sometimes his a monster and sometimes hes an angel

Supernatural McHanzo AU!

It’s been in my mind for a couple of weeks now, and I’m gonna put it in a text for for now. Pics of them will come at a later date.

Since I’m writing on a phone, I can’t do those read more thingies.

Jesse is a demon, monster hunter like Dean. He works alone most of the time, but sometimes his little sister sombra tags along for research, just like Dean and Sam.

Hanzo is a fallen angel, exile from heaven of what he did to his little brother. I’m still stick to that unless you guys have anything better to add, feel free to add.

Genji is a demon set on killing his brother. It’s not for revenge, no. It’s for pissing of heaven and God. He still loves Hanzo with all his heart, but demons are tricky creatures. Sometimes he would tag along with McCree and Hanzo on their little adventures.

Jesse is more himself but with a bit of brooding and seriousness like Dean.
hanzo, as you can guess, is a smol confused angel like Castiel is. But he’s also set on trying to help McCree in anyway because he is the vessel for Michael that’s set to bring the apocalypse.

Jesse, on the other hand, only got into this supernatural business because he wants to kill Gabriel, his father, that was possessed by a demon.

He wants his father’s soul to be freed even if it means he has to kill him.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask something potentially stupid? What is this "structure" people keep talking about. How Dean and Cas are ("should" be) part of each others endgame, want to be together because the "narrative/structure" portrays it like that, platonically or romantically? I mean I see from a personal emotional pov "Dean and Cas love each other they want to be around each other" but I get the impression people with better tvshow knowledge mean this on a storytelling level? *vanishes into the ground*

This is not a stupid question anon.  Here’s how Supernatural is written:

There’s an “A” plot, which is the mytharc.  It makes up half the season generally.  Sam or Cas usually drive the mytharc, sometimes one, sometimes both.  For season 9?  Sam (through Dean’s decision), Abaddon, and the angels (most notably Gadreel) are doing it.  Then there’s the “B” plot, which is the heartarc, Dean’s arc.  Dean is the protagonist for Supernatural.  He is the lens in which we view the show’s events.  Dean’s emotional links to the “A” plot and his relationships with both Cas and Sam are what makes up the “B” plot.  The “B” plot (Dean’s struggles) always mirrors the “C” plot, which is the MOTW (Monster of the Week) episodes.  When the “B” plot mirrors the “C” plot each writer will narratively assign the “C” plot characters as mirrors to Sam, Dean or Cas.  Sometimes a character will represent an event (Timmy in 9x07 represented the moment Dean gave up romantic love and became codependent on Sam) but mostly they are reflections of our boys.

Now.  This season is slightly different.  Dean’s “B” plot is dealing with Sam and Cas at the same time since the “A” plot (Dean putting an angel in Sam) made Dean kick Cas out of the bunker.  The “B” plot with Sam has affected the “B” plot with Cas.  The two are linked.  9x06 also did something unique.  It gave us a “B” plot for Cas.  Cas’ “B” plot involved him wanting to stay with Dean (just look at that last shot from 9x03 and try to argue otherwise) and also wanting to accept life as a human.  Cas’ “B” plot is simply Dean.  The structure of their “B” plots, which is them wanting to be with the other (because “No one wants him here more than me” and the mirrors used in Cas’ “B” plot even though he hasn’t explicitly stated as much like Dean SCREAM this), means that Carver intends for us to root for them to be together, even though the “A” plot will be used to drive them apart (which makes for good television and frustrated shippers).  This is a classic romantic structure (separating two people that want to be together), which is even more obvious given how Supernatural is written (not all shows use SPN’s A/B/C structure).  

This is why so many of us say they are endgame.  The question is what kind of endgame are they?  How ambiguous will SPN make it?  Do they wuss out and make it open to interpretation?  I say…