head for the longest time but I didn’t have time to write it out so here have this instead. Also this is based on the Korean high school system so the characters are in one classroom all day and the teachers come to them. 

Trigger warnings: violence, slight suicidal themes.

- So let’s set the stage.

- Your teens, a time for pure first crushes, friendships that will last a lifetime and exciting adventures

- Right?

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The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your Gaston stories. I was wondering if you'd do one where Gaston ends up getting cursed like the Beast did (or instead of the Beast) and the reader is his Belle? :)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: I’m so glad you enjoy my Gaston stories, darling! I hope you enjoy your request as well <33


You were on your way to the neighbor village, trying to get some special fabric for your mother’s birthday next week. The journey with the horse was supposed to only take you an hour or so, but you had to ride through the woods and got lost about thirty minutes ago, still trying to find your way back to the path that would lead your way.

Or any path for that matter.

“Oh, Marié, I think we’re utterly lost,” you petted the head of your horse.

It would still be quite some time till darkness would set in though, so at least you didn’t have to worry about that for now.

You got off your horse and tied her reins to a nearby tree.

“Alright. Let’s see where we are,” you looked up a tree that should’ve been high enough for you to see which way to go.

You started your climb, as careful as possible, which was a little hard with a long dress, but you somehow managed.

You found your way to the crown of the tree that was overlooking the entire forest. With that, you now knew where to go. A proud smile set on your lips that quickly disappeared when you heard Marié neighing. Loudly at that. She was your horse since she was a foal, so at this point, you knew what sounds she made when she felt certain things. Right now, she felt fear.

“Marié?” you began your climb back down, a little rushed maybe, which was a bad idea, since you missed a branch and fell down. Only a few feet, but enough to hurt yourself.

Your horse was still there, at least that was a relief.

“Are you alright?” a voice asked. A deep voice.

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Bathroom Boy - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hello could you do a Fred Weasley x reader or use my name (Jess) where Fred refuses to play pranks on the reader and George catches on to why and pulls pranks on the both of them to get them together lots of fluff please and can the reader (Jess) be in Gryffindor please? Thanks in advance
Hey,could you do some Fred x reader,in which he runs into the girl bathroom(could be the prefects bathroom,‘cause you know maybe the marauders map told him the password or something)and then he listen to the reader singing in the shower,and he’s concentrating so much in the singing that he forgets to leave?i know it may be quite difficult LOVE your blog btw❤️❤️❤️

A/n: Finally posting a story after a long period of time! I’m sorry to every single one of my followers for not posting in while. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post another imagine Tuesday just for you guys!

I decided to combine these imagines to spice things up like that salt guy from the Internet. Hope you like it.

(P.s. I know Adele wasn’t a thing back in this time but I love this song so, please excuse me. Also, the reader was singing this song just for Fred.)

-Fred Weasley’s POV-

“I’m bored”

“What do you want to do?” I ask my twin brother. It was Christmas break and we stayed here at Hogwarts as our parents went to Romania to visit our brother Charlie. Christmas at Hogwarts is definitely magical yet as the years pass Christmas is the same every year. We were in our dormitory, I looked out our window watching the snow fall onto the grounds of the school.

“Let’s prank someone!” George says out of nowhere, we really hadn’t had the time to prank someone due to exams but since it’s break. Why not?

“Let’s put a box of fever fudge in Filch’s office!”

“Can’t. Mcgonagall caught us last time for that one, she’ll know it’s us.” I remind him.

“Hmm… Snape? Puking pastilles?” He suggested.

“I don’t feel like hiding for my life”

“Oo! I know! That girl in our transfiguration class, Katie’s partner. I forgot her name.”

“(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I said immediately regretting it.

“You know her?”

“Well, not really. We just have classes together, that’s all.”

“I reckon you’re not telling me the truth mate.”

“I am! I hardly know her.” That was a complete lie and George knows it. (Y/n) (Y/l/n) is the most beautifulest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her laugh and her smile makes me all warm and makes me act like a complete idiot around her. She’s kind, loving, smart and I know how cliche I sound but it’s true.

She always puts everyone else’s needs first. She never lets anyone give her crap and she stands up for what she believes in, I remember that one time when Malfoy called Hermione a Mudblood. (Y/n) was so mad, she bewitched him by using the petrificus totalus spell and kicked dirt in his face. I fell for her even more that day but I don’t really know if she knows that I exist.

Yes, we have classes together but does she know me? We look at each other sometimes, pass smiles, send waves but there’s a question that nags me all the time, if I don’t find the answer soon, I feel like I’ll never find it. Does she like me too? I know that yes could possibly be an impossible answer but what if that slight chance of possibly comes true.

“Besides the fact that you’re lying to me, we should prank her. She stayed this break. We s-”

“No, I’m not going to prank her” I told him. George smirked and pushed himself up off the bed.

“What is it that your hiding brother?” His voice laced with the sound of amusement.

“Nothing” I say calmly trying to hide the fact that I’m obviously lying. I stand as his smirking figure makes me uncomfortable “Stop it, bloke”

“Whether your willing or not, I will find out!” He says as I leave the room, I roll my eyes.

“Sure you will!”

~The Next Day~

“Hey mate” The voice of George entering my ears. I was extremely cautious all day yesterday since his little remark. I’ve kept to myself but right now he seems normal. No smirk, no devilish glint in his eyes. Just a normal George Weasley. “I brought you this butterbeer from Hogsmead, I was just there with Lee” he grinned passing me the cup.

“Thanks” I say, I look in the cup as if expecting something to jump out of it.

“Well aren’t you going to drink it?” I look up at him.

“Why should I?”

“Because it’s your favorite and I got it just for you. Honestly mate, do you think I poisoned it or something?” He was right, I was just overreacting. I took a large gulp from it then I felt this strange feeling overcome me.

“How do you feel?” He asks

“Unsure.” I say without even thinking as if I didn’t have any control.


“Because I know you’re up to something” Then I realized what he’s done. He put Veritaserum in my butterbeer to make me tell the truth. He was grinning widely, I stood up and ran as far away as I could from him.

“Fred wait! I still have questions!” I heard George say but I kept running. I ran to the nearest door but it was locked. The next one locked but the one at the end of the hall was open. I sneak in and close the door quietly but I freeze in place as I hear the water running. I turn around and realize, from all of the surroundings, that I was in the prefects bathroom. I put my hand on the knob and was about to twist it but I heard footsteps.

“Fred! Come on! I stole that batch from Snape’s cabinets and I don’t want to do it again.” I walk away from the door silently but from every step I take the more closer and closer the sound of water running gets closer.

“Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
'Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true”

I knew instantly that it was her. Her angelic voice filling the bathroom, I remember her voice because I would often her hear hum or sing before class would start. I get closer to the showers to hear her voice more clearly.

“But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment
Before I go?
'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know”

I stood there listening as if I were in a trance, it was hard to move away.

“Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
Oh, I’m so mad I’m getting old
It makes me reckless
It was just like a movie
It was just like song
When we were young”

The water stopped running and the curtain opened.

“Fred!” She screamed holding her towel against her chest.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“When we were young” I stopped singing as I turned the water knob to stop the water. I grabbed my towel off the railing and wrapped it around my body. I grabbed the curtain and moved it aside.

“Fred!” I screamed holding my towel tightly against my chest.

“I- I’m sorry.” He stuttered

“What are you doing in here?” I asked slipping on my slippers. I actually wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I trust Fred although I’ve never really met him fully. He seems nice, I have him for mostly all my classes.

“I’m hiding from my brother.” He says quickly as if willing. I smile due to him sounding like a child.

“I’m sorry if you heard me.” I whisper picking up my clothes “I know I’m not very good at singing.”

“Are you mad? You’re amazing” he said, I look at him and I can’t help but smile widely.

“Really?” I ask. He nods his head rapidly, he seems to be staring at me quite intently. I just realized that we’ve been having a conversation while I was wearing nothing but a towel making me chuckle to myself that it’s actually happening.

“What are you looking at?” I joke.


“Why?” I can’t help but ask quickly without thinking.

“Because your beautiful” I smile at him.

“Um…” I try to hide the blush that’s rushing up to my cheeks. “Can you leave so I can change? It’s kinda getting cold in here” I laugh briefly.

“Oh, sorry. Sorry. I’ll just leave” he said while walking backwards, I wave slightly but laugh as he bumps into the wall. He says bye and then quickly disappears behind the door. I smile to myself as I change into my clothes. Fred is something else and I like that.

~The Next Day~

~Fred’s POV~

“I can’t believe you did that to me” I mumbled to George as I played with my porridge.

“What? Me?” He acted shocked “I was trying to get the truth but you choose to take the hard way”

“I could have told you without you putting Veritaserum in my butterbeer!”

“Well, I didn’t know that you were going to run into the prefects bathroom with that serum in your system. Well, you told her all that good things that you like about her right?” He said innocently.

“Yeah but what if she asked me if I liked her? Then she would probably think that I’m some weirdo listening to her shower.” George shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey, bathroom boy.” I turn my head to the side to see (Y/n) smiling down to me. She sits besides me and begins to eat. George stands up giving me a smirk before actually walking away.

“I’m really really sorry about yesterday”

“Don’t worry about it. At least I got a compliment out of it.”

“You’re a really good singer, you should join Choir”

“No, I don’t sing well.”

“Yeah, you do”

“How do I know if you aren’t lying to me?”

“Remember yesterday when I told you that you were a good singer.” She nodded “I wasn’t lying. My brother gave me Veritaserum”

“Is that why you were hiding from your brother?” She smiles.

“Yeah but your should join.”

“I might but I- Ah!” She screamed and I yelled as cold liquid fell on top of us. I open my eyes to see bright red paint all over me and (Y/n).

“Oh my god” she said and then out of nowhere she laughed. Glitter gold and black fell to top it off.

“George!” I yell.

“It wasn’t me mate” he said innocently but I knew that he was lying. I was about to kill him but I was distracted by her laugh. It was filled with such joy, it made me start laughing. Soon, after we both got cleaned off we sat in front of the fire in the common room.

