sometimes i cry because elementary is the show that it is

here’s the summer camp au that @philosophium and i talked about like a century ago, hope you eNJOY!!

  • Andrew volunteers at a summer camp as a counselor and no one knows about this until Matt has to pick up his little cousin or some shit and
  • “Is that Andrew???”
  • so naturally Matt calls Neil
  • “Did you know about this?????”
  • Neil’s so casual about it like, “Yeah I go there sometimes too.”
  • seriously though Andrew is so good with the kids
  • he loves them because they’re so happy and nothing has tainted them yet
  • he doesn’t flinch away from their touches because they’re kids and they aren’t going to harm him, they just wanna show him their drawings they made for him??
  • Andrew coloring with the kids!!
  • making little flower crowns for them!!!
  • he keeps all of the friendship bracelets they make him!!!!
  • and he wears them all the fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • all of the children ask about his armbands and Andrew just sort of avoids answering by saying, “Well they match my boyfriend’s armbands.”
  • and the kids are like, “Ohhhhhhhhh.”
  • and then one day Neil shows up and all of the kids jump him screaming, “Hi Andrew’s boyfriend!!” because they know who he is immediately by his armbands
  • the kids run back to Andrew, dragging Neil along with them (Neil is laughing), and the kids are like, “Your boyfriend is so pretty!!”
  • Andrew kinda smirks and looks at Neil when he says, “He is really pretty isn’t he?”
  • Neil fucKING BLUSHES

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yourbaeishellagay  asked:

K so I will pay you for omegas who can't have kids headcanons I will also pay you for more more adopted kids headcanons

  • Omegas who can’t have kids absolutely adoring spending time around their friends who have pups
  • They always leap in to help whenever their friends need a baby sitter (pup sitter?)
  • Infertile omegas are often looked down on and shunned by society, because, in the basest terms possible, breeding is what omegas do on an evolutionary level
  • Parents who know their omega child will grow up to be infertile, but not having the heart to tell them as they watch their child cradle their soft animals and pretend to feed them bottles of milk and dress them in baby clothes
  • An infertile omega who decides early in life not to be bitter about not being able to have pups, and training to be a maternity nurse because dammit, if they can’t have their own pups, they’ll sure as hell help others have theirs
  • Also, infertile omegas who become family doctors/consultants, so they can watch one pup grow from birth right up to an adult having pups of their own
  • Infertile omegas who still, even as grown adults, sometimes cradle pillows or soft toys, pretending it’s their pup
  • Some omegas even go so far as to avoid building nests, because they associate them so much with pups and fertility
  • An infertile omega having to tell their mate that they can have pups in a very quiet, halting voice
  • Infertile omegas who work as teachers in elementary school/primary school absolutely adoring watching their students grow from tiny weeny pups to kids about to go off to secondary/middle school
  • Then there are the few omegas who are incredibly bitter about being infertile, who try to avoid pups like the plague
  • Infertile omegas who are offered the chance for them and their mate to have a surrogate mother, and the little omega just bursts into tears
  • An infertile omega who’s mated to another (fertile) omega deciding to use a sperm donor to have a child
  • A very nervous alpha pair waiting almost a year to adopt their very own beta pup, and freaking out because “what if they don’t like us?! What if we do something wrong?!”
  • Newly adopted siblings clinging to each other for the first few days in their new house, and even sleeping in the same bed and refusing to go anywhere without the other
  • A beta and omega pair who had fostered a small alpha revealing to the alpha on Christmas Day that they’re going to adopt them, and the alpha bursting into happy tears
  • An adopted omega deciding that their alpha parents’ bed is THE BEST place to build their stress nest, so they take over the entire bed. Not wanting to scare or intimidate the small omega while they’re still settling in, the two alphas sleep on the sofa for a week until the omega demands they come and sleep in the nest
  • A single omega adopting a troubled beta child, and when the beta gets stressed and begins to panic, and omega does the only thing they can think of that always calms them down; they build a nest around the beta child
    • Bonus: It works
  • An alpha child who had always seemed a little aloof and distant from their adoptive alpha and omega parents, and they have no idea what to do. One day, the alpha falls and scrapes their knee. The omega parent is watching, holding themselves back from going to help, and expects the child to start crying and run away somewhere, or simply carry on. To their surprise, the small alpha lets out a loud scream of “MAMAAAAAAAAA” and sprints over to the omega, snivelling and whining
    • The omega almost dies of happiness
  • A beta pair who already have a rough, playful alpha pup, and adopting a beta child who’s more reserved and younger than their alpha. They worry that their alpha pup will start roughhousing with the little adoptive sibling, but to their surprise, their pup takes the beta’s hand and says, very shyly and quietly, “can I show you your room?”
  • An omega and alpha adopting a very young pup who’s only a few months old, and the moment the omega holds the little pup, they whisper “oh my god” and feel a sudden, incredibly strong urge to protect this tiny, helpless pup and they understand what ‘maternal instinct’ means

Also, if you were serious about paying me, my PayPal email is ;) ;) ;) 

FTM!Karma (KarmaGisa AU)


Rating: K+/T

Nagisa Shiota thought it was an incredible stroke of luck that he ended up sitting next to Karma Akabane in first period, and even more so that they were in all the same classes but one.

The new student was nearly quaking as he sat down next to the larger boy in his Science class, at his teacher’s request. The redhead had an intimidating aura to him, but he greeted his classmate with a sincere smile and asked if he was new.

“You’re not from here, are you? I think I’d remember someone who looked like you.” He had said. Before the bluenette had time to blush at the obvious nod to his hairstyle, Karma added, “Blue hair, that’s so wild. It’s bright without being obnoxious. I’m jealous, I look like a used tampon come alive.” Nagisa covered his mouth to muffle a snort.

“It’s natural, actually…” Nagisa admitted, scratching at the back of his neck.

Akabane just smiled. “That just makes it cooler! Like fate chose you to look awesome.” He gushed, resting his chin on both his hands like a dazed schoolgirl and laughing.

Within two periods, the two boys had become thick as theives. They had found that they were both obsessed with the same movies, they listened to the same bands (Akabane had been to concert for one of them; the bluenette shamelessly milked him for details), and they had pretty much the same opinions on everything (Except for pineapple on pizza, which Nagisa liked. Karma had almost yelled in disgust so loud the teacher heard him). The smaller boy couldn’t belive the other didn’t have any other friends in his first four periods, because he was so cool, it couldn’t be like he was a loner. Unless that was just the kind of kid he was; he just kept himself on purpose, the strong, silent type. A nice thought, but probably not likely, as he’d chosen to open up to Nagisa so quickly. He didn’t notice the wary glances Akabane was getting at all.

It wasn’t until fifth period that he found out.

“What class do we have next?” The bluenette asked, fumbling for his schedule as the bell rang.

A look of dread flashed across the redhead’s face. “Gym, I think. Ew.”

The smaller boy laughed at his friend’s expression. “What, you don’t like P.E.?”

“Ugh, no way.”

“No way, you’re, like, ripped! I can see the muscles through your shirt sleeves, haha. You’re probably at the top of the class. Look at me, I’m a shrimp: You can’t complain.” Nagisa chuckled, guestering to his skinny, petite frame, then to Akabane’s althletic build.

Karma gave a weak laugh. “I’ve seen gymnasts with builds just like yours, Shiota. You don’t look very out of shape, I’m sure you’ll do fine. But…” He paused, then gave a small sigh of resignation. “…It’s not the curriculum I don’t like, it’s just…Nothing. You’ll see, I guess.” He shrugged and looked away.

“What? Is our coach shitty? How much are they gonna make us run?” The bluenette asked anxiously as they entered the gym. From the opposite side of the room, a tall girl with long, straight, blonde hair spotted Karma and waved. He waved back and giggled lightly.

“Who’s that, your girlfriend?” Nagisa asked. He wished he hadn’t said it after it was out of his mouth; something about the thought of the redhead in a relationship sat wrong in his stomach.

Karma roared with laughter. “Oh my god, no! She’d die if she heard that. She’s so gay, and so dedicated to her girlfriend.” The smaller boy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as the redhead regained himself. “No, no, that’s just my friend. Her name’s Nakamura Rio.”

“Gay, huh?” Nagisa laughed weakly and wondered if now was the best time to out himself as pan. He bit his lip, and looked up at his new friend. It could just be the lighting, but he might’ve seen a bit of pink on the other’s cheeks as they neared the locker rooms.

“Yeah; thank god her girlfriend’s not in our gym class. Okuda’s actually pretty modest, usually, but when she and Nakamura get around each other, it gets a little wild.” He shook his head at the thought of it, chuckling.

“Hah! Guess you’ll have to introduce me sometime.” He hadn’t noticed Karma’s falling footsteps as students filed into the locker rooms. “But let’s deal with that later, okay? We gotta go get dressed.” He turned back to noticed Akabane had stopped in the space between the locker rooms. His face was red and he wore an embarrassed frown. The bluenette shot him a blank look.

“…Karma? You coming?” he asked tentatively, tugging at his own backpack straps. A few students had stopped to watch the two. Nakamura walked up behind Karma and gently put her hand o his shoulder.

“Hey, Karma,” She said lightly, smiling at him.

“Hey,” He mumbled, looking to her, then the ground, then to Nagisa. He looked like he might cry.

“Um…See you after class, I guess.” The redhead said softly to his confused friend. The smaller boy’s eyes widened as he watched Akabane follow his blonde friend into the girls’ locker room with his head down.



Nagisa couldn’t stop the rising heat in his cheeks as he changed into his gym clothes. A boy with cropped raven hair approached him catiously as he pulled his shorts over his hips.

“Hey…It’s Nagisa, right?” The bluentte nodded. “I’m Sugino, from your second period. I saw you out there with Akabane…Did you know?”

“No…Is that why people have been, sort of…avoiding him?” The smaller teen couldn’t help but ask.

“Because he’s trans? No-I mean-That might be part of it, for some people, but that’s not really the whole reason. It’s…he came out last year. Do you wanna know the story?” The taller boy asked as he slipped on his shirt.

“I don’t know, do I?” Nagisa bit his lip as he removed his pigtails and pulled his hair into a high pony. “I mean…I guess, if it’ll help me understand why it’s a big deal.” The coach called them out of the locker room, and they began to stretch themselves out on the gym floor.

“Well, last year, when-when he was a she-I’m just gonna refer to second-year Karma as a she, okay? To avoid confusion.” The bluenette nodded.

“Well, she was called Kiyoko, and she was, like, the best at everything. She was the best player on the girls’ basketball team, and she had top grades, and, y'know-she was just one of…those girls, right?” The smaller boy nodded again. “So there’s this kid named Asano Gakushuu in our grade. He’s the principal’s son, have you heard of him?” Nagisa shook his head. “Well, you will. Soon enough.”

“Anyways, he was super smart and athletic and stuff too-Like I said, he’s the principal’s kid-And he liked Akabane. Or he just wanted her as a sort trophy girlfriend, I don’t even know. Anyways, he hit on her for a really long time, and she finally hooked up with him. Some people thought it might have just been to shut him up, but she seemed to like him-But whatever, that part’s not important.”

