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Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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you know, one of my favorite things about isak posting about 21:21 is that for us it’s just so obvious, like oh! of course! 21:21, his birthday, his mother mentioning it after he came out to her, to let him know that she’ll always love him no matter what, the night of their first kiss, the o helga natt scene. but the people in isak’s life don’t actually know about all of this like we do. in the skam universe, only isak (and even, and his mother) know

this was isak looking at his phone and without a doubt smiling, isak remembering and being appreciative of all these moments he experienced and wanting to put it out there, in the universe. there is so much love in isak valtersen, sometimes he just has to express it 💝

a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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Leave Her Alone Pt. 2 (Draco x Reader)

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Part 2 to Leave Her Alone!  A lot of you wanted a part two so I delivered

I feel like this is trash

And I have not edited this yet so it might actually be trash

F/B: Favorite book

F/C: Favorite color

As Saturday got closer, you became more and more excited.

Draco Malfoy!  You thought.  Asked me out on a date!

You’d maybe been on one or two dates before, and it didn’t end up going anywhere.  You liked Draco.

A lot.

And now you were about to go on a date with him.  You wanted to try and get to know him better, and he wanted to do the same with you.  Whenever you passed him in a corridor, he would grin at you and wave, you responding with a shy smile.  Hey, better than nothing.

When Saturday finally arrived, you stood out on the path to Hogsmeade; wrapped in a F/C coat and your house scarf.m  Snowflakes drizzled down onto your hair as you bounced back and forth on your heels, boots crunching in the snow.  You shivered from the crisp cold and sighed, your breath visible in the air.

You turned around when you heard footsteps coming up from behind you.  There was Draco, clad in black and his Slytherin scarf wrapped around his neck.  “Hello, Y/N,” he said, approaching you.  “Shall we get going?” he held out his arm for you and you linked your arm in his.

“We shall,” you replied in a joking manner.

Draco smiled and you both began walking towards Hogsmeade.  At one point you slipped on a patch of ice, but luckily Draco was there to catch you.

“Th-thanks,” you said, still a bit shocked from nearly crashing onto the ground.

“You’re welcome, love.”

Holy shit did he just call me love?  You thought, heart racing.

You both talked nonsense about Hogwarts and your classes as you made your way to the Three Broomsticks where you each bought a butterbeer and then sat down at a table near the fireplace.

Draco took a sip of his butterbeer.  “So, Y/N.  I always see you carrying around a stack of books that aren’t for school or from the library.  What exactly are there?” he asked, genuinely intrigued.

You raised your eyebrows at this.  “Oh–uh–they’re… they’re books from the muggle world.  I’ve grown rather fond of them, really.  They speak of wizards and magic as if they’re nothing more than a child’s fantasies.”

“What are some of your favorites?”

“Well… F/B. F/B, and F/B I’ve grown attached to.”

“Would you mind letting me borrow some of them one day?”  

That shocked you.  Now, normally you wouldn’t let anyone touch your prized books.  But someone was actually interested in them for once.  And that person just happened to be Draco.  “Uh… sure.  Yes, of course you can.”

He smiled.  “Thanks.”

It was your turn to ask a question.  “So, Draco.  Do you have a favorite musical instrument?”

“The violin, I suppose.  I’ve always liked the elegant sound.”

You nodded.  “My mother used to play the violin when I was a child.  She still does.”

“I’d love to hear her play sometime,” Draco replied.

“And she’d love to meet you sometime,” you said out of nowhere, covering your mouth with your hand as soon as you realized what you had said.

Draco chuckled.  “Don’t worry, Y/N.  I think that was cute.”

You blushed and turned your glance to your feet.  “I’m kind of bad with conversation…”

He gently lay his hand over yours on the table; making you look back up.  “So am I.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” you joked.

He shrugged and laughed.  “I guess.  Aren’t I sweet?”

“Yes, you are.”

“Fantastic.  Should we start heading back to Hogwarts?” He suggested.

 “Probably,” you answered.  You stood up from your seats and made your way to the front door, him holding the door for you.  “Ah, such a gentleman.”

He smirked.  “M’lady,” he said as you stepped out of the Three Broomsticks.

Draco took your gloved hand in his and began walking with you, leaving two pairs of footprints behind.  

As you made your way back to Hogwarts, Draco removed his hand from yours and placed it around your shoulder.  When he did that, you brought up a hand to hold his hand where it was around your shoulder, leaning into him.  

When you got back to Hogwarts, you were about to go back to your house common room, when Draco grabbed your hand.  You turned around.

“I had fun.  Really.  Thank you for coming with me,” Draco said earnestly.

You smiled.  “So did I.”  You then made a bold move, and quickly leaned in to place a quick kiss on Draco’s lips.  He just stood there with a bit of a surprised look.  You blushed immensely.  “I-I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done th–”

Draco cut you off by leaning in again and kissing you.  This time harder, more

Passionate.  Draco wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you even closer to him so that your chests were touching.  You ran your fingers through his hair as his tongue slid over your lip.  Suddenly, Professor McGonagall popped her head out of a tower window.  “No public displays of affection on school grounds!”

You and Draco pulled away and looked up at her, smiling.  McGonagall shook her head and went back into the tower.  You and Draco turned back to each other.

“Care to go somewhere more private?” Draco smirked.

“I’d love to.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Sleeping Arrangements (2/3)

I’m a meanie butt, but after 12,00 words I had to conceded and admit that the last part needed its own chapter. My conciliation: I actually swear it will be up as fast as possible after the 30th. (I do have to write my CSBB)

Read Part One Here

When Killian Jones is six, he’s sharing a bed with the increasingly wide berth of his mother and all too happy to share it. He’s gathered they’re poor (vicious kids on the street, kicks from discerning shop owners, the way Liam sometimes knicks bread for them to eat) but his mother always smells of lavender and hums him to sleep. Her hands are still soft and everything about her touch speaks of love: the way she cards her fingers through his hair when he’s had a nightmare, the way she lets him clutch at his fingers when they’re at the market, even the way he used to snuggle into her neck before her body became unwieldy with the carriage of his sister.

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you have witch powers? i've always been fascinated with "paranormal" stuff, including magic, so i was wondering if u could tell me stuff about it. is magic real? what kind of stuff did ur grandma do? are ghosts and spirits real too? what kinds of spells can witches cast? is it like supernatural? sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions i'm just so fascinated and curious. i didn't even know witches were like, legit until i read ur tags, i just thought that people back then said that so they had 1/2

2/2 a reason to burn a woman they didn’t like. ok now i’m rambling but in short, what can u tell me about witch stuff? i’m just asking cause i’m really curious :)

(about my tags on this)

#whenever phil gets out the tarot cards and pulls something scarily accurate i’m just like…. yes…. good…show us your witch powers…… #(my own experience with tarot? so reassuring. and calming. it’s like asking for a friend’s advice but that friend is your own brain.) #also my great grandmother was a witch by profession and i definitely got some of her magic #i have not yet learned to recognise a feeling when i feel it.. but when stuff happens later i’m like OH THAT WAS MY MYSTERIOUS FEELING #one of our sheep died a week or so ago.. and for two days straight i was outside in the middle of the night staring at the moon #and wondering why i felt death in the air #and the rain made me cry and it felt like release but i didn’t know why #and i immediately started worrying about our sheep but didn’t follow up to see if they were okay #then two days later my mother comes in and tells me one of our sheep died and two days ago had given my mother “the death look” #if you’ve never seen someone or something die… there’s this look they have that’s like a disgraced peacefulness and self-awareness #but basically i knew the sheep was gonna die without any reason for me to think that #and i need to learn to follow up on my instincts because they’re ever-present and i never know when it’s a psychic thing or random anxiety #disclaimer: IS IT ALL BULLSHIT who knows? but science doesn’t know a whole lot about a lot of things and this stuff is natural to me #so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay!! i was expecting someone to ask, so here goes. (in case anyone’s wondering, this is a personal post, and no, i’m not making this stuff up.) (feel free to reblog if you want. but it’s so goddamn long aaah)

first off, an opinion: whether or not you believe magic is real in this world is entirely related to whether or not it is real. at least in my books. magic/paramormal stuff can always be observed, but if you don’t believe it’s anything beyond coincidence or skilled trickery, it’s not gonna impact you.

