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Feel Good Friday

Anonymous’s Submission:

Even though hyperfocus is kind of annoying, sometimes it’s the greatest especially with art projects!! Being able to do the same project for 6 hours straight without losing motivation or focus and actually managing to finish it?! Hell yeah!

Anonymous’s Submission:

Everywhere I go people call me spontaneous and full of energy and because of that I make friends pretty easily

icetigris’s Submission:

Combining my need for novelty (HMM I’m curious about this) and impulsiveness (I have to look it up RIGHT NOW) with my ability hyperfocus (spends 3 hours researching god knows what) has made me extremely knowledgeable in many subject areas. Having all that background knowledge helps me in my creative endeavors, and has made me a more well-rounded person.

Anonymous’s Submission:

So, I’ve always been very creative and I think my ADHD has a lot to do with it! I see connections and possibilities where other people don’t because my mind is so active. I doubt I’d be this creative without it.

Anonymous’s Submission:

When I have a lot of homework to do, i can “concentrate” in more than one subject at a time, is not like i can think completely in all of them but i can think in a way to do or start those homeworks

We’ll do it again next Friday. Please feel free to reblog and discuss how you experience the things people are talking about in this post. Do you also find them helpful or at least “not horrible”? If you think of something between now and Friday, please send it in and mark it for FGF!

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Hey, would you mind giving an advice? I think my life is crazy. It's like I never, ever, do anything with it, I almost never actually tried to study, it just happens without any efforts? I don't have to learn something before any test because I do it anyway, and I do it well? Or if I feel like NO WAY I CAN DO THAT, test just somehow gets cancelled or something like that? Everything just goes well whatever happens? Relatively well, but anyway. Sometimes I think I'm insane or that I'll be someday

uH what advice do you need hahaha you sound like you’re sailing pretty smooth

Oh damn, I haven’t really been paying any attention to the amount of followers this blog has. Apparently I missed it when we hit 10,000 since it’s at 11,000 all of a sudden.
Considering that I’m not very active and don’t really post anything all that interesting I was a bit surprised by this to be honest.

It kind of makes me feel bad for not having anything to post about since I’m still just waiting to start HRT. So there’s not a whole lot going on right now and I have no idea what to actually write about.

Hopefully that will change soon though, since the hospital should be ready for me sometime this year. Hopefully in the near future, but they still don’t know when exactly.
When I actually do get a date I should be able to focus on other things too, but for now I’m pretty much just waiting around.

Anyhow, while I don’t have much to post about I will at least try to be a bit more social and be a bit more active when it comes to asks etc.
With some luck I may actually figure out things to write about again too, so that I don’t just ramble the same thing over and over again haha.

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Mc introducing her belly bump to elly and elly is having this moment and nuzzles to mc's belly bump. I saw some cats do this and its so adorable T~T. Jumin saw them having bonding and he's in awe

Thank you for your request, i hope you like it (this is a small one,i’m sad)

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

  • Mc did not expect that, looks like Elizabeth is having the moment of her life.
  • And Jumin too.
  • MC find it pretty cute, seen they getting together so well.
  • She would caress Elizabeth sometimes.
  • Elizabeth is purring while she nuzzles on MC belly bump.
  • This is not uncomfortable at all, this is actually pretty.
  • The ladies of the house are having the moment of their life.
  • While all of this was happening, Jumin is almost dying.
  • He never saw this kind of perfection! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 
  • He’ll take some blurry photos and post in the chat room.
  • He only had one wish, to be able to take better photos.
  • But this moment will remain in his mind forever!
  • Imagine, Elizabeth, you, a baby, doing the same thing, but like…A couple hug.
  • When he lay close to you, Elizabeth gets out.
  • He’s feeling a trash, you laugh and say that he scared her.
  • Elizabeth!You’ll come back and share this moment with me too!
  • Please ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

Been thinking about how often Ryuuko is portrayed as the Top, the Dominant one, Wow She Could Crush Me Anytime, in her ships, especially when it comes to RyuMako. This is not a complaint, that is totally acceptable and it’s pretty nice to see Ryuuko showing off that she can be romantic and suave without fucking anything up but, this happens so often that I feel like some people are just mischaracterizing her sometimes because have you analyzed her personality properly?