“So, they were, like, the ultimate power couple for a few months. But they started having these fights all the time, like in the middle of lunch and stuff-I think it was about home stuff usually, that’s what somebody told me. Which would make since, Akabane’s parents travel for business a lot, so she’s-he’s, sorry-home alone a lot, and Asano’s got issues with his mom and dad, or whatever.

“But it got really bad, and one day Asano hit her and the next day-He came out as a he. Just like that, it was so sudden. He showed up to school the next day with his hair cut and a flat chest-I don’t think he had surgery, though-and wearing the boy’s uniform….And Asano just lost it. He was so mad. Somebody claimed Karma tried to tell him that he still liked him, and that he just wanted him to change the way he treated some of the students who got lower grades, but that doesn’t really matter, because they’re definitely done now, and they definitely hate each other’s guts.”

“…Damn.” Nagisa whispered softly. He felt like it was all he could say. It was so much. “Really?”

“Yeah, man. They’re rivals in eveything now, even though the school won’t let Karma register for anything as a boy.” Sugino frowned. “I feel bad for him. It must suck ass.”

“Yeah…” The bluenette’s voice trailed. “But that doesn’t really explain why everyone avoids him.”

“Nagisa, if Asano’s dad is the king of the school, Asano is the spoiled prince. He has everyone in this school under his finger. After Akabane came out, he did everything he could to wipe out Karma’s good reputation. He basically got rid of all of his friends, except for a few. His lunch table has, like, three people there only. It was a fucked up thing to do, but no one here’s in much of a position to defy Asano, unless you have good grades. Like Nakamura: you saw her, right? Highest English scores in the grade. She and Karma met on the basketball team, I think. They’ve been best friends since elementary. They used to always pull the greatest pranks together. When Asano dumped Akabane, every meal he and his little clique of friends ate had wasabi hidden all in it for the next week, no matte rwht they did. Asano coupdn’t prove it was her, and no one knows how she did it, but everyone knows she did. It was awesome.” Sugino said almost dreamily, staring at the ceiling as he fondly remembered the memory of Nakamura’s vengance and Asano’s suffering.

Nagisa laughed. “She sounds like a good friend to have.”

“Everyone says she’s crazy, but besides that, I’m sure she is. She and Okuda Minami are dating, so I guess she can’t be too bad.” The taller boy shrugged. The coach had moved on to talking about their curriculum for the following year, but nobody was really listening.

“Where did the girls’ class even go?” Nagisa asked, looking around the gym and laying down on the polished wooden floor.

“The other gym. They always split up the gym classes into guys’ and girls’. Probably hell for Akabane.”



Nagisa ducked into the boys’ changing room as quickly as he could, before Karma and the girls returned. He had seen the girls’ gym clothes, and he was terrified of seeing Karma in it and staring. He quickly changed back into the school uniform and sat outside the girls’s changing room, waiting for his friend. Finally, he watched the redhead and his blonde friend walk out of the door.

The bluenette popped up as soon as he saw his friend, whose eyes widened. He bit his lip and approached the smaller teen. “Sorry…” He murmured.

“For what?” The smaller boy smiled gently. He was tempted to put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, but refrained.

“I didn’t tell you…” The taller boy squeaked his shoe on the ground awkwardly.

“Why would you need to?” Nagisa laughed. “You didn’t need to; what difference does it make?” The bashful smile and glassy, hopeful eyes Karma used on him made his chest light, and he beamed almost giddily. “Come on, let’s go to our next class.”

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Q: How do you feel now before the drama starts airing here?
LSK: I’m really happy and looking forward to it (airing). The drama was recieved well in Korea and we recieved a lot of love from the fans watching it. I want to say thank you to everyone who watched the drama. It’s a healing and very cute drama so I’m looking forward to see how the Japanese audience will feel about the drama and if they can feel the same thing we felt (when shooting it).
NJH: I’m also looking forward to it. Although the drama was aired in Korea, I’ve heard that a lot of Japanese fans also went out of their way to watch it, and also that they enjoyed it. As the formal airing (in Japan) has been decided, I’m hoping that more people will be able to enjoy it.

Q: Can you please explain what the drama is about?
LSK: I think that everyone who have watched the drama will say the same thing as I am, that it is very cute. However, although the drama is cute the plot evolves in every episode and (the viewers’) feelings will become warmer and hopefully it will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy when the drama ends. All the actors and the staff say that they felt comforted/soothed when shooting the drama. The best way to explain “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” in one word would be… “healing”. A very pure and nice feel-good-drama.
NJH: I think I would use the word “adolescence/spring of life” (T/N: the word he used (青春) is usually used when describing the your youth in a nostalgic way). The drama portrays the feelings and emotions you had when you were in your adolescents. I think viewers in our age but also young people going through this stage right now can all think “Ah, this is youth” when watching our drama.

Q: The drama has finished airing in Korea..
LSK: I cried a lot. I watched the last episode with everyone yesterday, but I think I have to re-watch it because I cried too much! I can’t remember a thing, I was literally crying the whole time.

Q: Please tell us about your characters in the drama.
LSK: I play Kim Bok Joo. Her charm point is that she is very straightforward but also very pure. She does not hide her feelings, and as she is a member of the weightlifting club in the school you can’t really sense any ‘femininity’ in her. However, when she falls in love for the first time she becomes aware of herself as a woman. She goes through a heart break, is also loved by another Joonhyung, goes through a slump etc. She’s a character that will show you a variety of emotions through the drama, so please look forward to her story.
NJH: I play the swimmer Jung Joonhyung. He’s one of those characters who’s actions you can’t predict, but he also has a lot of charming things about him. And he is also very innocent, just like Bok Joo. Although he’s college, he hasn’t forgotten about his first love that he had in elementary school. I think the viewers will be able to see that charm of his.

Q: It’s the second time you are acting as a swimmer in a drama. Your character in “Who are you? School 2015” was also a swimmer. How was it this time?
NJH: It was really hard.
LSK: I heard you say that you will never do it again!
NJH: Swimming is a very hard. And it is even harder when you have to shoot it, as you have to take the same scene from several different angles. It was impossible to do it alone, so I had a stand-in sometimes, but when they were shooting angles in which you can see my face I had to be the one swimming, so I swam a lot. I don’t want to do a shoot with me swimming ever again.
LSK: There was a lot of scenes in the water, and since you have to move in line with the camera and not just stand still in the water, there were a lot of technical troubles. For example, you have to re-do your hair and make-up ever so often when you’re shooting in the pool. I also think your skin has been damaged by it. (T/N: It’s not indicated if she’s talking about her own or NJH’s skin).

Q: You must have trained a lot for the role?
NJH: I would say that more than me training for the role, the role itself became my training. I was told by the actual swimmers that were in the drama that my swimming became faster after having shot half of the drama. The fact that I became faster even though I was really tired proved that it was worth the training. Since I have become better at swimming now I think I will reject offers that includes swimming from not on. I’m saying 'good-bye’ to swimming for a while!

Q: How similar would you say you and your character are?
LSK: (Nam Joo Hyuk and) Joonhyung are 400% similar! (laughs). I would say I’m very quiet and gentle, so I’m the opposite of Bok Joo, so it was actually quite hard to play her. Right? Next question! (laughs).
NJH: Sung Kyung says I’m 400% similar to my character but I just think I was able to portray the character were well (laughs). I don’t think we match 100%. I’m very laid back and enjoy reading books so.. I think that Bok Joo is actually really similar to Sung Kyung’s personality. We had a lot of fun shooting the drama.
LSK: Next question please! I’m really not at all like Bok Joo! Really!!
NJH: I think that Sung Kyung was able to portray the character really well. And although my portrayal was lacking, I think I did a good job as well.

Q: Then, please tell us about each other (laugh).
NJH: Although Sung Kyung said that she is very quiet and calm she has a really nice personality. I think a drama shoot is very dependent on the actors, and in this care Sung Kyung really was the mood maker on the set. I think her lively personality helped create the fun atmosphere we had on the set.
LSK: Joo Hyuk really is exactly like Joon Hyung. Although he is more laid back than Joon Hyung, he is also a tiiiiny bit more charming (laughs).
NJH: I think we are similar in many ways because I put a lot of myself into the character.
LSK: When shooting this drama, I was able to see that Joo Hyuk is a very genuine/pure person. He is very smooth at portraying emotions. He also spends a lot of time thinking about acting, and having him as a partner was very comforting on the set.
NJH: I’m not that pure though (laughs).
LSK: Are you corrupt then? (laughs).
NJH: No, I wouldn’t say that I’m corrupt.. I would say that I’m acting similar to someone of my age (laughs).
LSK: I am completely pure though (laughs). Sorry! (In Japanese:) sorry! (laughs).

Q: It seems like your chemistry is very good, but how good was your compatibility in acting?

LSK: If my partner had been someone I didn’t really know, I would go to them and talk about how I was planning on portraying my character. And while talking about acting I think I would take a step back (and follow their lead). Also, I would have to get to know them better as a person. However, with the two of us we could skip that completely. We have been modelling together for different magazines before, so when talking about how we want to do a scene, we didn’t have to be careful of the other’s personality or acting in that sense. We could just do it. We could also adapt better to the other’s acting and therefore react more naturally, so I think we did a good job. Right?
NJH: We get along great.
LSK: I won’t stare at you, so say what you want! (laughs)
NJH: In this drama we did a lot of ad-lips. In other dramas, I made a point of talking about any ad-lips with my partner before, but during the rehearsal take in this drama I came up with a lot of ideas on the spot, so although I felt bad for Sung Kyung, I just did ad-lips without talking to her about it first.
LSK: There were indeed a lot of ad-lips.
NJH: However, because of how well she adapted to and participated in my sudden ad-lips, I think we were able to shoot a lot of really cute/charming scenes.
LSK: I didn’t have to ‘create’ a reaction to his ad-lips. He really came out as quite pushy so I got a little bit irritated. However, Bok Joo also becomes irritated by Joon Hyung’s pushy attitude, so in a way it helped me portray Bok Joo’s reaction better (laughs).
NJH: It seems like you only remember those irritating scenes..
LSK: It’s because they had a very strong impact on me.
NJH: But I was talking about the scenes portraying Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s love story though. I think I must have hurt Sung Kyung (with my pushy acting). I want to take this opportunity to apologise. It was only acting! (laughs).
LSK: Your acting was very good (laughs).

Q: Both Bok Joo’s secret crush and Joon Hyung’s ex girlfriend are also in the drama (in addition to being a couple themselves). Who would you choose as a partner?
LSK: Joon Hyung!
NJH: Of course. I would choose Bok Joo.
LSK: Of course (laughs).
NJH: Although I feel bad for Shi Ho (Kyung Soo Jin) (for saying this), the time spent with Bok Joo was almost always fun. Although they are lovers, they are also very good friends. As professional athletes, they support each other and also listen to each other, and finding a partner like that is really not easy. Finding someone that will both communicate well and who will become your strength, and also someone you can count on is really hard. I really think Bok Joo and Joon Hyung should get married. Because of that I would choose Bok Joo.

