sometimes flying is just the fastest way to get there

No Man's Sky Tips #8

The maximum number of inventory slots for your Exosuit is 4️⃣8️⃣.

There are three ways of doing this, relatively easily.

1️⃣ Using the Atlas Pass V1 in the space stations. Go through the door that requires the Atlas pass. There you will find an Exosuit upgrade.

2️⃣ By far the easiest and fastest way to do this. Just fly around the planet at low altitude until you spot a drop pod. Inside you will always find an Exosuit upgrade. You might find it easier to roll your starship upside down, or on its side when scanning the planet surface, you get a much better view this doing this.

3️⃣ Alternatively, hunt down the signal receivers and activate the “shelter” signals. These sometimes lead you to drop pods.

Remember: It costs an addition U10,000 each time you upgrade.