sometimes i cant believe this was a real show that aired

Sometimes Salty Tears End in Sweet Kisses~Raph(2014/16) x Chubby Female Reader

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Do you think you could do a Raph x Chubby reader? Reader being insecure about her weight and being near Raph (or with him) can sometimes make her feel crappy about her body since she thinks a guy like him would much rather have a beautiful barbie doll type girl? Maybe with her having a rough past (being bullied in all of middle school and such?) Thanks!!

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 817

I love writing this stuff soooo much! I’m a big girl myself, and I just love the idea of making others like myself happy through my writing!

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All Of Me Part 1

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Taeyang x reader

Genre: Angst, romance

Au: High school!au

Words: 2906

Chapter: 1 / 5

Author/admin: Zoie

Beta: HO

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fatimaloveskpop said to kpop-reads: Heyyyyy! Can you write an SF9 Taeyang fic based on the song All of Me by John Legend? I’m so sorry my request is pretty lame​ but you’re one of my favorite writers on tumblr so it’d be great if you could write this.❤❤❤❤❤

Author’s note: I’m a mess for taeyang and All of me by john legend. It puts me in my feels so hard and i cant help but write angsty shit in my feels so SORRY IF YOU DIDN’T WANT ANGST BUT IT GONNA HAPPEN.

“I hate you, but fucking love you at the same damn time. You’re making me go insane.”

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A List of Everything Good about Yuri on Ice

This is going to be very long.