Q: What are your plans now?
NJH: I will rest (laughs). I have had many projects after each other for a while now, so I think I need some time to rest and recharge.
LSK: I’m also planning to rest some. I think my body needs to rest as well. Both Joo Hyuk and me have had so many activities lately that I think it is important that we rest before starting anything new.

(T/N: This is not the complete interview, but at least most of it. Other questions have been asked in many other interviews so I didn’t feel the need to translate it. Also, some parts of their answers I didn’t translate because the meaning was not completely clear to me.)

8 Reasons Why I Hate School

This will probably not be a complete list. Every day that I attend school, I will probably think of a new reason to dislike it. However, I’m still going to write this list with what comes to mind now.

Also, please note that when I say I hate school, I do not mean the idea/concept of school in general. I’m referring to the school system, specifically in America but generally of today’s world.

  • One of my biggest issues with the school system is that our work is graded. This might be the part where you start to roll your eyes, but that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if any of the reasons I list don’t mean anything to you, or you attribute them to me being a “lazy, selfish” kid. I’m not the only one who feels these things, and if all of the people who the school system was supposedly created for disagree with a certain thing, it should be of some importance.

          I want to go to school to learn, not to impress. Every time I learn something in school, I’m given a test. Now, the tests themselves are not a problem - it’s an effective way for teachers to determine where we are as far as the lesson is concerned and to determine if we need some extra help (and this need for extra help is usually ignored or met with useless tutoring sessions that take place in a similar crowded environment to regular classrooms). I’m sure no one in school would have a problem with tests or experience severe anxiety from tests if they were not graded. It’s that number, the digits, that drive everyone crazy. Teachers can pay attention to our progress from tests without grading them. Or, they can use numerical grades for tests but not show those grades to us. Instead, they can be helpful specifically according to our weak spots on tests. For example, if I get questions wrong on the test about a specific topic, the teacher ‘grades’ me by giving me a note to study more on this topic, or telling me when to see him/her for tutoring on this topic. Grading us says: ‘I want to validate you, not teach you.’ Grades reduce knowledge to a number. Grades cultivate unhealthy competition between students (you might say that the competition is healthy, but some students truly believe that the ones who score higher than them are just ‘better’, and I’ve experienced it firsthand). Grades cause students to hate themselves, to cry themselves to sleep at night. Grades cause parents to wrongly judge their children.

           Grades need to be abolished.

           States have their different standardized tests, but in New York they’re Regents Exams. These Regents test us on our progress at the end of the year to see if we’re ready to move on to the next level of a given subject. A lot of the time, taking a Regents is a reality check for me, because I’m reminded of what my weak points are and what I failed to study about the subject during the year. However, students’ reactions to their grades on Regents is sometimes terrifying. The effect that these numbers have on us is deeper than even we realize. Our knowledge is defined by a number. Imagine how less harmful it would be if after a Regents, the results we got back were a note as to whether we are well-versed in the subject enough to move on to higher levels, and a note on tips for what we each need to work on in the subject as individuals. To me, this is much more helpful than a numerical value, and it gives the knowledge itself more weight than a grade.

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A few dark cartoons for those who are interested

So if you have ever been in one of my livestreams, chances are you know about my love for dark cartoons from my childhood. I need to distract myself a bit from work right now and decided to make a short list of a few of the cartoon shows and movies that stuck with me for one reason or another, some of them from my childhood, some of them from not so far back. I’ll give a very basic non-spoilery summary and, in a separate part, an example that is probably spoilery.
My only „rule“ is that they’re not rated for mature audiences. These are just some creepy, strange or downright disturbing animated series and films that I like and that you may wanna check out if you’re interested. Remember, these aren’t the worst things out there, far from it! But it’s the sometimes subtle horror of children’s cartoons that is a special brand of dark. I am not putting any links here. This is also a lot from my memory, so I apologize should I get something wrong.

The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993)

Summary: Based on a book series, this is a show about a bunch of animals who need to find a new home after their forest is destroyed by mankind. They make a pact to not kill each other and instead help each other out until they reach their goal, but their journey is long and full of danger, with several animals dying horrible deaths along the way. They don’t shy away from showing blood either. I also remember it having one of the worst romantic relationships I’ve ever seen. The show has 39 episodes and was broadcasted on channels for children.
This was kind of like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones, as in: I watched this show. Most of my friends watched this show. And we’d always discuss the latest deaths and hope our favorites didn’t die.

Examples: There’s a kind of infamous scene where a red-backed shrike kills all the baby mice and impales them on a thorn bush. Yes, you see the baby corpses with blood and everything. The show is also unintentionally hilarious at some points because sometimes, none of the characters give a shit about somebody’s death and they just move on and never mention it again immediately.

The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari) (1983)

Summary: This one fucked me up as a kid, as in: this one stuck with me so intensely that I still remember the entire scene frame by frame after more than 15 years. It taught me that life isn’t fucking fair at the age of 6 or something.
This is another one based on a book (most of these are), it’s the story of a farmer boy who one day finds a fawn in the woods and keeps it as his pet. The whole show is kinda boring now that I think of it, it’s the boy growing up with his best friend and pet and he has his ups and downs. Until the last few episodes happen.

Examples: I am including this because of the last I think three episodes. in short: character death and emotional trauma. This show has about 50 episodes, so you’re with these characters for a rather long time. I am just going to spoil the ending, so if you want to go blindly into this, please stop reading this now: Near the end, the protagonist’s best friends becomes  sick, but it looks like he’ll be okay. Until the boy one day wants to visit him and finds the whole family grieving; the friend is dead. We experience the very sad funeral and hope that please, let the last two episodes bring us some hope. But no, the now grown-up deer eats all the crops and the boy, after failing to chase his now only friend in the world away, has to shoot him in the head. And that’s the end. It literally ends with a boy losing the last friend he has by killing him and then having to take over the farm at age 14 or something. That’s the ending.
Fun fact: You know what the German title of this show translates to? „All my friends“ . What a happy title to this tragedy.

Felidae (1994)

Summary: This one wasn’t aimed at children, but i’s rated 12 and up, so it counts.
Felidae is a murder mystery with cats. The main character, Francis, moves to a new home with his owner and immediately finds a dead cat in the courtyard. He starts to investigate and soon finds out that there is a serial killer on the loose. Really, it’s a detective story with cats.

Examples: Gore. So much gore. This is one of the most violent cartoons I’ve ever seen, even if I included animated movies with an R rating. I have no idea how this was rated 12. There’s beheading, disemboweling, explicit animal experiments, torture, a gutted pregnant cat, all in full plain view. It wasn’t made by a major studio, but the animation is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent. Also, the gore seems to have the best animation. Oh also, on a non-disturbing level, there’s a cat sex scene with saxophone music.
I personally really like this one. It has it’s hiccups, but it’s interesting and I love murder mysteries. I thankfully didn’t watch and read this as a little kid.

Mountain Villa Murder (from Detective Conan) (1996)

Summary: More murder mystery! This is from Detective Conan (aka Case Closed), an anime series about a brilliant young detective named Conan who is turned into a little boy because of a strange poison. While he tries to find a way to become an adult again, he lives with his crush and her father, who both don’t know who he really is. The father is a detective as well (though a bad one) and Conan stays at his side, secretly solving all the mysteries for him. I watched this all the time in elementary school and I still find enjoyment in it today.

Examples: Mountain Villa Murder Parts 1 + 2. There are a lot of brutal episodes, most of the cases were murders after all, but I think Mountain Villa Murder (episodes 34 and 35) are a great example to show how elaborate and gruesome the killings would get sometimes. I don’t want to spoil anything about these episodes.
Watching the entire show is sadly kinda exhausting because A) at some point you just know this is never gonna end and B), there are certain patterns to most cases and once you figure these out, which sadly happens quite quickly, you can usually guess who the culprit is even before the murder happens. But it’s still entertaining as hell, at least to me.

Pingu’s dream and Pingu in the Ice Cave (1990)

Summary: My country seems to have produced exactly two pop-culture relevant things: Oh Yeah by Yello and Pingu. The latter is a cute stop-motion show about a little penguin named Pingu who basically behaves like a little boy. It’s about him doing pranks and getting shit for it, there’s a lot of hugging in it which is really cute and also sometimes, stuff goes wrong. Usually, it’s harmless though. Usually.

Example: There are two episodes that scared me on two different levels. If you have 5 minutes, I urge you to watch „Pingu’s dream“, an infamous little episode of that show, where he has a nightmare that completely derails from kinda funny to utter horror when he encounters a giant walrus, straight up from the Uncanny Valley, tormenting him. It’s kinda funny, but the walrus looks and sounds way too creepy.
The other one is „Pingu in the ice cave“. I don’t know if this is just me to be honest, but this is one of the first and only times I felt actual fear during a movie. Pingu and his friend get stuck in a big ice cave and try to find their way out. That’s it, but it’s unsettling. They’re all alone, nobody knows they’re in there, there’s a scene where the friend just sits down and cries in despair. It’s just such a horrifying scenario that it still fills me with dread to watch it. The friend crying in fear of his life is too much. It’s just 5 minutes, but it’s really kinda unsettling to watch. Nothing too bad I suppose, but still… it’s kinda like The Descent with penguins.

I also wanna mention Watership Down (1972) and Plague Dogs (1982), which most people know about already though.

These are the first few that came to mind, there’s tons more, of course, but for now, that should be enough. If anyone is interested, I can do another one of these some day. Thank you for reading!

guess what time it is!!! it’s time for autistic jack zimmerman!!!!!!