i do believe in ghosts (or djinns, or something else human-like), but in my experience they don’t really do anything except exist in some other realm and occasionally become visible when i’m at my most lucid, at that point between waking and sleeping. most people (myself included) would say it’s just a hallucination. but like…. who’s to say it isn’t real, just in a way we as humans don’t yet understand? y’know?

the most interesting ghost sighting i’ve experienced was when i was fully awake, not hallucinating. i was in a car with my sister, my sister’s friend, and her mother - and we drove over a bridge, and i saw a fritzing semi-translucent black figure walking along the peak. i looked back and it was gone. it wasn’t scary, it was just really cool. i saw that with my own two eyes, i have zero doubt i saw it, and for that moment, it was there.

other times i’ve seen things pass through walls, or felt presences in the room that vanish when i look. i get deja vu maybe once a week. the ability comes and goes in phases, switched on and off whenever i tell someone about it. it’s like that part of my brain gets really shy and goes into hiding when it’s mentioned.

sometimes it can be pretty powerful. there’ve been moments when a deja vu begins, i remember it from a dream, fast-forward through the memory to remember what happens, and i get ahead of present time, so i predict what’s in front of me by about one to three seconds. usually it’s snippets of conversation, or my hands moving to complete an action, or words i’m typing. (let me tell you, it’s so freaking bizarre when you’re consciously typing, thinking about what you’re typing, and simultaneously remembering typing it before, and knowing what you’re about to type despite not yet knowing. and then seeing it happen. i think a lot of people reading this would be like “what?” but i know there’s someone out there who knows exactly what i mean)

for a long time in my teenage years i told people i’d see coloured figures, like auras without physical people, just hanging around out there in the world, but due to health issues a lot of my teenage memories are gone, and the only memory i have of that stuff is the recollection of me telling people about it, and remembering it while telling people. it’s really weird. i sometimes think maybe i made that up?? but i don’t understand why i’d do that when i do actually see other things sometimes.

once, my family visited this old historic building, and i remember seeing a woman in a maid’s outfit duck through a doorway. but she wasn’t actually there. so. idk.

my great-grandmother (or great-great grandmother?) on my mother’s side used to sell love spells to the people in her Indian village. my mother told me about it when i was little. my [great] great grandmother would write a spell on parchment, and the client had to go home and burn it in their fire. and she would curse people, in exchange for payment. that’s all i know about that. but my grandmother (also on my mother’s side) used to have some kind of power, i never got to ask about it while she was still alive. (she was an awesome woman. one of the first women in her country and generation to go to university.)

personally, having been raised as a muslim, i always felt really disconnected from the culture and practices of the religion, even though i believe in the supernatural aspects of it right down to my core. that’s despite my ultimate acknowledgement of facts being deeply rooted in hard science. recently (like, in the past few months) i’ve started to rediscover my faith - directly following on from a quiet interest in the pinterest & instagram aesthetics of paganism and new age magic, which as a concept i was never really sure about. i just really liked how it looked. basically, it clicked in my brain that islamic prayers could, in essence, just be spells. you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. they might not work. but that’s the beauty of it.

a few weeks ago i stumbled across a prayer on tumblr, and read its intended purpose: “Allah will grant whoever recites this seven times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next”.

and… i started to think, maybe the purpose is not to actually do that. nothing ought to be a get-out-of-jail-free/do-this-and-your-life-is-made type thing. maybe the purpose is to make you believe nothing can go wrong. and that every bad thing that happens–? it happens so that you can learn from it. and eventually, after many things change, you realise what you desire was not the thing you thought you desired. (idk how to explain that. an example from my life: i really wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. then i got sick, dropped out of school. and now i’m a writer. i want to be a writer more than i ever wanted to be a vet. i had to get sick and my life had to fall apart before i could discover that. writing was never something i’d have considered before.)

my point is, if you believe everything that happens to you will ultimately be a good thing, bad things don’t hurt so much.

and if you take something as a sign, it’s a sign. it’s just your own brain taking hints from the world around you and using them to conjure up a decision. if you wanna believe it’s magic, it is.

personally i like protection prayers/spells and just…generally positive ones. i say prayers for sick friends, people who i see on my tumblr dash who are having a bad time, and if i see or hear about disasters or worldwide events. i’m not expecting it to have a visible impact, but like.. what’s the harm? at the very least it makes me feel like i did something if i don’t have money to give, or i can’t be there with a friend, or the world is falling apart and i’m helpless. praying or saying a spell is just hoping, really, really hard. if some greater being is out there, listening? cool. (but what if god doesn’t wanna do anything? maybe it’s like my cupcake theory. god puts the ingredients in a baking tray, shoves it in the oven, forgets about it. the universe rises as a cupcake. god made it. but the universe is doing its own damn thing.)

regarding tarot cards: again, it’s self-reflection. you can believe answers come from outside influences, but it’s easily just as much about interpreting generic advice and making it mean something to you. but personally i’ve drawn random cards, and known that no other card in the deck would’ve been as relevant at that moment. i’ve used tarot cards to determine the endings for my stories, and coincidentally pulled cards that directly represent my title characters.

one time i was thinking about my fic “The Moonlighter and the Magician” and the card i pulled first was The Magician. and i was like gee thanks tarot cards that’s helpful. (but actually? it meant those cards were on the same wavelength as me. think about it. 78 cards, there’s a one in 78 chance i pull that one on my first try.)

apart from my wonky first-ever tarot readings with the Rider-Waite travel-size tarot deck (which belonged to my mother), i’ve never pulled anything that didn’t eventually make sense. i use The Wild Unknown cards now, i relate to them so much more. plus they’re mine, not borrowed or abandoned for years, which probably helps. (buying those cards was the most money i ever spent on anything. i don’t regret it.)

is any of this like the show ‘supernatural’? not really. the closest i can say my experiences have come to the show would be the episode “faith”. just, the whole episode. it doesn’t matter if it’s the real deal, so long as it works. and boy, does it work for me. and a lot of other people.

like i said, all the spirit-like entities i’ve encountered have been perfectly benign. no monsters, except things i’m pretty sure are nightmares.

but on that note, i take a lot of things to help me sleep. if i didn’t, i’d be waking up screaming night and day (i hit whistle register while screaming, once). i see faces in the dark and creatures in my bedroom, even when my eyes are closed and i’m awake. i sleep with a light on, and i prefer to sleep in the day. i cannot even deal with the presences in my room.

for that matter, my room is definitely the most presence-heavy room in the house. now, although it’s obviously just in a drafty area, i feel the cold spots. all. the. time. i’m feeling one right now as i type this. the door and window are both closed. the heater is always on. the draft comes from the same corner of the ceiling my cat stares at when she’s “staring into space”. there’s definitely something there, but it legit doesn’t bother me. it watches me get dressed sometimes, but it’s not weird about it. like i said, benign.

i feel energy everywhere i go. i can’t stay in my family’s open plan living room comfortably for more than a few minutes, because that room is filled with people and pets coming and going all freaking day, and even when it’s empty, it’s so LOUD. there’s vibrations and voices coming out of the walls, because the house absorbs it all. as a generally tired person, that room exhausts me. i can only stay there if i have social energy. (yes, even an empty room.)

i am so, so sensitive to people’s moods and the energy they let out (to the point where i burst out screaming if i see a negative microexpression during a personal conversation). i find phone calls very difficult, not just because of social anxiety, but because i can’t sense energy as easily as i want to, and is natural for me. skype calls aren’t the same as being there in person. a lot of this could also be autism-related, but nearly everything about me is autism-related, because i’m autistic. go figure.

one time, the day i had my first period, i passed out in a maths exam. all the other times in my life, i’ve seen black or maybe red when i passed out, but this time it was a striking cobalt blue. and i heard SO MANY VOICES, i thought the whole classroom was full of people shouting. my P.E. teacher was observing that exam, she carried me out of the room and lay me on the floor outside. i told her about the voices, she looked at me in confusion and said “there were no voices?? the whole room was silent for the exam.” obviously that was a weird day, but given the amount of times i’ve lost conciousness in my life, before and after that day, i know the warm muggy feeling of slipping away, and i guarantee that one was just a little bit not-normal.

my cat Wilson follows me everywhere. if you’ve ever seen a picture of a witch and her familiar, that’s me and Wilson. she leaves the house if i leave, and she’ll walk down the road beside me to make sure i stay safe. she only lets me leave completely if i go in a car, but even then, she tries to come too. i know what she says when she talks. she speaks in words for me. it translates naturally in my head without a thinking process.

