sometimes i actually do love my mother


So I was interviewed by a fan of my website. I decided to post that interview here. I’ll refer to the interviewer as “CN”. I’ll refer to myself as “NX”.

CN - Let me start off by saying I love your style of how you deal with Juggalos.

NX - Thank you. So what questions do you have for me?

CN - What motivated you into running an anti-Juggalo website?

NX - Back in 2005, my website was in a feud with Juggalos. We actually won that feud, thanks to the help of a wrestling board(which is no longer around). Originally my website was an anti-school website, but juggalos were holding a grudge against me and so I fought back, the feud defused sometime in the fall of 2005. In 2007 I dated the mother of my ex-girlfriend. She hates juggalos and she hates ICP’s music. She opened up my eyes on Juggalos and became part of my inspiration in fighting juggalos. When it was announced that juggalos are a gang, it didn’t surprise me because they do act like a real gang. Then I discovered Juggalo Holocaust, they were leading the charge in fighting the juggalo gang. Eventually it led to the creation of To Catch A Juggalo Predator on facebook and turning my website into an anti-Juggalo website back in 2014. Since then, I’ve been exposing juggalos by using real evidence against them. The only thing they have done back against me was slander, but it doesn’t surprise me they would resort to that because they lie all the time.

CN - What was your main problem with juggalos?

NX - I noticed many things wrong with them. My main problem with them was the fact that a lot of them are pedophiles. The adult juggalos and juggalettes secretly date underage juggalos and juggalettes. Some of them got caught doing it, which is what made it easy for me to find them on the Registered Sex Offender list or take screen shots of them hitting on underage juggalettes so openly. I will say though that not all juggalos are like that, one of them yelled at the pedophile juggalo hitting on an underage juggalette.

CN - What are some of the other problems you have with them?

NX - They have anger issues. They don’t know how to reject anger because they think it’s okay to be violent. I know an ex-juggalo who use to have anger issues too, but unlike those juggalos, he recognized the problem and rejected his anger. He stopped being a juggalo because he realized it was the source of his anger issues. The other problems juggalos have is that they lie, they steal, they make death threats to anyone who hates ICP, they gang up on people violently and they’re annoying with their “whoop whoop” crap.

CN - What was the earliest time you’ve had a problem with juggalos?

NX - High School back in 1997. Got into a fight with one of them and got suspended for 2 days because of it. He had anger issues, his problem with me was that I was dating a girl he liked. This caused some issues between me and him, but after I kicked his ass and got suspended, he never bothered me again.

CN - So this feud has been going on for 20 years?

NX - Pretty much, although it wasn’t official until 2005. Either way it was a sign that I was destined to feud with juggalos.

CN - Are there any good juggalos?

NX - Yes. The ones who stay out of trouble. I’m friends with some of them. I only go after the bad ones and expose them. That’s my one rule I abide by. Some juggalos are actually thankful that I’m weeding out the bad ones.

CN - Have you ever dated a juggalette?

NX - Yes. Juggalos hated that I dated a juggalette, because I’m not a part of their group. They made death threats towards me, they wanted me to stop dating her. I’m actually best friends with her and she knows I run an anti-juggalo website.

CN - You’re that close to her?

NX - Yes. Me and her know everything about each other. I hide nothing from her. It’s kinda like an atheist dating a Christian woman. You know their beliefs don’t mix well, but their bond is unbreakable because of the love they have for each other.

CN - You love her?

NX - Yes. But I’m not romantically involved with her. She’s my best friend, so I love her unconditionally. Like I’ll always be there when she needs me.

CN - That’s quite a bond.

NX - Yes, I’ve known her for years. Any other question?

CN - Out of all the things you’ve done, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment against juggalos?

NX - Well aside from exposing the registered sex offender juggalos, I’m happy that I was able to film multiple videos against juggalos. Like when I broke an ICP CD on camera, or when I bent the hell out of a hatchetman pendant. There was also a time when I interviewed two young women who confirmed that adult juggalos hit on them while they were underage at the time. Oh I almost forgot, I also made a video called “To Catch A Juggalo Predator”, which was quite an impressive accomplishment for my channel because I went the extra mile to make a short film.

