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soulmate au where flowers bloom on your skin (like tattoos) in the places your soulmate touches you. maybe they need a few days to grow and bloom, maybe it's instantaneous, maybe it depends on their relationship or how long they’ve known each other.

this is the most beautiful prompt ever and i’m sorry i didn’t write a huge long AU for this! here’s a canon!verse yoonmin (with minor namjin) for you. thank you so much for all those prompts you sent in.

warnings!: hella pining, implied sexual content under the influence of alcohol

word count: 2100

title: yellow chrysanthemum

When Yoongi first touches Jimin, it is nothing more than a clammy hand accidentally brushing against his during a dinner with the rest of their unnamed group.

He apologizes, and Jimin tries to think nothing of it.

(Forget that he hoped for a sunlight patch of skin. Forget that it was considered rude to touch another person’s skin, and that Jimin really didn’t mind the thought of Yoongi brushing his fingers against his skin just to see what could have happened. Forget that Jimin’s mother didn’t get flowers. Forget that Jimin’s father told him to never stop looking for stems under his skin, and that his yellow tulips looked so wonderful against a love that wasn’t fated to be true.)

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