sometimes i forget just how much i love you

I sleep for twelve hours straight and have trouble leaving my house on the same day that I’m looking up the price of a plane ticket to Chicago, the price of a train ticket to San Francisco.

I am realizing that we have trouble accepting how human it is to be a human. We do not forgive ourselves for how much we feel. We get angry at ourselves for being hurt, angry at ourselves for needing love or attention, as if it is a shame to have any sort of imperfection at all.

I feel like a bad human sometimes and I don’t know what that means. I think it just means on days, I’m really bad at existing.
I forget to feed myself and brush my teeth.
I have trouble getting to sleep and sometimes I even forget how to breathe, how to take a deep breath, how to relax in the face of panic. I think I need to begin reminding myself some days being a human means feeling so much inside you that you need to shut out the world around you otherwise it’s all too much. Because sometimes when I’m alive I can feel everybody’s pain and all their stories of aching and missing. Because some days you can feel everybody else’s heavy and your heavy and you can’t even bring yourself to sit up in bed.

Sometimes being a human means being too quick to forgive the wrong people and taking an eternity to forgive yourself. Sometimes being a human is feeling lost as hell because you have no idea what to do and you have no idea who you are. Maybe being a human means always being terrified of not knowing what’s going to happen next in your life but being there to wake up the next morning anyway. Maybe being a human means knowing you’re loving the wrong people, but loving them anyway to learn a lesson. Maybe it means standing in your own way sometimes. Maybe it means wanting things you can’t have, missing people who already walked out the door. Maybe it means always wanting to be in another place at another time. Sometimes it means feeling brave and exposed, but sometimes it means feeling small and invisible.

Maybe what makes a human a human is as simple as, “We are here. We are aching and alive, full of stories and light, and some days we forget how beautiful it is.”

okay but honestly if you feel like pure shit or if someone makes you feel like pure fucking trash please please please dont forget how beautiful and nice and pretty and worthy you are and how much you deserve to be treated better than you are getting treated right now and just learn how to love yourself embrace your insecurities and just like hug yourself sometimes and just for a minute accept yourself for who you are and for how you look because you are fucking unique and you are an amazing masterpiece and all of your flaws make you great and make you fucking perfect and i just love you and i hope you will feel somehow better after reading this

Dr Seuss Wannabe Dreams

Sometimes I dream of ethereal things
upon this world’s richly golden tapestry
that love can breathe, life is tough but fair
from sorrow the children might be free
yet sometimes when my dreams fall through
I forget to remember what truly matters 
and I’ll bet this may also happen to you 
I forget
the innocence of each bright new dawn
the wonder in a child’s eyes
yes I ofttimes forget much to my regret
the opportunity awaiting every sunrise
this morning may we dream in gratitude
of just how blessed we happen to be  
and I’ll share my dream of love with you
would you be so kind as to share yours with me

How you Interact: Being Part of the Game Grumps

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I haven’t done anything for these guys yet!!! HOW COULD I FORGET THESE GUYS! I love Game Grumps just as much as I love Jack and Mark! This’ll be just for Danny and Arin where you’re recording with them.

  • You and Danny cling to each other when Arin plays a horror game.
  • You both hide behind each other, screaming at the smallest jump-scare and slapping him when he tries to make you yelp. Sometimes you have to hold Danny on the couch because he wants to ditch you to the horrors.
  • Making inappropriate jokes when Arin is trying to be serious. Making even worse jokes when Arin looses his shit at a game because he keeps dying. 
  • You sing randomly and Danny joins in. Arin starts beat-boxing, but when you don’t know the words you make up the lyrics. To which Danny tries to contribute, but fails miserably as he starts giggling.
  • Making up stupid stories for characters. 
  • Making up stupid voices for characters. 
  • Making up ridiculous names for characters and making the characters as ugly as you possibly can.
  • Over-exaggerating certain in-game dialogue with Arin, trying your best to ignore Dan as he absolutely looses his shit with laughter.
  • Telling funny life-stories/experiences. 
  • Danny forgetting what he was talking about and you reminding him. But then making fun of him for his forgetfulness. 
  • Messing with Dan’s hair while you’re sitting on the couch watching Arin. 
  • “(Y/N) is currently braiding my hair. Which is, I must admit, quite relaxing.” 
    “You can’t sit beside me and not expect me to touch that mane of hair.”
  • Arin screaming at you because you accidentally bumped him and caused him to die. 
  • Encouraging Arin when he gives up on a certain level/boss 
  • Him trying one more time and winning!
  • Making fun of the game your playing because you don’t understand whats happening. 
  • “Why is this tree screaming so much!” 
    “The tree obviously has a lot to say.”
  • Being slightly racist at times, apologizing, but not really apologizing, but still feeling bad because you don’t wanna seem like a terrible person. 
  • Unable to speak because Danny and Arin keeping yelling at each other and you can’t stop laughing at the two of them. 
  • Yelling at the audience because you didn’t wanna continue a certain game play-through. But enjoying the really stupid and silly games.
  • Danny bringing you snacks into the game-room between recordings. 
  • Telling Barry to edit something really random into the video. Making it stupidly difficult but he edits it perfectly.
  • Mispronouncing words to get on Arin’s nerves.
  • Arin refuses to play multiplayer games with you, because you do the opposite of what he says. Only occasionally helping him in battles. 
  • But he likes challenging you at party games. You two get really competitive while Dan is just having a fun time in the background. 
  • Sometimes, while you and Arin are concentrated on each other, Dan takes the glory and the two of you gang up on him. 
  • The three of you are always laughing and the videos are nothing but sarcasm, sass and terrible jokes. It’s a lot of fun and the subs absolutely adore you guys.

