sometimes he is really really attractive


I think Lardo lets Tango watch her mix paint because she once noticed him watching paint-mixing stim vids on his phone.

Like, one day she is walking through the Haus and everything is quiet, which is weird. Then, she notices Tango just chilling on the couch. Then she really confused because it’s quiet and Tango is there and usually you can’t have one with the other. So, she goes over and peeks over his shoulder and he’s scrolling through a paint-mixing stim account on instagram, taking the time to watch the entire video before moving on. There’s the faint sound of the pallet knife sometimes if the colours really attract his attention and he taps to turn on the sound, but, other than that, everything about him is silent.

That’s when Lardo gets an idea. She isn’t busy right now, so she runs up and gets a couple of her tubes of cheap paints (acrylic, oil, some pigmenting, a giant tube of white paint, some paint thinner, ect.), a couple pallet knives, and some glitter. She comes back down and taps on Tango’s head. “Follow me, taddy,” she says, nodding to the door.

Of course he follows, Lardo is mama duck, but that doesn’t mean he does it without question. With slipping his phone in his pocket, the inquiries start a-coming. “Where are we going? What’s in that bag? When did you get home? Am I in trouble? I thought we were allowed to be there if the door was unlocked?? What’s that clanking coming from your bag? How was your day? Where are we going??”

Lardo is a master at letting him just ask without giving real answers (and, frankly, he’s thankful that she doesn’t yell at him like Holster does), and soon their at Lardo’s super secret art studio. At this point, Tango’s been here before and has stopped asking the “Where are we going?” because he recognized the area. But he still had so many questions, even up to the moment Lardo put a small red blob next to a larger light blue one on top of a big smear of white.

When she started mixing, he went absolutely quiet and fixed his eyes on Lardo’s hands, listening to the scrape of the triangular knife on the sheet of plastic she uses as her pallet.

They do this for hours, Lardo even letting him paint a bit on a spare gessoed canvas she uses to swatch the colours on to see what they look like. He isn’t really the best artist but he does get the shape of a multicoloured rubber duck with shades on. It’s mostly purples and blues and greys because those are the colours he said he liked seeing being mixed the most.

He eventually starts buying her the bulk cheap acrylics from A.C. Moore. They spend their Thursday and Sunday afternoons mixing paints.

Lardo puts the piece they made up in her senior art show. “Takes Two to Tony” is the title of the piece (only the hockey players get it, theater kids think it’s about the Tonys and spend too much time trying to figure out what a messy, tecnicolour duck with sunglasses has to do with the relevant plays and musicals of 2016).

It’s the most commented on piece in the guestbook and someone even asks if they could buy it and leaves their number (Lardo never calls them).

Tango is quiet when he looks at it because it reminds him of his mama duck and how she figured out what made him the happiest and used it to help him.

When Lardo graduates, she finds Tango at the ceremony and hugs him, slipping the key to the studio into his hand. “It’s all yours now, Tang. I’ll see you there.” He goes and there is all the paints he got her, the piece of hard plastic pallet, and the painting. It’s now hanging from a rafter, the light from the dusty skylight filtering in and making the metalics and glitters they used on it shimmer. Tango is so happy, he cries.

They still meet every Thursday and Sunday afternoon there.

Tango’s started his own paint-mixing stim account on Instagram and a “mama-duck-lardsy” always comments, saying things like “that blue can be used as a highlight on the duck” or “good job with the pigmenting, who’s your teacher? ;)”.

on draco malfoy's patronus being a thestral

I AM HERE TO ANSWER YOUR CALLS thestral may seem like a badass / very strange choice of a patronus for draco but I am here to explain WHY I think it should be draco’s patronus!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts / have people elaborate on my thoughts so feel free to!

First off, I feel like a lot of people brush off the idea of him having a thestral patronus because heck, why should draco malfoy of all people have a mythical creature? But that’s one of the reasons why i love it. We all know that draco would absolutely LOVE having a mythical patronus ( you know, being special ) but I stand strongly behind the idea that the ONE mythical patronus he would have never wanted is a thestral.

A patronus is suppose to be a representation of yourself, and why the hell would he like it if he had patronus that reminds him of the war? of him being a death eater? of what he had to do and what it ended up causing? it’s an irony i love to indulge in & think about. Rather than being stuck up and proud i personally think draco would have wished for anything else. I’m pretty sure draco would be the type who would pull a disgusted face if he saw a thestral rather than be happy by it. He wouldn’t want to show this patronus off. Like, can you imagine? Pansy pestering him to show her, “wow i bet it’s a fucking ferret, isn’t it”, and when she actually sees it everything goes to shit because of fucking course, draco malfoy out of all people would have a thestral patronus, that even the embodiement of his happiest memory and his soul would link back to the horrors of the war and what he’s done.

Thestrals as you all know are considered to be dangerous, omens of misfortune and only visible to those who have seen death. They are quite literally representative of death. It spells out /evil/ and /bad/ no matter how you look at how the world portrays them.

This is where I’m grateful for Luna Lovegood. We’ve all seen a different side to the thestrals in the films, with Luna stating that “they’re quite gentle, really, but people tend to avoid them because they’re a bit…different.” Thestrals externally look ghostly, grim with them being dark & skeletal all the way through ( this could be another reason why draco = thestral but i’m not making that connection LOL ) if we place in on a canon timeline, the only place where draco would /really/ be trying to conjure a patronus would be after the war, and keeping that in mind it makes a lot of sense. It’s not a big stretch to say that post-war draco became an image of the war, with him being a death eater. His past haunts him, with people only seeing into his image of a death eater without acknowledging him trying his best to redeem himself.

The whole idea of a thestral being a creature that is representive of death & misfortune but also having the ability to be a person’s patronus, basically the opposite of what a thestral is known for, is SUCH a good way of describing draco. The image of post-war draco malfoy is like the image of a thestral in a flowerfield, they stand out too much for their setting of peace despite them not doing anything but being themselves. People fear/hate thestrals and they can’t help it, just as people can’t help but slap “death eater” on draco.

BUT! despite their external appearances thestrals are gentle, extremely loyal…and cutting away at the war and everything else we know draco is loyal. He is so loyal to his family, and even if its /bad/ he wouldn’t hesitate to defend them even if it’s by taunting / mocking the person. He loves them, and this goes both ways - maybe it’s him being prideful of his blood heritage because of how he was raised, or maybe he truly really loves his family ( which i definitely think he goddamn does ). Thestrals can be representative of both, they are attracted to the smell of blood but will also become aggressive if they view someone as a threat to themselves, their friends or even their owner.

It makes sense that draco’s patronus would be a gentle, misunderstood being who sometimes does the wrong thing out of love, or fear, but for a reason that isn’t purely “ because i wanted to”. I just really like the idea of a thestral both symbolising draco’s deeper, hidden parts that he’s too scared to show to the world while also simultaneously being able to represent his life and what he experiences.

I also do think it’ll be a nice way to make draco get over the horrors of war and let go of his past and just live. Draco coming to terms with him having a thestral patronus would practically be him coming to terms with who he is and the mistakes he’s made.

And just to add onto everything above : draco was owner of the elder wand at a point ( thestral hair core ), and thinking about when he was the owner and what was happening at the time, i think everything works out nicely.

All in all i just think thestral is a really clever choice for draco, and clever just so happens to work perfectly for him.


— delicate | (m)

pairing— min yoongi x reader, pianist! yoongi
genre/warnings— smut, oral, fingering, slightly-dom! yoongi, 
words— 4,373

:: summary— in which Yoongi is your piano teacher and you just can’t stop yourself from looking at those delicate fingers and all the not-so delicate things he could do with them…

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The First Time In Forever

A/N despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Frozen. Lol.

Spencer x Reader

“I’m sorry, but you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Your best friend Spencer Reid was staring at you with an incredulous look on his face, turning away from the Game of Thrones episode you were watching.

One and half bottles of wine and a GoT-athon, and the conversation had turned… wrong. Just plain wrong.

You can’t even remember what exactly had happened on the screen to make you comment that you’d never had an orgasm, but as soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them.

You were open with your best friend, but not that open. Although… rather than blushing like you’d have expected him to, he just seemed shocked and appalled.

“Nope,” you replied, seeing his eyes bug out.

“Are you sure? Y/N, you’re 27.”

“I’m well aware of how old I am, Spencer. And yes. I’m sure. At least… I think I am.”

He quickly topped his wine glass up, this revelation was obviously making him turn to drink. Well, more to the booze that he already had.

“You think? Explain…. Because you’ve come to into work before raving about guys you’ve banged.”

“So you DO listen to those conversations…” You were surprised, he normally just rolled his eyes and buried his head in a file.

“I listen because you and Penelope talk very loudly, although sometimes it’s at a pitch that I’m sure only dogs can hear…. Ouch! Don’t hit me! Anyway… Stop going off track.” He rubbed his arm where you’d hit it.

“Why are you obsessed with this bit on information anyway? Does it matter that I’ve never had an earth shattering moment. I still enjoy fucking.”

“But what’s the point if there’s no orgasms? And what do you do when you can’t sleep at night?”

“Spencer Reid!! Well, next time your eyes are darker than normal, I’ll know what you’ve been doing all night. And there’s plenty of point.. Sex is fun. And it still feels good. Its just….I dunno. No man has ever managed to make me tremble. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe happens.”

“And… Erm.. You’ve never managed to make it happen either yourself?” The tiniest amount of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“I’m getting you drunk more often, Spence. The team would never EVER imagine you having this conversation. And no. I’ve tried.”

“You must be doing it wrong. I’ll send you some links later on how to masturbate properly.”

You shifted on the couch, your jaw dropping. “You will not! And anyway…. You don’t even have a vagina. What makes you so sure that I’m doing it wrong?”

“Because if you were doing it right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“And you think you know how to do it right?” You knocked back the last of your drink.

“Yep… Never had any complaints when I’ve been getting a girl off. And I used to talk Austin through doing it all the time when we couldn’t see each other.”

You spluttered your drink out, wiping your mouth with your hand.

“Austin… That bartender you used to see? You’re saying you used to have phone sex with her?”


“I am learning so many new things here tonight Spencer.” You shook your head at your friend and colleague, feeling buzzed.

“If you let me send you the links, you’ll learn something else too.”


“What.. Orgasms are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves to have them, especially you. It’s a travesty that you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not. You’re missing out.”

You couldn’t not laugh at this conversation. You knew Spencer wasn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone made him out to be, he couldn’t be, he was a grown man. A very attractive grown man. But still….

“Spencer, this sounds like the plot of a really really bad porno. Any second now and you’ll be offering to give me one,” you sniggered.

“I will if you want. I could either talk you through getting yourself off, or just do it for you.”

“Reid, I was joking.”

“I’m not. Offer stands. Like I say, everyone deserves orgasms.”

You became very quiet all of a sudden and you realised you were actually considering his offer. You did sometimes feel like you missing out, and maybe you were doing something wrong… You still enjoyed sex and stuff but it would be nice if you got to finish too. You’d just never had that knee trembling, deity worshiping moment.

You completely blamed the wine for this.


Half an hour later, after the rest of the wine, much deliberation on your part, and much assurance on Spencer’s part that no this didn’t mean anything, no this wasn’t his way of trying to get you into bed although it would be easier to do this in the bed, and no he wouldn’t have to see anything, and you were lying in bed.

You were under the covers with your pants off but your underwear on and Spencer was lying on top of the covers, propped up in his side. The lights were out and the only light came from a thin sliver of moonlight where your drapes weren’t quite meeting.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t look at me whilst we do this,” you whispered.

“Fair enough.” Spencer rolled onto his back, looking up at ceiling.


“Alright so erm…. Try thinking about something that does turn you on. Maybe a sexy scene from a movie or something,” Spencer’s voice had dropped and had become a soft, low cadence that was soothing but instructive.

You closed your eyes and tried to picture your favourite sexy scene.

This just felt wrong.

“Start running your hands over your body first, slowly feeling your skin. Pay attention to your breasts, maybe pinch a nipple or something.”

You did as he asked, feeling extremely self conscious about what you were doing. You let your hands move up and down your body a few times, squeezing your breasts and teasing a nipple through your vest. You’d removed your bra when you’d got in but had refused to get naked. You so couldn’t do this….it felt.. Silly.

“Reid, I can’t do this.”

“You can if you want to,” he told you.

“It feels silly doing it to myself with you here. Like I’m listening to an instructional video or something.”

He rolled to his side again. “You could just let me do this for you this once. And then when you know what you’re missing out on, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to figure it out for yourself.”

“But…. It’s weird…”

“Only if we make it weird. It’s up to you Y/N.”

“Erm….Oh God. Okay… Do it,” you felt yourself blushing horrendously as Spencer pulled the covers back and slid under, lying closer to you and rolling onto his side so that he was facing you. He tugged the cover down slightly to your waist and then placed his hand on your tummy.

Lazily he began drawing patterns with his finger tips, them skimming over the fabric of your vest top.

“Relax, Y/N. Relax,” He said in that same low voice and you let out a breath, keeping your eyes closed.

Spencer’s hand stayed in the safety zone for a while, gently stroking your stomach, your arms, your shoulders. It was relaxing, and you felt yourself beginning to feel more at ease with this. It was just Reid. He wasn’t bothered by this, why should you be?

He let his hands move lower under the covers, tickling the tops of your thighs lightly, grazing over the soft material of your underwear as he moved his hand back up, sliding it over your stomach and onto your breast.