“When we were in the bathroom and I asked you why you were staring at me… Did you really mean it when you called me beautiful?” She whispered looking at me

“Of course I did” but before I knew it she kissed me. I cupped her face and brought her closer. She wrapped her arms around my neck and deepened the kiss. We pulled back after a few seconds when we were out of breath.

“I love you”

“I love you too, Weasley”


(It’s been a while since I’ve ended an imagine with I love you)

My Small Bean

Note: This is my first ever fan fiction, so please don’t expect too much. The prompt is too cute I had to write it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Pairing: Mare Cal

Word count: 1,926 

“We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it I HATE YOU but also thanks”

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 11 – Orange Sportsball Gets The Fuck Real

In which the Foxes play their first match of the season, I have questions about American college sports, my Percy Jackson obsession has a brief cameo, and I’m sadly less excited about Actual Sportsball Games than I should be.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Not a ton yet - there will be more, I promise!)

Word Count: 1760

Warnings: None

A/N: Alright y’all, my friend and I finally had time to go through and edit the story enough for me to put this piece up. Credits to her for putting up with my writing as well as my bemoaning of my inability to write this as quickly as I wanted (I’d tag her, but she doesn’t have a tumblr). Anyways, it’s my first series guys!! Hopefully you like it! If anyone wants to be tagged in the next parts or other fics as they come, just let me know - I swear I don’t bite. Reader is an Avenger who has wings - if you’ve read Maximum Ride, that’s where I got it from (and I claim no credit for the idea). Gif is not mine.

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Every. Single. Time. Why?! He just couldn’t seem to stop. Yet again, he had denied me going on a mission. He had said that I wasn’t ready to be out in the field like he didn’t even realize that I had already gone out a few times with Nat and Clint! I tried to explain this as calmly as possible, but he hadn’t heard a word of it. Naturally, I stormed down to the training room to take out my anger where it was more acceptable, rather than on a fellow Avenger. In the others’ defense, they had tried to talk Steve down, but he was completely in charge of the mission and who went on it.

“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eater, chivalrous little overprotective man-baby!” Each word was punctuated with either a jab or kick to the punching bag in front of me. With the final words, I threw myself into a spinning kick that sent the already splitting bag flying across the room, sand trailing in its wake. After half an hour, my frustration had finally come to a head.

“What’d the bag ever do to you?” I tore my eyes away from the carnage with a huff and saw Nat in the doorway

“It’s not the bag I’m mad at,” I muttered, but I knew she heard me. She gave a miniscule nod of acknowledgement, both of my statement and my obvious desire to change topics.

“That’s quite the insult I heard. Where’d you come up with it, Feathers?” The ex-assassin moved to stand in front of me, putting my back to the door.

“Honestly? I dunno. The best ones are those that just come out in the moment, y’know?” Shrugging, I sheepishly turned back to the wreckage. “I’m gonna have to clean that up, aren’t I?”

“Nah. Not right this minute, at least.” She closed her mouth abruptly after the sentence, staring at something over my shoulder. I turned, freezing in my tracks when I saw who stood in the doorway. “I’m just going to give the two of you a minute.”

Thanks for that, I thought, glaring a little at her retreating form. Switching my focus to the hulking captain (pun intended), I allowed my face to settle into stiff lines. We stood there for a long moment, sizing each other up as though any second we were going to lunge at each other. Quirking my eyebrow up and crossing my arms, I resolved not to be the first of us to speak. As it turned out, I didn’t have long to wait before he uncomfortably broke the silence.

“This is for your own good,” he finally said. I threw my hands up indignantly before turning and looking for something to hit, though I desperately wanted to sock him in the jaw right then. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t help me get out in the field. “No, don’t you start giving me that look.” His blue eyes hardened, and I could tell he had no intention of being swayed on this when his forehead creased. “You may not realize that you aren’t ready, but I’m just keeping you from being killed out there. There aren’t any practice fights, no one out there is going to go easy on you.”

“You seem to have somehow gotten it into your head that I don’t realize that!” I burst out, utterly exasperated with him. “Steve, I’ve already gone on missions with Clint and Natasha, and I’ve even gone out with just Thor! I’m not the damsel in distress that you seem to think I am!”

“You’re not going and that’s final.”
“Fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating… Little patriotic old fart with a hero complex!”

“Lang–” He stopped in his tracks, confusion marring his features. “Wait, what? Did you actually say what I think you said?”

“Ooh, stepping into dangerous territory there, Captain. Thinking on your own? Don’t you need supervision for that?” I shoved past him, holding myself stiffly upright until I reached the elevator that took me to the floor with my room on it.

Finally in the safety of solitude, I made sure the door was locked before sliding down the wall until I was sitting, knees pulled up to my chest. I was upset enough that I unfurled my wings and wrapped them around myself, providing an extra shield between me and the outside world as a choked sob rose in my throat. Funny, how the feathers that used to be (and still sometimes were) a reminder of a nightmarish warehouse - full of needles, electric shocks, white lab coats, and pain above all else - while they were now the very things protecting me from more pain.

I stayed there for a long time, wallowing in the feelings of self-doubt that had sprung up once I was left alone in my thoughts. You see, despite being a kickbutt, flying, ninja-assassin-Avenger, I actually cared a lot what Steve thought of me. Having a crush on the star-spangled captain will do that to a person. As an unfortunate side effect, his apparent lack of confidence in my abilities in the field was doing wonders for knocking my self-esteem into the dust. To top it all off, I was almost positive that he only saw me as a younger sister, due to the overprotective big brother act.

Steve’s POV

After she pushed past me with a final jab about my thinking, I pushed a hand through my hair in frustration. Why couldn’t she see that I was so afraid of losing someone close to me again, that my fear was the reason I tried to protect her. Bucky was gone, and Peggy had grown up and left me behind. I couldn’t stand it if this brave, stubborn, kind woman died after somehow managing to worm her way into my heart no matter how desperately I had tried to keep her out. If she got hurt or killed when I could have kept her safe, I wasn’t sure if I could forgive myself.

I didn’t even realize that my feet were moving, tracing her light-footed path, until I was standing in front of her door. My hand was poised to knock, though it stopped when a small sound caught my attention. I wasn’t even completely sure I had heard anything until it came again. The muffled sob barely came through the door, sounding more like an agonized gasp of air that tore my heart out to know I was its cause.

To my knowledge, she hadn’t cried the whole time she lived at the Tower with us. What she had been like before Nick Fury brought her to us, I could only imagine. Strength and an iron will like hers were rarely forged through any but the most painful of fires. Still, she never said anything about her past, whether how she had gotten her wings or otherwise.

It had taken a lot of time, and a fair amount of prodding from the team, before I realized that I was in love with this spunky woman. Once I knew, however, no other beautiful woman in the room could turn my head from Y/N’s radiance. The only problem was that I still was no good with women and I knew it. I didn’t want my inability to put words to the feelings (thanks to my lack of experience) to drive her away, so I tried to protect her instead. Sinking down by her door with a disheartened sigh, I realized that to her it must seem like I didn’t believe in her abilities.

“You’ll have to tell her, Steve.” Natasha’s voice was quiet in my ear. Turning my head toward her, I saw her gaze soften even more as she opened her mouth to continue. “She thinks you have no confidence in her.”
“I do, I swear,” I protested vehemently under my breath, knowing the spy would hear me where the woman on the other side of the door would not. “I just… I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“You’re going to have to get over that. This world leaves scars on people like us. Even her. Especially her. You can’t keep her from being hurt, but you could be there to help her heal.” This was the longest string of heartfelt advice I had heard from her, and I took it to heart.

“I’ll tell her after this mission, then.” I nodded, satisfied in my resolve.

“You’d better. Now come on. We’ve got a briefing to get through.”

Reader’s POV

It wasn’t until several hours later that I was bold enough to leave my room. Mostly because it was two in the morning and everyone going on the mission (read as: everyone but me - Thor was up in Asgard until after the team got back) would be asleep. Also because I was hungry, but y’know. Of course, I still stuck to the shadows and treaded silently through the halls and rooms. Entering the main room was when inspiration hit - likely a mix of exhaustion, desperation, and hunger, but it was too good a chance to pass up.

Steve had apparently been the last person awake, and had made the mistake of leaving the mission’s file on the table in plain sight. Performing a quick scan of the room, I crept up to the table, holding my wings up and out a little to ensure that they didn’t drag on the floor and make noise. A wolfish grin spread over my face as I read the details of the two week long mission. It was in an area I knew well - the place where I’d grown up as an experiment, constantly pushed to my limits and tormented for the scientists who wanted to see what a girl with wings could do. Coincidentally, it was that same group that the team was now going after.

Now knowing that I could get to the spot easily, the only thing left was to figure out when the whole thing was going to go down. The file really only had the details of the surveillance they would have to undertake to find the base. Fortunately for me, I was quite the hacker, so I made sure that the comms that were sitting out were synced to my laptop so that I would be able to hear everything that was going on out there. Satisfied with my little recon mission, I went my way into the kitchen and made a quick sandwich before returning to my room.

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Fist a special shoutout to a few friends who lighten my days (and dash) and this will get super repetative bc there are only so many combinations of the words “she’s amazing”, but here we go!

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@shutuppadfoot Another one of my first tumblr friends! Again, we don’t really talk much anymore but she always reblogs my stuff and puts rly cute stuff in the tags and don’t believe I don’t see them bc I do and it honestly makes my day! But omg the conversations we used to have!

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Applying Kim Rhodes Magic to SeaCon17

Writer’s note: I’ve been putting off writing this for the past week because I was afraid. Once you read the following, you’ll understand how ridiculous that really was.

I am neither strong nor brave. There is not much beauty in my soul. However, I can spot magic in others. After meeting Kim Rhodes at SeaCon16, I was fortunate enough to have a little of her spark rub off on me. She was so kind, loving, and honest that it was automatically comforting. Even though I was (and am) scared of pretty much everything, I wanted to be able to offer that same comfort to others. Over the past year, I have tried to work to become a stronger person. I have learned so much from the Wayward Daughters community and was lucky enough to get a chance to share it with others at this year’s SeaCon.