I mean, anything sexual or about ~Love~ easily makes her flustered, do you really think she wouldn’t actually be silly if she tried to be romantic?

Does this come off as a “”Top”” for you?

Dear diary

Recently I have realised that the only person who can make you feel good is you .. and it’s much more satisfying when it comes from within. It radiates. I know it’s easier said than done but even just telling yourself one single thing that you like about yourself is a start. For example.. today I was like.. hey I have pretty cool eyebrows.. actual thought (lol if u want to).. then I threw on my favourite stupid tshirt and stopped wondering if anyone else would like it. Sometimes doing one little thing that makes you feel more in control.. whether it be appreciating your eyebrows (that are on fleek 💅🏻) or even going to the store to buy a brownie just cos you wanna fucking eat one. Power to you. Again, pass this on it might speak to someone who needs it.

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I think the reason people think that Kat is so too good to be true is because she’s just so nice and pretty. But, I’m also like…you know she was bullied right? 

Q: How did you feel at the time you were bullied and what did you do to overcome that?

Kat: I’ve actually been bullied quite a bit in my life. I was always the different one for many reasons and sometimes other kids don’t understand that being different is okay. I even had my face smashed into a water fountain once because someone didn’t like me. When I was bullied, it felt horrible. I was so sad that someone felt the need to make me feel bad about myself.

 She knows what it feels like, and instead of being mean and rude to her fans, she is sweet and considerate. She even wrote a song about bullying for a movie about bullying. Just because our perception of celebrities are jaded now a days, doesn’t mean there aren’t genuinely nice celebrities out there.

Why “Aesthetic Studying” Works For Me

I’m sick today (like properly sick, I’ve been up since 2am with a bucket beside me the whole time) so obviously I don’t feel much like studying, but I had some thoughts and I figured now was a good time to ramble.

So. “Aesthetic studying”, that is taking ages writing out your notes perfectly in pastel colours, spending a long time organising your desk before you do any actual work, etc, gets a bad reputation among many studyblrs. And hey, sometimes they have a point- if you’re spending all your time worrying about whether or not your notes look pretty then you won’t be actually revising those notes, and really how your desk looks isn’t as important as how much time you spend actually working at that desk.

However, in the last year or so I’ve found that it really does help me. Here are my reasons:

  • I am a very visual learner, and so rewriting my notes genuinely does help me- of course it’s not the only way I revise, but for me it works. I could just rewrite them all messily (so long as they’re readable) but I find that making them look nice is my main motivation to actually revise. I am a very ambitious person, but it’d be so easy to just… not revise. But I like pretty colours! I like bubble writing! It makes me actually want to spend time revising.
  • It calms me down. My desk doesn’t have to be perfect, but keeping it clean and neat and full of calm colours and nice images makes me feel far less overwhelmed than I do when my desk is messy and cluttered. This isn’t the case for everyone of course, but this is why “aesthetic studying” works for ME, so whatever.
  • It makes looking back at previous notes more pleasant. I find I actually want to reread and study from old notes if I’ve rewritten them to make them look nice. Again, it makes me feel less overwhelmed and more like i have everything under control.
  • The *~*studyblr aesthetic*~* keeps me motivated in general. For me, that aesthetic is usually based on a book or film I like-during my GCSEs, for example, it was often The History Boys. It’s a bit childish, but honestly it helps me to make my notes and my surroundings visually reminiscent of those books, films, characters, etc that make me want to study.