there was this one time when i was about 15 my parents took me to an after-hours medical centre because apparently i was ~speaking in tongues~ or whatever. i don’t remember it, i remember ‘waking up’ with a doctor’s flashlight in my eyes, crying, then holding my sister’s hand as we looked at the fish in the fishtank afterwards. i can’t say how legit that is because i just.. don’t remember it.

one time as a kid, i am absolutely sure i was possessed for about 30 seconds. i was walking down the street on a balmy English afternoon, pine needles scattered underfoot, with my elderly grandmother (paternal), my grandfather, and my sister. i must’ve been 6 or 7? and a streak of evil just bolted through me. and i stuck out my foot and my grandmother fell flat on her face. my grandfather tried to help her up, a car driving by pulled up and asked if they needed help, grandfather said no, and got her back to her feet. i can’t remember if i felt remorse. i think i just knew instinctively that it wasn’t me who did it. but like.. i wasn’t just A Nice Kid, okay, i was The Nicest Kid. i just don’t do things like that. ever. especially not to a kind and generous grandmother who i love so very dearly. i never had before, and i never have since. that’s the single most evil thing i’ve ever done in my life and it came out of nowhere. being more aware now, i think it was a djinn (aka a demon in christian beliefs, i think). they’re known for being mischievous. (my grandmother was fine, by the way. this is the first time i’ve told anyone about this.) now i think about it, i remember cobalt blue behind my eyes then, too.

whoops, this is a really long post now. but uh… basically, i’ve just always been open to feeling these things, and believing in what i sense for myself, without subscribing to whether or not the science has been done yet. in fact, i think i’m open to it because i experienced the same stuff when i was young. the energy i feel is very much real to me, completely tangible. i’ve never been able to see auras, but i feel them on some people. i think just being open to feeling something makes it more likely to come to you. i try not to ignore my instincts (because they’re always right. always.) but i find it’s super hard to distinguish between anxiety (which i feel often) and magical ability (which is far less commonly felt). also sometimes the instinct is so faint it doesn’t even become a passing thought, just a blur of something i half-considered. but in hindsight i realise what it ought to have been, had i paid proper attention.

i can comfortably manage to go outside in bare feet, shut my eyes and let the moonlight do its thing. it has an immensely powerful energy, i always feel cleaner inside when i go back in. (my cat Wilson sometimes asks me to go outside with her when there’s a full moon. almost every night, especially on warm nights, but even freezing ones, we can just stand out there for an hour together. watching the moon set is transcendent. far more so than a sunset.)

right now, due to years of bad health, i have to force some natural abilities away (like the nightmares) because they’re too much for me to handle. i think as i recover, over time it’ll be easier for me to accept that stuff back into my life.

oh, one more thing, regarding my health - i have celiac disease, which has kept me essentially bedridden for the last 7+ years - WHICH BY THE WAY, my family spent literally 9 years trying to diagnose. my doctor kept doing an anaemia test, telling me there was nothing wrong with me and sending me back to school. i saw various specialists, herbalists, a naturopath, physiotherapists, cardiologists, had an MRI scan, saw family counsellors, school counsellors, a hypnotist, etc etc - basically consulted every medical professional under the sun when a simple blood test would’ve done it. stupid misogynistic doctor who thinks all teenage girls fake it to get out of school.

but one thing we did do was visit a psychic, who told me i had something called a candida. my dad, a sceptic and nonbeliever, googled it and said it was “some kind of magical thing in the gut”, and was therefore bullshit, so we continued the search for a diagnosis. years later - years - after a change of doctor (who i chose because i got a good vibe from her picture) we find out it’s celiac disease, a disease of the gut. of the hundreds of people we saw, the only ones to even pinpoint the right body part were the psychics. i googled candida just now and guess what? literally celiac disease. this woman diagnosed me with celiac disease by kneeling at my feet, holding my hand, and shutting her eyes for 30 seconds.

for the record, slightly off topic, i know very few men in real life, and this is what the men in my life have been. my doctor, dismissing me as a liar because i was a teenage girl. and my father, dismissing my declining health as “not trying hard enough”, even now, more than a year after i was diagnosed by a doctor. i think this is why i take refuge with male fictional characters. they’re better. i want them to be soft and understanding like the men i’ve never known.

anyway, this is the part of my life’s story i never really pieced together until right now. it’s a lot, more than i expected. i happily call myself a witch. most of my magic goes into my stories, and i think a lot of people who read them feel it, even if they translate it as passion or love or good vibes or something. the amazing comments i get would speak to that. i love the energy i get from comments, because it does come through in typed words, even if it’s much fainter than seeing people face-to-face. some comments just hit me with waves of goodness, even if the words themselves aren’t so powerful. so i really appreciate that stuff. it’s good stuff.

yep. that’s all. i hope this satisfies your curiosity, anon!!! <3

donmaidonmai  asked:

Hi so I fell in LOVE with your art (it's so good hooo boy) and I was looking through your tictail and holy mother of god my heart was not okay when I saw your kuroo and bokuto portraits asdfjkdalsdk I think it actually stopped for a moment haha. Anyways I know your commissions are closed but I was wondering if you were ever planning on doing a similar oikawa portrait sometime in the future? (shameless tooru fangirl at heart here) oh my lord these boys will be the death of me

hello!!!! firstable WAHHHH THANK U ;___; i’m so glad u think so :’))))

i did start an oikawa portrait in that style like,, a year back??

but it…… got some criticism that’s made me not wanna finish it hkjhfdsdkfd so i guess its doomed to be a wip forever but i guess i might start a new one at some point?? this sort of semi-realism loose paintin style is always rly fun when im in the mood for it :’))

u need a mother ? someone to call and make sure ur ok and eating ? you need a place to stay and relax ? you wanna watch masterchef junior and chopped with ur favorite witch mom and cry @ how cute and talented the little ones are and what an actual mess the older ones are ? congrats u have a mom ! piper is ur mom ! she loves u, wants the best for u and sometimes she’ll pinch ur cheeks just to piss u off (:  look no further. you’ve 1), a hot mom, 2) always ready to fight with u or for u and 3) be ready to gain 3000 pounds and say goodbye to jeans. like / reblog to interact with the cutest mom ( tyvm ) piper ( pippy ) halliwell, eldest sister of the charmed ones.

Chapter Two: The Kingsroad

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It had been about a month since we had arrived in Winterfell and a few weeks since Bran had fallen from the tower. He hadn’t woken up yet and I prayed everyday for him and his family.

Robb and I had been taking walks everyday, sometimes switching it up and riding our horses. We got more and more comfortable with each other everyday.

I also had been visiting Bran everyday, reading some of my favorite books to him. I figured that since this was my family now, I should act like it. I had learned to love each and every one of them. Arya and I would do archery in the courtyard and Sansa and I would talk over our needlework. And little Rickon would read with me when we had spare time.

Meanwhile, my actual family was acting strange. My father would disappear with Lord Stark while my mother and Uncle Jaime would whisper to themselves, glancing around with alarmed eyes.

Robb and I had just gotten back from our morning ride and he had offered to put away our horses as I was running late for breakfast with my family. It was to be our last breakfast together for awhile as they were departing for Kings Landing today.

I saw that I wasn’t the only one to be running late for breakfast when I saw Joffrey and my Uncle Tyrion arguing up ahead.

“… it is what is expected of you. And your absence has already been noted,” my uncle told Joffrey. They must be talking about Bran. Joffrey hadn’t gone to see Bran or offer his condolences to Lord and Lady Stark.

“Well why would I?” Joffrey retorted. “The boy means nothing to me, and I can’t stand the wailing of women.”

It was then that my Uncle slapped Joffrey across the face. I stopped short and watched as Joffrey threatened to tell out mother, but Tyrion only slapped him again. It was at this point that I giggled at my brother’s shocked and slightly alarmed face. It was at this point that they both noticed me.

“Now, here is a prime example of royal behavior,” Uncle Tyrion said as he gestured to me. “Leina has gone practically everyday to visit Bran, why can’t you be more like her!?”

Now this was not the smartest thing that Tyrion has ever said. Joffrey might be a coward, but he really didn’t like me. And comparing the two of us, saying that I am the better sibling, wasn’t gonna go well.

