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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


I will not be that person.

Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week | day two: favorite quote

You know you’re in faaaaaaaaar too deep when you have made a long-ass to-do-list with doodle shitpost ideas, and notes for four different AUs…
This is one of them and I have no fucking idea how to give it a happy ending, but let’s pretend it was just the members of our orchestra being their nerdy selves and musical jokes and everything is cute and nothing hurts…
…Whoops, fail.

The ominous mystery tune is the violin solo in Seventh Wonder’s King of Whitewater :)
And this scene actually deserves far better than quick cel shading blotched on the sketch, but here we are. This is sooo not finished, but I have so many more doodle shitpost WIPs and even more ideas, so I should move on (also clean lineart of musical instruments would be a pain in the ass, so there’s that)

Brain: you could do it in watercolour, it would look 300% better and pretty glorious :)
Me: did I ask for your opinion

people actually have friends that they hang with?? like they go do stuff together, or just??? chill?? at their houses?? wow I cannot relate

[Have you ever said “Don’t you know who I am?”] “Only at every meeting I’ve ever had with a casting director. Seriously, though, I’ve never said that and nor would I dream of doing so. My family would disown me and my mates would punch me if I even came close to saying that.”

Re-imagine your legacy founder as a teen! Maybe even on prom night?

Well, Bunni isn’t a founder, but she’s like… The founder of my life, so…
This is probably a picture Thaddeus took on some old space station (after getting that sick tat) on one of their rebellious teen runaways.

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“WAIT!” Gordon practically hollered into John’s ear while draping himself over John’s lap, “Where are the pictures?!”

“The picture’s on the cover Gordon,” John said as he held the book aloft his head from shock. “I told you this already.”

“I thought you were joking with me.” Gordon bemoaned as he forlornly looked at the black print on the page, “How am I supposed to enjoy a story without no pictures in it!”

It was not the first time today that John didn’t ask himself how Scott did the big brother thing so effortlessly. He looked down at his younger brother in confusion as to what he was referring to. Then as a soft breeze blew in, it hit him; Gordon is four.  He’s only ever seen books with pictures. It’s all he knows.

“The pictures are in your head,” John said gently as he re-positioned his book above Allan’s reach. “Chapter one-”

“I don’t know how to do that~!” Gordon huffed and kicked his feet in agitation, “Can you read me Torchy instead?? THAT ONE HAS PICTURES.”

Breathe John, he thought to himself as he purposely looked at the words in the book, be patient…he’s only four. Convince him and you won’t have to read Torchy fifty times before he gets tired and passes out.

“Weren’t you the one that insisted that I read out loud the story I was reading?” he retorted while giving his younger brother one of his knowing looks, “Allan doesn’t seem to mind. Why not take his example?”

“Alan is a baby and doesn’t know better,” Gordon responded while flopping his feet to the ground and watched as his baby brother casually grabbed his starfish plushie. “I’m watching out for him just as much as I am watching out for me.  Besides, I didn’t know the book was broken and had no pictures. That’s not fair Johnny, you should have told me!”

“The book is not broken,” John frowned, doing his best at not getting annoyed with the nickname Gordon keeps using to irritate him. He brought the cover close to Gordon’s face, “Take a good look. That’s Jim Hawkins, that’s what the artist thought he should look like. Remember it and…take a mind picture.”

Gordon glared at the book cover, every once in a while giving his older brother incredulous looks.  John let his younger brother hold the book in his hands while he gently re-positioned his baby brother into a more comfortable position. Allan gurgled a few sounds, playfully held up the starfish and noisily  sucked on his binkie.

“So, no Torchy?” Gordon asked as John retrieved his book from his small hands.

“It’s either Treasure Island or nap time,” John said as he re opened the book and glanced down at Gordon’s face. “What’s it going to be?”

“Broken book it is,” Gordon sighed as he realized it was the only way to escape the dreaded nap time.

