sometimes i forget how cute lou is

“Being nothing, that’s not so bad. Sometimes, when it’s night and the moon is full, when there are no more humans around and it’s just the nature spirits, they forget I’m here. The naiads braid each other’s hair with reeds, or whisper about when they were young and the world was filled with water. The dryads dance to music no one else hears, or nap in each others arms and snore like puppies, and I sit underneath the sky, saying nothing. Sometimes the only sound is Juniper singing to herself, or water splashing in the stream. This becomes a world untouched by mankind, beautiful and wild, and the spirits become carefree as children. They’re between- not what they used to be, but not what they’ve become, either. In those times they’re nothing, and I’m invisible- I’m nothing too. Sometimes that’s all we are. There are worse things than being nothing, Lou.”

-Grover to Lou Ellen, on their status as side characters