“Many men actually neglect the breasts, they assume that woman don’t actually find having their breasts fondled all that sexy. In actual fact, the majority of woman have said that they wish their partner would spend more time on them, some woman even claim to have climaxed solely from having their nipples stimulated.”

As he said that last part he spread his fingers and then closed them slowly, catching your nipple between them. Moving his hand gently back and forth, he rubbed against the sensitive flesh. Your breathing hitched as he used his fingers to swipe over the now hardened nub, teasing it gently.

“Am I allowed to…..?” he moved his hand to the strap of your vest and you nodded, still keeping your eyes shut as he pulled down your top, exposing your breasts to him. You thought you detected a change in his own breathing but you couldn’t be sure. Feeling him moving on the bed, he heard his voice again.

“Can I….can I use my mouth?”

Oh fuck….

“Not down there you can’t!” you blurted out, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Okay. But I can use it here?” he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the sensation causing you to bite your lip. You nodded.

Spencer lowered his mouth to the breast closest to him and moved his hand over to the other one. He began peppering light kisses over the swell of your chest as his fingers circled and teased the puckered flesh of your other breast. You weren’t going to lie, the sensation was wonderful and you started to forget the awkwardness of the situation and to actually enjoy it. His lips slipped over your nipple, pursing around it and sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flicking against it as he pulled it’s twin at the same time. You moaned, not beings able to stop the sound.

You could feel his lips change shape, he was smiling at the sound. Carrying on he repeated his actions, grazing his teeth over the skin and sending jolts of pleasure down into your groin. Giving one long hard suck, he released it from his mouth and dragged his hand down your torso and over your panties.

“I need you to spread your legs slightly. You’re clenching them shut,” Spencer whispered and you realised you were. You moved them, allowing him access.

He placed his palm flat on your groin and began rubbing his hand back and forth, applying a small amount of pressure, but not particularly paying attention to any one area.

“Another mistake guys make is going straight for either the clitoris or the vagina, forgetting the whole area is sensitive, even more so once someone is aroused. The clitoris is the most sensitive part though, it has over eight thousand sensory nerve endings all in a tiny area. Some woman can come in a matter of seconds from having their clit stimulated, others take longer, even up to hour. So you have to be patient. But most people aren’t that patient, which is where you could be missing out.”

He ran his hand up and down your covered centre and you winced slightly, realising that your panties must be feeling damp.

“Can I take these off? We can leave them on if you’re uncomfortable…. ”

You raised your hips in response, helping him quickly pull them off and then settle his hand back between your thighs. He’d already seen your breasts, to hell with it.

“Are you sure I can’t use my mouth down there?” he asked again, his long fingers dragging up and down.

“I’m sure… Cos it’s not like I’ll be able to do that to myself right?”


You allowed your legs to move slightly further apart as his hand explored.

“So if you’re doing this yourself, you need to remember to that keeping lubricated is important. Chaffing can be a problem, for guys and girls. Don’t start stimulating your clit when it’s dry, in my experience, the sensation is better when it’s wet. You can use lube, or you can lick your fingers first. Or you can use your own arousal, like this.”

To demonstrate, he pushed the tips of two of his fingers into your opening and you gasped. Retracting them he slid them forward, using the slick from his fingers as lube.

“You’re so wet, Y/N.”

“Spencer! Don’t say shit like that to me….. ”

But oh god, how delicious it had sounded coming from his mouth.

“Why… It’s the truth. It’s good, it means what we’re doing is working.”

“What you’re doing you…..oh…. Ah…”

Your words trailed off as he pressed his fingers to your clit and began massaging it, moving his fingers in a circular motion at first, he’d then switched to a more pressured side to side movement, changing between the two.

“There’s so many nerves ending here, Y/N. You can’t really go wrong with how you stimulate them. Some people use their whole hand to massage it like I’m doing now. Others just use one or two fingers like this.”

He changed his positioning, applying just two fingers directly to your clit and rubbing faster. The pressure was more localised than with his whole hand and felt more intense. He carried on for a few minutes, heavy breaths exhaling from your body. You bent one of your legs at the knee and placed your foot flat to the bed, your legs suddenly feeling restless.

“Other woman like having their clit tapped or smacked.” He demonstrated again, making a tapping motion on you. It felt okay, but not fantastic and you shook your head.

“Not a fan? Some girls aren’t. Okay and then we have that magic elusive spot that some people can never seem to find. The g spot.”

He slid his fingers through your folds, your lips separating as he slid two fingers inside you, your hips bucking off the bed as he did.

“Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, which is why most don’t orgasm during penetration itself unless they or their partner is playing with the clit too. That’s a mistake that men make, not working the clit as well or even being offended when the woman starts to touch it herself. They’re missing out though. There’s nothing better than being inside a woman whilst she orgasms, trust me.”

He started moving his fingers slowly inside, curling them.

“The most sensitive part of your vagina is the first two thirds, or there is a spot right at the top called the A spot, but that’d hard to reach by yourself. Your g spot is located about two to three centimetres along the front wall and feels pebbly and rough. You can’t feel it unless you’re aroused. So you should be able to feel this… ”

Spencer pressed his fingers to it and you felt the familiar sensation that you felt during sex. Rather than thrusting his hand in and out, he simply manoeuvred his fingers against it making you start to pant.

“Y/N, use your hand on yourself.”

You followed his instructions and slid your hand between your legs, using two fingers rather than the whole hand. You tried to mirror his actions from before, feeling light headed as he worked his fingers inside you.

“You can use your other hand to pull back the clitoral hood if you like, but some woman find it too sensitive.”

“This… This is fine… Ugh… Oh.”

This WAS fine… More than fine in fact. It was….Oh god there were no words to describe it.

“Apply a bit more pressure, Y/N. ”

“Help me…” you gasped out as he slid his hands from inside you and placed his fingers over yours.

Interlocking his hand with yours he pressed down, guiding you in your movements.

“Your skin is flushed and I can hear your heart racing.” He lowered his head back to your chest and sucked your nipple back into his mouth as your hands moved together between your legs.

Your leg started to twitch and you tried to slow your movements, feeling slightly funny.

“Nope… Carry on. Let go, Y/N. You’re nearly there. ”

Spencer continued working his fingers against yours, his lips sucking against your chest.

Your gasps grew louder and your legs trembled, your hips involuntarily bucking from the mattress. You could feel a pounding in your head, hear the blood rushing through your veins. Every nerve ending in your body seemed to be on fire and you felt like you’d never felt before.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Spencer.” Was this coming? Oh jeez, it had to be….. You could feel yourself contracting inside, your whole body quivering. You were dizzy but in the best possible way, and you continued to expel expletives from your mouth as the feeling racked through you, subsiding after around twenty seconds or so, although it felt like longer.

Spencer removed his mouth from your chest and his hand from yours, and you felt him wipe it on the sheets. You did the same with yours, and then slowly opened your eyes to see Spencer looking very pleased with himself.

You couldn’t speak, not yet. You just lay there, trying to regulate your breathing for a few minutes. When you finally could think straight, you realised your boobs were still on display and you hurriedly pulled your top back up.

“Shame…. I was enjoying looking at those,“ came the comment from your companion.

You glanced over at him, a smirk on his face.

“So?” he asked.

“I both love you and hate you for that.”

“Why both?”

“Because you were right. That was the best feeling ever. And I definitely hadn’t had one. But if I can’t replicate that myself when I’m alone…..”

“You will. Now you know what you’re doing.” he told you.

“But if I can’t?” You felt shy again.

“Then…..I can always help you. Or do it for you. I don’t mind. And it’s not like I’m not getting anything out of it. Giving an attractive girl orgasms makes me feel good too.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I’m not blind.”



“What about….what about actually making you feel good. Like… Well. Finishing you off too.”

“Well,I’m not gonna lie, that was extremely frustrating for me. But I enjoyed it. And I’ll just cold shower when I get home or something.”

Or something. You giggled, knowing what the ‘or something’ might be.

You shifted your position on the bed, moving closer to him and placing your hand on his groin, seeing the surprised look on his face.

“Hey, no. I didn’t do this to get something in return.”

“I know you didn’t. But I want to. I may not have been able to get myself off, but experience tells me that I’m quite good at getting other people off. And we’ve already crossed the friendship line of no return. Why not cross it even further. If you want to….”

Feeling a twitch underneath your hand, you waited until he nodded and moved to the buttons of his jeans.

“Spence… ” you stopped. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome.”

Grinning, you started unbuttoning his jeans, feeling happier now you knew you could pay him back.

Enchoi Your Fridays: Slow Choi-ned Ice Cream

This is just an Ice Cream Shop AU that popped into our heads. There’s no tragic background for the twins…just them loving life and eating ice cream. 

  • Saeran and Saeyoung both started working at this ice cream shop when they were teens
  • As they grew up, they started to practically run the place most hours during weekdays
  • They took turns actually making/serving the ice cream and standing at the cash register
  • Saeran is quiet when it comes to customers
  • He’ll be friendly when taking their orders or ringing them up but conversations are minimal
  • Saeyoung is the more charismatic one, which works when selling things
  • He somehow convinces customers to buy a bigger bowl/cone almost every time
  • Saeran has better discernment when it comes to customers getting freebie samples though
  • So, if a customer comes in asking for some red velvet or butter pecan ice cream flavors, he’d be willing
  • But if they keep asking for vanilla or chocolate, he makes some excuse, “There’s no more spoons.”
  • Customer stares at bowl of spoons
  • Both Saeyoung and Saeran are really creative when it comes to toppings
  • Saeran likes to neatly decorate with sprinkles or gummy bears, or try to arrange them so the customer has a topping in every bite
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung likes to make mini scenes like a gummy bear surfing on an oreo, or climbing a mountain of graham crackers
  • The hours after school is out is their favorite because a flock of kids will come into the shop
  • They actually get pretty close to the kids
  • They have a soft spot for kids who can’t afford it, so they occasionally give away some ice cream for free, taking it out of their own pocket
  • If one twin has a break, they’ll take the time to mingle with the kids
  • Saeran is closer to the younger kids and likes hearing them talk about their school and life
  • He has lollipops and stickers in his apron, and before they leave he’ll give one to each of them
  • Saeyoung is closer to the middle-school kids, as a lot of them chill at the shop to study
  • If they have an upcoming test, he’ll bring over complimentary ice cream and somehow ends up sitting with them and helping them solve problems
  • The kids always ended up telling their parents about the twins’ kindness, and Saeyoung and Saeran always found extra tips coming along and sometimes plates of food
  • Holidays are always great, because they will be bombarded with Christmas cookies or valentine chocolate
  • Saeyoung is naturally charming…which brings back a lot of girls his age
  • He always this really wide smile and this tendency to wink at odd times
  • Girls always take it the wrong way and end up swooning over him
  • Unbeknownst to him, Saeran was also really popular with girls
  • They find his brooding look kind of attractive, but his white hair with pink tips softens his demeanor
  • He often overhears their conversations where they try to speculate about his character, whether he’s single, what he does outside of the ice cream shop
  • But both twins avoid any serious advances
  • But then one day, someone new from out of town stops in–it’s you
  • For the first time, they’re intrigued by someone
  • You could say some pretty sweet days start after that;)
  • To be CONEtinued…

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Enough // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: Hi!! Would you be able to write a fic of Rocky x chubby!reader? Something fluffy with a tiny bit of angst? Thank you!! I love your writing by the way!!

words: 1725

category: angst + fluff

author note: you asked for a tiny bit of angst and ya girl disobeyed and wrote half of the scenario in angst. hopefully the nice fluff at the end will make up for it?? please enjoy anyway!!

- destinee

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Roommates - Prologue

Genre -romance, angst (in future chapters), humor?, smut (in future chapters)

Summary - After Jungkook’s younger sister moves in with him, Jungkook’s friends and neighbors - Jimin and Taehyung who have been friends for as long as they can remember and roommates ever since they moved out of their parents’ houses - become interested in her and their long-term friendship is put to a test.

Word count - 2363

A/N - I’m sorry about how short this was, but to compensate for that next chapter is coming out on the next three days hopefully. Also, as always, all feedback is very appreciated! 


Originally posted by rapdaegu

Taehyung woke up feeling like shit. His head hurt and he knew that he was most definitely hung over since he couldn’t even remember what happened the night before which lead him to believe that he must’ve drank way too much. An annoyed groan escaped his lips when the sunlight entered the room through the blinds and he pulled the covers over his head trying to go back to sleep, but his headache didn’t allow him to.

He sat up in his bed with another groan, looking around the room and trying to recall what happened the previous night. Taehyung remembered going to that party with Jimin. He remembered trying to flirt with two girls that - if his memory wasn’t lying to him - were definitely not interested. And he also remembered drinking. A lot. Too much.

Jimin probably had to drag him back home, because he was too drunk to even walk.

“Shit…” Taehyung cussed himself quietly. He promised his friend that he won’t get too drunk so both of them can have fun and Jimin wouldn’t have to feel like he’s there just so Taehyung had someone to drive him home. He felt bad. But then again, it was always like this with the two of them - Jimin was the more quiet one. The one who never really got drunk, the one who didn’t enjoy one night stands and the one who - Taehyung thought bitterly - was most likely to be in a good relationship, because girls seem to like his calm, collected personality more than they liked Taehyung’s loud, obnoxious one.

