sometimes i create content

Friend asked for some GameGrumps cutes in my chibi style, and I just couldn’t say no because… They are awesome and give me many laughs


dofus srams: it’s like a joke about sexist video games, but the punchline is ankama


i felt compelled to chronicle The Spider Incident, just in case no one else was. in true twitter fashion, these are meant to be read from bottom to top.

honestly i’m saving this partially because of my love for charlie brooker and partially because of the fact that it reads like a creepypasta


“It was wrong of me to believe that feeling nothing was better than feeling sad. The sadness was real! It was human! I misunderstood Leomon – he never meant for me to think that my life was meaningless. He said that each of us has our own destiny, and that’s not the same thing! Each one of us has a destiny that’s different, and that’s special. Isn’t that right? You can’t delete even one of us, without deleting something that the whole world needs! Every one of us has something important to do.”



quite a bit of off turnout this con!! i guess it’s ‘cause of the whole french thing, but it was still a pleasant surprise :>a

the ZACH WITH THE PACK gave me a card which i now cannot for the life of me find, but the bottom left batter is user manwhowearsyourface!

( if you know/are any of the above cosplayers and want credit/an image takedown, please just let me know!!! )