sometimes i forget i love these two

Sometimes I forget that German is pretty wild. Like look at these two sentences

Der gefangene Floh.


Der Gefangene floh.

The only difference is the capitalization of the words. But these sentences mean something COMPLETELY different: 

Der gefangene Floh = the trapped flea.

Der Gefangene floh = the prisoner escaped.

Thanks Zeitmagazin for reminding me how stupid yet awesome this language is. 


09/05/2017: Ivanteevka, Moscow oblast. A ninth-grader, fan of Columbine - Mikhail Pivnev came to a class with a gun and smoke bombs. After a monologue about the desire to die, he shot a teacher. Schoolkids started jumping from the second floor to safe their life. Four persons were injured. No one died.
During the year Mikhail attended a psychiatrist because of suicidal thoughts. Probably he was victim of bullying classmates and teachers. Mikhail was using last name Klebold online on his social media page (, re/posting info, gifs and memes about shooters. Also he warmly condoned all shootings, action of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

His post on April 20, 2017:
On April 20, 1999, the Columbine school was attacked.
If it does not go into details, then as a result, 13 pupils are dead, 23 were injured and two are alive in my heart. Here and again the same day. It is a pity that not a year for sometimes I think. No matter what happens around me, how they treat me, I wonder if I’m needed here … life is beautiful friends, but sometimes death is better. And it could be better if I was in the place of Eric and Dylan …
And now forget everything that is written here and live on. Not everyone loves suicidal thoughts, right?
- 18_12: 01.- HDTL. E&D.FSBS. CGMD. CHS. Never Be Forget.-

Atteched pics - video and photo from his online page.


Hello, old friend, and here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well, and were very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you, always. Sometimes I do worry about you, though. I think once we’re gone, ‘you won’t be coming back here for a while, and you might be alone, which you should never be. Don’t be alone, Doctor. And do one more thing for me. There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two-thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space. Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.

Here’s the two of them together!
I really enjoyed working on these and I can’t believe I did them in 1.5 hours each… 

I’ll definitely be getting these printed on holo paper sometime soon!


doctor who meme [1/10] episodes
↳ The Angels Take Manhattan

Hello, old friend, and here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well, and were very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you, always. Sometimes I do worry about you, though. I think once we’re gone, you won’t be coming back here for a while, and you might be alone, which you should never be. Don’t be alone, Doctor. And do one more thing for me. There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two-thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space. Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

• Lots of basketball games, where’d you’d be on the side lines holding up a cheesy sign saying “# 7 on the field # 1 in my heart.”

• Him looking and winking just as he is about to make the game winning point!

 • He’d run to you after a game through the crowd, just to get his winning kiss. “y/n!” “Oh no Zach! Get your sweaty self away from me.” You said running through the stands. But he catches you in less than a minute and envelopes you in his arm. “Caught you.” He whispers “You’re an idiot.” You say with a smile “Yes, but I’m your idiot, so it’s okay.” He says right before he kisses you. 

 • Ice cream dates, he’d smile and watch you as you ate your ice cream. “What’re you doing?” You said with a giggle, “You’re so weird.” He rolled his eyes, “is it bad that I love my girlfriend so much I can’t help but stare at her beauty?” You held out your spoon. “Oh shush and let me eat my ice cream in peace.” He leaned over and ate it as you gasped! “Zachary! How dare you?!” He chucked and winked. “Maybe next time you’ll take my compliment, so I don’t have to take you ice cream.”

•Movies at the Crestmont, where you two would sit in the back and cuddle into him.

•cuddling non stop.

•lots and lots of kisses, on your forehead, nose, lips

• You always wear his letterman jacket and it’s huge on you because your boy is a giant. “You’re tiny.” “I AM NOT.” “Y/n you are so small.” “I am average height, you fricking giant.” “Gosh you’re feisty, and you look so cute in that.” “Can I keep it.?” “No.” “But Zach…”

•he’d surprise you from behind and always make an effort to walk you to your classes. “Zach you’re gonna be late for your class.” “But I have to walk with you to class..” “I’m a big girl I can walk by myself.” “Yes, I’d rather spend time with my girl, than be in class, unless that class is Bio.”

•you and his sister are best friends, and you guys are always whispering. And he loves how good you are with her.

•his mom loving you because unlike the rest of his friends, you’re such a good influence on him. She sees the way you two love each other and can’t wait to call you her daughter-in-law

•Zach gets jealous easily, especially when you laugh at Jeff’s jokes and hang out with him. He will give you the silent treatment until you make him realize he’s the only boy for you.

“Zach, I love you. No one else” “But Jeff..” “He’s a friend, one of my very good friends and you need to stop being jealous about small things. You know i’d never leave you.” “I-I’m sorry.” You kissed his forehead. “I love you okay? Don’t forget that.”

•you play video games with him, and sometimes he lets you win, just to see you smile and jump around. “OH MY GOD. I BEAT YOU.” Zach chuckled, “yes you did.” “I BEAT ZACH DEMPSEY AT COD.. HOW IN THE WORLD.” He scoops you up in his arms, “yes you did y/n, and I’ve got a prize for you.” He says as he kisses you!

•he’s super protective, especially after hearing Bryce’s tapes, and makes sure you’re never alone with him.

•He comes to you whenever he is sad, or upset about life. And the two of you cuddle and eat lots and lots of ice cream.

•You always make fun of how he’s allergic to strawberries. “It’s kinda sad, you know? You’ll never be able to bite into a juicy strawberry.” He rolled his eyes “yes y/n I’m so sorry that the small little fruit could possibly cause me to die.” “I’m just saying it’s a shame, they’re so good.” “God, you’re so mean.”

•He loves PDA when he’s drunk, but when he’s sober, he’d rather it be more personal, just between the two of you.

•He’s never fails to make you laugh, and cracks jokes just to see your eyes light up and to see your smile grow.

•When he gets drunk, all he’s does is think about you and tell you how much he loves you, and will not stop kissing you. “My girlfriend y/n, she’s such a babe. Like damn she’s the hottest girl in the school and she’s all mine. And have I told you I love her so much.” “Zach I’m right here.” “You’re really pretty you know that.” “Oh dear Zach, how much did you drink.”

• He’s always super embarrassed after hearing what he did while drunk, and you think he’s the absolute cutest.

• Zach is so fit, and loves the gym, and half the time you joke you’re dating him just for his abs. “God you’re hot.” He looked up at you. “Well that was random.” “Like I’m definitely dating you for your abs.” “Wow y/n so superficial” “Kidding I love every little thing about you.” “Oh sweet little y/n, nothing about me is little.” “ZACH!”

•Zach leaves the weirdest compliments in your compliment bag, and you keep them all to look at whenever you need to smile.

•Justin being like another brother to you and always jokes about how you have Zach wrapped around your finger.

•Justin and Zach are so close you always joke that he’s Zach’s boyfriend. “Hi I’m y/n and this is my boyfriend Zach and his boyfriend Justin.”

• He always tells you the cheesiest science jokes, because he’s a bio nerd. “Hey y/n, are you DNA helicase cause I’d like to unzip your genes.” “You’re an idiot”

•Zach dreaming about spending the rest of his life with you and growing old, because you’re everything and more he’d ever imagine in a girl.

i love it when i’m reading a book and the sexual tension between two characters it’s so strong that i literally feel the need to put some distance between me and the words.. like… my mom is in the next room can u two chill

Last Forever

Request: Do you think you could do something where the reader is dating Tom and they barely see each other bc of Tom’s work and bc of that they get into a ridiculous fight about it over the phone and it ends really badly. Tom feels bad about all the nasty words that were said so he goes home and surprises her there’s just a bunch of fluff at the end?!

