sometimes i get chased by bears

When he loses his temper (You x iKON B.I. ft. Bobby)

Sooooooo…I think I have a thing for iKON now?? I’ve been majorly behind on their show since I’ve been so busy, so I decided to catch up a bit and now I’m just like…~(゚∀゚)~ I wanted to try writing something for them, and this came to mind! Don’t be surprised if you see more iKON scenarios in the future kkkkk~ 


“Let’s try that note one more time. I don’t like the way that it sounded.”

“From the chorus?”

“Yeah, I’ll restart the music.”

Your pulse throbs in your temple as Hanbin sits behind the class, watching you in the recording studio. How many hours had it been already? Four? Or five? You were wearing down, and you’d still only managed to record half of the three minute song to his satisfaction. You nod to him and the music starts up again, and you try the chorus line again. 

“It’s only you, baby~”


The music cuts off abruptly, and you see Hanbin sigh, running a hand through his hair. Great. He didn’t like that one, either.

“Let’s just take a break, okay?” His voice comes crackling through the mic. “Ten minutes.”

More relieved than anything, you open the heavy, sound-proofed door and make your way outside of the studio to the hall. Opportunities didn’t come along that often, and somehow, you felt like you were ruining it. 

It had only been two weeks since it had been announced that you would be the trainee singing on iKON’s new track, and there had been some major hype around you on SNS and fan sites. The rumor was that you and handsome leader B.I. had something going. Several pictures had been snapped of the two of you at a restaurant, and a few more of a coffee run and an early breakfast one morning. They made it out to seem like you were together.

Truthfully, you and Hanbin did kind of like each other. In fact, you were close enough that the two of you had admitted to liking each other. But in preparation for a new mini album, he was more and more stressed, with the constant vocal rehearsals and rearranging of songs. There was no way you could maintain anything other than a friendship right now, so that’s what it was.

But at this moment, Hanbin was not your friend. Hanbin was B.I., strict leader and music producer who refused to let anyone down. He wanted this track done by the time the day was over, and you had to do your part. He’d pushed off the other boys’ recordings so he could get your done, which made you feel even worse about the fact that it had taken so long already.

You stop by a water cooler posed in the hallway, taking a paper cup from the stack and opting for some warm water rather than cold. In all honesty, you hadn’t had much rest these past few days. A stipulation of being on the track was that you keep up your normal practice schedule, and attend the recordings on your own time. As a result, you were more exhausted than ever. Your head was pounding, a fever was coming, and as a result…you voice sounded bad, too.

The water touches the back of your throat, and you cough, your eyes watering. If you could just get through this…everything would be okay, right?

“Hey, _______-ah!" 

Bobby’s head peeks around the corner from an empty practice studio, waving you over. “Hanbin-ah wants us back in the studio…are you okay? Was that you coughing?”

He says it in his usual innocent way, and you offer him a smile. “I just got choked up a bit, that’s all.”

"Are you sure?” He frowns. “You don’t look that good. I mean, uh, not that you don’t always look good, but…when was the last time you slept?”

"Two days ago.” You cringe. Thinking about it only made you more tired. 

“Did you tell Hanbin that?” He asks. You shake your head. How could you? That would change anything.

“Don’t worry about it.” You shrug off his concern. “It was nothing. I’ll see you in there.”

You roll up your sheet music and pace down the hallway quickly, away from Bobby’s suspicions. You had worked too hard and come too far to give all this up now. “I’m here.” You enter the studio, where Hanbin has taken his seat in front of the controls.

“I need you in there with Jinhwan hyung.” He nods. “You two have the next verse together.”

Jinhwan hands you a pair of headphones and you fit them over your ears, listening to the track start up for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. It all seems to be going well until Jinhwan sings his part. You open your mouth to let the words come out and your voice cracks…cracks…right in the middle of the lyrics.