  • autistic jack zimmerman relying heavily on scripts and struggling to keep up in situations where he’s expected to be spontaneous–he does well in press conferences and regular interviews, but he’s not good at pep talks or postgame interviews unless he’s calm enough to repurpose a script on the fly
  • autistic jack zimmerman whose anxiety makes his auditory processing disorder worse. if it’s really bad, he loses the ability to understand pretty much anything he hears, which heightens the anxiety again, and can lead to a total shutdown if no one’s around to get him out of that situation
  • autistic jack zimmerman who doesn’t understand the need to talk when hanging out with someone, who can sit for hours just doing his own thing in a room with someone else also doing their own thing and be incredibly happy–he doesn’t like being alone, but he also doesn’t like the pressure of verbal interaction. he and lardo like to study together bc they’re both really comfortable with just being quiet together
  • autistic jack zimmerman with echolalia that he’s been repressing for years because he got made fun of for it in elementary school, rolling words and phrases over in his head until one day he’s studying at his desk and from behind him he hears shitty cheerfully mumbling the word ‘umbrella’ over and over again under his breath, and it sort of stops him short.
    • “shits?” “yeah?” “uh…what’re you doing?” “oh, shit, brah, if it’s bothering you i can stop–” “no, i mean…that’s…a thing other people do?” “yeah dude, it’s called echo-something-or-other, we talked about it in this lecture on neurodiversity i’m taking–you should look it up! just, uh…avoid anything with the name ‘autism speaks’, ‘k?”
    • jack does look it up, and what he finds plus shitty’s casual approach to the topic gives him the courage to start verbalizing some of the things his mind latches onto, because it’s so much more satisfying when you can hear yourself (he does it with bitty’s name a lot, but only when he’s alone).
  • autistic jack zimmerman who doesn’t always register the volume of his voice and sometimes shouts at people without meaning to. he prefers to stay quiet because he really hates accidentally upsetting people, and he made a frog cry by mistake his second year at samwell.
  • autistic jack zimmerman whose special interests include hockey, history (specifically the cold war/the space race and medieval europe) and calligraphy. his handwriting is stunning when he’s focused, but he gets frustrated easily and it tends to turn into what bitty might refer to as ‘chickenscratch’ (though never to his face). 
  • autistic jack zimmerman being embarrassed about his urge to infodump, until one christopher chow shows up; no one knows how it happened, but bitty comes back to the haus one day to find them in the living room, history channel muted on the tv as jack excitedly explains the process of creating an illuminated manuscript to a wide-eyed chowder

autistic jack zimmerman!!!! (autistic chowder post is here)


An elementary Sherlock imagine where the reader feels like her relationship doesn’t mean anything to him

Awwww, I can definitely do this.  Here is your Elementary Sherlock one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“I’ll call you once things settle,” he says, putting down his half-had cup of coffee as your eyes beg him to stay.

“Why don’t you just finish your coffee, sweetheart?” you coo, desperately trying to get him to sit down.

“Crime rests for no one,” he breathes as he turns around, his head bobbing lightly as your eyes slowly land on his, “Can’t risk a murderer getting away because you want to have coffee.”

“Just…just me?” you ask meekly, disappointment rolling behind your eyes.

But he had already turned and started out the door, leaving you alone at a table when the two of you were supposed to be spending some time together.

For the third time that week.

You decided to take a quieter approach to his cases.

Whenever he was called for a case, you never called him or came to his home.  You didn’t want to distract him from the solving of his cases, or risk putting yourself in another disappointing situation where you were left behind at a restaurant to cover a tab.

So you took to sending him things.

A letter or two, handwritten on your best cardstock letting him know that you were thinking of him.

A package of his favorite coffee with a little note attached to it, saying how much you cared for him and hoped the case was going well.

But when he would call you to meet up, or come over and have a nice romp, he wouldn’t mention them.


And it made you feel just as disappointed as you felt him kiss your cheek before he scurried off to his next case, your body haphazardly clothed from your latest romp.

You couldn’t bring yourself to calling it love-making any longer.

Because you no longer felt loved.

Sherlock wasn’t an idiot.

He knew something had shifted in his relationship with you.

You no longer called him for outings during his cases.  Instead, you had opted to sending him gifts, no longer wanting face-to-face interaction with him during the times he needed you most.

Your presence was a great relief to him during all of the manipulations of his job.

You no longer sent him kind text messages randomly during your day, nor did you update your social media outlets with pictures throughout your day, tagging him in them even though he abhorred the consistent vibrating of his phone.

Although, he did have to admit that he smiled, albeit internally, when he saw the pictures from your day.

He could close his eyes whilst on his bathroom breaks and immerse himself into your life, if only for a brief second before he had to shake it and leave.

But the fact that had his mind swirling was the passion.

The passion had fled from your relationship.

Instead of being the fire-ball minx in bed that he knew you to be, it almost seemed to him as if you were going through the motions, doing exactly what you knew he wanted in an attempt to speed things up.  And while he wasn’t oblivious to the distinct pleasures of “a quickie,” he also knew that you were attempting to speed things up: begging for him in your best voice that you needed him, knowing it would spur him on even though the look in your eyes was two ticks shy of vacant.

He felt himself heading for a world of hurt.

But, more importantly, he didn’t understand why you were doing this.

And he was determined to find out.

Opening your door as you come home from a long weekend of traveling for your job, you shut your door and lean up against it, the darkness of your home welcoming you into its arms as you close your eyes and sigh.

But a sound from your kitchen caught your attention.

“Ah!  I see you’re home,” Sherlock says as he pokes his head from around the corner.

You furrow your brow tightly as you stay adhesed to the door.

It was your lack of procession that caused Sherlock to double back.

“Y/N?” he asks lowly, his body lined by the sharp shadows of the hallway that separated your cloaked body from his.

Watching him as he shrugs his coat off, you watch him toss it onto the kitchen table behind him before he slowly begins his approach to you, your body igniting without instruction as you watch the shadows play upon his sharp features.

You wished he cared more…

Watching him stop in front of you, your eyes glued to his chest as the food in the kitchen cools down from its fiery existence, you let out the breath you are holding as you sigh and close your eyes.

“Do you not want this anymore?” he asks lowly.

The question caught you off-guard, causing you to snicker in senility as you shake your head.

“Maybe I should ask you that same question,” you breathe hard.

His eyes danced along your body, reading your every little movement as he pulls his lips into a thin, taut line.

“I believe you have misunderstood me,” he says.

“Oh?” you ask, your angry eyes flickering up to his as you hold his gaze, “Then educate me, Sherlock.”


He had never seen you angry before.

He was taking his time soaking it in, learning the signs for next time…if there was a next time…before proceeding.

“I believe you have mistaken our interrupted coffee outings and my lack of communication during cases as a lack of emotion for you.”

Shaking your head as you lean heavier into your door, your jaw clenches in frustration at Sherlock being able to read you like an open book.

Under the brightest light.

“When in fact, it is exactly the opposite.”

Slowly turning your head in shock, your wild eyes connecting with his, you take a step towards him as he steps back.

“Really?  So…leaving me alone in a place of dining crying into my plate of food is the opposite?  Sticking me with the check of an absent man is the opposite?”

You heard your voice growing as Sherlock clenches his jaw tightly, his arms growing taut at his sides as his shoulders pull back.

“Not hearing from you for days…sometimes weeks…is the opposite, Sherlock?!  Calling me over just to have sex before kicking me out because you need to work with Joan is just…is just how you show someone you care!?”

You were furious at him.

But really, you had no reason to be.

You knew he was like this before you dated him: obsessed.  Narcissistic.  Demanding.

You had no reason to hold it over his head.

And yet, you saw his soft side with Joan…

“I see your softness with Joan.  I see how you look upon her in admiration when she isn’t turned your way.  I read your body language around her on the rare occasion I see the two of you together.  I can practically smell the respect you have for her.  But I’m just a good romp?”

“I believe you have mistaken-”

But you interrupt him with the bombastic tone of your voice.

“You think I am mistaken, Sherlock!?” you roar.

“Yes!  I believe you have been, Y/N!  Because I care for you!” he roars.

The sentiment stopped you in your tracks.

“And I admit!” he yells before clearing his throat and bringing down his volume of voice, “…that I have not been…the best…at showing it.”

“But if your complaint is really the fact that you see how I look at Joan when she isn’t looking, then you can only imagine how I look at you whenever you’re not looking.”

You continued to blink at him as he takes a small step towards you.

“While you are bowing your face down to your coffee, you don’t get to take in the sorrow that fills my eyes whenever I turn around and look at you, dejected and sad, as I have to walk out of that coffee shop.  You aren’t privy to the money that I drop back into your bank account from mine because I wasn’t there to pay the check because you have a very nasty habit of never taking a regular look at it.”

Your arm shoots to your side as you try to dig your phone from your coat pocket, only for Sherlock’s hand to shoot out and catch your wrist as his eyes bore heavily into yours.

“And while I regret never thanking you for your gifts, there is a part of me that wondered if you began sending the gifts because you no longer wanted to speak with me.”

“Sherlock, that’s not-”

“I know now that that’s not what you were doing,” he breathes as his face hovers closely to yours, “just like you now know what you have misinterpreted.”

Your eyes dance in between his quickly as tears automatically rise to your eyes.

“I need you to understand that I will never prioritize you over my work,” he says, his head nodding lightly as you swallow thickly, “because doing my work is what ensures me your safety.”

You felt your knees begin to grow weak as your eyes flutter in shock, a tear rolling down your cheek as you find it hard to catch your breath.

It was then that Sherlock planted his hands onto your heavy door, pinning your body between the warmth of his chest and the coolness of the wood.

“And as for the romps,” Sherlock chews as you look up at him from underneath your eyelashes, “I remember you once telling me that staying with a man after sex was the equivalent to telling that person you loved them.”

You recalled the conversation over one of the first dates the two of you had ever taken.

“The Italian food truck,” you breathe.

“The Italian food truck,” Sherlock echoes.

“I was leaving that for you to initiate,” he says lowly.

How stupid you had been during this whole situation.

Sighing heavily as you lean your head against your door, you feel Sherlock’s nose dance faintly around the skin of your neck as a smile creeps across your cheeks.

“You’ve cooked dinner,” you whisper.

“It is quite a spread, as well,” he breathes before kissing the crook of your neck.

Your trembling hands raise up and find his shoulders before wrapping your arms tightly around his neck.

You felt Sherlock heave a deep, heavy sigh as you bring your lips to his ear.

“I’m so sorry,” you whisper.

“And I as well,” he lulls as he holds you close, his hands splaying across your back as the two of you hold each other in the middle of your darkened foyer.

And as you feel Sherlock begin to release you from his grasp, you sink down onto your feet as you raise your hand and cup his cheek.

“Stay with me tonight,” you offer, your eyes locking heavily onto Sherlock’s as he reads every micro-reaction on your face.

“It would be a pleasure,” Sherlock nods, his cheek nuzzling lightly into the palm of your hand.