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k (i got carried away, sorry)

Warnings: Language, Angst, eventual fluffy floof

A/N: this is a combo of 2 tom requests I got! hope you all enjoy, I’ve missed writing for this brit! x || main masterlist

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hello, sweetpea! welcome to my mobile masterlist. thank you for checking out my writing, and i hope you have a lovely day/night wherever you are ♡

faq / recs / updatesretired writings

updated: october 24, 2017

newest: roulette.

✿ - fluff | ☀︎ - comedy | ⚑ - angst | ❥ - favorite

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁


✎ gaffe | 1.4k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑

accidentally texting your ex is never good… right?

✎ usha | 2.4k ; hogwarts au ; ✿

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

✎ seigneur-terraces | 1.1k ; coffee shop au ; ✿

he’s basically like a cup of coffee: hot and bitter.

✎ jilt | 1.5k ; slice of life au ; ⚑

forever was only temporary.

✎ yêu | 2.1k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ❥

you don’t have to say i love you to say i love you.

✎ cerise | 2.2k ; college au ; ✿ ☀︎

third time’s the charm, right?

✎ dipsomania | 1.6k ; slice of life au ; ⚑

you forgot what intoxication felt like, and so did he.

✎ oodal | 1k ; hogwarts au ; ✿

the woes of being wandless and unable to reach the higher shelves.

✎ craic | 1.3k ; restaurant au ; ✿

who even needs that many napkins?

✎ metanoia | 5.2k ; hogwarts au ; ⚑ ✿

things get interesting when the good girl falls for the bad boy.

✎ ukiyo | 1.4k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑ ❥

you can never truly forget him.

✎ gauche | 1.4k ; college au ; ✿

waking up to a one night stand doesn’t seem as great as it did last night.

✎ imbroglio | 4.4k ; office au ; ✿ ☀︎ ❥

the first impression is always important. but so is the second.

✎ maelstrom | 2.1k ; college au ; ✿

you don’t know if you want to hit him or kiss him.

✎ accismus | 6.3k ; slice of life au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

  one. two. three. four. [ complete ]

you didn’t truly understand happiness until you met him.

✎ heimat | 1.3k ; slice of life au ; ⚑ ✿

home is where the heart is.

✎ frisson | 1.2k ; college au ; ✿

desperate times call for desperate measures. like suddenly kissing a really cute boy.

✎ saudade | 3.6k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑ ❥

please don’t forget me.

the universe of us | 21.1k ; dream au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

[ feat. jeon jungkook ]

“I love you.” — “I know.”

✎ solace | 2k ; coming of age au ; ⚑ ✿

sometimes, all you really need is someone who listens.

✎ fallacy | 1.1k ; hogwarts au ; ✿ ❥

he’s probably more oblivious than gilderoy lockhart.

✎ mischance | 1.6k ; neighbors au ; ✿ ☀︎

accidentally punching your new neighbor isn’t the best way to introduce yourself.

✎ vemod | 2.2k ; friends with benefits au ; ⚑

how do you fall in love with someone you don’t even know?

sobriquet | 3.1k ; college au ; ✿ ☀︎

he’s declared himself your honey bunny chunkie wunkie and who are you to deny him?

the universe of us | 21.1k ; dream au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

[ feat. kim taehyung ]

“I love you.” — “I know.”

✎ roulette | 1.2k ; assassin au ; ⚑

he loves me, click, he loves me not, bang.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

C O L L A B O R A T I O N • S E R I E S

for more detail about each collab, click here.

angel / demon au [ complete ]

noun: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

» rys’s stories { dreamscript }

✎ hunt [ hoseok ] ; ⚑

living off of angel wings and feathers is hard if those are all you have.

✎ soul [ jimin ] ; ✿

you’ve never really had angelic tendencies and jimin’s never really encouraged them; he is, after all, a demon.

✎ fire [ seokjin ] ; ✿ ⚑

another side, another story.

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

✎ animus [ taehyung ] ; ✿

it was hatred at first sight.

✎ amour [ jungkook ] ; ✿ ❥

to love would be committing the greatest sin.

 » fae’s stories { zephyoongist }

✎ unbroken [ yoongi ] ; ⚑ ✿

in a world where demons and angels are hunted for the price of their wings by humans, will there ever be a chance for a hopeless love─precisely between the hunter and the hunted?

✎ wait for it (m) [ namjoon ] ; ✿ ⚑

at first sight, kim namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. but then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of kim corps that made billions and known worldwide?

holiday / college au [ complete ]

noun: lit. “joy of living” ; a feeling of happiness and excitement about life, and the carefree enjoyment, ebullience, and zest of living it

» rys’s stories { dreamscript }

✎ serendipity [ namjoon ] ; ✿

meeting you was an accident. however, namjoon sees it as a positive moment in his life, even though he’d accidentally made a mess of the storage room in the process.

✎ cover up [ jimin ] ; ✿

holidays are a mess. so are you. so are your friends. and so is jimin (especially him).

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

✎ caprice [ jungkook ] ; ✿ ☀︎ ❥

is he or is he not your boyfriend?

✎ saccharine [ taehyung ] ; ✿

all i want for christmas is you.

» fae’s stories { zephyoongist }

 ✎ under the mistletoe (m) [ yoongi+hoseok ] ; ✿

it all started with ugly sweaters, a mistletoe, a brooding min yoongi and a too eager jung hoseok.

» story written by all of us ♡

✎ ardor [ seokjin ] ; ✿

add two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, and a whole lot of hidden feelings.

mobile masterpost. police au [ in progress ]

Let’s commit the perfect crime; I steal your heart, and you steal mine.

» rochelle’s stories { gukstudio }

in the midnight hour [ jungkook ] ; ⚑ ✿

A part of Jeongguk wishes he had gone to KFC instead. Otherwise he may not have seen you at McDonald’s at 10 P.M. while he’s supposed to be on duty.

✎ tba [ jimin ]

✎ tba [ namjoon ]

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

lovers’ paradox [ yoongi ] ; ☀︎ ⚑ ✿

Every time he gloats over you, you just want to punch him in the face to shut him up. With your fist or maybe with your mouth. You still aren’t quite sure which one to use yet. Possibly both.

✎ sugar-coated confessions [ taehyung ]

✎ double-cross (my heart and hope to die) [ hoseok ]

» story written by both of us ♡

✎ tba [ seokjin ]

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

D R A B B L E • G A M E S

✎ drabble game one | tag ; complete

✎ drabble game two | tag ; complete

Drunk amazon - Wonder Woman x Reader

Hey, first girl I get a request for..Perfect. I kept the reader “genderless”, and realized I should probably do that more often so anyone can read. Anyway, thanks @freethecagedeggs for that :) (and also thanks in general, cause I see you often in my notifications, liking my things and stuffs <3).I hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


It’s embarrassing really. And such a hassle. She’s so goddamn strong. And her voice is so loud. You were pretty sure she was going to wake up the entire neighborhood…

What the Hell was she singing anyway ? Was it in…Ancient Greek ? 

She leans on you a bit more and you loose your balance, because she’s way heavier than she seems and almost all her weight is on your shoulder, as you support her drunk ass back home. 

You both crash into a wall, and you’re pretty sure you bruised a few ribs. She bursts out in laughter, and multiple voices from around the block are yelling at you two to “shut the fuck up”. You waved at some of them to apologize, and they just gave you the middle finger. Nice. 

She starts singing again, even louder than before, if it was even possible. 

-Diana, please, calm d…oh you better not throw up on me !