Taehyung was the type of guy who almost everyone found attractive, and almost everyone liked because of his confidence. Jimin was the more quiet, but sophisticated type. He was good at making compliments in ways that stuck with people. Girls thought he was cute. And guys thought he was funny. After all their years of friendship Taehyung had come to the conclusion that he was the type of guy people wanted to fuck and Jimin was the type of guy people wanted to be loved by.

Taking his phone from the nightstand Taehyung layed back down, rolling over on his stomach. He turned on the phone and checked the time. It was 2:30 PM. Why hadn’t Jimin woken him up by now? He usually doesn’t let Tae sleep past noon. Was he still asleep? Or did he officially give up on Taehyung once and for all?
Yawning, the boy stood up and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. It was empty. Where the hell was Jimin? He checked in his bedroom, but again - no sign of his friend.

Jimin usually never left in the morning without at least telling him. And Tae knew that he must’ve been here earlier because there was still a half-full bowl of cereal on the table.

That’s when he heard it from outside the door - a laugh. Jimin’s laugh and then an unfamiliar, feminine giggle.

“Huh?” Taehyung groggily raised an eyebrow, rubbing his eyes sleepily before heading for the door.

This was strange. Most people in their apartment building were cold, closed off and sometimes flat out scary people. As far as he could tell they weren’t the type to laugh at jokes. Especially not Jimin’s. At first, he thought it was their friend Jungkook. Jungkook was their friend, his apartment was right across from theirs and he was just a year or two younger than them. A nice kid. Taehyung and Jimin would occasionally invite him over to watch a movie or something, but they were never really best friends.

But he had heard girls giggle enough times in his life that he knew that this couldn’t be Jungkook unless he has inhaled helium…

Taehyung opened the door and saw Jungkook, Jimin and a girl who he has never seen before, happily chatting about something surrounded by about fifty boxes, neatly standing against the wall.

Three pairs of eyes turned to look at him and he suddenly felt kind of awkward being the only one who was standing in only his pajama pants. He looked at the girl, all four of them now standing in awkward silence as if Taehyung had interrupted a very important conversation. She was pretty. Really pretty! Sometimes - Taehyung had noticed - you find someone attractive when you first meet them even if they really are not, but because you’ve never seen them before you might find them more good looking. But she really was a good looking girl.  Her face was shaped nicely, her hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail and a small smile gracing her lips even though no one was talking.

“Hi!” Taehyung finally broke the silence, flashing the girl a wide grin. “I’m Taehyung. And you are….?”

She opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Jungkook.

“This is my baby sister, [Y/N]!” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders protectively and Taehyung could see a sigh escape her mouth as the girl rolled her eyes at her brother’s overprotective personality. “She’s moving in with me because she has nowhere else to go…”

“Oh!” Taehyung nodded, smiling. “So I’ll see you around very often then!”

“Yeah!” She nodded with a wide smile and before he could say anything else, Jimin interrupted him.

“Before you came here, [Y/N] was just telling us that she broke up with her boyfriend and moved here so she can start anew and get over him!” Jimin gave him a stern, meaningful look. He had seen Taehyung talk to girls enough times to know what his intentions were…And even though Jimin did like the girl a lot himself, he wasn’t going to be that asshole who tries to hit on someone while they’re in a vulnerable after-breakup state. And he didn’t want Taehyung to be that asshole either.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Taehyung turned back to [Y/N]. “It must’ve been painful…”

You idiot! He mentally facepalmed himself the moment the words came out of his mouth, Of course, it was fucking painful! She broke up with her boyfriend!

She nodded and looked, the smile that seemed to not leave her face until now was replaced with a slight frown.

Jimin gave Taehyung a judging look before reassuringly putting a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay… “ He said softly. “I’m sure you’ll find someone…”
Taehyung glared at Jimin before resting a hand on her other shoulder, mirroring his friend.

“Yeah. And if you ever need help with anything we - especially me, because Jimin here’s kind of lazy - are always willing to help!”

She looked up at him and chuckled. “You’re funny!”

Taehyung gave his friend a victorious look, but then the girl turned to Jimin and pecked his cheek. “And you’re very sweet!”

He grinned, returning Taehyung’s look of victory from a few minutes ago. And the entire time Jungkook stood silent, observing the conversation as if deciding whether he should interrupt or not, raising an eyebrow at his sister’s actions.

“Okay!” He said finally, opening the door to his apartment and gently pulling on her sleeve. “We have to go now! We’ll talk to you later!”

[Y/N] gave both of them one final smile before turning to go inside with her brother.

Just a few months ago everything was perfectly fine. You had just started college and you were doing great with your studies. You managed to meet a lot of new people. And most importantly you were in a happy relationship. Everything was fine. But at one point everything went downhill all at once. First, you started arguing with your parents, then your friends. You started having trouble concentrating because you were losing sleep. And then your boyfriend of 3 years decided to break up with you and you decided that was the last straw! You weren’t going to keep pushing yourself with college when you couldn’t even concentrate in your classes. There was time for you to finish your education in the future if you wanted to. But for now, you wanted to move out of your parents’ house and get as far away from your ex as possible.

Jungkook - being not just your older brother but also your closest friend - agreed to let you move in with him as soon as you told him what happened. You knew that living with your brother would have its pros and cons. For example, Jungkook was very protective of you. Especially now that you have had someone break your heart he felt the need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. And you liked that about him. You liked that he cared about you. But this meant that you would also have to deal with his constant glares and lectures on how you have to be more careful around boys and how he didn’t want to see you crying because of a guy again.

Jungkook was acting like that again now. You

had just met your neighbors - Taehyung and Jimin - and even though neither of them seemed very impressive they managed to spark your interest. Of course, you weren’t the type of girl who would sleep with the first guy you meet after you had just broken up with your boyfriend, but you still wanted to get to know them better. But Jungkook didn’t seem to like the idea of you getting to know his friends.

“Look…” He sighed. “I know those guys - they’re my friends. Jimin doesn’t like getting too close to people and Taehyung treats women like items. I don’t want you to end up dating an asshole again…”

You rolled your eyes at him. “I’m not going to date neither one of them! I’m just trying to make friends. What’s your problem? I just moved here and I don’t know anyone…”

Jimin sighed again and paused to think for a moment before nodding. “Fine. Okay. I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t be that harsh on you…I’m sorry.”

He gave you a small smile and kissed your forehead before going out to bring in the rest of your stuff. You smiled to yourself and stood up, looking around the apartment. You felt that maybe moving in with your brother and starting anew was a real good idea…

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Jimin yelled angrily at Taehyung who was sitting on their counter with a careless smile on his face. “The girl said that she moved here so she can forget about her boyfriend!! Are you even capable of empathy!?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes at him and sighed.

“What do you want?! She said she wants to forget about him - one night with me can make girls forget many things…” He smirked to himself.

Jimin groaned in annoyance. “You are an actual animal! She told you that she had her heart broken and you were thinking about fucking her?!
“Well… By the looks of it you seemed pretty interested in her as well…” Taehyung raised an eyebrow at his friend.

He paused, trying to stay calm, before replying. “Yeah! I mean…She’s a pretty girl. But even if I am interested in her, I won’t use her state of weakness to get her to sleep with me! Because, unlike you, I AM NOT A FUCKING ANIMAL!”

Taehyung groaned and stood up. “Stop calling me that! She’s an adult, and so am I! You can’t tell me what to do and how to talk to her…”

Jimin was boiling with anger. He knew his friend could be an asshole sometimes - especially when it came to girls - but he never thought that Taehyung can be so inconsiderate of someone’s feelings. And it annoyed him. A lot.

“Fine, then!” He sighed, shaking his head. “Do whatever you want! I’m not going to stop you! But just know that next time you get fucking wasted at a random person’s party I WON’T drive you home and drag you to your bed! And I will also make sure that [Y/N] knows how you treat women and everyone else around you. I’m sure then she won’t even think about sleeping with you!”
Taehyung nodded. “Okay then! But just so you know without ME you wouldn’t even be at those parties so shut up! Also, not every girl cares about emotions and not every girl likes weak crybabies like you! So I guess at the end we will see who [Y/N] is going to choose!”

“Fine!” Jimin replied angrily. “I guess we’ll see! But don’t come crying to me when she rejects you!”

He stood up and stomped out of the room angrily, slamming the door shut behind him. It was rare for him and Taehyung to get so angry at each other. They were just used to each other’s annoying qualities so the usually just dismissed them with an annoyed sigh or an eye roll. But this was different. Jimin did not give a shit about all the girls he took home and fucked once before never even speaking to them again. They most likely knew what they were getting into when they first met Taehyung. He wasn’t the type to like relationships. But [Y/N] was so different. She was still young. And she didn’t seem like the kind of girl to like on night stands, although you can never guess that by just looking at someone. And Jimin felt the strange urge to protect her. He remembered the way his heart scrunched when she told him about her break up earlier that morning. He could just imagine how awful it must’ve been for her. And he wanted to make sure that she never feels that way again. Jimin knew she deserved better. But he also knew that Taehyung cannot possibly give her that.

chained to you. || one

Originally posted by kimthehyung

Summary: You, a shy, insecure girl, experiences hell (aka. school) every day of your life when Jimin, the popular, perfect man that everyone is somehow afraid of, suddenly takes a huge interest in you. Maybe he wants way more than just to play with your feelings.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Genre: Smut [ +18 ], dom!Jimin, fuckboy!Jimin,  tiny tiny bit angst

Word Count: 9.6k (long as f-)

Index: 01, 02, 03

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You stared directly into the mirror, biting repetitively on the inside of your right cheek, whilst tugging violently on your fairly-new, fire-red pullover. You honestly had no idea, why in the world you were trying to look even mildly decent: you had no one to impress. Unfortunately, you had never been able to find clothing that had the ability to make you look skinnier. You were chubby, you had a stomach and the thing that saddened you more than anything in the world, was that not a single pullover or shirt could conceal it.

Slowly, you let your body drop to the bed beneath you, both hands resting on your stomach, your eyes glued to the ceiling. You still had a few minutes before you needed to head to your car. Driving to the train station was the bane of your existence.

It was exactly like every other morning of the week: you woke up at 4:30am then got ready whilst simultaneously feeling the immense need to cry your eyes out. 

You didn’t want to.

That same thought had droned around your mind so many times in your life that you had stopped counting at some point. You were just tired… 

After a few minutes, you stood up, taking one last glimpse of yourself in the mirror before leaving your house. The journey to the train station wasn’t that taxing – only ten minutes. You had initially started counting the minutes because you wanted to know exactly how much time you had to stretch before you arrived at the train station: you always tried to make the most of it. 

You glanced briefly at the digital clock on the screen of the radio in your car as you drove. You must have checked it every thirty seconds or so. It wasn’t out of nervousness or anticipation but instead, solely because the time seemed to flow more slowly when you did that.

You walked quickly to the station, arriving just as the train drew in. The doors opened, allowing the people to flood right in. A man strolled past you unbelievably swiftly, eyeing his expensive clock, almost stumbling once or twice when the train started to move. You held onto the metal pole, looking around in hope of finding an empty seat. When you spotted two vacant seats, you headed to them as quickly as you could just to ensure that no one could take them before you.

Taking the train was a real pain in the ass.

Passengers were squeezed together with those people that smelt utterly vile, mostly old men, polluting the already-tight atmosphere. However, it also happened that young people would sometimes smell just as bad: sort of like cold sweat. Your body shook in disgust just from the thought of it.

You hated it: you really hated taking the train.

You pushed in your earphones and made an attempt to relax for the one hour journey to your destination, trying to not fall asleep because if you did, you would arrive in just a matter of seconds.

Thankfully, you didn’t fall asleep but the time still went too fast. You jumped out of the train, heading towards the relevant subway station. You pulled out your earphones in order to listen to the loud audio announcement that came through the speakers. It was informing you that your train had experienced technical difficulties and that you were required to take the next available one.

It wasn’t all that bad, you still had enough time to head to school. You pushed your earbuds back in, just for someone to remove them again only seconds later.

“Excuse m–” You froze for a brief moment before turning your head to see a pink-haired guy, standing close behind you.

“Hey, babe.”

This asshole again.

This guy wasn’t a completely stranger to you, I guess you could say that you kind of ‘knew’ him.

A few days ago, you were pretty late and you lost your wallet somewhere in the subway station. Being the kind gentleman that he was, he came up to you with his intimidating friends behind him and handed it back to you. Even now, he was still being the rude ass that you had come to know him as – calling you his ‘chubby babe’ and other vaguely derogatory pet names of sorts. His friends laughed loudly, not forgetting to make you drown even more in your insecurity and asking him why he was even interested in you simply because you weren’t his ‘usual’ type.

You tried your best to ignore them but they followed you to the entrance of your school, just walking behind you with their rude, disruptive talking and sniggering behind your back. When you turned around to see if they were still following you, the dark eyes of the pink-haired guy shot through you, paired with that little smirk that seemed to be permanently etched into his face. You were quick to turn around again but this time, you walked even faster. 

Since that day, he was there, at the subway station, almost everyday to follow you to school whilst making a failed attempt to talk to you in a ‘flirtatious’ way. There was no way that he wasn’t the typical fuckboy that you had come to know from books and from the experience of your older sister. She had always told you to stay away from guys like him: they flirt, they make you feel like you’re the one and then they disappear out of your life as if they had never been there to start with.

You were certain that he was exactly like the guys that your sister had warned you about. 

You thought that at some point, he would just give up but that was three days ago now. Unfortunately, he was still here, sometimes he talked to you and sometimes he’d just say ‘Hi’, walking behind you all the way to school, playing on his phone.

