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  • you are allowed to have feelings
  • you are allowed to feel intensely
  • you are allowed to be emotional
  • you are allowed to be sad
  • you are allowed to be angry
  • you are allowed to be hurt
  • you are allowed to be frustrated
  • you are allowed to be happy
  • you are allowed to be excited
  • you are allowed to be enthusiastic
  • you are allowed to feel your feelings
  • your feelings are not bad or shameful
  • your feelings are not too much
  • you are not too much

You’re gonna fall in love with your best friend someday and she’s gonna fall in love with you too and, man, it’s gonna be worth every moment you spent broken and scared and lonely. You’ll take on the world together and everything that seemed overwhelming or impossible will no longer stand in your way cause she’ll be by your side and it’ll be beautiful. It’s beautiful. Hold on. You’ll get there. She’ll come to you and you’ll know it’s her because it’ll be like the sun finally rose when you’ve been living forever on everyone else’s description of light.


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~


Man I wish I knew a good way to reply to all of these on mobile. Gonna do it this way to tag it. Hope that’s ok.

My taste in music is all over the place. I like pretty much bits of everything. I listen to pretty much anything I can just hear on the radio, but also some 80s rock, and I like dubstep and electro swing, of I come across it. Also I flippin love owl city!! And train, adele, some maroon 5, twenty one pilots, and a few songs from a bunch of other people. I’m pretty much open to a lot of different kinds of music, but the kind those people usually do is a good example. Its kinda hard to explain, so I’d have to just listen to it.

Also I’m flippin glad someone thought of fireflies because that was kinda supposed to be a joke, and I could have actually wrote lol or something to make that more clear. Sorry bout that.

Bear with me I’m tired and Read Mores don’t work on mobile so here’s a vent about how much of a pathetic baby I am.

Why do I just sleep late, do nothing all day, and go to bed early all the time every day? Why can’t I do something? Why can’t I be at least somewhat as active and mature and semicompetent as a 19 year old should be?
I have all of these fucking habits I need to get rid of like staring in one place for several minutes, holding my arms in a weird position, humming to myself loudly in a single monotone note, jumping around in my room, not caring, etc etc etc.
These are not things a 19 year old should be doing and yet here I am. I can’t even drive. I’ve never gotten a job and frankly I feel like a burden on my family and I just wish I were a totally different person. I feel like I’m an embarrassment.

anonymous asked:

I love your tags, they are honestly so cute and as an artist it really encourages me to continue!!

What a sweet ask! I’m so glad my tags are encouraging!!!!! I always love seeing fanart, because wow! someone made this! and i’m seeing it! with my own eyeballs! holy moly! and I really hope I can convey that nice feeling I get in my chest with my tags ^_^

i feel really bad that i haven’t been able to post anything about the gem au in a while, like art, but i’m just getting busy with school

and in case anyone cares i may or may not be making halloween/christmas icons of the fusions :3

anyway just a reminder that raphael/bane is kind of notorious for whitewashing poc and when people have tried talking to them about it they’ve responded very rudely and don’t seem to care about the fact that whitewashing is obviously v bad and harmful so basically if you still support them despite knowing this then please unfollow me :)



shoutout to all those people that spend hours of their own time making art, gifs, edits, fic w/e for their fandoms, you are all super talented and so important and even though you don’t need to make those things you still do, and i appreciate it a lot. 

quick psa:

if you’re talking to me in the tags and i don’t respond:

  • i didn’t see it
  • i forgot we were talking in the tags
  • i got distracted
  • i fucked up and posted before i added tags

i promise i’m never EVER ignoring you.  i love talking in the tags.  and if i ever stop i’m not mad, i’m not upset, it is nothing against you.  it’s my screw-up 200% of the time.  so pls don’t feel bad, and if you want you can always pester me in my inbox or via im if we’re mutuals.

for those of you who stand up against anonymous hate ––––– this mun is behind you one hundred percent. there’s a problem i’ve been seeing in the asoiaf community, and it has spiked since the return of game of thrones, and it is in regards to the vitriol of the show. to put it bluntly, game of thrones is not an accurate reflection of martin’s a song of ice and fire. and i think, by now, everyone is clear on that. we get it. we all know there is a toxicity in the show that is not in the books and should never have made it into the show. let me be clear when i say: i am not speaking against that.

if we want to hate the show, we go ahead and hate the show. we are entitled to your own opinions, so long as they do not harm anyone. but so is everyone else, and we need to realize this. what i am speaking against is anon hate. anonymous hatred under any circumstance is unacceptable, and everyone should know better. i thought this place was mature. i thought we could handle our differences of opinion maturely, but that does not seem to be the case. there is a difference between making someone aware of something potentially harmful that they might do and full out hatred for something as simple as an opinion, and it almost feels as if we’ve forgone the former for the latter.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like a character. if we think that liking a character means that one is justifying all of their actions, we need a crash course in the appreciation of literature. liking a character and justifying certain actions is not mutually exclusive. what makes a good piece of work is diversity; we need bad characters just as much we need good characters. i personally appreciate a great many of martin’s “villains” just because of the complexity of their character, but am i aware, as are a great many people, that their actions are morally wrong. the presence of such characters makes literature rich; that’s what we appreciate about the bad guys.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like the show more than the books. we are entitled to your difference of opinion, but we are not entitled, ever, to send anonymous hate to anyone for having a different opinion than us. people lead different lives. asoiaf has, what, 5.5k pages total? we need to remember that not everyone has time to read that, nor does everyone have the capacity, quite frankly. there are so many reasons that we’re not aware of for why someone might prefer the show to the books, and we need to remember that.

as i’ve said before ––––– nobody is better than anybody else for liking or disliking certain characters. if there were no bad, there would be no good. and nobody is better than anybody else for liking the books more than they like the show. this place has become almost unbearable with the amount of negativity going on since season 6 began airing, and it’s putting a lot of people off from coming here, from writing, and from enjoying this community. we need to remember what respect is, and we need to remember to think before we speak.

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❝I’m not going back to Starling or Central but I can’t stay in Gotham,❞ Thea said, panic written all over her face. There were scratches on her face, neck, and arms. Her hair was in dissaray and her eyes were widened with fear, ❝I just– I have to go. You in or not?❞