Joffrey seemed like he was going to charge at me, taking two giant steps towards me as I took two rushed steps back, bumping into a hard chest. I tilted my head upwards and saw Robb standing there. He grabbed my upper arms soothingly and I saw Joffrey stop short. He grunted and rushed back to the castle.

“Are you alright?” Robb asked me quietly.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I answered and after a short pause I said, “Breakfast is going to be interesting.”

“Do you want to have breakfast with me and my siblings instead?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t,” I said and I kissed his cheek. “I will be just fine, but thank you.”

I walked with my uncle to my last family breakfast. It was going to be sad saying goodbye to Myrcella and Tommen, but it was going to be relieving to see my mother and uncle Jaime leave.

“Bread… and two of those little fish,” Tyrion declared as he walked into the room where we were to eat breakfast. “And a mug of dark beer to wash it down… and bacon, burnt black.”

I sat next to Tommen and across from Myrcella and the farthest I could from my mother. I grabbed some food and put a little on my plate, taking a drink from my goblet.

“Is Bran going to die?” Myrcella asked me. I choked a bit on the juice I had just sipped from.

“Apparently not,” Tyrion answered for me, causing a relieved smile to come across my sister’s face, but an alarmed one to come onto my mother’s.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“The Maester says the boy may live,” Tyrion responded, taking a drink from his goblet as my mother and her twin shared a glance.

“It’s no mercy having a child linger in such pain,” mother said after a brief pause.

“Only the Gods know for certain, all the rest of us can do is pray,” I interrupted, earning a glare from my mother.

“Yes, Leina, of course,” she responded somewhat sarcastically.

“Dear sister, it seems the charms of the North have been entirely lost on you!” Tyrion said as he reached for more bacon.

“I still can’t believe you are going, it’s ridiculous even for you.”

“Where is you sense of wonder? It is the greatest structure in the world! All I plan to do is stand at the top and piss over the edge of the world,” Tyrion rambled.

This caused me, and the other two children to giggle at our uncle’s antics.

“Children don’t have to hear your filth,” my mother said disgustedly. “Come.”

Myrcella and Tommen got up and followed our mother out of the room. I didn’t bother.

“Leina?” my mother called. “Come.”

“No thank you, mother,” I told her. “I haven’t finished my breakfast.”

“… very well,” she said as she continued out of the room.

“Even if the boy wakes,” Jaime said. “He will be a cripple. I’d choose death over a life like that anytime.”

“Speaking as a cripple, I’d have to disagree,” Tyrion responded.

“If Bran does wake, I’m curious to hear what he has to say,” I told Jaime.

“Sometimes, my dear niece, I wonder whose side you’re on,” he told me.

“My dear uncle, you wound me,” I said sarcastically. “You know how much I love my family.”

“Yes, Leina, and which family are you speaking of? The Lannisters… or the Starks?”

That afternoon my family departed for Kings Landing, leaving me in Winterfell. My mother and older brother wouldn’t say goodbye to me, but my younger siblings cried as they hugged me goodbye. I did, however, cry when I said goodbye to my father. I would miss him the most.

Hours after they had all departed, Robb and I made our way to Bran’s chambers. We could hear arguing going on inside the room before the guard had even opened the door.

“I cannot leave!” Catelyn was telling Maester Luwin. “What if he wakes and I am not here for him?”

“But, My Lady,” Maester Luwin responded. “There are duties that need to be fulfilled now that Lord Stark is gone. New appointments to the staff need to be made and-.”

“I can help with my mother’s duties,” Robb interrupted as we stepped into the room.

“Yes, Robb can take care of my duties until Bran wakes,” Catelyn responded.

“Well alright then, shall we-” Maester Luwin was interrupted once more with shouts of the word ‘FIRE’ being heard outside Bran’s chambers.

“There’s a fire at the other side of the castle!” a guard yelled as he burst into the room.

“I’ll go, Mother,” Robb said, squeezing my hand before kissing me on the forehead. “Stay here, alright love?”

I nodded to him as him and Maester Luwin rushed out of the room. I turned and sat on the other side of Bran’s bed, stroking his hair out of his face.

I had just opened up my mouth to say something to Catelyn when the door burst open once again. But this time it wasn’t someone coming to warn us. It was a tall man with a large knife in his hand.

“You weren’t supposed to be here,” he said, clearly conflicted in what he was supposed to be doing.

“And where were we supposed to be then?” Catelyn questioned as she carefully stood up.

“Anywhere but here, but I guess now that you’ve seen me I can’t let you live either….”

I screamed as he stepped forward, tackling Catelyn to the ground. I rushed over to help as Catelyn grabbed the knife that he was holding with both of her hands, gasping in pain as it cut through her skin.

I was able to help knock the knife out of his hand before the attacker slapped me across the face, catching me off guard causing me to fall to the ground. I stumbled back up and punched him in the eye before he could grab Catelyn again, but he threw me across the room, hitting the table near Bran’s bed.

The lantern that was on the table fell and the glass shattered around me, cutting my hands and burning my arms. I shrieked again as the man grabbed me around my throat and slammed me into the cold stone wall of the castle.

I choked as my feet dangled in the air and my vision went blurry when my head was banged hard against the wall twice. Right before I blacked out I saw Bran’s direwolf, Summer, knock over the attacker and tear out his throat.

I tried to sit up, but I got dizzy and had to slowly drag myself away from the man’s bleeding body.

“Leina, sweetheart,” I heard Catelyn across the room, making her way towards me. Only her hands were cut up, but otherwise she seemed fine. “Are you alright?”

“I…. I don’t know,” I struggled to say, my vision going extremely blurry.

“Leina! Mother!” Robb yelled as he burst into the room.

His worried face as he lifted me off the ground was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

What I pictured Leina wearing:




Why can't I be happy about being a mom?

       Why, as a teen mother, am I not allowed to be happy about my pregnancy, and my child? Why do I get to miss out on the experience just because of my age? This is my first child. This tiny human being is growing inside of me, this tiny human being that I’m falling more and more in love with as each day passes.
       Why am I not allowed to look at my child like a blessing?
       Why can’t I be excited about having my own family?
       Having a family is never easy for anyone. Age does not define maturity. I was never a ‘partier’, and even if I were, my past doesn’t define my future. And my pregnancy doesn’t define who I am.

       Why do people feel they have the right to tread of me and my pregnancy (which is actually a sensitive subject sometimes) and make me feel less than human?

       My advice to other teen mothers going through this; Their words don’t define who you are as a person; it defines them. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. People will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim–

       you’re great. And I’m sorry you have to deal with the stigma. Stay strong. You aren’t alone, you never will be now. You have this beautiful baby. You have a family.   


Actual Request: “Can you do a fluffy Elijah where reader has a little girl with previous relationship and she reluctant to progress in a relationship with Elijah as his a vampire, but his really good with her child and cute? :)”

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

“No – sweetie leave it, it’s not a toy it’s Elijah’s tie please!”

However your daughter is determined to bite that tie. You are way too tired for handling Y/D/N’s mischievous behaviors but Elijah seems amused.

“I’m really sorry.” you say. “I’ll buy a new one, okay?”

“Oh, please,” he says and gives you a kiss. “I love the way she plays, she’s such a cuteness.”

“I can’t understand you sometimes.” you murmur and put your daughter in her cradle. “Do you actually like kids?”

“It depends on the mother.” he teases you and you roll eyes. “Being the only oldest taking care of the little ones gives you an instinct.” he explain. “My elder brother never liked any of us that much so I took care of the rest of them. Let’s say it’s my life time job, taking care of the little ones.”

You go to him wrap your arms around his neck, kissing his nose.

“You good old vampire.” you smile. “Saving the day, getting the girl and playing with the child… Aren’t you a superhero or something?”

“Sweetheart I’m the bad guy in the superhero stories.”

“And such a bad boy clishé.” you laugh at him as he goes to your daughter’s cradle.

“Hello, Y/D/N,” he says as he cuddles her. “Your mother told me that you like my ties.” She giggled. “Is that a yes?” he grins and gives her a forehead kiss. “I’ll see you monday, tell your father that he’s such a lucky guy since I’m not allowed to rip his heart out.”


“What?” he objects. “She needs to know that!”

“She doesn’t need to hear that her mother’s boyfriend is a heart ripper, don’t you think?”

“Well she’ll understand, babies grow fast.”