  • Although the animation leaves a lot to be desired, there are quite a few beautiful moments, especially in the first few episodes (and I hope the quality will improve again for the last few episodes).
  • The characters are inspired by real figure skaters, though not strictly based on their real lives or personalities. Regardless, there are still some things they have in common.
  • The style of the show teaches the viewer the basics of figure skating and is very informative to people, like myself, who had absolutely no prior knowledge about it.
  • Real figure skaters watch Yuri on Ice and love it. Some of them even cosplay it and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made new routines based off of the series.
  • The thought put into making the skating sound effects is astounding and impressive.
  • The soundtracks are definitely the show’s forte, especially the opening and endings.
  • The fact that the opening is an exchange between Yuri and Victor and eventually both of them together.
  • The use of English in the music, considering Yuri and Victor communicate in English.
  • The random English phrases as a reminder that they speak in English are not only well placed, but really cute (”Be my coach, Victor!” “Really!? Ninjas!?” “Wow!”)
  • The diverse and unique designs of the character’s facial features and distinctive qualities. None of them have exceptionally crazy, stereotypical anime hair (Minami might be the closest to something like that), but they’re all very distinctive and believable.
  • The characters act their ages- mainly talking about Yurio here, considering he’s 15 and most definitely acts moody, as a 15 year old usually does.
  • Yuri’s family members are all similar enough to where you know they’re related, but they all have distinctive qualities about them.
  • Yuri’s family being very supportive and proud, even if they do not understand everything about skating.
  • Yuri’s friendship with Yuko and how Yuri might have crushed on her slightly, but still loves her as a friend and is loved by Nishigori and the triplets.
  • Yuko’s enthusiasm over Yuri’s career, his talent, and her constant support.
  • The triplets being named after skating moves.
  • The triplets providing humor is totally realistic considering they are kids and full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • The triplets are the reason the video of Yuri went viral and they are just so genuinely into skating, it’s adorable and funny!
  • The fact that Nishigori used to be mean to Yuri, but now he’s a good friend to him and reminds him that he as well as their family is always there for Yuri.
  • Minako being so excited and passionate about skating and Yuri’s career.
  • Minako’s impressive experience as a dancer and her determination to teach Yuri what he needs to know.
  • The fact that Yuri got a poodle and named him after Victor.
  • A big part of Yuri’s distress was his dog’s death, and I’m glad they acknowledged that as something to be very depressed over/something significant to affect Yuri’s performance.
  • Yuri is not a good narrator; he thinks he is a terrible skater, when in actuality, he’s the top in Japan and has multiple trophies and medals. He also did not remember the night of the banquet, which ended up being a very significant event and explained so much more after it was revealed post episode 10.
  • Yuri is a very complex character who struggles with self confidence, but he ends up doing things like licking his lips and giving Victor a sultry look, he is able to yank Victor’s tie and whisper things to him in front of everyone, amongst much more. He ends up becoming quite bold (not without thoughts like “That was embarrassing!” but still), and he really takes control of his sexuality and self esteem.
  • Regardless of how bold he becomes, he still needs emotional support and reassurance that he will succeed.
  • Even though he looks confident as all hell sometimes, inside he still doubts himself and struggles with anxiety. Even through all of this, sometimes he can still deliver an excellent performance.
  • Yuri doesn’t take Yurio’s insults seriously, and instead thinks, “Hah, he isn’t taking me seriously, is he?” Showing that he really isn’t hurt by such jabs.
  • Yuri understands that Yurio is a teen, so he treats him like one, but he doesn’t look down on Yurio. He takes Yurio as a serious rival regardless of his age.
  • Yuri’s voice was thought about carefully and picked out with the intention of sounding realistic and not like a typical anime protagonist.
  • The voice actors are becoming good friends, and every time stories about them surface on my dash it makes me very happy, and surely everyone else is enjoying these cute stories of friendship.
  • Victor’s voice actor cosplayed as Victor.
  • Yuri embraces his femininity without shame and accepts that it fits him more than being a typical masculine ‘playboy.’
  • Yuri wears Victor’s old outfit, and said outfit is intended to be relatively androgynous.
  • Yurio is also wearing one of Victor’s old outfits for his Agape routine.
  • The Yuri on Ice track is gorgeous, brings me to tears, and beautifully traces Yuri’s skating career in the form of a piano melody. It’s the perfect name of the song and for the anime itself.
  • The ending song sequence shows precious moments of intimacy, such as Victor combing Yuri’s hair, just to casually depict how much they love each other.
  • The use of Instagram in the ending and even throughout the show gives it such a modern, upbeat feeling.
  • The Yuri on Ice Instagram is posting those very pictures in the show as it airs (not sure about the ending song pictures, but the ones taken in the anime).
  • Yuri believing he is unsociable and isolated from some of the skaters, even though in reality they all saw him strip down and pole dance at the last Grand Prix banquet.
  • Yuri can break dance, pole dance, dance in general, and ice skate incredibly well.
  • Actual pole dancers talked about the moves that both Yuri and Chris did and how difficult they are to achieve.
  • The massive twist in episode 10 that revealed how Yuri made the first move on Victor, and how Victor fell in love that night.
  • Stay Close to Me and Never Leave Me is a man singing about a male lover. The song ends up being what Yuri copied, and Victor interpreted it as a real, sober call to him to coach (and more).
  • When Yuri said the title of that very routine during his breakdown, that’s what made Victor understand what Yuri needed.
  • Victor sometimes sucks and screws up when he’s trying to help Yuri (how he acts disappointed instead of supportive, tries to fix things through contact and intimacy rather than comforting words, when Yuri really needs motivational words).
  • Even though Victor screws up like this, they still are in love with each other and still make it work.
  • Victor and Yuri are clearly sexually attracted to each other and their eroticism is portrayed very artistically. We don’t need to see them screwing each other to know it’s happening. Their sexual intimacy is not explicitly shown and it’s part of Kubo-sensei’s respect for them as characters.
  • Even though Victor and Yuri’s sexual intimacy is shown here and there, it’s not fetishized or degrading. It’s simply a way to indicate that sphere of their relationship, and it’s totally normal and realistic.
  • Their flirtation and sexual tension is not the driving force in their relationship. As time passes and the series goes on, there is heavy focus on their emotional development.
  • The show feels like it is moving fast, but in actuality at least 8 months have passed from Victor’s first appearance in the onsen up to the latest episode.
  • The gender-neutral word ‘koibito’ is used often (even if the word ‘girlfriend’ is shown as the translation).
  • Kubo-sensei’s awareness and decision to make their world free of discrimination and normal treatment of a gay relationship, and her tweet stating this post episode 10.
  • Victor’s decision to assign Eros to Yuri and Agape to Yurio was not only for ‘surprise’ and not only because Yurio is only 15, but also because of Yuri’s sexual appeal from the Grand Prix banquet.
  • Seeing how Makkachin slowly began hanging out around Yuri more (following him on runs, sleeping with him, etc) says a lot about Yuri. If your dog trusts and loves your boyfriend, then he’s a keeper.
  • The thought that Yuri can’t see very well without his glasses on when he skates (and how he squinted at the score that one time).
  • The types of plushies thrown at Yuri are mostly food. The things thrown at Yurio are cat related.
  • The fact that young Victor had long hair to appear more feminine.
  • One of Victor’s previous outfits was a tribute to Johnny Weir, so it was a big tribute to the LGBT+ skating community. It’s even better that Johnny himself is watching Yuri on Ice and enjoying it.
  • Yuri on Ice ended up on the NBC Skating twitter feed because they were tracking Johnny’s tweets, and all he was talking about was Yuri on Ice.
  • Minami is so happy and supportive of everyone, and he absolutely admires Yuri. He is sort of like Yuri’s younger self.
  • Minami is the leader of the cheer squad for Yuri at Yuri’s place.
  • Even if he loses, Minami isn’t put down and instead uses his loss as determination to get even better.
  • Guang-Hong also decides to quit social media so he can practice. He’s sour about his loss but he doesn’t say something like he’s never going to improve, but rather, he decides he will work harder.
  • Guang-Hong and Leo’s relationship is adorably portrayed and obviously deep, considering Guang-Hong’s story and how he took a bullet for Leo.
