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Hello! How about a hc with the RFA+V where the bus is full and MC ends up having to stand next to their s/o (they are complete strangers) the whole ride, she ends up bumping into them so both begin a conversation and they get out in the same exit and boom: MC is actually their new neighbor. (You can leave Jumin out I understand if this one is complicated for him) Thanks :D

We included Jumin! Couldn’t leave him out;) Hope you like this one~ 


  • He was taking the bus back home from work again how modest
  • But he got off a little earlier than normal, so the bus was jam-packed
  • He was getting a bit bored, and no one was in the messenger
  • So why not leave a selfie of himself there?
  • When he took it, he noticed you in the background
  • Yeah, he thought you were cute, but that wasn’t the only reason…you could him dead in the act and he could see you judging him silently
  • He avoids eye contact most of the time, but more people come in and the bus hits a sharp turn and now he’s holding you up
  • “You’re the guy with the selfies, right?” you chuckle
  • He’s a little embarrassed, but explains and it strikes up a conversation
  • Turns out you LOVE musicals, even though you haven’t heard a lot of his work
  • You’re asking him so many questions about what he wants, and he can’t help but notice you concentrate on his work and not his looks
  • It’s a breath of fresh air
  • He’s a little disappointed when he arrives to his stop
  • He’s half tempted to ask you for your number, but other people are scooting out and the chaos drowns his confidence
  • He thinks you’re just scooting out of the bus to make room, but turns out you’re heading in the same direction
  • A few questions later, he finds out you’re his new neighbor and he tries to contain his excitement.
  • When you arrive, you pull out your phone “I want to take a selfie with my new neighbor.”
  • He didn’t miss your teasing tone
  • It actually became a little tradition for you two to take a selfie when you came back at the same time…and neither one of you would admit to loving the fact you have a trail of memories as the months go by and you grow closer


  • He got onto the bus at the last minute thinking he could fit
  • He didn’t realize it was already jammed
  • Unfortunately, you were the one closest to the door, leaving you two crammed together in the corner
  • You both were feeling really awkward, since you were super close
  • Yoosung was avoiding eye contact for most of the ride
  • But to make things worse, another two people piled in on the next stop, bumping you even closer into him
  • He’s still trying to avoid contact, so he’s staring down at your shoes
  • He realizes you both are wearing the same color converse
  • “Hehe, nice shoes,” he mutters
  • This relieves some of the discomfort, and next thing you know, you two are talking about your respective college classes and complaining about professors
  • You guys don’t hear a stop being called, and the door opens behind you
  • The pressure from the crowd sends you both flying out onto the grass
  • You can’t help but laugh at the whole ordeal
  • Afterwards, you brush yourself off and say your goodbyes
  • And then awkwardly start walking in the same direction…
  • You chuckle, “Are you stalking me or something?” 
  • He gets really flustered and vehemently denies, ending up blurting out his whole address dork
  • It hits you that you happened to be neighbors
  • When he hears this, he gets a bit more bold, “You know…I know this great pizza place nearby… “
  • “Yoosung…I know…I live here too.”


  • She was on her way home from a musical at the local theatre
  • And of course her car broke down
  • After it was towed, she took a bus home
  • There were no seats available, so most people had to stand
  • You came in with your arms full of books, and some impatient guy bumped you while trying to get off the bus
  • Your books went tumbling onto the ground
  • Feeling bad, she stooped down to help you
  • In the process, a photocard of Zen tumbled out of one of your notebooks
  • Embarrassed, you trying to cover it up, but she just stops you
  • You two exchange glances…and you know you have a connection
  • You start talking about his musicals and you’re fangirling a little when she says he’s a good friend
  • But this is only the beginning of your conversation  
  • She finds herself opening up to you easily–which is odd because you’re just a stranger
  • When it comes time to switch buses, you two end up on the same one
  • Getting curious, you ask if she lives in the same town you do
  • Turns out she lives closer than the same town…you live in the same apartment building
  • You get really close and talk through the walls sometime
  • “Hey, Jaehee! That’s my favorite song. Turn it up, fam!”


  • Zen made a comment that Jumin wouldn’t be able to survive one bus ride through town
  • To prove him wrong, Jumin decides to take it home from work one day
  • He regrets everything
  • You’re standing beside him on this ride, and you can see how tense he was
  • Every time someone sneezed or coughed without covering their mouth, you could see it threatening his sanity
  • You chuckle when he seems to be squeezing one of the bars so tightly, his knuckles turn white
  • “You okay?” you chuckle
  • He politely nods, “Yes…I don’t really enjoy crowded areas.”
  • “Then, you really shouldn’t have taken public transportation, buddy.”
  • Although he appreciates when you move a little to the side to give you space with a small smile
  • He’s refreshed at how casually you speak to him despite his three piece suit
  • He explains the whole situation, and you find great amusement in it
  • This sparks up a conversation and when it’s near the end, he’s showing you pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd on his phone
  • When you guys arrive, he notices you enter the building next to his
  • He finds himself trying to strike up a conversation while you wait for the bus or a taxi before work
  • After a few months, he finds he’s not satisfied with ten minute conversations in the morning and offers to drive you to work on occasion
  • A few months more and he’s asking you out to dinner


  • He would’ve loved to take his babies, but he knows Vanderwood puts trackers on them
  • So, he opts to take a bus into town for a little break
  • He ends up falling asleep
  • You’re sitting next to him on the crowded bus and you notice
  • You wake him up, saying you were concerned he would miss his stop
  • He’s kind of touched, considering you’re just a stranger
  • He notices a pin on your bag of a cat in space and sparks up a conversation by it
  • Sometimes, you don’t understand what he’s saying, but you still find him intriguing
  • You both are so engrossed in the conversation, it’s almost natural when he walks off of the bus with you
  • You mention that your place is nearby, and he kind of deflates
  • You realize you’re a little disappointed as well…it was odd how well you two got along
  • You guys part ways and you return to your apartment
  • You decide to go get some dinner, and to your surprise you see him sitting on a bench nearby
  • You think he lives in the next building, so you go up to him
  • “Hey! Want to grab some pizza, neighbor?”
  • This makes him laugh and he corrects you
  • You end up exchanging numbers and going out for pizza often
  • Although it becomes an inside joke between you, and you still call each other “neighbor” despite him living in the middle of nowhere


  • You’re on the bus home and you notice another man comes in as well
  • You can’t stop staring, because his aesthetics are too perfect to be true
  • He has mint hair, sunglasses tucked into his plaid button up, a backback on his shoulders a camera hanging from his neck
  • You decide to send a “discreet” picture to your best friend
  • Except the sound was on oops
  • He notices and you hide your face in embarrassment
  • He gives you a smile and asks if he can see it, since he’s a photographer
  • You try to say it came out blurry along with an apology, but you can’t deny it…since you did take a pic so blatantly
  • He actually compliments you on the photo
  • “Wow, you must be a natural. You know how to recognize an artistic shot.”
  • “Heck yeah, I do,” you say with a glance at him
  • You didn’t mean to say that outloud, but he only laughs again
  • When you two get off at the same stop AND the same street, he makes a comment about how it was fate you two met on the bus
  • You laugh until you realize his house is right next to yours
  • The next day you find a photograph in your mailbox
  • He wrote a little note on the back saying he thought of you when he took it 

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Balance: Arrow 6x04 Review (Reversal)

Arrow Season 6: a summary

Did I fall asleep reading glorious fanfic and am now dreaming it’s on TV? Because sometimes that happens.

Best episode of Season 6.  Yeah yeah, we’re only on four. I DON’T CARE THAT WAS AMAZING. “Reversal” is Oliver and Felicity walking in each other’s shoes (but not in an angsty way) while husband and wife-ing their way through the episode. Reversal has the heart, soul and comedy that Arrow needs. This is what makes the show great. We hung in there for the long haul and through some dark days. Olicity has come out the other side and the Arrow writers are bathing us all in the sun.

It is truly rare for a television show to get better with age. This one is for the books. I, for one, am going to enjoy the hell out of this.

Let’s dig in…

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Thank you so much for sharing your stories! They are so beautiful. May I get one with MC having a really tough breakup (someone other than RFA) and the RFA (V+Saeran if u could<3) being there for her?

Thank you for your request! I’m really happy that you like my stories! And i hope you like this one too!

(They like MC in this one, i can’t help it)


  • When he gets your call and listen to you crying, he didn’t even understand what you say.
  • But his heart is beating so fast, he’s scared
  • “MC…! I’m going to you! ”
  • And like that he hangs up, he gets out of his house and starts to run.
  • He never runs this much in all his life, he never knew he had the stamina to do it!
  • When he gets there he knocks on the door, while he was waiting, he starts to feel the fatigue from running so much…Oh boy…He needs air.
  • When you open the door and he sees you, he can tell that you’ve been crying a lot!
  • “MC….?” He hugs you tightly “What happened?” He said calmly, even though he’s pretty worried.
  • “We broke up…” He didn’t quite understand at first, but after a while he gets it.
  • He’s quite happy because of it!
  • But he’s feeling sad at the same time, he doesn’t want to see you cry…
  • “That’s alright MC…Everything will be alright…”
  • And he just keeps hugging you, until you let go of him.
  • He’ll be your partner, he’ll see films with you at home, do a lot of things that you used to do with your boyfriend!
  • You don’t even miss that man.
  • And Yoosung is just thinking…What’s the best time to tell you that he loves you?
  • He doesn’t know, but he imagines that’ll be very soon.
  • But for now, he’ll just look at your beautiful smile, and be happy about it!
  • Because he’s making you happy!


  • When you texted Zen about how sad you were…
  • He’s at your door in less than five minutes…
  • How did he get here so fast? You don’t know.
  • And it’s better not to ask.
  • When you open your door Zen looks at you, so worried.
  • He’s a little dramatic.
  • Just a little.
  • “Babe…I mean..MC!What happened?!”
  • You wipe some tears from your face “…Me and B/N broke up…”
  • He hugs you, just to hide the smile he was on his face right now
  • “Oh MC…I’m sure that you’ll find someone who’s worth it!”
  • He said, with a melancholic voice, you were crying on his chest.
  • He thinks this is so romantic!
  • “Do you think so?”
  • “Oh course Bab–MC! But i think your perfect match would be an actor…”
  • You laugh, he’s happy that you laugh about it…Of course it wasn’t a joke…But you can take as it was.
  • “You want me to hit him? Did he touch you?” And all of sudden he’s so worried
  • “No…No Zen…That’s alright…”
  • He smiles, and kiss your head “I can be your company if you’re feeling lonely”
  • You smile “Ok…”
  • He knows that wasn’t an easy breakup, but he’s happy that this happened, now he’ll have a change…
  • A change to be your prince, your knight!
  • He’ll wait, of course, but he can’t hug you every time…Or be so alone here with you… Omg what have he agree to?
  • This will be so hard…The beast!


  • When he got your message about you not feeling so good, that you wanted to talk to him
  • He immediately demanded that Driver Kim goes to your house and bring you to the penthouse.
  • He was waiting for you, while he was sitting on his couch, he wasn’t even giving Elizabeth attention…His mind was lost in your text.
  • When you step inside his penthouse, he stands up, look at you crying
  • You look at him and run to him, hugging him tightly, crying.
  • His heart’s broken seeing you like that, he loves to feel your body so close to him…But seeing you cry made me feel…Sad.
  • Why you make him have all those emotions?
  • Why he loves you?
  • You have a boyfriend, this is wrong.
  • “What happened MC?”
  • “We… We broke up… Me and B/N”
  • He can’t help but smile, with you, he can’t just…Hold his emotions.
  • “Why are you smiling?” He lost that smile when he realizes it  "Oh…I always thought he was bad for you MC…“
  • You just sigh, this is not helping so he hugs you again, loving that moment.
  • After all, you’ll reassure him that you’re fine, but he’ll insist that you sleep there…For that day…And the other day and the other.
  • He loves your company and you love his company.
  • And he loves you.
  • And when he see that smile and see you happy again, he can really agree with himself…
  • He’s in love with you.


  • When you called her, she’s worried.
  • She listens to you crying, this is enough, Jumin’ll have to understand this.
  • She let all that paperwork alone and she goes to your house.
  • When she arrives, she knocks, waiting, she’s calm.
  • When you open the door and she sees you like that, all that calm goes away.
  • “Oh, my MC…What happened?”
  • “Me and…Me and B/N broke up”
  • She sighs and hugs you, comforting you, letting you cry on her shoulder.
  • She’s such a good friend…She’s always there for you.
  • You’re on the couch with her, talking about all this situation explaining this to her.
  • She listens to you and she’s always giving you advice.
  • After that you go to her house, you’ll feel better with her company.
  • And now you two are in the bed, watching some Zen’s performances on the TV
  • You’re just laughing sometimes, she’s such a fangirl!
  • But you can’t keep up, you sleep.
  • When Jaehee sees you sleeping, she laughs, turning off the TV, all her attention is on you now…
  • She kisses your forehead and put a blanket on you.
  • She wants to take care of you…Always.
  • As she is walking toward another room, to give you privacy, she looks at you while she was with a hand on the doorknob.
  • She’s thinking…She loves to be your friend…But maybe you two could be something more?
  • Forget it Jaehee…This is impossible…
  • She turns off the lights “Jaehee….”
  • She turns on the lights to look at you “…What MC?”
  • “You can sleep with me, come on…” You smile, closing your eyes again.
  • She froze…But she smiled after some time, turning off the lights, but going to the bed with you.
  • You put the blanket on her and hugs her….She froze again.
  • She doesn’t know what all that means, or if this is just a friendship thing…But she knows one thing…
  • This is better that she expected.