He was probably just extremely bored but you didn’t really understand exactly what he wanted from you. Entertainment? Were you really that amusing to him?

To be completely honest, it also frightened you a little. You had already thought about telling someone that this guy – this very attractive guy – had been following you for three days now.

Considering the fact that he was hot, had a perfect body and a perfect face, he could have flirted with those skinny, truly beautiful girls that looked at him whilst blushing excessively when they saw him standing beside them. Sometimes he looked back at those girls and gifted them with a soft smile – being the fuckboy that he visibly was.

It would be a complete lie if you said he wasn’t your type. Then again, he was probably the type of every single girl out there. 

From the second you saw him, you were blown away by his incredibly flawless face but when he opened his mouth, giving you pet names, the corners of your mouth descended to the ground. You just wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. He made you feel uncomfortable, both in front of his friends and just generally.

There was absolutely nothing about you that he should be interested in. The only possibility that you even deemed to be mildly fathomable was that he was just so bored that his intentions were to wreck you completely and leave you broken-hearted.

“No talking again today, huh?”

You forced your earpieces into your ear a little more harshly than before, whilst simultaneously rolling your eyes in hope of expressing the immense irritation that you felt towards him. To be honest, you just really wanted to make it entirely clear to him that he was not at all welcome around you. But that left him entirely unphased; he was still glued to you. You felt his eyes burning into you for a short moment but when you tried to look back at him out of the corner of your eye, he was quick to return his attention to his phone once again.

You hastily grasped the opportunity in front of you; you moved steadily away from him with high hopes that he wouldn’t even notice. You thanked God for the fact that he was so infatuated by his phone. Your feet began to move increasingly faster in an attempt to distance yourself from him even more. You glanced over your shoulder to see if he was still following you, almost crashing into an elderly woman in the process.

In that moment, the train drew sluggishly into the station.

It wasn’t all that hard to find a seat on this train. There was an isolated seat that was located on the right side of the train that immediately caught your attention. You slumped into the seat, resting your bag on top of your stumpy legs. As you brushed away some stray strands of hair from your face, someone let their body drop beside you like a sack of stones, pushing you further towards the dirtied glass.

You turned to face the person; your eyes almost rolled into the back of your head when you saw him, obviously trying to push his body closer to yours.

You ripped out your earphones. Enough is enough.

“Can you please just stop following me?!”

He lifted his eyes away from his phone with a slightly shocked expression covering his perfect, typically God-like face. That smile followed almost instantaneously as he rested his arm behind you. He came even closer to you, so much that you could feel his minty breath caressing your dainty features; gifting you with all of his attention.

Your heart-rate increased wildly when your eyes met the necklace that rested comfortably on his well-formed chest that was covered by a dark shirt. His black jacket had a series of white stripes printed on it, making it look highly expensive: just like the rest of him – priceless. His movements allowed his scent to fly around in your nose, making you blush profusely.

A man had never come so close to you, it felt semi-intimate, causing your mind to be sent to another dimension. This coupled with the fact that he was absolutely faultless, caused an incomprehensible issue for your heart.

“I didn’t know you could talk.”

When he raised his voice you stared directly at him, obviously feeling the burning heat in your cheeks spread even further across your face. You pushed your body further to the icy glass in an attempt to create at least a little more space between the two of you.

Again, you focused on the argon-silver necklace that was draped meticulously around his neck, your eyes circling around his exposed collarbones and plump lips.

“You want it?”

Your eyes widened as you looked into his eyes with the most dumbfounded expression. You couldn’t believe those words had escaped his mouth. Quickly, you rose from your seat. Who did he think he was?

Whatever sick and twisted game he was playing, he had succeeded in crossing the line.

“You’re disgusting.”

His brows furrowed at your words as he watched you walk in front of him, starting to leave: “People like you make me sick, do you realise how disgusting that is?”

“What are you talking about? Wait…” He retorted, pausing only momentarily, “Did you think I meant that I want to have sex with you?”

Sex?! Did he just say ‘sex’? ‘Sex with you’? WHAT?! No. No. No. It was meant to be an unspoken sort of thing!

Embarrassment consumed you as his words began to sink in. “W-well, that’s what you meant, didn’t… you?” Your voice lost even more confidence as the sentence went on.

He smirked at you, his expression ranging from perplexion to mild amusement as a chuckle escaped his lips: “No, at least not yet anyway. I meant my necklace.”

You were done with this conversation. He had caused your complete embarrassment and he knew that all too well. He knew exactly what effect his mere presence had on women and of course, he played that card extremely skillfully. You really hated him as well as your weak body for letting him have exactly this affect on you.

There was no way that this guy should have been able to make you feel this way. He was an asshole, a flirt.  

You recalled what he had said over and over again in your head, ‘at least not yet’.

Not even in a million years, you bastard.

“No, thanks.” You moved quickly, searching for another seat far, far away from him. When you thought about it like that; even if he was on another planet, he could never be far enough from you: that was a fact.

Suddenly, you felt a tight pressure securing itself around one of your wrists. You glanced back quickly, only to see a manly hand gripping your wrist with force. You looked up, regarding the pink-haired man’s face with your disapproving expression once more.

“Why don’t you want to talk to me?”

“Because you represent everything I hate in a guy.” Your answer literally shot out of you and he raised an eyebrow, still holding your wrist firmly in his grip: the pressure getting more intense with every second.

“Oh come on, you don’t even know me.”

“I know enough to understand that I don’t want to have you anywhere near me!”

The train drew to a halt at the station, allowing you to free yourself from his grip and exit the train.

You walked as quickly as possible to the exit of the station. There were more important things you had to worry about than him. Why did you even bother answering him in the first place? You should have known from the beginning that this conversation would most likely escalate into something that you wouldn’t be comfortable with.

He was a complete asshole: nothing less, nothing more.

If you hadn’t been so cripplingly anti-social then you might have thought of meeting a friend before but, of course, someone like you didn’t even have any friends. Maybe if you hadn’t been so introverted, he might have never started following you or at least, he might have given up by now. But of course, that was not the case: he was still there, behind you. This time his attention wasn’t concentrated on his phone, you had his full attention, his gaze refusing to leave you even once.

The heat from the blaring sun put you in a daze. Slowly but surely, you felt the entirety of your face begin to burn under the warmth. This time it was mainly caused by the fact that you had walked so incredibly fast that your legs might have actually been able to detach themselves from your body if you weren’t careful. You were fully aware that your face would be entirely crimson by the time that you would arrive at school. Thank God that it wasn’t much further! You also praised the heavens for the fact that he didn’t open his idiotic mouth to say anything more. Only a few meters and you would finally be able to get rid of him.

The footsteps behind you suddenly started to increase in speed and then there he was, towering over you whilst effortlessly keeping up with your duck-like waddle. You looked down to ensure that he wouldn’t see your red, sweaty face. You hated it when you looked like that, it was truly disgusting.

He crouched slightly in an attempt to catch even the slightest glimpse of your face. His necklace caught your attention once again as it swung around wildly as he ambled beside you. He wasn’t even slightly exhausted, his breath was regulated and it seemed as though he was never walking quickly in the first place. To be honest, it sort of seemed like he hadn’t done any form of physical activity whatsoever.

Of course, he was probably well-trained with an impressive amount of stamina. So basically, he was everything that your lazy ass was not.

Your breath escaped your body more frequently with every second that passed but you tried to conceal the fact that you had less oxygen reaching your lungs than a corpse so that he didn’t laugh at you. You already looked like you had never interacted with or even seen a piece of fitness equipment in your entire life; breathing like you had just climbed a mountain twenty times in front of a human work of art would just make the whole experience twice as bad. What would he think of you?

“Babe, breathe or you will explode. You shouldn’t kee-”

“What the hell are you doing back here?!” A loud voice boomed from in front of you, cutting him off instantaneously. The pink-haired guy shot up to look at where the noise had come from as though he had partially undergone electrocution. When he caught sight of the woman that had spoken, he stopped dead in his tracks. It was one of your teachers. Without warning, she came directly up to you. A fiery gleam lay vacant in her eyes; you could tell for sure that she was trying to cover her fury with professionalism. It wasn’t entirely clear to you as to why she was so livid towards this random guy but it was still incredibly intriguing. She gestured her hand towards the way that you had just come, thankfully showing him the way out.

“Woah, okay. Before you try to do me for harassment or something, I didn’t technically cross the entrance line yet.”

The teacher gripped onto your arm with a little force and pulled you away from him. You almost tripped over your feet in the process of it all.

What the hell?!

She moved her body closer to his, probably to the extremity that she would be able to feel his breath on her face but he didn’t seem to have any intention of moving away. Instead, a malicious, twisted smirk distorted his angelic appearance. It was something that you had never thought you would see on the face of a human being. There was such discreet malicious intent behind that smirk of his. You eyes were transfixed on him, failing to allow your eyes to move away from it: you just couldn’t look away. What was happening to him?  

The teacher was substantially smaller than him yet he still rose his chin slightly in disdain, throwing his head to the side before looking back down at her. “Don’t you dare touch a single one of the students at this school ever again.”

His smile died but his eyes grew full of that familiar darkness that his smirk would typically contain, “I didn’t realise that it was any of your fucking business.”

You almost couldn’t believe your ears. He had spoken to the teacher with such disrespect. Did he know her?

The school bell rang loudly, resonating throughout the entire campus. You quickly ran to the entrance of the school and along the hallway to your classroom, leaving the pink-haired guy and the teacher behind you.

Whilst you greeted your classmates, you were so unbelievably lost in your thoughts that you weren’t even able to recognise whoever you greeted. Your mind was frozen in the moment that had left you so incredibly dumbstruck. None of it made any sense…


No matter how much you thought about it, you wouldn’t be able to find any answers with the little information that you actually knew about him anyway. You didn’t want to think about him anymore, really if you continued to then you would inevitably get a headache. He wasn’t worth it in the first place and it wasn’t like this whole situation was really any of your business.

You had finally reached the last class of the day already and in only a few minutes, the bell would ring once again and all the students would be freed from their chamber of torture, they would run out so eagerly that it is possible that they would crush you to the depths of the earth’s core.  

A tiny part of you didn’t want to leave the classroom when the bell signalled; a small part of you was afraid that you might run into him outside again. He had never spoken to you nor had he ever looked at you in the way that he had done with the teacher but this slight fear was still swelling inside of you, even if you couldn’t figure out exactly what was causing it yet.

Slowly, you put all of your books back into your bag. You glanced towards the door: Amy was waiting for you just as she always did. You didn’t really understand why she waited for you. It wasn’t like you were friends or anything; she was just always there, waiting for you.

As soon as you had gathered your things, you walked out of the classroom together. You two never spoke much either. The walk was always almost completely silent. To be honest, it was sort of awkward but she didn’t seem to care all that much. You had thought about asking her what it was that she wanted from you once or twice but you had decided against it - you were meant to be nice to people so they might actually start liking you.

Not that you cared…

                         …of course, you didn’t care.

You both exited the school building, it took a good few minutes for you to walk around the corner to the huge school gate. When you say that the school gate was huge, there was absolutely no exaggeration - it really was fucking gigantic. It was very possible that the gate was larger than the width of your entire apartment. In a way, it was a little intimidating but you were certain that there was some reason as to why it had been made with such sophisticated grandeur and immense size. Historically, that was a typical feature of buildings in this area.

Your heart-rate increased to one-hundred miles per hour when you saw him leaning against the wall. Suddenly, that big-ass gate became even more intimidating to you. His eyes were again transfixed on his phone, rapidly tapping away at the screen. Maybe, you could sneak past him unnoticed?

“Fuck!” You accidentally spat out what was meant to be nothing more than a thought in your head: you were just so shocked that he had actually waited for you, or at least come back to pick you up that you couldn’t control yourself.

“Fuck, indeed!” You turned your head to see your classmate sweeping her slender fingers through her flowing, blonde locks, making sure that every hair was in neatly in place.

In all honesty, your classmate was a really beautiful girl; she was one of those girls that was able to wrap a lot of guys around her finger with ease.

You could see the way that she pulled her skirt a little higher and adjusted her bra straps ever so slightly. Don’t misunderstand, Amy was never the slutty type. In fact, she was probably one of the more decent people in your school. In a way, it felt more like you went to a whore-house everyday rather than a school. The sad thing was that you knew that he would take one look at her and forget you completely: she really was the full package.

The gate came closer into your vision: he came closer in your vision. His pink-hair seemed to have been slightly dowsed by light rain or something of the sort. His hair covered his face flawlessly, just as it always did. As if on queue, he looked up from his phone, tucking it into his back pocket.

His eyes collided directly with your gaze, “You took your time.” He smiled at you weakly, holding a kind of softness that you weren’t familiar with yet.

“Hey.” Amy responded, not even allowing you to give him an answer, “I don’t think I’ve met you before, do you have a name?”

He looked at her momentarily, boredom masking his face: “I do.”

“Going to tell me what it is then?”

His brown eyes scanned your face once again as though he was waiting for you to say something against it: “I’m not sure that’s any of your business, darling.”

Then, he turned to face you again, “But I sure wouldn’t mind telling this one my name.” He smirked at you.

You felt your heart fall into a thousand pieces.

He suddenly swung his arm around you, making your heart jump like excitable children on a new trampoline. He was completely ignoring your classmate, making her look like she wasn’t really wanted there. You felt slightly guilty: Amy was someone that didn’t deserve this and this guy was just going to upset her.