CN - I think that wraps up all the time we have for this interview. Thank you for your time.

NX - You’re welcome.

pelapi  asked:

Multiples of five for the ask meme?

5. Do you have a job? already answered

10. What do you think when you look at your body? tbh it’s different every day, sometimes i love it and feel great but some days i kind of hate it and feel like i should rlly do something about it or just idk, but i feel like in the back of my head i always know i love it but still sometimes it’s just so hard

15. Can you look people in the eyes while talking? yeah like w people i know i can, but if it’s like someone i’m not that close with i feel sooo awkard trying to keep eye contact, it’s just like rlly weird??

20. Favorite part of your body? i’ve never rlly thought about this actually? sooo, sorry, but i don’t knooow

25. Do you have a good relationship with your mother? yeh

30. Have you ever tried to take your own life? no

35. Is there currently any strife in your country? hmm nope 

40. Do you believe in the Illuminati? nahhh

45. Regrets in your life? idk actually, nothing big rlly, there are probably things that i’ve regretted after i did them, but there’s not rlly anything i regret anymore

50. Have you committed an illegal act? nopee

55. Are you from a broken marriage? nope

60. What languages can you speak? swedish, english, finnish and i used to have french and italian in school buut i don’t know much of those two anymore

65. Are you comfortable giving compliments? yess

70. What have you done today? i woke up like 40 minutes ago so i haven’t done much yet other than answer questions on tumblr

75. Have you ever had to end a friendship/relationship? Why? hm nope no

80. Do you have any funny family stories? i feel like they’re all sort of like inside jokes that wouldn’t be v funny for anyone else to hear hahhah

85. List some things you wanted in your childhood but never got? i can’t think of anything specific actually

90. Do you keep a journal? yess

95. List your favorite people? already answered

100. Are you loved? yeh

Headcanons: Baby Hiro

- Hiro was a very restless sleeper. He woke up crying every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times. He wasn’t a fussy baby mind; he just wanted a cuddle

- Hiro LOVED cuddles. When his mother held him close in her arms, he’d snuggle into her, letting out a tiny yawn and falling asleep
- Hiro would try to pull his father’s glasses off when the latter held him

- Mashed carrots were Hiro’s favourite food (ironic since he hates them now)

- Hiro wanted to follow Tadashi everywhere, even before he could crawl. His mother would prop him up in a beanbag so he could see what Tadashi was doing

- Hiro didn’t communicate with gurgles and other normal baby noises, but rather by squeaks. They were high pitched and sounded like a tiny kitten. His family found it so cute

beginners chapter 12

[korra and asami at university, or: asami is a little bit of a lonely genius and korra is a bad ass soccer player, and sometimes terrible things happen, but they’re really very in love with each other.

chapter 12, or: they kind of both want forever, and asami tells korra everything. // ao3.]

[trigger warning: death mention, violence mention.]


mother, look out through my eyes (look at what you made)


mother, do you remember how it all actually ends? it’s always unclear which set of hips is altar and which is sacrifice: they blur from the same place. it’s always unclear who loses with all those ghosts. how young of me to think the only smoke i could wish on was from birthday candles
—rough draft (candles)


It’s a beautiful autumn day, late September, and you’ve worked all goddamn summer to get your arm back into some kind of shape; it’ll never be where it was before the accident, and it aches when it rains. But—you can draw and build and definitely make Korra orgasm sufficiently, so.

And it would be, like, the most beautiful day ever—Korra had gotten back last night from an away game, tired and smiling and tan and strong after a summer of getting back in shape after her knee surgery. You’d both stayed at university for the most part after you’d gotten back from the South Pole, although you’d had to go back to Republic City for a few meetings.

But they were quick and Korra spent most nights at your apartment. You snuck into the nearby swimming pool at night; you had picnics and drank too much champagne at noon, fell asleep in the shade of elms and the breath of aspens; you watched the late night thunderstorms out of your big windows and rested your head on Korra’s chest while she slept.

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