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hey there !! i recently got into furbies and i was wondering: i know furbies arent demons or possessed like everyone says they are, i love them, but what actually happens if you treat a furby badly? i wouldnt ever test this theory, and all the stories i find when i google it sound really fake, so i figured if anyone would know it would be you haha

absolutely nothing happens long term if you treat it badly. they get scared if you hold them upside down, but go straight back to being happy go lucky and loving you when you put them right side up again. sometimes people get spooked by the “low battery” noises they make, and i feel like that probably inspires a lot of the stories, but the stories are indeed all fake, lol

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name: Jaemes David Bateson
nickname: Jamie, Jam, the Scot 
zodiac sign: Aquarius
gender: Male
favourite color: green and yellow
average hours of sleep: anywhere from 5-8, depending on the day (weeknights he tries to get 6-7, weekend he tries not to sleep in but it happens anyway)
last thing googled: probably “how to talk to girls without dying”
height:   5′9″ (and still growing!)


name:  Kelly
nickname: JPP, Kellbells (courtesy of Bunbun)
zodiac sign: Capricorn/Aquarius border (but I fit th aquarius stuff WAY better 95% of the time)
gender: Female
favorite color: blue/teal
average hours of sleep: haha 6-7 if I’m lucky. sometimes 8 on the weekends. 
last thing googled:  “can rabbits chew loofah”
height:   5′3″ 

#3 You Meet at a Meet & Greet, Become Friends, and Fans Ship You

Calum: Finally at the front of the line I feel my heart race in my chest as I walk over, setting my CD and sharpie on the table in front of the first band member, Calum. “Hello, what’s your name sweetheart?” Calum asked, signing my CD and passing it to the other boys. He hadn’t called any of the fans before me sweetheart which made me blush a bit and feel special. “ Y/N. Thank you so much for the show. I really loved it.” Calum blushes and stands up, hugging me tightly, something none of the other fans were allowed to have, the security guard next to him cleared his throat as if saying to let go. My heart leaped in my chest as he pulled away and blushed a bit. “I’m glad you liked it. Um I’m sure the other guys would like to meet a pretty girl like you so I’m gonna let you go.” I smile, my cheeks a deep red. Meeting all of the rest of the band, I retrieve my newly signed EP and walk out, being stopped by a young man in a yellow security jacket. “Okay this is highly against protocol, but Calum asked me to give you this. This never happened.” he says, handing me a small paper with a note that says You seem really nice. I’d like to get to know you better, also you really are very pretty ;) attached was a phone number in scratchy handwriting. Calum freaking Hood gave me his phone number. ~one year later~ Calum and I have been talking a lot since I met him at that concert, I could easily say he was one of my great friends. The other guys loved me as well and I could say the same, anytime they were in town they would pay me a visit and we would go out together, sometimes being mobbed by the fans. Calum would hold me tightly and protect me from all of the girls, causing a lot of rumors about us dating. Some girls hated my guts, and others wanted so badly for me ad Calum to be together, I couldn’t Google my own name without finding a fanfic! Who knows? Maybe one day that fanfic can come true.

Luke: I had already met Calum and Luke in town the day before the concert. It was a lucky day, I had just happened to be walking around town when I went into the old record store and saw them there. Of course I politely asked for a few pictures and we got to talking, eventually going to Starbucks and having coffee. Standing in line for the pre-concert meet & greet I waved at Calum and Luke, earning a smile and a wave back, I can’t believe they actually remembered me, sure it was only yesterday but they meet so many fans daily. “How are you doing Y/N?” Luke asks me as I hug him over the table. He remembered my name and that made me smile widely, “Great. I am looking forward to the show tonight!” Calum smiles and nudges Luke’s shoulder as Luke blushes a bit. “I’m glad, hey how about you come hang with us right now? We’re gonna close up the greet in about 5 minutes. I’ll even let you backstage when we play.” he says, playing with his lip ring as he talks. “I’d actually love that so much. You’d really do that for me?”, “Totally, you’re our friend right?” I smile widely and the security guard allows me behind the table to be with them. I go backstage with them and see Ashton and Michael playing video games, and Calum on his phone. “So this is what goes on backstage?” I ask, laughing a bit. “Pretty much. We sort of just relax before a show.” Luke sits on the sofa and pats the seat next to him inviting me down. I sit and he puts his arm around my shoulder as if second nature although we had just met yesterday. We chat a bit, not realizing we are in the background of one of Ash’s Keeks. The comments were mostly positive, saying how cute Ashton’s hair is and things of that nature, and even some about how me and Luke should start dating and some about us looking cute together, making me blush. Luke was a famous band member, and my friend, not that I would mind dating him though.

