sometimes i draw myself

A small Dieselpunk-inspired Shiro that I needed to get out of my system

Bonus mask thingy for maximum aesthetic:

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

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I don't want to be the fun police, but the difference is minimal, like Jack might be 1.85 and Gabe 1.83/84. I personally like them the same heigh neither being the tallest, but I suppose in canon terms they are the same except for a small difference of 1 or 2 cm, nothing big. I suppose to settle this ongoing fandom argument the best would be someone to compare their origing young skins, since they have the same foot wear and the only difference is Jack's young hair. This for canon reference ofc!

Oh-oh! The cops are here! Everybody RUN!

I was joking, dude. Ok, let’s just say that 1 cm matters to me, ok? <3

Thanks, anon!

I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be…
Well, she’s still out to get me.

catching up on some of those quality posts i missed in the last few days and caught @tyranttortoise‘s prompt on a reader who calls random numbers when lonely, reaching a few of the skelebros through it. i loved them all so much, because of course i did, and i couldn’t get the thought of Edge on the other end not knowing how to be casual.

in other words, ty’s back at it again, giving me those intesne feelings in every little story told. i mean really, go treat yourself to an absolute delightful adventure in storytelling and check ty out if you haven’t already. <3

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Let's break the fourth wall. Prussia, have you met the mun? What is, or was, your first impression of them?

The mun? Oh, yeah, I’ve met her. She’s a complete and utter mess, but she can be awesome sometimes.

((hnnn the colors got screwed up again ; u ;

Me, working on art with music VS. Me, working on art in silence

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Prequel Star Wars baes<3 <3 <3

Quick WIP test run sketches. I struggle so much with bearded men, i’m so sorry Obi and Qui ;A; But at the same time, this feels oddly surreal, I absolutely COULD NOT draw people when last time I was in the SW fandom…