sometimes i do things i'm not sure of

what to do if you are feeling gross

so sometimes I’m just sitting around being lazy, watching tv or getting distracted by internet things, or I’ve eaten too much or I’ve just had a super long day. and sometimes I’m even aware of how much of a blob I am being, I’m sure this happens to other people, too. anyways I wanted to share this little list to motivate me/others to stop being a blob:

1. very very first thing. shut off your internet. put all the tv and stuff out of reach. this is really important, but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

3. uncover your windows, let natural light filter in. if you can/want to open them, that’s also fantastic. it really helps lighten your mood, always makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world.

2. put on some music. it’s ok to use your phone/computer for this, but remember to just keep it away from arm’s reach. also, you can use whatever music you’d like, but I suggest something soft, like Frank Sinatra or Beegie Adair or Jack Johnson.

3. take a walk. look at the colors and plants people surround themselves with. pick out houses/buildings you like. look at the sky, listen to what’s going on around you. I don’t generally listen to music for this because I like to feel grounded when I walk, but if you’re more of a song person that’s okay, too. it’s really easy to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had some fresh air.

4. take a bath. if it’s hot out, turn on a fan and cool down the room so you’re all cosy in the water, put in some bubbles and scents. grab a book or magazine. exfoliate, do your nails, put on a face mask. throw yourself a little spa day. when you get out, put on lotion, put on new underwear and soft, comfy clothing.

5. make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, or maybe pour yourself some lemonade or just cold water is fine too.

6. go sit in a common area of your house, like a living room or dining table. if you’re not home alone and don’t want to be bothered, gently voice it to the people around you or go sit somewhere else where you feel comfortable and relaxed. just get out of the same walls, find a change of scenery. you could even leave and go to a café or a park if you’d like.

7. do some writing/doodling. whenever this happens, I always like to use a spare piece of printer paper or something not connected to a notebook so I’m less attached to it and less likely to care about the way it looks. let the pen do its own thing, don’t worry about messing up. if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, step away and do something else.

8. make some lists. this is one of my favourite pastimes. list nice things that you’ve seen recently that you think you’ll forget later on. list little details of your dreams, list things you want to do in your favourite season, list recipes you’d like to try. the possibilities are endless.

9. cook/bake something. important reminders—if you don’t find this relaxing, don’t do it!! find another hobby that you love where you can enjoy doing something productive. also, even if you’re making something fantastic, be sure not to snack too much or overeat (I’m very prone to this). you could also make something for a friend or a neighbour!! people always enjoy a heartfelt craft made by someone who cares.

10. catch up with an old friend or family member. ask them out for coffee or something, it’s always nice to talk. trust me, they will very much appreciate you reaching out.

11. write a letter to someone. you do not have to send it.

12. go to a park and look at the flowers or sit in the grass. grab a sketchbook, some sudoku, a book, a puzzle, your thoughts, or anything else you could tinker with while enjoying the fresh air. something to make your brain work a little.

there’s more, of course, but this is all I can really come up with at the moment—I hope it works! now get off that web and have a good time!!


ultimate dragon age meme: five warriors (1/5)


“I know I want a world where people trust the Chantry, and that trust is respected. I want to respect tradition but not fear change. I want to right past wrongs but not avenge them. And I have no idea if my wanting these things makes any of them right.”

I really do forget that people who aren’t lesbians don’t always know about concepts like compulsory heterosexuality and them saying molly can’t be a lesbian because she’s been attracted to men isn’t an attack on lesbians (like me) who did have a hard time figuring out their feelings towards men but. it sure feels like one sometimes.

Lessons I learned from characters in Undertale

Always be kind to everyone you meet.

Being funny doesn’t make you weak.

You’re as great as you believe you are.

Always fight for those you care for.

Sometimes you’ll be scared to do things, and that’s okay.

You’re stunning, no matter who you are.

flowers are dicks

Computer Science job fair at my University
  • Photographer: Hello, would you two be willing to take a picture with the gentlemen at the booth over there, for publicity purposes?
  • Friend & I: Sure!
  • Guy at booth: So, what are you girls doing here? It's not like you're interested in comp sci, right?
  • Friend & I: Bye!

I have not touched a single Magic card for months now.