So yeah. It should go without saying that if you spend all your time taking artsy pictures for your studyblr rather than actually studying then that won’t be beneficial for your grades, but I feel like for many of us there is a place for aesthetic studying, and I wanted to explain my own reasons :)

My experiences with the moon signs as a scorpio moon
  • Still can't sleep so why not
  • Aries: only know one that I can think of. Again, biased cuz best relationship yet. Very quick to feel and react, but also just as quick to stop feeling it. Kinda like that little woosh of flame when someone puts their name in the goblet of fire. Actually that's pretty fitting cuz this moon lets ya know not to mess around with them or challenge them.
  • Taurus: these people take FOREVER to react and feel shit. Like Flash in zootopia who took a whole minute and a half to smile and laugh at a joke. Seriously, one that I knew broke my heart and shit just ended horribly and it literally took 2 years for her to go "oh my god, ow my heart"
  • Gemini: holy nerves man. Do they have feelings? Sometimes I guess they're anxious but it's a mental reaction instead of from the heart. You know, where emotions usually come from.
  • Cancer: quietly emotional. They shut themselves in a room or went off with a closer friend to cry. And despite what they wanted me to think I know they cried a lot. Also, kinda like 24/7 pms to a mild degree. That's just their defense system cuz they're actually lil softies.
  • Leo: get over yourself and let someone in. It's ok to cry sometimes dammit. Ya don't always gotta be perfect. It's creepy and annoying if you act perfect and happy all the time.
  • Virgo: oh boy. You're worse than leo moon cuz you're not as good at playing the I'm fine card. But then again you ACTUALLY think you're fine cuz you don't know your emotions very well.
  • Libra: *eye roll* no. Nope. Stick up for yourself without arguing and manipulating please. Passive aggression doesn't always keep the peace. Well maybe it does but only on the surface.
  • Sagittarius: do you have emotions either? Kinda? But you ran away from them again didn't you?
  • Capricorn: ummm hmmm... I don't think I know any capricorn moons off the top of my nogan.
  • Aquarius: you're actually hilarious. Like you're always happy and can make anyone else smile too. Do you have bad feels? Probably not.
  • Pisces: you little softie-quit acting like a cactus. It's ok to be vulnerable sometimes, especially since you can get through hell and back with how tough you are and how long you hang on. Just keep swimming little luna fishy!

NEW VIDEO! Why do you get a brain freeze? 

Sometimes, after ice-cream or a cold drink, it can feel like your skull is squeezing in our your brain – it can even be pretty painful. The cold temperatures are picked up by pain receptors near your palate, so while a brain freeze feels like a headache, it’s actually just referred pain from your mouth. Keep watching for a few ways to get rid of a brain freeze… as much as I love ice-cream, it’s not quite worth the pain.

Okay wait. I am in no way happy about Even going back to Sonja, but people are acting like he’s a selfish and inconsiderate douche. So let’s remember two things:

1) Even kissed Sonja without knowing Isak was there. Like he didn’t go, “Oh there’s Isak. Let’s kiss Sonja and break his heart.” So to anyone yelling at him for kissing Sonja and hurting Isak, the two were actually unrelated in that situation.

2) I think it’s pretty clear that the writers are going down the mental illness route. Clearly Even is suffering in some way from a mental illness, and as someone who understands that, running away from “danger” (because a relationship with Isak would feel dangerous after the comment he made) and going to “safety” (because a relationship with Sonja is secure and comfortable) is not an unreasonable thing to do. I want Even and Isak together as much as anybody, but sometimes mental illness makes people do irrational things, like go back to someone you may not love (although is Even’s sexuality confirmed in any way? I don’t want to assume he doesn’t love Sonja, because I don’t think we know that he’s specifically gay. He can love Sonja and still be falling for Isak. Let’s not pretend like Sonja is just a useless human being in his life.) Isak unintentionally scared him away, and as much as I hate to see my sweet Isak so hurt, some of this is his fault. I’m excited to see them hopefully talk about what happened and for Isak to really grow throughout the rest of the season. Because this is all a really interesting, beautiful story. And as much as we all want to point fingers at Even for “being an asshole” and breaking Isak’s heart, let’s remember that Isak probably broke Even’s heart too by making him feel unlovable and unneeded in Isak’s life, which is absolutely the last thing someone with a mental illness wants. Isak didn’t mean any harm, but neither did Even.

But they will get through this. I believe in them.

