sometimes i actually do learn things

  • Everyone: Tony, this is all your fault!
  • Tony: I actually don't understand what you all want from me. I'm trying my best and hardest to make things work and the world a better place but y'all are too busy criticizing my past self and all my past mistakes and thinking that I'm still that past self who hasn't changed one bit. So until you learn how to stop blaming me for things that I haven't done and don't do, I'll be taking a small vacation with Rhodey in Bahamas, okay bye.

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Do you make some gadgets yourself? If so, what are some things you have made?

Or… at least… I come up with the idea for them and my parents figure out how they would work. I am learning a lot though, and maybe sometime soon I’ll actually decipher how they figured all of this shit out lol

But back to something about the things that I’ve made.

This has proved really useful, especially when there’s ghosts that are way too large to stuff though one of my measly short-lived portals. (don’t worry – i still practice a lot, so this should be a temporary crutch hahaha)

Really, the whole fighting in the ghost zone is good for everyone though. No buildings get demolished, people are safe, and I get to take the ghosts back to a contained place…

“Fool Me Twice” (Bad Boy!Jooheon AU)

(GIF Credit to @wonhontology)

Part One

Title: Fool Me Twice

POV: 1st

Rating: Mature. Smut, cursing, drinking, etc.

Summary: He says that you’re different, but he’s not the best at showing it. 

“So are you guys dating, then?”


My friend gave me a look like she didn’t believe me, and at this point I was only trying to convince myself.  

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The thing with CCs writing isn’t that there a just like two or three problematic things in her books because that really wouldn’t be a basis to hate the stuff. I’m pretty sure most books and movies, even with generally good presentation, have their problematic factors here and there. It’s human, sometimes we either don’t know better or simply didn’t think and as long as we are willing to learn how to do better that’s not a bad thing. The bad thing about her writing is the fact that there is such a big amount of problematic stuff that it’s impossible to even keep track of. Not to mention the shit she herself can be associated with. It’s not just about “oh, so he cheated, it happens in real life too” but about ALL of it piled together connected to how it’s handled.

Nobody hates on the books because of one or two things, that would be ridiculous. It’s about the big picture and the fact that there are constantly problematic actions displayed and that wouldn’t even be so bad if they were at least handled accordingly - if the books would point out that the things are bad and wrong, if they would make an effort to do better and let the characters develop into better versions of themselves. But they don’t learn from their mistakes, that aren’t even depicted as such, and they keep on doing shitty things.

The problem is that you could write a whole damn book or even book series listing the problematic thing surrounding CC and her work. THAT is why people react negatively because they have more than just one reason to and everyone defending CC with the argument of “well, it happens in real life too” clearly needs to get a reality check because if you don’t even get the problematic factors of a fictional world I don’t even want to know how you see the real world…

Here is my main “positive” thought for you all. For most of my adult, thinking life, I have been sick to death of the understanding of power which says that most people/institutions are good and want to give their power up.

Those with systematic power, as a rule, want to KEEP their power. They either explicitly want this and will argue for it, or they want it so deep to their bones that they will come up with all sorts of other reasons why they shouldn’t take the actions which would relinquish their power.

And here’s the really sneaky bit, if you ask them if they want to keep their power, sometimes they’ll say no, but they actually do want to keep it! It’s wild, I know, but this kind of thing happens. It’s called bad faith (with themselves) or it’s called lying.

The idea that you can hold training courses where people will learn to give up the power they so dearly want to hand over, run awareness campaigns, educate them in your personal relationships one by tortuous one, completely depends on an understanding of the world in which they WANT to give it up.

They don’t. And the one “positive” thought I want to offer everyone, is that perhaps it will get harder now to maintain any kind of public consensus that they do, and that that is how our activism will succeed.

It won’t. You have to FORCE them to give it up. And you can’t, because they have POWER and power is POWERFUL. That’s the painful reality. You are up against people with more power than you who want to keep it and who will, by large, succeed in keeping it and even extending it.

Properly held, this is a positive thought.  Because if you hold it, you won’t go mad trying to figure out what the hell is going on when everything you do seems to slip back, wash away, fail to connect. Face the reality, realise we are in a STRUGGLE not a debate, and pace yourself accordingly.

(I’m many centuries from being the first person to say this. But I’ll just keep on saying it, in different ways, because I think many haven’t heard - properly heard - it yet.)

List of things to do to save TVD (in my eyes)


- Make Bonnie go to the NOLA to encounter witches and make her a badass and powerful witch. She will basically learn how to fight like a hunter and use her powers via a go back to her source. Yep. Like in my fanfic Natural. DO IT.


