sometimes i hate some fandoms


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

but I wonder if the haters who tag stuff in the mon el tag or karamel tag realize that
-they sound simply immature and rude, they are just two seconds of ‘pff this is not true’ before clicking the block button 
-they also come off as… weird at best because 90% of the stuff they write is not even real? 
-it won’t make us ship them less
-in my case, it doesn’t even make me furious or upsets me particularly, because I get, you know, CANON scenes with them together so I enjoy the show just as much, enjoy my choices just as much. If they do it to upset shippers… wow, you wrote a bad post about a ship I like and I read part of it before blocking you. Your missions is complete. I hope you are proud with the enormous effect that your actions had.
-If anything I actually love him MORE because I feel like defending him from untrue accusations and that strengthens my appreciation for the character (Everyone who likes a character or is ambivalent is pushed to like them more when they are hated in an unfair way)
-if one day things went wrong for Kara and Mon El, I’d still cherish the fact that I had so many lovely scenes to look at, hope for the best, and be happy because I got so many good things first, and either I’ll keep watching the show because it makes me happy or, if it doesn’t because I can’t stand a ship, I’ll stop watching it because why watch something that clearly isn’t going my way? unless I like complaining. But because I wasn’t raised in a barn I do it without tagging the character. I use anti-tags.

seriously, some of the tags in this fandoms are full of hate, exaggerations, dramatic statements with words that shouldn’t be used lightly, and it’s so ridiculous? And I mean it in a second-hand embarrassment sort of way. 

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I just watched a video called "The Walking Dead: Rise Up 2017 Tribute" on YouTube and your comments about the erasure of Michonne came to mind. The video completely ignores Michonne's role as a major player in the upcoming war, ignores her importance in Rick's decision to fight and ignores her as one of the most important people to Rick. I really hate this fandom sometimes. Of course there was some bullshit reason in the comments that didn't really make sense about why Michonne was left out.

Yet another reason why I want to be on that couch…

I don’t know why this persists, Anon.  And it’s not AMC’s fault–they have done a good job with promoting their #1 pairing in promos and what not.  Still, a photoshoot could help…just throwing that out there.

At any rate, given the social climate of our country since forever, this isn’t surprising to me.  I think if Michonne was not the love interest of one Rick Grimes, then this blatant disregard for her character would not be prevalent in fanvids and the like.  But this is their way of not only not acknowledging her importance to the show, but also ignoring her importance to Rick’s life.

But we all know the truth.

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Miyokichi “Hate”

I don’t like when people hate on Miyokichi just because she gets in the way of their OTP (she really doesn’t IMO). And her hurt is totally understandable this episode. I think that Miyo was a good friend to Kiko and I think he has been kind of selfish towards her. He always talks to her about himself and his insecurities but he never asks about her life and worries. In a way he was using her. BUT I do think Miyo was kind of using Kiko as well. Though I feel sympathy for her because of her limited geisha status. It was clear to me that Miyo saw Kiko as a means to escape her station in life. This is why she wanted him to rise in his Rakugo status and why Kiko asked her not to call him “Sensei”.

There were things about Miyo that never sat well with me. I didn’t like when she said “you can’t get out of this one” followed by Kiko backed into a corner while Miyo “teaches” him how to kiss. That scene was so awkward/uncomfortable for me. Most of their relationship is basically Miyo pressuring Kiko to hang out with her or to touch her despite Kiko’s obvious discomfort, distance and attempts to avoid her. You could say that Miyo was so in love with Kiko that she was blind to Kiko’s discomfort at her many insistent advances. BUT, you could also say that Miyo was so caught up in the idea of such a sophisticated/different man as Kiko being her lover that she never bothered to ask about his true feelings on their “romantic” relationship. IMO, Miyo wanted Kiko as a boyfriend regardless of Kiko’s comfort or actual feelings. When she discovers he doesn’t open up to her but does to Sukeroku she doesn’t give him space and then ask about his feelings. Instead she pulls Sukeroku away and lies down on Kiko’s lap without his permission. We can see his displeasure when he looks away and complains. She feels entitled to the emotional intimacy that Kiko shares with Sukeroku even though Kiko does not owe her that at all.