I Doubt It

Request - Hello There!! I Am Melanie and I was wondering if you could please write a Fanfic about Dan and y/n? Here is the plot I have in mind. So, Y/N has always liked Dan. Her and Phil are Best Friends, and they do everything together. Dan starts to feel left out and forgotten. So, one night Dan goes to a club by himself. Y/N and Phil get home and find out that Dan isn’t there. They both start to freak out. The rest is up to you!!! Thank You!!! XoX Melanie

A/N: This request is old af…I’m sorry. I sometimes accept the idea but then completely forget I actually did? I’m very sorry Melanie for not getting this up sooner. (Also I changed up the prompt just a little bit, pretty much Dan and the Reader stay home but Dan leaves for a while)

PS: Y/L/N is your last name (just in case you didn’t know) 

Word Count: 2, 040 (that’s actually a lot considering I had no idea what I was going to do to end the fic)

Warnings: Just swearing, so the norm.

Your POV 

“EAT MY SHIT PHIL, HA!” You jump up from the couch in triumph. 

“I lost again?” Phil hangs his head in shame, letting out a small chuckle when he notices you doing a little victory dance. 

“I won 4-3. Now you have to make dinner, loser.” You stick your tongue out and drop the Wii U controller onto the couch. 

“This is your fault if we have a bad dinner, Y/L/N.” Phil says, getting up from the couch and pointing his finger in your face. You slap his hand out of the way and sigh. 

“Fine, I’ll help.” You and Phil make your way towards the kitchen, randomly talking about your day. You both arrive in the kitchen, and you hop onto the counter while you figure out what to eat. After what felt like forever, Phil decided to make spaghetti. You gather the ingredients while Phil pours water into a pot and turns on the stove. While you wait for the water to boil, you hop onto the counter again. 

“Where’s Dan?” You ask, fiddling with your hands. 

“Why are you asking, hm?” Phil teased. 

“Oh shut up you know why.” You laugh looking up at Phil, who’s smiling smugly at you. 

“When we went to play Mario Kart he said he needed to go for a walk." 

"Oh…is he okay?" 

"Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe he needs time to think by himself for a little bit.” You nod your head, but you still feel worried about Dan. He has been acting strange lately. Every time you and Phil do something together he gets…bitter and distant. You look down to your hands again, for some reason you felt guilty about Dan’s behaviour lately.

“Hey, everything is okay Y/N.” Phil lifts your chin up with his finger, and you stare into his icy blue eyes. “Just give him some time, he’ll be the old Dan again soon.” You give Phil a small smile, and turn your head to the pot. 

“IT’S BOILING. PHILLIP PASS ME THE PASTA!” You slide off the counter, and stand in front of the stove. Phil throws the pasta to you, you tried to catch it but it dropped. “Shit.” You mutter, shamefully picking up the box. You take the pasta out, and put it into the boiling water.  

“Wait, I wanna help stir.” Phil said, walking over to your side and grabbing the pasta server that you already had your hands on. 

“Phil this isn’t going to work.”

 "Shush it will.“ You begin to stir, and burst out laughing. Phil went over board and spilt some water, but he continued stirring.

"Uh…hey guys.” You jump, and turn around to the kitchen door to see Dan. You let go of the server, and rub the back of your neck. 

“Hey Dan, where were you?" 

"Just going for a walk.” He walks into the kitchen and leans against the counter. “What are you guys doing?” His hands were in his pockets, and his hair was a little messy. You couldn’t help but stare at him for a bit, feeling a blush creep onto your cheeks. 

“Oh, um. We’re making spaghetti for dinner. I won Mario Kart and Phil had to cook, but I didn’t want to be poisoned so I decided to keep a close watch on him.” You laugh, and look over to Phil who finally stopped stirring the pasta. 

“I was not going to poison you. Maybe just some extra spice in your plate especially.” Phil laughs.

“That’s rude.” you answer. 

“You guys seem to be having fun.” Dan lets out a small chuckle, but it didn’t seem genuine to you. It sounded forced. 

“I guess so. It would be more fun if you stayed with us though.” You smile at Dan. 