“Good. Chapte-”


John held perfectly still as Gordon grabbed his hand and glared at the cover once more.

“Ok, now.”



“Chapter one…”



“What is it Gordon?” John’s image responded with a look of annoyance, “And don’t call me Johnny.”

“Fine, read me a story and I’ll stop calling you that.”

“Gordon, you are nineteen.  You can read on your own now.”

“But you do it better.” Gordon smiled as he leaned back on the couch and positioned himself to see his older brother better.

“…You shouldn’t be lazy about reading Gordon-”

“OH, is John going to read us a story?!” Allan exclaimed as he rushed to sit adjacent to John’s image, “What are you going to read? Which one?”

John let out an exasperated sigh, “I wasn’t going to-”

“Story, story, story, story~!” Gordon chanted as Allan joined in to John’s dismay.

“Fine. I’m sure I can find something.”


Mun Update

(( So some stuff has been confirmed about the shooting this morning. Two students were killed, the shooter killed himself, and there were no injuries. Information about the shooter has yet to be released–they’re doing some investigating before giving out more info. There’s a rumor that there were actually 3 shooters, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

I’m okay, all of my friends are doing okay. We’re all pretty shaken up by this, but we’ll be alright.

I’m gonna go see my dad tomorrow and probably be there until Saturday, then I’m probably gonna spend some time with some friends on Saturday or Sunday who were there for the shooting (because I just really need to see them and give them hugs right now and I’m 100% gonna cry when I do)

So I’ll be back to my shenanigans on Sunday for sure!! There’s some m!a stuff sitting in my inbox that I wanna do, and I wanna get to a couple mistletoe things that I wasn’t able to during the Mistletoe Crisis.

Thank you all for the support, and I love y’all <3

“You’re shy and I’m not and you think I don’t see you laughing quietly to my jokes or hiding your smile behind your hair when I draw attention to you but I actually do and what you don’t know is sometimes I do those things just to see your response.”

I guess I’ve been doing a better job of avoiding the worst of the left here because I honestly didn’t know that many were still insisting that evidence of connections between Russia and Trump’s administration, and of Russian interference in elections in the US and Europe to prop up right-wing candidates, are just elaborate liberal fantasies AND a pretext for the US to go to war with Russia. Because…imperialism. Or the Deep State. Or both.

it’s like when I see comments from people enraged that democrats haven’t prioritized introducing a health care bill that mandates single payer. I’m wondering, have you all not caught up to 2017 yet? Or is this what happens when your primary sources of information are the Intercept and tumblr posts by teenage communists?

ive had like one crush my entire life and even then i was like??? do i just really want to be your friend???? and i kind of hate that

surprise jongkey fluff(?) fic for j, i hope it helps you feel better

it’s seasonal

kibum likes it when summer rolls around; the heat, the sun. he’d raise his face at the warmth of sunshine like a sunflower blooming. he’d plan watersports and beach days, buy all the summer fashion, take his puppies to play in the sand. he’d slather on sunscreen and lie in the sun.

jonghyun hates summer. he’d draw the blinds closed and sit in semi darkness, lower the temperature of the air-conditioning until his teeth chatter and stubbornly refuse to leave the room.

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anonymous asked:

What if some alien said something that we thought was hilarious and we just kept repeating it until the alien just went "??????????? What's so funny????? I don't understand????? You guys are so weird??????????????"

That is a brilliant idea oh man. How would you even explain why that’s funny to an alien? I can barely explain why I find stuff funny to other people, how would people manage with a completely difference species?

Human humour in general would probably be so weird to aliens, so being a part of it would be even more so. From experience, it’s probably a word they mispronounced too - because in english it seems, it’s very easy to put emphasis on an incorrect syllable and get a completely different sound to the one you meant. I’m sure it’s also easy to do so in other languages but I can only speak english so I don’t know. 

How do you think aliens would react to being a part of Earth humour? Do you think they’d embrace it, or just get incredibly weirded out?