Hanbin’s mouth drops open, and even the boys are surprised. You were known among the other trainees for your sturdy voice, and no one had heard it crack, like…ever. You cover your mouth in shock. “Sorry!” You say quickly. “One more time!” Hanbin shakes his head and restarts the track, but the same thing happens again. 

“What is going on?” You’re shocked when a few moments later Haebin opens the door, storming in. “Have you not been practicing enough? I know that the note is challenging, but really! On any other day you could hit it with no problem!”

You can’t even look him in the face while he scolds you. It hurts your feelings too much.

“We’ve been here for hours, and all because you can’t hit the right note!” He snaps. “I’m confused. I thought you were the right trainee for the job, and now I’m not so sure if I think that.”

Ouch. That one hurts. Hanbin rarely called you a trainee (at the very least, he called you a friend), and the way he was speaking to you…how could he do that? Sometimes your instructors yelled at you like that, but never Hanbin. 

“Hanbin, stop.” Jinhwan says softly, noticing the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes. “She gets it.”

He sighs, looking away from you. “You should just go. We’ll try again tomorrow after your schedule, and you’d better be here on time.”

“I’m sorry for being a burden.” You bow at the waist, and Hanbin looks at you out of the corner of his eye. “I’ll go now. I’m…I’m sorry for holding you back. I didn’t mean it.”

You sit the music back on the stand and take off the headphones, putting them away. You can’t even bear to look at the boys as you leave the room, embarrassed that they all just witnessed that. “Thank you for your hard work.” You mumble, dipping your head. All you want to do now is leave, but Bobby chases you into the hall, grabbing your arm.

“Don’t let him get to you.” He says sternly. “Sometimes he’s like that when he’s stressed. Most of the time he lets it out on me or Junhoe, but I never thought he would do that to you.” Suddenly he presses a hand to your forehead. “You feel really warm…are you getting sick?”

“I don’t know.” You mumble. “I’m going to go home now. Thanks, Bobby.”


A few hours later you sit nestled on your couch, your head resting in the crook of your arm. You’d come home right away, falling to pieces when your mother asked how your day went. She let you cry out of frustration (which you hated), and then sent you to your room to wash your face and take a shower. After some left-over spicy stew, you’d settled in front of the television for some much needed relaxation. 

You’re dozing off when the doorbell rings, and your mother comes out of the kitchen, looking confused.

“What time is it?” You ask, sitting up on your elbow.

“Ten-thirty.” She frowns. “Who’d come by this late?”

You keep your ears peeled, the front door hidden from your view. When she rounds the corner, your surprised to see that she has Hanbin in tow. “You should be practicing!” You gasp. “What are you doing here?”

“The guys to a one-hour break to go and eat some dinner.” He sits in front of the couch, twisting a cup in his hands. “Here. I brought you some tea. It’s good for sore throats.” You take it, all the memories of the past few hours coming back. “Thanks.”

“I’m sorry.” He says, dipping his head. “I yelled at you, and I shouldn’t have done that. I’ve just been working really hard on the album lately…but even then, that’s not an excuse.”

“It’s okay, Hanbin.” You murmur. “You’re the leader. It’s your job. I didn’t sound good today, so I’m sorry. I don’t know why…I should have told you that, but I didn’t.”

“It’s because you’re not getting enough rest.” He reaches out and touches your cheek with his hand, and you stiffen instantly, your ears going pink. “I told you, sleep whenever you can, even if it’s in between classes. And you should tell me when you don’t feel well. Bobby hyung told me you felt like you had a fever, and you do.”

“It’s nothing a little rest won’t fix. At least, that’s what my mom says.” You shrug, a little flustered. “I’m not mad at you, Hanbin.” You could never be.

“I yelled at my best friend when she had a fever.” He leans back on his hand, laughing to himself. “I’m such a bad guy.” You throw a couch cushion at him. “You were doing your job. Stop regretting it so much!” He nods, chuckling, playing with the pillow. “I should go. I have to make it back in time to catch the bus." 