After Midnight

This was inspired by this awesome imagine: X so creds to the original author :)

Summary: The reader left Peter a year ago, and still wonders if she made the right decision. Peter has to put his two-sense in, naturally. (kinda sorta dark-ish Pan??? maybe???) 

“Knock knock,” My mother poked her head through the door. “Time for bed, love.”

         “But Mom, I’m almost done with this chapter, and-”

         “Y/N, it’s after midnight!” She laughed lightly, which turned into a yawn. “You can finish your book tomorrow. Off to bed with you, come on. Do I need to tuck you in?”

         “No,” I told her, biting my lip to suppress my smile. She just shook her head and crossed the room, securing me under the covers and placing a tender kiss on my forehead. She set my book on top of my bookshelf and turned off the lamp. The only source of light in my small bedroom was the tiny nightlight in the corner and the full moon softly glowing through the window.

         My mother whispered, “Goodnight, love,” as she closed the door, and I was alone.

         I used to love being alone. I used to cherish the precious few minutes of silence that would allow me to be alone with my thoughts. But that was before…

         No. I squeezed my eyes shut and rolled onto my side, facing the wall. I wasn’t going to think about that. I had made the right decision. It was over a year ago. There was nothing I could do about it now.

         Still, there were parts of me that wondered… heinous curiosity that questioned what it would’ve been like if I hadn’t…

         Stop. Don’t do this to yourself. He told you that you only had one chance, and you made your choice.

         I don’t think I made a bad decision at all, actually. I loved my mother. I loved our brownstone in London. I loved my school and my books and birthday parties and future.

         But sometimes I found myself wondering if the things I loved were worth giving that up. Giving him up.

         But of course! I scowled at my train of thought. Mom was definitely worth it. She would lose her mind without me. And having a secure roof over my head was definitely worth it as well.

         As I laid there, struggling to fall asleep, I could still hear his voice in my head. Sometimes we have to do things for ourselves, without thinking about others. He had said when he was trying to convince me to stay. You belong here. You don’t have to go back.

         My heart felt heavy. I had wanted so badly to tell him that yes, I would stay with him, I would go anywhere with him. But I couldn’t do that to my mother. I couldn’t just abandon my life here for some… some boy…

         But he wasn’t just some boy.

         “Thinking of me?”

         I jumped, sheets tangling around me as I faced the boy that had plagued my mind since I had left him a year ago.

         He looked exactly the same- well of course he did; he would never change, never grow old, never experience a full life. He would forever be a teenager.

         His hair was slightly longer than I remember it, curling at the ends. His eyes were jade, but they may have just appeared dark because of the low lighting. He was still tall, with awkward broad shoulders and long fingers that he would never grow into. He was still the same.


         Peter Pan raised an eyebrow. “So you do remember me, then?” He shifted his weight. “I’m glad. I would’ve thought you’d have forgotten me by now- you’re happy enough without me, right? Got your mother to-”

         “Stop.” I ordered. My breathing had become labored pants; my palms were slick and the neck of my nightgown sticky. I closed my eyes tightly.

         “What was that?” I could hear him step closer, feet creaking across the hardwood.

         I bit down on my lower lip sharply. “You’re not real.”

         This made him laugh- a cold, humorless laugh that made my stomach churn. “What makes you say that?”

         “You’re not here.” I said, more for myself than him. “You’re not real. When I open my eyes, you’ll be gone.”

         Silence. Cautiously, I peeked.

         Peter was still standing there with his arms crossed and his tongue pressed against his cheek. “Maybe you should reconsider that statement.” He said coolly. “Because I am quite real, but not very forgiving- although I’m sure you already know that.”

         I just stared at him. How was any of this possible? Why had he come? I have to be dreaming; I have to be asleep…

         “I like your room.” Peter surveyed it with disinterest. “It’s very… what’s the word… mature.”

         He padded over to my desk and traced the edge of a photograph. “This your mother?” He asked, looking over his shoulder at me. “You look like her.”

         When that didn’t get a response out of me, he let out a breathy chuckle. “Are we playing the quiet game?” Peter inquired with a mischievous smirk. “I wish you would’ve told me. You know I love a good game.” He slowly came toward me. “Unfortunately, now’s not the time for games. You see, Y/N…”

         I quickly scooted away as he placed one knee on the edge of the bed, and then the other, crawling up to me until my back was pressed against the wall and his face was inches from mine, eyes half-lidded and crazed.

         “You made the wrong choice. I’ve come to make it right. I’ve come to bring you back to Neverland.”

         “No-” I tried to get out, but he chuckled and placed a finger against my lips.

         “No need to thank me.” He cooed, leaning closer so that his nose brushed mine. “I know what you need. I know what’s best for you. I know that you’ve regretted your decision since the words first passed your lips.”

         Peter’s finger ran over them for emphasis. He watched closely, exhaling softly and shakily as he did so.

         “We’re going, you and I,” he continued, voice dropping to a whisper. “Right now. I’m taking you away from here once and for all.”

         I pushed his hand off but still held it in mine so not to anger him. “Peter…”

         He was up in an instant, agitated and standing at the foot of my bed. “You’re not happy here, Y/N.” He ranted. “I can make you happy. I can do that. You tried with your mother, and she obviously isn’t doing something right.”

         “You’re wrong!” I spat. “You don’t know anything!”

         Peter quirked an eyebrow. “I don’t know anything? Really? Is that what you really think? Come on, surely you’re smarter than that.”

         “You’re wrong about this.” I tried again. “I am happy here.”

         His nostrils flared. “Y/N, you know better than to lie to me.”

         “And I’m not!” I insisted. “I happen to like my life here, Peter! I don’t need to do something selfish and outlandish to feel good.”

         As soon as I said the words, I wanted to take them back. I knew I had crossed a line, a very sensitive, very dangerous line. It was obvious from the flame that had ignited in Peter’s eyes that I was in deep trouble.

         “Selfish and outlandish?” He repeated slowly, almost emotionlessly. It was terrifying how still his composure was. I wished that he would scream and punch a wall. Anything but this scary, staring figure.

         Another soft chuckle. “Okay,” He nodded, licking over his lips. “I’ll show you selfish and outlandish.” Then he lunged.


I had been mulling over this ridiculous idea ever since last night when I was jolted awake in bed as that often happened when I had a lot on my mind. It was only that this time I began to let the idea get a mind of its own and it became much more. Now I just had to get Toni on board.

I had invited him over to my place, my feet comfortably laid across his lap as his eyes focused on the random movie we had found to watch on television. Our friendship usually revolved around sitting in each other’s homes and watching any movie we could only to later whine about how terrible it was or how we had found a new favorite movie.

A lot of the time, our opinions were on opposite sides of the spectrum. I loved ‘The Best of Me’. He hated it.

He nearly cried during ‘If I Stay’. I didn’t.

Yes, I made him watch romantic girly movies more often than not.

His eyes now were currently on the screen while we talked, my eyes drifting between him, my hands that were nervously shaking and the television. “So you’re leaving this weekend right? You excited?” He questioned in reference to my visit back home to see my parents. Here was my chance…

“Not really. It’s going to be the same thing that it usually is. My mom is going to whine and moan about how she doesn’t have any grandkids yet, my dad is going to make sure I know how worried he is about me living in Madrid alone and then my mother will join in and mention how I haven’t had a boyfriend in years. Lather, rinse, repeat,” I rolled my eyes.

Toni chuckled and looked to me sitting next to him. “That doesn’t sound too bad. That’s what parents do, no?”

“It’s just that my parents do it in an even more annoying fashion.” He nodded in understanding, turning his attention back to the action scene playing out in front of him. I bit down on my lip, hesitant to blurt out the question I had been thinking of asking since his arrival. I couldn’t wait any longer.

“You’re free this weekend right?”

It was then that he turned to look at me with curious eyes. “Yes…why?”

“You should come. You know…” I took my foot that was underneath me and stuck it out to the floor, beginning to rise from the couch nonchalantly and begin heading to the kitchen. “I could introduce you to my parents and hey, maybe you could even pretend to be my boyfriend!” I rushed out the last few words of my statement as I disappeared in the kitchen but I could hear Toni behind me.


I turned to see him entering the kitchen behind me, a confused look clouding his eyes.

“You should come…”

“No. What was the last part of what you said?”

I gulped nervously before sighing. “My parents won’t get off of my back unless they think I’m making progress here, or at least what they call progress. If you pretend to be my boyfriend, they would be ecstatic. You’re successful, smart, they’d love you and think that I really got myself together.”

