sometimes i go through my youtube favorites and


Some of the reasons why I love Markiplier<3 He’s one of my favorite youtubers and sometimes I don’t know how I could survive without him and his amazing personality and how he makes people laugh when they’re down, smile when they’re sad. Brighten someone’s life when they’re going through a tough time. He lights up people’s life and change their lives from really bad and dark to really amazingly good and so much lighter. He says the amazing things to his subscribers and fans. He truly love us all. We love you Markimoo<3 Thank you so much @markiplier

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Alright ladies and gents! It’s story time! This year I got to go Warped Tour for the first time, and walking through the front gates I had two goals for the day: Finally seeing my favorite band (Black Veil Brides) live, and meeting those crazy YouTube whom I’d been watching for quite sometime.
When I first got to Warped, things took a turn for the worse, my mom’s ticket wasn’t working and we had to wait at customer service for a good twenty minutes. I got the YouTubers tent just in time to watch them put up the sign saying they were out of wristbands. Total bummer! I didn’t let it ruin my day though, I’d heard plenty of stories of people running into band members and YouTubers just by walking around.
 Towards the end of the day, my mom and my best friend had gone off to get food, leaving me in line to meet Ben Bruce. After meeting Ben -and getting drenched in the rain- I started heading towards where my squad would have been. As I’m walking along, I look into the tents for my friend Derek who was there helping out his friends band, but as I neared the end of the line I saw a familiar face duck into a tent.
My brain instantly went into fangirl mode when I realized it was Johnnie Guilbert, less then fifteen feet away from me.  Whoa dang, I thought as I stopped and before I even realized what I was doing, I was walking over to him. For a while, I had always daydreamed about what I would say if I ever met any of the YouTubers I loved watching, but all of those ideas left and out of my mouth came the words, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Oh, oh my god! That sounded way weirder then I thought it would!”
I knew right away my face was bright red, and so was his as we both had the same look of, “did that really just happen” on our faces. “Um, I made you a bracelet.” I mumble as I took off the green beaded bracelet from my wrist. On it were the words “You Are Loved” something I feel like Johnnie sometimes forgets.
 "I want you to always remember this.“ I say as I hand it to him  some of my normal confidance coming back to me.
He looked at it a minute and then smiled, ” Thanks darlin’ “ He grinned up at me and slid the bracelet on his wrist. The fact that he took the time to read it instead of just putting it on, made the moment all the more amazing.
I waved at him, about to leave, but before I could, he ran out from behind the table and hugged me, causing me to blush again. It was like hugging an old friend, a strange feeling to have over someone I just met. After he let go, I found the courage to ask if we could take a picture together. "Of course love!” He replied and I fumble with my camera, and go to fix my hair, which I had now realized was completely messy from all the rain. “Hey don’t do that! You already look pretty!” He says, putting his arm around me,I laugh as we take the picture. He pulls me into another hug, catching me off guard.
  “Hey man, thanks for everything. Thanks for existing.” I say to him and he smiles at me. He looked like he was about to say something but  I knew my mom was probably freaking out that I hadn’t shown up yet so I excused myself. We hugged one last time and I ran off to tell my mom the story, tears of joy were stinging at my eyes.
 After telling my squad the news, my best friend begged for me to take her around so that she could meet him too. So again we began searching until we finally ran into him again.
“Hey Johnnie! Remember me?” I ask jokingly and he laughed and walked over. “This my friend!” I say pointing to her and stepping back, I didn’t want to get in the way of her chance of talking to him.
 They took pictures and talked for a minute or two, but then we had to leave to get a good place to see NeverShoutNever.
 "I hope you enjoy the bracelet!“ I say as I throw up my usual hang loose with my hand and next thing I know, Johnnie wrapped his pinky around mine  and looks up at me proclaiming, "I pinky promise I’ll see you again! ”  I laughed and promised the same thing.
 That day still feels like it just happened, and I just wanna thank Johnnie for being who he is. Thanks for the memories.

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Hey Claire! (no pun intended haha) You're one of my favorite Youtubers and I look up to you immensely so asking you this is a big deal for me :P I'm going through a really difficult time in my life right now...I was just thinking how do you cope with losing people who used to be such a big part of your life and mean so much to you? It's like they suddenly just leave. Sometimes you just really miss them, but you know things will never be the same.

People grow and change, that’s life. Sometimes we grow apart and that can be hurtful but maybe it’s for the better. I try not to dwell too much on the past and what could have been/changed to make the outcome different. I guess as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that most of the relationships (whether they’re romantic or not) often end for a reason and as you will do with many things, you learn. 