Best Friends with the 97 line [Seventeen]

GENRE: drabble, fluff, best friend!au, non-famous

REQUEST: Your bestfriend! Wonwoo&hoshi is sooo cute, can i req bestfriend!97 liner?? THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!!! :)))

gif cred

  • Okay how you even became friends with these three very different boys no one will really know
  • hell you dont really know
  • like, mingyu was that snotty kid who ran around sticking boogers on everyone in pre-K and you were the only one who would get close to him
  • Because your mama told you to love everybody
  • and you got nicknamed “Kootie Kid” because of it
  • you two stuck close to each other all through elementary school because, well, cooties
  • and mingyu was super nice sharing with you animal crackers for lunch
  • and sometimes he’d give you a bit of his popsicle
  • then in elementary school this other rly weird kid joined you two
  • and he liked to smile alot
  • like he smiled at everYTHING
  • but no one rly liked him because he was like super sensitive and would start crying when no one wanted to play with him on the playground
  • he would look so sad??? because he’s usually smiling and laughing but that day it was just so :( to see him crying in a corner all by himself
  • so you two went over to him
  • and you were like “Wanna play with us? nobody likes us either”
  • Elementary school kids are mean
  • his name was seokmin and when his momma realized he had friends she would organize playdates and pack yall food because omg my baby finally has friends
  • and mingyu and seokmin loved to do stupid boy things like race each other to the top of trees
  • or see who can hang upside on the monkey bars the longest
  • and you’re like “bros yall gonna get hurt”
  • but they dont listen to you
  • and you run after them because you know one of them will fall or break an arm or sth and youre like the personal assistant who has to patch them up
  • but that one time seokmin fell and cut his knee instead of laughing mingyu yelled at you like “Y/N get me some plasters!!!! and some water!!! quick!!!!”
  • because he knew you didnt like blood
  • so he cleaned up the wound while you scolded that dummy
  • and seok’s sniffling and stuff but mingyu’s done in a jiff and thereby appoint him the group medic
  • so like through elementary school and middle school you guys were known as the three musketeers and did everything together
  • did projects together
  • got in trouble together
  • even dressed up as the three musketeers for halloween at some point
  • oh and that one time seokmin didnt know how to ride a bike and you two taught him
  • he wouldnt stop hugging you guys when he figured it out
  • and in summer you would ride your bikes to the ice cream place and mingyu would buy you two ice cream
  • and in return seokmin would make his mom give you food
  • and you feel like a potato because you dont really do anything but the two of them are like
  • “No y/n, you are so important to us”
  • Mingyu:*nodding* i woudnt have any friends in pre-k if you werent afraid of getting cooties
  • Seokmin: and i wouldnt have any friends in elementary school if you two didnt talk to me
  • and you’re so touched awwww these two punks appreciate you
  • so high school comes around and you’re scared cuz you know what people say abt high school it tears people apart
  • but mingyu and seokmin stuck closer to you than ever
  • mingyu would sit on your right and seokmin on your left in every class you shared tgt
  • and in art class
  • you’re great at art btw
  • but in art class mingyu would like show you his paintings
  • “Y/N is it good?”
  • “Um…. what’s that supposed to be?”
  • “ITS YOU! I DREW!!!!”
  • and seokmin would laugh hard af
  • because i looks nothing like you
  • and you’re hitting mingyu on his arm and he’s like “WHAT WHAT ITS BEAUTIFUL!!?!?!?”
  • its literally a blob of beige with back eyes and string for hair
  • and amidst the fighting and the laughing courtesy of seokmin you three kinda mess up the art room
  • and get sent to detention
  • “Y/N……” mingyu pouts
  • “Y/NNN” seokmin calls
  • but you ignore them
  • “Y/N!!!!!!!” they say together
  • “WHAT!”
  • “We’re sorry” :(
  • “So very sorry”
  • “We’ll make it up to you!!
  • “How?”
  • and they do all the cleaning that you were supposed to do for the teachers
  • actually mostly mingyu did but seokmin helped by bringing you drinks and all omg they treat you so well
  • so halfway through the year this new student comes and he has no friends right
  • his name’s minghao
  • and he’s struggling with his korean and he’s super quiet all the time
  • one time seokmin was telling this rly stupid joke and you three passed by the table he was at
  • and he kinda looked up at you guys all longingly
  • and you felt so SAD
  • so you went over and sat your tray on the table
  • “Can we sit here?” you smile
  • he looks up, startled. “Y-yeah, s-sure”
  • omg he’s so scared and nervous like what are these three really cool kids doin here talking to me??????
  • but you’re just doing your thing you know, taking in kids who got left behind
  • and seokmin’s smiles and mingyu’s dorkiness puts him at ease instantly
  • and in that one lunch minghao was already opening up to you guys and became the fourth musketeer of your little gang
  • every day they would meet you at the bustop to walk into school because they each came on different transportation and from different parts of the town
  • “But we want to face every single day of high school with you”
  • like wtf boys why are you so cheesy bt it makes your heeart melt anyway
  • And they’re so different right
  • but somehow you all four just clicked
  • mingyu grew out of his awkward puberty boy stage and fucking gloed up and suddenly all those kids in pre-k that shied away from him suddenly want to be his friend
  • but youre like “surprise muthafucka i got there first”
  • and seokmin discovered his talent for singing and you three would go support him at every talent show
  • and those kinds in elementary school are so shook 
  • like yes smiley, sensitive kid is going places where will YOU be ten years from now
  • and youve been helping minghao with his korean right
  • and he’s sooo cute
  • omg
  • like he once asked what the word for dragonfly is
  • and the way he said it was so cute??
  • you felt like you were teaching your little brother or sth
  • but underneath all aegyo he’s also so savage and smart and sassy
  • Mingyu: *while cooking you guys dinner* are tomatoes vegetables?
  • Minghao: they’re fruits you friggin nugmud do you learn nothing in school they have seeds they are frUITS I LEARNT THIS BACK IN CHINA WHEN I WAS STILL IN MY MOTHER’S WOMB WHERE HAVE U BEEN
  • Mingyu: okay…….. but what about chilli?
  • Minghao: is it possible to leave this room the way i leave group chats
  • they love to fight with each other but you know its just for fun :”)
  • “mingyu and i have a very close friend relationship”
  • ahhhhhh and like even though high school is so tough and friendships break you guys stayed strong through the four years
  • and at graduation
  • like abunch of girls wanted to take photos with them because they had basically blossomed into the most popular kids in school
  • but they only saw you
  • the friend who stuck by them through all those awkward years
  • and they wanted to spend time with onlyy you
  • so they took you out to lunch and dinner and even managed to stuff down supper courtesy of mingyu
  • and brought you to watch a scary movie and let you snuggle in their jackets when it got too scary
  • and karaoke booth where seokmin was showing off his high notes and mingyu and minghao were having a rap battle
  • and they wouldnt stop treating you????? you’re like “boys why are you so nice to me today???”
  • because normally they’d be teasing you or sth for being scared of horror shows
  • and they’re like “because we want to thank you”
  • “we would never have been able to make this journey without you”
  • and years later you guys are still in contact and youve all gotten married with kids
  • And you still cant believe you get to call these amazing boys your best friends
Best Friend Series; Seungkwan

- you and seungkwan have known each other since childhood
- you met him when you were seven years old so basically what happened was that one day you exited your school and realized that it was raining and you forgot to bring an umbrella
- you’re looking through your bag like please tell me i brought one PLEASE but obviously there’s nothing in there
- you remember leaving your umbrella at the door while putting your shoes on this morning and you’re just like GREAT I’M GOING TO BE SOAKING WET WHEN I GET HOME
- you take a deep breath and run into the rain and stop at a bus stop for shelter. you’re not that wet but you’re still a few minutes away from home you’re like ugh this is just the beginning
- then suddenly a shadow looms over you and you’re like what is this
- you look up to see a red umbrella over your head and you’re like ???
- you turn your head to see a cute boy with chubby cheeks who’s your age holding up the umbrella and he asks “do you need an umbrella??”
- you say “oh thank you ???”
- he says “my name is seungkwan!! we go to the same school. i saw you running in the rain and my mom said that if you go out in the rain without an umbrella you’re going to get sick so i thought i’d help you”
- you’re like who is this sweet boy he doesn’t even know you yet he goes out of his way to do this??
- he then says “which part of jeju do you live in?? if you’re in that direction we can share the umbrella while walking”
- you do live in that direction too so you both walk under the umbrella and seungkwan isn’t shy at all and talks about anything like seriously he tells you that he’s going to have jokbal for dinner because he loves jokbal, and he loves singing and the rain because it’s peaceful
- his house is a little further down than yours so he drops you home and you’re like “thank you seungkwan” and he just grins and waves bye bye
- and this happens every rainy day
- you didn’t check the weather and it rained that afternoon?? SEUNGKWAN TO THE RESCUE
- your dad accidentally took your umbrella?? DON’T WORRY SEUNGKWAN’S WAITING FOR YOU OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL
- it becomes a habit (and you purposely never bring your umbrella because you want to walk back with seungkwan under the same umbrella like always) but at some point you guys end up walking back together even when it’s not raining
- one day your mom looks out the window and sees you and seungkwan walking together and when you walk through the door your mom’s like “WHO’S THAT CUTE BOY YOU WERE WALKING WITH”
- you’re like “oh that’s seungkwan” and like the next day when seungkwan drops you home, your mom invites him for dinner and seungkwan’s mom somehow hears about this and invites you to dinner at their place too
- after this you guys become super close and by the end of elementary it’s been decided that you guys will be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER
- somewhere along the way you discovered seungkwan’s singing talent and you’re like “OMG SEUNGKWAN YOU’RE AMAZING YOU SOUND LIKE AN ANGEL”
- which gave him a lot of confidence and you’re always there to support him at school talent shows and singing competitions!!
- he’s too embarrassed to say “this song is dedicated to my best friend (name)” so instead he surprises you by singing your favorite songs and YOU KNOW it’s dedicated to you when he looks over at you and smiles during his song
- seungkwan’s the type of best friend who’s super touchy with you like there are always hugs, high-fives, hair ruffles, linked arms, piggybacks, cheek squishing
- people are constantly asking if you guys are dating and after hearing it so much seungkwan just goes like “yeah we are. isn’t (name) lucky to be dating someone as amazing as me?” and you just roll your eyes like stfu seungkwan
- you always throw surprise birthday parties for him and he cries because he’s so touched
- you two have a secret rooftop hideout you guys always go to where you guys get drunk on jokbal and milk tea
- he’s always over at your place and vice versa like sometimes he sees you around campus and bonks you over the head and says “i’m coming over” and you’re like “when do you not”
- his mom is always asking when you’re coming over so that she can make your favorite meal and your mom always asks the same thing about seungkwan
- you’re his go-to person so you always get random phone calls from him
- they’re useless calls sometimes like “oh nooo i’m out of milk pudding” “seungkwan i am not buying you milk pudding” “WHY NOT”
- but then other times it’s him just ranting to you and you roll your eyes like “what did hoshi do this time”
- you both have thousands of inside jokes and the trigger words are so common like for example, you’d both be talking to junhui when the word “orange” pops up in his sentence
- you and seungkwan immediately look at each other before falling to the floor and crying of laughter while junhui just looks at you both and rolls his eyes so far back only the whites of his eyes can be seen
- you guys always go grocery shopping together and buy all the snacks
- when you were both younger, you used to sit in the grocery cart while seungkwan pushed you around lmao
- he takes licks of your ice cream when you’re not looking
- flicks your forehead when you’re being dumb or freaking out for nothing
- girl group dances together!!!
- super blunt and straight-up because mom said it’s not good to lie
- “how do i look??” “NO DON’T WEAR THAT wear this instead it’ll really bring out your eyes”
- you and seungkwan perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on any food you both effed up while cooking
- he’s ready to beat up any guy that hurts you even if that means he’d get beat up too
- like once this jerk broke your heart and you slept over at seungkwan’s house and cried about it to him
- and the next morning you wake up and seungkwan walks through the door AND HE’S BLEEDING AND HIS KNUCKLES ARE BLOODY AND YOU’RE LIKE “SEUNGKWAN WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?”
- and he just goes like “ah don’t worry, just took care of something” with a smile on his face and you spend the rest of the day tending to his wounds
- but then the next day you understand what he meant when he said “just took care of something” when you see the jerk who broke your heart all beat up……… by bloody knuckles
- after this you treat seungkwan to your favorite restos and offer to be the one to buy the jokbal and milk tea for your next rooftop hangout
- “what are you doing all this for??” “i just felt like treating you today ok seungkwan no more questions”
- everything’s a competition with this boy
- we all know seungkwan HATES aegyo so you do lots of it just to annoy him and he just walks away from you with trembling clenched fists like eff you i’m going to look for a new best friend
- just
- seungkwan’s the most important person in your life because he knows you inside and out and he still loves you to the moon and back
- he’s always by your side wherever you go, there’s never one without the other, you guys probably even made a pact where if you’re both still single by 30 years old you’re just going to marry each other lmao
- (and his mom approves)

give into forever

Summary: Of Halloween nights, a brown-eyed boy who haunts a graveyard, and the small sort of bravery it takes to fall in love.