"Oh, right.” You say quickly, a little sad that he already has to leave. It was so rare that the two of you got to spend time together that even if you met today under these circumstances, you were grateful for it. “Hanbin-ah!” Your mom comes bustling out of the kitchen, a bunch of boxes in her arms. “It’s not much, but take this back with you. I know you probably skipped your meal time to come here, and I wouldn’t be a good mother if I sent you back hungry!”

“You prepared all of this?” Hanbin stares at the food in shock. Your mother was an impressive woman, and you marvel at the fact she’s prepared a three-course meal for him, complete with soup and little slice of cake. “Of course.” Your mom smiles over her shoulder as she disappears into the kitchen. “I have to find some way to thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.”

Mom.” You hiss as he blushes. “Come on, I’ll walk you to the door.”

“Thank you, for this.” You motion to the tea, smiling. “I’ll work harder next time.”

“As long as you just get better, that’s the only thing I care about.” He grins. Although he hesitates for a second, he leans forward and kisses you on the forehead, leaving you standing there in shock. “Feel better, okay?”

You watch him as he jogs across the street, food in hand.

“I like him.” Your mother smiles knowingly, snooping from the kitchen. You sigh, closing the door behind you and sliding down to the floor, heart fluttering. 

“Me too.”


Ta-da~ Scenario finished! What did you think? This was my first iKON scenario, and I really liked writing a lot! Have you all been following them as well? I don’t know who my bias is yet kkkkk~ I hope you enjoyed this scenario! Hopefully I might get some iKON scenarios the next time my requests open up! Maybe that will be soon? *wiggles hopefully* ~Jjangpanda

Get to know me better tag

I was tagged by the lovely @speedingintofandom 🌸

Countries you’ve lived in: Finland

Favourite Fandom: Cherik (recently Alien: Covenant has risen pretty high tho)

Favourite film of 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road / The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Languages you speak: Finnish & English. I have studied French, Spanish, and Swedish but I must say I understand more than I speak.

Last Article You Read: I honestly don’t remember. Must have been some newspaper article about the attacks in Turku.

Last Thing You Bought Online: my David figure (x). Who is totally Walter btw.

Any Recurring Dreams: that I’m stuck in a bus and cannot get out (see the next question). Sometimes I’m trapped in a burning building. When I was a child I had a nightmare where I was chased by something (a bear?).

Any Phobias or Fears: buses. Which is totally fine and lovely when you have to travel by them to get to the university unless I want to walk. (◕ᴗ◕✿) (No, seriously. I have panic disorder. This is my life.)

I also fear heights and tight spaces.

How Would Your Friends Describe You: funny. Sarcastic. Supportive. Compassionate. Ready to help whenever needed. Too obsessed with Fassbender, oh God why.

How Would Your Enemies Describe You: very blunt. Resting angry face syndrome. Never answers any messages in time. How many blue things can one person own??

Would You Take a Bullet For Anyone: probably not? I hope I never get to find out.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first?: my own appartment. Of course depends on how much…

Tagging the usual suspects @thesmartbluebox @theonlyconstantinlife @taimproblem @paljonmeluatyhjasta @moderateslytherin @varjojentuomio @krakenbabypermitsit @ihanatalvi @thewileywindymoors but no pressure & feel free to ignore.

Things You Said - 08.

Recommended Listening: The Mercy of the Living - Bear McCreary

things you said when you were crying

Hawke doesn’t shout. Hawke doesn’t scream. When the assassin rematerializes and his blades sink into her back, the only sound she makes is a whimper. The blood bubbles at her lips, spills from her nose as her eyes roll. She slumps to the ground limp, lifelessly, like a ragdoll. “No!” he shouts “I will not allow it!” As if it were his choice. He races to her side, leaping at the assassin, sword hammering down to cut, to slice, to kill. The assassin is not like Hawke. The assassin screams.

Fenris drops to her side, hands on her face, “Hawke, Hawke.” Her skin is already cold.