  • Guang-Hong’s desire to make his country proud.
  • Guang-Hong’s obvious admiration and support for his fellow skaters.
  • Leo is Hispanic and representing America.
  • Leo’s coach is super hot (but that’s just me talking).
  • Leo’s admiration for music and how it motivates him to keep trying his best.
  • Leo’s desire to have people enjoy music just like him, and how he conveys this through his skating.
  • Georgi is very extra and everyone gets a kick out of it, but he’s still a really good skater.
  • Georgi’s free skate, ‘Tales of a Sleeping Prince,’ is about Victor and Yuuri, as confirmed when Phichit congratulated them on their marriage and it began playing in the background. 
  • Even though Georgi could not get over Anya, the latest episode showed him on a date, indicating a happy ending for him as well.
  • Chris’s in-your-face sexuality is just iconic!!
  • Even though Chris seemed creepy at first, after seeing how he and Yuri pole danced together, it makes sense.
  • Chris seems to be a genuinely good friend to Victor.
  • The picture of Victor and Chris sticking their legs straight up.
  • Friendship is portrayed so beautifully in every way in this show in the simplest of ways.
  • Michele and Sara’s story was a bit odd, considering it is incest, but it was resolved well. 
  • PewDiePie joked about his cameo in Yuri on Ice since he looks so similar to Emil.
  • Emil’s lowkey crush on Michele is amusing.
  • Sara’s lowkey crush on Seung-Gil is also amusing.
  • Sara’s determination to still support and love her brother, but also to continue with her own life and date people.
  • Mila’s beauty and her strength.
  • The friendship (and hopefully more) between Mila and Sara.
  • JJ’s family’s support.
  • JJ’s passion for rock and roll and how it motivates him to skate with so much energy and excitement.
  • Seung-Gil’s rainbow outfit.
  • Seung-Gil’s dog.
  • Phichit. Just Phichit in general.
  • Phichit’s amazing talent and friendship with Yuri. 
  • Phichit’s genuine, adorable support for Victor and Yuri.
  • Phichit’s eyeliner.
  • Phichit’s selfie/phone addiction.
  • I reiterate: Phichit.
  • Yakov’s obvious care for his skaters, even if he yells at them a lot.
  • The fact that Victor looks up to Yakov so much and still sees him as the best coach he could have.
  • Lilia’s contour.
  • Lilia tearing up with Yurio was performing.
  • Yurio making pirozhki for Lilia and Yakov (and his cat).
  • Yurio’s sweet and pure love for his grandpa.
  • The way Yurio couldn’t wait to give Yuri his grandpa’s katsudon pirozhki just so he could brag about his grandpa.
  • Yurio’s genuinely happy smile.
  • The way Otabek doesn’t have many friends but he is determined to become Yurio’s friend.
  • When Otabek saved Yurio from his fangirls.
  • Otabek’s smile when Yurio was talking.
  • Otabek’s serious clapping when the engagement was announced.
  • The fact that Yurio claims he was “dragged into” a dance-off when he really looked like he was enjoying himself in the photos.
  • Yurio’s attempt at going “hang in there!” to Yuri when he was struggling on the ice.
  • Yurio remembering Yuri’s birthday and sharing katsudon pirozhki with him.
  • The way Yuri’s family not only supports him, but other skaters as well, like Yurio.
  • Victor and Yuri’s casual intimacy and touches that are clearly so natural to them.
  • The way Victor noticed that Yuri’s eyes shimmer when he’s searching for something.
  • When Victor and Yuri were holding hands in episode 10 as they went off on their date.
  • Yuri picking up habits from Victor, like saying Russian phrases.
  • Victor’s proud faces and shocked expressions when Yuri surprises him.
  • The way Victor and Yuri blush at each other and the things that they do.
  • The fact that Yuri looked up to Victor for years and that he was and still is Yuri’s inspiration.
  • Yuri loudly announcing his love at the conference.
  • The kiss in episode 7 that made Victor and Yuri the official first canon gay ship in sports anime.
  • The way Victor and Yuri looked at each other after the kiss.
  • The fact that “Love Wins” was said, which may be a coincidence, but that was the hashtag trending when gay marriage in the USA was legalized. Regardless, it was symbolic and powerful within the fandom.
  • The group selfie that Phichit took after the Cup of China.
  • Victor and Yuri sleeping together on the plane.
  • Victor cuddling Yuri when he tried to get him to nap.
  • When Yuri needed a hug from Victor but he wasn’t there so he tried to hug everyone else instead.
  • The entire airport reunion scene. The music in the background, the way Yuri paced back and forth on his feet before the automatic door opened, the longing look on Victor’s face, the way Makkachin barked at Yuri first as soon as he recognized him.
  • When Yuri asked Victor to take care of him until he retires and Victor smiles and kisses his ring finger.
  • How Yuri smiles back because he’s just so, so in love. The tender hug afterwards.
  • The way Makkachin’s tail slowly wagged when they hugged because he wanted love, too, and how he was standing against them demanding for cuddles as well.
  • How Victor told Yuri he never wants him to retire, meaning he wants to take care of Yuri forever. Yuri’s eyes tearing up after that as they hugged tighter.
  • The grip Yuri had on the back of Victor’s jacket.
  • Episode 10 in general.
  • The way Yuri and Victor kept saying things in Spanish as they went on their date.
  • When Yuri found the rings and his ears and face flushed red.
  • When Yuri put the ring on Victor’s finger and his hand was shaking slightly.
  • The way Victor’s eyes shimmered and he looked absolutely entranced with Yuri.
  • The tender way Victor spoke and put the ring on Yuri’s finger.
  • The way Yuri’s left hand twitched slightly when Victor took his right hand.
  • The flush on Yuri’s cheeks as Victor spoke to him.
  • The fact that the rings are a good luck charm to Yuri, which means so much to him and is representative for his culture.
  • Victor’s face when Yuri admitted he had no idea what happened at the banquet.
  • The way Victor was looking at his ring and smiling, thinking about the ocean of Hasetsu.
  • How angry Victor got at Yurio because he was insulting Yuri and their engagement rings.
  • The way Yuri held up his fist with the ring, looking confident that he will succeed.
  • Victor and Yuri are engaged and it’s not being made fun of. This is incredible for anime and certainly a big deal. And while some have told me, “calm down it’s just anime,” you do not understand. It’s more than that. It’s seeing a gay couple fall in love normally and be portrayed realistically and beautifully. It’s representation for me and so many others (especially male-loving-males). It means everything to us; it’s not “just anime” when it makes us feel included and validated.
  • The success of this series already and how it’s essentially guaranteed there will be more of the story to come after the season is over.
  • The potential of more canonically gay series like Yuri on Ice because of its success and reception.
  • Because of Yuri on Ice, people are bringing attention to other anime with canonically gay protagonists, and it is bringing attention to these other great series (No. 6, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc).
  • The beautiful narrative of the show and how it makes episodes fly by because they are just so enjoyable.
  • The fandom-wide anticipation for Wednesdays and our mutual inability to think about really anything else.
  • The gorgeous fan art, fanfiction, edits and cosplays being created from this series.
  • The way this series is inspiring dancers and skaters everywhere.
  • The way it’s making so many people feel represented and validated, not just LGBT+ people.
  • The way Yuuri and Victor kissed their rings before Yuuri’s last eros performance.
  • The man with the Canada flag running enthusiastically for JJ.
  • JJ’s fiance and her undying support for him.
  • The way JJ tries to keep it together after a horrible loss.
  • Victor’s “davai!” at Yurio.
  • Yurio cheering Otabek on.
  • Guang Hong and Leo facetiming each other and watching the Grand Prix.
  • Young Victor’s black nail polish.
  • Phichit’s hamsters.
  • Phichit’s dreams of simply skating with Yuuri.
  • The way the story made us go from disliking JJ to really feeling for him and his struggle.
  • How JJ, someone who never messes up, is shown messing up. It tells the viewers that even the best of the best can make mistakes sometimes.
  • Chris’s mystery man and his cat.
  • JJ is annoying and cocky because he’s hiding the crushing pressure of keeping his family, fiancée, and fans happy and pleased when they’d love him no matter how he did. 
  • Yurio admired and had wanted to compete against Yuuri the whole time. He was so determined to face him as a competitor that he won almost entirely because he wanted Yuuri to keep competing against him.
  • “Phichit on Ice” and Phichit’s dream with those hamster hats.
  • Yuri and Victor crying at each other happily.
  • The pair skate.
  • When Victor meets Yuuri where he is in the pair skate.
  • Yuuri is in Russia, still wearing his ring and running with Makkachin.
  • The first and last words Victor speaks in this season are “Yuuri.”
  • The way Victor hugged Yurio.
  • Otabek’s ‘davai’ to Yurio.
  • Guang Hong’s ‘jiayou.’
  • Seung Gil watching the Grand Prix.
  • Mari, Minako and Minami all crying from joy.
  • The way Yuuri laughed and hid his face in Victor’s shoulder when Victor looked as if he was going to kiss him.
  • “See you NEXT LEVEL.”