You take her arm off of around your shoulders, and she falls to her knee. You don’t even feel bad for letting her go, because damn, she brought that on herself. 

She’s gagging over and over again, but no, she doesn’t throw up. Not on you, nor on the floor. And, carefully, you get close to her again to help her stand back up. 

-I swear to the Gods Diana, this is the last time I help you ! 

-You always say that…

-Well, I mean it this time ! 

-You’re adorable my love. 

-And you’re insufferable ! 


Rolling your eyes, you start to walk back to your shared apartment once again, with an amazon that calmed down just a little bit. She still sings some songs in ancient Greek, but this time, you’re the only one who can hear, and you’d never admit it, but her soft voice in your ear is somewhat soothing and very nice. 

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Jealous - Jeff

Request:  jealous!Jeff imagine where the reader hangs out a lot with Justin and Jeff gets suspicious and when he goes to the readers house so they can chill and have a movie night he freaks when Justin is there but he doesn’t show it and like justin leaves to go hangout with Bryce and Jeff gets sad instead of angry and he’s like “are you cheating on me” but she explains Justin’s home life and that he just needed a place to stay and he apologizes and fLUFF??? Thanks! 

Originally posted by mazikeenhart

Jealous - Jeff

You filled two bowls with spaghetti from the serving container in the kitchen before walking back to the living room where Justin was waiting and handed one to him before taking your spot next to him on the couch. This was practically a routine to you two at this point. Anytime he couldn’t escape to Bryce’s he came over, you gave him food, and you would wait for him to talk to you about whatever happened.

“Seth is back at the house.” Justin explained after a few bites of the pasta you’d made for him. He pretty much never had real meals unless it was at your house or Bryce’s so anytime he gave you the chance you insisted on feeding him.

“Did he hurt you again?” You asked softly causing him to nod.

“He wouldn’t stop. I had to get out of there and I couldn’t get a hold of Bryce. Thank you for this Y/N, you’re always there and it means a lot.” He said before shoving more food in his mouth.

“Of course, that’s my job as your best friend. You can stay here as long as you need to.” You told him looking up from your own food. Before Justin could say anything in response the front door opened behind you and Jeff walked in.  

“Hey babe, I brought the movies.” He said grinning at you and walking towards the couch, slightly pausing when he saw Justin, “hey Justin.”

“Hey babe, there’s more food in the kitchen join us.” You said scooting over allowing him a spot on the couch. He nodded and sat next to you, putting his arm around you.

“I’m not hungry, so are we still up for our movie marathon?” He asked looking over at Justin, “is he joining us?”

Justin glanced down at his phone, “Actually looks like Bryce is finally calling me back so I’ll head to his place. Thanks for the food Y/N.”

He walked back to the kitchen and put it away before saying his goodbye and leaving hastily. You knew full well he was trying to give you two alone time.

The minute the door closed Jeff turned to you, “Are you cheating on me?”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and your heart stopped. You would never do anything to hurt Jeff and you couldn’t help but be surprised that he thought otherwise. Jeff was never the jealous type in general and you tended to forget sometimes that he could still get insecure when you spent too much time with other guys.

“Jeff no.” You said simply while trying to find the right words, “I would never do that to you. I love you so much and I only want you.”

“I trust you, I just get worried. You spend a lot of time with Justin and I really don’t want to lose you.” He said sighing. You could hear the concern in his voice and the look in his eyes hurt you. He looked so hurt and you hated it. You hated that someone as amazing as him could get insecure.

“Justin is just a friend. He has a bad home life so I let him stay over here anytime he needs it but I promise you nothing is going on,” You tried to reassure him, “You will never lose me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know, I shouldn’t have gotten so jealous. I trust you.” He told you.

“Jeff you’re allowed to feel jealous, I get it.” You responded, you didn’t want him feeling bad just for getting jealous.

He pulled you in closer as you leaned your head on him, “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Jeff,” You said looking up to softly kiss him, “and I always will.”

helianthus21  asked:

petition for you to write meta about Cas' sad man hair

Sometimes I forget all of you can see my tags, but yes I’m going to do it, because this fandom needs hair meta

Okay is the same thing that the trenchcoat, Cas’ hair has been changing as the character has evolved, and of course his hair is a reflection oh this evolution and of the changes in his mood. I think there are two important moments of Cas’ hair ( and omg, what a coincidence, they are related to the changes in his wardrobe): First season, the good old bed hair we all know and love vs last season, the sad man hair. Let me show you what I mean.

First seasons:

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Look at that amazing, sexy, incredible hair. It makes him look younger, full of energy and life. He is a sexy and unstopable angel who wants to fight and save the world, he has power, he is a sexy beast. It’s the first Cas, the Cas that didn’t care, or didn’t know, about human habits or manners, the Cas that never got his tie right. A really young Cas who didn’t know what he was going to live in just a couple years. Is the Cas that was less human, the Cas Dean wanted really bad to get laid with.

Last seasons:

Look at him, look at his hair, he is sad, like a man with a boring job he wears his suit and he combs his hair, he wears his tie right, and sometimes if you look really close he is a little dead inside, a real tax accountant. This a more serious Cas, an older Cas who combs his hair and is more human, more sad, the Cas Dean wanted to settle down with and the one he wanted to take care of and make happy again. Like I said before just like the trenchcoat changes and is more depressing, his hair changes too and is sad and comb, and not really glorious like it was before, is just like Cas, in all that years he has suffer a lot, he has evolved. Clearly he is not himself in the late seasons, he is suffering a depression and his hair, just like his tired face, shows it.


This can only mean he used his grace to keep that awesome hair at the beggining and know he can’t do it anymore, and it makes him, and us, even sadder. I really think he needs a change of hair again, something cool: the ‘’ Dean running his fingers through Cas’ hair’’ look. 

up in the air - part 5


read part one / part two / part three / part four here!

pairing: tom holland x reader, featuring harrison osterfield

requested?: no

word count: 2049

summary: tom’s travelling back home to london with harrison, and he just so happens to be on the same flight as you. sometimes, you find love when you’re least expecting it.

author’s note: bit of a sad filler chapter but i hope you like it! i think there’ll only be one more part to this story lol but i’ve got tons of requests to work on too! don’t forget to send me your thoughts xox


you woke up suddenly, without even realising you’d been sleeping again. the airplane cabin was still dark but the edges of the window covers were glowing, laced with daylight. all around you, people were stirring, stretching their arms and yawning wide. flight attendants were moving up and down the aisle with trays of bacon, eggs and juice cups, and two of them carted a steaming barrel of fresh coffee. turning to your side, you found tom.

he was resting his head on your shoulder this time, pinning you in place. you let out a tiny breath, trying to stay perfectly still so he wouldn’t wake but you were too nervous, accidentally shaking and bumping your arm against his leg. tom lurched up as if he’d been shocked.

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Well, that’s awkward... - Bucky Barnes x Reader

#2. Locked in a closet. Bucky and you are in a…tight situation (I’m not even sorry for terrible puns YO…ALSO I JUST GOT 500 FOLLOWERS THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU ALL…hope you’ll enjoy this story)  :

(My masterlist blog here :


Your face was squeezed against the Winter Soldier’s chest, one of your leg was in between his thighs, the other awkwardly kinda crushed on his side. Your arms were around his shoulders, and you could feel his breath on your hair. Damn that closet was small. 

-How did that fucking happen again ? 

He doesn’t answer. Of course he doesn’t answer. He so rarely speak…You try to get a little bit away from him so you can face him, and end up crashing your lips on his neck instead. Because of your proximity with him, you can hear his heart immediately starting to beat wildly. 