Rachel Miner’s panel at con this year was a moving experience. At one point, she discussed what it was like to live with the limitations that MS can impose on her life. She explained how some days life really throws her curveballs. Over time, she has learned to just incorporate the unexpected in her day to day routine.

One of my dear friends was really touched in that moment. She deals with disabilities that cause her a great amount of pain. Some days it seems like deep down she feels like if she was just a little stronger, braver, tougher that she wouldn’t have to suffer so much.

After Rachel’s panel, my friend and I were talking about those heartfelt words. 

“Let’s add to that what Kim said to me last year at autographs,” I said, “’What you have, what it means for you is that some times shit sucks and that’s not fair.’ But, you have to learn to work with the things that aren’t working.” 

The quote from Kim was one of the most important things I took home with me from SeaCon16. I had thanked her for being so kind and patient with me because I had anxiety and everything was so far outside of the realm of normal for me. Among the many great things Kim replied with, was the above statement. When things get really bad I try to remember those words. It taught me that it’s okay for stuff to just not be okay. It’s not fair, but sometimes bad things just happen. It meant a lot to me to get to share that sentiment with a friend who means the world to me. As an aside, my friend started taking much better care of herself after Rachel’s panel.

When I went to my photo op with Kim last year, I was terrified. I was shaking and I wanted to run away. When it was my turn to get my picture, Kim turned to me and asked how I was doing. All I could respond with was that I was terrified. Once I revealed that, she leaned in and shouted “Because I’m so fucking scary!” She startled a laugh out of me. All of a sudden, she wasn’t someone to be feared. She was just a regular person.

The first autograph that I took my friend’s daughter to was Matt Cohen. As I pushed her through the line (literally, seriously) I remembered how Kim had shocked me and made me laugh the year prior. It became my goal to make my young friend laugh and find a way to humanize Matt.

“Hey!” I hissed, trying to shake her out of her isolating cocoon of fear. “Matt Cohen ran naked to raise money for Kings of Con!”

The look on her face was priceless. Puzzled confusion mixed with a shade of terror.

“Come on. How cool do you think he is now?” I prodded.

I didn’t get her to laugh, but I hope I got her thinking. She survived her Matt autograph without actually dying. In my book that counted as a win.

The next day, I found myself encouraging my young friend to go through with her desire to ask a question at the “Kings of Con” panel.

“It’s okay to be afraid, but you’re going to do it anyway.”

We were on our way up the escalator back to the convention room. Technically I was dragging her along and insisting she not turn back.

During Kim and Briana’s panel last year, they talked about how they weren’t cold, unflinching, badasses like we assumed they were. Kim told us she really did give a fuck what people thought about her. She wanted people to like her just like anyone else. However, she had to choose how she reacted to other people’s emotions.

That was the wisdom I kept shoving onto my young friend. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be worried and freak out. Life is all about having feelings, but then you have to decide what to do with them. For someone with anxiety, fear is a normal reaction to an unfamiliar situation, especially when it’s a situation where you will be receiving a lot of attention. As we entered the convention room, I continued to remind her that fear was normal but overcoming it was necessary.

When we were in the question line for the KoC panel, my young friend was really panicking. She was shaking and kept saying she couldn’t do it. 

“You are a Wayward Daughter, damn it. You can and will do this.” I told her.

For her part, no matter how scared she got, she stood her ground. She made her needs known and pushed past the fear to ask her question. Once her question was answered, I sat her down in the front row and asked her what she needed the most at the moment. Did she want to go back and sit with her mother? Did she want to sit with me? How could I help her best?

She asked that we go outside to get some fresh air. Outside, she paced and swung her arms back and forth. All of the adrenaline that had dumped into her system had left her restless.

As we went back inside, I said to her “I’m proud of you, kid. You asked for exactly what you needed when you needed it. Do you know what that is?”

She shook her head and waited for me to answer.

“That’s Wayward as Fuck, kiddo. When you speak up for yourself and what you need that’s what’s at the heart of being a Wayward Daughter. You did a great job.”

There were so many more moments throughout the weekend that left me believing in magic. I saw love and kindness everywhere I turned. People banded together to ensure each other’s success. I watched a scared, young, girl realize she was a Wayward Daughter and so much braver than she ever knew. Though Kim and Briana weren’t with us at Seacon this year, their bravery, honesty, and kindness were still present each day. I’m grateful to be a part of a fandom that celebrates taking care of each other and taking care of ourselves.

kunoichi-ume  asked:

Character meme! Maito Gai! Casue I mean... look at my icon. This should be no surprise.

You have chosen the very greatest picture of Gai as your icon.  I am honoured to write this tribute to a lovely man.

Originally posted by anbu-kakashihatake

  • First impression
    • Wuh… turtle… a man… on a turtle… a man on a turtle… in a green… a green… one piece… jumpsuit? with… orange… yellow… orange… puce… sienna… goldenrod—fuck it idk what colour that is it’s orange now—leg… legwarmers? are..eyebrows? what? but the other one? matching? what? i don’t… who thought this was a good idea?  Why… is that a sunset?  Why is he talking like this?  Is this funny? Is this dumb?  a turtle?  How is the turtle talking, and is it a tortoise or a turtle… idon’tlikehimnowait—he’s the greatest
  • Impression now
    • Gai is amazing.  Hilarious.  I have mad respect for him.  He may have started off as a joke character but he is actually amazing, as a person, as a teacher, as a character, and I love him.
  • Favorite moment
    • After the Chuunin Prelims, the scene where Gai is talking to Lee about the probability of Lee surviving the procedure, and promises that if Lee dies, then Gai will die too.  It’s the first moment you see Gai being serious, and you learn the true measure of his devotion.  Gai might be loud and obnoxious and sunset genjutsus, but he’s also love and warmth and he would do anything for someone he cared about.  This was the first time we saw Gai—and Lee—as people and not gags.  And it was touching and sad and it really made me care about both of them.
  • Idea for a story
    • Fuck if I know.  Let met think…I hate to do this, but since Ume is known as the Queen of Angst I’m going to say I was inspired.  When Kakashi is in the midst of his ANBU depression and Gai petitions to be able to join, instead of saying ‘no,’ Sandaime says ‘yes.’  Now we’ve got ANBU Gai, being forced into completing these brutal missions or being charged with insubordination of the highest degree (the punishment of which, is death).  Not wanting to see Gai punished, Kakashi does the dirty work while Gai basically panics.  Seeing how much further into his shell this is pushing Kakashi, Gai bites the bullet and starts pulling his own weight.  The two spiral deeper into ANBU and the darkness that follows them, desperately grasping onto each other.  Gai finally begs Kakashi to leave one day, but Kakashi cannot, even seeing how affected Gai is.  So Gai sticks by his side, slowly killing off all the brightest parts of himself.  Until one day, Gai see’s a young boy with thick eyebrows trying his damnedest to be a ninja without chakra, and begs Sandaime to let him be the boy’s sensei.  Hiruzen finally smartens up, and ejects both Gai and Kakashi from ANBU.  They get their students, and they learn how to heal with their new purpose (Gai is better off at first, but he drags Kakashi behind him).  And then everything eventually works out because I was making myself sad.  As a payoff to having Gai in ANBU, let’s pretend that Kakashi and Gai were such a great team, they ended up finding Obito, they caught him, brought him to the village for rehabilitation.  No Uchiha Massacre, Madara is dead already and now has no one to bring him back to life, Zetsu walked into a patch of experimental weed killer and died (yes, all the Zetsu, it was a huge patch and they just kept walking into it for no reason. maybe there were some parasitic ants that took over their brains or something convenient like that), and everyone lives, everyone’s happy, hugs and kisses for everyone.  Boom.  Horrible ending.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • I honestly think Gai would be the greatest boyfriend.  As in: The. Greatest. Ever.  He would win awards for being an amazing boyfriend, and an amazing husband, and an amazing father.  Why?  Because he would give you his everything.  And not in a ‘Oh, I want to take advantage of the man,’ kind of way, but in the sense that, once Gai has decided you’re the one for him (even if you’re just the one for him right now) he is going to put soooo much effort into making sure you’d be happy.  He’d be bringing you little gifts every day, just because they reminded him of you.  They would probably all be different, things that he saw while doing his crazy training throughout the village, but they would all have some sort of deep personal meaning and you would probably love them.  Ok, there might be some trial and error in the beginning, but the man learns fast and never gives up.  If you didn’t like receiving physical gifts, he would gift you every day with something non-physical.  Maybe you like horrible poetry?  Gai will write you daily poems.  Maybe you like massages?  Gai will give you daily back massages, foot massages, wrist massages, full body massages (and i do mean full body massages) etc.  Maybe you just want someone to sit quietly with and cuddle for like an hour—Gai will stfu and cuddle with you.  Sure, he’ll be bursting with thoughts after, and he might get a little fidgety, but he will 100% do it, if it makes you happy.  So you better fucking treat him good or I’ll cut you.  Okay, Kakashi will cut you but still.  Don’t do that to Gai.  If you’re an introvert and you feel sometimes that his personality gets to be a little much, he will try to tone it down or give you space, but he’ll be back to 11 in a heartbeat if you change your mind.  He would remember every single important date.  If you wanted to go somewhere or do something, Gai would make it happen.  Whether that’s going skydiving of the mountains in Lightening, or looking for a mythical fish off the coast of Water, or going to the Land of Hotsprings for some R&R, or just going to the corner store to pick up your favourite take-out and that movie you were talking about.  Did you run out of sugar while baking?  Gai will bring you sooo much sugar in like two seconds flat.  Is he out of the village?  Doesn’t matter.  His summons are at your service (even if they’re a bit slower).  He would back you up no matter what (and even if you broke up, Gai would still have your back.  Gai is Ride or Die ok, he will be there for you as long as you’re not horrible and cheat on him or something.  Don’t be mean to Gai; he’s precious). If you’re having problems in your relationship, Gai will do his best to work them out with you.  Gai will go to therapy and work his ass off to make both of you happy. Gai obviously has his quirks and his own issues, and wheelchair bound Gai will probably take some time to bounce back into his normal vigour.  But honestly, out of his generation, he’d probably be the best boyfriend.  People don’t want to date Gai because LOUD and EYEBROWS and THAT HORRIBLE OUTFIT but a) he can be quiet if you need him to be, b) the eyebrows aren’t that bad get over it, and c) you bet your ass Gai looks amazing naked in civvies.  Don’t ask Gai to change for you (honestly, if you caught his attention, then I probably don’t have to tell you that) because that’s just mean.  But Gai will treat you right.  Date Gai.  You won’t find a better boyfriend.  And if you’re lucky and he proposes, marry Gai.  You might want to elope, though.  He will go a little overboard with the ceremony otherwise.  But hey, you’re dating Gai, you probably like overboard.  So go for the ceremony.  It will be the greatest wedding anyone has every attended.
  • Favorite relationship
    • If you’ve been on my blog for more than five minutes you know I love Kakashi.  But that is not my favourite relationship of Gai’s.  I love Gai’s relationship with his students, but specifically with Tenten.  Now I know what you’re thinking; sibi, why choose Tenten when there is Lee, Gai’s protege.  Well, it’s simple.  It’s easy to get along with someone who is like you.  Lee has always been a mini-Gai, and so it was not hard for them to bond.  Both have a relationship based on common interests and common goals, and it is a beautiful relationship.  Gai and Neji’s relationship falls in a similar vein; hard working student, eager to improve himself through hard work.  The problem here is that Gai isn’t much of a mentor—not by any fault of his own, but by virtue of Neji focusing on the Gentle Fist Style.  There were certainly exercises to build endurance and stamina and team bonds that Gai taught Neji, but Neji had a path already, and it was easy to guide him on it.  I love Gai’s relationship with Tenten because he had none of that.  All Gai had in common with Tenten was that they both work hard.  She had no real direction, she had no clan to teach her a specific style or put her on a path she could follow.  He could not identify with her as a girl, he didn’t really know how to treat her (because while Gai is a ball of sunshine he is awkward in his own way) but despite this, he didn’t give up.  He wanted to help her fulfil her goals.  Tenten’s dream was to be like Tsunade?  Gai was going to make that happen.  He tried to set her up with a medical ninja, since that’s what Tsunade was most famous for.  uh oh, Tenten didn’t have the chakra control.  Gai was not deterred.  Tsunade was known for her super strength…but that also required chakra control that Tenten didn’t have.  Gai was not deterred.  He tried to give her his summoning contract, but Tenten ended up insulting the tortoise and ruining that chance, as well as a chance for any animal summon (as the tortoises would surely gossip about the disrespect).  Gai was not deterred.  He taught her how to summon weapons.  He just kept trying.  Gai tried his best to equip Tenten with the skills she would need to fulfil her dream.  She did not end up proficient in the same way that Tsunade was.  But she found her own star.  She found something she loved, developed a fighting style all on her own, and became the greatest at what she did.  And Gai, who didn’t have the talents to teach her to be like Tsunade, didn’t go ‘oh well, I can’t help her,’ he said, ‘if this doesn’t work, then we’ll try that, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll try…’ until Tenten found herself.  He was an amazing mentor to all of his students, but this is most evident, in my opinion, with Tenten.
  • Favorite headcanon
    • I don’t remember where it started, but I like the idea that Gai is actually a genjutsu type, and whenever you see the sunset behind him, it’s actually him casting a low level genjutsu for theatrics. 