Suddenly, you were broken from your thoughts when you felt him coming a little too close for your liking; you could feel his hair literally tickling your left ear and his felt his breath caressing your neck. It was warm and heavenly, even if it did seem a little strange to you.

His breath began spinning around near your ear with grace: “The name is Jimin, by the way.” Your heart was beating faster than it ever had in your life, even faster than that one time you ran the 100m in Sports Day like nine years ago. He nuzzled his head into your neck gently. His small, perfectly-formed nose came into to contact with your jawline as he spoke, lips tracing your neck gently.

“Make sure not to forget my name, babe.”

Before you were able to comprehend what had just happened, he had pulled away from you as though it had never happened. You could still feel his lips ghosting your ears, the feeling of his breath colliding with your skin. He was heavenly but he was also a sin, a sin that you could never divulge in.

You were still lost in the moment when his face had come so close to yours but shortly after he had left you, all your senses came back, hitting you in the face like a splash of water.

“Don’t touch me!” You turned to shake his arm off of you, taking a step closer to your classmate, already feeling a little more comfortable.

It wasn’t like you felt totally uncomfortable around him; there was definitely significant awkwardness but you didn’t feel as though he was going to kidnap you or anything. You were just uncomfortable because you didn’t know the meaning behind his actions.

His eyes widened for a short moment when you yelled at him. He obviously didn’t expect you to react that way after he had come so close to you. Normally, girls would fall over head over heels for him if he were to come within a metre radius of them.

Girls loved his touch, why didn’t you?

“Woah-ho, calm down, babe.” He lifted his hands to show you that he had no intention of touching you anymore.

Your classmate just stood there with a shocked expression all over her face, not really understanding the whole situation but also being all blown away by the fact that he was getting so close to you for no apparent reason. You noticed her face, her expression and you could almost see awkwardness behind it.

You didn’t want the situation to escalate any further so, without saying a word, you just started to walk away, leaving them behind you - full of confusion.

Whatever he was trying to get out of you, the way he was going about doing so really creeped you out. Who did he think he was?


Thankfully, he didn’t follow you any further and you were able to go home without fighting to be alone.

You let your bag fall to the ground as you closed the door to your small apartment. You threw your shoes aside and let your body sink into your cheap yet comfortable couch. For you, the day had been truly exhausting yet, somehow, it had excited you. The memories of pink hair tickling your ear and cheeks, his breath so close to you - it was all new to you. You could sense his aftershave lingering on your body, which refused to let you forget about him, at least for the time being.

He was there with you. At least, it felt that way and it made your nerves electrify with apprehension.

You didn’t know what he would do tomorrow. What if he was trying to take it to the next level? What if he wanted more than just to come close to you? Again, a little fear shot through your body. There was something about him that caused you to feel unsteady. You were unsure if it was his ethereal appearance that caused you to feel this way or maybe it was just the fact that you had successfully gained yourself a stalker in the mundane life that you were living. All this just seemed a little too unreal to you - there was no way that you had anything on this guy.

After thinking about him for at least thirty minutes, you were finally able to calm yourself down. The pillows on the couch felt smooth against your skin so you readjusted yourself in the seat so that you could rub your legs against them a little more. It was a pleasant, relaxational feeling that allowed your body to sink into the couch even more, serenity filling your body for the first time today. With each breath, you sensed your eyes getting heavier.. Since the day had left you without energy, you felt like a little nap was almost necessary if you wanted to complete your homework that night.

The idea of a nap, got tossed out the window when you felt a vibration in the pocket of your pullover. You pulled out your phone and looked at the screen, despite the fact that it was a little too bright for your liking.

Unknown [6:46]:

“Next time, you could at least say goodbye.”

Who was that?

Unknown [6:47]:

“You’re pretty disrespectful to older men.”

The first thought that shot through your mind was that it was from that Jimin-guy. It won’t be him, right? It must have been someone who’s number you might have accidentally deleted or a person that had changed their number fairly recently.

You [6:54]:

“Who is this?”

You stared at your screen, waiting for them to respond to you.

Unknown [6:55]:

“Jimin, you know, the guy you thought wanted to have sex with you on the train.”


You [6:55]:

“I didn’t think that!!!!!”

You [6:55]:

“How did you get my number?”

Unknown [6:56]:

“Your friend gave it to me.”

You threw your head back in exhaustion, almost hitting the hard edge of the couch with it. Why in the world would she do that? You obviously showed the both of them that you didn’t want him anywhere near you.

Aside from that, you didn’t even know that she had your number in her phone. It was probable that she  had gotten it from the class president. On the first day of school, he had saved all of the numbers of the students to keep in touch with them and to remind you about any upcoming tests. Until now, he hadn’t done so even once but then again, you didn’t expect anything less. So much for that.  

Unknown [7:05]:

“It was pretty easy to make her give me your number, you should look for better friends.”

You [7:06]:

“She isn’t my friend. She is just my classmate. What do you want?”

Unknown [7:06]:

“What makes you think I want something?”

You [7:06]:

“Well, there must be a reason why you’ve been following me for three days and asking my classmates for my number.”

This time it took him a little longer to respond but you were too curious to put your phone away just yet. Plus, the ‘online’ sign beside his number made it clear to you that he would reply soon enough.

Unknown [7:15]:

“There are a lot of things that I want from you. There are especially things I’d like to do with you but for now, I’m okay just chatting.”

You [7:15]

“You’re disgusting.”

You groaned in frustration as you locked your phone and threw it onto the table, lying back onto the couch, your left arm resting over your eyes. This guy was really the biggest bastard in the history of the universe. You couldn’t believe that guys like him actually existed. The springs in the couch creaked slightly as you moved to make yourself more comfortable. Jimin was someone that managed to exceed your expectations of idiocy because out of all the complete assholes that you had encountered so far in your life, he managed to put them all to shame.

Yes, he might look pretty decent but his character had the ability to have you put into a mental institution.

When you heard the vibration of your phone, you just had to look at what he had written. When you saw his message, your eyes widened, a blush running across your cheeks. You unlocked your phone angrily, tapped on his chat and blocked him immediately. You turned your phone upside-down and slammed it onto the table.

Unknown [7:17]:

“Why do you keep telling me that I’m disgusting? I didn’t ask you to suck my dick.’’


When you woke up the next day, you almost left too late because you couldn’t decide on what to wear. It was rather unusual for you to even sit there debating over what to wear for longer than thirty seconds. You headed to your car, jumped right in and luckily, you were able to catch the train in time. Your breathing was heavily unregulated as you ran into the train carriage: unfortunately, not getting a seat this time. You had to stand the whole ride, which kind of killed you inside and instantly, put you into a bad mood.

You knew he would be there when you arrived at the subway station. You hated the fact that he would somehow always appear at the forefront of your conscience; you didn’t want to think about him.

When the train stopped at your destination, you jumped out of the train just like the other passengers around you did. You almost got killed on the way out: people were really in a rush today. Getting off the train was really your daily challenge to make it out alive. However, today, you were in favour of being killed in a stampede. The whole idea of facing that idiot made you sick to the stomach.

Your eyes focused on your phone, whilst you swiped the screen to find a better song to listen to. After you skipped some songs, you stopped at a song called ‘Champagne & Sunshine’. Sounded cute.

‘Love, take it off.’

It had a nice sound but the second line was already making you a little flustered yet you didn’t want to stop listening to it. It really was an amazing song. Usually, you listened to happier songs more so that your mood would be a little brighter, or occasionally, you’d listen to a sadder song when you felt like it. But this song was different and you liked it.

‘She love that dirty talk. Pushing her up, against the wall.‘

Your eyes focused at a point on the wall across the railway lines; your heart pounded against your chest and you could feel it so intensely through every, single bone in your body.

The world stopped spinning.

A hand grabbed your phone, pulling you back into the reality. You turned your head quickly as if you had just been caught doing something completely forbidden. If your heart could have jumped out of your chest, you would have watched it running away, over the long railway lines, getting hit by the power of the oncoming train.

‘Rough sex on the bedroom floor.’

With shock written all over your face, you almost lost your balance. You looked into his dark-brown eyes piercing your body and your entire soul just like the lyrics of the seductive song. Redness was painted all over your face and your mouth stood wide open. You didn’t expect him to suddenly grab your hand. Not here. Not now.

‘Hop in the shower, she begging for more.’

You didn’t know if your heart could have sunken any further into ground but you were fully aware of the embarrassment that was happily tormenting you.

Your earphones got pulled out when he stole your phone from you, checking the display.

“NO! Give it back!!”

His eyes scanned the screen of your phone as he tapped away at it. He kept turning away from you, making it even harder for you to get your phone back. You pulled on his thin, black pullover but then he suddenly raised his arm and threw it around your neck, forcing you to look at your phone. You were now trapped under his arm, his face dangerously close to yours: making the atmosphere so tense that you didn’t even dare to breathe.

He had your chat open so that you could see his last message; it made your face turn completely red once again. Reading this message with him so close to you made your stomach feel incredibly weird, it felt light but heavy at the same time. He opened up your settings and pointed directly at the blue ‘blocked’ button.

“See this?”

He tapped on it, the button switching from the blue ‘blocked’ button back to the red ‘block’ one.

“Don’t ever block me again, got it? There’s no need to do that.” He whispered, gifting you with a collection of goosebumps on your arms.

He carefully let go of you before positioning himself in front of you, handing your phone over. You snatched it out of his hand before putting it back into the pocket of your pullover.

“Nice song choice by the way.” Then it dawned upon you that he had seen the song that you were listening to earlier. Even worse than that, he knew the lyrics. You sensed all the blood drain from your face, this time your face wasn’t flushed from the embarrassment, you were just as white as a sheet. You could see the same devilish smirk appearing on his face as he watched your reaction. You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t even know if you would be able to formulate words so you thought it was best to keep your mouth shut.

You didn’t say anything more to one another: you both just stood there waiting for the train to draw in. Never before had it felt like the train had taken that long to arrive.

Suddenly, it dawned upon you that he looked really handsome today in all black. He turned around, pulling his phone out as he focused on it, giving you a great side view of him.

He really was a beautiful man, even if he had an incredibly strange character. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, his silver bracelet beginning to slip a little lower on his forearm. Something about that made him look even sexier, even more alluring. He wore the same necklace again, just like every other day. The long necklace was plain but it was definitely more than noticeable around his neck; it had the ability to define his chest perfectly, just enough to draw you to it. He also wore a substantial number of rings around his middle fingers, thumb and ring fingers. It matched the rest of his outfit perfectly. He really stood out in large crowds, not in the bad way - he just looked very different to everyone else.

If you were honest to yourself, you were a real sucker for necklaces, bracelets and rings when people would wear them with such sophistication.

You stared at his plump, pillow-like lips. You had no idea what kind of gravity was drawing you in right now but you definitely couldn’t deny that you wanted to know whether he was a good kisser or not. He was probably extremely impressive in that area, since you were pretty damn sure that he was experienced as hell. Whilst you had never even had the pleasure of holding hands with a guy, excluding your father, he was someone that probably really knew what he was doing in almost every department.

His hair wasn’t exposed today, a white cap was hiding his blonde hair.

… hold up.

All of a sudden, it hit you like a truck, causing you to forget everything that had just happened. He had changed his hair colour and you hadn’t even noticed until just now, despite staring at him the entire time.

“Oh my god! You changed your hair colour!” You squealed without thinking. Your cheeks flushed a light shade of crimson as you realised exactly what you had said.

Oh shit!

Now, he would definitely know that you had been looking at him, not only for a little time but for quite a while, since you sounded very shocked. What would he think? This asshole really didn’t need anymore of an ego boost.

He looked at you with his eyebrows knotted slightly before a small smirk began to emerge on his face. He slid his phone into his back pocket once again.

“I didn’t think you would notice.” His smirk grew bigger as he saw your slightly reddened face, which you rushed to cover with the sleeves of your pullover.

You could almost anticipate his laughter but you didn’t care that much: you were too embarrassed to face him.

To your surprise, he didn’t laugh at you. Suddenly, you felt his scent intensify, followed by the sensation of warm breath on your cheek. You removed your hands from your face, looking up at him smiling widely at you. He lifted his cap off his head, revealing a mass of flaxen-blonde hair. It had a slightly wispy flow to it, making it look even more flawless than you could have imagined.

You felt yourself stumble back a little when you saw it, your jaw dropping slightly in amazement. You weren’t sure if you had ever seen something so beautiful in your life.

“You like it?” He vocalised, remaining a little too close for you to be able to think straight. You found yourself kind of staring at him without really saying anything - it was partially in awe of how good he looked and partially as a result of your brain failing to function as an aftereffect. 

“Well?” He asked once again, repeating himself, knowing full-well what your answer would be.

You tried to look away from him as you answered, “Mhmm, yeah. It looks nice.” You stuttered whilst trying to maintain your composure.

“Wanna touch it? It’s soft.” He bent down a little to your height. A part of you did want to touch it but you were slightly unsure if that would be considered appropriate, knowing you really weren’t that close. Wasn’t that a little too intimate for someone that you barely knew?

You eyed his hair once more. Suddenly, a wash of cold air blew past you as the train pulled into the station. It shocked you a little, even though you had been waiting for the train in the first place, you just weren’t thinking properly right now. Everything became difficult for you to anticipate when the only thing on your mind was Jimin.

You entered the train, with Jimin following closely behind you, taking a seat right beside you, once you had found one. He had already put his white cap back on. In a way, it made you a little sad, mainly because a part of you really wanted to stare at it a little longer.