-Bucky ? 

You can feel him trying to get away as best he could, but the closet you two got locked in was just too tight for him to really be able to. 

-Bucky are you alright ? Are you having a heart attack ? 

He takes a deep breath, and finally speaks, though his voice is a bit shaky : 

-I’m fine. 

-You sure ? 


-Alrighty then…For real though, if it’s a heart attack…

-It’s not a heart attack !

Awkward silence ensues. Of course. So you guys were not going to talk about the fact that the reason you were in this closet was because you were making out, and he freaked out when he heard a sound, shoving the both of you into the nearest hiding place…A very small closet. And of course, it locked itself as he closed the door behind you. Alright then, not talking about it…Of course, it was just a thing that was born in the heat of the moment, totally didn’t mean anything ! You were arguing with him about his reckless behavior, and all of a sudden, your tongue was in his mouth, and he was kissing you. That happens all the time right ? 

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Draco poured himself a glass of his favorite whiskey, and walked into his and Harry’s living room. He grabbed his cellular device, that Harry had insisted upon him getting, so they could keep in contact easier when Harry was on a particularly long raid or when Draco was trying to track down a rare ingredient for his potions.

Draco sighed, looking at it and then dialed his husband’s number, putting it on speakerphone because he never put muggle technology that close to his face.

Harry didn’t pick up, and instead his voice rang throughout the room when his voicemail picked up, “Hi, you’ve reached Harry Malfoy, I can’t come to the phone right now,”

Draco’s lips twitched into a smile, as it always did when he heard Harry call himself a Malfoy.

“If this is Hermione, please limit your message to less than four minutes, I really don’t have time to listen to you read me your new book,

If this is Ron… Come on, I know we have lunch plans and chess on Tuesday, you don’t need to remind me every week, I will call you if I can’t be there,”

Draco snorted into his glass as he took another sip of his whiskey.

“If this is Ginny, congratulations on whatever match you just won! But please stop trying to make me deaf by screaming in my ear,

If this is Luna, my Quibbler subscription is still active, tell your dad I said hi,

If this is Nevile, um… I’m sure that new plant is awesome, can’t wait to see it,”

Draco rolled his eyes, he heard all the sarcasm dripping from the message to Longbottom, but he knew that the poor Professor would never get it.

“If this is Draco,”

Draco looked at the phone again at the laughing tone in his husband’s voice, and could picture the huge grin plastered on his face.

“I’m okay, don’t worry, I’m eating just fine and no baddies have gotten me yet. Make sure you turned off the stove after dinner, I know you forget sometimes when your mind is on the potion you’re working on, which is always.

I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

Draco could no longer hold back his sob, and it tore through his entire body at the last two statements, almost making him drop his glass. He looked over at the Daily Prophet and The Quibbler, sitting next to each other on the coffee table, both blaring the titles “THE BOY WHO LIVED, KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY”

Draco felt another sob rip through him and he hung up the phone, setting down his glass and with shaking hands he re-dialed Harry’s number, knowing that Harry would never again answer his phone, but that listening to his voicemail was the only way that he could ever hear Harry’s voice uttering the words,

“I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

“I love you”


This is for phoenixthecookiemonster, because you have an evil soul.

Harry’s voicemail was inspired by this

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Paulina who are some people doing good work in omgcp fandom?

*whispers* jeez do you have an hour? 

ok so Violets for the fandom (violets means kudos in sorority world). In no particular order: 

@shitty-check-please-aus for making and curating easily digestible and positive content for the entire fandom 

@airplanesandcookies for writing great fic, caring about representation in the fandom, and generally being positive 

@littlestpersimmon for making wholesome fanart about a myriad of characters in the fandom (also: GO READ EERIE CRESTS (their amazing comic))

@chrisfranklinchow and @omgcphee for starting the OMG POC Please Network

@redporkpadthai for making fun art, hosting streams, and being an all around good person 

the good folks at @jewishomgcp who are such an important source for Jack and Holster content 

@itsybittle for all the content they contribute AND organizing the @omgcplondon

@baba-nurse and @dexydex for taking the time to start, host, and contribute to Nursey Week and Ransom Week 

@zim-tits for the fun art she contributes to this fandom (also have you seen her AU’s? Have you seen the glory of pastel-punk Nursey?) 

@heyfightme listen, if you have not read her fics I implore you to, especially there are more than two sides to Eric Bittle (featuring BD Bitty which is both excellently done and fills some nuerodivergent representation that this fandom needs more of) 

speaking of which @justwritins for their fic Self Reflection about Bitty being a trans man 

the good folks at @samwellstudentunion for keeping this fandom informed and up to date on networking opportunities and such 

@eve-baird for running @rarepairsandpies and contributing a lot to rare ship fics for this fandom 

@polyamorousparson for running @omgcprarepairs and ALSO contributing a lot of rare pair content to this fandom 

(you should follow both rare pair blogs btw) 

@fatlardo for running @omgcpwomen and running the zine 

the good folks at @imaginethehaus for filling prompts 

@wheeloffortune-design for filling the fandom with a lot of short form content that we can roll with 

@hoenursey for all the good content they make, particularly for Nursey 

@derek-nursey-nurse for great content curation and insight 

@angeryginger because I love how they draw Nursey 

@gettzi for making great art and also being a good advocate for others

the good folks at @samwellslibrary for rec-ing good fics and supporting authors in the fandom by doing so 

@omgpieplease for making great fan art (and fanart of fan works b/c let’s be honest I’m still not over his Punk Au pieces

@fanaste for their amazing instagram edit series 

@ericrichardbittlejr also for her amazing edit series 

@jackzimmermannn for making swawesome AMV’s for this damn fandom 

@thehausghosts for giving underappreciated characters some love and being an amazing person

@gutsybitsies for contributing a whole lot of writing to this fandom

@wingedwarbler for great fan and light hearted fan art 

@tronnies-art-blog for figuring out Ngozi’s art style and making great art for us 

the good folks at @omgpromptsplease for generating great ideas and short form content for the fandom

@omgpbandj and @yoursummerfrost for running @pbj-epifest 

@onethousandroaches because fun fact: last year whenever I was having a bad day, one of my partners would send me posts they blogged/reblogged and it always helped (sometimes people do good things in ways they don’t realize) 

the good folks at @omgcp-cosplay for spreading the love and supporting cosplayers in our community 

the good folks @omgcpbigbang because running an event like that (especially two years in a row) whoo that’s a task 

isn’t this fandom great? Look at all the cool people doing good things?

and don’t forget YOU 

if you’re reading this and are in this fandom, I know you’re doing great things just by being here. This fandom doesn’t get anywhere without people who support content creators and generally contribute to spreading the love in this fandom. 

This is by all means not a cut-and-dry list. So if there’s someone you think I’ve missed, feel free to reblog this and tag people! Spread some more love. 

Accidents Happen (Part 8/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant! Reader

A/n: Thanks for being patient with this part! Life has a funny way of fucking your week up! But, in return, I made this part longer than the last one! I’m going to bed, now! It’s 5 am! Enjoy, loves!

Warnings: Teen Pregnancy, hormones, swearing, underage drinking (barely), wee bit of smuttiness. (Not even going to put swearing in the warnings, anymore! Kind of a given!)

Accidents Happen Masterlist // Masterlist

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

“I swear to god, Peter.” You said, dangerously serious, as you tied your robe closed, “If you and Ned don’t bring me wontons, I’m going to shoot you both if you dare show your face, again. I know where Nat hides a gun.”