He chuckled. “You’re serious?”

“Yes!” I stated defensively, crossing my arms over my chest. I thought this was a damn good plan but Toni just seemed amused like it was a joke. He took a moment to continue laughing before he stopped, realizing I was serious. “Okay, okay. I’m done laughing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive but…how is this all supposed to work? I’ll fly with you to their place, say ‘Tada! I’m her boyfriend!’ and then what?”

“I don’t know. We’ll wing it.”

“No way. We’re not winging it. I’m not that good of a liar. We’re rehearsing.”

“Rehearsing?” It was me who was laughing then. “What do we need to rehearse?”

“What about when they ask questions like how long we’ve been dating? I’m supposed to just make up an answer off of the top of my head? What if your answer is different than mine?”

“Fine. You’re right. Two months would be too short. They’d think you were a throwaway and we weren’t serious. How about six or ooh, no! Seven. I prefer odd numbers.”

He nodded in approval. “Seven. Now what about if they ask what we enjoy about each other or what we like to do together in our free time?”

I shrugged. “Make something up. I think you’re thinking too deep into this. They’re not rocket scientists. They’re not going to ask all of these questions.”

I sat across from my parents’ watchful gaze, Toni sitting at the dining table as well to my right. Ever since my arrival earlier in the day, my mother had been fawning in my ear over how I had chosen such a handsome man and how proud of me she was. My dad couldn’t believe that I had reeled in a Real Madrid player.

Literally. He destroyed my self-confidence in the process.

And now they were sitting at the dining room table as we ate an early dinner, goofy expressions on their faces like two school-aged children. So far, they hadn’t badgered me too much with questions on our relationship but I felt that was due to Toni being absent throughout the day as he had to take a few phone calls here and there. My parents didn’t seem to mind.

But now he was here, available for all of the questions they could ever think to ask. “So how long have you two been dating?”

We seemed to answer in unison but unfortunately with differing responses. “Six months.” “Seven months.”

Toni glared at me before readjusting his expression to a smile, now looking to my parents. “You’ll have to forgive her. She’s so forgetful,” he chimed in character. “It’s been seven months.”

I gave a forced smile, ready to agree with my ‘boyfriend’. “The time just goes so fast.” My parents were soaking it up especially my mother as she clasped her hands in front of her, resting her chin against them and letting go a romantic sigh. I wanted to burst into laughter right then but I held it in.

“So how did you two meet?”

My eyes widened before I realized and restored my gaze back to normal. Maybe Toni knew my parents better than I did. He had insisted on the plane ride here that there were going to be some unexpected questions and he had mentioned this one specifically. I could practically hear the conversation repeating in my head word for word.

“Don’t say we met at a game. That is so cliché,” I rolled my eyes. “Say we met at the market or something.”

“I don’t even go to the market!”

“Well think of something else,” I could remember suggesting.

I hoped he had thought of something in the time it took to get here. I turned to look at him, my eyes practically pleading for him to be the one to step up at this time because if it was going to be me, I was sure I was going to fumble my way through the entire story.

Confidently, Toni cleared his throat and began to smile. “I really think it was fate. I was out with a few friends and she walked in the room and it was like I couldn’t take my eyes off of her after that. I didn’t really have the courage to approach her at first but my friends kind of talked me into it. I’m glad I did.”

He stopped looking at my parents and then turned his head in my direction, intensely staring at me as he spoke and I couldn’t even break away from the look he gave me as it was too intense to. I was even beginning to believe his words as he spoke in a manner that was so detailed, so full of love that I was beginning to think we were in an actual relationship. “I’ve been in love with her ever since.”

We continued to look at each other, too entranced to break the stare until my father broke out into ‘Awws’ followed by my mother who was practically clapping her hands in joy. I snapped out of…whatever it was I was in and looked to them, smiling.

Dinner continued on with random questions and my parents finally allowing me to ask about how they were doing. I was still somewhat stuck on what had happened earlier in the dinner, sometimes sneaking glances to my right of Toni who just sat with a smile on his face looking as if he was as comfortable as ever at this table with my parents. He and my father had even begun exchanging jokes like they were old friends.

After we finished up dinner, I volunteered to clear the table and my parents were grateful as they instead took Toni off somewhere probably to talk his ear off. I just smiled to myself and shook my head. I cleaned off the dining room table and set the dishes in the dishwasher, for now leaving it as is.

I made way to the living room to sit and speak with my parents for a short period of time until they decided it was time for bed. Feeling sleepy myself, I soon followed suit along with Toni.

“Thank you. Again,” I spoke lowly as we made our way down the hall.

“It’s no problem,” he shrugged carelessly. “I like your parents. They’re cool. It was kind of fun,” he chuckled.

“What was that earlier?”

“What was what?”

“You know…the story you told about how we met. You seemed like you were actually…” I let my words trail off as Toni looked at me curiously, as if he didn’t know what my words were leading into. I bit down on my lip and shook my head. “Nevermind.”

We arrived at the split of the hall, my bedroom on the left and his on the right. Though my parents were happy to see me in a relationship, or what they thought was a relationship, they weren’t however willing to let me grow up enough to sleep in the same bedroom as Toni tonight.

“You may want to get some rest. Long day ahead,” he smiled, beginning to walk towards his bedroom.

“Goodnight, Toni.”

“Goodnight,” he called out in a pleasant tone as he walked into his room, shutting the door behind him. I was sure that I would be up for a while tonight, replaying the way that Toni looked at me at dinner over and over in my mind.

I guess the other thing that I’ve never quite placed my finger on is that desire for another person can be non-sexual and non-romantic, yet still separate from love. 

I love my mother, and I also love my friends. However, I have no desire to actually spend time with my mother, and a lot of desire to just be in the presence of some of my friends, even if we’re doing nothing. And there’s the longing to be with them, and the euphoria and afterglow from being with them, and that is definitely desire. 

And that means I totally WANT people, in a non-romantic manner. (Saying platonic would be inaccurate because sometimes there’s no deep love or friendship involved. Sometimes I just find someone’s personality very magnetic.) 

thedawnsky  asked:

God i love yoongi smut. Can u pls make me&him as husband&wife, about to attend one important family meeting but one thing leads to another then we ended up passionately making out under the rain hahaha ok thanks

Suga Fluffy Smut

“I now pronounce you as Husband and Wife.” After waiting 1 year, I finally turned from a fiancé to a wife. I am now married to the sweetest man in the world, my one and only Min Yoongi. He’s my world and my everything. Ever since the day we met, I knew I had fallen in love at first sight. We met 3 years ago, because our friends got us to meet as a blind date. It seems cheesy but I really did fall in love with Yoongi at first sight.

Today we were going to a fancy family dinner hosted by Yoongi’s parents. About 2 hours before the dinner, Yoongi was helping me decide on what dress to wear. “Which one? Black or White?” I asked. “Either. You’ll look beautiful in both” Yoongi smiled innocently at me. “Yah~ I’m serious. Eventhough we are married now, you still act how we were when we first started dating. You can be honest with me” I said. Yoongi sighed and pointed towards the white dress. I suppose it was because white is his favourite colour. I go to the bathroom to change when I suddenly felt a grip around my wrist. Yoongi was still sitting there, with his legs crossed, smirking at me. “Like you said, we are married now, so you don’t have to be embarrassed about your body. Just change here~” I was quite skeptical at first but since it was true I just stripped there. I was just wearing a tshirt and shorts so I slowly slipped off my shorts, bending down so he would have the perfect shot of my butt. As expected he got frustrated and lightly kicked my butt so I would hurry up. I giggled at his cuteness and got dressed a little quicker.

After fitting the dress, I pull my hair to one side and ask Yoongi to pull the zip up for me. He slowly zipped up the dress while leaving a trail of butterfly kisses from my back to the crook of my neck. He nibbled against my ear giving me a tingly feeling. “I love you” he said while giving me a peck on my cheek. “I love you too~” I smiled. We finished getting ready and but the time we actually finished it was time to go. We went to the car and like the gentleman he is, Yoongi opened the door for me. He went around to the other side and sat at the driver’s seat. He bent over to buckle my seat belt for me while giving a quick peck on the cheek. I laugh at his cheesiness sometimes but he’s too cute.

