sometimes i get so tired of allies

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sometimes we just luck out and get a good ally like chyler on our side. we are blessed to be honest. she's so sensitive and supportive. i just wish alex would get more screen time and that the powers that be would have locked floriana as a regular to keep her around.

That’s right, my friend. Chyler is AMAZING!!! I would never get tired to say that we are extremely lucky to have her. Her commitment to us is priceless. Prior to sanvers I hadn’t seen actresses with queer characters showing that level of empathy and truly cared about the lgbtq fans. One of the many reasons why I immediately join onto this ship was Chy and Flo’s respectful and continuous  interactions with the new born fandom. Eventually, I was glad to meet more allies like the actresses of hollstein and wayhaught among others, but Chy is special.

I’m pretty sure Alex will continue having an acceptable amount of screen time, she always has had it. I would love to see her in more action scenes, you know, being a badass. 

I know many of us are sad and we don’t like Floriana’s departure, but look, you can’t force someone to stay on a place that doesn’t want to be anymore. Despite how much I love Maggie, I respect Floriana’s decision and I get it. I suppose that one of the reasons why she took that resolution is that she felt underrated. It’s knowledge of everybody that SG writers didn’t know what to do with Maggie outside of sanvers, so she was just the nice girlfriend and that was all. Obviously for Floriana having to spend 9 months in a different country, a very cold one btw, and waiting hours only to shoot 2 or 3 short scenes per episode, didn’t get her excited for having to do this again. Chyler had a similar situation in her last season on grey’s anatomy and she chose to leave the show, so I guess she understands Floriana’s choice. I want her back but only if she will be treated as Maggie and Flo really deserve and not like a benchwarmer.

the next person to tell me to "indict the structures that allow macklemore to exist" instead of taking him personally to task

might get cursed the fuck out.

because i do. and i have been. and he can go with these structures DIRECTLY THE FUCK TO HELL.

getting a buncha cis gay and cis hetero couples married on international television during an awards ceremony with (rumored to be gay, but not out at all) queen latifah is the biggest stunt he could pull off. and it’s exploitative of ALL parties involved.

then he has madge singing the fucking hook. madge, who just a fucking week ago dropped the n-bomb on instagram IN A HASHTAG, but came parading her black son to the grammys like “lookit me, i’m about that equality life!” NO, HOMIE. it’s not okay.

further, can we talk about calling a song ‘same love’ when NO ROMANTIC COUPLE’S LOVE IS THE SAME AS ANOTHER’S TO BEGIN WITH? that is, love looks like different things to different people, and to flatten experiences to create a bullshit catch-all is really not okay. it oversimplifies folks’ situations in the name of some sunshine and rainbow farty glitterized imaginary world where equality is attainable simply because some ppl want to be Married And Respectable. BOOOOOOOOO!

not the same love. it’s love that motherfuckers get killed for. it’s love that motherfuckers get put outta their homes for.

and that isn’t to mention how some queers marrying doesn’t give ANY OF US – cis or trans* – workplace or housing protection, doesn’t get us the resources we need as individuals or a community.

i’m really tired of this shit. if you don’t think it useful to examine all of these things, just say so. just say “i wanna feel happy feels instead of being all thinky,” and i'ma respect your gangsta. cuz sometimes i don’t feel like it either.

but don’t tell us to leave macklemore alone. cuz he’s the one who inserted himself into all this, by being “an ally.”