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Happy International Women’s Day!! 

I decided to doodle some lovely ladies today for the occaission, so here’s a pretty Jokaste and an Aria from my Skyrim fic Rat’s Gold! I need more female OCs… and I need to draw Jokaste more xD I LOVE HER TO PIECES <3 <3 <3

I know I’ve been gone for a while guys, lots of family stuff going on, though I’ll be posting up commissions soon!! (Though there may be a flash sale sometime sooooon~)

Hey! My name is Hannah and I’ve been involved with the Kingsman fandom since March 2015 after seeing the church scene clip here on tumblr and thinking “isn’t that the guy from St Trinian’s and What a Girl Wants? I need in on this immediately?” I’m from the north of England and I’m also the person behind @textsfromthetailors! (which I started in May 2015)

I draw sometimes but writing is one of the main things I do for this fandom which you can find on AO3 under sherlocksbuttonhole (daleksanddetectives). I mostly like to write fluffy little one-shots but I’m also currently working on KingsSquad, a Kingsman group chat fic. For ships, Hartwin is definitely my favourite that I read and write the most, but I’ve also dabbled in Merlahad and Merhartwin. If you do like my writing I’m also happy to write any prompts you might have~

I can be a bit shy but I always like chatting headcanons and stuff with you guys! This side blog is mostly Kingsman, but on my main blog @cqqsyunwin I tend to post a lot of Legend of Zelda and Yuri On Ice as well and lots of Kingsman! 

And sometimes I cosplay Eggsy~

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Are you willing to make more drawings for other fics like a one time thing? Or something?

Of course! If I read a fic and really like it sometimes I’ll draw from it.

Been a bit too busy lately to do that for a while; usually do it for fun but too much going on right now :s

OT3 @ an aquarium
  • danny points at a shark and asks carmilla, if i drop some blood in the ocean do you think it’ll beat you there or 
  • to which carmilla replies do werewolves shed teeth as much as they do fur bc you should prolly go to a shark dentist
  • they spend an inordinate amount of time looking at jellyfish
  • it’s mostly bc that area is a dark corner meant for people to better see the luminescent blobs
  • they weren’t actually looking at the jellyfish
  • there is a room that is a room-size replica of an angler-fish, with the entrance cragged and jagged as the fish’s mouth and the inside walls lit by a tiny lil dim light
  • they spot it and immediately come to an unspoken agreement to avoid it
  • laura gets stung by a starfish from the touch pools and carmilla makes this weird noise at it
  • which turns out is a threat to chop it up into little pieces, fry it and feed it to turtles??
  • carmilla speaks starfish 
  • danny points to a stonefish nestled between rocks and piles of dirt in the tank and nudges laura, looks like carmilla at 10am
  • they spy some seahorses doing some weird kinky shit and Laura’s all what even that’s not a real position and carmilla and danny simultaneously bust out with wanna bet?
  • carmilla makes some more jokes about alligators & dentists & werewolves & teeth
  • ‘that’s a crocodile, you ignorant proletariat’
  • in the gift shop danny buys a shark nabber pick-up tool thing and presents it to carmilla bc duh
  • carmilla does end up using it and laura/danny have to eventually hide it bc she will no longer budge from the couch 
  • laura buys a stuffed dolphin
  • actually she buys three (two small ones and one big one)
  • carmilla rolls her eyes the whole time but sometimes danny/laura will come back from class and she’ll be cuddling the big one in bed

I’ve been really bad an not really posting things on here… sorry ‘bout that. Decided to post some warm up doodles as I prepare to draw some fanart for @purely-a-trashcan‘s fic ‘Learning the ropes’. Also yeah trying out a new style inspired by the anime Gangsta ( cus fuck I love that series style).

Also Gabe’s skin tone is picked out of the “uprising’ comic and adjusted because it the straight color from the comic looked weird. I may darken it as I draw him. Also please note sometimes color on my laptop screen looks different then say on my pc screen so if its lighter or darker thats why.

I can’t sleep so here’s the layout for a Stucky thing I’m drawing. 

Obviously I have a lot of feelings about Ultra-Paranoid Caucasian Shepherd!Bucky but honestly one of my FAVORITE BUCKY IMAGES OF ALL TIME is from @spitandvinegar​‘s fucking EPIC fic Ain’t No Grave (aka the fic that made me fall in love with Bucky Barnes in the first place!!) 

…as soon as they’re back home Buck hauls Steve to bed.

“Hey,” Steve says. “What’s up?” He doesn’t want to assume that this is a sex thing: Buck sometimes goes a few days without being interested in that kind of stuff, but he’s always interested in climbing all over Steve like a huge murderous cat. Steve doesn’t mind: he likes cuddling and he can always jerk off. At this point he’s a real expert in it.


I’m probably gonna do a SFW and an NSFW version of this tbh. 

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Hi Catherine - about Scully being a beautifully multi-layered character, and thinking you'd like to send Gillian a list of episodes so she can see this for herself... Would you do that - send her a note about this directly on Tumblr? If she's got a social media person maintaining her Tumblr, surely that person knows your blog, because you're freakin' hilarious, you're realistic about gillovnyland, and you have some great insights. There's a chance Gillian might take your advice...

