sometimes i forget this blog exists

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This blog is so calming to scroll through THANK YOU

The earth is beautiful. I think it helps in times like these. Small reminders. That despite our human problems, the earth continues to be amazing. It’s easy to forget. Sometimes I stalk my own archive too. In some ways with our busy modern lives we are so disconnected from nature, it’s unfortunate. This strange world of money and politics and jobs and mortgages that we’ve built around ourselves. Maybe we’d all be a little happier if that wasn’t so. Just to be alive, the chances of life, existence. And yet we can’t simply be. In some ways we overthink things, rush around creating problems.  It saddens me sometimes, the world humans have built. Concrete. Plastic. What we are doing to our planet. Billions of years and yet the little time we’ve been here we are killing it already. We are so far removed. So missing the point. To live, to love, to enjoy life and all the rich beauty the world has to offer. I don’t know…  I think about this a lot. I feel a longing to be in these places, to be experiencing them. The peacefulness of nature.. ♡

Hello, dear people!!

Since the “secret blurred santa” failed because we were out of time, ang (aka @inaternum) and me decided to make a secret friend for Valentine’s Day! Sometimes this beautiful day only seems to exist for couples in love and personally, i think that very often people forget that it’s also for friends, so we want to bring the importance of friendship and love back with this cute activity, would do you like to be part of it? :DD if it so, keep reading!

What it is about?

Everyone will be the secret friend of someone, basically you’ll have to prepare a gift for this person. What kind of things? Maybe if you’re good at editing pictures, making gifs, editing a video, a drawing, dedicate a song or a picture, even write a love letter making us believe that Damon, Alex, Graham or Dave wrote it! or whatever else you can make for a present. The important thing is keep being in secret until the exchange of presents arrives <3 got it?

How to participate:

Please send an ask to my main blog ( @tiinkers-tales ), telling me that you want to be part of this. Also, we want to ask you a lot of responsability, think that someone will be waiting for their gifts!

Deadline to sign up:

We will be waiting for your request until January 27th. After that day, we’ll let you know who is your blurred friend!!

Please reblog this to spread the word to your friends and stay tuned for more news, thank you! <3


Hello! I finally decided to do my first follow forever 2015, and the first with my new url. (Took but came away, ya gunners ya! Wait I’m not Mesut. k)

Jokes aside, I do the old cliche to thank each of you who follow me (almost 2k5), wow I didn’t imagine reach as many followers in three years of existence of this blog and I feel very happy to have in my Dashboard amazing people and in some cases edit wonderful things that just make me fall in love, you all have a place in my heart. ♥ 

Anyway, if you’re marked down here, somehow I like you, your blog, or especially of both and of course you will be here. First of all I want to apologize to those who may be lacking here, but sometimes I forget a lot of people, but there will be many other follow forever and put them here, right? That’s all, folks! :-)

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