I want to thank Glee, cause they taught me that I’ve never been ON MY OWN , that I CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING I have for them through this six years, and more important they  taught me to DON’T STOP BELIEVING.
I get to interact whit people all around the world and I’ve learned that I’m not ALL BY MYSELF and so I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER every night and hope for a this to never stop.
THIS IS HOW WE DO IT gleeks, we are TAKING CHANCES since Glee, and we are more open at everything that comes our way.
TONIGHT, as we all say goodbye to them, I remember that I’ve got SOMEBODY TO LOVE for the rest of my life, and that’s Glee.
Glee, ITS MY LIFE, they show me how to KEEP HOLDING ON even in the darkest moments.
I’m DEFYING GRAVITY since Glee aired for the first time , and that’s for me the most important lesson f.
They see me TRUE COLORS, and I SMILE every time a song sung by them comes in the radio.
Glee is my ENDLESS LOVE.
I’ve learned by the hand of Ryan Murphy that YOU CANT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, but at the same time I’m like … dude, MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU.
Sometimes, in this six years I felt like I was on the HIGHWAY TO HELL, but then I remembered that A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME without all the good and the bad.
Even when this society IT’S A MANS MANS MANS WORLDS, they showed really strong female characters, yeah .. long the seasons they screw some of them too but EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN.
IM A SLAVE 4 YOU Glee, sometimes with the covers I felt like It was ME AGAINTS THE MUSIC, but that only made me STRONGER, cause when it comes to covers, Glee it’s THE ONLY EXCEPTION.
Cory, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, but sometimes I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND and say DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART, and please SING Just one more time.
Thanks for making all my TEEANGE DREAMs come true, and for teaching me to say FORGET YOU to all the fucking haters.
Glee cast, I wanna MARRY YOU for JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
This past six years, IVE HAD THE TIME OF LIFE, but now the DOGS DAYS ARE OVER. And the SILLY LOVE SONGS will forever be stuck in my head.
I feel like AS IF WE NEVER SAY GOODBYE, because Glee will always be SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW in our hearts.
Again, through the seasons I was like ROLLING IN THE DEEP, but they always LIGHT UP MY WORLD.
Remember everytime you see THE MAN IN THE MIRROR, that WE ARE YOUNG, and with Glee .. WE FOUND LOVE for TvShows again.
IM GLAD YOU CAME, so HERES TO US, the ones that still here six years later.  Even when Glee seemed like just SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW.
Glee, IN MY LIFE, you are in the GLORY DAYS.
With season four and five I was like, if theres a good episode .. CALL ME MAYBE. So lets DON’T SPEAK about the breakup episode. But I was like … shit, I’m HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU. Even when you showed that DARK SIDE of you and did SOMETHIN STUPID. So I’ve also learned that ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN and when Brittany said goodbye in season four I was like, FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE, wishing for Glee to end right there.
But then .. Finn happened.
And I tried to convinced myself and LET IT BE, but it was too much to handle.  Cause Glee, YOU ARE ME BEST FRIEND, and I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE. So, I had to be BRAVE and be there till the very end.
Glee DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, don’t you dare to do that, cause this is MORE THAN A FEELING.
So now, with season six I realized I have to LET IT GO, cause our HOME if finally closing the doors. I know ITS TOO LATE for some things to happen, but I will always remember that YOU LEARN/YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND. And yes Glee with your songs I always FEEL THE EARTH MOVE.
Now I know that I MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE, real love .. because I’m still here six years later. So ILL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, cause BABY ITS YOU .. WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW.
We all knew AL LAST, OUR DAY WILL COME and we will have to say goodbye for good.
So, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART and THIS TIME say it out loud … I LIVED.
I was here when this phenomenon was on, and I’m proud to be a Gleek.
Thank you Glee, for six amazing years.
Forever yours, FAITHFULLY.