Ashton: I love to meet my fans. I love seeing their smiling faces and making their day brighter. I love my fans and I wish I could meet every single one, get to know them and have conversations with them, like I did the day that I met Y/N. I remember sitting at the table signing the CD’s and posters that seemed to come endlessly, usually fans were shy and asked for hugs at most, but not Y/N. She was completely different. She came right up, talking to every single one of us guys, asking interesting questions and capturing our attention. The meet &greet slowly turned into a small interview session, that made the other fans impatient. Trying to keep a riot from forming, I asked her if she would like to talk to us after the show, which she immediately agreed to. We hung out for a while and she asked us more questions, recording some answers to make a small video of later, it turns out Y/N was a youtuber. Little did I know how famous this interview would make her. Her subscriber count hit the thousands because of the interview, some saying the way me and her were sitting was as if we were a couple. Y/N was amazing but no we were not dating. I wouldn’t mind though, she is amazingly beautiful and really funny. I am so glad that she came to the show, if not I wouldn’t have met one of my now good friends. Maybe we could be more, I mean, the fans sure want it to happen.

Michael: I meet all of my fans that are in line, small talking my way into a coma. I really wish I could have taken my nap today, I knew I was going to be in a foul mood for the rest of the day. Maybe I could take a nap before the show, or relax and play some video games… with pizza. Oh god I need to get my mind off of that stuff, I have a job to do! I need to meet my fans and make them happy! Every single one of them! A girl walks over to me, handing me a CD. She was wearing a Destiny t-shirt, and I smile as I look at it. “Hey there! I love your t-shirt. Do you play?” , “Oh yeah.” she smiles blushing a lot. She actually looked really cute. “That’s awesome. Heh maybe if you give me your gamer-tag we could play together sometime.” I say smiling. “That would be amazing actually. Haha me laying video games with THE Michael Clifford.” I smirk and hand her a sharpie and a piece of paper. “Give me your gamer tag and we will see if you are good enough to be wearing that t-shirt.”, “Oh so THE Michael Clifford is challenging me to Destiny, I see. Challenge accepted.” smiling widely she scribbles down her gamer-tag and hands it to me as I hand her the CD. “Good luck.” I wink at her as I put the paper in my pocket, Ashton turning to me and giggling. “Well well, Mr. Flirtatious. What was that all about.” Laughing I just shake my head and sign the next fans CD. “I have no idea what you’re talking about Fletcher.” Later, I pick up my controller, logging in and adding the girl. I decide to stream this game, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets requesting for me to stream again. “Hey Michael.” the girl says into her mic. “Hey- Oh I never got your name.” ,”I’m Y/N.” she giggles into the mic. “Hey Y/N. Now enough chit chat, lets play some Destiny.”, “You’re on.” Y/N and I play video games for nearly all night, she beat me a total of 8 times and I beat her about 7. We later decided to work together, conquering all of the other n00bz. My fans on Twitch all were saying how we were such a great team and how we were meant to be together. I have to admit, we were really good together, maybe this could be something more… LIKE AN UNSTOPPABLE GAMING PAIR.

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The Song that Made 2014 the Best Year of My Life

This is not for Sherlock Holmes. This is for everybody who barely makes it through their days, for everyone out there who feels like they were meant for something more, but simply haven’t lived up, aren’t worthy to the task. This is for everyone who thinks dreams are for other people. For everyone who feels powerless in the face of the sameness of their days. This is for everyone out there who, like John Watson, honestly believes that “nothing ever happens to me.” I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, oh GOD have I been there! I’m here to tell you that things CAN change.

At 44 years of age I’ve survived so much. I survived unspeakable childhood abuse and severe, horrific PTSD. I’ve survived years upon years of depression and anxiety. This post is about a song that taught me to dream beyond survival. This is about a song that inspired me to thrive.  It’s not a trivial trance tune, “You Got to Go.” It’s profound- as profound as it is simple. This song is the soundtrack to 2014, the happiest year of my life…

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