Another Tagging Game

I was tagged by @masevaldez to do this and it looks pretty cool. Thanks love, I’m flattered that you thought of me :)

Rules:  Add an extra question at end and tag as many people as there are questions I’m not sure is I know that many people but hey I’ll try

1.Coke or Pepsi: I’m not really one for soft drinks but I do like Coke
2. Disney or Dreamworks: Oh this is so hard! I love Disney like come on, who doesn’t, but Dreamworks have made so many cool films too. I love How to Train Your Dragon but I also love Zootopia so I’m leaving this one unanswered is that allowed? I don’t know
3. Coffee or Tea: Tea. I’m Aussie but I feel so British with my love for Tea.
4. Books or movies: Easy, books. 
5. Windows or Mac: I’m a Windows girl just because my iPad failed me but my Surface Pro got me through High School
6. Dc or Marvel: Marvel have you seen my blog, like come on 
7. Xbox or PlayStation: Play Station
8. Dragon Age or Mass Destruction: I really only play fantasy or medieval role play games (skyrim, witcher, assassins creed) so I pick Dragon Age
9. Night Owl or Early Riser: Night Owl, I can’t stand mornings
10. Cards or Chess: Chess
11. Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
12. Vans or Converse: Converse
13. Lavellan,Treylan,Cadash or Adaar: Lavellan because I’m an elf at heart
14. Fluff or Angst: I try for fluff but my work often turns into angst so maybe that’s saying something
15. Beach or Forest: Whether a forest, bush or jungle trees are my home
16. Cats or Dogs: dogs
17. Clear skies or Rain: Rain, it’s m favourite weather
18. Cooking or Eating out: Cooking not that I’m good at it
19. Spicy food or Mild food: Spicy
20. Moon or Stars: Stars because I love star gazing
21. Riding brooms or making spells: Making spells
22. Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars

23. Shorts or Jeans: Jeans

My question, Sherlock or John: All my friends describe me as Sherlock because although I’m not as smart as him they say I have his personality

Now to tag 24 people, hmm let’s see how this goes…

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I agree with the uraichi anon. At some point you see everything about it and is nice when people post something new. If you're still doing, uraichi 1 and 25, please.

1. Who is the most affectionate?

Urahara. To be fair, Ichigo is a very attractive man.

25. Who needs the more assurance?


(Sometimes, Ichigo catches Kisuke staring at the scars on Ichigo’s body, an unreadable expression on his face.

You would have been better off without me, his eyes say. If things had been different, if I’d never entered your life, you never would have gotten hurt like this, gotten your soul torn apart and stitched back together, all for a war you shouldn’t have had to fight.

Personally, Ichigo thinks Kisuke is an idiot and makes sure to tell him so. Genius he may be, but when it comes to feelings, he’s an absolute moron.

“You’re a fucking dumbass,” he informs Kisuke bluntly. Kisuke blinks, looking bemused.


“Do you really think I’d be happy living a normal life? Having a normal job, working in an office from nine to five–” Ichigo takes a moment to picture himself as an accountant and can’t help but snort out loud. Kisuke’s lips twitch, apparently thinking along the same lines, and Ichigo counts it as a victory. “Please. A fate like that would kill me more effectively than Ulquiorra ever did.” 

“Perhaps,” Kisuke murmurs. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I never really gave you a choice in this. Even if things with Rukia had turned out differently, you would have gotten involved sooner or later.”

“And I think you give yourself too much credit,” Ichigo retorts. “Believe me, if I had truly been against getting involved in this war, I would’ve taken the others, fucked off to Timbuktu or something, and you never would’ve found me. Fighting for Soul Society was my choice and don’t you forget that. Now shut up– this is the third time this week you’ve cockblocked me with your stupid depressing bullshit. Honestly, if you’re going to brood, at least have the common decency to do so when I’m not trying to get laid.” Kisuke just laughs, running a hand through his hair.

“Fair enough,” he says with a fond smile, and there’s a little bewilderment, a little awe, and a whole lot of happy on his face right now. Ichigo thinks it’s a good look on him.) 

FF XV React: Asking them if you can sleep with them just for the night

Suggested by: Two Anons

Both worded the request differently, nevertheless enjoy! Also, I’m not apologizing for Prompto…..And, I wasnt sure whether to do Regis or not. He is a King, Noct’s dad and-it’s a little odd but to hell with it. I did do his and Cor’s different in asking cus they are older.

Noctis: *grumbles and rolls around in bed* What? You want to sleep with me? You’re *yawns* lonely? *eyes fluttering to stay awake* Sure, whatever…I just, want to sleep. *you hesitate, as it is a little improper* What? Hurry up before before I change my mind. *you get in* Dont worry, if anyone says anything-I’ll order them to keep quiet for the rest of their lives.