For a lovely anon who requested a Halloween AU.

The graveyard next to Will Solace’s house is haunted.

The problem is, no one believes him. He’s six years old, almost seven, and plenty old enough to be taken seriously, thank you very much. But instead, whenever he mentions the boy that lives between the graves, adults just laugh and ruffle his hair and call him “cute.”

Well. Will may be cute, but he’s also right. The graveyard is haunted. He knows it.

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12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 7: Our seven boys

Special shoutout to one of my mutuals @taos-peach-ass​ for asking me to drag her into Infinite because this is literally one part of my Infinite pimp post that I sent her with some additions/modifications to details.

Originally posted by yeolidiot

This is Infinite. They are composed of seven lovely gentlemen/weirdos (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, and Sungjong). The talent this group has is composed of vocals, rapping, dancing (99.99% synchronization), composing music, variety, acting, you name it. They can basically do any concept from dark, fierce, and cute. They are a bunch of savages; they will diss each other uncontrollably, they will diss themselves as a group, and they will diss Inspirits, and I absolutely love how savage they are, so be prepared. Literal squad and friendship goals and for me personally the group I can relate to the most. This GIF is Infinite in a nutshell, so if you are looking for anything ‘normal’ from Infinite, this is it. 

Originally posted by namgyusoo

This is Kim Sunggyu. He is the oldest member and the leader of Infinite. He is a natural loser (Loser Gyu) but we still love him. He is one of the main vocalist of Infinite and has had 2 solo albums (Another Me and 27 (title tracks: 60 Seconds/I Need You and My Answer/Kontrol)). His solo release represents the rockerish style within the group. He’s a great leader too and takes care of his members really well. Arguably is one of the most savage members of Infinite. Sometimes he’s a douche, but his intentions usually mean well and we still love him. #1 target on Weekly Idol even when he’s not guest starring. Could be #1 target in Infinite but could be the #2 target. The original dancing machine (his sexy dancing is grandpa style). Known as a Grandpa because 1) he’s literally a grandpa and 2) he’s just damn lazy. We still love him even though we make fun of him as much everyone else does.

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This is Jang Dongwoo. He is the 2nd oldest member but mentality could be the youngest member. He’s one half of the hip-hop sub-unit with Hoya, Infinite H, who has had 2 albums (Fly High and Fly Again (title tracks: Special Girl/Without You and Pretty/Crazy)). He’s one of the rappers of the group and is a member of dance line (his dancing is absolutely mesmerizing to watch). His singing will blow you away (give him more lines Woollim and put him on vocal line). Most precious angel in the world. He’s always happy and positive even during rough times. To add to his happy nature, he can be very hyper and bouncing off the ceiling and it’s very natural not drunk. Sometimes he tries to say something philosophical but tbh sometimes I don’t know what he’s talking about or if he actually knows what he is saying. He cries easily but if you ever make him cry for no reason I will probably fight you. Has the most contagious laugh in the world. Is obsessed with his niece and loves food. Is shippable with everyone. PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST.

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This is Nam Woohyun and I hate him (jk I really love him). He is one half of my Infinite bias. He is the other main vocalist and sometimes named part of dance line of the group. On his vocals, he is literally a vocal king and ballad king (he could sing the phonebook and chances are I would still love it). He part of a special unit ToHeart with SHINee’s Key (title track: Delicious/Tell Me Why) and debuted solo earlier this year (yea everyone waited 6 years for that). Please support his debut album Write.. by streaming or buying it. Also stream “끄덕끄덕” (Nod Nod/Still I Remember) MV on Youtube. He is greasy AF, almost everything that comes out of his mouth will make you cringe. He throws hearts uncontrollably at basically everyone especially Inspirits (his girlfriends) and made the finger heart popular. He thinks he’s cute and the problem is he is pretty damn cute. He seems to be the greasiest person to exist but he’s actually really sensitive, very precious and can cry easily. PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST. He is also very boyfriend material, so prepare yourself. Oh and I should mention he can go from precious puppy to hot fire sexy and it is not good for the weak-hearted like myself.

Originally posted by infinite7colours

This is Lee Howon, or more known by his stage name Hoya. He’s one of the rappers of the group and the other half of dance line but he is more recognized as the main dancer over Dongwoo. He is the other half of the Infinite H sub-unit. His judging face is my favorite and he is a literal savage. Between him and Sunggyu, I’m not really sure who is the most savage but we know that he is very savage towards Sunggyu. However him and Sunggyu are the most savage together, because couples who judge together stay together. He’s a sarcastic little shit and is known for his snarky one-liners. He sucks at aegyo and has one of the greatest Poker faces (it comes out especially when he has to do something cute or girl group dances). He prefers the dance style that would be considered as NSFW just warning you now. In reality behind his judging face and sarcastic savage remarks, he’s a marshmallow (but he tries to play it cool).

Originally posted by winnerjpg

This is Lee Sungyeol. He’s the last member of the 91 line (Woohyun & Hoya). He’s the leader of the cute and fluffy sub-unit cute and Infinite F (title track: Heartthrob). He’s very tall and is mostly known for being tall. He’s considered to be the weakest vocalist in Infinite. He is not as bad as how he used to be and has definitely gotten better, although Woollim still isn’t giving him enough lines. Despite being considered as the weakest of Infinite, he knows how to turn it up and steal the spotlight. He’s a great actor too, if you watch Hi! School Love On you would be convinced that he’s a jerk if you did not know who he was before hand (Woohyun was also in this drama, but he basically played himself). Woollim should definitely give him more opportunities to shine because he’s a great actor and entertainer. He’s a bit of a freak of nature. The way he thinks can be compared to an elementary school child (likes to pull pranks) and can be as hyper as Dongwoo, hence the nickname Choding. He’s dark horse in being savage so Sunggyu and Hoya need to watch out for him. 

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This is Kim Myungsoo aka L but nobody really calls him L. He’s the other half of my Infinite bias. He is the visual of the group and is a member of Infinite F. He can sometimes be considered to the lead vocalist of the group but that can sometimes be quite the debate. After his Masked Singer appearance, I believe he’s the lead vocalist of the group (if only Woollim would just give him and Dongwoo this position), but I always believed he was the 3rd best vocalist of the group in terms of technique. Now for his visuals, he literally trumps all the idol group visuals. He can look at his worst and still be considered a visual king. Basically he looks good without trying. “L” is suppose to be a cold city guy, but let’s be real “L” is just a cosplay. It is questionable whether or not he is really good or very bad at L cosplay? 99.99% of the time he is Myungsoo who is a dorky fluffball. He loves to eat, is obsessed with the color black (put $20 in your piggybank or something each time he doesn’t wear black at the airport), and anime. He is the most affectionate and clingiest member of the group. He always shows supports for his members’ solo activities and hugs his members like a koala. He is someone that you should also protect at all cost.

Originally posted by ifntyoungest

This is Lee Sungjong. He is the youngest member of the group and is a member of Infinite F. He’s the diva of the group. Between him and Sunggyu, it is really hard to decide who the #1 target in Infinite is. He is Sunggyu’s #1 target but oddly was not a part of doing the “You were so beautiful” gesture (GIF) in their goodbye stage for The Eye. But all the members including Sunggyu have imitated this gesture at one point during the promotion cycle. TBH he will make you question how pretty you really are. Girl group dance queen, his hips do not lie when he gets in his girl group dance groove. His inner diva comes out when he does girl group dances that the managers one time had to tell him to tone it down. He is considered as the most innocent member of Infinite, but lowkey could kill the members if he wanted to. He would most likely will spare Dongwoo and Myungsoo, Hoya is his accomplice, and depends on the day for Sungyeol; Woogyu are basically screwed if this day ever comes esp. Sunggyu.

My Good Boy (Part.2 - End)


Artist : Jay Park

I check my phone and it’s just 5% battery left. I forgot to recharge my phone because there’s no signal here and I left it on my room. If I know that I’ll lose on the mountain only with my phone as a light flash, I’ll charge the battery till fully charge. No, I won’t go to the mountain alone in the middle of night if I know I’ll get lose. Give up looking for fire woods, I try to go back with following my foot step on the snow but most of it gets covered with snows that keep pouring down. I’m alone in the middle of mountain surrounding by darkness. I shake my head try to remember the road to back but it’s only makes me dizzy. I couldn’t remember it. All roads look different since it’s covered with snow now. My legs begin hurt from walking too far so I sit under a big tree; keep my phone’s lighting on and shaking it higher to give a SOS signal hope somebody passes by. I’m so stupid for leaving the nursing house without telling anyone. If they didn’t notice that I’m missing until morning, I’ll die frozen here. It’s been 1 hour since I’m leaving the house, guess no one looking for me. I’m getting scared as time pass. My imagination gets wild. What if a wild boar or tiger showing up? They could be live here right? They’ll tear me apart or eat me alive for sure. I shake my head again now to erase those imaginations and hug myself tighter so I could feel a little warmer.

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Finally was able to read the SouRin interview from the Volume 2 DVD (thank you for finding the scan, godatekou!) SOUSUKE IS SO CUTE IN THIS GAH!

Character Interview Vol. 2
Rin X Sousuke

Today from the Samezuka Academy we have Rin Matsuoka and Sousuke Yamazaki-kun joining us.

Rin: Thank you for having us here.
Sousuke: Glad to be here.

All right then, first please introduce yourselves.

Rin: I’m Rin Matsuoka, a third year at Samezuka Academy and also captain of the swim team.
Sousuke: I’m Sousuke Yamazaki, same as Rin, 3rd year, swim team.
Rin: …..Wasn’t that bit too brief…?
Sousuke: Is there anything else I need to introduce?

…Okay then first, please tell us how the two of you met!

Rin: When we were in Elementary School we ended up in the same class so I took an interest in him I guess…
Sousuke: Also our houses were very close so we thought we would be able to play together as well
Rin: That’s right. The fact that we were in the same swimming club also played a large role.

Sousuke-kun transferred from a high school in Tokyo right?

Sousuke: Yup.
Rin: Yeah, this guy right here didn’t even tell me he was coming.
Sousuke: Sooner or later we’d still meet at the school, so I didn’t feel the need to tell you.
Rin: Well…I guess that’s very…you…

Moving on, we’d like to introduce a theme to talk about for the two of you.

