sometimes i forget how hilarious this show is

I don’t know if anyone from the Regular Show crew will ever see this but I might as well express my love for the show anyway.

Regular Show has pretty much been my favorite show for the last five years. It’s so hard to put into words how much of an influence all the characters have had on me. I’ve come to love them all very much, and I not only think of them as a family to each other but also to me. That’s kind of weird. But yeah. The emotion put into these characters over the years has been so genuine and so real that I find myself relating to a lot of the situations they’re in, even if that situation is trying to stop a high school volleyball coach from destroying time itself. I can’t help but love everyone, even when they’re being selfish, or immature, or just mean. Because their actions tell me that they’re not just a selfish or immature or mean person, they are all deeper than the bad things they do sometimes. And that’s pretty much how people work, because we’re all imperfect.

The show has made me smile when not a lot else could. I don’t know what it is about watching Muscle Man get beat up to Holly Jolly Christmas that I find so hilarious I can forget about things that make me sad for a while, but I really appreciate it. I really do. Even if I didn’t need cheering up at the time, I’ll always remember laughing at new episodes until I forced myself to stop so that I could hear the rest of it. It may not have meant that much to me at first but it does now. 

For a show that focuses on incredibly bizarre events, Regular Show hit really close to home in a lot of episodes. It’s especially taught me a lot of lessons about what it means to grow up when you desperately want to stay a kid forever, which I’ve struggled with alongside Mordecai and Rigby. You have to be responsible because your actions have consequences on other people. People you’re close to might have to leave you, and it’ll probably suck, but you can eventually get over it. Everyone makes mistakes, even awful ones, and when they happen you shouldn’t try to run away from them or make excuses, you have to be up front about them and apologize. It may seem impossible to become a better person later on in life, but if you let yourself be inspired and supported by other people then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And, of course, hamboning just might save your life someday. 

I’m going to miss Regular Show very much, and having no more new episodes to motivate me to get through the week will probably hurt for a while. But I hope in the future I can look back on the show and feel only happy remembering all the times the characters have made me laugh or tear up, and how much I loved watching their adventures and rooting for them. I would like to thank the crew for this show that is going to mean so much to me for the rest of my life, and I wish you all the best of luck on whatever projects you’re moving on to next. I’m very excited to see what will begin after Regular Show ends. 

Also, the phrases “OOOHHH!”, “hmm, hmm, hmm”, “oh no, bro”, and “still cold, just like my online dating profile” are permanently incorporated into my vocabulary. I hope you’re happy.