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England and Germany father headcanons please?

Arthur (England)

- Arthur would be very anxious the moment he found out he was going to have a child, and that feeling would last for quite a while. He would try and act happy in front of his s/o, but it would be clear he was struggling with the idea. It’s not that he doesn’t want children, because that’s not the case at all. He’d just be worried that he wouldn’t be able to be a good father. 

-He’d continue to have doubts about raising the child even if his s/o tried to reassure him. It would help a bit, but to even consider himself being a good parent, he would need to know by actually doing the parenting. 

-Contrary to what he would think before the child was born, Arthur would be a great dad. Sometimes he’d be too strict, but if the child really wanted something badly enough he’d give in. 

-He’d try to get his child interested in reading so they could become more and more knowledgeable as they grew or, if that failed, some sort of sport so they could be successful there.  He’d be very oriented in seeing his child succeed in something they’re passionate about. 

-As the child grows up, Arthur would try to give them more freedom. Try being the keyword. He’d attempt to be a cool dad, but he would still be overbearing and constantly pretending not to snoop in his kid’s life. If they were really annoyed with him he wouldn’t be as bad though.

Ludwig (Germany) 

-Although he doesn’t really make it know to very many people, Ludwig would love the chance of being a father, and would be there to support his s/o and the child as soon as he knows he’ll be a father. 

-Even before he would even see his kid, he’d be completely devoted. He would instantly become excited and run out with his s/o to buy toys and supplies for the child, even if it wasn’t nearly time for the baby to arrive. He’d also set up a nursery, with newly painted walls the best crib he could find, to welcome the child into the world. 

-Once the baby is born, he would spend every moment he could taking care of them, which would be great for his s/o, because that even includes well into the night, when they most likely wouldn’t want to get up. 

-As they grow older, Ludwig would become a bit strict with what they can and cannot do, but nothing major, and he would still be a loving father with only the best intent. 

-However, if the child ever bring home a s/o of their own, they have to be prepared to be interrogated. Ludwig would be fiercely protective, and anyone his child dated would need to be “screened” by him once things started getting serious. He wants only the best for his child, and he wouldn’t be afraid to let them know. If their s/o wasn’t scared off by his demeanor and questions, then it’s very likely he’d accept them.


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