“What do you want? Why are you still here?” It literally took all the courage that you had amassed over the past ten years of your life to talk to him in that manner. Your voice was shaky and practically inaudible, you almost feared that he didn’t hear you. But when he looked down with a gentle smile drawn across his face, you were certain that he had heard you. You were a little fearful that he might think that you wanted him to be with you all the time, that was definitely not the case - or at least, he couldn’t think that was the case.

“I’ll tell you if you go on a date with me.”

This asshole.

“No, thanks.”

He laughed whilst leaning back, positioning his arm across your back and around your shoulder. He had the ability to make you feel small when he would do these things mainly because you felt conflicted as to what he really wanted. It was probable that he wouldn’t even tell you what his intentions were, even if you agreed to his offer.

“I knew you would say that. You’re really simple, Y/N.”

Quickly, you turned to face him, you hadn’t expected him to say your name, since you had never disclosed that information to him. You didn’t bother to ask him how exactly he knew it, mainly because you had already assumed that he had just asked your classmate. In that moment, you just wanted to disappear, even if you knew that it was impossible. Even if you were to run away from him, you knew that he would just follow with ease. He wasn’t one to give up easily, that had become apparent from his rather obsessive personality. You were still waiting for him to give up but in reality, you weren’t sure that he was ever willing to do so.

“I’m not simple…” You said quietly, not daring to look at him.

“I think you are. The way you blush so cutely and how easily you can be convinced that I want something from you. But, really, I just think that you hate the fact that you’re as interested in me as I am in you.” He neared me, waving his hands carelessly as if he were stating facts.

“Oh, I’m definitely not interested in you!”

“Why not? Are you afraid that I could be the one for you?” He smirked and leaned forward to get a better look at you.

Was he being serious right now? How could he be so confident? Why was he being so direct? What was making him act like this? There was no way that he could possibly know whether you were actually interested in him or not. If he was really as interested in you as he had made out that he was only seconds ago, shouldn’t he be more afraid that he might say the wrong thing?

The problem was that he didn’t say anything wrong. It was actually you that was afraid, you were scared of getting close to him, considering all of the things that he had hidden from you. With the way that he spoke to you and the way that he came so close to you, you found yourself obsessing more and more over everything that your sister had warned you about.

You couldn’t answer him, your mouth just didn’t want to work in coordination with your brain anymore.

Hell, this train ride felt like it had lasted forever but, when you finally arrived at your station, you felt a large weight lift itself from your shoulders. Of course, he was still following you like a lost puppy. Girls, and even boys were staring at him, probably due to two different reasons. Girls blushed profusely as they looked at him, semi-weak at the knees. However, many of the guys reacted very differently: it was obvious to you that the majority of them were really trying to keep their distance, only staring at him in awe as he walked past.

It almost seemed as if everyone knew him already, just not you.

He slowly drew to a stop once you arrived at the school gate. Of course, you just continued to walk onto the premises, leaving him behind you. Obviously, there was no way that he was going to let you leave without embarrassing you.

“Next time, I at least want a goodbye-kiss.” He said a little louder than speaking-level. Despite the fact that it hadn’t been that vocal, it was still loud enough for people to understand. People were quick to look up, inclusive of the teacher that had just come out of the building.

As the days went on, he continued to wait for you at the subway station, following you and picking you up from school every day. But something in him had definitely changed, something made you want to talk with him more than before. He just began to seem less irritating over the past four days.

It wasn’t like you talked much but it was definitely more than before. Also, it wasn’t ever anything all that  special, he would simply crack jokes about one thing or another, causing you to die from laughter once or twice. You didn’t know much about his life or about him as a person but he was someone that you found at least mildly entertaining. Generally, this was one of the things about him that really confused you. Sometimes he was unbelievably nice but the next second, he was the same asshole that you had been introduced to on the first day you met. He was a flirt, a total flirt. He would always come so close to you that you could literally feel your stomach doing flips. The scent of his aftershave filled your nostrils and imprinted itself onto your skin, he really smelled good.

He also never missed the chance to make you blush in front of everyone, regardless as to whether it was in front of the students from your school or just passengers on the train. It wasn’t just you that he would cause to blush, he always made sure that everyone around you would suffer as well, whether it was from saying something that was dirty or something that had a dual-meaning.

You walked up the steps to the entrance of the building. Thankfully, you were not as late as you were the day before. In fact, you even had a few minutes to spare. You walked along the hallway to your tutor room. Normally, you would be too late for registration but luckily, today was different. You really hoped that your tutor wouldn’t yell at you for barely seeing you for the past week. She’d be understanding, right? She knew that you took the train every single day and trains can be delayed quite frequently.

There were a group of students already huddled outside of the classroom door. They were whispering in the corner, which subsequently made you feel even more insecure. They were talking about you. They must be. Maybe they were talking about how you had actually shown up for once, maybe they were talking about how fat and ugly you looked. You really hoped not.

You just stood in the corner, waiting for the teacher to arrive, since the door was locked. You stood alone. The corridor began filling up more as time went on. Your usual teacher didn’t arrive, instead the woman that normally taught you English ran the session.

She gestured for all of you to enter the classroom and began talking about why your normal teacher was absent today: apparently, she was sick or something.

“Y/N.” Your english teacher whispered to you once she had completed the registration list, catching your attention. You looked at her and smiled weakly. Shit, what did you do now?

“Yes, miss?” You responded, readjusting yourself in your seat as you spoke. The teacher looked a little taken-aback or afraid, it was difficult to tell. You started to worry a little more, had you really done something wrong?

“During your lunch-break today, is it possible for you to come to my classroom so that we can talk about something important?”

Your eyes widened at her statement. In all honesty, you were a little shocked. You were one of those students that everyone had a tendency to ignore: that was inclusive of teachers so this whole situation was completely foreign to you. You had never been a bad student so you had no idea what she might want to talk to you about. You weren’t failing any classes, you weren’t late to your actual classes, you handed in assignments on time: what could it be about?

“What do you want to speak to me about?” You asked her with immense confusion. You even felt yourself getting a little defensive, like you were being attacked in some kind of way.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Y/N. It’s just a discussion about your choice of friends.”

Friends? What friends?

You had asked that question for some sort of clarification but her answer just caused you more confusion.

By the time that lunch-break had arrived, you were shaking with apprehension. You really had no idea what she was going to say to you. You tapped lightly on her classroom door three times before she called out to you to enter the room.

She smiled widely in your direction as you closed the door behind you.

“Hello, Y/N, please take a seat.” You sat in the chair across from her, your nerves electrifying, “The reason that I wanted to speak to you was regarding the young man that I have recently seen you hanging around with.”

Was she talking about Jimin?

She thought that he was my friend?! It really irritated you how you literally couldn’t even go to school without the mention of him. He had quite literally taken over your life, everything had to be about him.

“Are you talking about the guy that walks me to school everyday?” You mumbled, stuttering slightly.

“Yes.” She smiled at you, answering with certainty: “Before you commit to anything with that young man, all of the teaching staff here would like you to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.”

Were you finally going to get some answers about exactly who he was? Exactly what his attentions were?

You nodded eagerly for her to continue, whilst you moved nervously in the chair. It was really nerve-wracking, almost causing you to feel sick to the pit of your stomach, as you waited for her to say something. He must have done something really horrible if the teachers even wanted to talk to you, to get him away from every single student on the campus. You just waited for the “He killed someone” or the “Y/N, he rapes girls and he’s a stalker.” In that moment of tension, you could only think about the worst-case scenario.

She just stared at you with this expression that held something unbelievably tragic, as though she thought that she might really break your heart with what she was about to say. As she closed her eyes, she stood up and walked around the room, looking out of the big window so that she could look over the whole campus. As she paced back and forth, you could see the mechanics of her brain whirring at maximum capacity, trying to find the right words.

She was really driving you crazy: your thoughts running at one-hundred miles per hour.

“On the first day, he already was really unruly; intolerant; obnoxious. On many occasions, he would start fights with other male students and when he wasn’t doing that, he was flirting with female students. He would concentrate on girls more than he would on his classes. At first, we thought that he was just the same as every other student with behavioural issues. You know, we have had a lot of difficult students in our time…but he really was different.”

She paused for a moment as she leant against the big window of her classroom, looking down as if she had suddenly remembered everything that he had done. A slightly disgusted look grazed over her face.

“Y/N, he is really smart. He wasn’t just the average kind of smart, he really was something. He could have gone onto an elitist school and even then, it was a possibility that the classes wouldn’t have challenged him enough. He could have had a great future if he hadn’t been so screwed up…”

“As far as our records go back, he has always lived alone. Honestly, as a school, we really knew very little about him. We figured that his parents were divorced. However, I never had the pleasure of meeting them. He did everything by himself, he didn’t rely on anyone, he really believed that he could carry the world on his shoulders. I don’t want to say that he is a bad person in particular, he is just…screwed up. He knew all the boundaries, his own limits but it was almost as if he enjoyed crossing the line. We know that he had both romantic and sexual relationships with many girls on this campus. Honestly, we wouldn’t care about this nearly as much if these girls didn’t get so distracted by him or if they didn’t start failing classes. Eventually, he would break them to pieces. He left some so broken that they left the school, the area: they did everything they could to get away from him. He managed to stay in this school for a year before having to move on after we found him…”

She swallowed hard before sauntering to take a seat beside you.

“…after we found him being very intimate with a young teacher in one of the vacant classrooms.”

A/N: This is my first smut, I hope ya’ll enjoyed it! Thank you so much to my dear friend who helped me so much with this smut. She spend months correcting it and hours thinking about the story to continue it perfectly. I love you nero. 

Alec ran his fingers over the cold metal of one of Magnus’ rings. He wasn’t sure when he developed the habit, but every time he cleaned the house, he ended up getting distracted by the heavy wooden jewelry box in their bedroom, playing with Magnus’ jewelry. It was usually the same pieces every time. He knew what drew him to them. They were heavy, textured, and big enough on his fingers that he could twist them around.

He twisted the ring around on his finger. He was so distracted by the feeling of running his fingers over the ring, feeling the coolness of the metal against his warm skin, that he didn’t notice the door opening, or Magnus entering the room.

“Good choice, that’s my favorite one.” Alec jumped, knocking the jewelry onto the floor with a loud clatter. He looked up to see Magnus laughing and bending over to pick up the scattered jewelry. As Magnus came closer, his eyes zeroed in on the rings on Alec’s fingers. He paused and smiled, putting everything away. He looked at Alec, who was frozen and terrified.

“Dear, are those my rings?” Alec stood there motionlessly. Not sure how to answer, he started twisting the rings around his fingers harder and Magnus noticed. He gently took Alec’s hands and squeezed them.

“Darling?” He asked, still waiting. He wasn’t sure why Alec was so nervous. It was just rings. He noticed a bulge under Alec’s sweater. It wasn’t just rings- it was a few necklaces too, apparently. Magnus smiled at Alec a bit, which seemed to encourage Alec to talk.

Alec was pretty sure he was frozen and his voice wasn’t working. He knew Magnus would wait until he could express himself with words again, and if he couldn’t, they’d find another way. Magnus didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Alec was rooting through his stuff. Magnus was looking at him again and Alec vaguely heard him ask if he needed to get the pen and paper for him.

Of course Magnus wouldn’t be mad. Of course he’d be way too caring and understanding. Alec didn’t deserve him. Alec shook his head and sighed, turning the rings over. His voice seemed to be working again.

“I, um… I was just cleaning and I tried on the rings. I-I’m sorry, I’ll take them off.” Magnus smiled at him and ran his hands over the rings on Alec’s fingers.

“It’s okay, love. It’s fine. Is this the first time you’ve done this?” Alec bit his lip. It wasn’t. Magnus noticed his guilty expression and smiled knowingly.

“I take it that it isn’t?” Alec looked away, feeling ashamed for some reason.

“Um, technically, I’ve been trying on your jewelry for about three months now.” Magnus laughed and wondered how he had never noticed this. He waited for Alec to finish.

“I, um… One day, a few months ago, I was cleaning in here and your jewelry spilled so I was picking it up and I decided to try on one of your rings, and I liked it so much that I put on a few more. And then I tried on some necklaces and-” His words became faster and faster until they were cut off as Magnus pulled him close, kissing his cheek.

“You look fantastic, my dear. I don’t mind you playing with my jewelry. If you want to, you can keep some of them; I don’t really like how heavy they are.”

Magnus was aware that it was a sensory thing, because Alexander sometimes fixated on objects that had a certain weight or texture to them. He really didn’t mind. Besides, Alec looked so attractive in his jewelry.

Alec relaxed immediately, suddenly wondering why he had been so nervous. Magnus wasn’t the type to get mad about these things. Magnus smiled at him.

“You know necklaces typically go on the outside of your shirt, right?” Alec laughed, abruptly, and let Magnus pull the necklaces out from under his shirt. Alec had never worn jewelry where people could see it before, too afraid of being outed or judged for it. But why should he care? He was a proud, openly gay man, and hey, it looked good on him. Magnus grabbed the necklaces and tugged on them gently, causing Alec to stumble closer to him. Alec laughed as a chain slid down his neck and the necklace fell to the ground. Magnus was always gentle with him, but apparently not gentle enough. Alec smiled at him, looking down at the necklace on the floor.

“I think you broke that.” He said, laughing softly as Magnus ran his fingers through Alec’s hair.
“It’s okay, darling, I’ll get you more durable jewelry. Besides, I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn. I can fix it up however you want.” Alec laughed harder.