Here is the ask.  Send me a character (canon or oc) or even a pairing.  Up next is Genma, and then Hidan and Adult!Obito. (which I think I’m going to have to do later, it’s time for me to sleep).

Already completed: Madara, Kakashi, Shino, Tenzou

anonymous asked:

When has Jensen ever unnecessarily touched misha? I think it's always misha doing the unnecessary touching lol

I ship Cockles like I’m floating a boat in the ocean itself, so I can’t say this post will be entirely objective (it’s really not at all). there is, however, some input from my mother, who absolutely does not ship the thing.

short answer to your question: Jensen touches Misha unnecessarily all the time.

let me start by providing examples from convention photo ops: here! or here!

or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here (seriously, that last one. in what universe is that considered a necessary touch?)

but boy, that barely skims the surface. don’t even get me started on the gifs

may I introduce you to Mr “get your stupid adorable face away from me” Ackles

and Mr “omfg!! Misha is the funniest thing that ever happened to me – oops I touched him!!!! oh god frick what do I do with my hands now??” Ackles

Mr “were you born in a barn?” Ackles

Mr “I wanted to kiss you but I had to detour and kiss Jim Beaver first in case anyone noticed I made a beeline for you” Ackles (+ this)

Mr “I like your stubble, also hello people at home, this is my pet Misha he is mine” Ackles

Mr “quit moving Dmitri I’m trying to grope your ass” Ackles (don’t believe what you’re seeing? look at this)

Mr “I’mma spread my legs really fuckin wide to make room for my massive balls but actually I’m just trying to noogie your knee with my knee” Ackles

Mr “look at my buddy here with his nice suit and strong shoulders that feel super sturdy when I pat them” Ackles (x)

Mr “look out haters!! check out how much I love this guy!!” Ackles

and these??? 99% sure they’re unscripted 

(also this and this)

(or that time Jensen went in for a kiss)

and lest we forget this gem:

Mr “I drape myself over you as a testament to my cuddly blanket-like affection” Ackles

the point is, while it’s true that Misha touches Jensen A LOT, Jensen also touches Misha A LOT. between the two of them they average out touching each other A HELLUVA LOT. Jensen’s touches tend to be “accidental” or “I swear I had a purpose with this” most of the time, or he attempts to hide them or make them look jokey, whereas Misha doesn’t conceal that he touches Jensen to reassure him or comfort him or to provoke him. Jensen doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing other than “I must touch him any way I can”.

and he goes out of his way to do it, too. he’ll reach over extraordinary distances just to make a tiny bit of contact, or change direction on the stage, or align himself in exactly the right way so he can put his hands on Misha while a fan is between them. it’s quite impressive the effort he puts into it, really. or maybe it’s effortless. maybe it’s natural for him and he doesn’t even think about it - which makes the fact he does it so often even more interesting.

my mother is determined to sink the good ship Cockles, and assures me that Jensen only touches Misha so much because he’s shy and nervous and he needs security.

well, not to disappoint her or anything, but that is a perfectly valid reason to touch someone. if Jensen’s touching Misha for security… goddamn, that’s adorable.

and calling them security-related touches doesn’t negate the fact that Jensen touches Misha practically all the time if he can get away with it.

(see: nearly all photo ops where they’re together).

I also think they’re slightly possessive touches, particularly in the photo ops, and with the face-stroking. Misha gives himself to other people a lot, he kind of throws his soul at them sometimes, so Jensen does he best to ground him, and grounds himself while he’s at it.

Jensen said at jibcon that he used to hold himself back from fans and not let the love in - and I think these touches are a way to remind both Misha and himself that “we have to stick together and hold tight so we don’t lose ourselves to this friendly but scary, slightly invasive bunch of people”.

what’s classified as a “necessary” touch, though? looking at these images, I’d say the majority of touches outside of the photo ops are not specifically meant to be comforting, reassuring, life-affirming, used to help, aid or abet in any way, nor are they obviously for Misha’s benefit. it rather seems as though Jensen touches Misha just because he likes it and he can.

does that make them necessary? …well, Jensen seems to think so.

What’s Hypno’d In Vegas – Stays In Vegas. By Hypnofur

I walked into the kitchen, and as always I was delighted to see my wife’s beautiful smiling face. I was less delighted, to see that she was preparing some food. It was day three of my vegetarian New Years Resolution. I was not loving it. I don’t even know what she was making, I just knew it didn’t have meat in it, and it probably tasted like play-dough.

“Hey Babe!’ she said to me, really cheery. I knew she was being this cheery because she wanted the vegetarian thing to be a positive experience. I knew she wanted the vegetarian thing to be a positive experience because she wanted me to lose weight. I’m a big guy, not fat, but I used to be ripped. I was a linebacker at UNC. Over the years, the steaks and sausages have caught up with me a little bit. Really not a lot. I’m still in way better shape than most 37 year old guys. Kelsea, my wife, was a fitness nut though. Her 37 year old body was comparable to a 25 year old. She sort of had to be that way, as she was on TV. She did the morning weather here on the Raleigh NBC affiliate.

“Hey babe. What are you making?” I asked, getting to the point.

“Well, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?” she answered.

Oh shit. “The bad news” I answered.

“Ok, this are soy-corn patties, and even I have found them a little… well, they are an acquired taste.” She told me.

Visions of sneaking out to Wendys when she fell asleep dashed through my head. “Ok, those sound great”, I answered sarcastically, “What’s the good news?”

“You’ll get the weekend off from your resolution” she said with a beaming smile. I liked the sound of that.

“Awesome, why?” I asked. I didn’t think resolutions took weekends off. Not that I was complaining.

“Because we are going to Vegas!!!!!” she said with a bounce and a jump.

“Vegas? What?” I asked, happy, but confused.

“Well, a guy that knew me back in college got in touch with the station and offered me a free weekend getaway if I reviewed his show!” she said. “Dan, this is like an assignment!!!’ she squealed. Kelsea had always wanted to move from the pigeon hole of weather reporting to do some other types of reporting. She really wanted to be on the Today show, or Good Morning America or something, but at 37, her window was closing, even with her looks.

I knew how much this meant to her, even though I really didn’t want to go to Vegas. I had been there once, it just wasn’t my kind of place. I was a good husband though, and I loved her more than anything, so I acted thrilled. After a long hug and telling her how proud I was of her, I admitted I had a few questions.

“So, first, not that I’m complaining, but how does going to Vegas get me out of my resolution?” I asked.

“You’ve heard… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. City of sin, etc. I’m not going to try to keep you from steaks while we are there. You can get back on it when we get home!” she said with a smile as she gave me a kiss. Unfortunately, she went back to preparing the soy-corn grossness that we were apparently still going to eat for dinner.