- …. Give her an actual storyline other than planning her wedding…?


- Give him an actual storyline other than save his brother or planning his wedding? HEY WHAT IF A WITCH TELLS HIM THAT THERE’S A WAY TO WAKE ELENA UP?


- Make him leave this trainwreck of a city to England with his  daughters?


- Make him heroic and not a hopeless romantic? 


- I think it’s pretty damn time to do the fucking thing that we’re supposed to have from day one.

I guess, we’re still young. Our life just started and we won’t always get what we want. There’s things I wanted to do with him, the idea of us growing together and learning things together will always be a blur. They say it takes two to tango but what if you’re actually the only one dancing? Sometimes I love you too doesn’t always mean I love you too, sometimes people just feel like they need to say it back.
—  What if? // c.r

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I'm really starting to feel like Callie is pushing AJ away & just letting Aaron right in smh . And the sad thing is he actually cares about her , but it's like she's stuck too far up his ass and Kyle's case to see it . I wish he would break up with her and Aaron just disappear . Maybe she'll learn then

I went to my foster care meeting today and something they said made me think of Callie. I am going to cut her more of a break. They talked about how kids who have been kicked around, sometimes do well in group homes because they have a hard time with attachment. They have a hard time when people attach to them. I don’t think Callie knows how to do anything but push away people who have gotten attached, like for real: AJ, Stef and Lena.

Aaron and Kyle are distractions keeping her from really making as Lena said, a commitment to the family.

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(1) Is it just the romanized korean that bothers you? Because personally, I genuinely want to learn the language so (mostly just with friends who want to learn as well) I'll use actual hangul, not entirely randomly, but sometimes just for fun.

(2) I only do it so that I can get used to typing in hangul and just to practice using it in general. Sometimes I cringe at myself tbh because I have to do that, but I hope I’m not annoying haha ❤

actually it still bothers me the same, romanized or not. there’re equivalent words in english for that and even if it’s for practicing, just write the entire thing in korean… i really hate mixing languages when it’s unnecessary, no matter which purpose it’s for. eg, i hate it when people go “so i saw my 언니 yesterday and she gave me some 돈 haha” and claim it’s for practice purpose. if you want to practice korean, adding korea into mid sentences like that will never help you improve. just write the entire thing in korea, grammatically wrong or not. it’s gonna make you more familiar with the korean grammar structures, especially when korean and english have quite different sentence structures. but at the end of the day it’s still just my personal opinion lol 

you know, being a homeroom teacher is a really interesting job but can be a hard one too, the things you learn about your students’ lives may be more complicated than you actually guessed, there are sometimes you can’t help them without messing up, there are some you definetely shouldn’t try to fix it by yourself. you just gotta make them feel accepted, safe, and loved, and just be there for them, at the same time as teaching them. make sure they get the help they need, it’s a hard job…and if you’re not ready to deal with that, then you better not become a teacher.

This picture pretty much explains it all..

Do you ever feel like you just need to get away from everything in your life? Humans, whether you love them or not, crap weather, your job, whether you’re succeeding or not.
It all gets a little too much at times - and I am definitely feeling the pull of many different energies on the planet at the moment.

Trying to decide what you want to do in your life takes time. I realised this a while ago, but I’m still in the process. And things can all be going great, but sometimes you stop. And you actually wonder ‘is this right for me, right now?’.

Right now, I feel like I need to find my independence. I need to learn to not depend on anyone but my self. I need to friend myself. Love myself. Listen to myself and take care of myself. It’s so important and it’s like a guessing game with a baby - you don’t know what’s going to make it feel better. so you try everything and anything, some things work and some don’t.
I feel like the next thing that I need to try is to gain independence like I said - and what I’d love to do is throw myself in the deep end of just go. Pick somewhere and go … travel and see the planet I call home. Meet new people, experience things I never have before, make memories and tune into my soul.

As a musician I find it hard to shut off from social media because it’s such a huge part of being an independent artist. you have to be 10 people in 1, knowing how to market yourself online and in person, you have to always be in touch with your audience and contacts who can help further you. You must always be writing music and putting something new out there whether it be a song, a picture, a video or even a status.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain buzz you get off keeping up with the hype. You feel a sense of achievement and like you’ve done something (even if it is something so small) to better your chances at being noticed or someone else buying your music.
But for a while now I’ve wanted to just switch off. Switch everything social media/internet related off and just focus on ME and what I need. What my soul truly desires.