“I feel really lucky to come home to a place that is so beautiful. sometimes it’s sad to leave and go out on the road, missing everything that happens here - but honestly, it’s nice to miss the things that you love once in a while. so you never forget to appreciate it. hopefully, i can say this without sounding like a preacher but… remember to enjoy EVERYTHING. the things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance.. it’s all going to make you better. stronger. and more like yourself. every once in a while i get a reminder of how much i’m okay with just being me. i know that sounds ridiculous. cause i’m in this band. we’re lucky. we got successful. but who i am is still this nerdy, silly, flamethrower of a person. and it took me 20 years to see that and get it and love it.”
Hayley Williams

Exo Reaction to You Being a Forgetful Person

Request: Exo (ot12 if possible?) gif reaction to you being a very forgetful person. Like, you space out a lot and lose things all the time and forget what you’re doing, can’t focus on things and sometimes walking circles because you forgot where you were going, but then always end up laughing at yourself because you know just how silly you look? (thank you for being so adorable and thoughtful like i love you <3)

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy! (p.s. oh shhh thank you so much I love you too^^)


He’d find it adorable when he walks in to see you pacing in circles trying to remember why you came into the kitchen, but he would try to help you remember as best he can.

“Did you come in for a snack? Some water?”

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This boy would tease you quite a bit, especially if you suddenly stopped in the middle of a conversation because you forgot what you were going to say. In the end, though, he wouldn’t take the teasing too far.

“Ahhh I wanted to hear the end of that story!”

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Being real, Kris can be pretty spaced out (galaxy pun ftw) himself, so I think that would just be something the two of you bond over. When you forget what you were saying as he walked into the bedroom and forgot what he came in for, you’d both share a laugh and relate to each other.

“We’re a bad couple, if we have kids we might both forget about them accidentally.”

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You’d most definitely bring the Sumomma out in him. He would tend to follow you around; reminding you to write stuff down, eat, drink water, etc. But when you get to circling around a room trying to remember something, he wouldn’t be able to hide his laughter. 

“Y-Y/n, do you really not remember why you came in here?”

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Okay, Yixing is gonna be just a forgetful as you are. He’d truly try to help - being the actual angel he is - but he would just end up forgetting the thing you told him to remind you of.

“Wait, I was supposed to remember something?”

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Prepare to be teased to no relent. This boy, being a member of the beagle line, is known for his endless teasing of the other members. So this would definitely come into play with your forgetfulness.

“Did you forget something again? Come on, Y/n!”

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Similar to Baekhyun, this second member of the beagle line would be the ultimate tease. His angelic laugh would be a something you hear on a near-daily basis, especially when you forget the rest of the joke you were telling.

“I think your face was funnier than that joke could ever be.”

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Onto the final member of the beagle line, he, again, would be someone who would tease you relentlessly. However - being the sunshine happy virus he is - he would always be sure to help you out when you’ve forgotten something important.

“Are you sure you can’t remember? I know you can.”

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He’d probably be the most silent about it. Not that he wouldn’t notice your often forgetful nature, he would just keep his thoughts to himself about it. However, when he sees you walk into a room, then quickly walk out because you had forgotten why you came, he won’t be able to hid a smile.

“Babe, how can you not remember why you came in here?”

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Contrary to the typical “pissy and sarcastic” Tao we’ve known, I feel like Zitao would be a bit more forgiving than usual about this. He’d feel bad teasing you about it, yet when you laugh at yourself, he’d laugh along.