“Can you put it back together?” Magnus nodded, grinning at him.
“I will later. Right now, I just want to know more about this jewelry thing… Like, how do you feel about bangles?” Alec giggled.

“God, no.” He knew Magnus was teasing him, but that was okay because he knew Magnus would never judge him. And that meant everything to him.

The comparison everyone is wanting to make...

I’ve been seeing a bit of Trevor v Mickey comparison and while I definitely think there is NO comparison, I think it’s important to point out exactly why I feel this way. I’ve also seen a rising effort to defend Trevor (which is fine. After all, half of my blog is defending Mickey and Ian, so I’m definitely not judging the effort.) BUT I have some problems with Trevor and I think it’s important that people fully understand the objections against him because some people try to frame any criticism against him as transphobia… 

Guys, frankly, I think putting Trans people on a pedestal and allowing them to do whatever they want or say whatever they want regardless of how other people are affected is another kind of Transphobia. Being afraid you’ll make a transphobic comment, and so defending someone who is in the wrong is another kind of transphobia. It doesn’t automatically make you a racist if you have a beef with someone who happens to be of a different ethnicity, and it doesn’t make a man automatically a sexist for disagreeing with a woman, right? Well, it’s also okay to dislike a Trans person separate from their gender identity or expression. My beef with Trevor is 110% separate from his gender identity, and I hope I prove it to you.

What is the difference between Trevor and Mickey? I’ve seen a few times that people tried to excuse Trevor being an asshole because Mickey is also an asshole. And they’re not wrong. Mickey IS an asshole, albeit a charming one.

I don’t want anyone to confuse that my defense of Mickey is saying he’s a saint, or trying to claim that his actions are not still wrong when they are; Mickey does a lot of things that are really morally questionable, and my defense of these actions are simply my way of explaining why he should not be automatically condemned as a “bad person” for these actions and instead we need to open a dialogue about the motivation behind these actions. A lot of our criminals, I’m sure, are like Mickey who do have pretty good reasons for their questionable behavior, though of course no one would accept those excuses in real life, so we have to open those discussions in our media.

Trevor, that we know of, doesn’t have these reasons motivating his hurtful actions. He has a stable job, he works with homeless LGBTQIA+ youth, he likes going out and having a (responsible) good time, he has a group of peers that loves and supports him for who he is… So his brand of asshole is different from Mickey’s because from what we know of Trevor, he doesn’t have a reason for being that way. Yes he is Trans, yes he faces discrimination and opposition, and that would turn anyone defensive. And there are a couple of passes that I will give Trevor for being an asshole to Ian, for example the first time they meet. But have we been given enough information to excuse how he treats Ian over the five episode arc he’s in? In my opinion, absolutely not.

So where’s my offense?

A key difference between Mickey and Trevor: Mickey never manipulates Ian into doing anything. Ever. Mickey never tried to drag Ian into the drug ring, Mickey never tricked Ian into going on a run, Mickey didn’t give Ian an ultimatum when Ian didn’t want to do something he wanted to do in bed in order to force Ian into having sex the way he wanted to or not at all… the list goes on. Mickey never forced Ian to do anything. 

In fact they each kind of followed each other’s lead the whole time. Mickey didn’t want kisses so Ian didn’t push. Ian didn’t want to use the anal beads and Mickey didn’t push. Ian finally said after two years that he wanted kisses and it looked like Mickey was ready to try it and wasn’t forced. The one time anyone pushed anyone to do anything in this show was Ian pushing Mickey to come out and I still argue that he didn’t mean for that to go down the way it did. 

Trevor was unsatisfied with a platonic friendship with Ian, who was clearly uncomfortable with having a sexual relationship with him. And I’ve seen some people accusing Ian of being transphobic for this. Ian is not transphobic. Ian is uneducated and so is uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. There is a difference. And he is unsure if he would be sexually attracted to this man because he doesn’t understand Trevor as a sexual person and also probably never thought about if he would be attracted to a trans man. Transgenderism is completely new on Ian’s radar so ALL of this information he’s taking in is coming at him at once and sometimes is being relayed in a really unhealthy/condescending way. 

 What really disgusts me is the ultimatum that Trevor put forward when Ian made it clear that he was uncomfortable. Despite the mixed signal from a drunken makeout session, which Ian set straight the next morning but Trevor was having none of, Ian didn’t push a sexual relationship with Trevor. Trevor presumed a mutual sexual attraction and refused to listen to Ian’s discomfort or feelings in general. Instead of understanding that Ian is immersing himself in subject matter that he is uninformed of, and tackling a subject that is bewildering to him, Trevor expects entirely too much from Ian all at once. He expects Ian to basically go from being fixated on Trevor’s genitalia and trying to understand Trevor’s sexuality and identity, to having sex with him and being okay with it. That is a huge leap that Trevor is unfairly expecting Ian to tackle. 

Mickey on the other hand, never forced Ian to do anything he didn’t want to do. He fought tooth-and-nail for Ian to continue going unmedicated until it was clear that Ian being unmedicated was dangerous for himself and others. Mickey listened to what Ian wanted and tried to give him that because Mickey listened to Ian’s wants instead of assuming he knew what was best or that Ian’s wants would coincide with his own. I feel that a lot of people ignore Ian’s feelings throughout the whole series (including fans watching the show). Take for example Ian and Trevor in general. People ignore Ian’s discomfort due to his first real encounter with transgenderism and try to push him into being excited to be with someone he doesn’t understand! That makes no sense. And instead of hearing that Ian is uncomfortable, people hear that Ian is transphobic or people hear Trevor wants to be with Ian and therefore Ian needs to give the guy what he wants because, bless him, he’s Trans and automatically deserves Ian’s affections. 

Yes. T.V. needs more trans representation and a part of that representation is to give trans characters a romantic plotline to show that love and relationships with Trans people are normal and just as valuable as relationships with cis people. BUT if the love interest has to persuade the cis-gender love interest to have sex with them and is going to throw a hissy fit when the cis person is uncomfortable, then forget it. That is HORRIBLE representation. Not all representation is good and we have the right to be picky about representation, especially for a community that is still so controversial to the mass audience and whose issues are only just now starting to be received. (I as a bi person am very frustrated at how little representation there is for bi people at ALL much less positive representation *cough* Caleb *cough*)

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You talked before about when Viktor fell in love with Yuuri but when did Yuuri fell in love with Viktor?

It’s highly probable that Yuuri had a romantic crush on Victor for years before the start of the anime. Just look at that face.

Now people can argue that his heart is pounding just because he’s thrilled his idol is there and that he gets the chance to work with him. I’ve seen people question whether or not Yuuri has romantic feelings for Victor at all because of how soundly he rejects his advances. (Like when he tells Victor he doesn’t want him as a boyfriend.)

But consider what happened at the banquet.

Yuuri didn’t just go up to Victor and fanboy him. He didn’t ask to take pictures with him or pester him for an autograph. Nope. While Yuuri was drunk, he seduced Victor. He tried to grind on him.

I don’t know about you, but personally, my hips are not inspired to move for anyone I am not sexually attracted to.

Alcohol does this (sometimes) wonderful thing where it removes inhibitions that hold you back from going for what you really want. Yuuri liked Victor from the beginning. At the very minimum, he found Victor attractive enough to want to get physical with him.

But was he in love?

I don’t think it’s possible for Yuuri to have truly loved someone he didn’t really know as a person. He might have loved the idea of Victor Nikiforov - a beautiful face in a magazine - but Yuuri couldn’t have loved the real Victor.

To me, this is why Yuuri rejected Victor’s advances at first. He didn’t know the guy. Add to that the fact that he’s shy and an extremely private person, and it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to jump into a relationship with someone he only knows from a magazine.

Yuuri is the type of person who needs time to come to term with his own feelings.

But here. Right. There. *points at screecap above*

That’s the face.

This screencap is from Episode 4 after we see Victor and Yuuri’s friendship truly beginning to blossom. Yuuri says in this scene: “Please, God. Give me Victor’s time, if only just for now.” 

Pretty damn sure that’s the face of a man falling in love.

If Yuuri was only praying for Victor’s time as his coach, we would have just had more training montage shown to us. Why show a picture of Yuuri with flushed cheeks and wavering eyes with soft romantic light flooding the frame? He looks like he’s realizing something there. He’s having a moment.

So yeah. I think his feelings are made very apparent in Episode 4 and that those feelings are real. Not just a crush. Because Yuuri really does know Victor at this point. They’re friends, and the feelings have deepened naturally from there.

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i honestly need all the headcanons about adam's bi awakening. i imagine him feeling confused when he realizes he's attracted to ronan, and then thinking about what that means since he still thinks blue is hot, and then realizing all the guys he's thought were hot in the past (that model from the magazine, their latin teacher, etc.) and realizing how stupid he's been, lmao. and i wonder what came first, his attraction to ronan or his feelings for him? or maybe around the same time.

ok i got this this morning but i wanted to wait until i was home and had time to properly think about it, so, without further ado, my thoughts on adam’s bi awakening: 

- before ronan, adam really brushed off all the attraction he had to guys just bc?? it wasn’t as present or as strong and it didn’t really register as attraction to him until he looked back on it like ‘oh that’s why i was so impressed with that model from the magazine’ 

- and if you guys haven’t noticed, adam does that thing where he tries to think his way out of his feelings, so, i’m pretty sure that when he started developing feelings for ronan was when he really started to think about his attraction to guys (bc honestly, i think he was probably attracted to ronan the whole time and didn’t start to think of it as attraction until the feelings part was involved) 

- a lot of narratives portray queer people as just ‘knowing’ the whole time. i don’t think that was how it went down with adam. i think he had a lot of moments with ronan where he felt different and when he started to realize how ronan felt about him, it made him question what he was feeling like ‘wait is this weird feelings stuff me reciprocating or is it just… weird’ 

- and i think once he started to think about it he probably did a lot of googling. adam knew he was attracted to blue- it literally says he was attracted to her “like a heart attack”, and who knows whether or not he knew that bisexuality was a thing (which, i didn’t until i met someone who was bi, so it’s really not impossible for someone not to know lol) and i can totally see him taking the kinsey scale test online, putting a ton of thought into each answer when.. really tests don’t help a ton because sexuality is a confusing, fluid thing.. but..

- test: the idea of having sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex is:

Adam: *squints at question* clicks ‘interesting’

- i think he probably spent a lot of time analyzing ronan’s actions and how he felt about those actions (physically and emotionally) until he came to the conclusion that yes, he was attracted to ronan and it wasn’t just a fluke. (see: the ‘ronan wiping his face sweat with his shirt and adam almost walking into a telephone pole bc his abs were so nice’ incident) 

- and i think once he confirmed that he was attracted to ronan, he started to look at the way he felt and had felt about other guys in the past like ‘lol i totally had a crush on that guy in seventh grade but i didn’t really notice it bc i didn’t think it was a crush’ 

- he probably spent a lot more time questioning the romantic feelings than the attraction. sometimes, it takes feeling both to make you really think about it, but i think he spent way, way longer thinking and overthinking his feelings for ronan, because even after ronan kissed him in trk adam was still like ‘what is love.’ the attraction was probably the easier part, because looking back, it was there from the beginning.

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About our seven becoming gods: they could eventually have clerics and paladins! Imagine how each of them would handle that and what powers their followers could revive! And I would almost say there could eventually be followers of all seven at once, maybe called followers of the seven birds or something. It’s just really cool to think about!

Oh dear god none of these people should be trusted with followers holy shit. Except maybe Lucretia and Davenport but none of the others.

Can you imagine though? Part of following Magnus involves wrestling a bear. You have to wrestle a bear at some point in your life. One particularly enthusiastic follower wrestles so many bears and gets a personal high-five from Magnus after their death. Lup keeps seeing what outrageous things followers will do in her name. Taako gives followers the worst advice - occasionally interspersed with actual advice so no one ever knows whether or not they should trust what he tells them. Merle accepts tributes of “attractive” plants and no one knows what he means nor do they want to. Barry does his best but it’s a lot of pressure and he gets nervous and sometimes he fluctuates between “a bit meek for a god” and “that was really cryptic was that supposed to be a threat?”

I’m not too sure about the actual rules involved with paladins and clerics and the abilities their gods give them… any one else have ideas about this? 

