sometimes i cry because you're so beautiful

Why I FUCKING LOVE the signs
  • Aries: you think you're a star and to me, you really are. There's a fire in you that never ever goes out. Everything you do, you do it with a passion I haven't seen in any other sign. And when you love, you love with all your soul. That's why I love you.
  • Taurus: I love you because there is no way to know you and not love you. Everything about you is adorable. You have the weirdest habits and strangest worries and I have an urge to hold you and tell you that none of the bad things you fear are ever going to happen to you because I will be there to protect you, and I want to be a part of your life forever.
  • Gemini: you're sassy and smart and witty and cool. I look up to you and how you deal with things. You impress me every single day. I love you because you never fail to surprise me, and because you make me want to be stronger, smarter and cooler, just like you. Loving you means learning to love myself. Loving you means growing. Loving you means new experiences on a daily basis and a life like a never ending journey.
  • Cancer: you always find the right words to make me remember who I am, because you don't forget. You're the keeper of the treasure that is pure, honest joy, and I trust you with all my heart. You remind me of how beautiful life can be and I love you cause you make me feel like we're in a movie.
  • Leo: you're merely the king of the jungle when it comes down to the two of us. You're a wild little cub with a heart of gold. You've got a playful side to you that you're afraid to show, but those who are close to you know your need for harmony and happiness. But even when you're feeling weak, you act strong to protect the ones you love. And that's why I love you.
  • Virgo: it is funny to me when people expect you to be the calculating perfectionist you come off as in private, too, because I know that you're a wild child at heart. More explicitely, you can be a total freak. You let go when you're secure, and then, you're free. Watching you just being you in your own little bubble is mesmerizing to me. Sometimes, I feel like we're a world apart, but then, you pull me back into yours. You're addicting. And I fucking love you.
  • Libra: you are so beautiful, inside and out. I can rely on you. With you, I feel safe. You laugh with me when I'm happy, you cry with me when I'm sad. I value your empathy and your radiant presence. You are a gift to everyone who knows you. I wish you could love yourself like I love you. I know I will love you forever.
  • Scorpio: when I'm down, you pick me up. You give me the extra kick I need. You can be like a drug. I love you because you give me everything I need and more. Spending time with you is an adventure, I never know what's next. You keep me excited. With you, one can make the craziest memories that make stories you wouldn't tell a soul, unless you're fucking wasted. We can share a secret. You're a friend one can count on and I will always want you in my life.
  • Saggitaurus: you have the lovely, golden, innocent soul of a little puppy. It is impossible to spend time with you and not get attached. You're cute and funny and adorable, you're full of energy and you make me want to be more positive,too. You always try your best to be the best you can be and I highly appreciate effort you put in everything you do. I love you because it's impossible not to.
  • Capricorn: like caramel ice cream, you've got a cold, hard shell, but a sweet, melting core. To get you to let me have a bit of that sweetness is my main motivation on my mission to get close to you. You're a challenge. You excite me. And I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes that you like to play this game as much as I do. I love you cause you play it cool, but I know you're just a kid at heart. You make me want to make you laugh, I want to make you happy.
  • Aquarius: you're art. You're fascinating, intimidating, challenging and never what others expect you to be. I love you like a little child loves the beautiful princess on an oil painting in the museum, I love you like an old woman that hears what used to be her favourite song when she was young after a long, long time and I love you like an addict loves the rush. You're an inspiration, motivation, a safe haven and a ship that sails to a place I've never been to before.
  • Pisces: your presence is so soothing. You are beautiful to look at, calming to listen to, you're delicate like a flower, but with the mind of a garden. I love you because you show me how easy life can be. You are a role model to others.

“I want to be strong. I really do. But I can’t help bursting out crying sometimes, because I just don’t know how things will get better.” - Kaede

“I know you’ve been struggling with this whole situation and that you want to be more than just alright, fine or okay. But don’t forget that you’re still a human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. You are a fighter, Kaede. Cry it out and just- keep strong, hold fast and take heart…cuz I believe in you..” - Ryoma


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[[This has been sitting in my inbox for a while because I honestly always go back to read it and it makes me smile everytime!!! I just wanted to respond now so you don’t think I’m ignoring you  >< BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH SCREAMING ANON I REALLY LOVE YOU TOO!!! I HOPE TO SEE YOU AROUND MORE SOMETIMES KJDAHA;G THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS IT MAKES ME CRY EVERITIEM AAAAAAAAAA;A;;;;;; STAY BEAUTIFUL ANON

Just a Bad Day...