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Top 5 beauty products atm

  1. The macadamia oil hair line OH MY GOOOOOOD okay so like, you know how different people have different MVPS? Like really ridiculously on point eyebrows, or the perfectly lined lip, or amazing winged eyeliner? My hair is my mvp. Its out there, doing its thing, looking killer, and I respect it because it respects ME. And this macadamia line is like spa therapy for your hair, it makes it feel SO GOOD ALL THE TIME. It legit does all the work for you, it makes anything you want to do look better, even just doing NOTHING your hair will still look good. I use the deep repair masque as a conditioner (you need hardly any, leave it in for the exact length of Beyonce’s ‘XO’), and then spray the oil through my hair before towel drying. IM NOT EVEN USING THE WHOLE LINE AND IT MAKES MY HAIR LOOK SO HEALTHY AND SHINY miracle worker for real
  2. GARNIER MICELLAR WATER. This shit is like liquid GOLD. This is what Nicholas Flamel discovered 500 years ago that’s kept him alive for so long. This is hands down the best make up remover I have EVER used, including fancy ones like clinique and a sample I got from a lady hawking napoleon perdis one time. Its like GPS for makeup, its like those pigs they use in the south of France to find truffles, waterproof mascara truffles, long wear lipstick truffles. This got away from me please try garnier micellar water
  3. TheBalm blush in cabana boy. I hardly ever use blush cause I’m pale like death and any colour shows up right away, but i bought this because I love the packaging so much and i’m a responsible consumer like that. And it has a mirror so I keep the little compact in my bag and use it for whatever (and because I really, really love the packaging). But its actually really good? Highly pigmented so you only need the barest bit, which means it will last FOREVER. The other colors in the line look just as good, and Frat Boy is a dupe for NARS orgasm (like, its not NARS. but it could be. if you squint. or look from far away in slightly dimmed lighting).
  4. Gel nail polish seems whack to me and, having been told pretty severely my entire life to avoid the sun at all costs, the idea of putting my fingers under UV light seems very counterintuitive. So i was hella happy when they came out with miracle gel, which is one of those hybrid products that says it gives the same results as the hardcore stuff but of course doesn’t, but there’s no death rays involved so I feel like that’s a fair compromise. I’m currently wearing it in Dig Fig, which is this amazingly deep oxblood colour I imagine Annalise from How to Get Away with Murder would wear to court when defending a particularly guilty client. 
  5. NYX lip creams I CANT BELIEVE I HAD FOUR PRODUCTS TO PUT AHEAD OF THIS these creams are fucking amaaazing, they’re a true matte but they don’t dry or flake, they come in an awesome range of colours named after all different cities (I have Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Tokyo, Antwerp, Monte Carlo… you get the point, I have a lot of lip products and the names are cool) and they last for aaaages they hardly even smudge after you eat. Sometimes the color on the bottle isn’t true to the actual color - eg Buenos Aires is a light pink bottle but the cream itself has a strong orange/warm undertone, as someone who looks horrendous in coral I was SHOCKED, SHOCKED - but that just means you should swatch before u buy, no big.