Rin: A…theme? I have a bad feeling about this…

Think of it as a free talk— stuff related to the theme, so we’re preparing it right now.

Sousuke: Did the other guys have to do this too?

Yes, of course!

Rin: If that’s the case then I guess we just gotta do it…
Sousuke: Okay, what’s the theme then?

The theme for you two is “What would you be doing if you were not part of the Swim Team…?”

Sousuke: What the. That’s a totally normal theme…
Rin: It’s okay. Normal is good.

So then, would you be doing something sports-related instead of swimming?

Rin: I’ve never thought about it…
Sousuke: Rin would be good at soccer, wouldn’t you? You’re pretty good at it…
Rin: I wouldn’t say I’m good at it, but I’d definitely choose it over something like baseball or whatever.
Sousuke: Rin is good at sports that involve using his feet.
Rin: Seems like rugby would fit Sousuke pretty well
Sousuke: Are you implying that my body is too big?
Rin: Well, you’d have a lot of power. Besides, you’re not really good at details so something with a bunch of rules would be impossible for you.
Sousuke: Shaddap~
Rin: Haha~
Sousuke: Rin skateboards sometimes though.
Rin: Ah, yes but would you even call that sports? Anyway, what WOULD you do?
Sousuke: I’d be content doing whatever you’re doing, jeez…
Rin: Hey, answer properly! Don’t just ignore the interview! But then again…
Sousuke: Yeah you’re right…
Rin & Sousuke (at the same time): I haven’t really thought of anything besides swimming…

So then if you didn’t do sports, what would you do?

Sousuke: What about music? Rin has a lot of CDs.
Rin: Yeah, I often listen to music overseas [a/n: mostly refers to American bands, singers, etc.]. I listened to a lot of foreign music when I started out studying English. Although I like listening to music I don’t think I’d be able to play an instrument.
Sousuke: Then why don’t you be the vocals?
Rin: Hm…but it’s kinda difficult. Hey, why am I the only one answering? What about your answers? Instruments…what would you play?
Sousuke: Ah well…having to move about with the instruments is kind of well…
Rin: Then how about drums? It actually fits you!
Sousuke: Well, I have played the arcade version of it before but…
Rin: Hey show me next time! Seems pretty interesting!
Sousuke: Okay sure, but my score isn’t really that great though…

Do you think you would both be able to perform well (with music?)

Rin: Probably average
Sousuke: Same.
Rin: Liar
Sousuke: ……maybe lower than average
Rin: Yeah music is pretty much impossible for me.
Sousuke: Yup.

(laughs) Thank you very much. Since you’re still here, we would like to talk about your kouhais, Aiichiro Nitori and Momotaro Mikoshiba.

Rin: Actually, Ai’s specialty used to be free, but because he wanted to be in the medley, he decided to swim breast stroke and tried really hard to do so. He really tried his best!
Sousuke: Even though his time is still not that great, I’m sure he has the drive to push forward.
Rin: As for Momo he’s kind of inconsistent but…
Sousuke: He has his good times and bad times I guess…
Rin: Yeah, but when he puts his effort he is really strong but sometimes during practice it just doesn’t show, having him have an entry into matches is kind of a gamble sometimes.
Sousuke: Well, if you put it that way, you should be in charge of watching him, Mr. Captain.
Rin: Hey, shut up. Well, even though the two are complete opposites, after they started rooming together they for some reason make a good combination.
Sousuke: Yesterday when I checked out their room it was ridiculously messy.
Rin: UGH! THOSE TWO!!!!!

What do you think of Nitori-kun and Momotarou-kun?

Rin: Kouhais that are a handful!
Sousuke: They’re definitely a noisy bunch.
Rin: Yeah but you don’t know what they could be capable of from here on out. I look forward to it.
Sousuke: Yeah, that’s right.

So then, what do you think of the Iwatobi Swim Club?

Rin: They’re my friends but also rivals I guess. Truthfully, we help each other do our best.
Sousuke: I don’t really plan to accustom myself with them, but if they help bring out a good swim, then I guess that’s all right.
Rin: Yeah, that’s right!

Do you have a message for the Iwatobi Swim Club?

Rin: Let’s meet up at the next match!
Sousuke: Well, do your best I guess…

Thank you for the cool message. Let’s hear some messages for Nitori-kun and Momotarou-kun. Let’s start with Ai.

Rin: Ai, you have a very earnest attitude and that’s your strong point. Have more confidence in yourself. And for god’s sake clean up after yourself!
Sousuke: I don’t really have anything I want to say since we see each other everyday at swim practice but…look after your own condition while you swim!

Thank you very much. Next, how about a message for Momotarou-kun?

Rin: Momo, I know you have something special, so I hope you can use it to your advantage. Also, don’t always throw weird stuff away. And also…uh…..don’t get too close to Gou.
Sousuke: Oh? You’re worried about that?
Rin: Shut up! Anyway, get rid of your inconsistency and swim with just your tension!
Sousuke: If your swimming has inconsistency, it means that you’re not concentrated enough. First calm down and then do as you remember.
Rin: Hahaha, that’s kind of harsh…
Sousuke: They’re just honest words.
Rin: Well…anyway, I look forward to working with the two of you! Let’s do the best we can together!

Thank you very much. Lastly, please give a message to those who are reading this interview!

Rin: That’s right…from here on out I want to work my best by making my dream as well as making the best swim team possible come true. Since summer just started, I want to train and practice harder than ever without holding back. If what we do is able to resound in even one person, I’d be really happy. Sorry if this interview got kind of boring, but I look forward to your continued support from here on out!
Sousuke: Me too. Right now it’s just swimming. Although there’s a lot of stuff I still want to seize, for now in this place and time, I’ll do whatever I can. That’s all I have.

You guys both seem very determined!

Rin: Well, I guess huh.
Sousuke: Yeah, I guess so.

Thank you very much!

Pic 1:
The climax of the rock paper scissors match!

Sousuke: The top bunk is so tedious.
Rin: Yeah I feel the same way.

The result—

Rin: All right, I win! Sousuke’s really bad at rock paper scissors.
Sousuke: Shut up. I lose on purpose, you know!
Rin: Liar (laughs)

Pic 2:
What happened to Momotarou-kun after he ate that cookie?

Rin: He started crying but that’s a different story.
Sousuke: Isn’t it because you didn’t tell him the reason…?
Rin: No that’s not it! He just mistaken it on his own!
Sousuke: Why don’t you ask Gou to make some cookies next time for him?
Rin: You’re such a softy.
Sousuke: Better than having someone crying in their own room.
Rin: Shut up…that was so noisy…
Sousuke: Please excuse me for that then.

Pic 3:
Gou-san checked everyone’s lunch boxes at Iwatobi High School

Sousuke: That seems pretty harsh…
Rin: I guess if she’s concerned then she’s just that kind of concerned type…
Sousuke: Does Gou even know what nutritional balance really is?
Rin: Do you think she would?
Sousuke: Not at all…

Maybe it’s something like Momotarou-kun’s interest in finding stag beetles…?

Rin: In that case, he’s just like an elementary school kid.
Sousuke: Yeah, an elementary school kid. Why don’t you go with him next time and gather some stag beetles.
Rin (in english): No thank you!

I am SO HAPPY we finally get canon confirmation that:
1) Sousuke purposely loses at rock paper scissors
2) Rin skateboards now and then
3) Sousuke is so socially awkward with everyone besides Rin lol. His answers were basically copies of what Rin said.

Also, Sousuke saying he would do whatever Rin would be doing if they weren’t swimming breaks my heart boy is too in love


BOY WITH HORMONES [Kim Taehyung x Reader] Pt.1

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 13.5 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 |28 | 29 | 30

Genre: angst/little fluff

Length: Not bad

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

(a/n): I have this story in my account in too so if you saw the same story, it is the same story and we’re the same person. I changed the male lead to Taehyung, just because, I also changed the Title cuz why  not and the story will be a whole lot different. Well, I still suck at my writing, so please keep that in mind. ^^ Enjoy!

Part 1/?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

credits for the gif stated above.

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These are my favorite dramas of the 2013 season. Granted I did not watch a WHOLE lot of 2013 dramas but these are the ones that caught my eye and well gave me all the feels I could ever want. You may not agree with me 100% or maybe not even 1% but as always this is MY personal opinion and if you do not agree feel free to leave your own TOP 9 dramas of 2013 in my ask box or as a response to this post. Now these dramas are not in any particular order because I have a hard time making preferences about what is better than something else. So I hope you enjoy this post and if you havent seen any of these dramas I recommend reading my review and or watching them for yourselves!

Heartless City: A drama that had me from episode one. Drugs, violence, hot men, beautiful women, crime, and all the things that make up a mystery type drama was all in play in this and I loved every moment. Every curve ball they threw, every moment that made me scream in anger or scream in surprise by who was an undercover or who was stabbing who in the back. The badassness that is this drama makes it so damn amazing that I just simply cant put into words how much enjoyed this drama. It was shot beautifully, though the censorship in this could of been turned down a couple notches, the actors and actresses in this were spot on and the story behind it all was so freaking good. It was a drama that had me rolling on the floor like an idiot because of what was going on in it. It was fast pace, interesting and well it made me have all the feels in the world. I loved it from start to finish and it just was one hell of a ride watching it. 

Flower Boy Next Door : This drama was a real big surprise to me, if Im going to be completely honest. It had all the things that I find rather annoying about romantic comedies, the things that make me squeal with horror, but made it work. It was cheesy and goofy and I loved every moment of it, which is rather odd considering my personal taste in dramas. I fell in love with the characters from our main couple to the sometimes rather creepy second lead, to our supporting males and even the rather mean second female. They all seemed to work well together and the characters where just people that you could really connect to in some way or another. The acting was great, and even though some people dont like Park Shin Hye, I enjoyed her a lot in this drama, because she reminded me of myself. Though I wish I was surrounded by good looking men, but sadly Im not. It wasnt a boring story and it didnt drag on for too long like some dramas, it was just perfect in the way it was delivered from start to finish, and in my opinion are rather great drama that you could introduce your friends to Asian dramas with. 

Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo: Now if you know me and how much I adore Itazura Na Kiss the anime and how much I fell in love with It Started with a Kiss and how much I hated Playful Kiss, then you know I was rather hesitant on watching this new remake. Guys I was so scared because this series is something rather close to my heart, being it was one of my first anime and how attached I was to the characters in the Taiwanese version. But putting all that aside, I dived in and man Im glad I did. Though it wasnt perfect , it did have the essence that I was looking for when it comes to a live action of this story. It had the characters I loved and they were portrayed well. The story ran smoothly and I didnt find myself comparing it to the other dramas as much as I thought I would. It made me cry and it made me laugh and I felt that it did an amazing job for the short amount of time that it had to tell the story of the coupe that I really love. I was super impressed and I loved it to pieces. Im even more excited to see the next season and hoping that it will be just as great as this was. 