“We need to get her to Anders, now,” Aveline says. Many birds have died in the alleyways of Lowtown. He wouldn’t allow this one. She rouses when he lifts her into his arms, her fingers biting into his arm.

“No, no,” the words are slurred, blurring together, “please stop hurting me, you’re hurting me.” She moans, her head lolling against his chest as he races through the streets. Every step, every jostle, brings more pleading, more begging. Her blood is warm on his arm, bleeding a trail behind them. Anders accepts them without a word, leading them to a back room.

“Out,” is all Anders says. Fenris doesn’t move. He’s always loved the way red looked on Hawke. Stitched into her armor, the robes she wore at home, the stain that she wore on her lips, the way she drew it across her face in battle. He hates the way red looks on Hawke. The way it pools beneath her, dribbles from her mouth. Stained on her cheeks from his hands, against pale skin.

Aveline takes him by the arm, begins to pull him from the room. “No!” He protests instantly, pushing back, “no, I have to stay!”

“Oh, when did you become a healer?” Aveline asks as she places hands on his shoulders, pushes back. “All you’ll be doing is getting in the way. Let Anders work.”

“I have to stay,” he pleads, “I have to stay with her.”

“Fenris. I get that you two have something.” I can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry. I feel like such a fool. All I wanted was to be happy, just for a little while. Forgive me. “But you can’t help her here.” Aveline’s words are kind but insistent, and he allows himself to be dragged away.

He paces in Anders’s clinic, chases away would-be patients with a scowl. Aveline leaves sometime during the night, and he is alone. His feet ache, he cannot bear to sit. It’s almost morning when the door creaks open. Anders carries a lantern in his hands, which highlights the dark circles under his eyes. He looks worn-out, exhausted, and fragile as parchment. He sighs when he sees him. “I’ve done all I can,” he says, “I’m going to bed.”

Fenris slips past him, rushes to her side. She is sleeping, her breathing even, but she is still… even by the single candle that flickers he knows there is still more to be done. He takes the stool, sets it by her bedside. His gauntlets fall heavy to the floor. He takes her hand in his, presses his lips against it. “Hawke, I should have – it should have been me.” He grips her tightly, presses his forehead against her hand. “I love you Hawke, I should have told you sooner. Please don’t leave me,” he weeps. “I am yours.”

I’ve found an effective way to get family to stop asking about my personal life by responding with answers my Fallout 4 OCs would give.

Family: What are you doing today?
Me: Well Preston found a place he thinks would work well as a settlement. Clear out the baddies and then scavenge the place clean for materials I need to mod my weapons and armor.

Family: How are you?
Me: I’ve got some radiation sickness after fighting some glowing ferals, luckily I have some RadAway. Unluckily it tastes like raw sewage, so I chase it with some Bourbon.

Family: Interested in anyone in particular?
Me: Oh am I ever! There’s this scrawny guy that gets paid to kill people but he’s a sad, cute dad who stops himself from swearing. Then there’s this other guy who is big and buff and has the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen but he’s kind of a jerk sometimes but deep down he’s a teddy bear.

Family: What do you want for your birthday?
Me: the last 210 years of my life back.