Gladiolus: *groans as he wakes up* What’s up? Cant sleep? What?! You want to sleep with me?! U-Uh-*blushes slightly* It’s not a problem per se, just….You sure? I kinda snore, n-not too loud according to Noct bu-You dont care? *comteplates* Alright, hop in. *you do and get comfy* Hey, if I somehow start bugging you, dont hesitate to kick me out of bed ok?

Prompto: Am I dreaming? *cuddles pillow more* Yeah, must be…There’s no way you’d be here asking to sleep with me…*you nudge him and he bolts awake* Holy shit! I’m not dreaming! You serious?! *you nod and ask again* U-Uh, yeah I mean, never thought you’d be so blunt. Wait here, let me just run out to store real qui-What? Uh, cus you-Oh. OH! You just want to sleep, sleep…..*coughs to clear throat* Y-Yeah, you can sleep here..*He starts making a pillow wall as you get comfy, giving you the most room* I tend to cling to people so, you probley dont want that-Night!! *covers self with blanket*

Ignis: Why are you up so late? What?! Sleep here?! Uh-I *takes a deep breath* If you cant sleep, I can provide some medicine, or a drink to help. I mean, or you could take this room an - *you apologize for disturbing him and start to leave* W-Wait! *catches your wrist* I’m sorry, you are never a bother. *sighs* I just didnt think you’d ask me…It is rather odd not hearing the others while sleeping, no? *scoots over in bed and brings the covers down* Come here, if you need to I’ll sing you a a lullaby.

Cor: *you catiously approuch him when suddenly-* You’re lucky I know your footsteps pup. What is it? *peeks at you from corner of eye, and you ask him* You want to spend the night here? Pup, will wonders never cease from you? *you grimace slightly, thinking he’s upset and get ready to turn and leave* Quit your pouting and come here. There’s no point in getting mad, ‘sides it’s only for tonight.

Regis: *As quietly as you can, you knock on his door. You hear slight rustling, and he cracks open the door* You? What is it? Is something wrong? *you apologize for waking him, but ask nevertheless* Here? You want to sleep with me? I, well….*takes a deep breath* Noctis used to ask such things as a child…but you’re no child and…*you quickly apologize and turn to leave but he stops you* It’s alright. If someone already saw us, we’re already in trouble.

Cidney/Cindey: Wh-Wh-What? *yawns loudly* Repeat that will ya? Cant sleep? You want to be here with me? *still half asleep, and is nodding off* Did you try counting sheep? *you nod* Did you try and drink something hot? *nod again* Nothin worked? *nod* Yep, only one cure. *brings down blankets* Hop in. *you do when suddenly she has her index finger pointed at you* But only for tonight!

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Oh my god i LOVE all of your HC's like why can't i come up with stuff like that ????? *moving arms and legs super weird while saying this trying not to freak you out*

Please submit something any time! Don’t doubt yourself, we’re sure whatever you come up with would be wonderful <3

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After they meet up again, and start to live together, Hide has abandonment issues, and always panics and freaks out after Kaneki’s been gone for a while, thinking that he’s been left behind like before.

So, when Kaneki finds out about said issues, he texts and calls Hide a lot while he’s out. Sometimes it’s little things like a picture of where Kaneki is, or just a text saying be back soon, and other times they talk for hours while Kaneki’s out, and it helps Hide a lot, knowing that Kaneki’s thinking of him, and that he’ll come back home. 