Okay, so this prompt got me so bad. I cannot thank this anon enough for this beautiful prompt because I think we all need a good comforting moment. I didn’t really feel like pinpointing an exact particular moment would be appropriate for  a reader fic, but I know we all go through some really shitty times, and sometimes all of those emotions will just snowball more and more until one day you just crash and everything spirals out of you.

I hope this helps, anon.


The overcast sky loomed over you, feeling like a huge weight bearing on your back as you ambled your way down the sidewalk.

All day long you found yourself in a funk. You didn’t enjoy your work at all, you barely picked at your lunch, and the entire time all you wanted to do was sit at home under a blanket on your sofa.

You debated paying your boyfriend a visit, but you remembered he just got off work as well and is probably just getting settled in.

“Maybe I’ll just shoot him a text…” You pulled out your phone.


*2 missed calls from Benny.*

*1 voicemail from Benny.*


You brought the phone up to your ear to listen to his voicemail.

“Hey, Y/n. I saw you head in to work on the way to school this morning. You didn’t seem like yourself.. Are you doing okay? Call me back… I love you so much.”

Tears overflowed down your cheeks. You didn’t want anyone to see you breaking down in the middle of the sidewalk so you ran the rest of the block back to your house.

Once you fiddled with the lock and kicked off your shoes, you threw yourself onto your sofa, clutching the throw pillow and let all your emotions overflow.


Someone rang the doorbell. You quickly shot up from your state of turmoil, wiped away your tears and took a deep breath to make yourself presentable.

“Coming!” You called as you flipped the throw pillow to hide the tear stains. You went over to the door and peeked through the peephole.


You pulled open the door to find your boyfriend standing on your porch with a bouquet of daisies in one hand and a to-go bag in the other.

“I thought I’d come and check up on yo-…. Y/n, are you alright..?” Benny leaned in close to your tear-stained flushed face. You felt small as your eyes began to well up once again.

“I just had a bad day, is all. Nothing major.” You smiled reluctantly as the tears uncontrollably spilled down your cheeks.

Benny immediately rushed in, setting the food and flowers down on the coffee table and took you in his arms, holding the back of your head as you let yourself go. You hiccuped and choked through the tears, gripping the back of his shirt as you sobbed into his shoulder.

“Y/n… I’m so sorry… “ He ran his hand through your hair. Guiding you over to the couch, Benny sat you down beside him, gently rubbing your back. He softly rocked you.

“I-It’s okay…” You sniffed. “Thank you for coming over.” You wiped your face in your sleeve and looked up at him.

Benny took his tie and helped clean your cheeks.

“I brought your favorite.” He opened the paper to-go bag on the coffee table, handing you a plastic container and a fork.

You pried open the lid, the warm delicious aroma of food wafting from the container.

“Benny, you are too much.” You smiled, leaning over to give him a loving kiss of the cheek.

Benny blushed slightly, touching his cheek where you kissed. “I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright.” He pulled a second container out of the bag for himself. “After all, now I have something beautiful to look at-.. er… I mean something to look forward to after work!”

Benjamin Krupp!” You gave him a playful swat on the knee.

You both shared a good laugh before snuggling up close with your food and putting on a good movie for the evening. Rain pattered on the window outside as you two pulled a blanket over yourselves.


By the end of the movie, Benny was laid across your sofa, an arm wrapped around your waist as you laid on top of his chest under the blanket.

“Thank you for this, Benny. I really needed this..” You pressed your cheek into him.You felt his fingers soothingly brush your hair back.

“No. Thank you, Y/n. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” He said.  “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.”

You chuckled slightly. “Anything? Maybe you could ease up on those boys? They came over last night asking if I could get you to ease up on their detentions next week.”

Benny raised an eyebrow. “They did what?! Oh, well looks like they’re getting another week then!” He laughed, pulling you up closer to his face. He nuzzled into your neck, laying soft kisses along your jawline.

“B-Benny!!! Hey!!” You winced and laughed, trying to wriggle away but it was all for naught. He kept you close, and you felt all your troubles melt away. 

Letting your eyes fall closed, you felt his hand trailing up and down your back.

“Is it alright if I close my eyes for a bit, love?” You murmured dreamily.

Benny chuckled, laying his head back and closing his eyes as well.

“It’s alright, Y/n… I’m here..”