sometimes cool things happen

So I’m making this post to talk about the good things that BigHit does in this time of lines and screen time feud. BigHit entertainment is one of the best and least restrictive companies I have come to know. Since BTS are their only artists, the amount of freedom and close knit management they get is amazing.

There is no dungeon that the boys can disappear into, and there is constantly new content for the fans. Sure there are some things that happen that we nor the boys like, but then they are dealt with. Yoongi complained about his scalp, and BigHit relented, allowing him to stay dark for the past couple of comebacks.

They also allow the boys to use expensive equipment write and produce their own music to release as non monetized mixtapes or song covers. They even fully funded the MVs given to both Yoongi and Nams for their mixtapes, and that is something they didn’t have to do.

The boys are given the best produced music videos, and are allowed to create cinematic masterpieces with a deepened meaning. They not censored in the types of lyrics that they write, despite how controversial in Korean culture.

Now this may seem trivial to you. All these small things are nothing compared to the injustice that the members face. How dare they give Jungkook all the lines and leave everyone else out in the cold! 2Seok was basically missing this entire comeback!

Ok I hear you, but at the same time, consider the fact that this is the first (and probably the last) time Hoseok gets few *cough cough none cough cough* individual lines in a song. Spring Day was a more vocal based song, so they decided that he should use his vocal talent to back Jungkook rather than add another rap verse. It makes sense to me, and it gives him the opportunity to show his vocal talent on stage if he and Jungkook harmonize live as well.

And then there is Jin. It seems that he always gets the short end of the stick. The amount of individual screen time he got was unfair yes, completely. He is officially a (debatably the) visual of the group, and if anything that should be the place he pops up the most. But at the same time, Not Today was more a dance video, and he and Nams are well, not the best dancers, so they wouldn’t put them in the middle on all the dance shots.

Also look at the I Need U and Run comebacks, the entire story in the music videos clearly revolved around him and his character, something that the fans were quick to point out and appreciate. For those comebacks, he was in the center.

This is still not a justification, but simply a reason for why they might have chosen to edit the video like they did.

Next moving on to his line distribution. He notoriously along with V get the short end of the stick when it comes to lines. And I think it is simply because of the way the industry works.

You know how sometimes Jimin and Jungkook switch lines because Jimin is better at the high notes in the studio, but Jungkook hits them better live? The same thing goes for most line distributions. What voice works the best for the feeling they want to produce? Who can hold the notes the best on stage? Like I said before, Jin is not the best dancer, and their dances are HARD, so most of his time probably goes towards practicing the choreography rather than nailing his vocal stability on stage.

He objectively doesn’t have the best or most stable voice in the group, as often times on live stages he is out of breath by the time his lines do come up, and that is completely understandable. It’s the reason why so many (even the more experienced) artists lip sync to certain performances.

Dancing while singing is hard, and maybe it’s just not for Jin. Maybe, just maybe, he decided himself that his voice was better suited for slower songs with less choreo so that he can really focus on nailing his vocal performance. I mean in the solo he got to produce himself he chose a more soft ballad song rather than a more hard hitting one like Jimin’s because that just suits his voice better, and he knows it.

That’s why he got a lot more lines in “Butterfly” a slower ballad with less complex dancing and softer vocals, right where Jin thrives, but not really the typical image BTS produces musically.

Once again this isn’t a justification, and more a reason why he might get fewer lines. It is true that the line distributions are unfair and I agree with that, but it’s also a question of the industry standards, and the fact that sometimes it might be the best solution to a shitty problem.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but it’s just something that needed to be said. Us fans really need to step back and appreciate not only the boys, but the company that helped make them.

you know what sucks? being taken for granted

I have such an array of emotions looking at this.  Despite how far I’ve come, I still have lingering, subconscious self-hate when I see a photo without my wig.  At the same time, I’m so proud that when that feeling starts to rise, I don’t let it hold me back anymore.  Even when it’s scary, I continue to challenge myself.  The more I do that, the stronger I’ll become.

Life is crazy.  Cool things happen sometimes 

so wish yourharto was still an active channel.


Well True Detective won the Emmy for “Outstanding Main Title Design” ….

I’m going to go faint in a hole and remind myself that this year hasn’t actually been a complete failure.

Sometimes I’m good at my job.

Okay. So this is possibly the most random encounter I’ve had that had turned into something cool and interesting.

I live in Oakland. I had a sudden craving for coffee, walked the half mile to Starbucks at sunset, and on the half mile back I am just walking home. I’m almost there, when this man turns around with a smile. “Oh you’re trying to sneak up on me, huh.”

Normally when strange men start talking to me, I ignore them. Because the last time I actually engaged in conversation with someone, I was trapped on a bus for a hour with a guy who talked about taking me on a date. But I don’t know. I made a decision that this middle aged black man wasn’t going do anything unsavory. He had a lovely smile. He laughed genuinely and he was making jokes about my really quiet sneakers. Here was this guy casually striking up conversation with me. I don’t know why. I don’t really care, because in the pitch black of Oakland on poorly lit streets and he made me feel safe.

He then looks at me and asks. “Did you watch Marvel’s Agent Carter?”

“Yes. I did.”

He looks at me with this simple smile. “And what did you think.”

“I thought it was brilliant. I think it takes an already strong female character from the MCU and it made things like ten times more awesome.”

He nods enthusiastically. “It was very well done. I heard they were trying to find a new actress for it, but only Atwell seemed to work.”

I laugh. “I don’t think I can come up with anyone who would be better. Atwell did so well in Captain America and brought this character to life in a way that I don’t see someone else doing.”

We’re just walking talking about the show and how this show is just absolutely amazing and had a great premiere. We talked about the how the radio show played up this helpless damsel as Carter is kicking ass and taking names and how they literally have the show playing in the background as she is kicking names.

And as I approach my corner I part and he walks off with a smile but pauses for a moment to tell me that there was a women’s martial arts studio a block away and that I should sign up. It was a perfectly lovely evening I think.

He was trying to cross a busy street so I got out, put him in my truck and took him to the river. All he did was complain. The whole time, bitch, bitch, bitch. Looking back on it, I think he might have felt a little scared, but you know how dudes can be, it was coming out in this aggressive, alpha-male kind of way. I don’t have time for that. I finally got tired of it, things between us escalated, he threatened to bite me, I threatened to eat him, we both lost our cool. I try to be a peaceful guy but sometimes these things happen. Anyway, we finally made it to the river and I set him down on the edge. As he swam away, he looked back at me and I swear I could hear him whisper, with his unarticulated lips, “thank you, my friend.” I kind of miss him.