First, Kiko has known Sukeroku since childhood and he has only known Miyo for less than a year, he would predictably be more intimate with Sukeroku. She is overstepping Kiko’s boundaries without his consent. Secondly, it isn’t that Miyo doesn’t deserve Kiko’s intimacy it is just that ONLY Kiko can decide who he feels comfortable with. It is not something that can or should be forced. Yet, Miyo keeps barging into his life regardless of his true desires and personal space/comfort. She doesn’t really ask for his consent. Yes, he “agrees” to hang out with her, even “lets” her kiss him but he has never voiced affirmative consent to being physically/emotionally intimate with her in the way she keeps pressuring him to be. (The State University of New York states “silence or lack of resistance, in and of itself, does not demonstrate consent.”)  Even when he opens up to her about the play and she invites herself to do his makeup he instantly regrets it. I think that Kiko knows what Miyo wants and knows that he can never be that for her.

Miyo wants “alone time” with Kiko, but he is more content when he can spend “group time” with Miyo and Sukeroku 

Kiko never agreed to be her boyfriend so he doesn’t owe her romantic interactions/alone time/ dates. I think he saw her as a friend. I do think he wasn’t a very good friend. He should have been honest with her about his feelings, I agree. Yet, I can still sympathize with him. I am like Kiko in that I find it VERY hard to say no to people. So, I can relate so much to how Kiko went along with Miyo’s pressuring despite his discomfort. Plus, his master set their relationship up so there might be pressure there to appear as if he is entertaining Miyo. Also, Kiko could be a gay guy trying to keep up the appearance of heterosexuality. In all cases Kiko is still not a good friend and I do feel bad for Miyo but I also feel sympathy with Kiko. 

There is also the possibility that Miyo loves the “idea” of Kiko more than the actual Kiko. She was supportive when he was struggling but in my opinion she definitely wanted something out of it. @devilcastlescans compared Miyo to a “nice guy” in that she acts nice and friendly but she always wants something in return that is not platonic. “Nice guys” are usually only nice in return for romantic/sexual favors. Miko does start to feel entitled to Kiko’s romantic love and doesn’t bother to discover what Kiko actually wants from their relationship. This also adds to Miyo’s desire to rise up in the social ranks. She proposes to Kiko that he should be an actor instead of doing Rakugo. But, how much is this Miyo wanting to support Kiko and how much of it is her wanting to take Kiko away from his old life and mold him into her successful lover unburdened by thoughts of Sukeroku. After all, most of Kiko’s conversations with her about Rakugo were also about Sukeroku. And if she really did take Kiko’s feelings into account she would know that Rakugo and the family he found there is very dear to his heart. It isn’t something he would just abandon to become an actor. In the end one can say that both Kiko and Miyo use and mistreat each other.

Lastly, I have seen the manga scans but I don’t know Japanese so I only got part of what was happening. I am curious if the manga paints Miyo in a sympathetic light even after what she did for her “love” of Kiko in volume 8. Is there more details on her status as a geisha and why she is so desperate? Was Sukeroku mean/abusive towards her? (I really hope not T_T).

In the case of Miyo “hate” I think it is more complicated than shippers being salty. I don’t hate Miyo. However, I can understand some people’s dislike of her and her forceful ways. I think there are legitimate parts of Miyo that people can have issues with regardless of who they ship. I still don’t hate her but I can’t fully love her because of the reasons I listed and because of what appears to happen in the manga. Then again this is only a testament to her complexity as a character. I also started to fall a little out of love with Sukeroku this episode and I can recognize Kiko’s coldness. All the characters are not perfect and that is a good thing.

Damn I hate the BNHA fandom sometimes. I met some of the best people through it, met some of my dearest friends. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a shitty fandom at times.

