sometimes i have crap days

@ bandom tumblr, I swear to god, it’s like every single day there is some fresh drama and everyone hates someone new and we all have to pick sides or get dragged all to hell or whatever, but like… can you please for the love of god find your chill???  Literally everyone is problematic in some way, but YOU’RE STILL ALLOWED TO LIKE THEM.  Furthermore, LET OTHER PEOPLE LIKE WHATEVER THEY LIKE AND SHUT THE EFF UP ABOUT IT, JEsus LORD.  And it really should go without saying that you shouldn’t send death threats to anyone - I don’t care who they are or what they’ve done, no one deserves that.  I know most of you are like 13-17, but even you should know better.  Stop causing drama just for the sake of drama, jfc

Thank you for 500 followers!

(couldn’t resist the chance to use a gif of my beautiful boy!)

That’s a number I never thought I’d reach… ever
I thought maybe 100 if I was lucky, but never anywhere close to 500
Thank you for putting up with me and my crap sometimes. I have my good and bad days like everyone, but you’ve been there supporting me

Thank you to those of you who regularly like/reblog my things and to those who are around every so often. Thank you to those who have messaged me at any point (I’m sorry, my anxiety means I can’t hold a conversation to save my life) and anyone who’s sent an ask about anything. Thank you to the people who don’t follow me but like and share my stuff when they see it. Thank you to everyone who backed me up when I received hate back in September. The kindness of this community still amazes me.
Just thank you to everyone

Special thank you to @fear-is-nameless for talking with me about the suspicious URL thing in November and @hufflepufftrax for talking to me about the DDLC stuff and a few other things. You’re both people I’ve followed for a while now and I love your blogs. Those discussions made me feel like I was actually contributing to something and as I said earlier, I have a lot of social anxiety, so holding up a conversation is difficult, but I loved discussing things with you both (and sorry if I ever seemed awkward XD)  Also thank you for following me. I still have no clue why you’re here. 

Thank you to @definitelynotronnie for just being a general sweetheart and always being there on my dash, in my notifications and in my ask box. I always appreciate the kind words from you even though I don’t deserve them ^-^

If I haven’t thanked you directly, I don’t think any less of you. I’m still incredibly grateful for you being here. It’s more because I feel really anxious tagging people as it is, so the less people the better for me

Finally thank you to Sean, Mark, Ethan, Signe, Thomas, Dan, Phil and everyone else I watch on YouTube for giving me the inspiration to draw, or a reason to post. This blog wouldn’t exist without them, and it wouldn’t exist without all 500 of you following me