“I doubt it.” You hear him mumble and he leaves the kitchen. 

You lean against the counter with your arms crossed. What is with Dan? Was it something you did? Was it something Phil said? Why is he acting like this? You look at Phil, who was in deep focus making the sauce for the spaghetti.  

“I’m gonna talk to Dan, I’ll be back Phil.” You head to Dan’s room, and knock on the door lightly. 

“Come in.”  

“Hey Dan.” You walk over and sit next to Dan, who’s on his laptop. You cross your legs and face him, but he hasn’t even looked up at you. 


"Dan are you okay? You’ve been acting weird lately.” Dan freezes for a moment, then lets out a sigh. 

“I’m fine.” He continues scrolling through Tumblr.

“Dan, I know you’re lying." 

"Look, you and Phil have fun tonight. It’s not like you’ll notice that I’m gone anyway.” You stare at Dan in shock, and feel your heart break a little bit. How could Dan think that way? You care about him, more than he could ever believe.  

“I’m sorry, what?" 

"I know you heard me.” Dan closes his laptop and puts it beside him. He gets up and grabs his coat that was laying at the bottom of his bed. “I’m going out again. You and Phil have fun.” And with that, he walked out of your flat for the second time that night.

You felt a lump in your throat, and tears stinging at your eyes. But you took a deep breath and held them back. Phil’s words from earlier were ringing in your ears, just give him some time, he’ll be the old Dan again soon. You walk back to the kitchen and see Phil with your plates of pasta, and a huge smile on his face. His smile quickly faded when he noticed Dan wasn’t with you. 

“Where’s Dan?” Your heart ached when Phil asked that question.  

“He…he went out again.” You say quietly. 

“Oh, I guess dinner for two tonight?" 

"Again” You mumble sadly, turning to the lounge. Phil places both the plates down on the table and you take a seat. 

“This whole Dan thing is really bugging you, isn’t it?" 

"Does he care about me anymore Phil?” You pick up your fork, and start playing with your pasta a bit. 

“Of course he cares about you Y/N.” You smile at Phil’s statement, “a lot more than you think.” Phil adds. 

“I guess.” You shrug your shoulders, “He doesn’t really show it though. Can we just ignore that situation right now and eat our lovely dinner?” You force a smile and Phil nods.

“Of course.”

~Small timeskip~

You’re lying on your bed, watching your favourite TV show in bed. You’ve been trying to get Dan off your mind all night, but you can’t seem to do it. You check the time on your laptop, 1:10 AM. Why would Dan be out this late? You pick up your phone and check to see if you got any texts from Dan, nothing. You unlock it and send him a quick text. 

Y/N: Hey, I’m just checking if you’re alright.

 You set your phone down next to you and waited for a text back from Dan, but 20 minute later still no text. Now you started to get worried. You close your laptop and quickly walked to Phil’s room. His door was open, so you just walked in and saw him sitting on his bed with his glasses on, reading a book.  

“Phil has Dan texted you in the past hour?” You asked, worried.

“Um no, why?”  

“I texted him asking if he was alright, and he hasn’t answered me." 

"Crap, it’s really late. Maybe try calling him?" 

"Okay I’ll try.” You tried calling him twice but still no answer. You began to panic, thinking of all the different situations Dan could be in right now. “What if he’s hurt Phil? Maybe he can’t answer.” You feel a lump form in your throat and you sit down next to Phil, who started rubbing your back to calm you down.

After an hour of trying to contact Dan, you decided to give it a break. Phil and you walked over to the lounge, and watched anime while waiting for Dan’s response. Another hour passed, and finally your phone began to ring. You jumped out of your seat, and answered immediately. 

“H-HI Dan?” You stutter. 

“You know what Y/N?” His speech was slurred, and after his sentence you heard a hiccup. 

“Dan are you drunk?" 

"Doesn’t matter. Y-you and Phil do every fucking thing together." 

"Maybe that’s because you leave us Daniel.” You say sternly. 

“Maybe I leave because I feel left out.” Dan hiccups again, and you pause for a moment, thinking back to all the times Dan has been bitter, and distant.