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I was having a panic attack and I was with my friends. Someone started chasing us and when I got home I was crying and my parents told me to stop. I can't ever tell them I have depression and anxiety now

Oh god I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. I think you should talk to a friend whom you truly trust with this cause they might have depression and anxiety as well. And I’m being honest here I’m crap with giving out advice and stuff so I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help. If you ever have an anxiety attack ever again just go to these links (I promise, these AREN’T screamers. I would never send anyone screamers.)

This is a calming gif set. Just take your time scrolling through them. They sometimes help me feel less stressed. 

This is where you get to listen to the rain. I’m not sure if you like the sound of thunder but it’s another thing that helps you feel calm cause there’s something about rain that makes everyone find happiness y’know?

This is a playlist of my favorite videos from my favorite youtubers. I’m not sure if you’re able to watch the playlist. If not, just message me and I’ll put it up as public.

This is a playlist of Twenty One Pilots live. The reason why I have a playlist of them performing live is because when Tyler sings the lyrics it’s like you can see how much it means to him.

I’m sorry this took me forever. I was setting up both of the playlists for anyone who’s going through this.

Also since summer vacation just started for me it means that i’m pretty much stuck in my apartment cause both of my parents work, my old friends are still at my hometown while my friends here are most likely travelling to New York or whatever i pretty much have nothing to do. I would love to go out for a walk early in the morning, but obviously I’m afraid to because there’s some possible sex offenders out there so I just stay inside most of the time. But what I do is find other things to take my mind off it. I’m currently giving writing a try and it’s honestly AMAZING. So pretty much just do something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s okay if you’re horrible at it at first, no one starts off as a professional.

anyways, again sorry if this didn’t help you out very much I tried..I really did. Like i said just talk to a friend whom you truly trust. I hope you’re feeling better. I love you <3 

15 artists you need to listen to in 2014, if you haven’t already

1. Haïm
This band recently put out an album that actually made me want to buy the entire album on iTunes.  After only hearing one song by them on tumblr, I immediately fell in love with their sound.  It is the best of both worlds because it involves old vibes and new.  The album reminds me of a Wilson Phillips song with the twist of a modern day Kanye West instrumental track.  There are melodies and riffs that you won’t be able to get out of your head for weeks.  I can tell that this band of sisters will do great things with the music they put out next.  They are a bit under the radar still, but I’m hoping that more people will have taken notice after their performance on SNL.  Listen to their latest album and decide for yourself.  It’s on Spotify for free right now.

2. Fitz And The Tantrums
This band has been around for a while, but I did not discover them until I saw them on a late night show that Carson Daily hosts.  I heard them perform a song and I felt a connection with their sound.  Their sound can be piano driven at times, but it also has guitar riffs that carry songs to a new level and they have great rhythms.  Their album, “More than Just A Dream”, is a great listen and I definitely recommend checking it out on Spotify.  Adam Levine is also a fan of this band, so there’s that too.

3. Echosmith
I discovered this band via Spotify from someone I follow on there.  I began to listen to their catalogue and I loved the tone of the voices and the softness of the songs.  It was an easy listen.  I have a feeling this band will be one to watch in the future.  It has some good guitar melodies as well and the vibe is calming and at times beachy.  Check out their album, “Talking Dreams” on Spotify.

4. Cash Cash
I’m not entirely sure how I found this band.  It was either iTunes or Spotify, but what initially drew me in was their collaboration with Bebe Rexha on the song “Take Me Home”.  I remembered Bebe from Decaydance Records and her collaboration with Pete Wentz.  I figured it was worth a listen.  The song is definitely a song that makes you want to dance.  It has potential to be a club song as well.  It has highs and lows and pulls you in only to spit you at times.  The next time I heard songs by Cash Cash, I was in a store at the mall and I didn’t know it was them until I pulled out my Shazam app to identify the song.  After that, I looked into their catalogue on Spotify and fell in love with their upbeat tempos and catchy hooks.  I recommend their songs “Overtime” and “Satellites”.  You’ll be dancing around your bathroom floor to these beats in no time.

5. The Neighbourhood
This band has grabbed my attention since the first time I heard the song “Sweater Weather” on Spotify.  I loved the urban undertones and the almost eery sound of the vocals.  It sounded almost like he was talking with me and not at me.  Their recent appearance on a late night show had me looking into more of their songs and I came across some good ones like “Afraid”, “Little Death”, and “W.D.Y.W.F.M?”  I love the consistent tone of their songs and the rough, but silky feeling I get from listening to their music.  I definitely recommend looking at their catalogue of songs on Spotify.