  • You call him, he hears you crying, but you said that was nothing and hang up…
  • You wanted to talk to him, but at the same time you didn’t want him involved in your problems.
  • But Seven wanted to be involved, hearing that broke his heart.
  • He must see if you’re alright.
  • He must protect you at all costs.
  • So he ran to you house, and he invades it, he has experience in it.
  • When you saw him you almost hit him “SEVEN?WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”
  • “Why are you crying MC?!” He’s just too worried, you sigh “Nothing that drastic…Me and my boyfriend…We broke up…”
  • Oh, that boyfriend that he’s stalking to find something so that you can see that the men were not so good and then you broke up with that man?
  • You two broke up?
  • This is good!
  • But he knows that you’re bad with this thought.
  • “I know…Must be hard to find a princess charming in a world filled with toads”
  • You laugh.
  • That evening Seven just made so many jokes, while you two were playing a board game on the couch.
  • First, you were there, sitting and laughing, after some time you two were cuddling and laughing.
  • You two didn’t even notice.
  • Maybe he did, maybe that was his plan.
  • But you’ll never know.
  • Agent 707 out.


  • You called him, but before you could say why you were crying you changed your mind “It’s nothing V…Sorry for wasting your ti-”
  • “What you mean is nothing MC?” He cut you off “Please come here…I’m just so worried about you…”
  • You feel bad to let him that way, so you agree, after some minutes you were there, holding back your tears “Hi V…”
  • “…Hi…” He looks at you, worried “MC…What happened?”
  • “Me and my boyfriend….We…We broke up…” Your voice sounded broken, he knows that you were struggling not to cry.
  • He hugs you, comforting you “Let it out MC…Cry….”
  • And then you do this, you start to cry, so much on his shoulder, while he’s suffering to hear this…But happy that you’re letting all this pain going out.
  • He’s gently caressing your hair and whispering to you that everything will be good…
  • All this did make you better, V’s so calm and gentle, you can’t help but smile when you’re with him.
  • You guys listen to music while relaxing on the couch, you two slept on that couch that night.
  • You don’t know how but you two are cuddling.
  • The next day V’s just apologizing for being so close to you when you two were asleep, you laugh, and kiss his cheek
  • “Can i make you breakfast?”
  • He froze…But after some time he smiles
  • “…Every time you want to…”


  • Saeran hates everything and everyone.
  • He loves two things in his life…Ice cream…
  • And you.
  • But you’re taken, by some asshole that he hates, the guy never did something wrong to get all this hate.
  • Actually, he did.
  • He’s your boyfriend.
  • And Saeran wants to be your boyfriend.
  • When you send him a message telling if he could go there, Saeran’s calm about it…But on the inside, he’s worried.
  • So he goes, he doesn’t want to rush to your place, but his heart is demanding his legs run.
  • When he gets there, he was about to knock the door when he listens to you crying, he opens the door that you leave unlocked.
  • He saw you on the couch, crying, he doesn’t know but something in him made he runs to you and hug you.
  • You’re so surprised by that, Saeran’s not the type of person who hugs other people, but you like it.
  • After some while, he stops hugging you, he has to admit…That was the best moment of his life…You on his arms…Like you were his.
  • He proceeds to listen to your problems, another thing that he hates to do with other people…But he loves when it’s you.
  • His heart is beating faster when you mention that you and your boyfriend broke up, he got close to you as the time runs by, and when you finish he puts his hand on your cheek
  • “….I’m with you MC…I’ll always be with you”
  • You don’t know what that means…But his eyes are so bright, and his voice sounds so sweet…You’re wondering…
  • He stands up and smiles “…Want to go get some ice cream with me?” Your hand is almost reaching his while you were thinking
  • “Please…” You hold his hand after that, and you guys go… He never let go of your hand the whole thing.
Gone (Part 1)

“Can I have a request about dean and his wife the reader are fighting about whatever and dean says something about regretting marrying her and she says fine and leaves. He’s devastated and it’s up to Cas and Sam to save the day and reunite them”

“It can be a two part if you’d like”

Requested by: @nervousmemzie

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Here I am! For one thing, I’m sorry it took me so long to write your request; anyway, there you go. I hope you like it, and how you asked, is divided into two parts. The second part I will publish it in a few days. Promised. So .. have fun to read!

Word Count: 1234

*flashbacks in italics*

4.35 a.m.

This is the time that I see light on my phone; a loud noise woke me up suddenly. I get up quickly from the bed and I go out of my room. I know exactly what causes these strange noises. Indeed whoever. I go into the kitchen, and there it is, my husband Dean Winchester, with his head inside the refrigerator. Dean and I have been married for three years; I would have never imagined that he would make me the proposal, we never talked about marriage, and, with our very ‘busy life’, marriage is not something we think about every day. Instead, Dean asked me to marry him with a ring, and he is kneeling. I will never forget that moment; I thought he was joking.

“Hey, Y/n.”
I raise my eyes from my plate, and I see his eyes fixed on me Dean. This is a special evening; after all this time, Dean and I decided to stay a little ‘alone, and to live a night like a normal couple. And so, he took me to dinner at a nice restaurant by candlelight. Perfect.
“I though .. you marry me?”
The water I’m drinking from the glass I almost go sideways, I begin to cough; without giving him an answer, I look at Dean, and I start to laugh, convinced that he is joking. Suddenly, Dean gets up from his chair and walks over to me. As he kneels in front of me, I’m out of breath. I try to talk, to say anything, but in vain. I am too shocked and surprised by what is happening.
“Y/n, will you marry me?”

I approach Dean, and he, hearing the sound of my footsteps, looks up; when he sees me, a smile forming on his face.
Dean comes to me, but he loses his balance, and nearly falls to the ground.
“Dean, what are you doing?”
He tries to kiss me, but I avoid him, and walk away from him. I cross my arms over the chest, and I stare at my husband with angry look.
“Y/n.. come here. We can drink together.”
“You’re joking, right?”
Dean looks up at the sky, and going to one of the chairs at the table, he sits. My husband puts his hands near the head, and began to complain. I roll my eyes, and I get close to him, ready to make him a scolding.
“It’s always the same story with you. You go out, go to drink, and then go home. Heck Dean, by now, you will always smell like alcohol!”
“And do you care what I do?”
I open wide my eyes; the alcohol must have melted his brain. I’m his wife, it is normal that I care for him! It do this a wife who loves her husband? I pass my hand through my hair, and I try not to scream, not to wake Sam.
“For God’s sake, I worry for you. I’m your wife, Dean! ”
“Yeah, maybe I was wrong to marry you.”
I freeze. The breath begins to miss, as I hear the words of Dean that keep buzzing in my head. I look down, and without saying a word, I go striding from the kitchen. I, at first, I headed to the bedroom where Dean and I sleep together, but during my walk in the corridors of the bunker, I change my mind, and I go to my room. As the door closes behind me, the tears start to fall on my face. At first a few sobs, but in the end I burst into tears. I feel my legs weaken, and slowly I sit on the floor, my back against the door. I can’t believe I heard those words from his mouth. Yes, we had some disagreements, and sometimes we fight, but all married couples do. In the end we could always forgive each other. I need him by my side, and not locked up in some seedy bar to drink always. But he really thinks what he said? Dean regretted of marrying me?

When Dean wakes up in his bed, the first thing he notices is the severe headache. Right now, it looks like someone is hitting him with a hammer, just behind the center of the head. Dean turns in his bed, and the second thing he notices is that his wife Y / n is not at his side. The part of the bed where she normally sleeps at the moment is empty. The hunter leans on his elbows, and rubs a hand over his eyes; his head still hurts. Despite the pain, Dean sitting at the edge of the bed, and tries to remember what happened the night before. Dean remembers that he went into a bar, not far from the bunker, and drinking, and many more. A girl had come to him, and had flirted with the hunter, but Dean had not thought twice about sending her away. He’s married, and he loves his wife. In the end, Dean remembers coming home, and that he had spoken with someone.. with Y/n.

.. you get out, go to drink, and you come home late!
.. you smell like alcohol..
..what do you care..
..I matter, I’m your wife!
..maybe I was wrong to marry you..

Dean opens his eyes, remembering his words.


The hunter quickly gets up from the bed, and heads to the kitchen; he hopes to find his wife there while is drinking coffee. She will be very angry with him, maybe she does not even speak with him. How the hell has thought Dean to say such a thing? He loves his wife more than anything else, and he never repent of marrying her. She’s his life.
Dean finally arrives in the kitchen, but the only person he sees is his brother Sam. The smaller of the Winchester brother is sitting at the table with a book in his hands; when he feels the presence of his brother, Sam looks up from the book, and frowns, not understanding why Dean is so upset.
“Did you see Y/n?” asks Dean breathless. Sam gets up from his chair and walks over to his brother. He tells to Dean he doesn’t see the girl from the night before, and suddenly, Dean feels the panic and fear invade his body. The hunter tells what happened with Y/n to Sam, and without thinking twice, both Winchester brothers begin to look for the girl down the bunker. Dean and Sam look for in any room, as long as Dean can’t think of a place where Y/n may be hiding. What a fool not to think about her old room from the start. Arrived in front of the door of the room where slept Y/n before, Dean knocks a few times, but no response is received.
“Y/n? Please, answer me! I’m sorry.. for what I said.”
Dean decides to force the doorknob to enter, but he realizes that the door is not locked. He comes quickly into the room, but it soon becomes clear that it is empty. There is nothing in that room, just him.
Dean turns to his brother, he feels the tears filling his green eyes; is not really happening, Dean thinks to himself.

This is just a bad dream.

“She’s gone. Y/n is gone.”

Gone (Part 2)

Forever Tag: @hotwinchester

Supernatural Tag: @27bmm

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anonymous asked:

"Why are you so annoying?" With Oikawa and his s/o? Soulmate AU with the words on the wrist and those words are on s/o's wrist.

Oikawa Tooru:

Oikawa had always been a bit insecure.
He wasn’t sure if it was due to his superiority complex or being outshined by Kageyama, or what. Although he did know one thing for sure.
Those damned words on his wrist played a huge part in all of his negative feelings. From the very moment he became literate, they haunted him. “Why are you so annoying?” they read, and the word “annoying” became the bane of his existence. As much as Oikawa wanted to meet his soulmate, he didn’t want to be seen as an abomination. The person who he was to be tied to for an eternity’s first impression of him would be “annoying”. He hated that, he hated the very image of anyone he loved deeming him obnoxious. These very words were the foundation of his facade.

As years passed on Oikawa hoped and prayed that maybe, someday, he’d wake up to find that black ink washed away and replaced with something new. Everyone around him had a nice little saying printed on them. Iwaizumi’s said, “I’ve never seen you here before.”, even Hanamaki’s was a cute little message of, “God, you’re hilarious.” No matter how hard he tried to be the image of perfection, by fate, he was always to been seen as annoying. Sometimes, he realized he should be getting a lesson out of this. Not everyone was going to find him perfect at first, not everything is going to go his way. But no, he was stubborn and everyday he enhanced his mask more and more to the point where it was covered in feathers and rhinestones and diamonds alike, fanning out to the point where you couldn’t see his real face at all. It was heavy, it was weighing him down, and god he rues the day he meets his soulmate, because there’s no guaranteeing he won’t slap them for what they’ve done.

Oikawa always stays for an extra hour or two after practice. He used to stay late in the gymnasium to actually practice as intended, but now that there was nothing to train for, his only reason for staying after was so he could finally get some time alone. Once 5:30 came and all his fangirls trickled out and his team soon followed, the coach would toss him the keys, promptly asking him to “lock up when he’s done”, and would shut the heavy titanium doors behind him. The handle would click, then Oikawa would finally be alone. He got seldom alone time at his house, his parents were home a lot more recently, and of course he loved his parents, but he just couldn’t stand them lately. If they were near him, the likelyhood of getting a paper shoved in his face was high. “University of Tokyo! Oxford! Meiji! Harvard!” they’d chant, and all this talk of bills and college and tuition was driving him absolutely mad. He thought that graduating from high school would finally lift the heavy weight off his shoulders, but just the idea of that diploma was pushing him down more. He lied down in the center of the gym, the cold wooden floor a sensation on his skin. Since 95% of the student body and staff was off campus by 5:00, Oikawa always took this chance to scream. He’d inhale, tilt his head back and scream, scream until his frustration dwindled down or his lungs began to burn, whichever came first. So today, per usual, he just screamed, the booming of his voice echoing off the walls of the gymnasium. Although, before he could reach any degree of vocal climax, the heavy titanium doors clicked open. He didn’t even bother sitting up to check who had opened the door, it was either some teacher, who would dismiss his behavior, or Iwaizumi, who would lecture him about it later on. Although, it couldn’t have been either. He heard a feminine snort, then the click of the door.
“Why are you so annoying?”
Oikawa didn’t have anytime to think, the rush of being caught unsettling his nerves.
“Deprecation my dear!” He called back, waving his arms around melodramatically. He sat up to meet his confronter, who was standing still, shocked by the doors.
“Excuse me, what?”
“Repeat what you just said to me?”
“No the other thing!”
“Oh… Deprecation my dear?”
The girl sighed, running a hand through her hair.
“Please be joking.”
“What?” Oikawa repeated for what seemed like the twentieth time today.
“Well…” She sighed. “First of all, I would like to say fuck you for making the last eighteen years of my life a poetic hell.”
Oikawa, who had figured he had sad ‘what’ too many times today opted for cocking his head, his eyes widening when she flashed him her wrist, his heart beating faster as his eyes scanned over the words.
“Oh god…” He mumbled, looking down at his own wrist. “And you… you said… why are you so… annoying…” Oikawa took a deep breath, letting his arm fall back to his side.
“You really wanna talk about hell, missy? Couldn’t you have said ‘hey, why’re you screaming’ or ‘hey, is something wrong’ instead of this?” He forcefully shoved his wrist in her face, his every word dripped with malice. He should be happy, but god, he couldn’t help but feel enraged. “These words turned me into a maniac. These words are why I’m stuck here screaming by myself at 6:00 at night! These words are why I’m… so annoying…” His tantrum slowly decrescendoed as he looked up at her, her eyes wide and bloodshot, her fists taut at her sides.
“Well, I’m sorry. It was really all up to fate. If it were up to me I’d say something completely different but… hey, if it makes you feel any better, every literature teacher I’ve had for the past seven years has used me as an example of poetry because of the words you said.”
“That’s not as bad as depreciation.”
“In my third year of middle school we had to do a writing prompt on my wrist.” She snorted, looking down at the words. “Who would’ve guessed that it was all over some guy screaming in a gym. I thought I’d meet you as an art student in a coffee shop.”
Oikawa couldn’t help but laugh, subconsciously taking her hand into his.
“Well… I’m Oikawa Tooru… you probably already know that…”
“Ooh, narcissist, much?” She grinned, playfully. He had known her for a minute yet he was already growing on to her sarcastic nature. “Well, I’m __ __, it’s nice to finally meet you after all these years.”
“You know, __…”
“I made a promise to myself that I would slap my soulmate once I met them because of all the shit they’ve put me through.”
“I don’t want to slap you, though.”
“Damn, good. You seem like you have a lot of bottled up anger, and I’d rather you scream into the void than use me as a stress ball.”
Oikawa gaped, searching for a counter argument but settling on a sigh.
“Gosh, you’re a mean one, aren’t you?”
“No, it’s just deprecation, my dear!”