“Shit,” you mutter. “Look Dan, where are you? Phil and I have been worried about you.”

“Why would you care huh?”  

“Dan I care about you a shit ton. You have no idea it hurt me every time you left. But we’ll talk later when you’re sober. Where are you?”

“Outside of the closest nightclub obviously,” Dan says, like it was completely obvious where he was. “I needed a drink…or two. Or maybe five?” He hiccups again and you can’t help but giggle at drunk Dan. He was sort of cute.

“Okay, Phil and I will be there soon. Stay at your exact spot alright?” You tilt your head towards the door, signalling Phil to get up and head outside. 

“One more thing Y/N.”  

“Yes, Dan?”  

“I’m sorry if I’ve been a twat lately. I-I care about you a lot and it sucks seeing you with Phil more than me.” And with that he hung up. You stood in your spot for a moment, shocked at what he just said to you. You shook it off quickly and headed out the door to find the drunk meme.  

You and Phil arrive at the nightclub and see a tall man sitting on the curb with his head in his hands. You walk over and sit down next to him, tapping his shoulder.

“Dan, it’s Y/N.” He looks up and you notice his eyes were red, and his cheeks were stained with tears. “Let’s get you home alright hun?" 

"Alright.” Phil helped you get Dan up from the ground, and you waved down another taxi.  

It was a quiet ride home, but once you arrived at your flat you gave Dan a glass of water, and sat down at the table with him alone.  

“Are you feeling better Dan?" 


"Fine, let’s get you to bed and-" 

"Do you have any idea how left out I felt with you and Phil? I honestly think you care about him more.” Dan hiccups again.  

“Dan we’ll talk about this in the morning okay?” You got up from the kitchen table, but you felt Dan’s tight grip holding your wrist and he pulled you back. You were standing beside him while he was still sitting in a chair. 

“I’m not that drunk you know? I’m actually telling you the truth.” He stares up into your eyes, his hand still holding your wrist. He slid his hand down to the tip of your fingers, and you held you palm up inviting him to hold your hand. He smiled and held it as you sat down in the chair next to him.  

“I knew you getting distant was my fault.” You shrug your shoulders, and stare down at yours and Dan’s interlocked hands. “I just didn’t know what to do." 

"It wasn’t your fault. I was probably just overreacting.” Dan smiled warmly at you.

“I’m sorry Dan, I really mean it. I care about you, A LOT. And it kind of hurt seeing you be so bitter and distant toward Phil and I." 

Dan got up from the chair, and tugged on your hand telling you to stand up to. Once you stood up he instantly wrapped his arms around your waist, and nuzzled his face into your neck. You heard him mumble, "I’m sorry.” And held onto you tighter. You were shocked at first, but after a few seconds you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close.  

After that another jealousy problem didn’t occur. Dan knew how much you cared about him, and stayed as close to you as he could.

And so, I say to you, when you start to compare yourself to other people, please change the channel in your mind to something else. Because I think that when it comes to how we see ourselves, other people are really mean, but we’re REALLY mean to ourselves. So it’s easy to get confused; and when you do get confused, and you start feeling like you’re not special, or you’re not different, or you have nothing important to say - we all feel like that sometimes.
What I want you to do right now, if there’s one thing you remember from tonight, remember what I’m about to say. You need to look into a mirror in the morning and NOT tell yourself that you’re not special, or you’re not good enough, you’re not pretty or you’re not awesome.
I’m gonna tell you right now the things you actually are not, okay, these are the things you really are not. You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods just because you’ve made mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Those are the things you actually are not; now, I want to tell you what you are.
You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile, that’s what you are. You are someone who is wiser because you’ve made mistakes; not damaged, wiser. You are somebody who is going through whatever you’re going through in your life that’s stressing you out, or confusing you or making you upset, but you got out of bed, and you put on an awesome outfit, and you came to a concert and now we are all having the best time ever on a Wednesday night.
You know it’s not about perfection. It’s about just getting on with things sometimes. Sometimes you just get credit for getting up and going on with things and you don’t have to do it perfectly. And I think that we mistake our mistakes for damage, and we think other people will judge us for them. But I want you to know that the way I see mistakes, they don’t make you damaged. They make you clean.
—  Taylor Swift, 1989 World Tour Manchester, 24th June 2015

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hi could you do a headcanon for how Ciel would treat/act around a s/o who's shorter than him??? thank you!

