sometimes c arts things

for our little “what if we played sburb” au thingy

me as the thief of breath in the land of breeze and fanfare

except obviously i’d never get this far actually i probably wouldn’t even make into the game at all i’d get my pre-punched card thingy and the object would appear and i wouldn’t be able to figure out what to do with it in time or at all and i’d just die just like that oops

Spewpa: It lives hidden within thicket shadows. When predators attack, it quickly bristles the fur covering its body in an effort to threaten them.

Aaaand heres day one!!

Spewpa is the biggest fucking cutie i swear. Franz was the first pokemon i played with in pokemonamie and i just FELL IN LOVE ♥

Yes im aware its really late but rather a bit late than never!!

Oh all of these little pokedoodles are done on the 3DS btw!