Oiiwa Halloween Headcanons!

Hey guys! I know Halloween is over and everything, but I have many headcanons for these two I would like to share! Many of these were just random ideas that popped into my head now and then, so I thought why not compile them into one long post! There are four sections to this! Oiiwa when they were kids, teenagers, adults in University, and finally adults with children!

I had such a wide range of ideas for each phase in their life so I thought why not write as much as I can? Well, anyways, here are all the headcanons I came up with! Enjoy!

Halloween when they were kids :D

  • Iwa would almost always dress up as Godzilla, his mum made him a Godzilla onesie and he loves it to bits. Occasionally, he would wear it to sleep cause he loves it so much.
  • Oikawa on the other hand has different costumes throughout his childhood, some include an alien costume, a cowboy, a wizard and many more. He always complains about how boring it was for Haji to wear the same thing every year but the raven doesn’t give a shit.
  • Their parents would often snap pictures of them before and after their little trip because the two of them are simply adorable. They print the pictures out and keep them in a photo album.
  • Every Halloween, Hajime would show up at Oikawa’s doorstep waiting for him so they can go trick-or-treating together. He lights up when he sees his best friend all dressed up and ready to go.
  • Both of their parents trust them enough to let them roam the neighborhood by themselves, they usually start out at the bigger, quieter houses before going to the more crowded areas.
  • Surprisingly, Hajime is the more eager one of the two cause he likes racing up the hill with Oikawa to see who can get to the top first. It’s their Halloween tradition to go there because there’s a little row of shops that gives out free candy just on that one particular night.
  • Hajime ends up winning most of the time and getting more sweets from the lady who owned the shop, despite that, he would always make sure to give Tooru some of his candy so the brunette wouldn’t end up whining. Or maybe it was secretly because Hajime just liked sharing things with his friends.
  • During Halloween, many of their neighbours would dress up their animals too, Hajime took this opportunity to pet every single Goddamn animal he saw. Tooru gets very impatient when this happens because he says that if they continue petting the animals, there would be no more candy left. Hajime reluctantly stops petting them and follows Tooru to continue their night.
  • I have a headcanon that Hajime is afraid of the dark? He usually is a brave boy who can pick up spiders or pull of something dangerous, but he’s scared of the dark? Once, these two had to walk down a barely lit street to get back home, Tooru knows his best friend didn’t like dark places so he held his hand and led the both of them back home.
  • Oikawa very confidently says, “I’ll protect you Iwa-chan! Don’t worry!” Iwa was quiet, allowing Oikawa to lead him back, he may have not said it but he was very thankful for that. Oikawa didn’t tease him too much about it, he knew Hajime didn’t like it when he did.
  • When they go back home, they would count their candy and exchange for those they wanted from the other. Sometimes if one of them got a chocolate bar, they’d split it so they’d both have a share.
  • Sometimes the two of them get so tired after their trips, they just collapse onto the bed and fall asleep. When this happens, one of them would inform the other parent and they’d let them sleep over.
  • Their parents would help put away the candy and tuck the two of them nicely into bed. Since there’s only one bed, the two of them are kinda forced to sleep together. They’re fine with it though, I mean, they’re kids, to them it’s just sharing a bed with their best friend.
  • One time, the day before Halloween, Hajime fell very sick and couldn’t follow Tooru trick-or-treating. The brunette was very saddened by it because he was looking forward to go around the neighborhood with his best friend.
  • However instead of leaving Hajime all alone during Halloween, Tooru didn’t go trick-or-treating. He accompanied Hajime by playing games or telling him stories instead. Hajime told him he would get sick too but Tooru said, “Then I’ll get sick with you so you won’t feel lonely.”
  • The raven was very happy and glad he was still able to spend Halloween with his best friend, though Tooru did fall sick afterwards and Haji wouldn’t stop chiding him about it. Tooru was simply happy to see Iwa all better and his usual self.
  • (Iwa is really lethargic when he’s sick, he talks less and just sleeps most of the time.)
  • Their parents got them as much candy as they wanted when the two of them got better.

Halloween when they were teenagers :D

  • I feel like their first Halloween as teenagers, they’d do something really adventurous or bold, like go explore a cemetery, or maybe go for those haunted house things that came around during Halloween.
  • Of course Hajime is against it but Oikawa is just “NOPE, YOU ARE COMING WITH ME.” and Hajime is struggling and smacking him with his prop or something, “LET ME GO GUZUKAWA.” Is usually what he shouts in protest.
  • Their costumes got better as they grew, Hajime doesn’t wear his onesie anymore cause it’s too small (obviously), he lets Oikawa suggest what he should wear and he realises how bad of an idea that was. A sexy bunny suit was not something he was going to wear anytime soon. (He headbutted Oikawa because of that)
  • Puberty hit these two harder than a truck okay, they went from 10 to a billion quicker than you can say “Bara-titty slap”, Oikawa was charming and handsome (Of course, it’s Oikawa.) But Iwaizumi was the perfect definition of perfection. Both of them had girls (And guys) running after them like they were Beyonce. Especially when they wore their costumes, it was like the thing worsened by a hundred times.
  • Hajime dressed up as a knight once and Oikawa a demon king (Final Haikyuu Quest is my absolute fucking shit.) People expected fangirls to be swooning over Oikawa, (They still did.) But Hajime was really the centre of attention that Halloween. Being admired and liked by girls was one thing, but when he had guys coming over and hitting on him, Tooru got pissed.
  • Hajime being Hajime kindly declines their offers for drinks, but since some guys don’t know when to stop, Oikawa swoops in and chases them off for him. Hajime is like “Thanks.” and Oikawa is like, “No problem Iwa-chan.”
  • Basically, Oikawa is more jealous over the fact that Hajime let people hit on him rather than the fact he had more people wanting to take photos with him. Hajime was smart and all but he was oblivious as heck when it came to people. Like? He doesn’t even understand that there are a bunch of guys flirting with him? Like wow Iwa-chan?
  • (Mind you, Oikawa and Iwa aren’t a thing yet. Everyone thinks they are but they’re just two pining idiots in love okay. Hajime was such a lovestruck idiot it was funny and amusing. Makki and Mattsun love teasing him, when the raven asked them what he should go as, they jokingly said “Oikawa’s boyfriend” and they have never regretted anything more in their life.)
  • Okay, so yes, their school had a haunted house at it’s annual carnival. Let’s just say it’s Oikawa’s idea to have one. Though I know most people think Oikawa is a “Scaredy cat”, I feel like he’s actually less likely to get scared by horror movies or jumpscares?
  • Hajime fucking hates those haunted house attractions but Oikawa always manages to drag him along. The brunette literally drags him there and he doesn’t have a choice.
  • When they are actually in the thing, Hajime now hiding behind Oikawa most of the time. He’ll make Oikawa go first because well… he’s kinda creeped out (very creeped out). When Hajime gets nervous or scared, he sub-consciously holds Oikawa’s hand (It’s a thing he picked up ever since they were kids.) He doesn’t realise himself but Oikawa is fucking beaming like an idiot.
  • When Hajime realises later on he’s so fucking embarrassed and internally starts cussing at Oikawa in a tsundere way. (Haji is a tsuntsun, fucking fite me.) He covers his face with his palms to shield himself from the potential jumpscares or to very feebly hide his blush. Thank the heavens it’s pitch black, because he would not hear the end of it if Oikawa finds out.
  • When they finish it, Hajime gets so grumpy because all Oikawa does is tease him. When they meet Makki and Mattsun in their high school years, he has triple the amount of shit to deal with.
  • Besides the haunted house, there’s a costume competition in their school. Much to Oikawa’s surprise, Iwa came in second place. (He was first, I mean, this is Oikawa.) Still, that didn’t stop him from being a salty bitch. Hajime just groans and brushes him off most of the time.
  • Makki and Mattsun always go as memes so what’s new. (This includes Pepe, dat boi, SpongeBob etc.)
  • On another occasion, a bunch of Iwaizumi’s classmates pulled a prank that went a little too far. It was a very elaborate prank but here it goes, someone was supposedly supposed to spill a drink on Iwa so the raven had to go the washroom to clean up. Afterwards, the raven would go to washroom and they’d turn off the light and lock the door.
  • They were successful and Iwa panicked because he still had an irrational fear of the dark. In the process of trying to get out of the washroom, he slipped and hurt his elbow. (No fractures or anything, just a bad bruise.) Oikawa finds him and just rushes to help him up. He gives Haji a platonic hug and tells him it’s fine, he bring the raven out to inspect his bruise.
  • Hajime’s classmates apologised later on after what happened. Hajime assured them it was fine and they scared him good, they felt guilty after that because they had got him hurt.
  • Tooru found an Ice-pack for Iwaizumi’s elbow. The raven expresses his thanks and Tooru tries to keep small talk to take his mind of the numbness he felt. He asks if Haji was still afraid of the dark and he’s just like, “… Yeah.” Oikawa takes note and decides he shall walk Iwa home later on. (Just to make sure he got home safely. Not because he liked him or anything.)
  • In their second year of highschool, to set them up, Makki and Mattsun attempted to stage a prank on both Oikawa and Iwaizumi. They’re plan was to scare the both of them, but instead they scared only Iwa and the raven tripped over an empty can. Tooru fucking catches him like some sort of weird holy Halloween saint and there’s so much sexual tension it’s not even funny.
  • The meme duo skedaddly-doo away before Iwa decides to chop off their dicks or use them as door mats. Oikawa and Hajime are both redder than the fucking raspberry gum-drops. Oikawa blurts out an awkward, “… Looks like you fell for me huh?” And Hajime just combusts before lightly punching him in the chest.
  • They didn’t say anything and before Oikawa knows it Hajime is zooming away, he chases after him and there’s a very awkward silence. It goes on for awhile but quickly, Hajime very sheepishly intertwined his fingers with Oikawa’s. The brunette looks up and before he could say anything, Hajime murmurs, “… Harder than that thick skull of yours.”
  • Oikawa laughs and wraps his arms around Hajime’s waist and pulling him closer. So yeah, that Halloween turned out to be their so called first date-ish. (This happened when they were around 17?)
  • Their school had their annual Halloween celebration and these two idiots were slow dancing together being giggly fucks. Tooru occasionally whispering things that made Iwa blush really hard was the highlight of that particular night. Oikawa’s fangirls were jealous of course, but the meme duo made sure that they wouldn’t ruin this moment for the two of them.
  • They were crowned king and queen of the costume competition because the volleyball club had been put in charge of the event that year and everyone had been trying to get them together. Oikawa was the king and Iwa was his queen, they had dressed up as a Hitman and Police Officer respectively.
  • They snuck out of the party and went stargazing instead on the hillside. Afterwards they went to an ice cream parlour and strolled around the streets.
  • Oikawa had walked Iwa home, he gave the raven a sweet goodnight kiss on the forehead. He bids his goodbye, and when Hajime was sure Tooru was out of sight, he just sat on his front porch for a good ten minutes trying to handle his Euphoria. (His mum chased him in and told him he was going to catch a cold.)
  • Anyway that is the story of how Makki and Mattsun got these two numbskulls to finally confess their love for each other on spooky Halloween.
  • In their last year of highschool, Oikawa dressed up as a Vampire, Iwa was a zombie and Matsuhana were demon-things? They called them trickster gods but that’s besides the point.
  • Of course, Tooru tried biting Iwa on the neck which didn’t turn out too well, Iwa used one of his toy cleavers to hit him on the head. (Eventually he did let Oikawa bite his neck though, bye-bye.)
  • They still go trick-or-treating, just for the fun of it with Makki and Mattsun. Afterwards, they’ll usually head over to Oikawa’s house to watch a horror movie.
  • (Bonus, both pair of boyfriends are cuddling on the couch eating popcorn. Oikawa had those L-shaped couches, Hajime was resting his head on Tooru’s lap, while Makki and Mattsun were just on the longer side with their legs overlapping. Those two were just binge-eating popcorn.)
  • While Iwa rests his head on Oikawa’s lap, he’d run his fingers through Hajime’s hair or caress his cheek. As much as people wouldn’t expect it, they are really quiet when watching movies like these, (If they’re watching crack movies or romance, it’s a completely different story.) The quietness of everything just contributed to the mood.
  • By the time the movie ends, Haji is already asleep. Matsuhana bid their goodbyes and Tooru is left alone with his cute boyfriend. He carries Iwa back to his room and the both of them sleep there together just like how they did as kids.
  • Much snuggling and kisses from Tooru because he loves Hajime very much. He’s a good boyfriend, I give a 9/10 cause Hajime is the one he needs. (Don’t worry I hate myself for writing this too.)

Halloween when they are adults (University kids are adults right?) :D

(NSFW in this section! Skip this part of you are uncomfortable with such themes!)