How short are you guys??? How do you live?? (I kid, I’ve pretty much always been taller then everyone I know haha)

He’d be pretty happy about it, since most people are taller then him. So, he’d tease you about it sometimes (and he might go a little too far, and then feel bad about it)

Super super protective. He already sees himself as a danger to be around, and, since you’re short, he thinks you’re in even more danger, whether or not that’s actually true

Other then that, I don’t think it would make much of a difference to him. He’s !much more interested in you’re personality then any outward appearance 

Ah. Have a nice day everyone!

This is a “thank you post”. The past week I wasn’t felt myself. Actually sometimes I don’t feel anything. I wanted to say this is my families fault, but I cant because I already see that my mom has problems too and my father is broken. Yes, its their fault that my childhood wasn’t pretty good, they didn’t cared at all, but I am not angry at them. So because I am emotionless sometimes I am sorry that I can’t draw or do anything in those bad days. This is why I wanted to thank you for being here with me and love my work. I see, that the past days you guys liked my original work too and I am really thankful for that! It makes me happy that you like/reblog or just reply on my stuff. I really love to draw and I wanted to make better and better art later.

There is some people I wanted to thanks because they inspire me really. 

@mintyer thank you for making quality art, no seriously its really good I wanted to eat it. Let me eat that Mochi please…

@rclockworkzombie Sorry for not talking to you I still love your work too and how inspirational you are, I hope you will get more and more love too. (No I am not stalking your blog, who said that?!)

@erbluhenpositivity I am the anon who had the suicidal thoughts, you get me back in my feet literally, thank you for that, you deserves millions and tons followers. *thinking* ah wait, what if that one follower is one ton? Do you have a ton of follower then? Will they hug you pretty good because they are squishy?

@ask-the-fnaf-cast I am thankful that there are people who don’t follow me because of one fandom, they follow me because of me. I am looking after you too and rooting for you! I love your stories, keep it up! 

@lone-is-papyrus I talked to you sometimes and it made me smile when I see you liking one of the posts I reblog or a drawing I made, you are one true followers of mine and I consider you as a great internet friend!

 @its-suscipio FNAF and Springtrap is life I am rooting for you too! 

@s-fellows-art You big cutie potato! You are a great artist and your works are masterpiece! 

For FNAF and UT fandomers sorry for not reblogging making stuff I still like and laugh on every cute post or stuff you guys reblogs or made. I am always staying on a fandom I already like I just have sometimes new passions and its alright. Its alright if you have new stuffs, new interests and new fandoms.

puddingskitty I am so so sorry I didn’t forget about you I just don’t wanted to take you with me for this great chaos. I still consider you as a great friend and I see you doing fine. I totally still admire your work and art. I was just really afraid losing you as a great friend… thank you for always talking with me and sorry for not talking to you those days. Once you said because someone have a tablet it doesnt mean they can draw good, I totally agree with that and I am still a trainee but I hope you will get more followers and love too! You inspired me really much for coloring stuff, I still freaking love your colors in you art!

Flow You make me feel really important and I didnt felt like this for a long time. I don’t cared the world anymore and suddenly I care about everyone and everything. You are truly a great soul and I hope you will get the most happiest life you deserve! I wanted give my heart to you and I hope you will understand one day that you are too young and precious for this world… you still have much more for the future. I am looking after for you too! You deserve every happy things that happens to you! I am here everyday for you and thank you for supporting me. 

Thank you for supporting me every followers and every one of you and I wanted to make every 200+ followers of mine proud of me! I am here! I will be here!

anonymous asked:

i proudly identify as aromantic and asexual, but i often feel like i'm just lying to everyone, including myself, to get attention. according o my logic, because being aroace is not as common as many other sexualities, i'm not actually aroace. do you have any advice on how to not feel this way?