Date Night - Jack Johnson Imagine

This isn’t smutty because honestly I have more cutesy feels for Johnson than sexual because I would so much rather be in a relationship with him than a one night stand like with the other boys so shout out the anon who requested this secretly knowing it would tear me apart as well and all my Johnson girls come holler at me so we can be best friends 😭💕 hope y'all like this
I leaned against the counter picking at my nails while I waited for the microwave to finish. The instant I heard the ding I felt a rush of relief. My macaroni was finally done. I took it to the couch and continued watching Say Yes To The Dress. Before I could even get halfway through my food the door to my apartment opened. “Hey baby,” I said when I noticed my boyfriend walk through the door.
Jack leaned down and gave me a kiss. “Get up and get dressed,” he said with a smile once he pulled away. I have him a confused look and stayed seated. “Come on, we’re going out.”
“Like on a date?” I asked half surprised. Jack was always sweet and goofy but it had felt like forever since we actually went out on a real date.
“Yes a date now get your cute ass up and go put on some clothes before I drag you out of here in your Mickey Mouse pajamas.” I knew he wasn’t kidding so I rushed to my bedroom to throw on some clothes, stuffing my face with the remainder of my macaroni as I did so.
Half an hour later we pulled up to a pier parking lot and I felt my stomach do a flip. Jack had brought me to Santa Monica, where we had first met. We walked down the bridge hand in hand to the pier, lit up with colorful lights due to the absence of day. “Let’s go ride the roller coaster,” Jack said as he pulled me in the direction. I couldn’t help but smile at how childish he was when it came to having fun; I adored that about him. We were seated in the front row, with the entire cart to ourselves. The instant we pushed off Jack started with his ‘hurrays’ and 'wees’. I laughed and he pulled out his phone, recording a snapchat video. “Give me a kiss,” he yelled over the rush of air as he pursed his lips. I happily obliged and cupped his face with my hands. “Now put your arms back up, the best part is coming up.” We went for another go round on the roller coaster like every group did when there wasn’t a line.
“Will you win me the giant Pooh?” I asked Jack as we walked around looking for something else to do.
“These games are rigged, you know that.”
I gave him my puppy dog eyes and he laughed. “I’ll give you a kiss if you win it.”
He sighed in defeat and I giggled at how easily he could be won over with the promise of a kiss. “Make it two kisses and you’ve got a deal.” We shook on it and he coughed up a few dollars to play bottle toss. His first two rings didn’t make it but his third did. He pulled out more cash. That time he got two of the three on a bottle. “Third time is a charm,” he spoke confidently, but it wasn’t. He didn’t get a single ring around the bottle. “You know what here’s thirty bucks give me the giant Pooh bear.” The guy laughed but gave in and sold Jack the bear. He turned around confidently. “And my kiss?”
I shook my head. “You cheated, I said you had to win me the bear.” Jack looked at me with no amusement so I stuck my tongue out and ran off.
“Hey!” He yelled after me. “This bear isn’t light. Get back here!”
I ran down the boardwalk and turned the corner, hiding behind the bumper cars. I heard Jack curse the bear as he neared closer and I jumped out to scare him. Jack didn’t look as amused as me. “Have you chased an unnaturally fast paced girl down a boardwalk with one of these before?” He breathed heavily as he sat it down next to me. “You should try it sometime because it isn’t easy.”
“Oh shut up.” I pulled Jack in for his winning kiss. As I went to pull away he leaned back in, this one lasting longer.
“You promised two,” Jack reminded me once we finally were appart. I smiled at him. “What?”
I draped my arms around his neck and played with the strands of blonde hair at the nape of his neck. “Nothing.” I looked at him. I noticed the sparkle in his blue eyes that resembled the ocean, the way his eyebrows furrowed together made him look like a grumpy toddler. Jack smiled as he looked at me, that contagious smile I could never get enough of no matter what my mood.
He was perfect, not only for me but in every piece of him. “I love you.”
That was the first time I had ever told him that. After six months I had finally said it to him and he didn’t run away, he didn’t look scared.
Instead, “I love you too.” He stayed there with his arms around my waist and his forehead leaning against mine.
“Why did you decide to take me out tonight?”
“Honestly?” I nodded my head and waited for his response. He sighed but then laughed, “To finally say that. To tell you I love you and I have for months I just didn’t know when or how to tell you and I didn’t know if it would scare you off even though we’ve been together for a while now I just thought if I did something unexpected then-”
I shut him up with a kiss. “You tend to talk a lot, you know that?”

Arctic Silence

While travellers landed several hundred metres away in the high Arctic archipelago of Svalbard I was standing on bear sentry duty.

My job is to continuously scan the hillsides and (especially) the water for Polar bears that may be approaching the landing site, so that I can either deter the bear with flares or warn better-placed sentries.