“Babe.” You heard frustration laced through Peter’s voice, and Ned’s snickering in the background, “You keep bitching at me that you keep gaining weight. You told me not to keep buying you wontons, or you would also shoot me on sight. You need to pick one – because, apparently, I’m getting shot no matter what I do.”

“Don’t tell me what I said,” You snapped, as Natasha entered your bedroom. “Listen to your pregnant girlfriend, and get me wontons. The app said the baby is the size of an eggplant. My weight is obviously the baby.”

Peter fucking hesitated.

You were going to shoot him, twice.

“Y-yeah, babe.” He stammered out, “Must be the- you know what, I’ll get you wontons. Do you want noodles, too? I’ll g-get you noodles.” You heard full-on laughter from Ned, now, and Peter whispering at him to shut up. “I’ll see your beautiful self, soon. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Asshole.” You hung up with a huff. “Nat, am I fat?”

“Do you want me to answer what you want to hear, or the truth?” She was digging in your closet and didn’t even look at you.

“Fuck all of you, it’s the baby.” You snapped, throwing yourself onto your bed, “I’m twenty-eight weeks pregnant and stressed out, of course I’m gaining some weight.”

“Plus, Meixiu treats you like her granddaughter, and she over-feeds you wontons and noodles.” She turns with a dress in her hands, smirking, “You go to her restaurant too much.”

“She loves me, unlike all of you.” You sat up, looking at the pretty pink dress Natasha was holding, “What’s that for?”

“Your baby shower.” She hung it on the door, “Did you forget?”

“No.” You got off the bed, grabbing the towel you had wrapped around your hair, “I just got distracted by wontons. Plus, I’m getting crabby.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” She smirked, “What’s your deal? Why are you raging at everyone, lately?”

You groaned, putting your hands over your face, “It’s embarrassing.”

“Is it something Dr. Nguyen should be made aware of?” She sat on the edge of your bed, taking your hands away from your blushing face. “What’s the deal?”

“Oh my god, Nat.” You turned your face, away from her. “It’s sexual, okay?”

She let out a laugh, “That’s not something to be embarrassed about. What’s the problem? Not getting any?”

You shook your head, “No. I’m not. I have all these hormones running through me - where I just want to attack Peter, but he keeps putting an end to anything fun. The only thing we do is make out a little.” Your whole face felt like it was on fire from your blush. “He let me give him a blowjob once, but that was weeks ago.” Wow. Tell her everything, why don’t you. You kept going, “I am so beyond frustrated, that I keep fighting with him. Just seeing his face or hearing his voice, right now, sets me off, lately.”

“So, that’s why you’ve been grouchy.” She chuckled, “He sets you off, because you’re not getting off?”

“I’m glad you find this so amusing,” You felt your irritation rising, again, “This is a serious matter. The state of my well-being depends on this.”

“Do you want me to talk-”

“HELL NO!” You cut her off, embarrassment consuming you. You didn’t think your face could get any redder, “I don’t want that, I just want my boyfriend to make me feel wanted.” You looked down at your hands, “I gained weight. What if he doesn’t think I’m pretty, anymore, and doesn’t want me?”

“Y/n.” She shook her head, “That kid looks at you like you are his sun, moon, and stars. He puts up with your crabby ass, and still acts like his whole world revolves around you.”

“I know he loves me, but what if I am not attractive enough, anymore?” You looked down, tears forming in your eyes. “He’s a teenage boy… isn’t sex supposed to be the only thing boys think about?”

“Maybe, but is Peter a normal teenage boy?” She pulled you up, leading you to your vanity in your bathroom, “Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you kids are only sixteen. You two seem so adult, most of the time.”

“I guess he isn’t a normal boy.” You sighed, letting her start your makeup, “I just… I don’t know. He used to look at me like I was the hottest girl in the world, and lately he just doesn’t seem to care about that part of the relationship. We’ve had sex two times. Ever.”

“Sounds like you need to either talk to him about it, or make him want you.” She finished your face, and started working on your hair, “Use those pregnancy boobs to your advantage.”

Your face turned red, again. “I think he looks at my chest more than he looks at my face, now days.”

“It’s hard not to look at your chest, Pachen’ye.” She laughed, and you heard the door to your room open, and Wanda call out. “In here, Wanda!”

“Wow, Y/n! You look lovely!” Wanda handed you your dress, avoiding using her injured shoulder, “I cannot wait to see you in this! Natasha refused to show me the picture!” She glared at Natasha, accent getting thicker, “Hogging all of the fun, I swear!”

“Y/n, here, may need to amp it up, a little.” Natasha turned to Wanda, “She’s having a relationship crisis of the sexual nature.”

“Oh my god, Nat, why don’t you just tell everybody my business.” You stripped off your robe, standing in your bra and underwear, pulling on the dress with force, “As if I wasn’t cranky enough about it!”

Wanda started laughing, “Oh, Y/n, I am sorry you have not gotten any sexy time. Maybe you can try and convince him, tonight?”

Natasha helped you zip the dress, and you sighed as she had some trouble zipping it where your boobs where. Luckily, she got it without ripping anything, and she helped you tie the little bow that sat underneath your bra-line and above your belly. The dress was pale pink, lace, quarter sleeve, illusion neckline, and hit your knees. It made your belly look bigger, but luckily hid some of the weight gain by accenting your best curves.

Aside from your pesky boobs.

“Wow. If Peter doesn’t ravish you tonight - after seeing you in this dress - I have no hope for you, and I’ll take you online adult shopping.” Natasha joked, handing you your flats.

Your face flushed hot with a blush, as you tried to ignore her teasing.

“Natasha Romanoff, stop embarrassing her.” Wanda scolded, turning to you, “You look beautiful.”

You heard your door to your bedroom open, and May called out, “The boys are here with your wantons!”

You slipped on your shoes, grabbed your cellphone from the vanity, and rushed out of the bathroom – nearly knocking May over. “I need those wantons, now.”

Aunt May followed your brisk pace, “You look beautiful, honey. You do know that Mr. Stark planned on having food at your shower, right?”

“I needed wantons.”

Peter and Ned were standing in the communal kitchen, a large order of wantons and noodles sitting on the counter. They both turned when you came barreling into the kitchen. “Babe, slow down. You’re going to fall.” Peter looked like he was going to have a heart attack, and Ned backed away from him.

When Peter gave him a look, he joked about not wanting to get shot.

You grabbed a wanton from the take-out box, taking a delicious, greasy, cream cheese filled bite. “Oh, my god. I don’t know whether to fuck you up for taking so long, or fuck you for bringing these delicious morsels to me.” You took a small bite of noodles, and the baby fluttered around happily in your belly.

“I’d say from the fifty shades of red spider-kid’s face is, he’s prefer the latter.” Tony’s voice came from behind you. He slid into the barstool across from where you were standing by Peter. “Although, I heard from Natasha-”

“Natasha doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” You cut him off, throwing a noodle at him. “She lies a lot. She’s a spy.”

“Michelle is going to be here in ten minutes.” Ned announced, looking at his phone. “Are you sure she isn’t mad, anymore?”

Yes? No? Maybe? You weren’t sure.

After the events that took place when your father escaped, you figured it was time to tell Michelle about you and Peter. She had become suspicious about Peter before you two had started dating, but she had never suspected that you were keeping secrets from her.

To say she was pissed was an understatement.

She was madder than Aunt May had been.

“You’re Spiderman? Are you fucking kidding me?” She yelled, pacing back and forth in her living room as you two sat on her couch, “For how long?”

“A while.”