We arrived at Yoongi’s parents house, we got out the car and walked to the door, knocking on it. Out came Yoongi’s mother. “Oh, it’s lovely to see you again, ______. Have you been doing alright?” she asked. I nodded and smiled politely. She told me to come in and say hi to Yoongi’s father. I walked into the kitchen to help his mother with any preparations. “Oh dear, I forgot to buy some wine…._______ I know it seems rude to ask my daughter in law for favours but do you mind just buying a bottle of wine for the shop, about 2 roads away from here?” she asked embarrassed. I shook my head, saying it was no problem. As I was about to leave the house, Yoongi turned m around to ask where I was going. I explained to him the situation and he insisted that he would go with me. “I can’t let my Jagiya go by herself, it’s cold and dark now so there could be dangers lurking around the street!” I gave up and allowed him to go with me. His mother gave me the money to buy the wine and then we started walking to the shop.

Like his mother said, I saw the shop about 2 streets down. We walked in and the shopkeeper greeted us. “Hello, welcome, is there anything you want help with?” he asked nicely. “No we’re fine” Yoongi replied coldly. The two were giving each other death glares so I just started to look for the wine. Yoongi’s mother said she didn’t mind what brand, she just wanted some red wine. I just got the one that looked seemed high value and walked over to the counter. The two were still glaring at each other. I handed the wine over to Yoongi since he had the money. He took the bottle and smirked. “Could we also get a packet of condoms, PLEASE?” he said sarcastically. I giggled at his jealousy. The shopkeeper took a packet behind him, “small right?” he scoffed. Yoongi stared at the shopkeeper and gave a fake laugh. “No actually. King size” Yoongi said proudly. (A/N: throwback to that scandal😂🌝) The shopkeeper’s eyes widened as he didn’t expect such an answer. He hesitantly reached for the king sized condom and slid it over the counter. Yoongi gave the money over to him and bought the wine and condom.

We left the shop and Yoongi scrunched up the receipt and threw it away. “Why were you acting like that Jagiya?” Eventhough I said that, I find it cute how he was jealous just by the shopkeeper saying hi to me. “He was pissing me off…” he said coldly. I giggled. I gave him a long kiss on the lips and let’s just say: things got wet after that…

The rain came out of nowhere. We ran towards the nearest shelter we could find which was an ally way that actually had a cover. We stayed there for a while to wait for the rain to calm down a little. Yoongi wrapped his arms around me tightly. “Are you okay?” he asked softly. I nodded, giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek. “This rain isn’t going to stop anytime soon…” he whispered. Yoongi started to suck on my neck sensually. “Y-Yoongi~ We can’t do it here…” I barely say. His hands roamed around my body, outlining my curvy figure in the white dress. “Why not? We have a condom at the ready.” I could feel his smirk against my neck.

“B-But your parents are waiting for-” Before I could finish, Yoongi already shoved his excited tongue into my mouth, not allowing me to carry on. Unconsciously, my tongue started to move with his until we were in perfect sync. His tongue reached everywhere: my tongue, my teeth, even my gums. I couldn’t help but feel guilty over this, since my mother in law is probably waiting for me.

I suddenly felt a pair of cold fingers slide under my panties. I shiver at the cold wet touch. “Y-Y-Yoong-” Before I could finish helplessly calling his name, he forced me to lean back on him, allowing him to have easy access to any part of my body. He nibbled my sensitive earlobe whilst adding more pressure on his fingers on my clit. The sensation of his fingers never got old, everytime he would switch techniques, never allowing me to get used to his rhythms. When my lower region was wet enough, he inserted his 2 fingers into me, pumping them at a fast pace.

He twists and turns his fingers, making sure I got pleasure in each thrust. Yoongi curls his fingers and pushes in deeper. “F-Fuuck…” I moan. His fingers were magic. Each time he would hit my g-spot, force the butterflies to flutter more and allow my juices to flow. I could here something being ripped and I could tell what it was. “Time for the real thing” he said seductively whilst licking his fingers covered in my precum. He allowed me to suck his fingers to taste myself also.

After opening the packet, he unzips his trousers and boxers, allowing him to have more freedom to move. Also he carefully removes my panties down to my knees. Slowly, Yoongi puts the condom on. Of course it fitted him perfectly. Giving me a kiss on the cheek from behind, he asked “ready?” I nod. “Fuck!” His large size penetrated right into me with no struggle. My walls clenched around his cock. I was already wet enough to have friction between me and him with the help of the rubber. Our moans merged, making our sounds even louder, but at that point we didn’t care anymore. Having sex with Yoongi will never get old. “________, I’m gonna cum..!” As if it was a race, I released my cum first with satisfaction. Soon after, his seeds released as well. We quickly shared one last messy kiss before hurrying back to Yoongi’s parents house for the dinner party.

“Sorry we took so long, we wanted to wait a bit for the rain to slow down a bit” I apologise. Yoongi’s mother shook her head, saying no worries. “Yoongi! Pull up your zipper, your family have already arrived and you can’t be like that!” my mother in law says. I giggle at him, receiving a small pout afterwards.

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Request: Could you make an imagine about Bellamy Blake where instead of wells shooting the panther, you did, so you saved Bellamys life and when you get back to camp you still have your wristband on which means you can’t get food but Bellamy comes over and gives food to you because you saved his life then you can make up the rest



Literally this request is over a month old I give you full permission to punch me lmao


               “There are no laws here.”

               The words Bellamy Blake shouted over the crowd rolled over your head over and over again throughout the night. The shock of being on the ground was slowly starting to wear off, until Clarke, Octavia, Jasper, Monty and Finn left to find supplies on Mount Weather.

               Clarke had been your best friend since you could remember, and because of that, you also ended up befriending Wells. Lately you had been caught in between the two, and while you did think Clarke had every right to be mad at him, Wells deserved to be forgiven. However, when you voiced this opinion to her, she closed off and said you should stay at the camp to make sure the delinquents don’t kill each other.

               You did. Well’s needed a hand in convincing the others to keep on their wristbands. He was right- you couldn’t survive alone, no matter how much you yourself hated a majority of the Ark. Most people wondered how you even befriended Clarke and Well’s, considering you were born so below their station. An orphan who was coincidentally thrown into the wrong class, the class for all the privileged children. However, that fated day you befriended Clarke and she begged her mother to make a motion to let you stay. You’d been inseparable since.

               Now, back to the present. The various shouts of teenagers cut their way through your tent, and you gave an annoyed growl, scrunching your features together. Finally, after having enough, you threw your blankets off of your body and stomped over to where the band of hooligans were.

               Bellamy, of course, was in the middle of all the commotion. He annoyed you so much- why was he even here?! He was older than all of you, he was an awful leader, he was an ASS-

               “I see you still have on your wristband.” His deep voice was directed towards you, and you stopped a few feet away from where he stood. The crowd around him quieted down a bit to watch you. You briefly looked down to catch the glinting metal.

               “I see you’re still lacking brain cells.” You bit back sharply. A few of the others “ooohed” and whispered insults and compliments alike, but you didn’t care.

               He smirked, but it was cold, fake. The dark haired man walked towards you, and for a second, you felt your anger bubble up- it was even the way he walked that annoyed you- like… like he had any authority here-

               “You need to take it off.”

               “I thought you said there were no rules here. Or, was I mistaken?” You raised your eyebrows, briefly flickering your gaze away from him to notice Murphy sharpening his knife on a log. “Where’s Wells?”

               “He decided to finally realize the importance-“ he stepped forward again, but you didn’t falter, “of compromisation.”

               You narrowed your eyes. “What did you do to hi-“

               “(Y/N)!” You turned, flicking your hair out of your eyes. “(Y/N)!” There, Wells and Clarke and the others were pushing their way towards you, shoving others out of the way. Except for Jasper.

               “What’s wrong? What happened?” You looked to Clarke, then briefly searched behind her and Octavia. “Where’s Jasper?!” You whispered.        

               “They- they took him.” She wheezed out. You put a hand on your shoulder.

               “Who? Who took him?” You looked into her blue eyes, wide with fright, and you hoped one day they wouldn’t be frightened and worried anymore.

               “I don’t know- (Y/N), I think- I think there are people here.” She whispered the last part. Your eyes widened, and you dropped your hand from her shoulder.

               That changed everything.

               “We’ll figure that out later. First, we need to go after Jasper.”

               “No. No, you’re not.” Bellamy said. Your nostrils flared and you rolled your eyes.