Turning to meditation, yoga, exercise and asking people for help has been a struggle - which I never thought it could be a tough shift in life, but it has. I find it hard to keep up with all of the above, yet with a heart beat I’ll catch up on a new program or check instagram.
And I’ve needed to ask myself, why not me? Why not look after me and what I truly need?

It’s hard to even get this out because I feel like I’m not making any sense. But to write this all down gives me a feeling of relief almost.

After a close friend recently jetting off on travels to South East Asia and many other wonderful places - it’s really given me the push to want to travel. And it’s something I’m planning on doing very soon, whether that be alone or with specific people that are close to me.

As well as this page being a place for my music, I don’t want to deprive myself of not expressing how I feel. This is me and I am human. I want to communicate with people and hear their stories and relate to others in hope that it can maybe help me also! There’s nothing better than feeling understood and having a feeling of togetherness.

Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks for reading - and if you have any similar experiences of anything I’ve mentioned above, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Hello ! I have meaning to ask you, I have made...a tones of mistakes to my friends ( from the past a very long story ) and I have hurt them and myself a lot however I am now perfectly aware of them. And until know I really can't stop punishing myself . So is this infp thing ? To punish themselves constantly ?

Hello Fellow INFP, 

Actually yes, we can be really bad and feel really really guilty about stuff for months, even years! The trick is getting yourself calmed down to the fact that sometimes all you do is try to be a better you than let things like that haunt you for a long time. That can really affect you and your relationships for fear you may do the same thing. I even sit up and think “man I wish I could apologize for the stuff I said 7 years ago.” Not worth worrying about, just do better and try to learn from your mistakes. 
We are a type that are our own worst enemies. We really are unfortunately. We can tear ourselves down and quicker than anyone can.
Just remember to stay positive and don’t let it eat you up. Message me if you please!!

-Best Love <3 

20 Things I've Learnt in 20 Years

1. If you work consistently at something you will become good at it - no exceptions.

2. If you want something to happen or change, no one’s going to do it for you - you’re it.

3. When you complain, people will a) get off on your unhappiness, or b) not actually care.

4. Listen to inspiring speeches, music, movies and surround yourself w/ inspiring people to develop your perspective on things.


6. Don’t always rely on willpower - try to actually cater to your laziness sometimes.

7. Try to learn to do basic things, ie. cooking / cleaning / being an adult


9. When people don’t believe in you, just use it as fuel and tell them to suck it later.

10. You aren’t responsible for educating stupid / ignorant people.

11. Work on your self awareness! It’s literally the key to personal development.

12. The times that you’re mean to people you will remember vividly, forever. Try not to be mean to people.

13. Make sure you enjoy the moment before taking photos.

14. Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit

15. There will always be a cuter person that’ll dig you, dw.

16. Don’t trust people w/ strong opinions about how crap pop music is

17. Don’t trust people w/ strong opinions about how crap indie music is

18. Evaluate yo relationships before you get in too deep.

19. Remind people that they’re great as much as you can.

20. Realise that EVERYONE makes mistakes, it’s not just you.

sum-up of my 20 Things I’ve Learnt video, hit it up if you dig xo

George Lucas Syndrome

By my understanding, this is the phenomenon in which creators who turned out amazing work while working under incredibly limited conditions, which they personally claim have “stifled them”, actually turn out incredibly superior work to what they produce later on in their careers, when they are given all the “creative freedom” they want.

It seems like some creators just NEED to work under the ever-checking eyes of someone with a contrary opinion to actually produce their A-material.

Sometimes I wonder if I am that sort of creator. But if so, who could be my “reality checker”? I don’t have a permanent one, everyone I know keeps telling me they don’t feel qualified to criticize me, even though I know they are.

There’s so much I still gotta learn before I can do the things I really want to do…

I know I don’t always act like it, but one of the first and most important lessons I learned on the internet was to shut up and listen. To actually pay attention when people were talking about their experiences. And it was a hard lesson to learn and I sometimes forget it but like

I know I sometimes come off as someone who doesn’t pay attention to the things that come across my dash but I do, I listen and I file things away and when people say “I want characters who” I put it in this mental list of things to do with characters, small things that can make a big impact, big things too but I’ve been surprised over and over again over the years how such small, easy things like, like making a black character with dark skin or a fat female character can be so big in terms of making so many people happy

And I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to draw attention to it, I don’t do it to pat myself on the back or get accolades, I want to do what I’ve seen referred to as “casually doing it right”

And I know I’ve got a long way to go and there’s always going to be a distinct lean in the way I write and the kind of characters I create because I have both a character type and years of habit to undo, but I am trying