People are telling blogs to kill themselves over ships. People are made to feel little over fanart. It’s ridiculous and makes me kind of ashamed to even be in it.

Waant to ship Bakudeku? Go ahead. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t because they are small minded.

Want to believe that Momo is a lesbian? Go ahead. Make cute lesbian Momo fanart. Who’s to stop you?

Bakugou is your favourite character? Good! He’s a good character! Don’t let someone tell you that you’re awful for that.

I’m slowly becoming more and more detached from BNHA because of toxic people like this.

But really, in all honesty? Fuck you if you tell someone to kill themselves over something they like, you’re trash and I seriously hope you can change the way you think.

Good day.

Sometimes I hate fandoms

Look what y’all made Sebastian do. I wish some of y’all would quit tagging him in ridiculous bullshit like that on Instagram. If you have an opinion on it, fine, but for the love of GOD, don’t tag him. What the hell did you think was going to happen? Sebastian has been so…accessible(for lack of a better word)…to his fans, and this is how y’all take advantage of it? He’s been nothing but gracious to his fans, but you assholes are going to cause him to cut himself off and then you’re going to be mad at him for THAT. And you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

ETA: Also of note, just because Seb has called his fans his “friends”, doesn’t mean you’re ACTUALLY his friend. You don’t get to act like you are. Tag him in fan art, tag him in positive and inspirational messages, great. Leave the rest alone. ETA2: I saw another comment from Seb that he wasn’t directing his message at the fan that posted the article. Regardless, he doesn’t need to be tagged in it.

I’m not asking you to ship and/or like the same characters that I do. I think that I respect all opinions, all I’d like is the same courtesy. I’m sure that you wouldn’t like if I bash your ship, so PLEASE don’t be a hypocrite defending your ship by bashing another.

And remember, going from disliking a fiction character to actually make rude comments about the actor/actress is one step too far.

can’t believe i saw a post that more or less said clarke wasn’t really bisexual because she wasn’t the one to initiate the clexa kiss. amazing.

I just really hate this fandom sometimes. Some of y'all really don’t know how to mind your own business. If it wasn’t for some fans then none of this would’ve happened. That doesn’t excuse what that Jordan guy said at all because he is also in the wrong here. 

Some people in this fandom really cross the line with the girls’ private lives. Who they talk to, flirt with, date, have friendships with is none of our business. We do not have the right to harass a person just because one of the girls commented on their pictures and it could get in the way of your ship. Newsflash, Lauren and Camila are not and will not ever be in a romantic relationship, even if they are/will be, you still have no right to jump in to their business. 

Lauren has said many times that she is uncomfortable with all of this yet some shippers still take it too far. She and Camila were very close and that got ruined by the tension that shippers caused. Yes, I am blaming shippers, but only the ones who literally harass the girls themselves, their families/friends, boyfriends, etc just to prove their ship is real or even worse assign the girls a sexuality. They are real people not fictional characters that you can play around with. They have feelings and real lives that you guys disrespect all of the time. 

What that guy said was out of line, but it would have never even been said had people left that guy alone and left Camila out of it in the first place. He’s clearly a jerk and at least we all know that now, but Lauren is 18 years old and can make decisions for herself. If she wanted to date that guy (I don’t know how people jumped to that conclusion from an instagram comment but I digress) then no one had the right to jump in to that.

Also, can y'all stop assuming that Lauren doesn’t care about Camila. They might not be as close as they were publicly, but they both obviously still care for each other. Don’t use her giving that guy her number as an excuse to be mad at her. She sent that to him hours before he said what he said about Camila and he even said that he and Lauren aren’t  talking. Also she does not have to publicly address this to prove that she cares or stood up for Camila. She can handle this privately if she so choses and you have no right to know anything about it. 

Some of you guys seriously need to step away from the fandom for a little bit, clear your head and come back when your mind isn’t clouded with delusions. For the record I am not saying that all shippers are like this, but a big enough group of them are to cause this much drama over an instagram comment and an emoji.