  • They’d probably dress up as something simple this time, nothing too fancy. They’d much rather enjoy the atmosphere now rather than engage in it. Also because University is being a bitch and they would rather use the time to spend quality time with each other.
  • They share an apartment so most of the time it’s just binge watching movies while cuddling under a warm cosy blanket. Occasionally they’ll have Netflix and chill, or make out during the scary parts (Yes, I know this is based off something else, I don’t remember what though.)
  • To them Halloween was just a good excuse to take a break from all their assignments and projects.
  • Although once Tooru came home to Iwa in a maid outfit he got as a dare from Makki. Let’s just say steamy things happened ;) By Steamy I mean Oikawa running his fingers up Hajime’s thighs under the frilly skirt or hot make-out sessions on the kitchen counter. (Uhm, who needs candy when your boyfriend is the literal definition of a treat am I right?)
  • Hajime thought Tooru wasn’t a fan of maid outfits but boy, was he wrong. Hajime thinks his ass died after that one time so he said to never do it again.
  • Another time, Tooru was busy with training on Halloween so he couldn’t spend as much time with Haji. The raven was a sly bastard and sent extremely provocative photos on Snapchat of himself in a cat costume with uhmYou know, that… cat tail… that you put… somewhere.
  • Accompanying it was just words like “Come home soon.”, “I miss you.”, “I’ll be waiting.” Or something along those lines. You have no idea how turned on Oikawa was, that was one of the rare times he actually wanted to ditch training.
  • So yeah, he managed to go home earlier than he expected and they made lots of love, *wink face*. (I’m so sorry.)
  • (What is life? Life is when your boyfriend treats you to as much candy as you want because he likes spoiling the fuck out of you. Yes, Oikawa bought Hajime his favourite sour gummy worms and Hajime thinks he ate so much his tummy hurt. Tooru on the other hand got the beautiful reward of Hajime showering him with Kisses.)
  • By now, Hajime isn’t as afraid of the dark, sometimes he still is though but he can very well go into a dark room without having to turn on the lights anymore. As he grew up, he realised he was more fearful of being alone rather than the darkness.
  • Tooru as usual is still the heartthrob in his university, (In this particular Headcanon I’ll say they go to the same University.) Tooru is still popular as hell (Shocking, I know.), but Hajime is too.
  • A bunch of fangirls saw these two acting lovey-dovey at Halloween party hosted by Kuroo and Bokuto. They wore masks but nothing too extravagant, they were seen holding hands throughout most of the night. Or when they got drunk, Tooru shamelessly cornering Iwa to a wall and flirting with him. (Also Kuroo recording them making out in the kitchen.)
  • (You know your boyfriend loves you when he stands on the fucking counter proclaiming his deep and undying love for you in front of overly intoxicated University Students, also telling everyone he sees how that cute guy sitting by the kitchen bar is his and that no one was allowed to hit on him. Cause yes, Oikawa Tooru fucking did that.)
  • But yeah the Halloween party was great, though Hajime promises himself he’ll never let Oikawa gulp down seven cans of beer ever again.

Halloween when they are adults with Kids :D

  • Just some soft domestic fluff for you guys. I imagine they’d have twins, one boy and one little girl. They’ll splurge all their money in buying these two adorable costumes and dressing them up to be the prettiest children you’ll ever see.
  • Their daughter dressed up as a ninja once and their son went as a little wizard. While their daughter is the perfect combination of loud, headstrong and boisterous, Their son is quiet, gentle and shy. So when a bunch of older kids made fun of her brother for being “A girly boy”, their daughter scared the fuck out of them with her toy Katana. (Papa Hajime and Dada Oikawa were very proud.)
  • They never pick out the costumes, rather, they let their kids decide what they want to be. So if their daughter wanted to be a dragon, they’re like “Sure.” Their son wants to be a nurse? “No problem.” And even if they wanted to be bats? “Why the hell not?” (11/10 parenting okay.)
  • Their daughter likes taking the lead on things and drag her little brother around for candy because he’s too shy. Whenever she gets something she knows her little brother likes, she offers it to him instead. Oikawa is so proud of her and so is Hajime okay, they’re the proudest parents.
  • Because these two are the best parents, they’ll secretly add some of the candy they bought to their kid’s stash. When their children wake up, they are more than delighted to be greeted with their favourite sweet treats.
  • (Hajime has to monitor them though cause the last time this happened, all three of them fell sick from eating too much candy.)
Food Thief

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Soo… my friend L has been talking nonstop about you so I thought I would check out one of your stories and before I knew it I had read all of them, fell in love, You are so amazing. Can I possibly request something for L? Her bias is NamJoon so could you pretty pretty pretty please write a drabble where the reader has mutual undeclared love with Joonie?

Summary: It doesn’t matter that you have a crush on Namjoon, he has stolen your ice cream for the last time.

Genre: fluff, slight angst, roommates au

Length: 0.9k

A/N: this was such a sweet req and i fangirled reading it like damn. also it’s so sweet you requested something for your friend and i hope you both enjoy it!

Originally posted by yoonseok

“Yoongi hear me out,” his unamused grumble would have usually stopped you from talking, but since he hadn’t started using physical attacks you decided you were safe to continue ranting, “if I put my favourite ice cream in the freezer, with a massive label stating it’s mine, would you eat it?”

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Thoughts whilst watching 6x12

- I actually feel sorry for Theo. He has no one. He came back from the dead, was forced to help the pack, bonded with Liam, but then got neglected again. He does have a really fancy Jeep so idk how that worked out but okay. 
- It’s the spiders again. Rats, bugs in wolves, spiders. Odd. 
- Can someone try out Scott’s number and see what happens? 
- Hunters? 
- Oh, come on why you gotta shoot him? he just pulled a spider out of his back.
- I wonder why Scott hallucinated. It has, as far as I remember, never happened before. Was it the shock that the bullet was Argent’s, thinking he’s killing the supernatural again with stronger, more dangerous weapons? Perhaps. Or it has something to do with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt. Liam can’t control himself sometimes, and Scott wolfed out in front of an entire squad of police officers. 
- The Sheriff is just not impressed anymore lol. Like “wop, there I go again, attacked by something I don’t know the name of.” 
- Also why is Malia running behind him? For Lydia, it’s logical, but Malia is a were-coyote. Use that super speed girl. 
- Ugh, why are they all so pretty? 
- Pack feels in the car ayyye. 
- Liam and Mason are so cute, it’s all just parallels of Stiles and Scott. 
- Those kids are so cute. I remember being hopeful in Freshmen Year that highschool would be awesome and full of dreams. (Spoiler Alert: it is filled with homework and tears)
- “Go lacrosse!” “yay sports” I CAN’T XD
- Bitch if he doesn’t make an appointment than you can’t force him. 
- “Opportunities Multiply as They Are Seized.” True. 
- lol and then Mason happily walking in nearly fangirling over his favourite peot or something. 
- that knife though. threat from the argent’s? 
- aw come on, why do the black people always get hurt here. First the black orderly, now him. He’s just fourteen, leave him alone. 
- Thank the Gods that Parrish is finally useful. You were shit in season five and 6A. Thank the Gods for making him go and not Lydia. 
- I want Lydia’s top. 
- Please, Scott should’ve known from the beginning the passport was Allison. His own passport for everything in sophomore year was Allison. 
- Oh and thank you Teen Wolf for not forgetting one of your greatest characters. Allison Argent will be forever missed. I really, fucking miss her. 
- Malia’s humour is on point btw. 
- So the name of the dead hellhound is Halwyn. Halwyn Hellhound, nice to meet you. 
- So the white haired dude is a doctor ohhhhh.
- bitch even if you do lock him up Parrish can still burn down the gate he’s literal fire. 
- Wait since when does Corey play lacrosse? And do girls still play in the team? Because you had Kira and then later on Gwen in 6A. Now it seems like there are none. CONSISTENCY, TEEN WOLF!
- Liam hold your wolf in, please. 
- Aye it’s that relative of Brett that I always forget the name of. No hard feelings, girlie. 
- Keep it in, Liam. 
- “That’s the IED I remember.” dude. not cool. wait, doesn’t Brett know that Liam is a werewolf? Isn’t Brett one himself? Or did I just read that in fanfiction? I’m so confused. 
- oh yeah he knows nevermind. 
- fuck he’s hot
- well hello Samarah from The Ring. 
- oh wait fuck is everyone dead? 
- ah, a doctor is evil. what a surprise. 
- Come on, Liam. Don’t lose it. Also, where is the black freshman? 
- ayyyye Argent please don’t be the bad guy, thank you. 
- he’s so not impressed I love him. Him and Melissa are also, clealry, not together, so why did they kiss in 6A if it had no meaning? 
- Oh, Malia. 
- “Bitch you think im getting out there? hell no.” MALIA I LOVE HER THIS SEASON SHELLEY IS DOING A WONDERFUL JOB. 
- For a man like Argent, it’s odd he even used “Allison”, as hackers often opt first for things that are familiar to the ones they are wanting to hack. Like family names, pets, dates, et cetera. 
- Fuck, man, he’s also part human. You’re a murderer. Well, he’s a hunter, actually. Now it’s just not an organised party, everyone is just killing. It’s basically season 4 only without the money. 
- wop, guess Jordan will go in hibernation then. 
- This woman fucking stayed at school for hours just to give him back that ball and threathen him or something. Jesus get a life. 
- oh fuck you. using wolfsbane is a dick move.
- Lydia fucking register for MIT odwn throw that away please. You have a little less than two hours so do something. 
- I love her ring. Very minimalistic. (gets sudden thoughts of married stydia and starts crying. trash ophelia has arrived)
- oh my God, Lydia, how much has Stiles influenced you. Like “Woopsie she caught me just pretend you’re really interested in this pack of post its yep totally not suspicious yep perfect perfect plan amazing awesome.”
- Also her banshee powers are on point. 
- Bitch he has never even terrified anyone. You have nothing to him personally but you’re acting like he did. 
- oh sure just stick a pole in his body. 
- “That’s incredible”, oh so now she’s a sadist, great. 
- oh cry cry you bitch be fucking afraid. what a dumb bitch. 
- no no no don’t go to the counsellor
- How did Liam not smell blood? Or just the stench of a body? Anyway, good job Mason. 
- Holy fucking shit. I get why the call it the most gory season yet. I’m fascinated though. 
- Her booties… I want them. 
- nononononono don’t lock Lydia up, please let her go she doesn’t deserve this. 
- great she’s probabaly having some sort of PTSD attack. great great great. -_-
- Even though I’m still against Lydia being there, her having her warrior “overcoming fears” Mulan-esque moment is so badass and inspiring. I’m here for it. 
- But you can’t just kill a hellhound. It should be a special kind of bullet. So, if the doctor puts a bullet against Parrish’ head, it shouldn’t kill him. Something’s off. 
- Even though I don’t ship Parrish and Lydia, it’s like now they’re even. he saved her in Eichen, now she saved him. It’s cool :)
- “I’m worried about you”, and in that moment, the whole scolia fandom died. 
- Scott’s look though, I’m even shipping it. He’s probably thinking of kissing her and then snaps out of it. 
- “cutesy looking down afraid of admitting feelings that have been developing since 3B” trope.
- Scott’s smile
- Yep. This is exactly how Stydia has been built up and I like it. I like Scolia. I’m here for it.
-  awww, bonding over almost being killed many times. cute.
-  cockblock!Argent
- okay even I fangirled over that “Scott is looking while she isn’t”-look. That’s a parallel to this right here motherfuckers

- oh no they found the boy - wait, what was the flesh thing then? 
- Wait but Liam hasn’t done anything to the pupils. Or have I forgotten something? 
- oh fucking hell Gerard. 
- ah, so Gerard is going to recruit a new batch of hunters, as the Argent’s basically stopped. 

Underoos’ what? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a oneshot where the Avengers (because everyone gets along) are in some huge battle and kind of losing then Peter’s girlfriend, who the Avengers(minus Peter, he knows and is all proud of badass girlfriend) don’t know she has any powers, and she come’s in saves all their asses and is all worried about Peter and checking him for wounds “Babe are you ok? are you sure did they hurt you at all??” she came as soon as she heard there was a battle // Can I request something? Peter is fighting alongside the avengers and calls you for backup because your fire powers could really help out and everyone like ‘who dat?!’ and Peter be like that is my girlfriend. The fight is done and before you leave you go up to him and give him a big kiss before telling him to remember to like I don’t know meet up for a study group later that day and you leave after fangirling a bit

A/N: Combined both of these because they really suited together. This is like my 10th request right now, but I just got so excited and inspired that I couldn’t write anything else. Hope you enjoy x