And OK this is not a recent purchase but I feel like it needs saying: dry shampoo. DRY SHAMPOO. Where would I be without it? Who would i be? Ive gotten to the point where I use it instead of hairspray for texture - like look at this braid I did the other day. WITH DRY SHAMPOO YOU, TOO, CAN GIVE YOUR ‘DESPERATE TO NOT GET HOT IN RIDICULOUS PRE-SUMMER HEAT’ UPDOS VOLUME AND LIFT. I use batiste with a hint of brunette cause I don’t need weird aerosol white patches in my hair from flagrant dry shampoo abuse, but their cherry smells amazing too.

YOUR HEART WILL BE MINE (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were comming out of a Black Veil Brides concert, standing outside waiting for your best friends to come out, which were the band members themselves.
As you saw the many members of the BVB army comming outside super stoaked and excited about the amazing performance they just saw, and the many girls saying how Andy was singing to them or how Jake was looking right at them while he was rocking out on his guitar solo, you couldnt help but giggle a little.
Mostly because you knew that as a matter of fact Andy was looking directly at you the entire time while he was on stage.
You were wondering why that was though, his amazing blue eyes were literally stuck on you and only you, they really didnt look at any other direction but yours, the only other way they would look was towards the guys, but other than that they were totally stuck on you.
You waited outside for a while, you were shocked to see that there were still many many fans comming outside. It just goes to show how huge the BVB army truly was.

Almost one and half hour later, the guys came out, first one to come out was CC, then Jake, then Ashley, then Jinxx, and last but not least, Andy.
Since the rest of the guys were in a hurry, they said their goodbyes to you early and went on their way. Now it was just you and Andy standing in front of each other.
“It was an awesome show you guys played today.”
“Yeah, It felt amazing tonight thanks. Did you see me looking at you?” The long black haired angel asked.
“Oooh, maybe I caught you once or twice, or maybe the entire freakin show.” you responded.
He cracked a huge blushing smile and laughed a little. You enjoyed when he did that, his laugh was really adorable to you.
“Well what did you think of me staring at you like that?”
“I thought it was pretty flirty, are you trying to tell me something?” you questioned, raising your eyebrow.
“Well…I really like you (Y/N)…and I wanna take you out…” he confessed. You went into complete shock when you heard those words come out of his mouth, did you really just hear what you think you heard?

“Um…uh…what?” were the only words you managed to say.
“I said I really like you…” He was about to say something else but his mouth closed before he could speak again.
There was dead silence in the air for a moment, not one word escaped either of your lips, but your eyes spoke it all, they were serious, blank, you had quite the poker face on, so Andy couldnt really tell what you were even thinking.
“Um…you know it would be nice if you said something by now…” He said.
You shook your head snapping back into reality after a million thoughts when through your mind.
“I uh…Im sorry Andy..youre a good friend of mine and I love you to death man but um..Im not interested.” was your answer.
Andy’s heart felt like it sunk very low to his gut. You were actually the only girl in his life to ever reject him. So your words were most definately shocking to him. You felt horrible, but you couldnt force yourself to have feelings for him, you just didnt see him as your boyfriend unfortunately.
There was another moment of silence, another moment of your eyes just staring at each other.
At first Andy’s eyes were sad and crushed, but you became surprised when they suddenly seemed to have fire in them.
“Im sorry, you said no to me…me?” he asked.
“Uh yes…” you told him.
“Im sorry (Y/N) this might make me sound like an asshole to you but do you know how many girls out there would love to date me and be with me?” He exclaimed.

Your mouth dropped open, but you shook it off and replied to him, “Andy, Im sorry I said I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just dont see you that way, Im sorry if you cant understand that but I just dont feel that way for you.”
“I just cant believe this…you seriously dont feel anything for me?”
“No!” you yelled, he was being completely unfair, but yet again you werent surprised that he was acting this way towards you, for as long as you have known Andy, he was never rejected, no girl would ever turn him down, so you actually saying no to him was something he couldnt accept.
“This is…this is not real…Im Andy..”
“And Im (Y/N) whats your point?”
Andy came a little closer to you, he got a good look at your beauty and just smiled.
“Okay what?” you wondered, yet again confused.
“I understand you dont feel that way for me.”
“Well..thank you. And Im sorry if I made things weird between us.”
He shook his head, “Stop no you didnt.”
He pulled you close to him and hugged you real tight, you couldnt help but smile and hug him back, after all he was your friend. And you were just happy that he was finally cool with you guys not being a couple.
“I’ll see you sometime this week then?” you asked, “Yeah for sure.” he assured you and let go.

The two of you went your separate ways, as Andy came into his car, where Ash was waiting for him, he stared at him and Ashley had a hopefull expression on his face.
“Sooo…what happend? how did it go?” he asked him.
“She rejected me..”
“Woah woah wait what?!” Ashley exclaimed.
Andy nodded comfirming what he just told him, “But…no one has ever rejected you before..youre Andy…”
“I know!! Thats what I said!”
“Aw man…Im sorry bud..” he tells him.
“Its alright…it just means I have to step up my game.” He says.
Now Ashley was the one confused, “What are you talking about?”
“Listen Ash, I really like (Y/N) I have for a very long time. Im not giving up until her heart is mine.”
Ash smiled and patted his best friend on the back, “Go get her tiger.”
He gave him a look and caused Ashley to roll his eyes,
“I mean go get her batman.”
“Thats much better.”