Damian Wayne was cold. It was ridiculous, he knew, to be shivering in this weather, but he couldn’t stop himself from shaking. Things like this happened sometimes— it felt like his heart wasn’t beating fast enough to keep him warm. The cold started in his fingertips, snaking up his wrists until his pencils fell from his icy hands and his phone didn’t recognize his touch. He slept in a nest of blankets now. Sometimes, he dragged them off his bed and wore them around the house, the same way he kept his cape wrapped around him when he went on patrol.
Todd said the cold never went away.
Anyway, it was like living in an icebox. You’d think that a billionaire could afford to keep his house a few degrees warmer, but no— it was always “Damian, stop messing with the thermostat” or “Damian, it’s ninety degrees in here, and Tim says he can’t breathe.” Was that supposed to make him feel guilty? Please. Drake could asphyxiate if he wanted. As far as Damian was concerned, that was only fair.
But he was trying to be more considerate. He really was— that was what led him to the laundry room.
He stumbled in on a Sunday afternoon, looking for his favorite hoodie. It usually reappeared in his drawer a few hours after he left it in the basket— Pennyworth probably had something to do with that— but today his drawers were empty. Maybe it’s in the dryer, Damian thought, and he wandered downstairs to check.
He’d never been in the laundry room before. It was small, tucked away by the kitchen, filled with stacks of clothing and gloriously warm. Damian sighed in relief as he placed his numb hands against the dryer— it was almost better than a heater.
His sweatshirt wasn’t in the piles of clean clothing, and when he checked the washer, it was sitting in a sodden heap at the bottom. That was just his luck, wasn’t it? He needed it now.
Damian stuck his head out the door and yelled toward the kitchen. “Pennyworth?” Nothing happened. Alfred was probably in the cave, which meant he wouldn’t be up again any time soon. Damian might have to wait for hours.
Or… He could always switch the load himself. Damian glanced at the dryer— it didn’t look difficult to operate. All he had to do was push a couple of buttons, right? He’d be fine.
Damian pulled open the dryer door and piled the clean clothes on it’s lid. After that, he couldn’t help himself— he flopped face-first into the heap of warm fabric. Perfect. He fished out one of his father’s sweatshirts and pulled it on, even though it fell past his knees and the sleeves were twice as long as his arms. He felt so much better now— warm and comfortable in his stolen jacket. Maybe Father would let him keep it.
The machines were simple, it turned out, and Damian didn’t have any trouble working them. Folding the clean clothes was harder— was there some kind of secret butler trick for that? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make the even rectangles that Pennyworth always managed. He struggled with his pile for ages, intent on mastering the skill.
And that’s where Alfred found him— perched on the dryer and sorting through socks, wearing a sweatshirt six sizes too big.

sometimes what I hate about this site is the fact that if anyone says anything even remotely problematic or slightly offensive (even if they didn’t mean any harm by it) they get completely shunned. people need to remember that no one is perfect. we all make mistakes and say/do things we don’t actually mean. we’ve all said something in our lives that we’ve regretted because we’ve hurt someone or not really thought about what we said before we said it. I get that when a someone famous says something problematic why so many people get upset, because when you’re in the spotlight you have a lot of influence on lots of people and saying the wrong thing can be harmful. BUT in saying that if said person shows sincere regret and truly apologises and shows they’ve learnt from the situation (unless they’ve said something completely unforgivable, which lets be honest is not often the case) you can’t keep harassing them for a mistake they clearly and sincerely apologised for. we’re all human, it’s impossible to always do and say the right thing without at least one person being offended. it’s just how life is. we’re all problematic in one way or another and we can’t keep expecting people to be perfect and politically correct all the time. you also can’t keep getting offended by every single thing you don’t agree with, or you’ll find it really hard to get through day to day life.

Do you ever wonder if Harry and Louis have fought about things we’ve noticed?

Random Facts About Zince!

事実番号5 (does Google Translate not count as a source?): Mebri (@twinflora) frequently hangs out with Zince at her shop, and whenever Zince has to make deals far afield nowadays, you can be sure that Mebri will go with her!  They make bank (sometimes selling Mebri’s spectacular food), have adventures on distant worlds, and, yes, Mebri can actually get Zince to eat sometimes.

(Look I made this one happy because the last one was questionable and sad ’~’)

Okay okay okay

Even before Sam was born, big brother De liked to talk to him. He talked aaaaaaaall the time. When Sammy was born, that didn’t stop. De always talked to him, told him everything he did that day, all the things they would be doing once Sammy was big enough.

It got to the point when sometimes, the only thing that would calm Sammy down was the sound of De’s voice.

When Mary died, and Dean stopped talking was one of the most trying times for the little broken family. It seemed like nothing would soothe Sammy’s crying. And at night, when his dad was asleep, Dean would try to talk so bad, but nothing would come out. Dean would end up crying and hugging Sammy tight as if apologizing for not being able to help him.


This life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel. Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real. You act like you know me, but you never will. But that’s one thing that I know for sure. I’ll show you..  I got to learn things, learn them the hard way to see what it feels like, no matter what they say.  Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, when the pressure’s coming down like lightning. It’s like they want me to be perfect. When they don’t even know that I’m hurting.

My dad just chased me around the house to hug me, and then when he did he just said “your parents love you, I don’t know where they are, but I’m sure they love you” and then LEFT