sometimes i cry because martin is martin


Requested by anon: Being Lydias supernatural sibling would involve..

-Being in the pack when you find out you are supernatural.
-Lydia always worrying about you.
-Being very independent and brave.
-Lydia getting mad when you skip school to do supernatural stuff.

-“We have school Y/n we can find out about this later.”
“Screw school Lydia this is way more important than that cursed place.”
“I am trying to maintain a good reputation Y/n!”
“You’re smart enough! Now shut up!”

-Being as confident as Lydia or at east you try.
-Acting strong and brave on the outside, but sometimes you just have to cry.
-Lydia always trying to give you makeovers.
-You refusing the makeovers, because you like your own style.
-You being a badass….of course.
-Martin 1 and Martin 2
-Being protective of Lydia and Jackson being annoyed by it.
-Always being there when Lydia finds a dead body.
-Calling Stiles because you know Lydia wont call him.

-“Finally someone calls me about the bodies.”
“Shut up Stiles and just get over here.”
“Your sister never calls me Y/n.”
“Yeah I wonder why…”
“This is not the time for sarcasm Y/n.”

-Becoming a supernatural when Peter Hale attacks you because you were getting in the way of his plans.
-Finding out about the supernatural world when you get out the hospital and explain to Lydia what you saw.
-Scott helping you discover what you are.
-Stiles complaining about too many banshees.
-Turns out you aren’t a banshee (if you want to be one then ignore what i said)
-Stealing her clothes.

- “Is that my sweater?”
“Of course not.”
“That is my sweater Y/N! Give it back.”
“We are siblings we share, right?”
“Wow. Rude.”

-Lydia and you admitting to being supernatural to your mother together.
-Joking that becoming supernatural made your appetite grow.
-Your family being your anchor.

-“Two supernatural Martin’s is too much work.”
You & Lydia: “Shut up Stiles!”

I went in to tell Gene Roddenberry that I was leaving [Star Trek] after the first season, and he was very upset about it. And he said, take the weekend and think about what I am trying to achieve here in this show. You’re an integral part and very important to it. And so I said, yes, I would. And that - on Saturday night, I went to an NAACP fundraiser, I believe it was, in Beverly Hills. And one of the promoters came over to me and said, Ms. Nichols, there’s someone who would like to meet you. He says he is your greatest fan.

And I’m thinking a Trekker, you know. And I turn, and before I could get up, I looked across the way and there was the face of Dr. Martin Luther King smiling at me and walking toward me. And he started laughing. By the time he reached me, he said, yes, Ms. Nichols, I am your greatest fan. And I was speechless. He complimented me on the manner in which I’d created the character. I thanked him, and I think I said something like, Dr. King, I wish I could be out there marching with you. He said, no, no, no. No, you don’t understand. We don’t need you to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for. So, I said to him, thank you so much. And I’m going to miss my co-stars.

And his face got very, very serious. And he said, what are you talking about? And I said, well, I told Gene just yesterday that I’m going to leave the show after the first year because I’ve been offered - and he stopped me and said: You cannot do that. And I was stunned. He said, don’t you understand what this man has achieved? For the first time, we are being seen the world over as we should be seen. […]

I met Whoopi Goldberg when Gene was doing The Next Generation and she had told me when Star Trek came on she was nine years old and she said she turned the TV on and saw me and ran through the house screaming: Come quick, come quick. Theres a black lady on TV and she ain’t no maid. And that did something to my heart, so I knew that I had made the right decision, because as Dr. King said, you have been chosen.

—  Sometimes I remember the story of how Martin Luther King wouldn’t let Nichelle Nichols quit Star Trek because he knew Representation Matters and I cry. (This version from NPR interview.)