“Ok, I liked the answer to question #1, let’s see if I like question #2. This guy you knew at UNC, was he like a boyfriend or something?” I asked. We both graduated the same year, but we didn’t know each other back in school. We met after college.

“No, god no” she said, intimating that he was less than attractive.

It suddenly occurred to me, ‘show’ – ‘Vegas”. Maybe he was gay? “Is this like a drag queen kind of show?” I asked.

“No, he’s a stage hypnotist. I guess he’s been doing it for a while. He finally booked his own theater. I guess that is a big deal out there. If you can get one of the casinos to give you your own theater and make you an every night act, that’s like the big time.” She explained.

“Well, sounds like you are on the way to the big time as well, Mrs. Martin!” I said to her, grabbing her by the waist and picking her up in the air.

She squealed. “Mr. Martin, if you pull me away from the soy-corn patties, we might miss dinner!” she said with a laugh.

We made love in the kitchen.  

This, by the way, was a Wednesday. That meant it was less than 48 hours until we took off. Even less, considering that the show we were scheduled to see was the Friday night one. That meant we had to be on a flight Friday morning. I run my own excavation company, so I was able to move some things around, but the rest of the time between that romp in the kitchen and the point we boarded the plane was hectic to say the least.

We didn’t even have a chance to chat too much about the whole thing until we were in flight.

“First class. Well, this didn’t come from Channel 4.” I said as we toasted our champagne glasses.

“Ha! No. This was part of Milton’s package I guess.” Kelsea said.

“His name is Milton?”

“yes, Milton Snigleton.” She said. “Don’t laugh” she added.

“What? Milton Snigleton is a good name.” I said with a smile. “Maybe that’s why he became a hypnotist, so he could hypnotize people into thinking his name was Joe or Tom”

“Oh, that’s a good question. What made him decide to be a hypnotist?” Kelsea said as she typed that question into the notes app of her iphone. “By the way, he did change his name. He goes by Braxton Blaze as a stage name.”

“Jeez, that’s almost worse. So you are going to interview him as well?”

“Yeah, I’m doing a whole little piece on the show. The station will use it as a filler segment sometime during the year.”

“Cool, so are you going to go up and try to get hypnotized?” I asked.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that” she said, in her ‘you probably won’t like this’ tone.

“I kind of need you to go up” she said sheepishly, batting her big brown eyes at me.

“What? Why?”

“Well, two reasons, but one main reason. I sort of am easily hypnotized. So, if I go onstage and get hypnotized, I won’t be able to take notes on the show. ” She said.

“You are easily hypnotized? How do you even know that?”

“Well, it’s happened, twice actually. When I was a freshman I got hypnotized on stage at orientation. It took me a long time to live that one down. Secondly, when we covered hypnosis in psych 101, the teacher tried to hypnotize us. I went under then too. I guess I’m just a really good subject.”

“So, you are telling me that I could have hypnotized you years ago to get you to do funky stuff in the bedroom?” I asked playfully.

“I don’t think you are a trained hypnotist buddy. The professor of the Psych class supposedly was. Oh, by the way, that is where I know Milton from. He was the teaching assistant in Psych 101.”

“So, you haven’t seen this guy since you were a freshman in college?” I asked.

“Well, senior. I took psych 101 late. I had taken another Psych at the community college I went to before UNC, but somehow they lost the records or something, so I had to take it again. But, no, I haven’t seen him since college. We weren’t like friends really.”

“What does this dude look like?” I asked. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t a dashing vegetarian with six pack abs or something. Kelsea had an image on her phone, from the pre interview research she had been doing. The guy was not attractive. He had a big nose, fake hair, and he seemed to be very short. I made a joke about his appearance. Kelsea fake hit me.

“Be nice. He is flying you out here first class and put you up in a really nice suite in a hotel”.

I smiled at her and realized she was right. We were getting a free little get away vacation here. I decided to enjoy it. Besides, I was off the hook for my New Year’s Resolution for the weekend as well.


“I can’t believe this room” I said as I toured the penthouse suite we had been comped. It had a living room area, separate bedroom, the works. “This place is amazing. Maybe I should let you off the hook for making me do that. I still feel like an idiot though Kels” I yelled to Kelsea who was getting into her swimsuit in the bathroom.

“I told you, I’m super susceptible too. I almost went under myself. My eyes were closed and everything. If the lady next to me hadn’t grabbed me, I would have been in the same boat as you. I was actually walking towards the stage in a trance” She said from behind the door.

“Well, falling into a trance for a few seconds and being made the laughing stock of a room of two hundred or so people are two very different things.” I reminded her. Yes, I had agreed to go on stage, but I never thought in a million years that it would work. I was embarrassed, and I hoped that Kelsea didn’t think less of me.

“I have to hand it to him, he is good. His voice is just so… well, I’m sure that’s why he does what he does now” Kelsea said as she came out of the bathroom. She looked amazing in her bikini. She laughed as she saw my cock start to grow beneath my bathing suit a bit.

“Shall we try out the hot tub?” I invited. The suite had a beautiful hot tub that was off in its own little section. There was a gorgeous stone surround, and a cool inset chandelier above it. Sconces with candles hung on the stone walls, all of which I had lit while Kelsea was getting into her swimsuit. I figured the candlelight would help set the mood. I was quite excited to enjoy some private time in the hot tub with her.

Which is why I was so annoyed when I heard a knock at the door. “Shit!” I exclaimed.

“Just get it. I’m sure it is just a hotel person who has the wrong room. Might want to put something over your tent though!” she laughed.

I threw on my shirt and opened the door. It was Milton Snigleton. What the hell was he doing here.

“Oh, uh Hi Milton.” I said.

“Hello Dan” he said, offering out his hand. I reached out to shake it, not wanting him here, but not wanting to be rude either. As soon as he grabbed my hand, everything went blank.

Next thing I knew, he was standing inside the room with me and the door was closed. He looked different than he had during the show or in his pictures. He seemed imposing, intimidating. I mean, yes, I had almost a full foot and 40-50 lbs on him, but there was just something about him that was kind of intimidating. I was a little scared of him.

“Everything ok over there?” I heard Kelsea yell from the hot tub area.

“Yes, Braxton Blaze is here for his interview with you” I shouted back to her. What? Why did I say that.

“Let’s go see her” Mr. Blaze suggested. Suddenly I was leading him back to my bikini clad wife.

“Honey, Mr. Blaze is here for the interview.” I said politely.

Kelsea was shocked, she started looking for a robe to cover up.

“Please, Kelsea, this is Las Vegas. Your suit is beautiful, and is what would be considered modest and conservative here in Sin City. I assure, there is no need to cover up” Mr. Blaze said.

Unable to find a robe anyway, Kelsea seemed to resign herself to hanging out in a bathing suit with an almost stranger. “I’m sorry Milton I didn’t know we were meeting for the interview tonight. At this late hour” she said, hoping he’d get the point.

“I’m terribly sorry Kelsea, my assistant was supposed to notify you. She’s not very effective unfortunately, I’ve been thinking of replacing her. I’m afraid this evening was the only time that I am available during your stay for the interview. I’m off to a private event all day tomorrow and Sunday.” he explained.

“We were about to hop in the hot tub. Would you like to join us? You two could talk in there” I suggested. What the fuck? Did I really say that? Holy shit, I sounded like I meant it. Did I? What the fuck was going on.

Kelsea looked at me with the same surprise in her eyes that I had in my mind.  Mr. Blaze wasted no time in accepting my invitation though. He said that the hotel usually keeps extra swimsuits in the hotel closet. Sure enough, he found one in there that was his size. He went into the bathroom to change.

Kelsea immediately came over to me and whispered “Dan, what the hell, this is so weird!!”

I wanted to say “I agree, I’ll throw the weirdo out!” But instead, I heard myself say “It’s not that weird babe, this was the only time he was available. Besides, this is Vegas, the cultural is a little different here.”

With me being ok with it, Kelsea seemed to relax a little bit. Holy shit, why was I helping this happen?

Milton came out of the bathroom. When he did, I actually said, “Shall we?” and led us all into the tub.

Kelsea was still pretty uptight when we were in hot tub. I couldn’t blame her, I was too… on the inside at least. Making the best of it, she started in with the interview. “So Milton, what first got you interested in hypnosis?”

As soon as she said the word ‘hypnosis’ I got a flash of what she must look like hypnotized. Eyes closed, totally relaxed look on her face. I bet she looked beautiful like that.

Mr. Blaze smiled as he started to answer her question. “Actually Kelsea, it was while we were in the Psych class where we first met. I found the power that Professor Collins had over all of your minds to be fascinating.”

Kelsea seemed almost a little embarrassed by that. I found myself wishing I had taken that class with her back at UNC. I’d love to see Kelsea hypnotized in her class. That must have been hot.

“Have you been hypnotized since then?” Mr. Blaze asked.

“No, I can’t say that I have. Well, I guess I was a little bit tonight during your group induction. The lady next to me woke me up though” Kelsea said with a laugh. It was her nervous laugh.

“Yes, I saw that. I almost had her thrown out of the theater!” Mr. Blaze said with his own laugh. I found myself laughing at that too. I was laughing loudly, supportively.

“Well, you should really consider it Kelsea. You are an amazing hypnotic subject, and it could really help you in your life. Are there any bad habits you would like to kick?”

“Not really” Kelsea said quickly.

“Biting her nails!” I blurted out. “She’s always wanted to stop biting her nails, because the station people get mad at her. They want her to have pretty nails for when she points at the map.” I said. Now I was torn, I still couldn’t believe I was facilitating this whole situation, but another part of me really wanted to see her hypnotized. I had always wanted to see that so badly, and the conversation was starting to point in that direction. I had to seize this opportunity to fulfill my lifelong desire of seeing her hypnotized.

Wait, lifelong desire of seeing her hypnotized? I seriously hadn’t thought about hypnosis for more than like two minutes in my entire life before two days ago. What the hell? Things were so confusing, and moving so fast.

“I could help you with that” Mr. Blaze said, before giving me a look.

“Yes! Kels, let him hypnotize you! I’d love to see it!” I almost shouted. “Besides, I’m right here, it’s cool. Besides, what better way to report on your story.”