Peter looked around the café -tables pushed against the walls, chairs being thrown against the windows. He didn’t know what to do. Tony had told the whole team there was a new villain in the city, and that it wouldn’t take them long to capture him, but they needed to go together because he had powers. Peter had thought he was insane, but now, looking at the mess around him, he knew Tony had been right. Tony was lying on the ground, his suit frozen. Natasha was stuck to the wall, covered by an ice shell. Steve was trying to hit the villain with his shield, trying not to get hit with the ice the man’s hands was throwing. Vision was in Europe trying to find Bruce, Wanda had been knocked out by a huge piece of ice, and Clint had been trying to hit the man with his arrows before realising that it was not working, getting then stuck to the wall as Natasha. Peter didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t stop that man on his own. He was used to fighting robbers, maybe sometimes a villain, but none of them had ever controlled ice.
He took his phone out of his suit pocket and quickly dialed [Y/N], anxiously waiting for her to pick up.
‘’I’m on my way’’ he heard as soon as she picked up the phone.
‘’What?’’ Peter asked, confused.
‘’I’m a block away’’ she told him. ‘’Entertain him until I arrive.’’
She ended the call right after that, and Peter stood there for a second before realising he had to do something.
He started to throw webs at the man, knowing it was no use, but trying to get him to pay attention to him so he would leave the rest of the team alone.
‘’What do you think you are doing, Spider-kid?’’ the man asked him. ‘’Do you think you can stop me?’’
Peter looked at the door quickly and smirked, looking back at the man.
‘’I know I can’t,’’ he told him ‘’but she can.’’
The man quickly turned around, not understanding what Peter meant. Peter hadn’t realized how cold the man had turned the room, everybody from his team shivering, until [Y/N] entered the café, her hands bright red as fire surrounded them, the room instantly turning hot, the ice covering Natasha and Clint slowly melting.
‘’Nobody messes with my boyfriend’’ she softly said before lifting her hands in front of the villain, catching him by surprise, and throwing a big ball of fire towards him.
The man fell to the ground, the blue that used to cover his skin slowly disappearing. She run towards Peter, removing his mask and putting her hands on his cheeks to warm him up, his nose red. Peter removed the baseball cap she was wearing, finally seeing her face, her eyes filled with worry.
‘’Hey, babe,’’ Peter said ‘’I’m fine.’’
‘’Don’t you dare tell me you are fine, Peter Benjamin Parker’’ [Y/N] said. ‘’A few more seconds and you would have had hypothermia. What would you have done if I hadn’t come? One of these days you are gonna die and I will not know how to cope with it’’ she told him, her voice cracking at the end.
Peter instantly felt bad about not telling her where he was going, but he hadn’t wanted to worry her.  He pressed his hand against her cheek, the heat making him feel better, and looked into her eyes with a loving gaze.
‘’How did you know?’’ he asked her.
‘’I saw it on the news. I only had to walk three blocks to get here’’ she answered, smiling softly.
She turned around and saw the rest of the team and decided to go and help them, unfreezing Tony’s suit and the blocks keeping Clint and Natasha against the wall, and warming Wanda up so she would wake up earlier.
‘’Excuse me,’’ Tony said, removing his mask ‘’but who are you, may I ask?’’
‘’I’m [Y/N]’’ she said, sounding obvious. ‘’I’m Peter’s girlfriend.’’
‘’Underoos’ what?’’ he asked, looking confused.
Peter scratched his neck, [Y/N]’s hand now on his arm, still warming him up, his cheeks now red.
‘’I-uh… Surprise?’’ Peter said. Everyone looked at him and at the strange girl that had showed up with fire on her hands and saved everybody, not really understanding what was going on.
‘’I have to go’’ she told Peter. ‘’I have a History project to finish. We have a study date tomorrow at 11, don’t forget’’ she said before kissing him softly and quickly leaving the ruined café before waving goodbye at everyone.
‘’So…’’ Peter started as everybody’s gaze directed towards him, his cheeks and ears red. ‘’Are we having dinner together at the Tower tonight?’’

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anonymous asked:

I love going through all your x readers, I’ve found love in more characters with how you write them and it’s just- Ahh so good! Now that my fangirl fit is over can I request Hanzo and 76 (separate) with an S/O who will have a tendency to drift away thinking people are annoyed with her?

Thank you! I’m glad I could bring out a new appreciation for some of the characters. I found the same thing when I both read and wrote any of them, because despite their exteriors, I forget sometimes of the people they either are, were or could have been. And yes, of course you may. Gonna do it in hc’s if thats okay.


  • This man loves you
  • He would give his heart and soul just to have you smile
  • Hanzo loves spending time with you
  • Your cheerful presence is sometimes one of the only things that keep him happy or stops him from strangling others
  • Especially Jesse
  • God only knows that he would strangle Jesse if he could
  • One thing that he worries about though is when you close yourself off
  • Those times you close yourself off from everyone, you tend to shut him out too
  • Its like trying to open a clam
  • You just don’t budge sometimes
  • Hanzo feels bad because honestly…he tends to make you clam up more then others
  • He doesn’t mean to…he feels terrible every time
  • He’s never annoyed with you. He’s been annoyed with himself, or with others
  • But in the end, Hanzo has a hard time not looking grumpy or annoyed, even when he’s happy most of the time
  • Finally, one time Hanzo stops you in the hallway. You’d been avoiding him for almost five days now
  • It was hurting him every day you wouldn’t look at him
  • You thought he was angry with you. You tended to think people were angry or annoyed at you, sometimes even when they were just being playful
  • “Please,” Hanzo said softly. “I can’t…don’t avoid me. I’m begging you. Whatever I did to upset you, I am deeply sorry.”
  • Surprise had filled your face
  • “But…but didn’t I make you unhappy?” you asked in a small voice, refering to something that had happened five days ago. 
  • Hanzo cupped your face. “I have never, ever been unhappy or angry or annoyed with you, y/n. I’m sorry if I make you feel that way. And whatever my face looked like, it was because I was with Jesse five minutes earlier,” Hanzo said gently
  • Jesse just kind of infuriated him in a way no one else could
  • Realizing you were not the cause of his unhappiness that day, you blushed and mumbled a million apologies
  • Hanzo was just glad you were talking to him again, and he kissed you gently as if to prove his words

Soldier 76:

  • If you think that Hanzo is grumpy
  • Wait till your around dad
  • Not only does he always sound gruff
  • But the man’s tone is easy to be offended by
  • He doesn’t mean to, but with his voice as it is, the only way to tell the difference between him being angry or him just talking is whether or not he is yelling
  • You havent figured out this difference yet
  • And as someone who is constantly afraid of upsetting people, it just feeling impossible to make this man happy
  • The two fo you are dating and you thought you were always doing something wrong
  • When in reality, he was always very happy
  • The man always told himself he’d never let his guard down
  • And yet, when he’d met you, his defenses were destroyed immediately
  • You got past every barrier he’d put up around himself and his heart
  • And he’d fallen for you like some poor sap
  • Soldier really doesn’t mean to upset you
  • Soldier is so confused when you first start clamming up
  • With some womanly advice from the girls of Overwatch, Soldier realizes the problem
  • Feeling guilty, the man goes to find you, never having thought that you might think he was upset with you
  • Finding you in the dining hall cooking, you saw him coming and immediately started to flee
  • But Soldier gently took your arm and stopped you
  • “….I’m not angry or upset or annoyed with you,” Soldier said quietly. “I’m sorry if I made you feel I was. I didn’t realize how badly my rasp was mixing my communication skills. But….I just…I’m sorry. I missed you and I couldn’t figure out why you were avoiding me…and I was more lonely now then I ever was on the run.”
  • Turning, you stared at him
  • It shocked you that he would say such things, but Soldier was not a man who tip toed around feelings or spoke any types of lies. 
  • “ your not angry at me?” you asked in a small voice.
  • Shaking his head, Soldier cupped your face. “Unfortunately this is just how my voice is. Can we still-”
  • Soldier was cut off as you threw yourself on him, hugging him tightly. You’d missed him too, and had been so worried when he had sounded annoyed with you
  • Out of everyone, he was the last person you wanted to be upset at you
  • “Of course I still want to date you,” you mumbled, kissing his cheek. You just had to get used to his eternal ‘annoyed’ sounded voice
If Revance ~Papa is an Idol~: Igarashi Kota

“The one I love the most in this world is…
As I thought, I won’t tell you.”

After tying the knot with Kota, becoming husband and wife for a few years. ♡ A daughter who looks just like Kota named Ai is all over papa at all times… Although you wished to have some alone time with Kota, they always seem to get interrupted, on the other hand, Kota doesn’t seem to mind at all, casually playing his games during his off days as usual.
One day, a battle arises amongst Ai and Kota—!?


And lots TONS of screenshots. NO KIDDING.

Read at your own discretion.

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anonymous asked:

Hey babe~ (do I sound like Zen lol) could you do a HC with a MC that is really sensitive. For example, get a way too excited when they get little gifts like a book or bubble tea. Yet, even the slightest thing wrong can make them get really depressed. You can see that I'm not a stable human being. I become gullible just by the smallest acts of kindness and literally started crying today because someone broke my eraser in half. I'm a high schooler so I obviously have issues...

(sorry for the screaming I got excited that I’m not the only person like this,,,,)

-You’re both just a couple of sensitive puppies.
-If one of you is upset, the other is upset.
-You guys are a mess.
-But in the nicest way possible.
-You both understand each other so well because you’re so similar with your emotions.
-You can also bet Yoosung will be right with you getting excited over bubble tea.
-You both get hyped over every little thing, it’s invigorating to have someone to scream and freak out with.
-You gets very protective when he sees you crying. Even if you try to pass it off as not a big deal, it’s a big deal to him.
-Someone made you cry and that’s not okay.
-He’ll make things right, sometimes meaning he gets whoever did it to apologize, sometimes they refuse.
-When you get depressed, so does he. He likes to hold you to make you feel better, but if you don’t like that, he talks about other things to distract you, and hopefully makes you laugh.
-It always works.
-He’s worried about how you can be so gullible to nice things people do for you and keeps an eye on everyone that is being too friendly. If they do anything he doesn’t trust, he intervenes. It’s not so controlling to the point of over protection and manipulation, he steps off when you tell him to. He’s just keeping an eye out for you.

-So. Cute.
-Cannot. PROCESS.
-Because you get so excited, you are like the biggest cheerleader for his acting.
-He gets a new role, you are buzzing with excitement. You ramble about how amazing and talented your boyfriend is as you jump and clap in excitement.
-Really feeding his ego, aren’t ya?
-But, he hates when you cry or you get depressed.
-He always panics, no matter what it is.
-He doesn’t care if it’s something small. He always takes it seriously.
-Your emotions are valid. He really stresses that if you ever feel like a wimp for crying over things.
-In his eyes, tears = upset, and it’s his job to fix whatever it is.
-You can’t be so gullible to kindness _____ the wolves are gonna get you~
-He is secretly extremely nervous about you trusting people so easily because the wolves. He’s scared of someone taking advantage of you and you not realizing it until it’s too late. It might even keep him awake at night occasionally. You can bet that anyone who takes advantage of you will be fought.
-When you’re depressed, he’ll take you out somewhere to get fresh air and clear your head, while also giving you reassuring words and joking around in hopes to cheer you up.

-She gets very flustered every time you cry.
-She can be such a mom about it.
-You have no idea how many tissues she keeps in her purse at all times.
-She sees you tearing up and frantically rustles through her purse for tissues.
-But she loves how excited you can get.
-You can imagine the amount of fangirling you do together.
-It makes giving you special little gifts “just because” even more rewarding because even if it’s just a new book you can’t stop smiling and thanking her.
-She loves making you happy like that.
-She’s learned a thing or two about relaxing since she stopped working for Jumin, so she is able to calm you down when you start crying.
-She gives you little presents when you get depressed since you get so happy over even the smallest thing.
-It never fails.
-She isn’t too worried about your trust in everyone that is kind to you. She finds it nice that you see everyone with such an open mind, like you see everyone as good.
-She’ll know when to keep you in check, though, if a bad person tries to take advantage of you. If anyone were to take advantage of you, they’d definitely hear from Jaehee.

-You’re very emotional and he’s very emotionless (well, on the outside)
-He’s very good at keeping you out of stressful or overwhelming situations somehow.
-It’s like he has a sixth sense that tells him when you’re getting upset.
-He can sense your distress from a mile away.
-So you have nothing to worry about.
-He can tell when you’re getting upset and he will immediately take you away from whatever is bothering you and calm you down.
-He wipes your tears gently off your cheeks and kisses where they used to be.
-You’re going to have to work even harder to keep him from spoiling you after he sees how excited you get over the smallest of gifts.
-He loves putting a smile on your face, so he will buy you little presents everyday if you don’t stop him.
-He eventually realizes the gifts are more special if they aren’t an everyday thing.
-Overall, he is very good at handling your emotions for you.
-Lots of supervision when he realizes how easily you trust others. You have such a pure innocent soul it kind of worries him. You could easily be taken advantage of, but he will never let that happen.

-He doesn’t tease you nearly as much when he finds out how sensitive you are because he would hate himself if he made you cry.
-When you do cry, he tears up too. He’s really sensitive to your emotions.
-Anything that makes you cry is valid to him. He won’t judge you for crying over spilt milk because if it’s making you cry, it means it’s stressing and upsetting you, which is not okay.
-You got along with Seven at first because when either of you were excited, it rubbed off on the other, and he always entered the chatroom energetically.
-Even now, as Saeyoung, he is still affected by how excitable you are.
-He feels like his old self again because of you and your positivity.
-Because of that, when you get depressed, it’s like his world is dark.
-He does everything he can to make you feel better.
-Expect lots of bubble tea.
-It’s no wonder you fell for Unknown, you’re so gullible, which is worrying. He is very protective of you because of that. If he gets suspicious of someone, he voices his concerns. Thankfully, because of him, nobody takes advantage of you.

-You don’t have to worry because V never does anything that could make you cry. He’s so gentle and considerate, you have nothing to worry about.
-Also, anytime you do cry, he manages to cheer you up and calm you down perfectly.
-When you get depressed, he’ll ask you to read him a story. That way, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.
-It usually works. If it doesn’t, he’ll give you reassuring words. They never feel like empty words either because you know V in sincere.
-Whenever you get excited over little things like books and bubble tea, he just stares at you with the most peaceful, lovestruck smile.
-A “that’s my beautiful wonderful other half wow i love them and they’re all mine” smile
-The excitement makes his life so much brighter than it used to be.
-So I guess you can say you’re his light.
-He’s very trusting of people also, but he’s cautious after what happened to Rika. He doesn’t trust new people like he used to, especially people around you. He acts like nothing is wrong, but he observes everyone that gets close to you. He calms down soon enough, he just doesn’t want to lose his light. He’s paranoid.

