sometimes i care about basketball

Low Vibrational Higher Consciousness Shit

Sometimes i wish i could go back to caring about 3rdimensional shit like Basketball Wives and Donald Trump… instead my mind is always occupied with trying to breaking generational curses, staying grounded and protecting my energy….all i care about is becoming a better person… Following my triggers to release my fears, seeking truth and healing, releasing patterns and old programming that’s been with me since childhood, hoping that I will somehow improve my life experience. Fighting demons every single day, being so empathic that I feel the pain of everyone around me, even when they try to put on a smile and tell me that everything is ok. I did not sign up for this…and today i feel heavy as hell….apart of me knows that I am releasing all of this bullshit before the 11:11 portal but I still feel weighed down. Life is so funny….i use to think that everything I saw, was all there was BUT i was so wrong…everything that is actually happening is happening in the unseen and everything else is a distraction from what is. Deep Deep Shit….this Vent has been real. Thank you tumblr.

ig@dancin.n.the.moonlight…connecting with ppl that feel me