Kelsea gave me a ‘what are you doing look’, but relented. “Ok. I guess” she said.

“I promise that you’ll find it a wonderful experience. Now, since this is going to be therapy based, and not entertainment based like my stage show, I’d like to use a slightly different induction. Kelsea, and Dan, if you are comfortable with it, my induction will include a shoulder massage. Is that alright for you?” Mr. Blaze asked politely.

“Yes, that’s totally fine!” I piped up quickly. I didn’t love the idea of him touching her, but it was worth it to see her hypnotized.

Kelsea gave me a glare, but then slid along the bench to sit next to Mr. Blaze, with her back to him. Mr. Blaze put his hands on her shoulders, and started massaging with his thumbs. I watched like a hawk, making sure that he didn’t defile her with his touch, but also to make sure that I didn’t miss any parts of her slipping under hypnosis.

“Oh man, this is does feel good,” Kelsea sighed deeply. I wasn’t sure if she was being polite or she meant it

“Yess Kelsea, I’m quite skilled at what I do. Just relax and enjoy it. Your husband is here. You are safe. Safe to just relax, enjoy the massage, and watch the bubbles rising to the surface and floating away. See the candle lights reflecting in the bubbles. See the bubbles rising and floating. Just relax and hear only the sound of my voice as you watch the bubbles rising and floating”

This went on for a few minutes. Mr. Blaze’s hands massaged other areas, but everything remained above board, and I didn’t want to look like a jealous husband. Kelsea seemed to be enjoying herself, letting out a sigh here and there, whenever Mr. Blaze really dug his fingers in. She was totally zoning out. Her face looked so relaxed, so beautiful as she seemed to be succumbing to his hypnotic induction. God she looked so hot hypnotized. I had always wanted to see this.

I was sort of lost in the beauty of watching her in a trance when all of a sudden Mr. Blaze tugged at the string on the back of Kelsea’s bikini. The bow that held the back of the piece together unraveled, and the fabric fell away.

"Rising and floating,” he continued, not missing a beat Mr. Blaze, “Floating into trance for me.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, sternly. A massage and a trance was one thing, but undressing my wife was quite another.

“Relax, Dan. You don’t mind seeing her like this. It just makes it sexier. You’ve always wanted to see her topless while hypnotized. ” he told me.

That was true, I had always wanted to see her topless while hypnotized. But wait, she wouldn’t want this. It was all going too far. She was my wife. I had to make sure she was ok with this.

“Kelsea?” I tried calling out.

“She’s very relaxed right now Dan, and totally ok with everything that is happening. In fact, she’s never felt more relaxed than she does right now in this warm water, feeling my strong touch, as she watches the bubbles rising and floating. She’s watching them rising and floating as she hears only the sound of my voice as it helps her float into a state of deep hypnosis.” 

I sat there, transfixed. On the one hand, I really didn’t like what Mr. Blaze was doing, but on the other, I so desperately wanted to see her topless while hypnotized. Mr. Blaze couldn’t see Kelsea’s breasts from his angle, and it’s not like I wasn’t here. I watched Mr. Blaze work his hands lower down her back. Kelsea’s nipples hardened visibly, but that was probably just because of the cool air.

But then things went to the next level. His hands slowly reached around her side, as if in slow motion, and wrapped around her breasts. He told me to do nothing. I wanted to protest, but my throat constricted, and I couldn’t produce a sound. I wanted to intervene, but my muscles didn’t seem to respond. 

The things he was telling her changed in tone. His words shifted from talk about ‘relaxing’ and ‘floating’ to things like ‘arousal’ and submission. He was telling her how sexy she felt, and how attractive and powerful he was.

Mr. Blaze squeezed Kelsea’s breasts, and pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Surely she would freak out at any second now, and tell him what he was doing was wrong. This inappropriate sexual touching should be enough to wake her from her trance, right? No such thing happened, though. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open. She breathed deeply. Her chest expanded with every intake of air. My hands felt clammy all of a sudden, even though they were submerged in the hot water. God, she looked so hot hypnotized. Why did I love that so much?

Paralyzed in place, I watched one of Mr. Blaze’s hands trail down my wife stomach, and disappear in the bubbly water. Kelsea gasped, and I could just make out the silhouette of his arm pointing down toward her crotch beneath the swirling water. Mr. Blaze leaned forward, and nuzzled her neck. His arm was rapidly gyrating back and forth, and Kelsea was actually moaning. His other hand kept playing with her tits, alternating attention between each nipple.

What the hell was happening? An evil hypnotist was fingering my wife right in front of me, and I couldn’t seem to bring myself to stop him. Worse still, Kelsea seemed to be enjoying herself—immensely. 

It only took a minute or two—much, much faster than I ever managed to—before Kelsea’s back arched, and with a wordless scream, her whole body shuddered. Mr. Blaze’s arm kept moving the entire time, and it seemed to take forever for Kelsea’s scream to die down and her body to slump limply against the wall of the tub.

“How did that feel Kelsea?” he asked her.

"Oh god,” sighed Kelsea, her face a mask of ecstasy. “I’ve never orgasmed that hard before.”

My heart broke at that comment. It seemed to embolden Mr. Blaze though. I saw a flash of something in his eyes. Was it anger? Dominance?

“Dan and Kelsea. You realize now that I am the most powerful, sexual man you have ever encountered. No one is as virile or sexual as I am. You both feel my power over you. You will both submit to my power!” he said with a grunt as he sat up on the rim of the tub. His cock was only semi erect, but seemed larger than mine, even though it wasn’t. Kelsea was still slumped against the wall, recovering from her orgasm, letting his words soak into her hypnotized mind. Mr. Blaze grabbed her ponytail, and roughly pulled her face toward his crotch.

“Please me Kelsea. I am a sexual, hypnotic love god, and you want nothing more than to please me. It turns you on so much, you’ve never been this turned on in your life.” He said.

Kelsea reacted instinctively, and wrapped her lips around his cock. I couldn’t look away, as Mr. Blaze enjoyed my wife’s very attentive blow job. It was impossible not to notice the passion and enjoyment in her oral play. Mr. Blaze seemed to relax a bit. That’s when he came clean with an admission.

“You asked me what first got me interested in hypnosis Kelsea. Truth be told, it was you. I was at the hypno show your freshman year when you went under on stage. I was immediately taken with you and the idea of having you hypnotized. When I became a TA, I used my power to delete your community college class from the system, forcing you to take Psych 101. I knew Professor Collins covered hypnosis in detail, and I wanted to see you go under one more time. I spent the next fifteen years honing my craft, just waiting for the day I could make you mine Kelsea. For fifteen years I’ve waited for this, for you.” He said before I saw that flash of dominance in his eye again. “Tonight I make you mine!”

Still holding her by the ponytail, Mr. Blaze pulled Kelsea to her feet, and then ripped off her bikini bottom with such force the strings on the side snapped. Her nude, wet body was exposed to the world, and just between her legs I could see the dark patch of pubic hair I loved so much. Mr. Blaze must have pulled on her hair, because she stumbled backwards, and thumped against his chest, knees bent, her crotch just above Mr. Blaze’s cock.

Mr. Blaze grabbed her thighs, his hands nearly circling around them, and spread her legs—wide. Her labia were still red and puffy from the intense fingering, and a small rivulet of juices ran out of her spread pussy, dripping down into the water. I had never seen her so wet before.

Mr. Blaze’s small biceps bulged, and he lifted her up, guiding the entrance of her hole over his cock. Kelsea reached down, and pushed the head into her. I watched in horror as it sank in between the folds, and disappeared inside her. 

Spread eagled, Kelsea slowly descended as his rock hard dick pushed into her. Kelsea let out a moan, her face a portrait of pleasure.

I blinked, and a tear rolled down my cheek. Kelsea kept breathing faster and faster. Still unable to find the strength to resist his command and move my leaden limbs, I watched as Kelsea came to rest at the base of Mr. Blaze’s cock. I hated seeing the woman I loved impaled on a stranger’s cock. That was supposed to be something reserved only for me.

“Oh, oh, oh, oooooooooh…” Kelsea screamed with eyes closed, and for the second time that night, her whole body shook with euphoria, while she was squeezing her own nipples.

Seemingly without caring about her state of mind, Mr. Blaze lifted her up again. Kelsea’s shrieking intensified, and it looked like her legs were struggling to break free, but Mr. Blaze’s iron grip held them steadfast—still spread wide apart. He started thrusting with his hips, and his balls swung back and forth, while his rod plunged in and out of my wife’s pussy, squelching loudly with every thrust.

Looking at me cruelly, he said. “Watching me take Kelsea is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen Dan!”

Against all logical reasoning, my body betrayed me once again. My own penis stirred in my trunks, and the fabric soon pressed against my erection. I looked down, and sure enough, there was a noticeable bulge. Despite the fact that I was watching something that should have been mine, and only mine, taken away right in front of my eyes.

“This is better sex than you’ve ever known. I am a sexual god. I control you. You serve me. You will do what I say. You will obey me!” Mr. Blaze said. I’m not sure if he was talking to Kelsea, me, or just saying things that got him going.

Then, with a guttural grunt, Mr. Blaze’s body flexed, and with one final, deep thrust, he pumped his seed into my wife. Kelsea was laughing breathlessly, hands rubbing all over her body, still impaled on his dick. 

Mr. Blaze hoisted her off his pole, and carelessly dropped her into the tub. Kelsea stumbled forward, and crashed into me. As if the spell had finally been broken, I reached out and caught her in my arms. She was burning hot to the touch, despite the coolness of the air. 

Kelsea kissed me, fiercely and passionately, shoving her tongue aggressively into my mouth, with the ferocity of a hungry lioness on the verge of starvation. She broke the kiss, and then opened her eyes to look at me. Her beautiful, brown eyes were fixed at some point off in the distance, her mouth was slightly parted, as if she wasn’t really looking at me, but was lost in a delirium of her own.

“Oh god, Dan, you have no idea how amazing that felt. I never knew sex could feel so good.” Her words cut deeply into me, and I blinked away another tear, but Kelsea was too far gone in a world of her own to notice.

