sometimes i can't believe this show actually exists

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So even though his 'glamour' so to speak shows him fine the dragon fire destroyed the sight in his left eye? That's something that didn't even cross my mind before.... of course the 'glamour' (I dunno what to actually call it) wouldn't be able to heal his injuries, just cover them. Very interesting. Glad you picked that up, can't believe it escaped me! I am now keeping that headcanon, thank you!

Yes, exactly! I’m kind of weird in that I like my fantasy based in reality (which is why sometimes I really struggle with the way Tolkien wrote the elves). Even though magic exists, and it’s totally possible in a magic!fantasy kind of way that if Thranduil were horribly burned the way they showed in DOS that he could have been completely magically restored. 

But when I think of his perfect appearance as a “glamour”, I do imagine that it is just a facade and that beneath that magical exterior lies the true, irrevocable damage. I mean, even if over thousands and thousands of years his burned skin healed perfectly, I don’t think that his eye would heal in a way that would restore lost vision (because our eyes don’t heal that way). I guess it would depend on the severity of his injury– but eyes don’t grow back (whereas skin does). 

So, sometimes, I imagine Thranduil to be blind in one eye. And in that headcanon I have, Thranduil has excellent hearing, which he uses to help him gauge where people are or when things come at him on his blind side. I imagine that he’s so accustomed to his partial blindness by now that it hardly bothers him.  I imagine that Legolas had no idea that his father was so horribly injured, that this would be a thing Thranduil kept secret even from Legolas. (In that sketch I did, I imagine Legolas being angry-incredulous-overprotective like, “You mean you’re half blind and we live in a darkened cave!?! There aren’t even any safety railings!!!” and just generally freaking out, insisting on guarding Thranduil’s left side, etc. I also imagine that Thranduil would tolerate it for two seconds before he decides to show Legolas that he does not need to be smothered.) :)