On nights like this, with the sun getting lower in the sky (this was taken at about 22:00) it is naturally very tiring on the eyes. But with bears never far away (a mother with two cubs was seen here by us just three hours earlier) it’s a necessary task!

The sea is seen by many as a natural barrier that does not need to be paid attention to, but bears are just as likely to come from the sea as from the land and they are much harder to see in the water. By the time a bear is obvious, it’s amongst your group and you’ve left it too late.

Most bears are travelling through and not really interested in people. In fact many will purposely avoid people. But there is a minority of hungry bears (often adolescents with lots to learn about hunting) who pose a real risk to us. Maintaining a perimeter involves not just being able to spot bears but also be in a position to deflect them from our group and, in the very worst of circumstances, be in a position to open fire with rifles without endangering our travellers and kill the bear.

It’s a sometimes-tricky role and it’s easy to let your mind wander, but it does afford an opportunity to be alone with your own thoughts, and be able to focus on a task without distractions. Being alone in the still silence of the high Arctic is an experience I chase and treasure and a couple of times a season I get to really experience it. This photo sums it up.

SIGNAL BOOST to help a reader find this cat!

Sorry to bother you with an un-funny submission, but my cat has been missing for a week now and I thought that your followers would probably be willing to help me spread the word and try to get her back.

She went missing from the Aston/Swallownest area of Sheffield in England. She was let out after her breakfast, as usual, on the morning of Monday the 27th of January 2014 and hasn’t been seen since.

She’s terrified of everything and doesn’t stray very far from home. She runs away from people and cars so I can’t imagine that she has been run over or stolen, but I have called the local Council anyway and they haven’t cleared her up from any roads (thank God!) and will call me if they do, and I have rung around local vets to see if she has been taken to them by anyone thinking that she was a stray, and also to let them know that she is missing, but so far I’ve heard nothing. Obviously I won’t know if she has been stolen unless the person who stole her returns her to me, but like I said, it seems unlikely.

She’s four years old and is very small (about the size of an 8-month-old). She’s black with a white chest and belly and white feet. Her name is Allie, but she probably wouldn’t come to you if you called her. She has been micro-chipped but was not wearing a collar. She has a very high-pitched meow, more like a squeak (we call her “The Squeaker” sometimes) and a little white smudge under her nose, on the right-hand side.

I think that what probably happened is that she was chased out of her comfort zone by a larger cat and has lost her bearings and ability to get home. I just hope that nothing horrible has happened to her since then.

Please, please help me if you can! I love her and miss her so much, and I just want her back. I’m so afraid for her because she’s so small and timid. I just want to hold her again and never let go!

Thank you all, in advance.


CS AU Week: Day 7 (Bandit!Emma)

He had met her when she had tried to steal from him. He’d been staying in the little port town for a few days between voyages and decided to take a little walk in the woods when suddenly, he was on his knees, a dagger at his throat. She had severely underestimated him and before she could make her demands, he’d had her on the ground, her own dagger pressed against her neck.

He couldn’t see her face, she wore some sort of mask but her eyes were a piercing green (he’d dreamt about them for months after), darting between his, determined and sharp. He’d pulled down the fabric covering half her face with the dagger and then pushed it closer to her neck, forcing her chin up.

“You’re not a very good bandit are you? Attacking an armed man in broad daylight.”

She had frowned and had been about to answer when he had heard the clopping of horses behind him. He still isn’t sure what had possessed him to grab her and pull her behind some trees as the carriage passed them. He had then proposed they rob it together and though a little incredulous, she had agreed.

That was the beginning. It had taken a year, many successful heists, a lot of chasing and following her about on his part and her almost dying to get where they were now. Now, he sees her whenever he comes to port and sometimes, when they cannot bear being apart, she sails with him.

He is ridiculously in love with her and late at night when the mask and the leather are gone and it is him and it is her, he is infinitely grateful that she had picked him to steal from that day.