I feel you, Anon. I think a lot of aces and aros feel like this sometimes. I think it comes from how people like to treat ace and aro identities like special snowflake or ~Tumblr identities (which I don’t really think is a real thing, by the by). 

I mean I can start by saying you’re not lying and you’re not attention seeking by identifying as asexual and aromantic. And honestly if you were looking for that, identifying as ace/aro is a pretty terrible way to go about it since in my experience we’re mostly ignored and/or disbelieved.

How to not feel that way is another issue though. Do you follow a lot of ace/aro blogs? Or participate in any a-spec communities? Because I find seeing other a-spec people talking about our experiences and relating to them can be really affirming. I have a couple blogs I check in on every now and then when I need to reassure myself I’m not alone.

Otherwise, there’s not much you can do but try your best to remind yourself that you know your own feelings and other people don’t. And that just because an orientation is less common doesn’t mean it’s not real.  ✿

anonymous asked:

Bless you for trying to keep a Robert positivity space, it's needed! A lot of areas of the fandom aren't great right now so please look after yourself if Rob means a lot to your mental health. I really get it because Rob and Aaron are my escapism so I'm hurt but I'll continue to watch. I wish I could take a step back from the fandom because I do let other people's opinions affect me but it's tough when it's nice to be surrounded by people who like stuff you like. This sucks

it does suck! it absolutely made me feel sick when i found out, but then i realised how little i actually care about emmerhell and their stupid sensationalism sometimes. im pretty sure my read on robert sugden in particular doesn’t gel with whatever the hell persona they’re trying to force on him at any given time anyway, so i think i’m much better off than a huge portion of the fandom.

that said, i’m really not in fandom for negativity. yes i get mad, yes i wish certain things didn’t happen in canon, but that’s what fic and headcanons and friends are for. to re-evaluate what we’ve seen, disagree with it if necessary, and then right it. emmerdale isn’t the gospel on these characters you love. they gave them to you, they created them for you, but how you read them, love them, and view them is on you and you alone. they can be whatever you need them to be.

fandom for me is escapism. robert is a coping mechanism. negativity doesn’t do my mental health any good so maybe i’m seen as delusional and ridiculous in certain spaces, but you know what, i don’t care because i’m healthy and safe and enjoying my fandom life.

do what you need to do to be the same. i’ll support you whatever, anon.

but here, my blog, will always be a safe space for anyone who loves robert sugden, even after tonight

The Signs in a Gemini’s view

Aries: dorky and lovable but mean only when they have to be

Taurus: pretty laid back, smart if they try

Gemini: intelligent, but can be cold-hearted only when they don’t feel like having emotions

Cancer: motherly, small and fun but know more shit than you think

Leo: likes their hair A LOT but is loyal and protective, try not to be around them at a bad time because you never know when they’ll explode

Virgo: my best friend, fun, smart and protective; sometimes they lack motivation so you have to give them a little push but when you do they shine so bright

Libra: hot. hot. hot. hot. beautiful human beings, funny, and did I say hot?

Scorpio: not as dark and mysterious as you thought, actually pretty laid back and cute when you get to know them

Sagittarius: I don’t actually know a Sag but you guys seem pretty awesome

Capricorn: crazy, hot, and lovable mess. You guys are fucking amazing and class A fangirls

Aquarius: hot angels sent down from heaven. If you’re an Aquarius dear god bless you, you have a down to world personality and rock. out.

Pisces: smol innocent cinnamon roll who thinks they’re badass. They have a lot of problems but they don’t like to publicize them

cheekyist  asked:

pomegranate n nectarine xxxx

•pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?
when i’m rocking a cute outfit and when my hair is straight. i have naturally curly hair and i actually hate it but I’m trying my best to love it !

•nectarine: would you consider yourself an emotional person?
i tend to bottle up my emotions and feelings. i’m not really one to show them or express them often but i am pretty emotional. sometimes i may occur as a boring person but on the inside I’m filled with a ton of emotions