Shark: Oh come on, let me tell you how much I screamed and yelled and cried over this drama, well I may not have to if you watched it yourself. This was one of the dramas I watched in 2013 that was airing while I was watching it. I was hooked from episode one, it starting in the present and moving back to the past back in forth really made for a good intro to the story, and if you know me I love a back-story with kids, its one of my favorite things. The story was interesting and they mystery part keeps you going. The use of dramatic irony was also a good feature because it made it interesting to watch as our leading female tried to figure out who our main lead really was, and we already knew. I love when things like that happen. Though there were some big surprises in this drama and it just never got boring to me. Plus the love of my life (Lee Soo Hyuk) was in it and I could help but scream in fan girl delight whenever his face appeared on screen.  I loved it, plain and simple from the melodramatic parts to the action and mystery that surrounded the whole thing. It was well shot, acted, and written and had one of the best songs off a 2013 drama. 

That Winter The Wind Blows: I was so excited and yet hesitant to watch this drama because it was based on a movie which I really enjoyed. But once I started watching it, I was hooked. Me and melodramas are just meant to be together and it had all the things of a melodramatic story that I could ever want. I was crying tears that could flood a river, and smiling from ear to ear with all its cute moments as well. The acting in it was outstanding for the most part and the story was genuinely interesting. The characters developed well, and even though you may of hated some character for the things they were doing, deep down I still liked them all. And even though the ending kind of left me on a flat note, I could forgive it , because the journey to the end was so amazing. It truly was one of the best dramas of the year from the writing, to the cinematography, to the OST it truly hit all the crucial material that makes up a  well rounded and successful drama in my opinion and is one I would watch over and over again, though it might lead me to depression.

Master’s Sun: Now this is a drama that fan boys and girls alike squealed over and over during is airing time, and Im not going to lie, I was one of them. The cast in this drama was what got to me at first, I was super excited to see them all working together because there are some pretty amazing people in this! Then the story, it wasnt something I had actually seen before in a drama and though it wasnt “scary” like some people thought it might of been, I still enjoyed it a lot. Ghosts, I love them and seeing them in a drama and the way they were used really made it that more enjoyable. Then throw in a main couple that makes your heart melt and then second leading male that makes you want to die because you want to root for him but you want to root for our main male, then throw in the “bitch” that is too lovable to hate and you have the main characters that you just love to watch. Though it was a romantic comedy, and those arent usually my style, I found myself loving every moment and laughing harder than I had in a while. And even though there was laughter there were still tender and heartbreaking moments that made you cry your eyes out and I really loved the mix of it all. Truly a really great show.

The Queen’s Classroom: A drama that doesnt have to have a love line to make it worth watching was this one. A story of kids and their teacher, sounds boring enough if you think about it like that, but the story itself really was a great one. I had never seen the original version but this version made me want to watch it. I found myself so attached to these kids and wondering why our “evil witch” of a teacher was doing the things she was doing, and though I knew deep down, I still found myself wide eyed by how FAR she would take it. The cast, excluding the adults, these children were amazing and I even saw some kids that I remember from previous shows that had grown up and it made me feel so nostalgic about it. Just a story of kids growing up, and not our high school kids, but elementary was pretty much amazing. Even my grandma watched it with me. I cant really put into words why I loved this story, but there was just something about it that made me have feels and made it one of my favorites of 2013. 

Tonbi: Now I dont know many people who watched this drama in 2013 and I would consider it to be an underdog myself, because well it dosent have the romance most people are looking for, but to has something much much better. Heart. It has the heart and relationship between family that really gets you right in the heart and makes you feel all kinds of emotions. I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was sad and I cried even when I didnt know why I was crying. This show had emotion and it didnt have the sad breakup or any of the stuff that we see in a lot of drama. It had emotion between a father and his son, and their story. Their story about living life and how the son came to be the man he is today because of the trails his father went through to raise him. It was just a really touching story that made me emotionally drained in a good way. I loved it and though its short and underrated and not a whole lot of people saw it, it was one of my favorite dramas of 2013.

Good Doctor: The tears or the tears that were shed while watching this drama. Now I know people were super excited about this drama because of WHO was in it, and dont get me wrong I was jumping up and down because of it too, but there were people who didnt want it to be a MEDICAL drama. Now for me, I LOVE medical dramas, they really interested me, and the fact that this was one made me super excited to watch. From episodes one, not even 15 minutes into it,  I was crying like baby, and thats when I knew this was going to be one hell of a show. The story and the characters, though sometimes annoying and just plain old rude, they were what made the show what it was. Our leading male pulled off a an amazing performance that I will never forget and all the little side stories that were thrown into the mix, were all worth watching and well made you have all the feels that you could ever want. It was a tear fest from start to finish and I loved everything about it. It was drama that I couldnt wait for the next episode and I just counted down the days. It was perfect and it is a drama worth watching and may I say paying the outlandish price for on DVD.

Well that's my sweet little list of 9 dramas that really just stuck with me this year. There were more dramas that almost made it, but I had to cut down the list. Dramas like Gu Family Book, Secret Love, Reply 1994, Suspicious Housekeep, Kazoku Game, Two Weeks, Nine Times Time Travel, they were all really good too so check them out as well. But those above are my TOP of the TOP! 

anonymous asked:

In your opinion, why is Ran THE girl for Shinichi? I apologize if you have already answered this question before

Oh, dear Anon, are you sure you’re ready for this? 

There are so many reasons why Ran is THE girl, as you so adequately put it, for Shinichi, that we’d finish way before if you asked me why she wasn’t. But, here’s the gist of it: 

She’s pretty much the only one who totally and wholeheartedly understands him. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times, but it’s pretty clear to me in the file of how they met (Ran GIRL and Shinichi BOY) that Shinichi was probably bullied/had little to no friends until he met Ran. Yukiko says they’re going to a new preschool, and Shinichi doesn’t know anyone or show signs of having met other kids or having made friends previous to that moment, so I’m guessing his first friendships weren’t all that friendly. Hell, the moment he enters the preschool the first thing he wants to do is look for the library, where he can be alone. Except that all changes when he meets Ran: how much you want to bet the reason he was so adamant on helping her against the bullies is because he knew firsthand what that bullying felt like? And how much you wanna bet that she’s the one that helps him make friends later on in Elementary and Middle School? That she’s the one that is constantly encouraging him to open up and not be scared to meet others and establish relationships even though he pretends to act like he’s too cool for all of that? (He’s not, he’s just shy and a little bit scared, and she knows that).

And when they meet, they barely know each other but already she’s telling him not to act so pretentious and show-offy. Already she’s showing him she won’t back down, she won’t be so easily impressed. He’s going to have to work for it. And yet, she’s already showing him so much kindness –so much of the kind he’s probably never been shown before– with that precious smile and that nametag she makes him, and already she understands him perfectly. She sees through him just like he sees through her. 

And this is the case time and time again. People often mischaracterize (in canon too) Shinichi, or misunderstand his actions, but Ran is always the first one to correct them, to see the truth behind his actions and words. She knows him better than anyone else, sure: she knows what he likes and dislikes, and his habits, and everything that’s happened to him. She even knows his blood type. But it goes beyond all of that. She understands him. She can see when he’s bluffing, or lying. She can tell immediately when something is wrong even if he pretends like everything’s fine. She understands the motives behind his actions and what fuels his movements. She gets him. And for Shinichi, who has trouble expressing his feelings and what he thinks, he needs someone who will understand regardless. And Ran does that. 

She understands him, and perhaps more importantly, she accepts him. Shinichi is weird and easily self-centered and a Holmes freak and likes being around danger too much for his own good. The reason why he probably had trouble making friends was because he loves reading and mysteries so much. But Ran accepts all of that –the good parts (his courage, his good looks, how reliable he is) but also his bad ones. And, most importantly, she not only accepts all of those flaws, but loves them as well. She isn’t just amazed at his good qualities, she sees the flaws and loves him regardless. Even more so, if possible, because of them. 

I mean, for crying out loud, every time they go out she’s surrounded by cases and/or in danger, and she still wants to stick around and will still give her life for him. If that doesn’t tell you how much she’s the one, I don’t know what will. 

Not to mention that she compliments him perfectly. For someone who is often so arrogant and pretentious, Ran is the kind of person he needs –the kind of person who will snap him out of his dream-like state of “I’m legitimately the boss” and will make him focus on what’s real and true and serious. And yet, she’s soft and sweet and gentle and patient and understanding. She’s someone who will kick his ass, but also hold him until he feels better. And lord knows, after all the pain he’s been through, he’s going to need that reassurance and that comfort. 

She can predict his movements and act accordingly with such ease, that sometimes they barely even need words to communicate. The beauty with them is that they’re pretty much the embodiment of that “show, don’t tell!” writers are so in love with. Their actions speak so much louder than their words –for so many reasons, but especially because of the situation they’re put in– that they don’t need any of that externalization of feelings to understand how the other one feels. They show and they show and they show –and sometimes they tell, too (coughcough London)–, but it doesn’t matter either way. They’re separated –okay, kinda– and still they manage to maintain that bond, that strength, because they trust each other and know each other and understand each other like very few do. 

And not only that, but Shinichi is the kind of person who is always doubting and suspicious of other people. He’s not someone who trusts easily, and whose trust is often betrayed. He can’t, in general, have nice things. Except Ran. Ran is the one constant in his life, the one person who’s stuck with him through thick and thin –the one person who was with him when his parents left (even though he was fine, totally fine), when he doubted himself, when he was wrong in his first deductions and when he absolutely nailed his first ever case. She’s been through everything with him –they’ve been through it together– and he knows, whatever happens, he can trust her and believe in her and confide in her. And he needs that constant so that he doesn’t go mad amidst everything he’s going through. 

You wanna know the real reason Ran is THE girl for Shinichi, Anon?

She keeps him sane. And because of it, she keeps him alive. 

And there is nothing more worthy or important than that. 

Submit Anon: Still Can't Shake This Weeb Stalker

(I apologize in advance for how long this story is, but since it encompasses almost 9 years of history I had a lot to share about this weeaboo experience.)

I was 12 years old and I had just moved from overseas to the states. It was my first time going to a civilian school and I had a hard time relating to other kids, so I spent most of my time by myself drawing (anime-esque things and nature scenes, mostly), and that quickly gained attention from others. One girl – we’ll call her N – was particularly interested in my art; she grabbed my notebook from off my desk and flipped through it, only complimenting my anime type drawings. I didn’t take it to heart since I didn’t think she was trying to be rude and introduced myself to her; we quickly became friends after that.

I never walked home with anyone and usually I snuck out of class early to get a head start going back home, and left so early in the morning to school that no other kids were out walking to school. I was a little creeped out when there was a knock on the door one morning before I left, and my mother opened the door to tell me that N was waiting for me. N told me how she found my house, but after I debunked one story she’d make up another and another, and I could tell she was getting nervous so I let it be. In hindsight this was probably a red flag, but I wasn’t looking for a reason to not have a friend.

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