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Fanfiction Round-Up Post 2014

I like making lists, so I made one of all the fics I’ve written in 2014. The result surprised me - it didn’t feel like that much when I was writing it. Probably because I was having fun.

A lot of the things on this list would never have been written without all of your prompts, your encouragement, and your support. You make me want to keep writing things to share with you. Thank you!

So: 57 fics, more than 345,000 Words altogether.

Multi-Chaptered Fics:

For Better Or For Worse: NC-17; 66,000 Words / Kurt and Blaine are the perfect match - according to their test scores. Reality looks a little bit different.

From This Day Forward: NC-17; 61,000 Words / FBOFW Sequel: Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Seasons May Change: NC-17; 40,000 Words / From the time he’s five years old, Kurt’s best friend lives right across the street – at least for the holidays. (A story about friendship, loneliness and love, told through a series of summers and winters.)

Clash: NC-17; 32,000 Words / Blaine is a sexual free spirit with a bit of a reputation, Kurt doesn’t do casual. It should be impossible, and yet Blaine just cannot stop thinking about him.

(Im)Possible: G; 26,000 Words / Being the blacksmith’s son doesn’t exactly give Kurt a lot of opportunities to put on nice clothes and dance, but then his friends sneak him into a royal ball for the prince’s 17th birthday for one night of fun. And for the first time in his life he gets to dance with a boy and flirt with a boy and just be himself - until he has to run off to get back home before his dad notices his absence. What he doesn’t know is that the boy he danced with was Prince Blaine himself, and that Blaine, who still believes Kurt to be nobility, leaves no stone unturned to find the wonderful boy he just can’t forget…

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