I really like the idea of them collectively being called the seven birds though! That’s so good… I wonder if they have some sort of symbol for them as a group, possibly inspired by the IPRE logo?

neighbour! wonwoo

Originally posted by seoten

  • you had just moved into a new apartment and getting to know people, you get to know all except one, wonwoo
  •  and basically wonwoo is that hot mysterious neighbour
  • you don’t really know him except for the fact that he literally has plants over flowing into your balcony
  • and you’ve only ever seen him a few times
  • but when you do, he has a pretty buffalo journal, some specs and an oversized sweater
  • and sometimes you can here him singing lyrics to an unknown song, you also sometimes see him writing into his journal in the cafe near your apartment block
  • he’s just a really attractive man
  • and you have a little cute corgi, unless you don’t want a corgi, then it can be whatever  you want as long as it can move,
  • it’s named peaches, it doesn’t have to be, but for now
  • and peaches is kind of like  your best friend! mingyu, peaches is always so hyper and happy, yet so adorable and cute
  • but because peaches is so hyper, s/he can be pretty hard to handle so you keep your pupper or pet in your house most of the time
  • and it’s usually fine when you leave the house for work or school, but one day peaches was not having it and it went like this,
  • it was a monday morning and you had stayed up the previous night watching pd101 (which i should watch), and you were running around the small apartment throwing things in your bag, trying to multitask. you were ready with a minute to spare so of course, you open the door to leave, but excited peaches runs out the door into your unknown pretty neighbour.
  • as much as I wanna say your unknown, mysterious, hot neighbour was not terrified, he was like fUCK FUCK FUCK
  • and you rAn across the hall and pick peaches up and apologise to you’re neighbour, so you did and wOW HE’S BETTER UP CLOSE
  • it was a few days after seeing your neighbour and you were so embarrassed from the incident, that you would always check the hallway for him before leaving, and avoiding wonwoo would’ve been easier, BUT MINGYU DOESN’T LIKE MAKING THINGS EASY FOR YOU
  • so you were going back to your apartment with mingyu, and he’s like, ‘oH you live right across from a friend of mine wonwoo,’ and blabbers about how they’re pretty close and all, and you’re bUrning red thinking about the incident and minGYU MISTAKES IT FOR YOU LIKING AND WONWOO AND EVEN THOUGH YOU DO ITS JUST A BAD IDEA
  • and you’re on your level and he asks if he can make a stop to visit wonwoo, and you assume he won’t bring you along, BUT YOU’RE WRONG AND NOW YOU’RE SITTING ON WONWOO’S COUCH WHILST MINGYU TALKS TO WONWOO AND WONWOO LISTENS CALMLY AVOIDING EYE-CONTACT WITH YOU 
  • you guys stay there until mingyu leaves and he suggests you and wonwoo hang out more, which makes you and wonwoo blush. 
  • so, you didn’t really plan to, but one time you saw him struggling carry some grocery up the stairs and as much as you’ve embarrassed yourself enough, you might as well help
  • you go up to him and ask if he needs help and at first he’s like lol no i’m fine, but he drops a carton of milk and he kinda, yes i need help
  • and you’re talking and everything’s going smooth until he’s kind of like, dO you wanna go out? then confesses he thinks you’re cute and wanted to say that earlier, but when your dog in his words ‘attacked’ him, he was too embarrassed to, but you shut him up and say you’ll go out with him sometime
  • after like 5 or so dates, he finally decides to make you his, and he’s such a dorky boyfriend, when he comes over he hides behind you incase peaches jumps on him, but after a few months peaches and wonwoo love each other more than they love you
  • and he takes you around his apartment showing you his plants AND HE’S SO CUTE BUT THIS IS GETTING LONG
  • tl;dr you had a really bad meeting, but wonwoo is a cute boyfriend.


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You did a most beautiful one piece girls list, can you do the same for most handsome guys??? (btw I loved your choices with the girls)

Ok this is HELLA old Imma apologize right away for a taking so long and b that I’m doing a top 14 list, rather than top 10 list because they’re much more male characters

Once again all just my opinion on most attractive guys on One Piece, here we go:

Top 14 most handsome OP men:

14. Monkey D. Luffy

oh yeah Luffy is absolutely a very pretty guy

13. Izo

I love men who could kick my ass in heels and lipstick

12. Cavendish

His beauty wasn’t supposed to be seen as a joke, he really is gorgeous

11. Wiper

He’s really really good looking and badass and tattooed. I’m sold and his new hairstyle is sick as fuck

10. X Drake

Love my 8 feet tall Dinosaur, the anime sometimes fucks him up but I think this particular shot is even sweeter than some manga panels

9. Donquixote Doflamingo

Everybody is secretly attracted to the garbage bird and it’s always gonna stay that way

8. Young!Monkey D. Garp

The amount of money I’d pay to touch his arms and face and abs…and other things

7. Dracule Mihawk

Zoro’s adoptive Daddy is handsome and he knows it, allso huge bonus that he’s pretty much one of the very very very few OP men who know how to dress well the others being Sabo, Kuzan and Sakazuki

6. Donquixote Rocinante

He’s even more handsome than his brother and if anyone is hesitant to acknowledge his beauty because of his hidious Make-up than please take a look at Cora-san here

Holy fucking shit *drools*

5. Shanks

He’d probably be higher up in this list if he shaved his legs, anyways he’s really gorgeous

4. Portgas D. Ace

No doubt Ace is a handsome fella

3. Sanji

My Nr 1 favorite character and such a handsome dude, I feel like people forget how attractive Sanji actually is because he always makes a fool out of himself and is also always the butt of the joke but honestly he’s called Mr Prince and Pretty Boy for reasons

2. Coby

Saw my man after his training and I already was like, holy hell he got pretty…and now after the timeskip…jesus christ you did a good job toei. Coby is sooo fine while he still rocks his pink hair, the flower bandana and the stupid glasses.

1. Sabo

And here is the Nr 1 most attractive OP man, sorry guys if you expected someone else but Sabo is very very handsome and even tho I know for a fact that Oda sexed him up and made him attractive for money and fanservice I am happy he did it. 

Horny : Joe Sugg Smut

(basically y/n and joe are best friends and end up complaining to each other about how horny they are)

You and Joe climb out of the uber, after a night out, bother very intoxicated. Everyone else decided to back to the Maynard/Pieters flat but you and Joe were feeling too tired to continue the party. After a lot of trips and small giggles, you both made it up to Joe’s flat.

“I can not believe that girl slapped Jack,” You laughed, thinking back to what had happened earlier. “She was so angry!”

Joe laughed along with you. “To be fair he probably deserved it, apparently he’s been leading her on for months.”

“Doesn’t surprise me.” You laughed again, walking over to sofa.

You kicked off your shoes and sat back on the sofa. Joe went over to the kitchen, grabbing two bottles out of the fridge.

“Really, Joe? I thought you were ready for bed?”

“I was,” Joe grinned, opening the bottles and walking over to you. “But not anymore.”

Before he sat down with you, he turned on the TV and grabbed the remote control, flicking the channel onto something you’ve never watched before. You took a few sips of your beer before placing it on the coffee table.

“So, did you have a good night?” Joe asked, moving closer to you. You placed your head on his shoulder as he put his arm around you, using his other arm to take a sip of his beer. This was normal for you and Joe, you have been best friends for as long as you can remember and often cuddle like this.

“Yeah it was good, you?” You replied, inhaling Joe’s well known scent that you loved.

“It was good.” He nodded, followed by a sigh. You had known Joe long enough to be able to tell when something was wrong.

“Whats up, babe?” You asked, using the usual pet name you call him.

“I don’t know…” Joe stammered as he sighed again.

“Joe,” You pleaded as you sat up to look at him. “Tell me.”

“You might think i’m being weird.” He told you.

“Shut up, Joe. I already know you’re weird. Just tell me, please.”

“Fine…” He put his beer on the coffee table next to yours. “I’ve just been so fucking horny lately. I was hoping to bring someone back tonight but I was just having fun with you and the guys I just forgot.”

This was something you and Joe had never really discussed before. Sex. You could feel a blush creep onto your face as you realised you were exactly the same. You had spent so much time at Joe’s recently, the countless times he had walked around in just his towel, his wet body on show. Or in the mornings when comes walking into the kitchen in just his boxers with messy hair and his deep morning voice that made you throb. You can’t say you haven’t touched yourself to the thought of him. He was just so attractive, you had never really noticed it before.

“See, this is weird isn’t it?” Joe panicked.

“No, Joe, I-” You didn’t really know what to say. It kind of turned you on that Joe was sat in front of you feeling very horny.

“What?” Joe asked, being able to tell you had something on your mind.

“I don’t know, really. The single life just really sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?”

“What do you mean?” He raised an eyebrow.

“When you just feel so horny all the time and no one is there to satisfy you. Even when you do find people in the club or whatever, they’re not even that good in bed half the time. It sucks.” You sighed.

“It’s weird, I’ve never thought you get sexually frustrated.” Joe laughed.

“Oh believe me, I do. I really do. I just have to take matters into my own hands most of the time.” You blurted. You already felt like you’ve said to much.

“Oh, really?” Joe raised his eyebrow again. “Do you touch yourself often, Y/N?”

You didn’t really know whether it was the effect of all the alcohol you had consumed tonight or the fact Joe was sat right there with his shirt unbuttoned dangerously low, revealing his bare chest.

“I- I guess.” You stuttered, becoming a little shy.

“What do you think about? When you get yourself off?” Joe shifted in his seat as he asked you this. You couldn’t help but notice the bulge starting to form in his jeans.

“Uh… Different things really.” You said quickly.

“Tell me. Tell me about the last time you touched yourself.” He smirked.

Oh no. You already knew you were going to tell him the truth. You were too drunk to hide anything.

“I was here. In the shower.” You squeaked out.

“Fuck,” Joe groaned, running a hand through his hair as he looked back at you. “What did you think about?”

“Joe- I…” You hesitated.

“Please, Y/N, tell me.” He pleaded, as if he really needed to know this.

“You.” You mumbled as you looked down at your hands. You could not believe you were actually admitting this to your best friend.

You felt Joe freeze as he didn’t say anything. When you looked up, you noticed the huge bulge in his jeans as he stared at you, mouth hanging open.

“Sorry, Joe, I-” Joe cut you off as he cupped your face, pressing his lips against yours. Kissing Joe felt even better than you had imagined. You wrapped your arms around his neck as the kiss got very heated. He moved down to your neck, marking it as you moaned out.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, I have wanted you for so long you have no idea.” He groaned as he unzipped your dress and slid it off your body.

You continued kissing as he pushed you back onto the sofa and hovered over you, kissing all down your neck and chest until he got to your panties.

“What was I doing when you thought about me?” Joe asked as sat back, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.

“I thought about you on your bed, touching yourself.” You rushed out, wanting Joe to touch you again.

“Well, babe, I do that a lot,” He hovered back down and kissed you before whispering in your ear. “To the thought of us fucking.”

“Joe, please.” You whined as your hands went to his jeans.

“What do you want, Y/N?” He growled in your ear.

“I want you to fuck me… Please!” You begged, feeling yourself getting damper by the second.

Joe removed his jeans and went to your panties, pulling them off and spreading your legs.

“Shit, Y/N, your soaked.” He chuckled as his fingers went to your clit, causing you to moan out his name.

Joe pushed his middle finger into you slowly, driving you crazy. As he pumped in and out you cried out for him. The pleasure was insane and watching Joe above you, making you feel like this give you butterflies.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you.” Joe mumbled as he kissed you again. You couldn’t help but moan onto his lips as he sent pleasure all through your body.

When Joe moved away from you, you were beyond confused and the loss of contact made you whine.

“Relax, babe, i’m getting a condom.” He told you as he smiled at you. Joe reached for his wallet a pulled one out, quickly ripping it open.

As he pulled his boxers down, you were shocked by how big he actually was. You didn’t really expect him to be that big. Joe rolled the condom on and pumped himself a few times before hovering back over you and lining up.

“Are you sure?” Joe asked as he caught your lips with his own, rubbing his tip along your core.

“Yes, Joe. Please.” You replied and so he pushed into you. It took you a little bit of time to get used to his size but when you finally adjusted, Joe picked up the pace.

“You’re. So. Fucking. Hot.” Joe groaned in between thrusts.

You moaned loudly and your hands snaked around to Joe’s back, your nails digging into his skin from the pleasure he was giving you.

The way Joe felt inside of you was utterly amazing. He filled you up so well and he muttered things in your ear like ‘so tight’ and ‘feels so good’ which only added to the pleasure.

You gripped onto the sofa as Joe thrusted in and out of you quickly.

“Y/N, I’m close.” Joe told you and you were surprised. Joe must have been really horny if he only lasted this long.

However, when your walls began to tighten and you felt the unfamiliar sensation in your stomach, you knew you weren’t far behind Joe.

“Me too, babe.” You told him.

As he picked up the pace, he grabbed your hand and held it tight. Mumbling a ‘fuck’ in your ear, you felt him release.

“Ahh, Y/N!” He moaned and it was quite possibly the hottest thing you had ever heard - it sent you over the edge.

As you screamed out Joe’s name, your whole body felt incredible as Joe continued to thrust in and out of you.

“That was amazing.” Joe panted as he kissed you one last time.

As he pulled out and stood up from you, you had just realised you had slept with your best friend. But when Joe walked over to the bin and looked back at you “Shower, babe?” with the cutest grin on his face, you knew this was not a mistake.

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Why do you like Murdoc so much?


What I love about Murdoc is that he’s a complex character. He seems to have these up and down moments if you get what I mean by that. I love how funny he is, like it just comes natural to him. His Pirate Radio sessions and his interviews are great examples on how funny he is. (I give major props to his voice actor Phil Cornwell.) I love how he would sometimes hijack radio stations and even the Gorillaz Twitter account just to fool around. Murdoc also loves and care deeply for his fans. He once spent hours talking to a fan out of doing suicide. And he also said I love you to his fans in a Facebook web chat. (He was actually very sweet overall during the live-stream.) And believe it or not, deep down inside he really cares for his band mates. That’s why every time they separate, he’ll do anything he can to get them back at all cost. They’re like his family. I can just keep going honestly. Murdoc just makes me happy overall. He’s really funny, he’s a musical genius, he’s passionate about his band, he could sometimes be nice to everyone when he’s sober, he’s a little attractive, and he’s such a great bass player! HE’S. JUST. SO. COOL! I love him with all my heart. Again, I could keep going so if you have anymore questions on why I like him, feel free to ask me. I’ll happily answer them. :)

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(Edit: Keep in mind that I’m fully aware about how he treats 2D. I’m just sharing positive things that I like about him.)