6. The 1975
My friend actually recommended this band to me because she knew I liked the band The Maine.  I started looking into them on Spotify, but I didn’t see that many similarities to The Maine, other than their early works, like in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop album.  However, I did like their sound.  It jumped off the earphones and into my ears.  It demanded to be felt and heard.  The grooves and bass line were always dead on and the riffs and hooks worked flawlessly.  I had a lot of friends who liked this band and after taking a listen, I can see why.  The singers voice also seems to transport me to a different time and place.  I’m not sure what era, but it reminds me of good times.  I definitely recommend checking them out on Spotify and specifically the songs “Girls” and “Chocolate”.

7. American Authors
These people make great music.  I checked them out on Spotify after seeing a friend I follow listen to one of their songs.  I feel like they are one of those bands that makes songs that everyone can enjoy.  They sound, for the most part, joyful and full of life.  There are some great melodies and riffs and hooks that really sink into your brain.  I would definitely check out their songs “Best Day Of My Life” and “Hit It”

8. The Maine
I have followed this band for about 6 years now and I have watched them grow and mature into the band they are today.  I feel like everyone in existence should be listening to this band.  I really do feel like they are the only band that has never let me down.  They put out quality music each and every time and truly do care about their fans, taking time to meet each and every fan that comes out and putting out things for their fans to really enjoy.  Ever since they took the independent route, they have really grown even more as a band.  Their latest album release, “Forever Halloween” is a great album start to finish and I would 100% recommend checking it out on Spotify, in addition to their newest ep, “Imaginary Numbers”, which is also a great listen.  They have always had great sense of melody and hooks.  They are super effective and infectious.  Their song writing abilities have also improved over time and the lyrics can sometimes be a work of art.  Please check these great musicians out.

9. Ben Rector
I absolutely loved him since I first heard him on Spotify.  He is a great songwriter and his voice is great to listen to.  Sometimes raspy, sometimes soft, it definitely cuts through to your heart.  His lyrics can be sweet and relatable and powerful.  I recommend checking out his songs on Spotify and even Youtube.  Some great songs of his are “When A Heart Breaks”, “Forever Like That”, “I Like You”, and “When I’m With You”

10. Passenger
The thing that stands out the most for me on this artist is his voice.  It rings true and honest each time he sings.  My favorite song of his is “Let Her Go”  I love the at times folksy feel of his songs and the underlining rhythms that he chooses to use.  He is another great songwriter and I can see some great music coming from him in the future.  I would definitely keep my eye on this one.  You can check his catalog of music out on Spotify.

11. Parachute
I actually think I started listening to this band because of a free single download on iTunes.  It was their song, “What I Know” and I became obsessed with listening to it.  I just recently looked into their other music and I found similar feelings towards their other songs.  I definitely recommend checking out their music on Spotify and specifically the songs “Under Control” and “Waiting For That Call”  I love the piano driven rhythms and the powerful chords they use.  The lyrics are relatable and meaningful.  I would definitely check this band out if you haven’t already.

12. The Civil Wars
This band has a feel that just feels raw and welcomed.  The voices blend so well together that at times you almost forget two people are singing.  The harmonies are beautiful and fun to listen to if you like that sort of thing.  I recommend their songs “Barton Hollow” and “The One That Got Away”  Check out their entire catalog on Spotify for more great music.

13. This Century
I have been following this band for about 4 years and I have watched them grow and find their sound.  They continue to grow and experiment with their sound and each time they succeed at whatever they want to accomplish.  They put out catchy and relatable songs that make you want to sing along.  Their latest album, “Biography of Heartbreak” is a bit different from their other more rockfish stuff, but it still has charming melodies and hooks that will have you humming in the shower for hours.  It is a bit more electronic and pop sounding than their earlier works, but they have not lost their substance.  They are great songwriters and they do not disappoint.  I definitely recommend checking them out on Spotify or iTunes.  I have too many songs I love by them to pick a favorite, but off of their recent album, I love “Love Killer”, “Biography of Heartbreak”, and “Tip Toe”

14. Little Comets
This band is my go to band when I want to listen to music that chills me out and puts me in a creative mood.  I use it to write, relax, and elevate my mood.  They have upbeat and bright songs and the vocals feel happy and light.  The guitar riffs are also very catchy and you might get a song or two stuck in your head for the day.  Again, I get a beachy vibe from their songs and an almost island feel.  I discovered this band on Spotify while searching for new music to listen to.  I don’t regret taking a listen to this band and I believe you won’t either. 

15. Andrew Belle
His voice is gentle and strong at the same time and his songwriting is on the mark.  I found him via someone I follow on Spotify.  I recommend the songs “I Won’t Fight It” and “Pieces”  I definitely have to do more looking into his music, but from what I’ve heard so far, I like what I hear.  You can check out more of his music on Spotify.