I was actually…maaaaaaybe thinking about doing something like that actually. Of course I was thinking it in the shower this morning, where all ideas seem possible, so who knows if I actually will. But it’s something that frustrates me, and it’s not even from a defensive place that much – it’s because it feels, to me, like it’s a conclusion based on incorrect information, and that just rankles me because I don’t want her to have negative feelings about it for THAT reason. (She has plenty of other valid reasons to have negative feelings about it.) 

I was thinking, if I ever meet her at the con, could I hand her a letter? (In no way would I be able to pull off an eloquent and concise speech while falling over my own feet in an in-person situation.) But then I was like, I guess I could make a post about it on this dumb website and tag her. I don’t know if I’ll have the balls to do that, but thank you for the vote of confidence. (And I sincerely hope Gillian’s social media people are NOT aware of my blog, because, eek.)

One difficulty is that the beauty of Scully is in her subtleties. It’s hard to get that across in one or two episodes, because it’s cumulative. It’s a quiet strength that is rarely the focus of the episode, but is always present.

I just want her to understand that we love the character not because she kicks ass or is librarian-sexy or because she is Gud At Sience or because she fights aliens or wants to fuck Mulder or doesn’t want to fuck Mulder or whatever, but because of her beautiful layers and her complications and contradictions and sincerity and deep capacity for feeling. She had such a lot to do with that (so did writers like Vince Gilligan and Morgan & Wong), and it makes me so sad that she now seems to think of her as sort of limited and sketchy. It’s just not true, at all, and part of the reason that we still WANT more X-Files is because of that character, and Mulder’s character, and I don’t think they get that a lot of the time. They’re like, just put the believer and the skeptic up there and have them argue about the aliens and fight conspiracies; that’s what the people want. That is like, 1% of what people like about TXF. 

I was also thinking about it because I read Au Cafe Pequod yesterday and like, that was so much more essentially X-Files to me than Season 10 was, even though there were no aliens and it took place in France in the 1940s. Because Mulder and Scully were so themselves – fighting for justice, strong in the face of tragedy and adversity, resourceful and clever and stubborn, and drawing strength from each other. 

Anyway, those things all tie into each other I guess. I was watching a bit of Gillian’s panel and when she said that stealing the dog was the most rebellious thing Scully’s ever done, I was thinking about that fic and how Scully being a member of the Resistance was so fucking exactly in line with her character and how sad it makes me that Gillian doesn’t feel that. 

OK, I have to do work and shouldn’t even be spending time writing this. But, I might write something like that, maybe, sometime. We’ll see. 

tbh I’m really tired of the whole concept of fanfic as training wheels for original fic

it’s not that it isn’t that for some people– a lot of writers start out with straight fanfic or retellings of some kind, and “graduate” to original fic. it’s not that it isn’t possible to use fanfic for practice with some technique, or as a flirtation with an idea or a style you’re not altogether sure about. it can be used as training wheels.

but so can anything. good writers become that way by writing, a lot. what they’re writing is not so important– it’s the practice and work of it. for me, the “training wheels” were overwhelmingly original. I don’t feel “up” to writing fanfic for a canon unless I’m confident in my understanding of the canon material, have thought about it a ton, and developed clear ideas about the characters, relationships, setting, etc. sometimes this happens very soon; generally not, esp with anything longer. 

fanfic is so much tied up with interpreting and analyzing the canon that it takes–not more thought than original fic, but a different kind of thought. there’s more to draw from but also narrower confines. there’s more consciousness of audience, trends, that sort of thing, because there’s so much immediacy between author/reader, given how easy it is to talk and the pre-existing audience and community for the fic. it’s different. the challenge of understanding a complex character in a way that takes account of the various aspects of their personality as written, and then representing the understanding I have of them in a creative way is– well, it’s more like adaptation than original fic in some ways. it’s different from the challenge of creating compelling, coherent, nuanced characters. 

in my experience, in fact, it’s so different that beyond the basics of “writing characters,” it’s not even that useful for training wheels. it’s simply its own thing and people seem to have no concept of it as its own process and genre.

Ana’s Crack 600 Celebration!!!

(I was gonna wait, but I’m not a patient person!!)

Never in my life had I thought I would be this close to 600 followers by now, so… As a celebration and a thank you to all of you following me (People follow my lame ass! I still can’t believe it!!)

Anyway, I had like these 2 ideas one for when I was around this amount of followers and the other one for my birthday… And then both kinda overlapped and I’m not gonna do 2 challenges when there’re like 300 already running around.

BUT, with a bit ‘o help I decided for…

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Not that kind… or not yet,I meant this

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Hahahahah kind of crack!

If you had read some of my fics you know by now that I love to add a bit of crack here and there, because I loooooove to laugh and make people laugh (hopefully not at me), but if they’re laughing… Laughter is goooooood!

M’kay, I have this list of crack prompts that I came up with, originally they were for request, but I’m such a bitch when it come to requests, sorry about that!

Before I drift away with talking and shit Imma  say THIS CHALLENGE IS OPEN TO EVERYBODY!

And now, bellow the cut I’ll give you the RULES (yeah, I know rules suck! They need to exist, so whatcha gonna do?)

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