-If anyone ever makes you cry, they are immediately on his bad side.
-“I want them to die.”
-“Saeran, it’s okay. They just broke my eraser.”
-“Your point?”
-He hates seeing you in tears, but he loves when you get all excited over something he sees as minuscule.
-Like he’ll offer you the last of his food when he’s done eating and you get so happy. Or sometimes when he asks if you want to go out on a date you become ecstatic.
-It’s refreshing having such unconfined positivity buzzing next to him all day.
-It makes it even more sad when you’re upset because he’d rather see you smiling over bubble tea than crying.
-Even if it’s something small, he is very concerned. You being sad makes him sad, so when you get depressed, he hates it.
-He’s not good at finding the right words, but he never leaves your side when you’re sad, no matter how long it is.
-It shows how much he truly loves you and how concerned he is for you.
-He doesn’t trust people at all, and you’re overly trusting. You balance each other out. Nobody will dare take advantage of you when they know Saeran is with you because if anyone were to do something to you, it would be the last thing they did.

wanna one as your classmates

requested by @usagitali​; here you go, i hope you like it!!

❮ kang daniel ❯

- that one classmate that’s known throughout the whole school
- everyone greets him in the morning
- doesn’t take his studies seriously
- but it’s kang daniel, king of dancing so no one minds
- not even the teachers
- doesn’t do his homework ¾ of the time
- if it was a really strict teacher he’d come extra early to copy off someone
- and who can reject his smile???
- not you
- always eats outside school at the fast food chain nearby with seongwoo and jaehwan
- invites random classmates once
- you were invited once and you never wanted to be invited again
- other than the girls and some guys goggling at the three of them you swore the others looked like they were this close to calling the police
- i think we all know why when jaehwan and ong comes into the equation
- comes back distributing extra packets of fries or drinks he’d gotten for free from the ladies there
- with ong and jaehwan whining about how they never get such treatment
- stays back late for dance practices
- also to feed the stray cats in school
- despite his popularity he would willingly help anyone
- like if a kid was being bullied he’d jump right in and shoo the bullies away
- that’s why everyone loves him
- but no one really knows his family background e.g. if he’s rich or something
- is single though nobody knows why
- really just a soft angel

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❮ park jihoon ❯

- the seemingly quiet classmate that no one dares to bother
- but everyone screams about him behind his back because
- “oh my god, did you see jihoon today he was so cute-
- you were assigned to cleaning duties with him and it was so awkward
- but of course you weren’t letting him go without talking to him
- and let’s just say that jihoon labelled you as a “decent-aquantance-slash-friend” afterwards
- does his homework intelligently and gets wonderful results
- teachers love him
- who doesn’t love a cute pink burrito with a good brain??
- has a thing with the taiwanese exchange student
- the one who’s non existent in the class group chat
- replies with one or two words in private messages
- adds a full stop
- if that isn’t intimidating enough
- re-invented the school uniform
- the next day the whole class was copying his style and wearing the exact same thing
- because who like drab uniforms thanks jihoon
- the principal nearly fainted
- somewhat a mystery

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❮ lee daehwi ❯

- exact definition of social butterfly
- friends with everyone in the school
- has a few close friends including you
- helps everyone with their problems
- “oh you need to write a script for the emcees? no problem let me contact my friend’s mom’s cousin’s nurse’s sister to help you!!
- basically that ^^
- has decent grades
- always the first to answer in class but gets it wrong 40% of the time
- did i mention he’s your tablemate that’s why you two were close?? no?
- forgets to pack his lunch and always acts cute until you give in and give him some side dishes
- he treats you to a drink the next day
- uses english randomly
- “oh my god what happened??
- you suspect he picked it up from samuel
- the both of you diss people in english
- explains why he gets scolded by teachers for randomly choking and wheezing in class
- like “daehwi i thought you had a seizure
- has all kinds of social media and posts on a daily basis
- married to jinyoung
- offers to clean the classroom because of its disastrous state
- a squishy otter

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❮ kim jaehwan ❯

- that classmate everyone’s done with
- lugs his guitar to school everyday
- the school broadcaster
- makes jokes that no one really gets and it’s followed by his laughter
- there was an actual conference to decide if earplugs should be supplied to students
- everyone still loves him and lets him be the broadcaster
- friends with daniel, ong, and minhyun
- claims ongielhwan is dead
- polite when he’s not close to someone
- sings in between classes
- hums in class and everyone calls him a walking spotify
- less than average results
- not that he really cares
- teachers have a love hate relationship with him
- so does his classmates
- has weird friend choices
- eats at the music room with sewoon and dongpaca
- had a whole army of hypemen when he performed during the school festival
- aka you and your class
- worships minhyun

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❮ ong seongwoo ❯

- class clown
- was that even necessary everyone knows
- nobody calls him seongwoo
- it’s just ong here, ong there, ong everywhere
- if he comes up with something, the whole school would be doing it by the next day
- doesn’t really know anyone though
- except for his classmates and one or two friends
- has all A’s
- everyone tries to get him to share his secret of cramming at the last night and ultimately getting an A
- scared the old teacher by popping in front of her
- spent the whole class trying to convince her that his joints are fine and he didn’t need to see a doctor
- his family is rich
- but he’s humble
- everyone really likes him
- he’s the no.1 pick for group projects
- you got him for your group project one time and you knew why people always wanted him to be in their group
- he makes sure the project is going smoothly while making the atmosphere relaxed
- sleeps in class at times
- has a fair share of fans

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❮ park woojin ❯

- another silent classmate
- not as silent as jihoon though
- pretty damn weird at times
- considered popular
- has a youtube account and posts dance covers every week
- you’re his friend because you sensed that he isn’t as silent as he deems to be
- what’s with my english
- and so the both of you are the two people who does some random wushu pose whenever you see each other
- lowkey smart
- pretty good grades
- doesn’t ask questions in class nor answers them
- he even sleeps in class
- but still gets good grades
- has a thing for flipping people over his shoulder and smacking their asses
- he did it once to you but of course he didn’t smack your ass
- awkward with girls
- especially his fangirls
- one time you shared a whole stash of his fetus pictures
- he showed up dressed in all black and threatened to steal your lunch for the whole week
- luckily hyungseob was there to save you
- just a really weird sparrow

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❮ lai guanlin ❯

- the kid that looks like he’s about to kill
- a softie at heart
- friends with everyone
- as long as you smiled at him boom you’re his friend
- also smart
- it isn’t a surprise to see jihoon in your classroom teaching guanlin during breaks
- slips into english sometimes when he’s confused and daehwi helps him
- the one who helps to press the power button on the projector
- because damn his height
- also doodles during class
- the sadistic korean teacher loves to call on him
- and everyone would be whispering answers to him
- in the basketball team
- your ringtone is his “rapper hagoshipeo” on loop
- helps everyone to do stuff even if he messes it up sometimes
- that one kid who asks “what’s fuck?” in korean
- and from that day on your class decided to ban using vulgarities in front of him
- such a soft noodle aw

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❮ yoon jisung ❯

- before i start please love this angel
- okay let’s go
- pretty much known by everyone in school
- class president
- loved by your class
- he doesn’t have a squad
- in all honesty he could just slip into any squad and click right there and then
- editor of school newspaper
- feeling bored? yoon jisung!!
- it takes a single “yo” for him to tell you all the gossip
- which isn’t a bad thing, since he provides his views on it
- and jisung is mostly right
- such a kind soul
- would be the first to rush to help someone in trouble
- has above average grades
- studies on a daily basis, just doesn’t take it too seriously
- makes it a point to have a debrief every day after lessons end
- reminds everyone to do their homework and sign forms etc.
- basically a mom
- you wonder what good deed you’d done in your previous life to have him in your class
- i shall say this again, an angel

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❮ hwang minhyun ❯

- an emperor
- your whole class sees him as a god
- “what’s your religion y/n?
- “hwang minhyun!!
- has love letters dropping out of his locker
- your class helps him once every while to clear all the letters out so he can actually put his books somewhere in peace
- a genius
- tutors everyone
- that one classmate who corrects the teacher
- also the one who does nothing when everyone else is cleaning the classroom
- he’s going around telling people off for not taking it seriously
- a dad
- has a decent sense of humour at times
- the one who has tea in his flask instead of water
- does homework right after the class ends
- entertains anyone and everyone who approaches him
- a little weird but that’s okay because it’s hwang minhyun
- another one who stands up for the justice of everyone
- “i think you should leave
- sings when he’s high
- still an emperor

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❮ bae jinyoung ❯

- rbf game strong
- close to a certain number of people, mostly from your class with the exception of lee daehwi and park jihoon
- his grades fluctuate
- sometimes he’d be in top 10, sometimes not
- your classmate once joked about how she wanted to squish his head because it was so small
- he was horrified
- the icon of your class group chat is him smiling
- we all know why
- doesn’t pay attention in class
- has study vibes at times and asks everyone 20093480984 questions
- “jinyoung, why didn’t you pay attention in class?
- it’s amusing when he fanboys
- you record him spazzing and keep it for blackmail
- fast learner
- could really be a top student if he wanted to
- has a otter mini plushie keychain hanging from his bag
- ;)
- gets a little too hyped at times which resulted in biting
- another weird combination of a human

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❮ ha sungwoon ❯

- the shortie of the class
- not really well known
- until that time when he sang downpour and everyone realised they were sleeping on this talent
- your class was whooping
- does spongebob imitations every single day
- drove students out of the school on halloween by doing the echo thing on broadcast
- as requested by ong and jisung
- average grades
- he just dislikes studying
- also has a weirdly strong devotion to his class
- if he overheard anyone bad mouthing a classmate, he wouldn’t let it pass
- even if that meant fights
- 13 reasons why you class loves sungwoon, someone make this
- animal enthusiast
- has a puppy as his profile picture
- breaks out in high notes whenever he’s stressed
- resulting in a battle with jaehwan
- the not-so-normal-but-decently-normal-kid

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               “Are you at it, again?“ Eunha scowled behind you while you quickly shut your MacBook so she couldn’t have access to invade your secret.

               Geez, this sneaky head! 

               You cursed her inwardly, feeling embarrassed for caught stalking your ex-boyfriend.

               Stalking Kwon Hyuk.
               Yes, it’s the famous R&B singer which known as his popular name; Dean. Your ex-boyfriend who made you stuck in forever couldn’t move on phase, the passionate Hyuk. 

               "What?” you turned your head to face her, giving your innocent look as if stalking your ex was completely normal behavior. Well, it was normal and understandable when you had broken up with him one month ago, but the fact was you had been doing this for three years, three years five months three weeks two days in exact number. 

               "You will only hurt yourself.“ Eunha said, but her voice sounded sad. She was the one who knew how hard you tried to let him go, but until now you never did.

               "I know, can’t help.” You shrugged then looked out at the window, sighing. 

               You can’t stop thinking about him. 

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[24/3/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京公演初日

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

Haisute got upgraded even more! It was three hours long and split into three acts with two intermissions, which means that my 7PM show finished at 10 and my dinner was at midnight. Last time it was only two hours long! I’m going back to catch another showing on the 6th of May again (some things are worth it guys) so then I’m going to compare the shit out of this one and that one. 

Warning: there were no subtitle services this time (guess this is what I get for complaining about them last time) and my understanding of the plot comes from rewatching S2′s eps 19 - 25 two nights ago, plus some short sentences they yelled if the BGM wasn’t louder than them and if I hadn’t been distracted by the overwhelming mini-interactions exploding all across the board. 

First let’s get the stupid out of the way with Nekoma: 

  • There was only two of them and they showed up as Kuroo and Kenma for the most part during intermissions; midway through the Seijou VS Karasuno match when Karasuno players used tricks they’d learnt from Nekoma, or during Nekoma’s match against an unspecified opponent (Nekoma lost) 
  • The rest of the time they showed up as genderbent Kuroo and Kenma Aoba Johsai I mean Oikawa fangirls
  • Not-Kenma looked quite cute I’ll say because Nagato Takato is already small to begin with and he was using a cute shouta voice. Very cute. He wore a daisy yellow spaghetti-strap long dress over a purple long-sleeved shirt… Not the most fashionable, but he sported a pink ribbon over new bangs over his Kenma wig
  • Not-Kuroo was the kind of female that they force male protagonists to kiss as a punishment game. Not cute. At ALL. I screamed because it was the only thing I could do short of throwing something at him. It was funny… and horrifying 
  • But he was acting cute because while Not-Kenma was a general Seijou fan, Not-Kuroo was a diehard Oikawa fan, and he gets excited whenever Oikawa does anything. A few times he successfully caught Oikawa’s attention, to Iwaizumi’s ire 
  • Other times he’ll clap or sway to the beat of the music as the match progresses
  • Not-Kuroo dislikes Iwaizumi because as they’re spectators he often witnesses Iwaizumi physically or verbally threatening Oikawa. One time he made a face of disapproval while pointing at Iwaizumi and made devil horns on his head
  • Not-Kuroo was dressed… In a dark-blue long-sleeved top, with a long billowing beige skirt that extended from his waist. He sported one long braid pinned on the side of his Kuroo wig 
  • He was like a crazy bitch 
  • Like how in the anime the fangirls found themselves moved to cheer for Karasuno even though they’d come for Oikawa, halfway through the second act Not-Kuroo shouted “Good luck, Seijou!!”, then Not-Kenma shouted “And good luck too, black shirt guys!!”, and then Not-Kuroo lifted up his skirt to reveal Kuroo’s uniform underneath and he shouted “Good luck to Nekoma too!!” 
  • Sometimes him and Not-Kenma were required to hold the volleyball net and would enter inbetween the players, and when they’d served their purpose, they’ll run off, and while Not-Kenma just ran with a spring in his step, Not-Kuroo had to sway his shoulders and stick his hands out behind him as he did
  • They were the ones commenting on the match and gameplay techniques this time with Mart-san, who was holding a portable Karasuno “Fly!” banner, making them acquaintances, but at one point, Not-Kuroo suddenly screamed and looked at Mart-san like a pervert?? I couldn’t catch what he said and missed it happening because I was staring hard at someone else instead, but Not-Kuroo looked horrified and quickly ran off the stage, so maybe Mart-san touched him somewhere by accident? No clue, will have to rewatch
  • As to moments where they were legitimately Kuroo and Kenma, it’s always times where Kuroo tries to be cool but yet is just really fucking lame in Kenma’s eyes and Kenma just wants to ditch him and game in peace like please
  • During one scene-swap moment Kenma actually broke the fourth wall and deadpanned “Why is there only two of us for Nekoma?” Kuroo hushed him and dead-insisted that the other guys were still here; then he runs to one side and throws his elbow over his face, all of a sudden imitating Yamamoto and going, “Uh, oh yeah, Kuroo-san? I was just over there…” and then Kenma ditches him on stage 
  • During another scene-swap (after Nekoma’s match ends) Kenma walks onto stage, only somethings off with his wig, and when he turns to start monologuing, he’s got the Not-Kenma pink ribbon and front bangs on. Kuroo comes after him and gently pulls it off and puts it in his bag loll 
  • One time during Nekoma’s match Kuroo got really into it and started to recite Nekoma’s chant but Kenma lied and said “the ball Kuroo!” pointing somewhere behind him so he fell for it and got cut off, to Kenma’s relief  

