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I feel that even in this day and age people feel like they don’t have the right to be mentally ill, and I just think, if you broke your foot you would get an x-ray, and put it in a plaster cast and let it heal. And then you would do exercise to get it back to full health. It’s the same if you’re mentally unwell – go and speak to someone. It’s fine. (x)


CS AU Week: Baby, I’m a Monster Too (Demons AU)

It happens to him when he’s been alive for nigh on three hundred years. He’s lost his love and the only semblance of family he had ever had, since his father had left him aboard that ship all those years ago. 

So, when Pan offers him a way off his island in exchange for his humanity, he hands it over gladly. 

It had only ever brought him pain anyway. 

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