Mr. Blaze chuckled as he left the hot tub and went into the suite part of the room. Just before he disappeared from veiw, he turned around, and said authoritatively, “Kelsea follow me.”

I was speechless, and held on to my wife for dear life. Kelsea extricated herself effortlessly, and stepped out of the pool. Before she could take a single step, her legs wobbled and gave out, and she fell down on the ground. 

“Kelsea, you ok?” I asked, concerned, but urgent. “Come back in the water, we need to talk about what just happened!”

“I must go with him Dan." 

She tried to get up again, but her legs faltered once more, so she simply got up on all fours, and started crawling towards the door. With her wet ass pointed straight at me, I watched her disappear, all the while Mr. Blaze’s creamy white cum dripped out of her.

Then I was alone. 

I sat there, stunned. I had just watched the love of my life being savagely fucked by another man—hypnotized and under his control—right in front of my eyes, and I had been unable to stop them. My dick twitched at that moment, as if to remind me that I had also gotten hard watching Mr. Blaze’s hypnotic cock pump my wife full of cum.

Despite all of that, I still loved her. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without her. Without seeing that cute face look at me when I woke up in the morning. Without feeling her soft body press against me, and her tender lips on mine when I came home every day. Without the smile on her face when she made gross vegetarian food in the kitchen. Without the smell of her essence lingering in every room of the house. 

After a few minutes, I managed to muster up all my remaining strength, determined not to lose her. I found the strength to break the hypnotic spell I was under. From the suite area, I heard a squel that sounded like it came from Kelsea. Wet puddles trailed on the ground where she had crawled, leading all the way to the kitchenette. The sound of meat slapping on meat was audible long before I turned the corner, and saw Kelsea bent over the kitchen counter, with Mr. Blaze standing behind her, thrusting like a madman. 

"thank you sir, thank you sir, thank you sir,” moaned Kelsea, over and over.

I gripped the doorframe for support, and watched in helpless terror as Mr. Blaze continued pumping. He looked over at me.

“You are under my power Dan. You love seeing me in hypnotic control of Kelsea. You find it so sexy. You can’t resist this. Sit in that chair and think about how much you love seeing her under my hypnotic control! Once you jerk off, I want you to slip into a deep sleep.”

What? That couldn’t be right. I wanted to tell him to go to hell and never come back, but was unable to get out as much as a peep. I sat down in the chair as he directed. Mr. Blaze grabbed Kelsea’s arm, and brought her towards the bedroom. She stumbled after him, and never even so much as looked at me in passing. With a click, the bedroom door closed behind them.

I sat in the chair as my mind was still reeling from the emotional devastation and inner turmoil. Why was it so sexy to see her under his hypnotic control??

I could hear Kelsea’s screams through the thin walls, and wondered how Mr. Blaze was pleasuring her at that moment to produce the kinds of noises she was making. Once again, my penis hardened. I pulled down my trunks, and started stroking myself. In my mind, I pictured Mr. Blaze’s hard cock sliding in and out of Kelsea, and the intense pleasure visible on her face as he took her deeper into hypnosis. Still listening to my wife’s screams of ecstasy from the bedroom, I came, cumming over my stomach. After climaxing, I felt absolutely exhausted, and drifted off into sleep, just as Kelsea started another round of loud moans.


That was a year ago. Kelsea has not left Vegas since. I did. I went back and packed up our stuff. She quit the station of course, and has become Mr. Blaze’s personal assistant, both on stage on off. Mr. Blaze had me move to Henderson. He didn’t want me in North Carolina, as my life without Kelsea there would raise too many questions.

Even though Kelsea has been living with Mr. Blaze since that night, and introduces herself as Kelsea Blaze, we are only now starting the process of getting a divorce. I’ve been instructed to slowly start telling my connections back in North Carolina that there is “trouble at home”. Understatement of the year.

Mistress Queen ( King George X Reader )

Soo, @more-ham-imagines (aka Capt. Cici my fellow countrylady) says: “ YOU SHOULD WRITE KING GEORGE STUFF AND HERCULES STUFF AND JUST I DONT HAVE A PROMPT BUT SOMETHING WITH ONE OF THEM. -Capt. Cici”. After given thinking, I picked King George, for I already have an imagine with Mulligan (find it here!), so here ya go.

I wasn’t so sure about this imagine on the beginning but it honestly made me fall in love with George. After given research, I discovered this lil’ pumpkin had a severe mental illness and, after finding out, his wife, Charlotte, didn’t want to sleep on the same bedroom he did. This is fanfiction, so not all of it is historically accurate, but I still sorta like it. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1.573

Warnings: language, mental illness allusion.

George had been lying awake, staring at his ceiling, for almost an hour now. A letter from one of his General’s in the New Land had just come in, and it made the King realize how bad their situation war. Of all the fucked up things that happened in his life, losing America was the one that scared him the most. How could he lose an entire colony so fast?

He sat up on his bed, deciding to push those thoughts away for now. Walking up to his door and opening it, he found a guard making vigil on the outside. He turned around and bowed at George’s sight. “Your Grace”, he greeted. “It’s the middle of the night. How can I serve you?”

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hello everyone i have decided to do a blog post as part of my study break and I am going to talk about some time management tips that might help you for the coming terms when we all go back to school. 

my tips have kind of come from personal experience and what I have found to be really helpful, but obviously these may necessarily not work for you :)


I don’t think I can stress this tip enough as this has seriously helped me with my time management. My sleeping pattern is fairly regular and I wake up at around 6:30-7am every morning, and last year when studying for my GCSEs, whilst I would get up early, I wouldn’t start work until 2 or 3pm and then do all of my work at night. Over the last month and a half - 2 months, I have been starting work as early as I can and I have found that I am getting so much more done than what I would with my old habit. I kinda trained myself/forced myself to do work in the morning and I have stuck with this really well. 

I also find that waking up early gives me a fresh mind and so I can get started with a clear head and it really helps keep me positive and have a good attitude towards my work which makes me much more productive. 

Perhaps you could try going to bed an hour earlier so you can wake up earlier and get more things done. Gradually start going to bed earlier and you will find you can sleep better and wake up with a clear mind.


This, like tip #1, is also like majorly important. I have really started getting used to schedules and I find them such a massive help. If I am in a rush or havent got as much to do (like literally one or two things), I make a to-do list but this is still so helpful for time management. I used to have an attitude where I did what I felt like and when I felt like it and still somehow managed to get everything done - but with a schedule I am just so much more organised and I feel like I have a goal and it motivates me to get everything done. Keeping a schedule makes it easier to develop a routine and keep everything flowing. 

You can have different types of schedules - you might make a daily schedule and write down all the times you need to do things; weekly reviews are also helpful for managing time and give you a nice overview of what you should prepare for. Monthly reviews can be nice to have a look at appointments, exams or commitments you might have. It doesn’t have to be a schedule that has times on it, but even something as simple as a to-do list is better than having a mental list of what you need to do.

Schedules can come in many forms. I write mine down on some paper and keep it next to me on my desk, and if I am going out I will make a copy of it in my calendar or take a photo of it and save it as my lock screen so I can be constantly reminded of what it is I am supposed to do. You can also have them in the form of a printable that you have found, in a bullet journal, in a planner etc. It doesn’t matter what medium your schedule is on - as long as you make one, you will find you are so much more organised!


Following on from tip #2, is prioritising. It actually sounds pretty obvious, but don’t tell me you don’t put off doing that essay that your teacher set you because you don’t want to do it, even though it is really important that you get it done! it is important that when you plan your schedule, you make time for that essay that you really need to get done so that you can get it out of the way and so that you don’t hand it in late, or spend until 2am in the morning doing it on the day that it is due in. Make sure that when you do work, you are doing the things that you have to do.

Doing this also ensures that you are spending an appropriate time on that subject and by prioritising, you can also spend more time on assignments or subject that need some improvement, instead of always doing the subject that you enjoy. I find when I prioritise my work I can get an even coverage of all of my subjects, but also, when I have to, I can prioritise a subject over another so I can focus on improvement.

Some people recommend that you do the things that you don’t want to do, or prioritise your hardest subjects first. This means that 1) you can get them out of the way and 2) you can tackle it with a fresh mind and makes it slightly easier. I do this quite a lot and find that I am relieved when I have got it done, but also I feel a lot more positive for the rest of the day because I only have things left that are slightly easier or that I enjoy more!


Some people at first might not agree with this coming under time management, but I certainly think it belongs here. Finding a productive study environment not only coincides with your schedule but is also beneficial for you. It means that you can get as much done as you can and you can be more productive, but also being more productive enables you to keep within your schedule. 

If I am not in a productive environment and I have several things scheduled, I overrun on the times I have set myself and then have to work for longer when I could be doing other things. For example, I might have an essay to write, some flashcards to make and some reading to do before I go to work; but if I am not in a productive study environment, such as my desk or a library, then I find it really hard to get everything done and then I come out of my schedule and it means I have to finish everything after work; by which time I am too tired to even think about finishing what I had intended to do. 

Find an environment that works for you and that you feel comfortable in, that also makes you feel super motivated and productive. This way you can do as much work as you can and not come out of your schedule. These places could be in your local library, at the beach sat on a bench, in your bedroom at your desk, at your grandparents kitchen table - wherever! just find an environment that works for you so you can effectively work. 


As a student, you are going to have lots of other commitments besides your courses. Whilst a full-time student has to spend roughly 30 hours a week studying according to leading statistics from universities, it is almost like having a full time job; and like with anything, you need down-time. 

It is so important that you find the balance between study and other commitments because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with work. Work out how much you could spend doing each task that is realistic to you and make sure you schedule in some free time. Find out what works for you regarding time spent on these commitments and you can find that balance where you have managed your time for studying and other commitments effectively, and then you have the chance to have that time to yourself, whether that be watching shows on netflix or playing on some games, or even doing some baking or having a bath. 

Finding that balance is really important when you are scheduling in what to do, because not only does it ensure you can keep a track of everything, but you are also looking after yourself. 