“I knew something was up, ever since the Academic Decathlon!” She narrowed her eyes, “It was a little fishy that you wanted to come last-minute, and then Spiderman shows up.”

She turned to you, “AND YOU. What the hell! ‘I heal people’? What the fuck does that even mean?” Her face was red with anger. You’d only seen Michelle this angry once, previous – when she got pepper sprayed at a peaceful protest.

“I-I heal. I have abilities.” You grabbed Peter’s hand, “We needed to tell you this, because we have to stay at the tower. My dad might know I’m in New York, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to any of us. I wanted to make sure that you knew, in case my dad ever comes looking for me.”

“Is he that bad?”

“He’s HYDRA.” You bit your lip, squeezing Peter’s hand a little, “He would definitely hurt us if he knew I was around.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” She sat down across from us on her coffee table, grabbing your free hand, “I’m still royally pissed at you, but I forgive you for lying to me. As long as you stay safe.”

That was all you could ask for.

“Y/n?” Peter’s arm wound around your middle, “You nearly ready?”

Looking around, there was no one left in the room. Peter had changed into his fancy clothes, and you had finished your food. You leaned your head against his shoulder, enjoying the smell of his citrusy, Tom Ford cologne. His arm felt all muscle-y and warm. Stop it, hormones. “Thank you for buying me wantons.”

“Thank you for not shooting me.” He replied, pulling you close so he could wrap both arms around you, “You look amazing, by the way.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing a small kiss on his jaw, “Suck up.”

He chuckled, whispering in your ear, “‘Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.’ Jean De La Fontaine.”

“‘Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.’” You quoted back, pressing a chaste kiss on his lips, “Loretta Young.”

He hummed, leaning down and pressing a longer kiss against your lips. Your heartrate sped up, and a rush of warmth ran through your body. Stop, hormones. Oh my god. Your hands plunged into his hair, pulling him closer as your breathing picked up, and he let out a little grunt of surprise. His shaky hands fell to your hips as you deepened the kiss, and you gently bit his lip – pulling back slowly.

He gasped, hands moving from your hips to your ass, pulling you closer to his warm body. “B-babe. W-we have a party full of people waiting on us.” He tried to reason with you, but you were persistent.

You were too turned on. You needed him.

Right this very fucking second.

You arched against him, moving your lips to his neck and pressing them against the spot underneath his ear – the one that makes him jelly in your hands. He let out a small groan, and that sound went straight to your core. You turned him around, pinning him against the counter and pulling his face back down to yours. His tongue traced your bottom lip, and you tugged his hair roughly – knowing that was something he liked.

“Babe.” He gasped out, trying to hold himself back, “W-we can do this l-later. There’s a whole room full of people waiting for us.” He moaned a little as you ran your hand along the front of his pants, “You’re making this really h-hard for me to stop, Y/n.”

“My point was making it hard.” You smirked, running your fingers along the button of his pants. You could feel the effects you were having on him. Good. Serves him right for leaving you high and dry all this time.

“Oh my god, Y/n.” He sighed, hands tightening against your hips, “You’re going to be the death of me.”

“Kids?” You heard Aunt May’s voice coming down the hallway, “Are you coming, or what?”

“I’d like to be.” You muttered, and Peter snorted, pulling you into a hug to hide the front of his pants from May, in case she came into the kitchen.

“Yeah! Be there in a minute, May.” He called out, voice shaking a little bit, “Y/n just wanted to finish her wantons.”

“Well, hurry up,” Her voice got farther away, again, as she walked back down the hall without entering the kitchen. “This is your party.”

You laid your ear against his chest, arms still around his neck. “I love you.” You could hear the erratic beating of his heart in his chest.

“I love you, too.” He pressed his lips against your hairline, “We can finish this, later.”

“We’d better, or you’ll be facing my hormonal wrath.” You snuggled into his chest, belly making it difficult to do so, “I’ve been pining after you, you know.”

He laughed, finally pulling back a little – his problem gone – and grabbing your hand to walk to the elevators. “Wow. Someone’s a little obsessed with me.”

“Shut the fuck up, and let’s get partying.”

When you arrived at the party floor, Natasha and Wanda burst out laughing at Peter’s appearance. You’d forgotten to fix his hair, and it was looking thoroughly mussed. His cheeks were red, lips were swollen, his shirt was rumpled, and his curls were sticking up in different directions. He looked so hot. You grinned at the girls, looping your arm through Peter’s and leaning against him.

“Jesus, Y/n.” Natasha called out, glass of champagne in hand, “You work fast.”

“Shut the hell up, Nat.” You shook your head, following Peter as he walked you to the bar, helping you sit on a bar stool and leaning against the bar, next to you. You attempted to fix Peter’s hair, laughing when he tried to swat your hands away. “I made a mess of you. No wonder Nat and Wanda were laughing.”

“Natasha told me something really interesting, earlier.” He grinned, grabbing your hand and running a thumb over your knuckles, “You know, you need to quit telling Nat about our relationship. She has a big mouth, sometimes.”

“She did not.” You placed your hands over your face, wanting to crawl under the bar and die, “Oh, my god. She did, didn’t she?”

“She yelled at me, actually.” He chuckled, laying one hand on your belly and the other on your chair, “Told me that I needed to hurry up and fuck you, before you kill everyone in the tower with your hormonal rage.”

You pulled your hands away from your face, jaw dropping, “She seriously said that? I told her that in confidence!”

“You could have told me that, you know.” The hand on your chair moved to your shoulder, massaging it gently, “I thought you didn’t want to, that’s why I didn’t pursue it.”

You scoffed, “I attack you, all the time. What gave you the idea that I didn’t want to?”

“I don’t know… I just didn’t want to push it.” He shrugged his shoulders, cheeks turning a little red, “I’ve never had a girlfriend, before. I don’t really know how to talk about this sort of thing.”

You grabbed the hand Peter had on your belly, pulling it up and resting your chin on top of your joined hands, “So, you’re telling me that I could’ve been getting some this entire time?”

“Yeah, basically.” He laughed, motioning over the bartender and ordering two waters, “I didn’t realize that was why you were so crabby.”

“I was not crabby.” You narrowed your eyes, taking a sip of the water the bartender set in front of you, “Your face just makes me mad, sometimes.”

He shook his head, stopping and noticing something over your shoulder, “Uhh, your mom just walked in.”

You whipped around on the barstool, eyebrows raising in shock. “I didn’t think she would actually show up.”

Your mom was not really dressed for a baby shower – more for a club – but she looked clean. Her hair looked washed, she had makeup on, and she had a small gift bag in her hands. She looked around, spotting you and Peter, and lightly stumbled over. “Jesus, kid. Didn’t realize your baby shower would be a fucking gala.”

“I’m surprised you came.” You scooted off the barstool, Peter’s hands steadying you, “You’ve been dodging my calls.”

“I don’t have time for idle chit chat. I work for a living.” She snapped, rolling her eyes, “Anyways, what is there to talk about? Your father? I’m not talking about him.”

You bit your lip, running your hand along your side where the baby was rolling around, “I’ve been remembering more and more.”

“Clearly, I need that fucking invalid of a professor to give me my money back.” She practically growled, shaking her head. She set the gift bag on the bar next to Peter and crossed her arms, “What type of shit do you remember?”

You shook your head, “It’s all the same stuff. Abuse, forcing me to heal, threats… The worst ones are the good memories. The ones that I – somewhat – remember. They get tainted by the bad ones. It’s confusing.”

She frowned, “Don’t let the good memories fool you. He was not a good man. He was not the man that I married.” She sighed, running a hand through her clean hair, “I need a fucking drink.” She motioned for the bartender, ordering a drink and a shot.