“Silly, I’ll have to help you remember from now on, I guess.”

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This little puppy would try to help you as best he can, even if that means leaving 100 sticky notes all over the place. He would feel awful seeing you wander around the house completely lost, so anything he could do to help, he would.

“Y/n, it’s in the drawer to the left, remember?”

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Literal brat face, okay? This boy would be sooooo sarcastic about everything, from when you pace in a circle, to forgetting what you were going to say, he’d tease you about it. Of course, he knows that you tend to laugh at yourself about it anyway, so why not make a few jokes?

“Oh my gosh, Y/n, how could you forget the rest of that story? It’s so easy!”

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-Admin Yeonie

I just wanted him to care. All i wanted was for him to see how much he hurt me and for him to regret all of it and just care about me again. & I think after so much time of convincing myself that he cared, I started to believe it. sometimes you tell yourself a lie so much that you start to forget its a lie and I think thats what happened with him. I didn’t want to lose him, I cared about him so much and so I was constantly making excuses for his screw ups. he would hurt me over and over again and I made excuses for him, I made scenarios in my head.
every time he got mad at me, every time we went without talking, every single damn time, I tried to reason with him, I told myself “He cares hes just having a hard time right now.” I told myself he cared about me over and over again even though he never ever said it to me. I got so lost in my head I forgot what real love felt like. I forgot that it’s not love if your the one working both sides.  
And I think I’m finally over it because I realize that, if you have to make someone care about you then they don’t. If you have to beg someone to give you a little bit of their time, they don’t deserve yours. I learned that love needs to be replicated, you cannot love enough for 2 people, it will never be enough to make someone stay. 
and I still love him, I think a part of me always will, you don’t just stop loving people because they don’t love you. But I think I’m done waking up in the middle of the night because I dreamt about him. I think I’m done wanting him back because what we had isn’t what I want to have ever again.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write // #1

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I also need some advice. I get yelled at by my family a lot bc I'm very forgetful and I I'm sassy sometimes and I don't know when to stop arguing bc I'm very stubborn. I sometimes feel like my family hates me and that I literally have no one. But then later I realize how much I actually love them. Sometimes if we r having a really good time,I might make one little mistake and I feel like everyone goes off on me.I just always cry.Advice plz on what to do and how to be a better person or whatever?

My god, you sound like me…

Whenever I’m feeling ultra sassy and stubborn around Darry, I try to take a few breaths and try to ease it up. Just…take a really deep breath and store all your negativity and stubborness in it, and just…let it go. Smile around them, be kind, even if they annoy you a little, because you love them and they love you and it’s worth it in the long run. 💛💛💛

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Hey Sabrina, I can't help but notice that you often talk about skipping meals or only eating once a day. I know you say you're busy and you forget to eat, but I also noticed you've posted about wanting to lose weight and how you're happy you're approaching your goal weight. I don't mean to assume the worst, and I'm sorry if this comes across wrong. But as a person recovering from an eating disorder I can't help but feel concern as it reminds me of myself. Please eat regularly and stay healthy.

ah thank you for your concern but really I don’t do it on purpose. I love food and eating tbh I just often feel sick from stress during the day or I forget to eat until late. so sometimes I’ll literally want to eat but as soon as I try I feel nauseous and can’t or I will get sick. the weight I’ve lost is done healthy and not doing what happens during the semester and it actually really bothers me how much it effects me especially when I’m stressed or under pressure or just so busy I completely even forget I’m actual person tbh who needs liquids and food until I get up and literally on the verge of collapse.

but please don’t be worried about me in that sense 💕💕

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Thank you for your comment on the "they broke up" thingy, like I get what people are trying to get at but some explanations of it sound so friendzone-y "he loves her but she rejected him, how dare she make her own decisions! so now let's feel bad for dude who is dating other chick to forget" it's just too much, maybe it's my hatred of "I make you jealous to get your attention by attempting to move on with someone" tropes translating into irl, and I'm sorry if I make peeps feel bad, but yikes

yeaaahh it’s never sat well with me. it’s too angsty for a bunch of grown-ass people, even if they do sometimes behave like passive aggressive teenagers (namely Sam but shhh). 

Hey. Slow down.

Just wanted to remind you, hey, you’re alive today. Good job. I don’t even care if you’re in bed right now, you opened your eyes and gained consciousness, which automatically puts you above all plants and eyeless creatures, at least. You’re better than a plant, how’s that for love, huh?