               “Did you find the mountain? With the supplies?” You asked Octavia, who stood beside Clarke.

               “No. We- we saw it…” She stuttered. You nodded.

               “We need to go. I’ll get some supplies gathered up.” Wells said, darting to the side and through the crowd.

               But Bellamy wasn’t having that. What would the others think if he couldn’t even control that stupid little group, or even his own sister?



               Your hands were shaky as Bellamy pulled Clarke out of the pit. She had nearly fallen in and would have died instantly, but he saved her, surprisingly.

               Jasper was untied, but he couldn’t walk. Wells supported the skinny boy who wheezed and looked like he was nearly see-through.

               But suddenly, a roar could be heard in the distance. Bellamy turned and patted his side for his gun, but it wasn’t there. Instead, it was in the grass a few feet away from you. You sprinted, barely making it in time to pick it up, turn the safety off and shoot the black panther that nearly sunk it’s claws into the oldest Blake.

               You breathed, dropping the gun that was still warm in your hands. Your heart was beating fast- you’d never used a gun before. And you never wanted to. But you did.

               Bellamy’s big brown eyes looked towards you, then the gun, then back to you again. Before anyone else could say anything, you muttered something along the lines of having to get Jasper back to camp, and you left the gun on the grass for Bellamy.


               You sat by the fire, taking in everyone conversing and feasting. Bellamy’s minions had carried the panther back, and people were greatful for the meat. However, you and the others didn’t get any.

               Clarke was talking with Finn while Wells and Monty were probably with Jasper. Meanwhile, you sat alone, drawing random designs in the dirt. Your stomach growled as you caught another whiff of the food. There might’ve even been drool coming out of your mouth.

               “Hey.” A deep voice shook you from your thoughts. Your eyes looked up to meet Bellamy’s awfully warm brown ones. How could someone who had such beautiful eyes be such a jack ass?

               There were a couple more moments of silence before your eyebrow raised in question. He cleared his throat, and brought his hand out from behind his back to offer a large hunk of the panther meat to you.

               “You’ve suddenly decided not to let me starve to death?” You slowly took the meat in your hands, trying not to give him the satisfaction of devouring it like a wild animal. “Did you do something to it?” You grinned.

               He snorted. “No.” Then, he went as far as to sit down beside you. SIT DOWN beside YOU. Wow, he was being nice today. He awkwardly fiddled with his sleeve a bit more. “Thank you.” He said. You turned towards him, your mouth already full of food as you ungraciously tore at it.

               “For what?”

               “You know what.” He muttered. You nearly laughed, but decided not to.

               “Some people do have basic human values.” You took another bite of the meat, and swallowed. “Besides, I didn’t thank you for saving Clarke.”

               “That doesn’t matter. You saved my life. You had no reason to.” With this, his eyes trained down towards your wrist band, and you naturally moved your hand away a bit. “I’m not going to take it off. I’m going to leave your precious wristband alone.”

               You looked towards him, nodding. You shared a few seconds of intense staring before you breathed out, “Thank you.”

               With that, you both sat in silence for a while. It was a comfortable silence, except for your unceremonious chewing and his fingers tapping against his leg.

               “You know,” You interrupted, “I guess you’re not that bad after all.”

               “Not that bad?” He raised an eyebrow, grinning a bit.

               “Yea. I mean, you fed me. Tomorrow you might even let me have shelter!” With this, he laughed.

               “I remember seeing you around, on the ark, you know.” He started. “You probably didn’t notice me. I was a janitor. Before I came down here.” He paused for a second, composing himself. You guessed there was more to that than he let on, but you let it be.

               “I’m surprised you noticed me. I was that one weird kid with all the special kids.” You said.

               “I was actually going to ask you about that.” Bellamy muttered. “How do you not want to take off your wristband? How do you not hate all of the council and the chancellor? Everyone knows your story. Your mother…”

               You tensed, and he stopped talking. “One, because I love Clarke and Wells. They’re my best friends. And two, while yes, sometimes or most of the time I might hate the council, but I think Well’s is right. We can’t survive down here on our own.” You thought about what Clarke said before, about people being here, but bit your tongue, not telling Bellamy about it.

               Why was it so easy to talk to him?

               “We can survive on our own. I can protect us. I can protect you.”

               “I don’t need protecting, thank you. And you keep telling yourself that pretty boy.” You snickered.

               “You think im pretty?” He feigned shock, and you playfully pushed him over. This time, he smiled, not grinned, but genuinely smiled, and you cursed that dreaded quickening in your heart. “If it matters, you’re much prettier than I am.”

               You tried keeping your face serious, tried not to break into a smile, but it didn’t work to well. “If flattery’s your motive for trying to get my wristband off, it’s not going to work.”

               “Bellamy!” Someone called from the crowd by the fire. “Someone got stuck climbing a tree and they can’t get down!” You assumed it was one of his minions, and you had to hold in a laugh, but you couldn’t help but let out a little snicker.

               “Good luck, Blake.”

               He looked down at you with those warm brown eyes- how you hated them just 24 hours ago- and said, “Thank you again, (Y/N.)”

               You watched him go, wanting to tell Clarke to punch you in the face for allowing your heart to quicken at his smile, but you couldn’t. Instead you just bit your lip, shaking your head and counted backwards from 100. It always helped to forget things you wanted to forget.

               But you had an aching feeling that you wouldn’t be forgetting this fleeting feeling anytime soon.

screen-goddess  asked:

Having pluto in the 1st house, my mother did not just went through hell during labor but for the whole pregnancy and almost had a miscarriage twice, and they actually told her that she should abort me cus it was gonna be a tough pregnancy, sometimes I regret she chose to keep me but then I love her for not doing it idk

pluto in the first house is a very sacred, highly vibrating spirit, one that is a conscious conduit for the mystic riches of the divine, your presence in the world is very important and i for one am very happy she knew you were worth all of the agony.

thanks a lot for your insight

beginners chapter 12

[korra and asami at university, or: asami is a little bit of a lonely genius and korra is a bad ass soccer player, and sometimes terrible things happen, but they’re really very in love with each other.

chapter 12, or: they kind of both want forever, and asami tells korra everything. // ao3.]

[trigger warning: death mention, violence mention.]


mother, look out through my eyes (look at what you made)


mother, do you remember how it all actually ends? it’s always unclear which set of hips is altar and which is sacrifice: they blur from the same place. it’s always unclear who loses with all those ghosts. how young of me to think the only smoke i could wish on was from birthday candles
—rough draft (candles)


It’s a beautiful autumn day, late September, and you’ve worked all goddamn summer to get your arm back into some kind of shape; it’ll never be where it was before the accident, and it aches when it rains. But—you can draw and build and definitely make Korra orgasm sufficiently, so.

And it would be, like, the most beautiful day ever—Korra had gotten back last night from an away game, tired and smiling and tan and strong after a summer of getting back in shape after her knee surgery. You’d both stayed at university for the most part after you’d gotten back from the South Pole, although you’d had to go back to Republic City for a few meetings.

But they were quick and Korra spent most nights at your apartment. You snuck into the nearby swimming pool at night; you had picnics and drank too much champagne at noon, fell asleep in the shade of elms and the breath of aspens; you watched the late night thunderstorms out of your big windows and rested your head on Korra’s chest while she slept.

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anonymous asked:

My family doesn't know about my sexuality and I never had a mother figure in my life because mine died when I was little and I feel like I miss out on familial (specifically motherly) love sometimes. Can I have a note like the ones parents give when their kids are little that I can keep with me to read?

Dear darling,

 I’m just sending you a little note to tell you I love you. I think of you often, and sometimes I realize how little people actually take time to say it.  

 I know that you will do your best today, as you do every day. You were always such a bright child. In whatever you’re doing, do your very best. 

 I believe in you. I am proud of you, no matter what it is you are doing. I want you to be the best you that you can be. Accept failures, and let them help you grow. 

 The world is not the same without you. You are brilliant. There is nobody else like you in the entire world, and I could not ever be more proud to say you are mine. 

 I’m rooting for you. I can’t wait to see you succeed. I love you. I love you more than words can say. 

 I don’t want you to succeed for my sake. It is for your sake, and you are the most important thing to me. I am proud of you. I am proud of what you have done, I am proud of who you are, and I am proud of where you’re going. 

 Keep your head held high, darling. I will always be supporting you. 

 Love always,