When she downed the shot, she grabbed the drink and turned to you, “Well, open your fucking gift.”

You smiled, Peter handing you the gift that she had set next to him. You were surprised she got you anything, at all. The last thing she had ever gotten you was a pack of cigarettes and a bra on your twelfth birthday. That had been an interesting gift to open in a family restaurant. Peter had been there. You remember the look on his face when you pulled the skimpy bras out of the bag, your mother arguing that ‘if you have tits, you may as well make them look appealing’.

Not the best way to tell your daughter she was getting boobs.

Your heart was beating fast, and you were silently praying that this gift was appropriate. Your heart almost skipped a beat in shock when you pulled out the tissue paper to reveal a cute, little teddy bear. It looked a little worn, and was no bigger than your hand. It had a small, light green ribbon tied around its neck, and a little letter sewn into the foot. It was your first initial.

“It was yours, when you were a baby.” She took a swig of her drink, tapping her foot, “My Mom got it for you.” You’d never met her. You hadn’t met any other family but your parents. It was not something that was talked about.

Tears pricked your eyes, and you ran your finger along the little head of the teddy, “Thank you, Mom. I love it.”

“I had no use for it.” She snapped, quickly looking away and taking a sip of her drink, “Anyways, go mingle. This is your party.”

A pang of sadness hit your heart. It was always one step forward, two steps back. Just when you thought that she was showing progress, she would say something rude. She would always push you away.

“Come on.” Peter grabbed your free hand, running his thumb along your knuckles in comfort. “We haven’t seen Tony, yet.”

“Yeah, yeah. Okay.” You smiled, shoving your feelings about your mother down as far as you could, “I bet he is just loving an excuse to have a party.”

He pulled you along, making a small stop to put the teddy on the pile of gifts that kept growing, and you made it over to where Wanda, Clint, Natasha, and Bucky were standing. You were handed a glass of orange juice by one of the waiters, and Peter held your hand as he talked to Bucky.

“I can’t believe how many people are here.” You commented, looking around in shock. “I don’t even know who half these people are. Do they know that this is a baby shower for some teenage delinquents?”

“I don’t think they care.” She shook her head, red hair shining in the light. “I didn’t think that the shower being this big was a good idea, anyways.”

“Why not?” Wanda asked, smoothing down her bandage on her shoulder from her gunshot wound.

“Because what if this makes it on to any social media?” She shook her head, hair bouncing a little, “Your father could find out you’re here. Plus, how do we explain throwing a baby shower for a couple of teenagers that are supposedly interns?”

You hadn’t thought of that, when you’d agreed. “Well, shit. Yeah, that worries me.” You took a sip of your juice, “Although, I’ve already been made, when it comes to how much time I spend in the tower. A parent of one of our classmates asked me why Peter and I had escorts to school, and she said she was a reporter and knew that I was spending a lot of time at the tower.” Peter had turned to you, then. Not knowing that this had happened. “She said that someone told her I was living here. She asked if I knew the Avengers.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this, sooner?” Natasha frowned, crossing her arms, “You could be at risk.”

“Because, Nat, I don’t want to be pulled out of school.” You pulled your hand from Peter’s and brushed your hair from your face in frustration, “It already sucks that we can’t be home, in Queens. I don’t want to lose out on school, too.”

“It isn’t safe.” Natasha argued, shaking her head, “If someone-”

“Okay, okay.” Bucky interrupted. “Let’s not stress out the pregnant woman, Nat. Come on, you can talk about it later.” He pulled her away from you, leaving you with Wanda and Peter.

“Alright, fellow partygoers!” Tony called out, standing on a chair by the presents table. “I, for one, would like to see the joy on Y/n’s face when she sees my presents.” You caught the emphasis on the plural, and rolled your eyes. “So, come on over, Juno!”

“I told you not to call me that!” You huffed, pulling Peter along with you. “I’ll beat your ass, tin man.”

Everyone in the crowd chuckled at their bickering. You and Peter made your way to the two chairs that were set up by the large table of gifts. It was entirely too much, and you had no idea how you were going to fit that much crap into both the tower, and the apartment in Queens. The pile looked like it could fill a house.

“First thing’s first,” Tony grinned, handing you a giant box, “From myself.” You heard a woman clearing her throat behind him, and he quickly added, “And Pepper.”

You chuckled, tearing into the box. “Holy shit, Tony!” It was one of the nicest strollers you’d seen. It was one of those strollers that you could put a car seat in when the baby is young, and strap them in as they get older. It had nice, big wheels, and was supposed to be top of the line when it came to space. He also had gotten the baby a bunch of Avengers themed toys, clothes, and – the best present of all – a dedicated room in the tower for all the toys.

It was entirely too much.

“The kid gets daycare while you work in med bay, but while you live here the kid is going to need somewhere to play. The room next to yours is being turned into a play room.” He raised his glass, “Which Pepper is decorating.”

“Holy crap, you guys.” You held out your hand for Pepper to take, “Thank you.”

Natasha shook her head at Tony, looking around at the partygoers. You were sure she was worried that Tony was basically confirming that you and Peter lived in the tower.

Fucking hell.

Whatever. Fuck it.

As the presents got opened, you were starting to feel a little overwhelmed at all the different things that you were getting. You didn’t even realize how many different things a baby needed. You’d barely had any interactions with babies, before. You didn’t know that you would need certain bottles to keep the baby from sucking in air, and getting gassy. You didn’t know that you’d need certain laundry detergent, in case the baby has sensitive skin. You didn’t even know if you were going to breast feed. You wanted to, but you didn’t know anything.

It was starting to freak you out, a bit.

Luckily, you seemed to be holding it together – for the time being, at least.

You were excited for one thing about this party, though: Peter’s card.

You’d found it online, and laughed for a solid ten minutes. You’d immediately purchased it, and had been waiting for the appropriate time to give it to him.

What better time, than in front of a bunch of people at your baby shower?

“I know we never talked about getting each other anything,” You spoke to Peter, the crowd listening in, “But I just had to get this for you.”

You handed him the card, and he raised an eyebrow at your devious expression.

“Thank… You?” He cautiously opened the card, pulling it from the envelope. He flipped it over to the front, and immediately his eyes widened in horror. “Oh my god, Y/n.” His face got beet red, and he shook his head at you, “You’re ridiculous.”

You burst out laughing, holding your belly as you hysterically laughed. His expression!! You hoped that somebody got his expression of horror on camera. If not, you were going to ask FRIDAY to look over the cameras and send a shot to your phone.

“What’s the card say, Peter?” Michelle called out, having seen the card, already. “Why don’t you show everybody what’s so funny?”

Peter shook his head, putting his hand over his eyes in embarrassment, “Shut up, Michelle. It’s inappropriate.”

“Now you really have to share!” Bucky called out, standing by Steve and Vision near the back of the crowd. “Show us the card, kid!”

Tony snatched the card from Peter, letting out a loud laugh when he read the front. Then, he held it up in the air, so everyone could see it. Laughs started erupting from around the room as people saw what the card said on the front.

You wiped the tears that were trying to escape your eyes from your laughing. You stood up and scooted over to sit on Peter’s lap, legs hanging off the side. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down for a chaste kiss. “I couldn’t resist. It was hilarious.”

He shook his head, face still red and warm to the touch, “You’re inappropriate. Aunt May saw that card. That’s embarrassing.”

“I mean, I am pregnant.” You gestured to your belly, “You already technically did.”

“Oh my god, Y/N.” He groaned, leaning his head back, “Stop talking about it.”