The next morning, you woke up feeling very sick, not wearing a sweater in the cold weather last night really came back to bite you in the ass.
“Choo!!!” you shouted, sneezing so hard and making your nose drip, “Ughhh fuck being sick!” you yelled, your voice echoing in your house.
You heard your cell phone ring next to your bed, You grabbed it and saw it was a text message from Andy asking you if you guys were still on for tonight.
You slapped a hand to your forehead, you completely forgot that you had made plans with him the week before,
“Shit…” you muttered, you texted him back saying that you were really sick and that you cant go out.
Right after you sent that text message, your phone began to vibrate with Andy’s picture on the caller ID. You tapped the green phone button and placed it against your ear.
“Hello?” you greeted with a dull and rough voice.
“(Y/N)? wow you really are sick…”
“Yeah…Im so sorry I cant hang out.”
“Dam you sound roughed up, but dont worry, I’ll take care of you.”
For some reason you felt yourself blush when he said that,
“Uhh..take care of me?”
“Yeah, youre by yourself and you need someone there, I’ll pick up some medicine, make you some chicken noodle soup, and I’ll bring an extra blanket so you could stay toasty.”
“You mean your batman blanket?”
“What? no…I mean yes I mean…shut up I’ll he there in ten minutes!!” he said before hanging up.
You laughed a little and smiled, you thought it was very sweet of him to volunteer to take care of you when he didnt have to.

Moments later he arrived at your place, you left the door unlocked for him so he could come inside. “(Y/N)?” he called out.
“Im in here!” you called back from your bedroom.
He came inside and wrapped his batman blanket around you, he got the cough syrup and nasal spray out of the pharmacy bag and placed the two items on your desk.
“Awww Andy you really dont have to do all this.”
“I know…But I want to…I really do.”
he replied with a really warm and friendly smile, you felt yourself blush again, “Can you hang on to this?”
He handed you the pharmancy bag as he prepared more things for you, you glanced inside and your eyed widened when you saw a black rose inside, you took it out and admired how beautifu it was.
“This for me?”
“Of course, just wanted to give you something to make you smile.”
And it worked, the rose really did make you smile, your favorite flower and your favorite color all in one, youve never even seen a black rose for real before.
“Theres that smile I love so much, guess I did a good job.”
“This is really sweet…thank you Andy. And uh…Im so sorry you have to see me like this I look like complete shit.”
“Not even, you always look beautiful to me, besides you look even prettier without any makeup on.” He complimented.
You became a little surprised, no guy has ever told you look beautiful without makeup, usually you get a “You look tired (Y/N).” or,
“You look sick.” or the ever famous,
“Why dont you go fix yourself up a little.”
What was even more surprising was seeing a different side of Andy, a more sweeter, gentle side of him, almost like a boyfriend type.

After feeding you soup and giving you your dose of medicine, the two of you were now watching batman cartoons and laughing together, this was honestly the greatest time youve had in a while.
“I’ll be right back Im gonna go to the bathroom.” you notify.
“You sure youre not too dizzy to walk?”
“No I’ll be fine dont worry.”
As you got off the bed you began to feel a little woozy the moment your feet touched the floor.
You took a few steps and suddenly your body gave up in a matter of seconds, the next thing you knew your face was against the floor.
Andy was quick to rush by your side and quickly wrapped his arms around you, “(Y/N) that sounded like it hurt are you okay?!” he asked very worried about you.
You didnt say a word, you didnt know if it was his scent, his arms around you, or the fact that his lips were only inches away from yours, but your heart began to race, it raced so much that it also gave you the urge to just kiss him.
You wanted to taste his perfectly shaped lips really badly, you wondered how they would feel sliding off yours, you wondered if you would feel a spark of fire inside of you if you really did kiss them.

You flinched a little and snapped back into reality, “Um…sorry…”
“I said are you okay?”
“Yeah…yeah Im fine….”
“Why were you looking at me like that?”
You shook your head, you felt yourself blush a little, feeling a little embarassed by the thoughts that just ran through your mind. Your heart was still beating against your chest though, that was something you couldnt stop even if you wanted to.
Andy just chuckled and shook it off, he helped you up and lead you to the bathroom,
“I’ll still be here if you need me.”
Moments later, since the medicine was also a sleeping aid it pretty much knocked you out.
You slowly woke up to feel a warmth you never felt before, you lifted your head up to see that it you were right on top of Andy, the entire time you were hearing his heartbeat against your ear, it was music to your ears, the most soothing sound in the world.
“Hm…” he hummed.
“Please wake up.” you softly begged.
Little by little you saw his beautiful eyes emerging and looked straight you, he yawned before you heard his sweet but rough deep voice,
“Hmm? whats the matter?” he began petting caressing your face and your hair, placing it behind your ear.
“You cuddled with me?..”
“No, actually you cuddled with me…I was sleeping and then all of the sudden I felt you climb on top of me…” he responded.
“Aw man…how embarassing.” you said getting off him and sitting on your bed.