Karasuno moments - felt like the story this stage was more re-focused back onto them, since last stage the attention was more shared towards Nekoma

  • Opening: For each of the acts in the stageplay there were different themes, and the in the first act, it was the Seijou orchestra VS the Karasuno band (I think they were a band. Or maybe a smaller orchestra). First we had the two setters on elevated platforms conducting their respective themes. Kageyama was in his King’s cape and crown and was less conducting but more wildly gesturing forcefully with his hands
  • A kagetsukki during the character introductions: after Tsukishima’s introduction it was Kageyama’s turn, and usually the previous member should leave and let the next member have center stage, but Kageyama sort of barged into him and bullied him into kneeling on his hands and knees on the floor so that Kageyama could sit on his back and wave his hands in conducting gestures
  • Kageyama’s deep-rooted fear of Oikawa was the main story in Act One. It got quite bad, so as his performance as a setter deteriorated, his breathing got worse and worse, until finally he hyperventilated on all fours on the ground, deaf to the other members shouting his name
  • When Ukai takes him out to cool his head Hinata tries to cheer him up but comments that his face is just freaking scary. Then he suggests that maybe Kageyama can cheer himself up the way Tanaka-senpai just did, which was to roar and slap both hands onto one’s face. Egged on by him, Kageyama tries it - he roars, and then gently pats his palms to his cheeks. Hinata’s like “Too soft!!!” 
  • Nishinoya has been busy coming up with even more ridiculous names for his rolling receives, and there might have been a Rolling Thunder Spark W one (couldn’t understand what he was saying), but the one he actually used in match was called Rolling Thunder-Angel, and when he said “Angel”, he turned to the audience and fluttered (i.e. hands flapped), and the pink spotlight hit him straight-on. Daichi screamed “Nishinoya!!!” in order to remind him that the ball was coming and he had to save it goddamn it
  • If you’re familiar with this part of the story in the Haikyuu series, it’s the time where the third-years are feeling a little insecure and second-guessing their value to the team
  • To portray this inner conflict on stage, we have the actual actors portraying their character’s brave fronts, while the second-year trios emerge behind them holding face masks (such as Akisawa Kentarou’s face printed on a thick card with holes cut out for his eyes) and confess their inner worries to the stage
  • Ennoshita was Suga, Tanaka was Asahi and Noya was Daichi lol. Aside from portraying the third-years inner worries, the second-year actors also portrayed the third-years when they were younger 
  • They took a lot of gags this time from the anime and visualised them onstage this time, such as: 
  • Kageyama being coaxed by Suga into praising the other members, such as Hinata, and the only thing he could think of to say to was “… Job well done.” And Hinata goes, “What are you, my boss??” That was the first part of the gag. The second part of the gag happens later when midway through the match later Hinata all of a sudden dons a businessman jacket over his jersey (but no businessman pants, so he was still in volleyball shorts) and glasses and praises the whole team, going “Job well done, you guys!!!”
  • Kageyama’s Flying Fish Pun - his first name sounds similar to the Japanese word for flying fish; Suga makes an analogy about him “being a fish out of water” = on stage, as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are thinking about Kageyama the flying fish, all of a sudden the Karasuno members jump apart and Kageyama Tobio is in a shiny blue flying fish costume 
  • He couldn’t even move in that stupid thing but he still had a match to play. Through the holes for his forearms (flippers) he frantically flapped them (both like a conductor and a fish) while he stayed rooted to one spot. Eventually to wrap up the gag he had to power-jump off the stage and have it removed , and there was a backfin when he turned around. It was so shiny 
  • There were hidden actors!! Two unnamed actors with the body figure of a middle school Kageyama (aka slimmer and smaller than Kimura Tatsunari) came to play him. They didn’t talk, they just wore his clothes and shoes. So at one point there were three Kageyamas onstage - a present-day Karasuno one, the three-years ago Kita-Daichi one, and one more just… sometimes strutting along the perimeter of the stage in Kageyama’s crown and cape
  • Tsukishima and Kageyama had a talk in which the former convinced the latter to let him decide on the spike attacks himself. So Kageyama recedes from the spotlight and lets Tsukishima have more freedom. Tsukishima would strut to different spots in front of the net, spike successfully, then clap his hands twice, summoning his goons (Tanaka and Noya), who would march behind him with their chests puffed out to his next location on the court loll
  • Gentle heart-breaking moments: Sugawara, because sometimes he speaks really quietly, such as when he says “Our team’s players are really strong”, and also “I guess this is my last play for today” 
  • Act 3: Seijou’s theme changed to white silk cloths, which they used to portray blocks or otherwise attacks that Karasuno could not see/keep up with. Towards the middle of it, the Seijou third-years abandoned their cloths and took out two long white ones, which they likened into a rope, and used it to wrap around Suga’s body until he couldn’t move 
  • A touching scene: After the match, Karasuno thanks the audience for watching them - meaning they turn to us and thank us for watching. Hinata had to be lead over because he was shocked stiff from losing. The members bow, but Kageyama barely, and then he runs off before the others have even finished bowing 

And finally my team Aoba Johsai moments:

  • Opening: Oikawa was really something to look at during here, because not only did Asuma Kousuke fill out the suit really well, he was also conducting with a lot more grace than Kageyama did, especially since they were right next to each other lol. Even so, his movements were still really powerful because he was throwing his torso out, so he felt a lot like a mad conductor 
  • His team members alternated between ballet/ballroom dancing metaphors as well as orchestra members. I only remember that Iwaizumi’s was a marching band drum
  • Other introductions: Hanamaki and Matsukawa went to the spotlight together again, jostling shoulders with each other in the spotlight; Kindaichi had a specific “dance move” motion where he bends on his knees and brings his hands together over his head like an onion that grows outwards 
  • Some people were really graceful (Asuma Kousuke) and some people could not dance (Kohatsu Allen and Saito Kenshin) loll. Though I suppose Iwaizumi’s lack of dancing grace fits his character… 
  • Best Legs: Shirakushi Judai as Matsukawa Issei. I think they were even better than Kondou Shouri’s Kuroo thighs, because they were long(est), pale and muscular, and best of all not obstructed by any knee pads
  • After Matsukawa comments about Oikawa’s horrible personality, libero Watari Shinji took it upon himself to act out a skit to give an example of it, so thats when he pulls out the Oikawa-mask 
  • He was acting as Oikawa eavesdropping on their team’s first-year members, Kunimi and Kindaichi, who were gossiping about their senior, Shigeru Yahaba. Kindaichi goes first, he’s like “Hey, don’t you think the way Yahaba-san squeezes his water bottle is gross?” 
  • Next to them, Shigeru Yahaba demonstrates the way he squeezes his bottle - he grins, holds it out and squeezes it, lifts up his right leg, tosses it under his leg to his his left hand, squeezes it, lifts up his left leg, and then tosses it back into his right hand
  • Kunimi goes next, and he says, “Yeah, and don’t you think it’s weird how Yahaba-san is always sitting on the bench but he’s always the most exhausted out of all of us?”
  • The thing is, when Shigeru Yahaba’s on the bench he doesn’t just sit, he’s busy running around with bottles or otherwise just cheering his heart out for Seijou, so by the end of it he’s so done tired he just rolls on his back onto the floor 
  • Flashback scenes with Kindaichi, Kunimi and Kageyama: Since the same flashback scenes occurred twice midplay, the actors involved had to change to different uniforms. On the second occurrence, Seijou Kindaichi remained in the center of the stage, looking bewildered as the flashback sequence started all of a sudden and the other Seijou & Karasuno players started leaving. Then Kunimi walks out - he’s holding their Kita-Dai uniforms. Kunimi walks up to him and gently helps him wear it - he pulls the Kita-Dai jersey over Kindaichi’s stunned face. Kunimi himself was already dressed. And then he gives Kindaichi the Kita-Dai shorts; turning his back to the audience, Kindaichi pulls it over his light-blue Seijou uniform butt and then quickly reverts to Kita-Dai Kindaichi lol 
  • Iwaizumi Hajime: his characterisation is different this stage, and he’s actually a lot more gentle and motherly as opposed to violent and angry. Most of his “violence” are just empty threats. Oikawa doesn’t often genuinely piss him off, but the few times he does during the match, Iwaizumi will roar and chase after him, and then Matsukawa will come and restrain him 
  • Flashback scenes and iwaoi: Kitagawa Daichi Iwaizumi was even more motherly than Seijou Iwaizumi, while Kita-Dai Oikawa was hopeless. When he received the Best Setter award he actually ran around the stage screaming “Yay!!! Yayyy!!” to the audience. Iwaizumi catches him, stops him and says “Not “Yay”, okay? Do it properly,” in a very kind voice, and then zips up his jacket for him. The kindness is lost on Oikawa, who goes, “Iwa-chan, are you my mum?”, which pisses off Iwaizumi “Hahhh??!”, and then they take off in a chase 
  •  ^ There were three people in that scene, Kageyama, in full Kita-Dai jersey, and Iwaizumi and Oikawa, who simply wore a smaller sized Kita-dai jacket over their Seijou uniforms lol. It was intentional to show that this was a flashback as opposed to present time, and all three were talking in high-pitched childish voices. I gotta say they really felt like middle-school students 
  • When Kageyama asked him to teach him serves, they were standing quite far apart (as compared to the anime, where Kageyama was within punching distance). But when Oikawa started to lose it the lights turned red, and when he tried to hit Kageyama, he lunged forward about to tackle him, but Iwaizumi catches his middle and throws him to the ground
  • Kageyama’s entire body flinched hard on the spot (which is probably why present-day him was so scared of Oikawa) but he was too scared to even move. Iwaizumi apologised to him in a gentle voice and told him that today’s practice was really over 
  • This whole scene was played out twice, in the first act from Kageyama’s perspective and in the second act from Iwaizumi’s perspective, which meant no Oikawa monologue 
  • When Oikawa falters and messes up his serve towards the end of one match, it was because he was momentarily impacted by the sight of Ushijima Wakatoshi in his head - Ushiwaka’s shadow flashed on stage for a moment! Iwaizumi perceives this (even though it took place inside Oikawa’s head!!) and scolds him for thinking about other opponents instead of focusing on the ones standing in front of him 
  • Some third year moments: When Oikawa calls Iwaizumi out on overexerting a brain he didn’t have, Iwaizumi throws his bottle at him but Matsukawa, in-between them, catches it with a perplexed and mildly judgmental face 
  • Oikawa gets headbutted by Iwaizumi a number of times, and once, Hanamaki was close by and extended a helping hand, only to walk off immediately when Oikawa reached for it 
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa; and then Matsukawa and Hanamaki hugged after the Karasuno match. Not excited hugs, but happy, satisfied, really chill hugs
  • In the end, Seijou loses to Shiratorizawa (Shiratorizwa being portrayed as just a blank screen that the Seijou members were facing), and Oikawa falls to his knees on the ground. Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi helped him up; afterwards he held onto Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he limped off the stage 

Extra opinion from me: 

  • Could have been sadder come on the audience can handle it. Specifically the part where Mart-san talks to Yamaguchi after the match (Yamaguchi messed up his only play in the game) and asks him “Was it fun, Tadashi?” It was nearing the end of the stage and the scene felt a little rushed… 
  • Oikawa monologue :/ I was expecting more from the most relatable character in the series! They probably had similar number of lines, though, him and Iwaizumi, but the difference is that when Iwaizumi was talking in his scenes, there weren’t less plot mechanics/other characters/interactions happening on the stage, so it was less distracting
  • (again) Guilty of staring way too hard at one character again. My subconscious must really think he’s hot. And when Iwa-chan’s not the main focus at that plotpoint it’s not as though he does much of anything beyond high-fiving the members… Next time I vow to pay more attention to Tsukishima, Ennoshita (?? even less visible this time), Yamaguchi, Yahaba, HANAMAKI, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Daichi, etc. 
  • If you’re interested in the live-viewing report of the previous run, “Karasuno, Revival” which had full Nekoma and Date Tech, it’s here 
  • I should be either buying another pair of player bromides or getting the pamphlet next time 
Our First and Last (Ch. 7)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 3,285
  • Description: “It’s likely that this person is not one person but a mix of two or more people. It’s not uncommon for someone in your dreams to actual be a combination of more than one person you know in real life. I think your affection for this guy might’ve just given him a ticket to merge with whatever person or people you’ve consistently dreamt of for most of your life” Taehyung explains.

“Hobi, thank you so much for driving me, I am so nervous right now,” You wipe your clammy hands on your thighs as you sit in the passenger’s seat of Hoseok’s car. You were so glad he offered to drive you to Dr. Jeon’s lab because you would be running late otherwise, and being late on the first day would be a horrible way to start off and not to mention leave the most undesirable lasting impression.

“Hey, no prob, I wanted to meet this guy anyways” Hoseok says, head still turn towards the road in front. He was wearing his sunglasses, so you could only see the upward curve of his lips as he grins.