You managed to make it the rest of the cards without incident, and with a lot of cash. More cash than you were used to seeing. You and Peter decided to throw the money into a savings account for a college fund. The joys of having rich people at your party.

Shortly after everyone’s gifts and cards had been opened, people were back to mingling, eating, and drinking from the free bar.

You were in the middle of talking to Steve about baby names, when the baby decided to kick.

Oh boy, did the baby kick you. Right in the ribs. You gasped at the sharp pain in your side, dropping your glass of juice, crying out, and holding the sore spot.

The glass shattered against the hard floor, causing people to stop what they were doing, and panic.

“Y/N!” Steve laid his large hand on your back, and another on your upper arm, holding you steady, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” You ground out, panting a little as the sharp pain turned into a dull throb, “I’m fine, the baby just kicked my rib.”

Peter and Dr. Cho appeared at your side, immediately.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” His hands replaced Steve’s, pulling you into a chair that had suddenly appeared behind you. “Are you hurt? Is the baby hurt?”

“Guys, I’m fine.” You let go of your side, taking a deep breath, “The baby kicked my ribs. It’s fine. The pain is already gone.”

“That’s normal around this stage in the pregnancy, but I still want to do a small examination.” Dr. Cho started poking and prodding at you, doing her little exam.

People finally started resuming the festivities when Cho was done checking you over.

“See,” You rolled your eyes as Peter fretted over you, “I said I was fine.”

Peter let out a breath, wrapping his arms around you from behind and laying his head against your shoulder, “You scared the shit out of me.”

“I didn’t mean to drop the glass.” You muttered, leaning back into him and closing your eyes. “Think they’d notice if we ditch?”

“Nah.” He turned his head, pressing a small kiss against your neck, “I don’t think anyone would notice.”

You smelled a faint whiff of whiskey on Peter’s breath, and chuckled, “Who fed you booze?”

“I had one shot.” He scoffed, pulling you to the elevators while still holding you from behind, “It was Bucky and Tony. They said if I was man enough to get you pregnant, I was man enough for a shot.”

You turned your head while you were waiting for the lift, kissing him on the lips. When you pulled back, you ran your tongue across your lips, “Tastes expensive.”

“You are correct.” He pulled you into the elevator when the doors opened, telling FRIDAY to go to your floor, “It was Johnnie Walker, or something like that. Tony said it was the good stuff.”

When you reached your floor, Peter suddenly picked you up – bridal style – and carried you towards your shared bedroom. You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck. You began to press small kisses along his collarbone, which was peeking out from his nice, button up shirt. “Mmm, you taste good.”

He kicked the door closed, locking it with one hand, and carrying you towards the bed, “I believe there was a threat about facing your hormonal wrath, if I didn’t finish what we started, earlier?” He sat you on the bed, leaning down to pull off your flats. “You said you were pining after me.”

“That’s right.” You agreed, biting your lip, “You don’t want me to keep being a raging bitch to everyone.” You gasped as he leaned up and kissed your neck, tilting your head to the side for better access. You moved a hand under his jaw, bringing him up to kiss your lips. His lips still tasted like whiskey, and it made you want more. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip, and you tilted your head, deepening the kiss and granting his tongue access.

“I- I need help un-unzipping my dress.” You could barely get the words out, as his lips sent goosebumps over your whole body.

He leaned back, turning you around and moving your hair out of the way so he could slide the zipper down, lips following the zipper. “‘Sex is emotion in motion’. Mae West.”

You could barely remember the quote, you were already so turned on, but you somehow got it out between breaths, “‘Sex without love is m-merely healthy exercise.’ Robert A. Heinlein.”

He pulled your dress off, swallowing hard when he stood up, looking down at you. “You are literally the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” His tone sent a shiver down your entire body.

You blushed, sitting up on your elbows as he pulled his shirt over his head. You watched as the muscles on his stomach contracted and moved when he pulled his shirt up, and bit your lip when he threw it behind him. You were completely ogling him. His toned body looked amazing, and you were dying to feel him on you.

He noticed your staring, and looked back down at you with a bright smile.

This was the look you were talking to Natasha about. This was the look he used to give you. The look that made you feel like you were the hottest girl he had ever seen. The look that said that he wanted you. The one that was pure lust, but also one that conveyed his feelings for you.

That he loved you. That he wanted you.

You felt the same way.

You loved him more than words could express.

You also wanted him to screw you into forgetting your own name.

“Holy crap.” You panted, hair sticking to your face, and legs shaking. You were trying to catch your breath, “That was long overdue.”

You turned your head to Peter, who had just rolled onto his back, and watched him try to catch his breath. You could see the dark marks you’d left on his neck and chest littering his pale skin, and you watched his chest move with each breath.

He slid his arm under you, pulling you closer, and rolling you into his bare side. “I love you.” He pressed his lips against your forehead. You could feel the warmth of his breath on the top of your head, and you snuggled into his chest, pulling your leg up onto his thighs.

“I love-”

Suddenly, the lights shut off.

“SECURITY ALERT. SECURITY ALERT.” FRIDAY’s voice repeated, loud, and the red emergency lights started flashing.

“What the fuck?” You jumped, FRIDAY’s voice scaring you. You sat up, staring at the lights on the ceiling. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Peter rolled out of bed, throwing on his boxers that had been on the floor. “I’ve never heard FRIDAY sound like that.”

Peter ran into the closet, throwing on his suit, and covering it with sweatpants and a long sleeve tee shirt, just in case it was nothing. He shoved his hand through his curls, throwing you a pair of shorts and one of his shirts, “If I asked you to stay here, would you?”

“Fuck no.” You yanked on the clothes, throwing your hair in a bun and grabbing the gun that Natasha had taped under your night stand, “I’m going to get Aunt May.”

He nodded, face pale with stress, as he threw on his web slingers, “Stay close, we’ll get May together.”

You followed him out into the hallway, where Natasha was running towards you, coming from the common area, “You kids get May. There’s been a breach.”

“What kind of breach?” You yelled over the alarms, which were louder in the halls, “Is someone in the building?”

Suddenly, the alarms cut off. The lights shut off, completely.

The building was dead silent.

“Fuck.” Natasha hissed, clicking on the flashlight from her cellphone, “They got in.”

“Into the building?” Peter grabbed your hand, pulling you into his side.

“No. Not, yet.”  She looked worried, which was not normal for her in a situation like this, “HYDRA somehow hacked into FRIDAY. They were looking for a file.”

“What file?” You asked, fearing that you already knew the answer.


Part 9

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because this tshirt smells like you
and I have strong lungs
I breathe in slow,
and hold it,
hold it,
slowly release;
because that is how I am trying to let you go

because my dad hates it when I ramble, I will tell you that I miss everything about you over and over
but only in my head
because you left,
and the corner of your suitcase that I tucked myself into
is getting too cramped for me to breathe
in slow,
or even at all.

because I said goodbye to you when you got on a plane,
yet you still called and told me you loved me
and yet,
I let you,
because your tshirt is in the bottom of my drawer
and when I see it
I think of you dancing in a thick, hazy fog of smoke,
brashly sliced by moonlight

because when I told you
that I wanted you to start new,
you told me you loved me,
and as my mind tried to conjure up the proper words to tell you that missing you
made my lungs weak, you asked me to never text you
again you let me down,
again you let me

because you left
because you chose to wear the soles of your shoes down on a different grain of concrete,
and I am still standing right where you said goodbye


said goodbye

because it’s been nearly two years
since you took my breath away
and sometimes I still forget
to breathe.

—  you’re not my muse, you just dragged me through hell and made it taste like heaven