So I guess I just. Wanted to put that out there? I do pay attention when people talk about the kind of representation they want, when they talk about how important it is to write characters who are x, who are y, who are this, that, the other, and while there are some things I don’t feel it’s my place to write, I can at least try for the other things

I may end up deleting this post, but I’ve just had this on my mind lately since I’ve been redesigning TAC characters and decided to make Edwin disabled and was wondering if there were any other small but oh-so-significant things I could do

Anyway, that’s all

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Tag, people you want to know better
Hello, I was tagged by @insomniac-sheep-herder​ in this and many, many, many others tags. Thank you so much, I love every one of them and I’m sorry it took my so long to do at least one of them ^^

Current job/dream job?: I don’t know, actually I’m at this point where I don’t know what to do and tt’s pretty stressing.
What are you talented at?: I sing, I learn (mostly languages and geography), I read and I write, sometimes I even dare to paint or draw. I thing I’m more and less talented in these areas ^^ And I also listen but that’s morea hobby than a talent.
What’s a big goal you’re working towards (or have already accomplished)?: I want to be myself. Fully. Understand and appreciate myself, be more who I am, more confident, kinder, softer, braver, greater, constantly improving and I want to lear how to take care of other people and of myself. Generally I want to be a better human being. My next goal is to clean and organize my life, my room including, my relationships with people and then I want to finally decide where I’m going in life (job, school, collage, etc)
What’s your aesthetic?: Finishing a good book, laughing with people you love, sea, sunsets & sundawns, waking up well rested in the morning, sunny days; fresh, white snow; tea, book & blanket evenings, being turists with my familly, spending time with people I love, good food, when you can see how beautiful nature is for example a storm or a really sunny day with gentle breeze, when sun leaks through windows and looks like honey, being happy, receiving flowers, the feeling after making a good change in your/smb’s life
What’s a topic you’re always up to talk about?: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, books, moral stuff, how to do things, art, music
What’s a pet peeve of yours?: cracking knuckles please don’t do this in front of me I will vomit
Good advice to give? Clean your life: toxic people, toxic habits, toxic everything is out. It’s really hard and sometimes very painful so do this when you’re feeling strong and ready but as fast as posibble.
Take care of yourself because sometimes nobody else will.
There are going to be days when you will not get out of blanket or talk to people and it’s fine. Don’t let them last forever.

Recommend 3 songs?
The Beatles - “Hey Jude”
“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” or “The story of tonight” from “Hamilton”
All Time Low - “Stick, stones and techno” (okay joke, you can listen to “Missing you” instead)

I tag: @cloud-unicorn @dontbelieveingrowingup @majesticlioness @little-birds-can-fly @thxt-cool-kid

You don’t need to do this if you don’t want to ^^

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Hi, I want to search up and study what you do. Would you say it's culture or religion? What would you call it. I want to learn about it but idk what it's called thank you

I just call it spirituality! I think this blog sometimes points towards a lot of things I don’t actually practice regularly anymore though, haha. My primary passion is in using mindfulness and spirituality to improve mental health, but I do answer a lot of asks on a range of subjects that I have some experience with. :) I used to do a lot of spirit work and such, and I’ve always had this uncanny ability to intuit things! Ultimately, this purpose of my blog is to be here to serve everyone who sends in an ask with love and compassion, and to help them as best as I possibly can. 

But, regarding things that may help you get started on this learning journey, I’d suggest researching a mix of spirit work, energy work, spirituality/spiritualism, mindfulness, and topics like that! I also have a whole masterlist of posts here that will probably help. :) 

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I feel so lost in my life. I don't understand what's going on with my mind I literally feel so depressed all the time&it has been interfering with my relationship. When I'm w/ my boyfriend he tries to make me happy, but I just feel so frustrated for no reason, and I try my best to put on an act so he won't see how bad I actually am&sometimes he feels the disconnection&Idk how to communicate my emotions&he gets upset bc I can never communicate but it ends up making my anxiety and feelings worst.

I understand the feeling. You just need time to be alone and figure things out. Go for drives and walks. Do things on your own and just take in everything you feel. Even if you don’t smoke I think everyone should learn how to roll a blunt and smoke at a nice view. Shit is therapeutic ass fuck.

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2. What deities (if any) do you worship, study, honor, feel drawn to, etc?

I’m an atheist so I don’t actually worship/honor/etc. any deities, but I think that the Greek pantheon is really cool, so sometimes I’ll look into that! I don’t believe in it, but I enjoy learning about the things that others believe in ^^

Thanks for sending an ask in, and I hope you have a wonderful day!