I kind of mentioned this in the last tip but being realistic is something I always forget about and should probably be more on top of when I am planning my schedule. My problem is that I underestimate how long things take me and so sometimes I find myself not finishing everything I should. 

When you are making your to-do list or your schedule, you should be realistic. Remember that you can’t do everything all at once and that you need some spare time to look after yourself and do the things that you want to do. This is another ‘finding your balance’ in the sense that you are finding the balance between being super productive and going at your own pace. 

Also factor in your mood as well, if you are feeling down or if you are ill, don’t give yourself 20 things to complete by the end of the day - maybe just do one or two small tasks just to keep that productivity flowing. Sometimes, if I am super anxious, I end up creating the most horrendous to-do list because I feel like I have to get everything done, but in reality, I can’t! 

You know yourself best and you know what a realistic schedule or to-do list looks like to you; be honest with yourself and sensible with your lists to ensure that you don’t burn yourself out!


Unnecessary activities includes everything that will make you procrastinate. I find it really helpful to have my phone in another room as if I see a text come through I immediately want to answer it. If you feel like you could be tempted to go on social media on your laptop, you can block or bar websites on chrome or internet explorer or other search engines so that you don’t get distracted. 

Unnecessary activities also include going downstairs and speaking to my parents or my brother when I am supposed to be studying - if I have a test or something coming up that is quite significant I always just let them know that I will be working and that if they can to try and keep quiet and it always helps. 

After you have finished your school work, these activities become more enjoyable because you have been waiting to do them for a while as you were studying. It also gives you some down-time to look forward to after you have done! 

I find this perhaps the most difficult thing about time management and even if I have put away all distractions, I still find that I will talk to myself or doodle to give me something to do whilst I am studying! However, this is more preferable than procrastinating on my phone!


Not all commitments are going to go to plan and sometimes you have to make last minute decisions or cancellations and not everything can be scheduled. It is important that whilst you have scheduled what you are doing and when, that you are able to be flexible with your time in case things pop up. 

It is important that if these things do occur, that you can get back to what you should have been doing after and that you do maintain what is on your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. 

I hope these tips helped in terms of keeping your time managed and if you have any questions about any of these tips, feel free to ask me about it. 

have a lovely day x

I Didn’t Wake Up Like This - Sonam Kapoor on being a Female Celebrity (Buzzfeed India)

Even after becoming a movie star, it took Sonam Kapoor years to believe she looked the part. In this essay, she’s ready to bust the myth of female celebrity flawlessness.

Like every girl, I spent many nights through adolescence leaning into my bedroom mirror, wondering why my body looked nothing like it should.

Why does my belly crease? Why do my arms jiggle? Why am I not fair? Why are there dark patches under my eyes? Why am I taller than boys my age? Do stretch marks ever go away? Will this cellulite stay forever?

“Itni lambi, itni kaali,” a relative casually let slip at a family gathering. “Shaadi kaun karega?” It confirmed that my greatest insecurities were well-founded.

I didn’t know much at 15. But I knew I could never look like a Bollywood actress.

When I was 13, my family took a trip to Goa. Aishwarya Rai was there vacationing with a friend, and we spent an evening with her. I still remember that in blue jeans and a white tank top, she looked like royalty. It baffled me.

I didn’t know much at 15. But I knew I could never look like a Bollywood actress.

Two years and some surprising life decisions later, Sanjay Leela Bhansali cast me in Saawariya.

Despite being on the cusp of actually being a movie star, I didn’t believe I looked the part. I constantly worried that, if asked to dance in a backless choli, rolls of back fat would give me away as an imposter to the industry. Nobody lines up to buy tickets to see cellulite.

So I embarked on a series of unhealthy behaviours. I dieted serially; sometimes South Beach, other times Atkins. Once, in desperation, I tried a diet that had me eating pineapples all day.

I pushed myself too hard at spin classes, did power yoga for hours at a stretch, and developed an unhealthy relationship with food. Some weeks, desperate to drop a couple of kilos, I would simply not eat.

At 18, I went on a date that I thought went well. Later, the boy told our mutual friend that “Sonam is too big”. I didn’t eat for a day.

(Now, thanks to those dumbass teenage decisions, I’m stuck with acidity for life.)

I had assumed that the self-loathing goes away once you’re on billboards at Juhu Beach. I was so wrong. Far from accepting my body once I was making a living as an actress, I was shown new reasons to hate it.

I had assumed that the self-loathing goes away once you’re on billboards at Juhu Beach.

Articles surfaced online, photos zoomed into my arms and thighs, red circles drawn around the slightest hints of a blemish.

When I had a couple of movies out, Shobhaa De wrote a blog post saying that Sonam Kapoor “just doesn’t cut it in the sex appeal stakes”.

People started calling me flat-chested. I’d never been insecure about my C-cup but I got defensive about it on Koffee With Karan.

Eventually, I didn’t even need the tabloids to point out my flaws – I could look at myself on camera monitors and predict what would be criticised. I still remember the frames I hated immediately: the tight silver dress fromBewakoofiyaan, the song with Neil Nitin in Players, the swimsuit and shorts in Aisha, to name a few.

Of course, scrutiny of female bodies isn’t new, or even restricted to celebrities. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve ever been called “healthy” by a relative, or been given unsolicited advice by a friend about how to lose weight.

Raise your hand if you were told to stay out of the sun so you don’t get dark.

Raise your hand if you started hating your body after somebody else told you how.

Here’s what’s gone wrong:

We’ve been taught that women need to be flawless even when our flawlessness is wildly implausible, sexy even when our sexiness is a break from plot. We’re sprinting through Jurassic Park in heels, fighting supervillains in strapless corsets, being stranded on deserted islands for days without a hint of stubble. Real female bodies are so taboo that hair-removal-cream ads show hairless legs even before the cream is applied.

We’ve been taught that women need to be flawless even when our flawlessness is wildly implausible.

The rules of beauty are strict and it’s almost impossible to win. Anushka Sharma has been skinny-shamed, Sonakshi Sinha has been fat-shamed, Katrina Kaif has been fit-shamed. These are women who are and always have been staggeringly beautiful.

But where there’s a broken system, there’s a solution. The problem is in mainstream culture’s rigid definitions of female beauty. The solution, for me, has been in the women I know.

It’s been a decade since I entered the film industry with my awful self-esteem in tow and, thanks to the female support I’ve had throughout, that self-esteem is in a healthier place now.

I’m lucky to have had my friend and makeup artist Namrata Soni, who sees my face from hyperclose quarters and goes out of her way to make me feel good about it. When I whine about my laugh lines or dark circles, she tells me they’re natural and that’s why they’re beautiful. I have a forcep scar on the right side of my face and my lip lifts up on one side (you notice these things when you’re in front of a camera a lot). When I float the idea of getting them fixed, Namrata reminds me that they make me me.

Instead of letting me interpret my body’s quirks and changes as “flaws”, Namrata helps me celebrate them as unique markers of unique beauty.

I’m lucky to have had my sister and sometimes stylist Rhea, the hottest girl I know. When I’m beating myself up for being too lanky, for not having her curves, she shuts me down and insists I look good in everything she makes me wear. When I start complaining that I don’t look like I did when I was 21, Rhea tells me I look better now.

All the women who’ve championed me have taught me that kind, genuine support can change your friend’s or sister’s or colleague’s life.

(Think of how much better your day is when it starts with a compliment. Think of how easy it is to give that to someone else. Do it every chance you get.)

Today, at 31, I like my body because it’s healthy. I’m done celebrating thinness or flawlessness. I’ve embraced a fit lifestyle, clean eating, and the pursuit of waking up every morning feeling energised. There’s beauty in good health.

The ball is in the media’s court to celebrate fit bodies rather than thin ones, and to know the difference.

I know now that there’s nothing wrong with stretch marks, cellulite, or scars. They’re markers of our growth. There’s beauty in their realness.

And, for the record, I’m not writing this to discourage the pursuit of glamour. Anyone who knows me knows I love feeling pretty – fashion can lend power, makeup can become motivation, a fun accessory can become your source of confidence for the day.

But pursue prettiness for yourself, by your own definitions – not to meet culturally preset notions of “flawless”.

Because flawlessness is a dangerous, high-budget myth, and it’s time we shattered it.

Flawlessness is a dangerous, high-budget myth, and it’s time we shattered it.

So, for every teen girl leaning into her bedroom mirror, wondering why she doesn’t look like a celebrity: Please know that nobody wakes up like this. Not me. Not any other actress. (Not even Beyoncé. I swear.)

Here’s the real deal: Before each public appearance, I spend 90 minutes in a makeup chair. Three to six people work on my hair and makeup, while a professional touches up my nails. My eyebrows are tweezed and threaded every week. There’s concealer on parts of my body that I could never have predicted would need concealing.

I’m up at 6am every day and at the gym by 7:30. I exercise for 90 minutes and, some evenings, again before bed. It’s someone’s full-time job to decide what I can and cannot eat. There are more ingredients in my face packs than in my food. There’s a team dedicated to finding me flattering outfits.

After all that, if I’m still not “flawless” enough, there are generous servings of Photoshop.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it: It takes an army, a lot of money, and an incredible amount of time to make a female celebrity look the way she does when you see her. It isn’t realistic, and it isn’t anything to aspire to.

Aspire, instead, to giving your body as much sleep as it needs. Aspire to finding a form of exercise that’s actually fun for you to do. Aspire to knowing your body and how to live well in it.

Aspire to confidence. Aspire to feeling pretty and carefree and happy, without needing to look any specific way.

And the next time you see a 13-year-old girl gazing wistfully at a blemish-free, shiny-haired Bollywood actress on a magazine cover, bust the myth of flawlessness for her.

Tell her how beautiful she is. Praise her smile or her laugh or her mind or her gait.

Don’t let her grow up believing that she’s flawed, or that there’s anything she’s lacking for looking different from a woman on a billboard. Don’t let her hold herself to a standard that’s too high, even for the women onthe billboards.

Tell her I definitely didn’t wake up like this. She won’t either. And that’s totally, completely fine.

As told to Rega Jha, by Sonam Kapoor