Nah, I’m just kidding. You’re great. Don’t forget to eat today, I say that for myself as well. Drink stuff, too. Dehydration’s a bitch. Rest your eyes and head, sometimes noise is just too much. Give yourself a moment to regather. Hell, give yourself ten moments if you need, I’m not your parent, I can’t limit you like that!


Altogether, just remember that there’s a stranger on the other side of this screen that cares deeply about you, and doesn’t want you to go through life miserable. You deserve better. Go enjoy life, you adorable fork.

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Run (Jungkook x Reader, pt 16)

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Crime AU

“You can’t go and get attached to her. You know you’ll”-

“Have to get rid of her eventually, yeah, I know.” Jungkook rubs at his forehead, looking at the floor. “I just don’t want to anymore.”

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1. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you had just listened”
2. “I can’t be held responsible I wasn’t even there”
3. “You’re cute when you’re jealous”
4. Moving into a new house with _____
5. “Don’t think about it to much, your head might explode”
6.“I’m pregnant”
7.“I know what I saw”
8.“it was just a nightmare”
9.“NO! _____ can’t be dead!”
10. You break his heart and he will break your. But you won’t forget each other, even if one day you walk past hi and nether of you acknowledges it"
11. “I know your going to mess me up, but I can’t stay away from you.
12. "How do you know him” “I loved him”
13.“sometimes I steal flowers from your garden”
14. “Your love for strawberry shortcake doesn’t really match your appearance but I still think it’s really cute”
15.cake baking competition
16. Who can jump higher on the trampoline
17.“never call me that again”
18.“wait…. Your a psychopath?” your barista and I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time.
20.“it’s 2am and your deciding to go on an adventure now?”
21.“should I be concerned about how much coffee you’re taking in”
23.“I hope you aren’t flirting with me”
24.“please, stay”
25.“ I really want to kiss you”
26.“when I’m with you, nothing else matters”
27.“I wish we could be more than this”
28.“my life would suck without you”
29.“you feel a lot like home”
30.“you found me”
31.“we are a story slowly unfolding”
32.“today was a fairy tale”
33.“let’s run away together”
34.“if you love me, let me know before its to late”
35.“you look beautiful”
36.“relax… Please relax…”
37. “Hey- stop that! It tickles!”
38.“do you need something?”
39.“ Don’t change for me, don’t change for anyone”
40.“the constant beat of your heart is what I like to focus on”
41.“wishes are nice, but sometimes they don’t come true for a reason”
42.“hey asshole, this store is closed. Oh wait, you’re hot, never mind please do come in.”
43.“I have feelings for you”
44.“feelings are hard”
45.“why does this cost 10 dollars. This is an outrage!
46."I don’t know why you’re surprised. Betrayal never comes from an enemy”
47.“I’ve been by your side since the beginning. Where have they been?”
48.“I always just remind myself that the sun will come up”
49.“lesson learned. Don’t keep crayons in your pocket”
50.“What happened to me?”

Sometimes I take you for granted. I forget to kiss you goodbye or wish you a good day or remind you just how much I appreciate you. It’s easy to be comfortable with someone you love, because you love them and they love you back and you don’t expect that to change. I hope you know how wonderful you are. You occupy every inch of my heart and every free space in my thoughts and every dream I’ve ever had. You mean so much to me, and I’m sorry that I forget to tell you that. I hope you don’t think I love you any less – I promise I don’t.
—  L.G. Grand Gestures And Love Letters (An Excerpt) 

you know what, luke gives a lot and he tries really hard and i think sometimes people forget he’s not always in a position to come to his own defence, he can’t always explain himself or his life to us and he shouldn’t always be expected to. but he tries and i know a lot of us know what it feels like to try and have that not be enough, to not be able to explain ourselves. imagine that on the scale he deals with shit.

psychopatx  asked:

Wow look I believe here's a URL right heeeere~~

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: I already spoke on my feelings abt moriarty so I’ll just restate that I never liked him all that much but since my return to the fandom + rp, all the writers have really made me love him so much more.

how they play them:
ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF! holy hecking jack is such a good jim I sometimes forget this because we talk ooc more than we RP, and when we do it’s all crack and gingernuts but imma be honest Jack’s JIm is so legit and I’m so invested in the way he stays in character and true to the bbc and wow yeah

the mun: okay im so glad the cah verse happened because I wouldnt know jack at all otherwise. he’s so nice he’s so funny I just love talking to him he’s just the best okay I could love on jack all day

do i;

follow them: ofc
rp with them: actually like….. not really LMAO we should fix that
want to rp with them: see above (yes)
ship their character with mine: nah lol 

what is my;

overall opinion: so gd important pls love this mun and muse as much as I do

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.