Traffic wasn’t too bad since most people were already at work around 10 in the morning.

When the two of you arrive, you see that it was a huge hospital building that looked very new and modern, with parts of the walls made of glass. The windows reflected the bright sunlight, and there were potted flowers and other shrubs near the main entrance. A round fountain with an abstract design was flowing with shallow water, and people were walking in and out of the automatic revolving door. It definitely seemed like a busy place.

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Pietro Imagine #13

Anon: Can you please write a Pietro imagine where you’re a new avenger, also enhanced, and you also have super speed and he hates it cause he’s competitive and everyone’s trying to help you control your new powers, so their attention is always on you. He always bugs you and tries to show that he’s better and you don’t know why, you’re very sensitive, shy and vulnerable, so you try your best to ignore it but it hurts you when he’s being mean cause you secretly like him and you hoped u’d be friends since u have a lot in common. when he sees you with Steve @ a party he gets super jealous, gets drunk & makes a scene.u think he’s just being an ass again but when u take him to his room he’s acting very weird, kisses u & realizes He has strong feeling foe you, then hot, passionate Pietro sex where he keeps telling you everything he loves about you I’ll love you forever !!! And could you let me know if and when you post it ?? I love your blog !!! xxxx

A/N: Yess I think I fangirled while reading this prompt!!!!! It’s so cute all of you guys that have been requesting (when the requests were open) are so creative! You guys blow my mind tbh. This was by far the most I have written on an imagine .Usually they are four pages but this was double!I really enjoyed writing it and I really hope you enjoy reading it! 

Warning: Smut, Language………..bad writing


Being new to the Avengers was tough. It wasn’t that it was hard to make friends or fit was actually really easy to fit in. They were like a family to you. It was the fact that you had the same powers as one of the avengers-Pietro. You both had the ability to run  exceedingly high speeds. The only problem with you was that you had no idea how to control them. You would stand up to walk but without even realizing it you would be running into a wall. It’s like you had no control of your legs. If you wanted to walk to your room you would manage to run there and be there within seconds, sometimes falling on the way there or hitting a body part on walls. it was hard for you to slow down. At first you thought that it would be wonderful to have someone in the tower that would be able to help you with your gift but you thought wrong.

Your powers would allow you to run at the speed of light, which permitted you to run faster than Pietro. This clearly bothered him because instead of helping you, he teased you. You understand that he may be competitive because it’s in his nature but he didn’t have to be so rude about it.

It was Thursday, movie night. You guys took turns choosing the movies and it was Thor’s turn to choose. He really enjoyed Disney movies. It was odd because he was literally a god but he enjoyed the messages behind each movie. Tonight he chose Hercules. You grabbed the popcorn out of the microwave and headed back to the living room. Everyone was already situated in the living room, Thor was with Wanda and Vision on one of the side couches on the left, on the right couch Nat, Barton, and Stark were there and that left you, Banner and Steve to sit in the middle couch. You sat down next to Steve as he smiled at you and reached for some popcorn. Stark put on the movie and you leaned back, starting to eat the popcorn as you got comfortable.

Around the middle of the movie, Pietro had decided to join you. He took a seat next to you and you blushed slightly. You couldn’t help but fall for the boy. He may be a little rude sometimes but you always thought it was because he was competitive and it was his way of being playful. You offered him some popcorn and he gladly took some, munching on it as he focused on the movie.

Pietro took you by surprise when he leaned over to your ear.

“There’s another person who can’t control his powers. You two would be great friends.” He whispered into your ear. Your face set into a frown as your gut tightened along with your heart. His words hurt. It was as if his words had wrapped around your heart and started to squeeze, much like a snake would squeeze its prey. You looked at him in awe, while he just stared at you blankly. He had no emotion on his face. You eyes started to sting, indicating that they will start watering soon. You looked away and tried to focus on something else, anything else. You focused back on the movie as you held the tears in. He left you alone for the rest of the movie, only taking popcorn but not even giving you a glance. After the movie was over everyone decided to retire to their rooms. You waited for everyone to be back in their rooms so you would reduce the chances of running into someone. You waited a few minutes before standing up yourself and running to your room.

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bransii  asked:

Hi! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing n_n Could you do some headcanons on Seven, Yoosung, and Zen with an animator MC? Maybe with them trying to help her with her work with their own talents and whatnot? Thank you!

Awwww! boo … Those words are precious to me Thank you!


You came from art school very tired.You got home and throw your stuff on the floor, then you jump to the couch and then gave a big sigh.

-”What happened?” Seven said

-”Oh my god!” You jumped out of the couch from the big scared that seven give you.

-”…” He look at you surprised

-”I didn´t see you there” you said.

-He smiled and said “sorry”

-You sat again on the couch and then saw how your boyfriend sat next to you and stared at you

-”Are you ok?”

-”Kinda…” you were lying

- “Do you need a hug, HBC, a bath, a good joke, a bad joke, do you want me to show you my best memes?” he said very woride for you.

- “I think a hug just for now”

-He imminently took you into your favorite cuddle position “What happened?”

-You sigh “Is just that I have a project and I have to do an animation of a free topic”


-”but I have an art block and I don´t know what to do, plus The date of the presentation is getting closer and soon I have to deliver my work…I think I would do it of some cliche story”

-Seven got up and then came back with all your favorite thing (food, movies, games, books,etc.) and he shows you all the thing that he got

-”What’s all this?”

-”Defender of justice, come to rescue you from the evil villain called an ART Block”

You just laugh and open your arms waiting for him to left all the thing out of his hands and then to hug you.

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You past like 5 hrs. talking, doing your favorite things (not related to art) and obviously searching for memes.You were so happy to spend so much time with your boyfriend that lately you two don´t get BUT the out of nowhere he grabs you by the hand and takes you to one of his babies (cars).You question him but he just responds with a smile. 

In the car was just silence but a good one,He has grabbed your hand and kissing it from time to time.

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Then you arrived at your secret place.The place where you knew that animating was what you wanted to do…

-”why are we here?” you said.

-”Sometimes you have to remember where you come from…and then you will see te progress that you made…” 

-”thank you”


-”What you mean by saying that you are doing the NEW  LOLOL trailer animation ?!!” *Internal fangirl screaming* 

-”I´m saying that I´m doing LOLOL´s new trailer animation…”

-Yoosung is like:

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-”yoosung calm down!” you said to yoosung with a smile.He is so cute when he gets excited by something literally anything  LOLOL related.

-”Sorry…”He tried to calm down  “Can you show me?” He puts his puppy eyes(This little bastard knew that You are vulnerable to his puppy eyes)

-”I´m sorry but can´t..” You tried so hard to be strong 

-”Oww…It´s ok” Yoosung said and then the light of his eyes wear off and he looks down.

Puppy face < SAD puppy face 

-You can´t do this to this beautiful baby, Are you a monster or what? ”Well…” When you said that you could see Yoosung´s eyes started to glow up“A peek wouldn’t hurt, right?” You are so weak 

-He gives you a big smile accompanied with a big eyes full of sparkle and he proceeds to hug you and thank you.

He saw the bit of clip that you had *Breathe deeply*You were blindness by the cuteness of your boyfriend.It was like seeing a child watching a new episode of their favorite series (like pepa pig or my little pony or whatever these kids watch nowadays) 

He always was worried because sometimes you get too much into your work and you sometimes forget to eat.So what he does is.

  • Gives you food.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • Back massages.
  • All that good stuff 


- “Hey! Zen…” you said with a little blush in your cheeks.

- “Yes..” he looks at you.

-”Do you remember that time I said that I had an Idea for a mini animated series…”

-”Of course”

-”Well …since I don´t have a big budget …I don´t have money for voice actors and I have 3 friends that will help me but I don´t have the main male actor voice…” 

-He knew where you were going so he immediately said ”I will do it.”

-”Are you sure? … I won´t pay you” you feel bad to not pay him because he is a good actor and he puts his heart to all of his work.

-”Mhm…What a bummer but maybe you can´t pay me with kisses” he looks at you with a smirk.

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-”Realy? and how many kisses would I have to give you?” You said with a naughty smile

-”Well,I´m a very busy actor.” He was getting closer to you “You know? so…It will be a very high number”  he then grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him. 

-”…” You just stared at him like What are you going to do you dirty man 

-”I think you should start now If you want to pay it all by this week…” he grab your chin in an attempted to kiss you

- But you place your finger in his soft lips and stop him from kissing you“First work and then I will pay you”

-”Ok…” He said with obvious sadness

-“Here is the mic and the script”

-”What? now?”

-”You want those kisses?” you said with a smirk in your face.


-”In the closet”


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-”I invested a ton of money on a good mic…” It was really good mic …ok?

Let´s goes say that your animated series got pretty viral and not just for Zen´s sexy and totally fuckable voice… 

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SHINee 5- Ghost Hunters

With increasing reports of things going ‘bump’ in the night, a team of 5 guys formed, and they travel around South Korea. They film their findings and post them on youtube.

Onew- Research Analyst

  • Didn’t believe in ghosts
  • Has also gotten locked in a room before
  • But he sure does now
  • Joined becuase he was Jonghyun’s best friend and figured why not
  • Now all he reads is nonfiction on the supernatural
  • Really into the concept.
  • Upset he didn’t pick up on all this sooner
  • Can sprout facts whenever though
  • Can also answer basically any question
  • Only mildly afraid of ghosts
  • But the posibility of demons, or possession scare this bunny
  • Only one other than Minho allowed to use the equipment.
  • M: It’s becuase you’re the least likely to scream and drop it or get possessed and break it.
  • Always scares Key by tripping or running into something 
  • He is fine
  • Really.
  • Never gotten touched by a ghost, or possessed
  • Has seen it happened enough though
  • That wasn’t fun.

Jonghyun- The Leader

  • He was a dumb 13 year old
  • Him and Key decided to use an Ouija board during a sleepover once
  • They were laughing about how dumb it was
  • Until is moved by itself
  • Next thing he new
  • His house was haunted
  • He was interested in the paranormal
  • Invited Key and Onew to help him
  • They started with crappy Iphone recording and a cheap voice recorder
  • A lot changed once they proved their was something in his house
  • The word spread
  • They were internet famous after Key posted their shitty recording online
  • They got a lot of emails
  • Once Minho and Taemin joined his team, they were complete
  • Scared easily though (Not as bad as Key)
  • Screams sometimes becuase of Key
  • Skeptic of Taemin, but he wont admit it
  • Always gets scratches on his legs
  • Can’t wear shorts anymore
  • “No, I don’t own a cat”
  • Dresses up as a ghost for Halloween every year

Key- The Comic Relief The True face of the group

  • This guy is scared of ghosts
  • Doesn’t know why he let Jonghyun join this group
  • Tbh he was only in it for the camera and face time
  • Overjoyed when they went viral
  • Became a meme instantly
  • OT4: lol Key Look
  • “I KNOW”
  • Got possessed once
  • For like, 10 seconds
  • He cried and almost quit
  • Taemin had to talk to him
  • T: It happens to me all the time, and I’m still fine
  • Tae wouldn’t talk to him for like, 2 weeks before Key apologized
  • Now he brings dolls or stuffed animals to places
  • “The ghost can possess the doll instead of me”
  • 2min hides his dolls sometimes to make him think it worked
  • Also makes them go to the library before every new place to do research
  • The fun cop
  • “Jonghyun, stop putting paperclips in Taemin’s hair”
  • “Onew, I said put the chicken away, we can eat once we finish”
  • “Where did Minho go?”
  • “Taemin, wake up you’re drooling all over the phonebook from 1987!”
  • Done with them
Minho- The Man behind the Camera

  • He was lounging at home one night, and Tae showed him a youtube vid
  • OT3 was hunting ghosts
  • “Look at that crappy camera work, who let that happen?”
  • Mind you, he is a film student
  • Appalled. 
  • Left and angry comment telling them to get a proper camera man
  • A week later he found an Ad on craigslist
  • In search of extra crew to help inverstigate paranormal
  • “YO Tae, wanna become ghost hunters?”
  • Were the only ones serious about it
  • He told them that he was there just to handle equpiment and be a camera man
  • Given a crash course on the good angels of Kim Kibum
  • Purposely sooms in when he screams
  • Never gets used to  what happens
  • Especially when he watches his best friend get possessed
  • Did not cry
  • One time he saw something when no one else did.
  • Took a peek
  • It was a skunk
  • Now he checks the site for animals before sundown
  • Also keeps tomato juice in the trunk of his car
  • for emergencies

Taemin- Mr. Medium

  • When they asked Taemin what he could contribute to the team he just deadpanned
  • “I see dead people”
  • They asked if he had seen a therapist
  • He almost cussed them out for being closedminded when they were the ones hunting the ghosts
  • He is a self acclaimed Clairvoyant and a Clairsentient
  • He found out at a young age that he wasn’t normal
  • His Mother died in an accident when he was 7
  • When his father got home to tell him the news
  • “Don’t joke! She’s right behind you!”
  • Therapy sucks.
  • It’s a touchy subject for him
  • He has fun with this though, he is able to feel and see the ghosts when they don’t hide themselves
  • This makes him a valuable asset to the team
  • He got fangirls from this though
  • Like oh hello, how did all these flowers end up at our house Minho?
  • Gets possesed all the time though
  • OT4 asked him why he was the one to get targeted all the time
  • “What can I say, I must just be irresistible”
  • “They like me becuase I sympathize with them and my emotions are easily manipulated to suit them”
  • Jokes around a lot outside of the site and when around OT4
  • But once they arrive, he is all business
  • Randomly stares off into the ditance all the time bc he sees a ghost
  • Lowkey afraid of ghosts, but only becuase he has gotten really hurt in the past from them
  • Prays all the time to try protect himself more

A/N idk what this was for honestly, I just thought that OT5 as ghost hunters would be hilarious, and Taemin has said multiple times he has seen many ghosts, so I thought it’d be cool to make him a medium.

If you want ore of this let me know!

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