He sat up as well and came close behind you, “Why are you embarassed? I liked that you did that.”
“Well I liked it too but…Andy…its a little awkward, especially after I rejected you when you wanted to be with me…but now…I think I wanna be with you…” you confessed, biting your bottom lip.
“You do?” He said surprised.
“Yeah but…now I dont even have a chance with you do I?…”
“(Y/N), I never you said you didnt.”
You turned to face him with a unbelievable expression.
“But I-”
“Forget what happend after the concert, my heart never stopped beating for you (Y/N), why else would I come over here to take care of you?”
You smiled warmly, very touched by how sweet he has been. He took your soft hand in his and put it against his chest,
“You see? still beating very fast right now.”
The two of you laughed a little, he caressed your face and leaned in closer, he kissed your soft lips passionately, and just as you thought, you felt fire inside of you. Andy was truly the man who would own your heart.
“Now can we cuddle again?” he asked, You nodded agreeing and cuddled the hell out of him.
“Im very happy we’re together now.” you whispered
“Yeah…I knew your heart would be mine..”

(Some opinions would be nice please? Im a little insecure about this one since its been a while that Ive written anything heh.)

Come Alive - Part 9 (Final)

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long to post, I know I mentioned Friday and that quickly came and went. It’s just, I wasn’t ecstatic about the ending. Honestly I’m still not ecstatic about it, but I thought I would just put it out there anyway. I’ll be coming out with a new fic probably towards the end of the week. Thanks you guys so much for reading, you all are absolutely amazing!!

Part 9: 

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jollysunflora  asked:

weve been mutuals for years yet i cant understand how you can still enjoy LoK after following me

Hahaha, hmm, I guess it’s because I really do think the last two books were very enjoyable? Honestly, I hated book 1 and 2 when I was watching them initially - absolutely hated them. But book 3 and 4 won me over - I have read criticisms of how some issues were handled, and I understand their perspectives, I do. But I also understand, and identify more with the perspectives that view books 3 and 4 as amazing writing, because that’s how I felt while watching them. The Korrasami arc meant a lot to me - without delving into my personal life, Korrasami came at a very important turning point  in my life, and I absolutely identified with it from the get-go. I started shipping it very early on, so the criticisms of it lacking build up, while I understand on an academic level, don’t ring true to me. This was a relationship of mutual support, of honest, caring, selfless love on both parties, and I identified so strongly with it as a queer person of colour myself. My experiences don’t speak for everyone, and I’m sure there are people who don’t feel Korrasami was adequate representation for them, and I get it. But it was incredibly validating and important to my experiences, and it helped me move forward a lot. 

The thing about Korrasami is that - yes, it’s not perfect writing. Yes, if I wanted to, I could probably criticize quite a bit of it; hell, I constantly go back and forth on my opinions on Korrasami. But it’s allowed me to have conversations with people - not just on tumblr, but in real life - about issues I would never have been able to talk about otherwise. I’m currently serving the military in my country (compulsory for all males aged 18 - 20), which as you can imagine is mostly an extremely homophobic and sexist environment. But you know what they all have in common? They all grew up watching ATLA - so they all watched LOK. A lot of these people have never been able to view LGBT individuals as people before. Not before the ending of LOK. After LOK, I’ve had so many fruitful discussions with people who have otherwise been so insulated from such issues, and who i’ve seen gradually change their perspectives on the issue. Korrasami may not have been perfect repreesentation, but it was representation. My country is deeply homophobic, and I never imagined I would be able to talk to my countrymen about these issues I feel so strongly about, not until Korrasami happened. I finally felt like my voice on these issues actually had a place. 

Korrasami makes me feel real. It’s hard to put it into words. But during the lead up to the finale, when i brought it up to my friends from the military, they mostly went “it’s all in your head” “you’re seeing things” “it’s disgusting if that were to happen in a kid’s show” etc. And for a while, I really believed them. My whole life, these were the voices that were always right. When they got together - it told me i mattered. My perspectives, my identity, my feelings, are real. This is a story worthy of being told. This is a story on par with the Kataang story. 

I get that some people think it didn’t go far enough. In my country, any explicit representations of homosexuality are banned. Korra would not have aired if Korrasami had been explicit. It needed to be subversive, it needed to be implicit, it needed to be ambiguous, and yet, nobody who saw that finale came away thinking they were just friends. Is it bad representation? I guess, by American standards, yes. But in Singapore, that’s amazingly well done representation because it managed to get past the censors and still tell an amazing story.

If the issue of Korrasami isn’t the reason you’re confused over why I still enjoy LOK, do let me know! I love having these discussions haha. My thoughts on Korra are quite complex. I choose to see the positive because honestly, I’ve spent a lot of my life being a very critical and cynical person, and sometimes, it’s just easier, healthier, and happier to be an unabashed fan of something. I can bring out my criticisms of the show if need be, but I’ve come to a place where it’s like…the real battle I choose to fight is the constant homophobia, troubling human rights records, racism, elitism, and sexism I see in my country everyday. While media representation is absolutely an important place to discuss these issues as well, I need a break sometimes, and if I choose to view Korra and Korrasami in an uplifting way, it makes me feel so much happier and more confident when I wade into the battlefield that my life can be sometimes. :) But yes, if you have any specific criticisms of LOK you’d like to hear my thoughts on, do let me know! Haha ^_^