sometimes i dunno what i'm doing lol

Six Sentence Sunday- 9/24/17

“I dunno why I keep this, seeing as I only wore it once and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t working for me,” Molly said with a sigh, mostly to herself as she held up the black strappy dress she’d pulled out from the back of her closet.

Sherlock looked up briefly, the memorable garment catching his attention from where he lounged on her bed scrolling through his twitter feed.

“Perhaps if you try it again sometime,” he suggested casually, “the reaction from certain people would be somewhat…different now.”

“Different in what way?” Molly questioned, her interest clearly piqued.

Sherlock glanced up again to meet her gaze, now smirking playfully.

“Well…I look forward to showing you.”

Sometimes I think about the kind of stuff Batman overhears at night...
  • Batman: *lurking somewhere as usual*
  • Harley: "Ow! How many times do I have to tell ya to take off those damn rings!"
  • Batman: "I think it's time for me to go home now..."