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Once Upon a Time [Swan Thief/Swan Fire AU] + The Swan Princess

Once upon a time, there was a King named David, who ruled a large and mighty kingdom. And yet, he was sad, for his corrupt father, the King before him, had cast a terrible curse upon his wife, rendering her unable to bear children. This also left the kingdom without an heir to the throne, and as soon as he and his wife were deceased, the kingdom would fall.

Then one day, a miracle would come to pass - the King’s wife, Queen Snow White, had become pregnant and would give birth to a baby girl, a Princess, given the name Emma.

But unknown to all was another plan - that of the evil demon, Rumplestiltskin. Emma’s birth was of little concern to him, for he was preparing to take David’s kingdom by means of the forbidden arts.

But before he could make his assault, David attacked, and Rumplestiltskin’s powers were expelled into oblivion.

Despite the calls for his death, the demon was only banished.

“I’m not finished with you yet, Your Majesty. Someday, I’ll get my power back, and when I do, everything you own, everything you love, will be mine!”

Many feared David and his wife were being too kind, but in time, the threat was forgotten.

However, this promise was not forgotten by the Dark One. No - he would return and claim his revenge on David, and he would use David’s daughter to do so. Even if it meant using his very own son as a weapon. He would conspire to bring Emma and Baelfire together so that Emma would fall in love with him and then get himself close to the King. When the time was right, they would take the kingdom from within.

But little did Rumplestiltskin understand the forces he was tampering with, for true love was the most unpredictable of all magic - and also the most powerful, strong enough to conquer any darkness. Destiny would bring the two together as children, and again eleven years later, where a chain of events would be set in motion that would forever change the fate of the world.

** Beginning taken from The Swan Princess movie, the rest was modified for the Once Upon a Time storyline and fanfic I’m working on.